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When I started on this Board I thought it was
>Attention Whore
>Not Funny

But every day I find her more adorable and I like her jokes with Cali or her efforts to make collabs with japanese girls, she's a bit cringe but I think she's good and funny!

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She's a tranny anon, huge dick

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>collab with ecelebs
>dominate the f out of them rendering them mute
sasuga chimkin

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She shouldve been the one to graduate instead of Coco

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I love this chimkin both because of her design and personality but also because everyone absolutely seethes and loses their mind whenever she does anything. How does she do it?

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I used to hate chikmen but then I realized shes quite alright solo and in 1 on 1 collabs. Her main issue is being an extrovert in a gen of introverts so the 5 man collabs end up being 50% kiara 50% the other 4. She just needs to tone it back a bit and a lot of the hate would go away

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Why? Girls are betther than Man

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I find it part of the gen's charm at this point, since one of the other girls had Kiara turned down really quiet in that shitty 6 month anniversary game they played.

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>fake ass screenshot

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I felt the same thing after Summerfest, she was quite amusing and friendly all the way though. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard and she swears too much, but she's a good egg.

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cope harder KFP Tranny

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I was never sure about Kiara, but this sold it for me.

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what do i care about some literal faggots trying to attach themselves to a corporate vtuber that isn't allowed to talk "their" politics?

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She's a Stacy.

She's a loud asshole, but she still brings your man home and fucks him.

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It's evolving, just backwards.

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If you base your opinions about chuubas on what /vt/ says, you are ngmi.

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>is or at least was in relationship with a black king
>support lgbt right
She is perfect

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what it's ngmi?

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Any insult that say she's a tranny or sjw are fucking dumb. You're just attaching characteristics you don't like to her because you can't justify you're unreasonable level of hatred. If you based your opinion of someone from here then please, unironically go get a life. This place is an echo chamber filled with faggot who think they're cool for being different from the "normie". It isn't just Kiara either, Ayame hasn't stream for a month ? that means she's a lazy bitch who don't care about her fans, Pekora and Miko hasn't interacted much lately ? that means they absolutely hate each other, Ollie made a weird noise on her stream ? well that means she's getting fingered by her boyfriend (some autist unironically believed this). You guys are what people who hates vtuber think vtuber fans are like, a lonely, fat nerd who masturbates 10 times a day and actually think they're in a relationship with their oshi. Again, go get a life and find a better use of you're time other than waste it on this place (like actually watching some streams).

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KFP spic out here calling people trannies kek

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Since UNO she tries that.
Problem is the other 4 are not stepping up. So now it's 25% Kiara, 40% everyone else and 35% silence where Kiara's mind is racing on how to get the others to talk. Meanwhile they are sorting the spaghettis in their pocket.

Gura did well during the UsaKen festival, though. So maybe she can get the character development needed to help.

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Shut up Tranny, go cry about your nonexistant shinpo and commit suicide somewhere else

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>spelling error
sasuga KFP spics

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My nigga Kiaracchi

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your ngmi

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>she's a bit cringe

Nigga you are talking about vtubers, they are all cringe.

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Her voice is just awful and grating. I wish she talked normally like she did on her other YouTube channel.

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Shes honestly cringey but being cringe actually means you have soul

I've learned that as I got older

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Actually watching streams instead of reading threads will do that

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Not much of a fan but I'm happy for Kiara honestly. She's in a good spot and she seems happy.

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She's actually based

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KFP got another one into their cult

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>I'll become a girl and then go lesbian for you
Why are modern men like this?

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I've always liked her. I only really watch her and Ame out of the EN crew. We'll need her now more than ever now that Coco is gone.

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>I like her jokes with Cali
too bad Mori is a boring cunt and she almost always refuses to play along

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>When the MK ultra starts kicking in

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Same opinion as a lot of others here. I think she can be kinda irritating and off-putting, but I respect her work ethic a lot and appreciate how hard she tries. Similar deal to Coco, where even though I don’t watch her a lot, I value her presence and I’m glad she’s around. I’d really miss her if she were to go.

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She does have her moments here and there but they become understandable if you know about her previous online persona and what she was put through, past demons always come back to haunt after all. This girl went through a lot of shit in her life so I'm glad she has found a place where she can finally live her dream... She has all my support

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Good, Kiara is a lot of fun

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It’s a given that /vt/ would hate Kiara.
A board of chuds and incels wouldn’t be able to handle the strong female chad energy

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she's the most annoying bitch on the planet and the retards that like her are even worse

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We got another one, lads.

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Maybe her genmates should step the fuck up then.
During the gang beasts collab, there was a moment where it went quiet for to long, Kiara tried to prompt a conversation with Mori regarding song edits, Mori had a remix contest and Kiara was discussing the various Hinotori remixes.

Mori replied with "Uh-huh".
Almost a fucking month in and they still act like this, its ridiculous.
And since I'm ranting already, there's faggots that say that Pomu should replace Kiara when Pomu herself is a bit reserved, like I can't imagine a gen of 5 introverts, it would be fucking terrible.

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Damn care never asked.

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Don’t care didn’t ask.

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Kiara feels like she'd be a great friend to have IRL. There's just something contagious about her, she's really good at luring others out of their shells during collaborations. With her personality I'm surprised she's a weeaboo idol instead of some GigaStacy.

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The truth is that the unfuckable zit faces on this board are intimidated by a woman of kiara's boundless extroverted stacy energy

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I want to have sex with her.

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what if kiara wants to have sex with YOU?????

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Then I don't want it.

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Kiara genuinely loves vtubing, loves Hololive, and loves her genmates. It's been confirmed by several people that behind the scenes she likes to work as a counselor of sorts making sure the mental health of everyone in HoloMyth is alright. Even if you think her voice is annoying and her content is shit you should acknowledge that Hololive is better with her in it.

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>It's been confirmed by several people that behind the scenes she likes to work as a counselor of sorts making sure the mental health of everyone in HoloMyth is alright.
I did not expect that, but that sounds in character for Kiara. She's a very sweet girl.
I think her anti-smoking clip was a good example. She could've just brushed it off with an easy "don't smoke, mmkay?" but she went off on an entire rant. A silly rant, but that sillyness is just as much part of Kiara as her caringness.

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>he based his initial opinion of a chuuba from the board
Negative, my Nigerian

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Playing hard to get I see

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She's ESL too, so it make sense why she sometimes can't express well.

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There has been a couple of moments people have talked about Kiara talking to them in DMs and when they aren't on stream.


There is also one of Coco post graduation announcement. She really does seem to care for the people around her, even more than herself.


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Kiara is amazing

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Why are all these retards mentioning "european" as if that's part of her sexuality? If anything most of europe doesn't buy into this tranny stuff like americans do.

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Kiara's literally never done anything wrong. She's just annoying, and autists need to rationalize reasons to dislike her instead of just accepting that some people are easy to hate.

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it's a bit from a movie or something retard

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You believed /vt/?

>> No.5889789

Family guy joke / reference.
I'm too lazy, but google gay or european and you should find a clip of the episode.

In this case though, the joke is that Kiara is really both.

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holy based

>> No.5891532

Bro, gay or european has always been a thing. Not our fault you guys wear man bags and capri pants.

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How long until KFP defends Kiara for supporting BLM?

>> No.5891560

fuck off kiara

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They already do.

>> No.5891621

holy based

>> No.5891625

Don't they already?

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She's a bit of a SJW but otherwise seems like a good person, and given her history I can't really blame her.

>> No.5892013

she is getting better after the backlash from the UNO baby shit, even faggots from reddit went mad

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kiara love

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On one hand, yeah. Anon is taking this place waaaay too seriously. But they do have a point. I mean, these days the only divide between a shitposter and an anti is motivation, not the content of their post. Some are just more obviously one or the other.

>> No.5892680

BLM is a good idea if you picture it as a shoot-off of the civil rights movement. The execution nowadays is just...unsavory at times, even if a majority aren't actually wreaking stuff.

>> No.5898967

Not really. Too much antifa affiliation. You can thank leftoid whites for that btw.

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she's a good person but eventually she'll turn you into an SJW apologist. approach with caution

>> No.5899540

notice how they're all grey names?

>> No.5899691

Trannys for KFP are like the dadfags for Deadbeats, except KFP > here get shit on for their existence
I guess the only difference is that we accept that the bit won’t go away and don’t try to tactically superchat her about that.
Talk about adding insult to injury

>> No.5901715

are you the same retard that posts this every thread? you realize that's KFP, not Kiara, right? like, you do realize that? or are you just an idiot?

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isnt her rl photos all on the internet

>> No.5904079

Yes and I coom to them every now and then

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I found her annoying at first, but now that she's found her niche, I enjoy having her on in the background, just chattering away. I still don't watch her as primary entertainment, though, her streams aren't entertaining enough for that. She's too terrible at games to play the ones that are fun to watch, unfortunately.

>> No.5904316

Most people's are, unless you're like an 80 year old native living in the Amazon.

>> No.5904759

Kiara is almost like a "heel." Her obnoxious personality is something that her fans actually like about her, and her haters understandably dislike. It's not that she's bad exactly, but she's the least "inoffensive" of Hololive.

Ironically, I think there are people who find the "inoffensive" nature of people like Ina or Amelia to be tiresome and actually prefer Kiara because of her explosive unpredictable personality.

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Her claim to fame is being a toxic gremlin that fucks your mother. It's not surprising that she's one of the two ENs that Coco got along with the most.

>> No.5924660

Notice how they all have badges next to their names. Phone's chat only shows greynames.

>> No.5926581

Have we seriously reached an inversion point where we love chickem? I don't mind since I think she's okay but it's kind of a weird feeling given how long and hard anti threads ran until now

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TrickemChickem and FuckDragon just linked up! Need it or keep it?

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Kiara kind of needs to get pregnant and do streams with her model progressively getting a bigger belly. It would be cool as shit.

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ok kiara

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Everyone is still high on Coco's graduation. I am a Kiara shitposter and even I can't be bothered right now.
Also, the last major thing she did was translate Riajuu into "real jews" in front of the entire HoloEN audience. Which bought her some points here.
Don't worry though, she will yab again as she always does and everything will go back to normal. Every single time I think I'm out, she drags me back in.

>> No.5934390

There must always be an Orange Woman

>> No.5934531

That's the type of people she attracts.
Literally no other holo has a chat like that

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I'm not sure her sexual organs are functional anymore. She had to get a lot of babies sucked out of her because of all the manager cock she took in her failed idol days.

>> No.5934645

KFP can't even be assed to change a file name.

>> No.5934775 [DELETED] 

Basically some /pol/tards saw her room mate having a very mild European opinion on police violence and decided that we must all hate Kiara now. They had help from people like orc schizo but ultimately it all spitballed into some huge rrat and even though a lot of stuff has cleared up you still have remnants from that time.

>> No.5934825

She's extroverted and wears her heart on her sleeve making her completely unrelatable to us stoic autists. Once you mature and understand that people who are different from you can be ok, you can start to see her for who she actually is instead of believing the endless rrats

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some parts of Europe like wearing swastika bands

>> No.5934870

I find her alright
Don't understand the hate
As products go she's fine

>> No.5934941

Gura is the real cancer

>> No.5934971

When a Collab with Kiara in has gaps or awkwardness her personality absolutely fills that gap, so people naturally think "Kiara is bad" instead of realising it's "this collab/game/scenario isn't working" because nobody can solo carry streams with that intensity

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>Also, the last major thing she did was translate Riajuu into "real jews" in front of the entire HoloEN audience
Of course she's an Austrian. They never learn, meanwhile Germany gets punished for their actions. Remember: Austrians were the first victims, Hitler wasn't Austrians and the Austrian people didn't welcome the anschluss with zero military or even political resistance.

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>> No.5936563

You forgot the part where /qa/ grabbed the lowest hanging fruit KFP.

>> No.5937163

I don't like her but i respect her.
She plays good games.
She tries very hard, almost always too hard, but it's better than not trying at all (cough-liketherestofholoEN-cough) again, she's always an extrovert surrounded by shy people so she often comes out as annoying because of that, but its often not her fault.
She said a lot of disrespectful or stupid shit at first but its more her being dumb than malicious
Her tryharding to start some fucking anime platlines with callie or peko is physically painfull tho.

>> No.5937215

a beautiful quote, anon

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I forced myself to watch Kyara after she was rude in some of the collabs, and I didn't regret it, she charmed me with her optimism and intelligence. She might not be my favorite, but I do care about her and wish she fulfills her dreams as a virtual idol.


>> No.5937984

nah, your mom is tho

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i dont like kiara voice is too earpiercing and thats the reason i have found all her alternate accounts

>> No.5938678

you yanks just don't appreciate european accents

>> No.5939124 [DELETED] 

>some /pol/tards saw her room mate having a very mild European opinion on police violence
elaborate please?

>> No.5939226

Kiara was always based. Anon is waking up

>> No.5939499 [DELETED] 

she expressed some kind of generic woke take about racism or something - people like to ignore of course that a super majority of people in Kiara's age bracket share a similar spectrum of political opinions, so it's hardly an outlier by any metric

>> No.5940659 [DELETED] 

Just tell them the rrat about Kiara's thoughts on refugees and suddenly you control their opinions like a pendulum.

>> No.5940695

Go back to discord KFP.

>> No.5941752

I liked her at the start because she was trying so hard, then she unironically tried too hard with this yuribait thing and the vshojo collab killed me off lmfao

>> No.5942121

I never particularly liked nor disliked her and just kind of kept my distance since so many spergs on /vt/ have visceral rants about her so frequently, but I started listening to Holotalk in the background while working as an entry point to the rest of her content and gradually realized she's actually my favorite EN.

>> No.5942147

nyanners was pretty funny, she could probably shout down melody if she wanted to.

>> No.5942259

Honestly group collabs are very much not the strength of HoloEN. Kiara is fine and does great especially with JP collabs. You can get Mori to play along especially if its something she's interested but he autism is well documented. Ame is even worse. Gura and Ina are both very shy though they are usually game if there's someone else to draw them out but after almost a year it's pretty clear that's just their personalities, it isn't going to change. That's why I'm excited about the TTRPG: a lot of them especially Mori and really into it and that's when their group autism is at a minimum.

>> No.5942558

Hi, temcho here, just want you too know I took a massive jobby earlier, so my stream will be a little late since I hurt my neck squeezing it out. Kikeriki!

>> No.5944229

Kiara isn't a numberfag, her antis are.

>> No.5944598

i love cocks

>> No.5944692

Me too...
Also I learned all the negative opinions were spit out by the same people on loop so I kinda roll my eyes now when I see complaints

>> No.5944773

I notice she english swears like a pirate, I think it’s because it’s not her first language she can do it so easily.

>> No.5944880

>Kiara isn't a numberfag

>> No.5945288

No1 cares clipfag.

real stream tl;dr: I don't know if I deserve all of these subs. This is a very humbling thing to say. Much respect to her. It's also the opposite of being a numberfag.

>> No.5945438

Kiara is mainly annoying because she tries too hard, but it's pretty obvious she's a very insecure person and she's trying the best she can. I wish you guys would be less hard on her. I don't like watching her because it's too cringe, but my heart goes out to her. I hope she can become more comfortable with herself and just be cool.

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>> No.5948757

She just said she's playing Genshin and Muse Dash this week, so fuck this whore. Couldn't even wait until Coco's body was cold.

>> No.5950778

I think I genuinely need help. I really really want to fuck Takanashi kiara. Something about her D cup chest and proud pure idol image really turns me on. I really want to rip off her idol clothes and expose how she's just a mere woman in front of me, whose only purpose is to be fucked as my personal whore. I want to ravage every inch of her little body as she tries to resist, only to realize how powerless she is against me. I want to fuck her in every possible position while groping her cute giant tits, enjoying every second of her arousing moans. I want to fuck her for hours while she's thinking about what her fans will think of her, now that their cute phoenix idol is just a sex slave made purely for sex purposes. I want to whisper "Help will never come. You will never escape from here. Your idol career is over now and you'll spend the rest of your life as my personal sex slave." In her ear as she cries and struggles to escape until she eventually gives up. After I'm done with her, I won't even let her rest. I'll insert a rotor in her pussy and turn it on, leaving her moaning in my basement all night until the next day, where I'll repeat this process over and over again until her mind is completely broken. A few months ago I didn't really care about her, but somehow these past few days I keep thinking about fucking her. I don't know what triggered it but I'm fucking lusting after Kiara now. "Why can't I have a cute idol sex slave" these thoughts always appear at the back of my mind. Please help me to get her out of my head because I think I might actually go insane at this point.

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>These kind of people actually exist
I fucking hate these niggers for forcing takamori and I hope every KFP dies a slow painful death.

>> No.5950867

When did I type this?

>> No.5950954

Orange Woman 2.0 doesn’t push the boundaries, but tries to make the best content within corporate constraints. Holotalk’s production is slowly improving, her shill streams actually shill the game, and 1 on 1 collabs were always strong. Kiara is exactly what Cover wants outside of the swearing

>> No.5951075

>proud pure idol image
you lost me there

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I think there might be a misunderstanding. I'm sure these are real female lesbians who just happen to be big fans of Kiara. R-right KFPbros?

>> No.5952774

I mean if lesbians are gonna watch any of the girls, Kiara certainly seems like the one they would pick

>> No.5954456

The civil rights movement was much more destructive.

>> No.5954533

Kiara hate
Kiara is a shitbird

>> No.5954541

Real lesbians don't have to put She/Her in their Twitter profiles.

>> No.5954640


>> No.5954957

Conversely how do you know when you made it?

>> No.5955298

My Austrian friend once owned a juice bar and ran into quite a problem. He got a large order from a stadium by accident. So takes him 1 hour to make a batch of juice and he had 15 juicers, working 24 hours a day, every day for 5 years, how long does it take my Austrian friend here to make 6 million cups of juice. I personally think he just can't there's no way he can make 6 million cups of juice on such a short notice.

>> No.5955305

You've given me a chubby Anon

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