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A thread decidcated to the unbreakable Triangle Delta.

Today Delta is holding a public stream so she can play RE 7.

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Pls don't stress this girl with your viewbotting

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Can't wait to watch this streamer who isn't a vtuber! Then after I'll make threads for Jun and Valkyrae because apparently they're on-topic!

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1 month.

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I think she is more worried her Mombis going to sneak in and scare her during the stream.

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This one i'm looking forward to. But faggots who viewbot are doing more harm.
Let her get a realistic picture.

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>people have been dropping Supers for the last 16 hours
As expected of Big Dimes Delta!

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habbenin, she started early

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holofags in chat are insufferable

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So 99% of her fanbase?

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>ytcFilter not loading EN translation.

IDK what I'm doing wrong, just loading the EN translation preset.

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i already saw an "i miss you aroe", wonder why he typed like that is aloe word banned in the chat?

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scared Delu is crazy adorable

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What's the format that their translator is using for tagging their message. Just paste it in here

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Some kind of funky characters and "eng". Just changed it to look for [en] and it started working.

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This geometric shape is pretty cute.

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>holofags in chat
>Former Hololive member

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Not a vtuber its off topic

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It's high-tech, invisible live2d bro...

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I haven't seen anything of her's for a while. She still sounds cute.

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Her voice... so cute...

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You keep posting this, yet we're still here because the mods don't care what you think.
PNGtubers existed before you even found this site, which she falls under for now until she gets off her ass and actually uses her L2D or 3D.

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>camera wiggling from her shaking

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>coin for eagle shadow
I don't think your triangle is very smart.

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Big Brain moment for our little triangle.

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i needed this after that ark ending

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Her voice sounds so frail, must protect.

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She's fine just nervous because she's not great with horror

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the coin......

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>Back to coin eagle again
This triangle sure is cute and dumb.

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Maybe if she believes hard enough
this puzzle will feel bad for her and auto complete

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antique coin...

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It's ok of the triangle is dumb, her voice is cute enough to carry her

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My daughterwife is so cute bros...

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Meds acquired

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she did, nice work triangle
faster than I expected as well

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this retard needs a vtuber model asap
the screen feels so empty

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Still waiting for the DeltaMama jump scare.

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She knows. It's coming in August.

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Is this the first gameplay stream that's public?

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that death was kinda dumb

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Yes this is also a blind playthrough of the game.

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she's getting so much pity money and yet she still doesn't have a rig

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why did you come here if you're gonna act like a little bitch?

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That's pretty fast, did you make this anon?

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just to see fags like you seethe when facts get stated

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Gosh I need to start collecting these.

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does she talk about her pantsu a lot

>> No.5870098

every stream she does pantsu gacha with whatever pair she has on

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CEO of sex...

>> No.5870221

It's just something we do. There is even a dedicated channel to drawing her pantsu everyday in the disco... she found it when she visited yesterday and thought it was hilarious.

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How much in supachats has she made today?

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the "delutaya fans sever"? I thought that place was full of schizos and gatekeeping assholes.

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Delu......please come back......
Oh wait......Isnt Cover getting even shittier lately ?
>nvm, she doesnt need to comeback to that shitty black company anymore.

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idk mods in the chat were advertising it tho, cant be that gatekeepy

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Thousands. We'll get exact numbers when. The stream ends.

That changed after the January stream and they were flooded with new fans. Also Delta made it clear she wants the disco to be open so they chilled out.

Now QQ...

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worse. Holofags with an unhealthy attachment to a menhera with not enough inspiration to become a vtuber.

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She made it pretty clear recently she is never going corporate again when she found out Coco graduated. Funny enough she was so pissed she announced she would be putting out weekly schedules again.

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Is Delutaya an unironic Cover anti because Cover didn't protect her from other unironic antis? That's pretty fucking stupid and I would have to question if I want to support her if those are her feelings

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I thought most people think cover management is retarded

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Not anti, but management hate.

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She loves the performers but hates the management.

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No she was pissed that even after her graduation they have done a piss poor job dealing with antis and harrassement. She still loves Hololive and watches the streams. Don't act like you don't take shots at Cover management in other threads anon. You post on /vt/.

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Some Holos have been acting sus, and talked about graduation topcis a lot, Haachama is on Hiatus, Shion is doing more frequent stuff on her roomate account than ever, after she learned Coco is graduating and much much more.
At this point more will graduate and more light will be shed at how shitty Cover is.

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Trying to figure out who this girl is from the discussion, but the moment I visited her stream, I immediately knew.

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based triangle

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Typical PR Company Bootlicker, Cover should be flamed and held accountable of their numerous fuckups.
Imagine having a manager who tells you and your genmates to smile more, when recording and addressing the graduation of the other member in your gen.

KYS in this very moment please. Thanks.

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>Delta wants to be stepped on by a cute girl.

Alright, no one tell Shigu.

>> No.5871065

but what's the difference between going corporate or staying indie if you still can get shat on if you get anti's attention?

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seethe harder, Cover did nothing wrong

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you're not a real person

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Yes it is her! The girls whose last for pink haired mesugaki devil girls she scared Aloe so badly Aloe had to graduate and become a pro wrestler to escape her LUST!

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>Holotards farming (You)s again

>> No.5871162

>new ip

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Only if any of them decide to talk with each other.
Both are introverts

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>I would have to question if I want to support her
I bet you only watch her public streams anyway.

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Wasn't Coco one of her inspirations?

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what took you so long?

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Care to enumerate these fuckups you talk about?

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I think Coco was fond of her.

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Well, first time visiting the thread. I thought she was just another indie.

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Care to take it to a hololive thread. This is a thread for the indie sensation Delutaya.

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Yes. they both like each other.
But somoene must take the initiative

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Kept you waiting huh?

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Dont cry and start hating on Cover when Watame decides to graduate

>> No.5871848

dont falseflag as watamelon you filth

>> No.5871851

Explains the rage during Coco's announcement

>> No.5871919

>i hope you're doing well
no way, did she know about her situation beforehand?

>> No.5872027 [DELETED] 

wait.......i think you might be onto something.....

Coco also liked a graduation fanart of her and Aloe recently......

>> No.5872108

To be fair, this screen shows the most popular words that she found while ego-searching for Gen 5 names on Twitter.

>> No.5872478

Delta follows Kson on twitter.

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It's too late. It always was!

>> No.5873688

Sorry about that! Only one of us was available today, so we used a copy-paste bot. Those "funky characters" are the kanji of my username. I was translating on the Discord, and they were being copied into stream chat.

To comment on this since it's a fairly large but ongoing misunderstanding here, DFS staff did used to do a lot of gatekeeping back in 2020, but that's when things were a lot more sensitive and Delutaya hersel wanted to keep a low profile.

With the first guerilla public stream that she didn't even tell US she was doing, she broke open the cage she'd built around herself, and we finally became able to open up, too.

Now we're essentially an open Discord. The only difference between DFS and the hololive fan servers is that we have a much more complex members-only section than them for obvious reasons. However, we've been making large efforts to improve the quality of life for the non-Fanbox members of the server and act as an information hub since Youtube is TERRIBLE at providing notifications, and Delutaya isn't terribly active on her public twitter.

If there are any other questions about DFS, I'll answer them to the best of my ability. However, I'm going to sleep now, so I'll check the thread (or the next one if this one gets archived) tomorrow.


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How much SC she made and what was her peak view numbers?

>> No.5874162

I think she peaked near 4k then is calmed down a bit. She was competing with some big big streams so that is understandable.

SC wise still waiting on numbers. HoloLive numbers is what I am guessing people were raining supers on her all stream.

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>Delutayas biggest supporter
>continues to reference Aloe
>always wishes the best for her friend who left
>is going to make sure people remember Aloe during the anniversary
Delta's best wife!

>> No.5876829

Realistically what the fuck could Cover even do to stop the shit that Aloe and Coco got? There's not exactly a lot that can be done about online lunatics. They could've not quarantined Coco, but than she would've unironically spread the anti hate to everyone she collabed with.

>> No.5876916

Please anon tell me what Cover should've done with the Coco situation? Ask the US to declare war on fucking China? She was being swarmed by thousands of schizo Chinese antis. What do you even do to stop that? Aloe had people showing up to her fucking house. You can get the police involved, but they'll just keep showing up. Antis are inevitable and unstoppable once they get a root in. Cover can't just snap their fingers and make them disappear.

>> No.5876960

That’s my thought too. Yes cover has fucked up plenty of times but with aloe and coco there’s honestly not much that CAN be done to defend them

>> No.5877078

The only quarantine was from EN, Coco was still collabing with JP holos after the suspension and was the one secluding herself because she felt guilty over the spam. In Aloe's case I suppose you could argue that Cover could've been more supportive and let her take an indefinite leave of absence until she felt ready to stream again. They wouldn't have lost anything from it.

>> No.5877213

Isn't that what they were doing to Shion and Haachama? Those two are on break with no dates for return. Even Ayame doesn't look like she's having any issues not streaming. One of her recent tweets got a reply from Yagoo himself.

>> No.5877264

And she'd have probably still left anyways. Cause they were already calling her home phone and showing up at her fucking house. Taking a break wouldn't have done anything. Antis don't calm down. They are schizos. Kiara's old ancient ass antis from /cgl/ and her idol days literally found her vtuber account and followed her over for fucks sake. What do you even do about that? Coco will be in the same boat. All her antis will follow her back to her roommate's account and keep at it until she leaves that one too.

>> No.5877309

im out of the loop, is Shion being attacked by antis or something?

>> No.5877312

Its pointless to hope for the antis to go away. Antis are fucking lunatics. They'll literally follow them until they quit, kill themselves, or a deranged anti kills them irl. Taking a break because of it, only empowers them.

>> No.5877471

Its really stupid of Aloe to blame Cover for Coco graduating or what happened to her. Its not like they could've done anything. Its not like Cover can call up the Yakuza and have them go break the knees of every schizo showing up to Aloe's home, or nuke china.

>> No.5877475

From what I understand her roommate is

>> No.5877647

If that's the case then I don't know if they just didn't offer that option to her because she was new to the company and untested, if they did and she rejected it, or if it is a recent change in management policy. After all Delta needed time to overcome her issues, time that she wasn't afforded last year.
You're not wrong in a way, but if all antis were as relentless as you say she wouldn't even be in a state to stream right now and they'd still be harassing her at home. Not all antis are dedicated schizos, most will lose interest. Even Coco's Chinese antis have dwindled as they got bored and found other things to do.

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What do you think about the whole map event drama and that there are actual ccp bugs as moderators on her yt channel?

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No one knows.

Surprised to see this coming from you.

>> No.5879474

>Delutayas biggest supporter
>continues to reference Aloe
>always wishes the best for her friend who left
>is going to make sure people remember Aloe during the anniversary
Management will stop her

>> No.5879575

>management will stop her.
Given the number of times the gen 5 girls have talked about her no they won’t.

>> No.5879611

Nice. Thanks

>> No.5879727

god shes so cute bros
i wanna rape her

>> No.5879842

First time watching her since her graduation from hololive, her voice is a lot cuter than I remember. That said, the stream itself was pretty mediocre. Not terrible like the awkward EN debut streams, but nothing really stands out either.

>> No.5879921

Yes they will

>> No.5879949

I think it was pretty fun. The antique coin bit was pretty cute.
I'm hoping the vtuber model she's gonna get in a month or so helps.

>> No.5880098

Aloe reference in pantsu... I wont take my meds...

>> No.5880126

How new?

>> No.5881446

>Surprised to see this coming from you.
He's not using a tripcode and the post came an hour after he said he was going to sleep. Almost certainly an impersonation.

I blocked a load of coco's spammers following the Taiwan incident, but I don't get that popup. Either the person who took that screencap was more diligent than me, or they friendly fired.

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How do you groom that which grooms itself?!

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Let me make things worse.
>her favorite Fate characters is Liz
>liked this picture of Tristan yesterday

>> No.5882960

I'm watching it now and I think it's pretty fun. With RE I'm spoiled by by pros like Marine and Gura. Both have extensive streaming experience, while Delu haven't made a public gaming stream in... ever? She's rusty/inexperienced, it's fair to compare it to debut gaming stream. She even said at the start that she feels pretty nervous about this thing.
In those circumstances she's doing great - constantly commenting, reacting, joking, etc. And her voice is lovely.

>> No.5883047

You foolish anon, she’s grooming you!

>> No.5883340

Is Delta funny?

>> No.5883617

Yes She's also cute

>> No.5883675

My biggest complaint is that I didn't really feel like her character/personality came through. Not really sure what kind of character she is even supposed to be. More experience + an actual model should help.

>> No.5883827


>> No.5884006

I don't think she has a "character" anymore, she's just being herself.

>> No.5884122

All streamers have a character, if her character is just being an ordinary girl with a cute voice, it's not enough.

>> No.5884211

you need to stop watching fake bitches

>> No.5884258

not him but kayfabe is a big part of the vtuber entertainment

>> No.5884266

Nope stop showing how new you are, Holomem have said numerous times former members (baring Hitomi Chris) are not taboo

>> No.5884324

yes it is, but at the same time most vtubers tend to lean to their regular personality after a while.

>> No.5884519

It's more or less just an exaggerated version of their normal personality. Least that's how I see it.

>> No.5884596

Chris hasn’t really left an impact anyways. Hell this is the first time I’ve seen her name in months even with all the big graduations

>> No.5884665

When it's paper-thin. Sure it's fun, but main appeal is that girls can be themselves - more open and honest. When their face is hidden behind an anime avatar. Or at least supposed to be hidden.
And leaning hard into kayfabe gets tiring after a while, I'm sure. Unless that's the whole point - to be something completely different from what you actually are and play the role perfectly, always. Maybe some chuubas are like that, maybe some of their fans are very much into that. But majority of vtubers out there is just regular people being themselves, maybe a little more eccentric than normal during streams, just because they have an audience to entertain.

>> No.5886285

what do you mean?

>> No.5886467

She made 2688 on the stream, taking out YT's cut that's about 1900 us dollars made for her today.

Roboco tier, which isn't bad at all for her.

>> No.5888535

She is working on it. She lamented that she sort of killed her own kayfabe when she came back. The original character was meant to be a mysterious alien giga Stacey from the Delta Quadrant... she was 15 cut her some slack.

After her graduation and return she killed the character since the fanbox became her vehicle for venting about shit and blowing off steam. Which was EXTREMELY necessary for her.

Basically she is an alien girl.

>> No.5888621

It's actually better then RBC you have to account for no Cover take.

>> No.5888720

Delu was just as chuni as me in at 14-14? Nice

>> No.5888757


>> No.5889258

>The original character was meant to be a mysterious alien giga Stacey from the Delta Quadrant... she was 15 cut her some slack.
Kek, this dork.

>> No.5891436

what is it with Staceys and karaoke in Japan?

wouldn't she be an Spacey?

>> No.5891595

Here's your (You), impostor friend.


There wasn't actually a lot of drama with the map incident; it was mostly an overreaction on our side. We received a notice about the potential issues with how we laid out the event, and quickly pulled down the entire project.

In actuality, we panicked much more than necessary, and I think it's personally a shame we haven't actually resurrected the project.

Regarding the Chinese-speaking side, I've been able to interact with most of the personally, as many can either use English or Japanese, and I can assure everyone that they care much more about supporting Delutaya than pushing any sort of objective.

>> No.5891715


Left out a word in the previous post. Meant to say "most of the leadership personally."

Also, please ignore the horrible comma in my third sentence.

>> No.5891859

delutaya fan server run by chink
they put ccp name on taiwan island in map event

>> No.5892266
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Have mercy those rrats had a family!

>> No.5893467
File: 684 KB, 2160x3680, 20210630_130841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5893727
File: 320 KB, 1451x2048, E4JXtikVIAAg-W-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Superchat runoff stream tommorow.

Guys is this what making it feels like because this feels really good.

>> No.5893968
File: 185 KB, 322x315, Cheers02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let the riff raff argue about how terrible Hololive is while still continuing to watch Hololive girls and post in a Hololive board.

>> No.5894358
File: 58 KB, 707x504, EzDMoa3XEAAOO5A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting in a thread of a girl who is a self proclaimed Hololive Otaku.

>> No.5894429
File: 191 KB, 1280x720, 20210630_192845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And a cooking stream on July 8 and she's so based that she used fanart of her being pregnant with a fan of hers

>> No.5894517

$2,688 in superchat, and she peaked at around 4k.
But her previous public stream I remember seeing something around 5~8k viewers, which is pretty crazy for someone who mostly just streams in private.

>> No.5894565

>But her previous public stream I remember seeing something around 5~8k viewers
Wasn't 14k? I remember people numberfagging about it in /hlg/

>> No.5894674

Possibly. I just remember it being a lot, but I forgot the exact amount.
I was actually gonna say 10k cuz I remember it was higher than some Holos streaming at the time.
She really doesnt realize the power she still has. Lets see the next public utawaku stream.

>> No.5895142

I think her peak was around 6k viewers. She was used as numberfagging because at that time she was having more viewers than some Holo members. In 5ch the numberfagging was worse because an ex-Holostars was also getting higher viewers at the same time.

>> No.5895144

Her Zatsudan peaked at around 8k. The stream today was competing with Lulu and Coco's streams.

>> No.5895154

You're thinking of the last public singing stream. The last stream before the RE stream was a semi-guerilla chat stream that wasn't archived. Due to the timing and last minute announcing, it didn't pull five-digits.


The map event was organized by Europeans, as a note. The reason for the complications could actually be blamed on Google's automated options for countries. Had we gone with a "write in" system, there wouldn't have been problems

>> No.5895872
File: 172 KB, 666x767, 1619190794568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just checked archives.
Almost 15k for the stream she did on April 23.

>> No.5896495


>> No.5896883

Who are you quoting?

>> No.5898709

Suzaku? Yeah he gets mad views now.

>> No.5899145

When is her Live2D coming out? It been months...

>> No.5899182


>> No.5899316

Delu is basically us, watch porn, watch streams, discuss rrats, and dislike management.

>> No.5900486

Yes, that's the singing stream. Before the Resident Evil stream, her most recent stream was on May 13th. However, it was made unlisted afterward, so it is no longer visible.

>> No.5900864

When she pressure tests it
This is a woman who cried for having to delay a song

>> No.5900981

The shaking she was doing during the stream was sad, that's the kind of shaking that you develop from abuse

>> No.5901279


>> No.5901478


Actually I was wondering why the fuck she was using a controller if she was playing on PC.

>> No.5901561

Has she given any recent updates on this?

>> No.5901679

Never seen other chuubas react like that, you literally develop tremors from trauma, laugh it off if you want.

>> No.5902106

Yes. She's had various complications stall her being able to get a model until now. I don't concretely remember which details are public or Fanbox info, so I can't specify.

However, she's hoping to have it by August (assuming nothing goes wrong).

>> No.5902123

Are we slow because Aloe arc ending, or is it because a lot of other shit happening at the same time?

>> No.5902615

Coco is kill today, so that's probably it

>> No.5902997

Personally I dont think she having a avatar even matters anymore, and I really wanted her to have one for a while now.
But I will watch her regardless so its not like the avatar will make any difference. Now a 3D model for 3D streams, that would be cool to see.

>> No.5904369

Sadly some people will always insist and wants an avatar for whatever reason. What's wrong without an avatar? baka

>> No.5906127


>> No.5907124
File: 195 KB, 792x720, 20210630_193031.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5909411
File: 1.08 MB, 1066x1830, 1623246557269.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"most of the leadership personally" doesn't really mean much when they will go into hiding scared and majority of mindless bugs will spreg out on her. Now that Delta got over her hololive trauma and can casually drop holo names on stream and even show them it's only matter of time until some of her fans unintentionally trick her into mentioning Coco or showing her on stream now that she is hot topic and it will probably end with typical bug behavior just like with that indie who dared to mention Coco on her announcement and was forced to apologize for it or the other indie who just retweeted Coco fanart and got her yt spammed for this. Her going to qq server basically validated bilibili chinks as part of her fanbase and now they will expect her to honor their cancer culture no matter how retarded it is. If she is looking to distance herself from any form of harassment doing business with chinks is the worst idea.

>> No.5918114


>> No.5919105

Everything is public here. But that is the nature of this place. You need to by almost hyper transparent when dealing with anon otherwise they will distrust you and become hostile. On the flip side any info posted here gets dripfed out or ignored because we are a bunch of schizos. Anon themselves might bitch about others gatekeeping but it is calling the kettle black since anon are notoriously the biggest gatekeepers in the world.

>> No.5928287

She watched the graduation
>I can't stop crying

She's streaming now, superchat reading/zatsu

>> No.5928517

>sends an akasupa with a typo in it

>> No.5929702


>> No.5932430


>> No.5932521


>> No.5932593

Is she getting more active because she'll collab with kson? That would be fucking great honestly

>> No.5932622
File: 14 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This whole stream.

>> No.5933493

She's testing the waters. She'll be more active next month regardless.

>> No.5935941
File: 37 KB, 480x480, gettyimages-1188359572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're in!

>> No.5936062

I love her voice.

>> No.5936434


>> No.5938915
File: 86 KB, 207x237, 1596047230851.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so are you telling me some of them lean on the ccp?

>> No.5939015
File: 109 KB, 458x277, E1pWIz-X0AE1YAU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Delta is like Big Boss she doesn't care where you are from because she will groom you to be loyal only to her.

>> No.5939283

she's actually nice to listen to, i like her anime voice

>> No.5940674

Vee ruins another stream!

Kidding good work Vee she has been running you guys through the ringer lately.

>> No.5942622

Oh wow, she's still going.

>> No.5945092

Delu's translators are some dedicated motherfuckers

>> No.5945297

>triangle spent 4 hours counting all the money simps gave her
Absolute giga-stacy

>> No.5945464

Avatars are pretty important for driving growth. Clips just aren't compelling without them.

>> No.5946990

Based rich triangle

>> No.5948221

Just get a tat of a triangle, no one will be able to say shit

>> No.5948701


>> No.5948782

What would be sex between Delta and Aloe like?

>> No.5948853


>> No.5948889 [DELETED] 


I need fanarts

>> No.5948982


I need fanarts

>> No.5949504
File: 69 KB, 836x470, E5N6pmsUYAUm6zA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5949586


>> No.5950384

Do you think Aloe was on of those succubus that can grow a dick? Would Delta go for it?

>> No.5952468

Sure why not

>> No.5955084

Did she had a menhera attack just now?

>> No.5955380


>> No.5955623

Delta was liking Chokos recent 3D tweets. I'd love to see them do a song together, unlikely any time soon, plus maybe too different.
Who wouldn't like this little cute fucker? As much as I miss Gumi, the Choko model is infinitely cuter. https://twitter.com/cho_v_ko/status/1405023509110149122

>> No.5955694


>> No.5955705

Check the fanbox

>> No.5955955
File: 165 KB, 1040x1725, E1dm0olVEAEnwDm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sort of. It's like she is so happy for everyone's kindness but at the same time she feels extremely guilty because she doesn't feel like she deserves all of that kindness.

It's fine she was just super high and came down from that high and had a lot on her mind she confirmed it in her @tos

>I don't see it negatively.
>It is because of these worries that I will continue to do my best as a darataya.

Just Delta she needs a few days to rest and get her thoughts in order.

>> No.5956221
File: 163 KB, 1000x1000, TODAYDELU39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5956343


>> No.5958417

So if this isnt drawn by her, how the fuck is it always drawn so detailed?
Does the chink who draw it just makes up a design from the color she say?

>> No.5959206

Is it gonna stay on the Fanbox? I haven't been on a plan since she changed it to $4.

>> No.5959934

her last stream started like right after coco graduated, pretty transparent she was watching even if she didnt say as such.

>> No.5959982

she might be moving away from that since she isnt terrified of anti stalkers from her days back at her old job

>> No.5960160

She somewhat confirmed it in a tweet just before stream started

>> No.5960334

gotta dredge up some memories for her, hopefully she is starting to grow more confident, if she just put herself out there she would have a real shot of being picked up by another agency or getting back into hololive, or even just making it big as an indie.

>> No.5960344

She tweeted "I can't stop crying" some time after the 5th Gen remarks.
And this recent tweet seems to be about her guilt for leaving them. She did a good job hiding it that whole supa stream but she couldn't sleep with it.

>> No.5960603
File: 159 KB, 717x1594, Mano aloe (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She should use her old rig

>> No.5960728

She's focusing on moving at her own pace, she's afraid that if she confesses her thoughts about Holo it'll trap her to keeping her word when she's not completely motivated yet. She'd rather be redeemed by hard work instead of returning to hugs and kisses she feel she didn't deserve. We can cry and beg for her to take the easy way but that's not her.

>> No.5962272

She wants to wish this never happened. She's loves her genmates and wants to stream with them. Same for the rest. We just have to wait for things to get better.

>> No.5962424
File: 2.94 MB, 1701x1984, E3JOceCVoAMmXU4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It hard to tell. I think the last few days have been a major shock to her. She seems to have finally begun to confront her imposter syndrome. I suspect that she was expecting to get bombarded by antis or for people to get tired of waiting for her and move on. Then she went to the fan servers and received nothing but kindness, she spent 10 hours over the past few days exposed to the public being bombarded with kindness and positive messages, she found out that most of her viewers come from Japan. Perhaps she feels guilty for hiding this whole time. After reading the message a second time it is clear it was a positive message but she has just been blind sided with so much kindness she doesn't know how to deal with it.

It reminds me of Mori after she debuted and she wrote Cursed Night because she was expecting people to shit on her like no tommorow and was shown nothing but kindness.

I feel like we are going to be getting a lot more public streams from Delta. She just needs some time to deal with this all.

>> No.5962642

Alright let's calm down there we still need to get through
>will never debut her live 2d
>will never release her album
On the grudge post.

I will say this Cover can't ignore what is happening. I have said this before. Delta being successful is bad for Cover and now you have Kson on the loose. Shit can get really wild.

Holo Fight Z Dark predicted this!

>> No.5962770

Yes. that person is an artist. i forgot his twiiter acc. But he did draw with just the color information and some description of it. He is talented.

>> No.5963283

yeah, i would prefer her to go at her own pace but well its not really getting her anywhere, this just proves how bad it was what happened it seems to have really messed her up, but all the streams lately outside fanbox are a good sign she is growing more confident about her situation and the antis might have finally gotten laid or od'd or some shit.

>> No.5963576

i hope she eventually conquers the imposter syndrome, i dont know if she will ever take back up her succubus mantle with cover, but if she does i will support her all the way, if she signs up with nijisanji even though i hate there policy of quantity over quality/actually giving a shit about there idols i will support her, and if she remains our little indie triangle i will support her.

>> No.5963600

Oh man you are new aren't you? She is working through over a decade of abuse, rug pulls, and everyone except her Mom and brother treating her like a burden they didn't want around. The fact we are even here means she has improved a whole hell of a lot.

Besides why in the hell would she go back to Cover? When she has made is extremely clear she will never work corpo again and will ONLY be Delta. This is timewarp shit.

Also the antis didn't get laid she personally executed them herself. It was fucking awesome.

>> No.5963608

Holy shit, I actually had a dream last night that I had seen two new scheduled public streams.
What a weird thing to dream about considering I dont really expect her to keep the public streams going.

>> No.5963729

i am, got into the genre around the time of the en debuts after she had already graduated.

>> No.5964028

Delta made it extremely clear she is never going corpo again. She also made it clear Delta is the only character she will be using from now on.

>> No.5964132

Bro... don't even get me started. I've had so many dreams that came true involving Delta. Though if my dreams have been right she's actually about to hit a really good stride.

There is something else involving another chuuba and Delta which will be huge. Away Meds!

>> No.5965660
File: 134 KB, 850x325, Big Dimes Delta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay. Now I see why she suddenly got hit by a massive case of imposter syndrome. Shit those are big numbers for a fucking Superchat reading stream.

>> No.5967259

Is Delta's design supposed to be a loli?

>> No.5967810
File: 125 KB, 850x687, 61b4b81db7e8a67d0222584930b662a4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No. Actually she is supposed to have modest boobs.

>> No.5968920

The voice actress is
The character isn't

>> No.5969803

Less than 39 days until album and live2d debut.

>> No.5971392


>> No.5971847

I hope she upload the full Hot Dog song

>> No.5972177

Hotdoggu song was magical.

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