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ogey Kiara

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why do you even need to make a post about this?

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stupid bitch
Kiara sucks

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average austrian

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ITT: Discord faggot general.

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I guess that's what you could call it when you copy a thumbnail and have a title responding to the one you're copying. Not really sure what she could bring to it since most of hololive has played the game already. Even Ina was planning to play it until something, I forget the reason, she dropped it for something else. Also, did she specifically change her location to Japan to get that japanese views and date display on Gura image because she doesn't live there anymore?

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rent free

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Don't be like that, KFPs are people too you know

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>rent free

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>baiting haters on her work twitter now
sasuga henchou

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Can someone explain to me the egg meme?
Does it have a meaning or is it literal gobbledygook?

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She could have just changed the language to Japanese because she wants to read Japanese

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OP is an egg

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Most KFP shit is gobbledygook, they made up a whole larp about "orcschizo" to explain away criticism, unfortunately for the KFP anon, they claimed to have made some images I made on kf, caught them lying redhanded

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Honestly, she speaks japanese better than english

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It's one random bald anti who got doxxed and now all KFP just use him as a strawman for anyone saying anything critical of Kiara.

It's like how you can't say anything bad about Gura without getting called a SEAnig or anything bad about Coco without getting called a Chink. People on /vt/ use such labels to suppress opinions they don't like but can't actually refute.

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Smh Kiara, didn't use gangimari.

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That's somehow worse than getting called a zhang

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Remember when KFP was calling all of kiara's criticism SEAniggers and takodachi?
They really latch onto to anything desperately

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Found the little bitch who had a meltdown over not being able to prove his rrats and having his flimsy excuse for not posting proof get eviscerated

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I dont watch EN and have no bias, does it really matter if she took a thumbnail from her own genmate?

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There were multiple anons
You and 2 other retarded KFP asked for links to twitter when I gave you all the shit to do so.
What do you want?
Links to where she tells japanese people they are heartless for not supporting george floyd?
Links to criticising poland for not being progressive and gay?
Links to trying to shill the brazilian election despite not knowing anything about their politics?
Links to her talking about how the NRA is a evil?

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Scrolling down is really hard, anon

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>What do you want? All the things I won't deliver?

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I literally only posted the picture and typed ogey. The KFP schizos immediately came out from their schizocave and went full defensive mode.

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There's a few where she criticizes japanese people, she's removed some of them but I'll try to find the ones I can

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when did the rent free meme leak out of 4chan

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Let's make it a sport
How many sneedkens can you get by posting a Kiara screencap and having a vague OP.

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Rent free is actually a twitter meme from 3 years ago that died down in popularity there, picked up here and now is back to being in the vernacular.

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All of the dates of the posts are correct, use advanced twitter search for the dates.
If you can't find them from there, check replies to posts as well.
She has deleted some of the most controversial ones, but you can still view them with a way back machine.
Also, there are a couple of anons who archived the posts

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this is LITERALLY me

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if you want to gossip about RMT go to >>>/trash/

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>no links

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Wow, people are already obsessive to even find their SNS, and more so digging their past.

I'm good enough with a glimpse of their face/past career, but that... dude you need to check with your doctor.

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Chicken lurks here. In fact, OP is literally Kiara.

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that seems interesting

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You know ogey has a negative/dismissive connotation right, what did you expect?

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>no links

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So, /vt/ hates her cause her roommate tweeted things that are objectively right?

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Even if there are links this is really mundane stuff/run-of-the-mill stances. It’s not like any of this is explicitly leaking onto her Hololive content. Now if there any links about the stalker rrats then that’s a different story

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Wow its just like she's AWFL
Who would've thought that?

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Interesting how the fake looks nothing like the "fake" ones

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I can't believe she said this! What a bitch!

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A fat bald faggot in a dox discord that literally ERPs as Kiara's roommate looks like a fucking egg.
I think it was during Kiara's minecraft stream before Ina's outfit reveal. It was a hilarious thread.

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Is that copying or paying homage?

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She did this intentionally to make all of you seethe and you can't tell me otherwise.

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Do you guys actually dislike Kiara?
If so, why? What is there to have such seething rage about?

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> has a consistent, roughly left wing viewpoint that matches roughly half the US population and occassionally squirts out a normie tweet about it


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Do you understand what "inspect element" is?

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Again NO fucking links. No1 cares about generate tweets

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>Implying people who literally LARP as Kiara's roommate need a reason to autistically hate

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>Making an entire thread for literally nothing
Do reps

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Its 4chan and its full of unironic fascists and racists. Half vt is already going ape over the fact that theyre going to animeexpo for a reason.
They thing saying something racist accidentally is based, while saying "i dont hate gays" is "omg politics ree"

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Dude you should see their discord. They are unironically mentally ill.
All they do all day is shit on her for no reason at all. They wake up and shit on her. That's it.

Just look at this fucking thread. Kiara tweets her next stream OH GUESS I NEED TO FUCKING SPAM A THREAD about it.
every time.

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meidos for the love of god i know it's a pointless job but please clean up this shit

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Half of them hate Kiara for having extremely normal politics and not conforming to the kind of based redpilled racist homophobe image they project on their oshi.

The other half don't like her because, and I say this as a fan, she's quite loud and in-your-face. Which is fine, but it's funny to watch some of them inflict rage-induced heart complications on themselves.

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>objectively right
A literal leftist trash is downright ignorant of other cultures, disregarding traditional values, embracing degeneracy, understand nothing about the issue but still parroting what the objectively ignorant and malicious view from your own bubble is objectively false.

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embracing degeneracy is not normal politics. Only inside your bubble where you completely ignore the actual normal people who are not brainwashed by your lefty agenda.

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If you think that anything she said isnt 100% fact, you need your head checked and gtfo. Good luck finding a vtuber who would unironically disagree with what she believes.

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It's called being a normie. Over half of the world thinks like that. What people like the schizos here are doing is way worse. Imagine trying to harass and shit on an anime girl that hasn't even posted about politics in a year. Not that she knows anything about it anyway.
How can you rage at that kek

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Based takes

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>rent free
stop using 4chan so much Kiara

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It's not allowing me to post Twitter links, did janitors disable it for the thread?

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>over half of the world
Only in your deluded western bubble.

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And now the cuck posting begins with fake screenshots, typical nu pol. (still no links) kek. Every thread the same shit.

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Oooh I'm down. I can probably just use her sched as OP and still get kfp to defend something.

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Ahh yes, disagreeing with ameriburger conservatives , is "ignorant of other cultures" ? Hilarious.

Understanding issue makes you seem even more deranged. By the way there wasn't any fraud and climate change is real.

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Holy shit, based, i kneel.

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the only thing that can save this pozzed thread is a porn dump

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Or you know, not bump it and let it die

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Mod's don't allow posting her irl handle, thats why you can't post them

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Only Amerifats get triggered at these takes

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Fucking bitch larping as japanese...

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Found out how to get pasts mods shadowban of kiara's IRL twitter, dumping commences


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It's funny that you must cope this hard, as if Kiara believing and saying this stuff actually changes anything for you.

>> No.5822558 [DELETED] 

Yeah? I don't understand what this is supposed to prove. Youre the dude who always makes up shit about her fucking around with that dude on the pic. Which simply isn't true. It's from a photoshoot where she made photos with MANY people, you just cherry pick the 1 black dude. What exactly is your twitter link supposed to prove? That she tweeted blm? We know thast. But what has this to do with the fake bbc stories?

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Why are yuropoors so invested in American politics, don't they have their own issues to take care of

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No, you get the audience where you upload. Having pc in japanese is just her.

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I read hentai to do that...

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Anons itt say all these tweets are fake, they aren't, mods shadowbanned posting her IRL stuff as spam


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anyone with a sane mind and a heart of gold must be like her and contribute to the acceleration of america's decline

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>excuse for not posting proof
No, anon was just smart and knew it's bannable...

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To KFP and the eggs
If you are going to discuss about the roommate's politics that are purposely separate from her character, I have a place for you where you can discuss about it >>>/pol/
Talk about vtubers or GTFO

>> No.5822643 [DELETED] 

I'm not that anon. >I'm asking why you always make up fake cuckstories about her and then claim your shit is real and wonder why no1 believes it. Same shit with the 300kyen whore stuff. If you truly claim you have deep knowledge you KNOW its fake news by Jrcach. So WHY lie about it? It makes no sense.

>> No.5822644 [DELETED] 

>"""coincidentally""" not the tweets in the images
You tried.

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oi jannies

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>posts dox freely
Sure discordtranny, sure...

>> No.5822687

>Eggniggers unironically this desperate
The fuck is wrong with you retards?

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This is rick, aka https://twitter.com/phoenix_rick_, an innocent IRL streamer she framed as a stalker to stop her from getting her japanese work visa removed after a drunk and disorderly charge

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>AM /VT/

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They are anon, which one do you want?

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he died almost a decade ago

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America is THE media juggernaut. You could argue that their greatest export, in both volume and reach, is their media. American politics is one that rises to the top because it easily prompts divisive reactions and because America pioneered creating a media carnival out of it all. The American presidential run rivals is one of the most viewed worldwide entertainment events. So Europeans are getting saturated bombed by American movies, tv shows, music, fashion trends, politics, and live events to such a degree that it easily eclipses their local political reporting. They have almost no choice but to choke down American politics, and so it's almost all they have to talk about with the layman.

>> No.5822755 [DELETED] 

Answer this man. I just wanna know why you make up so many fake stories about her and shit on the whitest girl in all of hololive.
It just makes no sense to me

>> No.5822772 [DELETED] 

>say all the tweets are fake
>anon finds out that tweets from keeki-hime-desu are blacklisted on 4chan, gets around it and is able to post proof
>you guys are eggniggers!
absolute cope lmao

>> No.5822774

Those get deleted and banned... Fucking idiot

>> No.5822784

Who fucking care

>> No.5822788 [DELETED] 

>feigning ignorance
You tried.

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>whitest girl in hololive
>is anti-white
checks out

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Give link.

Also still didn't answer the question. You are 100% brown eyed, claim to be some white gate keeper, yet shit on the whitest girl and constantly make up fake stories.
You are mentally ill yet claim she is the one who is crazy.

>> No.5822827

Where the fuck did I say that, you fucking faggot? I just called you pathetic for trying this hard to get people to hate her, you aren't really doing anything.

>> No.5822830 [DELETED] 

Which fucking tweets do you want, I can easily find them and post them you lazy kfp nigger
They literally shadowabanned posts by her IRL account >>5822543

>> No.5822841 [DELETED] 



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>Off topic convos
>Dox nigger convos
>Literal /pol/ shit
Mods/Jannies, why would you even make this board if you're literally only going to moderate /hlgg/? Do your jobs retards

>> No.5822854

NTA but I'm the anon who constantly ask to prove your fake stories. I'm not talking about the politic shit i couldn't care less

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Discordtrannies seething

>> No.5822915 [DELETED] 

meidos suck clearly, probably all from same timezone. Fags.

The other rrat is that meidos are the Kiara antis.

>> No.5822919

>youtube on Japanese
Kiara you will never be japanese...

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Meidos are incompetent

>> No.5822936

That would be a downgrade for her anyway

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The shit is an HOUR OLD too. Do we really have fucking NO mods at all? What the hell?

>> No.5822953

No one cares about Kiara.

>> No.5822972 [DELETED] 

New jannies are currently in training afaik. The board became bigger than they expected a couple months ago. It will be moderated better in the future but for now we have to keep up with nu-pol incels

>> No.5822982 [DELETED] 

Fucking hell, do you faggots really have nothing better to do than to spam /pol/ shit every fucking day? Kill yourselves.

>> No.5823001 [DELETED] 

>kfptrannies so assblasted they start posting hentai
Pathetic lol go back to discord

>> No.5823010 [DELETED] 
File: 989 KB, 814x1331, 819B5B68-ED7E-4C73-9BE5-FC6D73524C77.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least we get some horny posting

>> No.5823036 [DELETED] 

And just as you post it that post got nuked.

Hey they're special snowflakes that need to remind the world that they're offended by something. Also likely retarded due to consumption of lead paint

>> No.5823088 [DELETED] 

based porn posters

>> No.5823173 [DELETED] 

Why does it really even matter if Kiara used to be a political mess? That is to be expected expected and considered the norm for a lot of women in general. But nowadays she's just aggressively horny and even shitting on companies that censor her waifus. It's a major improvement.

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I'm pretty sure that at this point people hate KFP infinitely more than Kiara and are just using these threads to rile them up since its just THAT easy.

>> No.5823422 [DELETED] 

>[Deleted] 65/65
>only 69 posts left on the thread
wew lads that guy mental illness is something else

>> No.5823429

shes actually a good entertainer, but the terrible voice shes putting on is poison and shes a bit too jabby in collabs. for this I must post

>> No.5823504 [DELETED] 

Yeah no idea why janny didn't nuke the entire thread. It was spam to begin with

>> No.5823512 [DELETED] 

Nope, her antis are so obsessed with her roommate they are trying to become her, like skinwalkers. Just check the eggcord

>> No.5823538

>people hate KFP
And why is that? please provide specific reasons not the not just
>muh obnoxious fanbase
since that can be applied to any fanbase imaginable,

>> No.5823540

Nah for example look at this post
Like what the fuck is that? What else is she supposed to say? talk in third person? Her antis are unironically mentally ill and do nothing but being obsessed with her day after day. For beint antis they spend more time with ther than most actual fans. Imagine spending every day of your life spamming 10 threads and samefag in them 50 times

>> No.5823583

It's weird seeing people make threads for whatever trivial shit she does.

>> No.5823612

>since that can be applied to any fanbase imaginable
Not true.

>> No.5823880

You didn't understand, I'm not saying its true, what i mean is anyone can say something they dislike is obnoxious, which can be disregarded as a retarded opinion if there's is no further elaboration about why, which in this place is usually the case.

>> No.5823957

I see. My bad.

>> No.5824010

Yes, I hate Kiara.
No, I will not elaborate.

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File: 1.68 MB, 332x332, 1600086440725.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Kiara is very not good.

>> No.5824079
File: 27 KB, 720x179, IMG_20210630_001336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf, Reddit based???.....

>> No.5824119

don't care.
I'm still fapping to Kiara.

>> No.5824328

It took us 74 posts, but we finally got a good answer.

>> No.5824397

They're fucking schizos pretending that entertainers advertising themselves is somehow rare, frowned upon, or anything other than completely normal.

>> No.5824423

Kiara literally has like 5 bait threads a day, expecting people to not come in to defend or attack is retarded. What were you even expecting? Nothing to happen? Why even post?

>> No.5824665


>> No.5824711

just like you antis desperately latch onto literally everything she does?

>> No.5824777 [DELETED] 

Kiara used to post on lolcows, I assure you she at least lurks here.
Mori is a confirmed lurker, Risu is a confirmed shitposter.

>> No.5824919
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stream it

>> No.5824926

remember when Uto caught fire for copying the thumbnail format of holo girls?

>> No.5825282


>> No.5825316


>> No.5825843

Why tho

Does she wants to milk chumbuds or something?

Why copy exactly the same thing as one of your coworkers are you retarded?

>> No.5826374
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why is she like that?

>> No.5826500


>> No.5826557

>behaves like a narcissist whore
>people feel disgust for her behaviour
>oh no kiara did a thing you guys are getting so mad

literally the full circle

>> No.5826629

she will do anything for numbers. no shame.

>> No.5826683

>KFPs are people too you know

>> No.5826759

this is all the proof I need that >>5821164 is right

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File: 2.35 MB, 1649x931, disgusting peko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Its 4chan and its full of unironic fascists and racists
dude if you're such a fag, why are you even here?
Also yes, gay means bad.

>> No.5826905

I don't really hate Kiara, I just think she's devours attention during collabs and can't help herself from talking over everyone else.

>> No.5827052

Found the closet faggot

>> No.5827055

I don't like her voice, and I don't really like her personality.

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File: 212 KB, 429x421, 1624901673731.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is an incredibly interesting meta-meta-sociological data point.
look at >>5823411, a correct point and answer to the cultist's post >>5822091. But since it's a perceived attack on the cult, the cultists respond.
>>5823540 gets emotional, and projects a sense of "I don't care I'm super cool, you're the obsessed ones. Obsessed? Me? No, that's you." As if they know the actual criticism, and are afraid of it, so they pre-empt it. Of course in the cult dissonance abounds, just whether it's in defense or attack is up to the interest of the group, for example, >>5824397. Anger, rage against the "evil anti schizos" etc, to come defend the projection, as if it weren't completely batshit insane.

>>5823538 while definitely less intelligent, is still pretty malicious and cult-like. Immediately they feel they can take the brunt of the criticism for the sake of the cult, probably thinking they're good at word battler or something (they're not). They then engage in division hegelianism (propagandist enforcement of a fallacy).
When his generalization gets called out, look how he dissonates here >>5823880
>you didn't understand
>I misspoke (he did)
A normal human being, averse to confrontation and willing to listen, will reply like >>5823957

But the standard reply like this to a cultist sadly only reinforces the cult, dooming more decent human beings to fall into depravity.

This trend, and this mentality is instrumental to the coming fall of vtubing as a medium, like it was to movies, television, music, and videogaming.

Of course, the last place the cult will look for guilt, or responsibility, is themselves.

And of course, the cult is made of about 3 distinct demographics.
>true fans gone astray
people who genuinely think they're just shitposting for chicken because it's actually funny (rare). They'll get disillusioned as the cult mentality metastasizes, which is why the chicken cultists are getting less funny, the ones you're talking to just simply never were.
>The cult-of-left
underlying chicken cultists is woke-dom. They know it, and they embrace it, because for them, ultimately, every medium is simply an opportunity to spread their religion in leftism. These are the freaks that give you "KFP-fatigue."
>The indifferent horde
this makes the vast majority of Kiara's Freak People. They genuinely don't care about vtubing, or Kiara, or anything like that. They're listless zombies, essentially the goal of the cult-of-left when it comes to all entertainment mediums.

So as it happens, and as you watch them get less funny, more boring and malicious is separate but equal measures, remember this. They're killing vtubing, and most of them are doing it because they just don't care. some of them really want that to happen, and some others genuine don't realize they're doing that until it's "too late."

But the easiest way to refute a cultist is to simply say true statements, like "Kiara is an ugly narcissist" and "KFP cultists aren't worth explanations, you're just insane."

Watch as it riles them up to have any meta discussion, and laugh. Of course you'll get their standard three replies of "touch grass" "4channer fascist racist" and "take your meds(projection)." Their banter literally only progresses as they get btfo and copy and paste their btfos back at others.

But it still hurts them, and that's a good thing. Pulls that actually funny ones away from the cult.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

>> No.5827806

That one sounds like shit, would stream Heart Challenger, but not that one.

>> No.5827817

is this how weak redditor cold-reads are?

Do you feel special getting to say faggot and not get banned from all subreddits? Wait till you say all the gamer words :^)

>> No.5827869


>> No.5827871

>gets emotional, and projects a sense of "I don't care I'm super cool, you're the obsessed ones. Obsessed? Me? No, that's you."

Literally described every kfp ever

>> No.5828035


>> No.5828042

Not reading that but I’m sure you will get more replies in hlgg.

>> No.5828053

Meds. NOW, faggot tranny.

>> No.5828059

i think she's really enjoyable when she chills out and stops her fake voice, like her yakuza streams were pretty nice.
her numberfagging is probably what people here hate most

>> No.5828119

it must have really hurt when someone called you that.
Tell me anon, are "I'm not a redditor, no you're gay! Closet gay! I'm totally right on my bad cold read!" in the room?

>> No.5828169

>melting down so hard he can't even use "is X in room" correctly
Or maybe it's just the zoomer newfaggotry doing its work.

>> No.5828231


>> No.5828261

Extremely based

>> No.5828512


>> No.5828562

>kiara going on a rant about how bad the US healthcare system is compared to the EU and JP and that it's terrible how people die in hospitals because they can't afford to pay

>> No.5828590
File: 3.39 MB, 1280x1638, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

literal schizoid rant wtf? may as well go out on the streets and scream about the end of times anon.
Honest question thought why even go into such lengths of insanity? do you believe you are achieving something? do you think you have convinced a single person to agree with your delusional perspective?

>> No.5828602

(You) all disgust me!

>> No.5829135

sounds gigabased

>> No.5829342

Hate numberfagging. Hate fake voice. Hate tryharding. Hate comparing herself to others. Simple as.

Chicken doesn't seem to realize that just being yourself is better. People respond to self confidence. And if being in a prestigious brand like Hololive isn't enough to warrant some self assuredness, then clearly she needs to work through her issues and make peace with herself.

She also needs to utilize German more. Otherwise why even become a polygot if you're not going to flex your full range of linguistic understanding. Maybe it's all the white supremacy hatred going around among ideological zealots in western society. But let me be the first to say that German is a hilarious language to listen to, and frustrated australian shitbird noises are amusing.

It's a really unfortunate circumstance where her strongest aspect, being a German speaker leading a pity cult of personality, risks offending the sixty gorillion. Personally, I might've actually watched her streams if she was unapologetically Austrian, ham'd it up and threw in some tongue in cheek military kayfabe as a gag. Would've been a much more funny character than ambitious self-loathing idol wannabe. Heck, look at how Korone leaned into her yandere and finger cutting memes. It's just good entertainment.

>> No.5830344

>"take your meds(projection)."

>> No.5830902

answer the questions faggot, are you gonna deflect forever?

>> No.5831011

KFP cultists aren't worth explanations, you're just insane.

>> No.5831543

>KFP cultists aren't worth explanations, you're just insane.
after doing this: >>5827788
are you dissociating or something? no making any sense here anon.

>> No.5831585 [DELETED] 

Get more visibility and extend the reach of your tweets

1. Respond to famous / high follower accounts
2. Put a . before that person's twitter handle ( for example [email protected]

ALL of their followers will see YOUR tweet

Simple, quick and only 1 additional character in your tweet will ensure far more people see our memes & content.

>> No.5831764

ALMOST right. But it's YOUR followers who see it, not theirs.

>> No.5832401

>"I don't care I'm super cool, you're the obsessed ones. Obsessed? Me? No, that's you."
Honestly, the Anti-KFP are just as bad as the KFP, they both are mentally ill and they both keep starting shit with eachother.
The fact that this whole ted talk can apply to either side is proof enough both sides of this shit are bad.

>> No.5832433 [DELETED] 

We hold these truths to be self-evident.
- All men are created equal.
- All men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.
- That among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are hacktivist who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and meme warefare. We do battle in the digital realm of social networks. We neither need, nor condone the use of physical force. All illegal content reported. Not Liable.



Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening

>> No.5832483


>> No.5832911

Shre uses German all the time retard. An entire wall of text all for nothing, bravo.

>> No.5837125
File: 438 KB, 720x2709, kfptrannies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And why is that? please provide specific reasons

>> No.5839718

>/pol/faggot mixed up his boards
Kill yourself.

>> No.5840081

pretty sure he's making fun of you

>> No.5848485

Another quality take from a tired cat poster.

>> No.5850042
File: 211 KB, 463x453, Kiarogey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Using fake screenshots

>> No.5850183 [DELETED] 

Kiara's been trying too hard to leech off Gura.

>> No.5856629

Cope harder

>> No.5857017

>rent free

Kiara is a fucking racist.

>> No.5857205

what's wrong with doing an homage?

>> No.5857588

You get the rope, fag.

>> No.5857735

Can you post the timestamp?.

>> No.5857809

It was in her outfit reveal prechat.

>> No.5857861

A genuine schizo post, marvelous.
Here's a (You)

>> No.5857864
File: 95 KB, 736x1254, 0e4994ff8f28dd906853c7888a7c2eb0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shark fins posted this thread

>> No.5857870

wtf is wrong with them?

>> No.5857902

Are you retarded? I'm not asking for your first post, I'm asking for the actual timestamp.

>> No.5857954

>It's completely unrelated to the thread
>2 responses, one samefagging and one getting called out
Get better material next time

>> No.5858002

The anti side is objectively worse, because we know for a fact that they falseflag.

>> No.5858038

Pull out chatlogs of her outfit reveal prechat (if that's even possible) or keep coping trannies.

>> No.5858123

>2 responses, one samefagging and one getting called out
I saw no one getting called out.

>> No.5858132

What a shit thread. Her antis are literally brown eyed nu-polmutts who larp as white gatekeepers. Truly mentally ill kek

>> No.5858138

As Kiara nears 3 million, is she looking to siphon some of that hype for herself? It sure looks like it.

>> No.5858165

>Living rent free in my head
One of us?

>> No.5858232

>posts fake screenshot
>can't give an actual proof
>uh-uhmmm... cope

>> No.5858235
File: 11 KB, 277x259, watamaeee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's completely unrelated to the thread
>pre chat is unrelated to thread now

>> No.5858317

What the hell is this thread. It's full of cheap baits and fake narratives kek

>> No.5858325
File: 184 KB, 714x1000, 20210505_092655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she'll be mine soon enough

>> No.5858391

>This game has been living rent free in my brain

What the fuck? Do people say that outside 4chan?

>> No.5858425

Yeah? It's all over twatter and has been on coco plebbit review lots of times

>> No.5858438
File: 136 KB, 720x880, IMG_202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like I said, if you are that desperate for proof you should look at the chatlogs of prechat. KFPs being mentally ill yuri forcing trannies isn't even new.

>> No.5858474

>is on 4chan
>stalks random people
>obsessed with someone he hates
>calls other people mentally ill

What did the euromutt mean by this??

>> No.5858597


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