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Will he become the first Vtuber to reach e-celebrity status similar to the likes of Pewdiepie? He pulls in some of the highest views of any Vtuber despite being male and most follow him because he is entertaining. He also rubs shoulders with alot of popular Japanese streamers.

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Didn't Kizuna AI already do that?

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Yes but we dont speak of her.

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Hasn't Gura basically done that already?
End of the day being a vtuber is an arena where women have an overwhelming advantage

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no one in japan gives a shit about gura except neckbeard otaku

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the cunny is an impediment outside of the otaku market

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>no one in japan
This thread isn't about Japan

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pewdiepie is unfunny and ugly, kzh is funny and cute. those are the only things that matter.

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end thread

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That's why I specified despite being a male, most female Vtubers success can be attributed to just being waifus and attracting many male viewers, but Kuzuha has managed to be on their level and knowing how small the female chuuba audience is, I doubt it's just because he is attractive.

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Japan's the only place where the VTuber market thrives in the mainstream. It's a fringe niche everywhere else.

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Very much this. Which is likely why Cover has put so little effort into its english stable.

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ye kinda

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I know zero Japanese. What’s his appeal? Why is he popular?

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he's pretty good at the games he plays, is known for having a bumpkin way of speaking, is arrogant but stupid so lots of self-owning, is awkward as shit around strangers even though he's super popular, has a close friendship with his friend kanae which brings in the fujos, attractive design and good rigging, likes to mess with his fans but has some really sweet moments where he's thankful of the lifestyle they've given him, etc. he's also surprisingly good at singing.

tl;dr good bro material for the guys and good fujo/gachikoi material for the girls.

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This so called super chad who rubs shoulders with actual e-celebs can't even beat an autistic rabbit when it comes to streaming. Its a hundred years too soon for this faggot.

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Lots of gay male fans. That is it. He isn't really good at anything he does.

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Japanese Tyler1

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Not before Pekor

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very good at the games he plays, streams every day for like 6-10 hours, is friends with a good number of livers and has a close knit group of them that often show up on his stream or do spontaneous collabs, can sing and has a sense of humor

he's basically your average big twitch streamer with a group of friends, but without the arrogance and scummy attitude most of them have

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people already replied but he's also good at interacting with chat/supas when he's not in a collab

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This faggot got carried hard by :
>>>>"""he's pretty good at the games he plays""" (Yeah right, most of the Nijis who participate in game Tournaments like Apex, are way better than this dumbass, who cant even get better at the game despite pouring thousands of hours into it)
>close friendship with his friend kanae which brings in the fujos, attractive design and good rigging
>good fujo/gachikoi material
Also :
>Low effort Shitty streams, doesnt even bother to make proper thumbnails
>A lazyfag who has luck and rainbow dripping from his ass.

TL;DR : Hes boring and wack as fuck

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Pekora would be in that big Among us collab instead of Kuzuha if she wasn't so busy playing minecraft. And Gura would be in it over anyone else if she knows Japanese. Kuzuha is NOT the face of vtuber, choosing him to be the vtuber representative in that collab is cringe.

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Pekora? Collabing with 9 males? LOL

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so essentially, he's so likable he doesn't even have to put in any effort to be popular?
got it.

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Pekora was never going to be in that collab even if she was asked. She will never collab with a male, let alone 9 males outside of hololive/holostars.

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you mad as fuck

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You know Cover doesn't stop anyone from collabing with male, right? And those males are e-celebs, idol or seiyuu appear on TV with male all the time.

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his nonwatchers are just as loyal as his hardcore fans (if not more) and all he has to do is exist to make them seethe. sasuga the KING of chuubas.

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Pekora ? Collabing with males ?
Are you perhaps living in the same timeline as us ?
>When she and Miko where the first ones to come out and say without being told to, that they wont collab with Holostars, or ever interact with them ?
lol nice one anon

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He is right though. Can't dispute the facts. I mean, he doesn't even bother to change the titles of his old streams when he goes live. For example, the title will say Apex but he will be playing Valorant or something. Just pure laziness.

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and yet look where that got him lol you mad as shit foreal

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Do you even watch Pekora?

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The face of a failing organization with rapidly declining viewership? Yeah, he is doing quite well I guess......

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Eh he's more like Japanese xQc

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he laughing all the way to the bank, seethe nigga

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Does Pekora even have the mental capability to collab with people outside Holo nowadays, let alone men?

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Literally who

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Is that before or after that Kpop reject mafumafu gets his cut? That confused freak needs to realize that no amount of make up will ever make him Korean.

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I think it’s about status, An idol collabing with a tv show being interviewed by guys wont bring anything, it’s professional and the interviewer probably is old, ugly, already married, etc. Or simply doesn’t match the status of public figure of an Idol depending on their popularity. Idol/celeb on idol on the other hand, both are young rich and on same status. This is the most logical explanation I could make when I was a unicorn, I’ve moved on and don’t give a fuck anymore.

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why are you bringing up mafumafu when it's soraru who did kuzuha's king mixing? mafumafu and kuzuha barely know each other.

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Yhey become "idols" when they want to huh ?
The Hypocrisy

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He was in the collab today. Pay attention junior.

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Essentially. His streams have that "bro streamer" vibe to them that's chill with occasionally funny moments. Generally someone that everyone wants to be friends with and be around since he is very popular amongst his Niji colleagues too. That's before the crazy fujos and gays that gachikoi for him.

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They become "idols" when they want to huh ?
The amount of Hypocrisy is off the sharts

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>rapidly declining viewership
Only the females. The males in contrast have very good view counts lately.

>> No.5799147

Very much this people outside our bubble hate lolis

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How does being in the same collab translate to having to pay a cut?

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no shit he's collab'd with mafumafu twice in larger groups but that has nothing to do with them being close nor kuzuha's pay.

>> No.5799194

You think he just did it for free?

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Fuck forgot to >>5798948

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Oh, I see, you haven't taken your meds yet.

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nta but i will answer: it's that he ran out of shit to say about kzh but still wants to troll

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80% of his views are from guys apparently

>> No.5799289

this guy watched a soramafu compilation clip and got butthurt there were too many women in the comments complimenting his cuteness lol

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Just realized that it took 3 years for him to reach his current level of fame. I wonder if it counts as slow, but Holostars is the same kind of slow anyways. If only that Suzaku character wasn't wasted.

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The whole "Idol" shit is a Debuff for Holostars.
>The roomates of the graduated members fucking proves that since theyre inclining hard.
They should have far less restrictions than the girls, and any stuff they promote should have far less "idol aesthetic" on them

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Wait theres a homo called Suzaku ?

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Kuzuha has Marine/Miko levels of viewers (was previously Pekora level when Apex tournaments was all the rage) and his sub growth is mid-tier holo level despite having a 90%+ Japanese audience. It's not slow by any stretch of the imagination, he's literally the fastest grower in Niji.

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I know Matsuri and Fubuki don't have problem collabing with male and Subaru used to collab with males but doesn't do it anymore. Didn't know about Mio, Ayame, Mel. No one's gonna cry about this though because I don't see any 1 on 1 collab with male.

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Look at the design of this guy. At least he's not a knockoff version of Kaneki. I've heard this guy had a lot of connections too.

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Holostars is a debuff in itself

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Preface: Kuzuha gets amazing numbers and deserves them. He is a great talent.
So, why do we overrate his numbers so much? He isn't #1 that often, Miko, Marine, Pekora, and Gura all averaged more live views than he did in June. I mean 5th place is great but you fags act like he is an unbeatable monolith.

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oh shit YOURE RIGHT ! .........i didnt know that.......
goddamniit.....not even 10 Seconds in watching his clips, and i already like him.........
why cant we have nice things.............

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Also Coco does too but I'm not sure that counts since it is her farewell tour.

>> No.5800140

He is Nijisanji's last hope for relevance after everybody else has declined hard. No shit Nijiniggers are going to prop him up.

>> No.5800174

>admitting to watching Holostars
That is a bad look bro

>> No.5800206

It's numberfags who want big numbers to play pretend fights with, then onlookers pick up the images and shitpost with them
Not many people on this board actually attend Kuzuha streams.

>> No.5800271

Some of them joined for the purpose of being idols.

>> No.5800283

pretty sure this guy was like 10x more successful after his holostar role

>> No.5800379

Yeah but all he plays is amongus. Better numbers but is it really better content?

>> No.5800406

How successful is he now? He graduated before Hololive's boom.

>> No.5800500

Idol shit feels like a meme now. They can all incline even if they never collabed with the girls. Look at the male nijis. Was there really a big boost if the males collab with the girls? The girls reclined hard because of them. They just need to ride the wave Hololive brings them even if it's just a little bit or become memeable dorks.

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200k subs

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His roomate was ranked 4th place in single day superchats rankings when playing Apex yesterday.
So yeah all the blame lies on Cover and them being full retard, unable to make good use of the talent of their members, so much that their most successful one is retiring next week, because she got fed up with management and now is calling it quits.
>Also : if you read whats written here vertically, it says "its a shitty black company" apparently, she made this post 9 months ago after the whole Taiwan Fiasco, if she did it intentionally to take a jab at Cover without them noticing because of the NTA policy, then shes fucking BASED

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Oh wait i posted the wrong one.
Heres the one with hidden hints in it.

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Link to his channel?

>> No.5800977

He plays AmongUs 98% of the time>>5800379
So i doubt you'll like his content.
Also not gonna post Roomate stuff carelessly around, do your chuuba connection reps or ask for tips and hints in other threads.

>> No.5801104

NTA but wtf I actually know this guy lol. He gets a lot of superchats and some pretty good view numbers some days. I don't think he's a vtuber tho, just online personality.

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Knockoff hypnosis mic character

>> No.5801192

Ive seen him use a Vtuber L2D Avatar in his old streams way before he Joined Holostars (i think in 2018) but i dont see him using it anymore...dunno why.

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>> No.5801270

Huh, hypmic is actually older than Holostars. It's been that long already...

>> No.5801339

It’s funny Kuzuha actually gets compared to this guy
I have no clue why people call him Tokyo Ghoul when there are other characters he shares much more of a likeness with. I guess Tokyo Ghoul is the only anime they can think of

>> No.5801406

Anon that's Samatoki from Hypnosis Mic. The only people who repeatedly compare Kuzuha to Kaneki is 4chan because the only thing they know about Kuzuha is "vampire twink" when Kaneki isn't really a vampire but whatever

>> No.5801517

That’s what I’m saying

>> No.5802166

Kizuna who? her scriptwriter? the animator? the voiceactor? or everyone? Give me Kuzuha, Watame, Nose or Korone anyday because even if their rigging sucks and never can hold up to AI they do everything themself live for hours. Even Subaru said she scripts most of her streams but at least she is writing her own script instead of being handed a piece of paper to read off from. Compared to hologra her prduction is better but otherwise she isn't even playing in the same league.

>> No.5802180

Not allowed to bring her up on this board until Gura gets higher number/

>> No.5802262

Coco may be successful in terms of superchat revenue but she isn't their most successful talent. Pekora, Miko, and even Haachama before her hiatus had better average viewers compared to her and most of her highest viewed videos are stuff like Meme Review or Asacoco which were not the majority of her content. Also she wasn't as marketable for promotional events compared to say Marine or Fubuki even before the chink meltdown happened.

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Pekora or any Holo would have no trouble collabing with someone, even a male if theres any benefits from doing so :


The whole UwU i have trouble with "opposite Gender Interactions thing" is BULLSHIT, thats why most of em are fucking hypocrites, they have a past of being shitty leeches.

>> No.5803503

Even Noel and Rushia? I don’t believe anyone else on the “not good with men” shit, but I can buy it with them.

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Noel :
>has a brother complex
>was bullied by boys when she was kid for having big badonkers
>got transfered to girls only school
>(didnt do my roomate reps so i dont know the rest)

What Noel says is true, the stuff she shares about her past makes sense as to why she would choose that approach

Rushia :
>i dont wanna spread baseless rrats but ive heard she was in an abusive relationship
>has been manipulated and used many times by people, thats why she became weak minded and someone with menhera outbursts
>she said she never met Yagoo once and is nervous about meeting him
So taking in consideration her past and how she always seeks comfort from her unicorns, i'd say the same goes for her aswell.

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Noel :
>has a brother complex
>was bullied by boys when she was a kid for having big badonkers
>got transfered to girls only school
>(didnt do my roomate reps so i dont know the rest)
What Noel says is true, the stuff she shares about her past makes sense as to why she would choose that approach

Rushia :
>i dont wanna spread baseless rrats but ive heard she was in an abusive relationship
>has been manipulated and used many times by people, thats why she became weak minded and someone with menhera outbursts
>she said she never met Yagoo once and is nervous about meeting him
So taking in consideration her past and how she always seeks comfort from her unicorns, i'd say the same goes for her aswell.

>> No.5804002

literally who

>> No.5804225

Literally who?

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Jun x Peko love!

>> No.5804723

So Peko is friends with Jun, the guy who sent his fans to go harass Chihiro? Wtf?

>> No.5806216

Well, Jun is friend with multiple Holos and he's on the side that believe Hololive is king of vtuber, while some people in the e-celeb circle that played Among us with Kuzuha yesterday believe that Niji is above Holo.

>> No.5808825

what did she mean by this? i used a hirigana keyboard and wrote it out on deepl with spaces after each character and it says "
I've been thinking about it.
I'm not sure what to do.
I've been thinking about that."
What are you trynna imply?

>> No.5808872

she deserves it tho, can't play like shit, can't diversify her content either

>> No.5808925

that doesn't warrant harrassment

>> No.5809031

Everyone were considered small back then. The whole Idol branding wasn't a thing as well. It only happened when they released the SSS song. That is when the transition happened. A lot of them including Miko took the new branding seriously and thus chose to not collab with Male vtubers. A lot of the other girls didn't and thus you see them still collab with dudes. However as far as leech goes, you can't fucking tag any of the girls like that since they do collab with small vtubers and would constantly highlight small female vtubers just fine.

>> No.5809150

Wait, was the rrat about Jun being friends with Holos true? I thought Jun or shaka would be more likely to side with nijis.

>> No.5809187

Jun is an asshole. It is likely he is friends with some of the male niji but not so much with people like Chihiro that is still getting hate because of him

>> No.5809211

Yes? Tell me which small vtuber they have collabed in the past year? I am waiting.

>> No.5809309

Pekora used to stream on Twitch?

>> No.5809345

Jun hates nijis.

>> No.5809397

I only heard the rrat that Jun hates vtubers in general and thinks they're ugly cowards who hide behind avatars. Him liking some holos seems even more unlikely given that they're more performative than Nijis with the whole idol thing. I heard he's soften his distaste for vtubers after a while tho. Do we know which holos he's even interacted with before?

>> No.5809434

Everyone has showed up in other people's streams like call-ins or have mentioned another vtuber or has showed up in their streams or has done a 1on1 or a group collab. Only I won't count is Pekora's call-in to Hinata because even if Hinata has small views now she is still considered an OG.

>> No.5809535

Can't name a single one, good job.

>> No.5809661

There are too many to count. Gen0 collabs with small vtubers all the time. Miko stops in people's streams sometimes. Gen1 is the same. Gen2 not so much but we know Choco frequently collabs with anyone. Aqua and Ayame collabed outside recently. Gen3 does collab outside. Marine and Flare just did a concert with people outside. Gen4, Towa frequently does. Luna through the concert. Kanata did the group collab with a bunch of outsiders. Gen 5 has done some. Lamy interacts with Towa's sister. Polka with that other Polka. Botan with Suda and Mafia. Nene with that Noripro talent. Gamers does as well. All of them participates in concerts like Vcarnival and Tubeout. Debi still good with Korone. And so on so forth. You must be a retard with a blindfold to make such an obvious bait.

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nta, but I don’t think those are the examples he’s looking for. I assume by small he means like indie tier <10k subs. Being on a team with Reid for Apex and Lilith as a noripro collab are way above that.

>> No.5811373

Not really. Gura is only popular in the VTubing scene and has little traction outside of it. Kizuna Ai was a good example because she genuinely managed to break out from her niche and have a massive presence for a year or so. People even thought she might become the next Miku. Now obviously her moment in the spotlight is over and she's starting to lose traction but Gura is nowhere near where Kizuna Ai was in general popularity back when Ai broke through.

I know, l*ddit exile numberfags will respond with "but the subscriber count", but I've yet to see Gura being invitied onto a Japanese morning show, her collabing outside a very clearly defined (and sponsored) niche of anime VTubers or whatever game she is being paid to promote or her even making a splash on American TV. Bring up Gura again when she's being invitied to Conan O'Brien or whoever the boomers are into nowadays.

>> No.5811466

can't believe Nijisanji is full retard and can't make use of their talent to the point that Lulu got fed up with management is calling it quits

>> No.5811541


>> No.5811563

you don't know Lulu is graduating?

>> No.5811606

I know that. What do the post you replying has anything to do with Nijisanji is what I don't know.

>> No.5811690

the post says that cover is retarded and that Coco is retiring because she's tired of management.
this is a retarded rrat as she said she's leaving on good terms.
so i'm making up rrats that Lulu is leaving because she's also tired of management

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"Making It In Vtubing"

The anonymous poster
on the image board
asked why so few
views on
your streams?
Because I'm a
male vtuber I said. Why
haven't I heard
of you? Because
I'm a male vtuber
I said.

>> No.5811812

I dont think you know who pewdiepie is

>> No.5811818

Does leaving on good terms necessitate not being tired or fed up with management? You can easily be fed up with their rules and still part amicably.

>> No.5812370

Nta but that so called NDA must be really shit or non existent cause Coco and other Holos have mentioned management's incompetence on stream before. A real NDA would mean literally nothing is said or mentioned about management.

>> No.5812973

The thread leads up to the anon saying Hololive are leeches and using Maimoto and Miko collabing before. Maimoto. The dude that was small back then that considered quitting not until he got a boom thanks to Subaru and Shigure Ui. Like I said before, the whole Idol brand wasn't a thing until the SSS song and the first HoloFes. The girls that took it seriously went all the way and chose to focus on that. But that doesn't mean they don't collab outside anymore nor do they shun small indies. And even if they do, they still need approval. Polka was quick to shut down any vshojo collabs back then because they were too much that she knew JP management won't approve of them.

>> No.5813052

I mean she skirt around the edges. She never mentioned specific names or figure heads. She never revealed any projects that were declined. She only shared her personal motivations which I assume is not part of NDA

>> No.5813398

Wait, so Pekora asked Junfaggot to send his fans to harass Chihiro, what the fuck, that's fucked up, defend this holobronies

>> No.5813506

Nah, it's more about their current position than them being idols. Right now, Maimotofags who keep screaming at Subaru to do 'muh Maisuba collab, Muh Oozora family collab' are like those Holostars collab beggars(I often saw people bring this term up but I haven't actually seen any Holostars fan begging for a collab), Maimoto isn't at the same level as Subaru anymore so they can't interact like they used to when they're both small and irrelevant.
By the way, Subaru doesn't mind talking with male as you can see in the recent Ponpoko 24hrs, she came to say hello to them and Pokopii treated her like they treated Kizuna Ai, someone who's above them.

>> No.5813726

She also knows her fanbase is rabid and if she named names they'd be doxxed within the hour and probably have someone try and KyoAni their house

>> No.5813757

I am talking about lower than 50k or even 100k
but not from a company they have established connections with like noripro 774 etc True indies or real small companies. Towa and 1-2 more might do indie collabs but everyone else? Those are the examples I am asking for. Anon is talking about the often promoting and collabing with smaller vtubers but I don't see that. Mind you I don't follow all holos that's why I am asking for proof.

>> No.5814064

>kuso yami soshiki ga
Holyshit I didn't notice this.

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I didnt say that, even if their hypocrisy and lies leave a bad taste in my mouth, i still watch them. I dont hate them or anything, im just seeking answers here.
Also why would "Pekora" of all people try to do something that would harm her reputation, or even care about someone else from a different company, whos just good at Apex (when she rarely cares about whats going with most Holo members, and focuses on numberfagging on the daily basis, without giving a damn about the world and its surroundings)
If she was "salty" about people being way too good at games, and being better than her in something that isnt her shtick, she wouldve targeted the homos, because theyre males and she hates males like some of you claim here lol

>> No.5815094

Polka already did with that other Polka. Aki is doing a 3D with this dude right now. Sora, Azki and Mel does. Azki has a whole seasonal show for that. And collabs aren't about trying to savoirfag small indies. It's about interacting with people that they built some sort of relationship. Most of them are so busy that they can't even collab with each other as it is on a regular day. They schedule shit like a week or a month in advance. The only ones that do usually play the same shit like that MC festival

>> No.5815290

That video was uploaded 2018 "Pekora" wasn't even a thing then. She wasn't the top of an wannabe Idol company, no reputation to hurt just some random gamer girl.

>> No.5815468

But talents like Pekora crying on a members stream clearly distressed over her project getting denied followed by saying management takes a big cut of superchats seems like an NDA full of alot of holes. What she said paints management and the company in a really bad light no matter how much she tried to "skirt" around being direct and she's one of their most popular talents too. Again, the NDA doesn't seem all that effective if talents can say that much about a given situation.

>> No.5815472

And Chihiro wasnt an Apex Addict (dont watch Nijis but when i checked her archives, chick seemed like she was a normal streamer who does various diff streams)

>> No.5815589

Holy damn this went from playing pubg with a litteral who to jun shitpost real quick

>> No.5815618

Come on anon, Ponpoko 24 is huge yearly event.
You can't even call it a collab, let alone compared it to stuff like MaiSuba or Oozora family.

>> No.5815676

>attractive design
>scissor hands

>> No.5815709
File: 2.53 MB, 1710x1710, 1613769576876.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol. Lmao.

>> No.5815742

That is not NDA. NDA is for releasing company held information. Her expressing her emotions is exactly that. They can say that they are disappointed and they have done so many times in the past. Pekora and Coco are the recent ones. Heck, Gen5 shared their disappointments about their own managers as well.

>> No.5815790

Noel has huge tits in Japan which basically means she's molest on sight for the average salaryman, hence her disliking men in general. Rushia is just a shut-in, who is uncomfortable talking to anyone, not specifically men.

>> No.5815843

Reading comprehension anon. The dude is using that as an example of Subaru not having problems interacting with men. She even acknowledged that wrestler. He is also highlighting the fact most Hologirls are treated differently now in the industry. They are the big shots now so collabing with them can draw ire if not handled well. They can be tagged as leeches.

>> No.5816008

>Rushia is just a shut-in
That was everyone's impression but Noel once remarked she was surprised that during 3rd gen's offcollab she met Rushia irl for the first time and she's surprisingly normal and cheerful, unlike the completely introverted wreck that is Pekora.
I personally would take anything coming out from Rushia's mouth about her "real" feelings with a grain of salt, she's not the biggest GFE monster in the entire Hololive and world's top superchat mogger for nothing.

>> No.5816099

Nobody but weebs know him. And Niji weebs to be exact. You won't find random streams where chat will go "Kuzuha" when a vampire is referenced, in the same way you see/hear "peko" when a rabbit is referenced.

>> No.5816141

Pekora has close relationship with Jun, and the Vtuber who got harassment from his fan is happen to be a Vtuber from rival company, just connect the dots together and you can see it's Cover who used Pekora's conection to slander the rival company, it isn't the first time they did this, there was a Cover's payshill journalist incident before

>> No.5816170

what can i say
girls like yaoi hands
can't complain as an owner of a pair of them bad boys

>> No.5816181

Rushia is normal towards girls. Not so much with dudes. She thinks she can dominate the women.

>> No.5816219

how dare you
pekora is a chad among men
doesn't give a FUCK

>> No.5816260

so his current numbers are from his own fanbase only and not including randoms? damn

>> No.5816269

They can have orgy parties with bald old men behind the scene and you will probadly don't know about it lol.

>> No.5816344
File: 10 KB, 127x111, 1622954073679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He is the most popular vtuber in Japan. Peko is nothing compared to him there. Her fanbase are 12 year old SEAniggers.

>> No.5816384

>He is the most popular vtuber in Japan
No one gives a shit about Japan, vtubing is a global market now and the ENs are absolutely dominating.

>> No.5816430

Isn't kuzuha a conmon name in JP?

>> No.5816460

You guys still believe pekojun is a thing huh.
I wonder how many newfags fall for this shit.

>> No.5816545

But OP is using PewDiePie as an example. So, which is it? Are we focusing on Japan or talking global? Because if we talk global, nobody knows who Kuzuha is.
And I'm not sure what that pic is supposed to show. All I'm saying is there isn't always a correlation between numbers and cultural influence (e-celebrity status). There are streams that rack in 100k viewers and seemingly nobody knows where they came from.

>> No.5816603

Sure. The most super chatted girl that streams everyday for hours on end is having an orgy right now. Sure thing buddy.

>> No.5816632

This just makes it sound like Pekora's fans are fucking retards who shit up the chat for no reason. Do her fans really go to random streams to do that?

>> No.5816656

Call me when Gura makes appearances in mainstream media and gets her face featured in ads of megacorporations. Japan is still the most important market because they're the only ones who treat vtubing seriously.
That's youtube search, not Google search.

>> No.5816704

Pekora and Rushia don't even stream that much. They have a lot of free time.

>> No.5816721

>Call me when Gura makes appearances in mainstream media and gets her face featured in ads of megacorporations
It will happen for her long before it does for Kuzuha lmao

>> No.5816728
File: 858 KB, 1003x1080, 1624874288753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take your meds anon, i was critisizing the stuff some of the girls were doing with no ill intended, but you just went full retard with your rrats here.

>> No.5816738

Sure thing.

>> No.5816781

this is anecdotal evidence based on my personal experience but i haven't really seen people bring up vtubers unprompted in unrelated discussions. i've seen people with vtuber icons or usernames (usually hololive) in unrelated comment sections though, but that's really it.
in comparison, kpop fans are fucking everywhere and all it takes is for someone to notice the faggot in someone's icon for all hell to break loose. OMG!!! IS THAT A BTS MEMBER??? YOU LIKE KPOP??? [comments are derailed]
vtuber fans are close to, but not at that level yet.

>> No.5816818

>makes appearances in mainstream media and gets her face featured in ads of megacorporations
This only happened for Kizuna Ai because vtubing was a new and novel thing back then. She got a buff for being the first one. The novelty is over now, there are tens of thousands of vtubers.

>> No.5816845

bro, he is addicted to apex syndrome, pewdiepie has other video content beside gaming.
How did you even manage to pewdiepie as a example of e-celeb stats to him... you can do better than that.

>> No.5816936

Cover hired payshill journalist to slander niji and Kizuna is true thing so it's not far fetched

>> No.5816943

>has stated multiple times apex isn't as fun as it was before
>still won't stop coming back to the game
tokyoghoul-chama... he really is addicted...

>> No.5816973

wow, idolfaggotry is cancer and mental illness, who would know

>> No.5816977

source or rrat

>> No.5816981

>ESL thinks we care about his schizo rrats
Learn english you shitholer

>> No.5816984


>> No.5817031
File: 558 KB, 220x254, 1624895978093.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5817063

Yes you are, kek
Imagine thinking your less than 1million subs male with no particular talents is going to somehow overtake the girl about to become the biggest vtuber when her growth is still accelerating and her music career is literally JUST getting started. She hasn't even gotten 3D yet. You haven't even seen Gura's popularity truly begin to climb, it's still in the early stages.

>> No.5817149
File: 497 KB, 494x569, 1624637280750.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>By your logic :
The Overly Hardcore Nijishitters who constantly shitted on, doxxed, smeared, harassed and sent death threats to Aloe on a daily basis (i still wish for those faggots to die everyday in the worst way possible, and if i ever encountered one i'd kill him with my own hands) which made her retire, were also hired by Anikara right ?

>> No.5817173

This is on Twitch, and on weeb-friendly streams, and these aren't nousagi. It's random EOP weebs. But that's what it means to be an e-celeb like PewDiePie, right? Random people just start throwing out your catchphrases. Pekora is further along that path than Kuzuha.

>> No.5817185
File: 160 KB, 707x1000, 1605231933605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based post. Aloe love.

>> No.5817209

disclaimer that i agree she has way more viral/mainstream potential and will continue to grow exponentially.

but what talents does gura have? yes she sings but kaneki can also shit out songs every now and then, and so far neither of them have sung anything that required much technique or skill.

>> No.5817287
File: 355 KB, 640x558, b0b86962d21b6d411c238a4bb693e500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh wait..........Wasnt the way Anikara reacted way too sus ? They immediately put a new policy, few days after her graduation......

Almost like it was a planned thing right from the getgo.........hmmm my rrat senses are trembling

>> No.5817308

holoshill bad mouth Siro
bad mouth Ai-chang
bad mouth Lunafam
>The Overly Hardcore Nijishitters who constantly shitted on, doxxed, smeared, harassed and sent death threats to Aloe on a daily basis (i still wish for those faggots to die everyday in the worst way possible, and if i ever encountered one i'd kill him with my own hands) which made her retire, were also hired by Anikara right ?
Find a better rrat, holobronies

>> No.5817387

He doesn't speak English, so no. He could theoretically get more popular in Japan but his numbers are already well down from their peak months ago, and he basically just plays Apex, so I don't see him suddenly getting more popular for no particular reason.

>> No.5817395
File: 144 KB, 1920x1080, 1551886012368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i agree
he doesn't have Kizuna's age or Gura's subs, but he's got views like fucking mad.

if you ask me, views are a more accurate measure of impact than how many accounts link to yours.

>> No.5817484

There's a lot of Minecraft streamers that get absolutely massive numbers that everyone here would say "who"? if they were listed. Views don't necessarily translate into wider cultural awareness.

>> No.5817516
File: 546 KB, 1536x2048, 143595681_746386272683246_679639679987427808_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can Gura get her face printed on the labels of common food items? It's only a matter of time before Kuzuha starts appearing all over mainstream media. Mito already did.

Newfag. Multiple vtubers already did, not just Kizuna. The only ones who have no chance of that happening are the Western ones.

>> No.5817571

>and so far neither of them have sung anything that required much technique or skill




>The only ones who have no chance of that happening are the Western ones.
Kek. Yeah because COVID is going to last forever, right?

>> No.5817624

Meant to quote: >>5816818 as the second one

>> No.5817662
File: 227 KB, 732x769, Screenshot_126.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a 639 Followers Nobody, who has no ties to Cover like you claimed here, and who appears to compare out of boredom like the zoomer he is, vtubers, eceleb, youtubers, radio broadcast numbers.
Why are you such a lying fuck ? Try harder next time faggot.
Are all Nijifags coping mechanism this pathetic ? kek

>> No.5817736

>believing the rrats from Narukami who wasn't even old enough to post on the boards
oh no no no no... you're believing a deluded child

>> No.5817739

yes she has a beautiful voice and i also quite like Reflect, but skill wise not much is different from your average theatre kid.
that aside, were you making a link between gura's singing talent and her growth? or did you mention 'no particular talents' just to shit on TG and i'm reading too much into this?

thank you for the links by the way, i had not heard the Titanium cover before. nice one.

>> No.5817791

only newfags fall for this.

>> No.5817942

>damege control this hard when i showed source
kek, typical holobronies
go back to making rrat about niji and other rival companies

>> No.5817956
File: 1.02 MB, 2878x1763, 1620354529290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

schizo faggot you need help, here have some meds.

>> No.5817976

Ok, Holobrony. Show your source

>> No.5818025

>can't have an argument
>ad hominem
lol, holocope

>> No.5818055
File: 313 KB, 3066x1164, 1624580452168.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but skill wise not much is different from your average theatre kid
She's definitely better than average, but much more importantly, she has a very unique timbre, her voice is one of a kind. No one else can sound like her, even if they have better technique, and she's rapidly improving. Imagine her in another year or two. Gura could become a celebrity singer who fills stadiums. Being the first vtuber at that level of professional singing skill will absolutely blow her the fuck up in the mainstream when she gets some more music out.

>were you making a link between gura's singing talent and her growth?
I don't think it's coincidence that her growth is so insane compared to the rest of hololive while also being their standout #1 singing talent. She's cute and has a nice design and is great at making clippable memes so there's plenty going for her as a streamer but none of that is enough to justify her being so utterly and completely dominant. The thing that stands out most by far is her singing, it's clearly the main ingredient to her unparalleled success. Without that, even if she were still number one which I'm not sure would be the case, she wouldn't be ahead by such a crazy margin. The chart says everything. This doesn't happen to one girl by accident.

>> No.5818103

His Apex stream get the most views. His Smash streams or whatever he has to shill for that week are nothing in comparison. Whenever he ragequittes and changes to another game the viewers drop.

>> No.5818163
File: 127 KB, 245x237, Screenshot_129.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cover hired payshill journalist to slander niji and Kizuna is true thing so it's not far fetched
Are you mentally challenged ? So Cover is hiring that faggot to shit on that Hikakkin faggot and all the other faggots he takes jabs at everyday, to get that daily dose of 1-2 likes and retweets ? Whats next ? Youre gonna tell me that all 5ch schizos who make blogs are also considered journalists ?
Im quite worried anon, go outside and touch some grass onegai, im afraid at this rate you wont make it............

>> No.5818198

>She's definitely better than average, but much more importantly, she has a very unique timbre, her voice is one of a kind. No one else can sound like her, even if they have better technique, and she's rapidly improving. Imagine her in another year or two. Gura could become a celebrity singer who fills stadiums. Being the first vtuber at that level of professional singing skill will absolutely blow her the fuck up in the mainstream when she gets some more music out.
>this level of chumbud's jerk off

>> No.5818213

thanks for your input! sorry i made you type it all out. i'm definitely looking forward to gura's improvement as a singer and for more original songs (or even just properly mixed covers). i like how her voice sounds with the ukelele, it would be cute to see her eventual 3d model hold a little ukelele prop.

>> No.5818243

There's no need to cope so transparently anon, it's less embarrassing for you to just not reply and take the L.

>> No.5818253

Japan's the only place VTubing is mainstream; it's literally a fringe niche everywhere else and the "global market" only consists of a subset of the overseas weeb population. So yes, Japan's pretty much the only place that matters when it comes to this industry.

>> No.5818259

anon i don't think he picks games for how many viewers it gives him i think he just has autism and adhd and that's why his streams are the way they are.

>> No.5818318 [DELETED] 
File: 893 KB, 2878x1763, Schizo meds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you provide no argument schizo, so get shit on.

Here, have more meds, ogey?

>> No.5818357
File: 893 KB, 2878x1763, Schizo meds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


you provide no argument schizo, so get shit on.

Here, have more meds, ogey?

>> No.5818393

That's why the now biggest vtuber is EN, top 5 holos has 2 ENs, top 10 holos has 3 ENs, and EN is the first and only gen for all members to hit a million subscribers, right? Despite them also being one of the most recent? As well as the fact that Callie, Kiara and Gura make ridiculous money all combined, particularly if you take into account Gura's memberships. Vtubing is still niche in the western market because it's newer to the western market, it hasn't had the time to fully mature yet. That just means there's even more room for growth. You don't seem to understand how business works at all.

>> No.5818480

this level of seething kek

>> No.5818507

AI already did that but this board is full of EOP faggots who ignore her history.

>> No.5818619
File: 27 KB, 355x332, 5qzfm73zf0u61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whats with the gay posting lately ?
I fucking got this shit in recommended, after reading this absolute garbage thread


I blame you faggots for this

>> No.5818660

There are over 10 times more English speakers than Japanese speakers in the world and Japs subscribe and like videos at a lower rate than Westerners do. Kuzuha is bigger than you think, don't let his sub-1m subcount fool you.

>> No.5818753
File: 594 KB, 1002x873, 1612891775943.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's a meme that Kuzuha is a small streamer, people in the west don't know a lot about Nijisanji.

>> No.5818884

But Kuzuha already appear on TV, on the New year eve even

>> No.5818927

Jpop is the second biggest revenue eventhough they only popular in the home country and Kpop is more popular in international market
The purchasing power of the market is all that matter, you can be more popular with SEAniggers, spicniggers and western otaku but money is all of that matter, and Japan is the biggest market for anime and aanything nime related

>> No.5819025
File: 335 KB, 463x453, 1624443696530.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

okay wtf im gay now

>> No.5819064

AI is actually a Celeb tier, not just E-Celeb since she's spend more on TV and Live event more than in YT until recently.

>> No.5819114

Gura is one time hit. She was a phenomenon by the time she debuted, but now she's even less popular than say, Pekora or the guy in the OP. No I'm not talking about subscribers numbers.

>> No.5819280

you know he may not be THE biggest chuuba (that would definitely be gura or pekopeko) but it's pretty interesting that he's sometimes able to compete with chuubas double his subcount, all on top of being male in a female dominated industry. i wouldn't put him at eceleb status however, he has amazing connections but i don't think he's really broken past the vtuber/streamer niche.
what does it take for there to be a "second" kuzuha channel? some of his male colleagues are also successful but how can they be at his level?

>> No.5819347

I don't think it's weird, I just think that Japanese subscribers are more engaged than ESL and EOP ones.
The former will sub to people they actually watch while the latter will sub to literally anyone and forget about it.

>> No.5819504

Here's the nousagi cope. Of course subscriber count isn't everything but you're delusional if you think there's any vtuber that's more popular than Gura.

>> No.5819543

If you leave holo and any Vtuber with big EOP fanbase, you can see the market cap of Japan, even Kato Junichi who language above holos only have 800k+ subs, Kizuna, holos and holo adjective like Uto, Ui, Nabi all have inflated subs count

>> No.5819593

sorry i don't 100% understand: you mean that those chuuba you listed have subs who don't tune in to their streams?

>> No.5819751

Imagine Kuzuha being featured in something like Virtual-san

>> No.5819794

Ran has 120k subs but streams for 150-170 viewers. Kuzuha doesn't have 1M subs but the people who sub to him actually watch him.

>> No.5820102

The Japanese also don't comment or press like. I don't know what's up with that.

>> No.5820170

Ran is a very poor example. She gets low views even by Animare standards.

>> No.5820341

Ran got a boost in subs from Kuzuha's fanbase but most probably didn't stick around.

>> No.5820539

Room for growth in an established weeb population, which means there's an existing hard cap for how big VTubing can get in the Western market. J-pop, anime, vocaloids, and other Japanese pop culture stuff also have global markets, but none of them (save for something like Pokemon) have achieved mainstream appeal in Western markets in the same way that it has in Japan.

>> No.5820601

Celebrity? He isn't even the #1 male vruber in the world much less vtuber in general. Bahroo mogs him.

>> No.5820883

>less followers
>less average live viewers
At least say Sodapoppin if you want to shitpost retard. Soda also beats Gura's numbers.

>> No.5821896

Was voted one of the most handsome people in the world in 2020 beating out even korean shit like BTS

>> No.5822024

so holofans are really just new bronies...

>> No.5822100 [DELETED] 

He had that twtich toxicity when he was on there with another group who eventually kicked him out for his antics

>> No.5822162 [DELETED] 

>eventually kicked out for his antics
source or rrat

>> No.5822220


saw the numberfag thread today.
Nijis relevancy on youtube hinges on one streamer.
imagine what happens if something happens to this guy of he decides to quit. niji will be a third rate company over night.

>> No.5822265

What is a second rate company then?

>> No.5822294


>> No.5822328


>> No.5822335

why would he quit? he just wants to play the same 2-3 games aimlessly, and he's allowed to do that as much as he pleases right now. unless some severe conflict is happening behind the scenes he's here to stay. like i'm not trying to jinx anything, i just don't see a reason for him to quit.

>> No.5822338 [DELETED] 

He got kicked from an esports team pentagram because of his remarks


>> No.5822368

ok based

>> No.5822468

Oh men, imagine nijiEN somehow gets a xqc tier male for their male branch, this board will be literally shitshow everyday with numberfag postting

>> No.5822507

How does it even work?

>> No.5822566
File: 94 KB, 227x222, 1624392015187.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a fucking prick lmao.

No wonder, his fans are just like him, fuckers harassed Matuli on the Sibuya Hal Tournament, and made her cry when her team took him out a few couple of times.


>> No.5822580
File: 15 KB, 830x236, bahaharoo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bahroo is the scum of twitch. Like he didn't buy bots at least say Sodapopin.

>> No.5822655
File: 16 KB, 300x168, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lmao so Kuzuha is the JP equivalent of Ninja.

Got it.


>> No.5823404
File: 254 KB, 456x488, 1622424275172.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LOL did that anon just delete his own replies, or did he get simply banned.

He simply posted Kuzuha shit talking people in a nanchara kanchara Esport thingy, which got him removed from the program for calling them old men and saying shitty arrogant remarks to them.

Jannies r u okay ? That wasnt even agaisnt the rules, are they perhaps Kuzuha shills ?

>> No.5823750

Wasn't it his rl streaming persona?

>> No.5823767

If you do go and kill someone, do us all a favor and tell the world that you did it for Mano Aloe.

>> No.5823799

No, it was from an account of someone who follows Apex stuff, and that tweet only had a voice and a wallpaper in it, no dox shit.

>> No.5823842

a video with a voice and wallpaper*

>> No.5823858

>at least one janny is kachiku

>> No.5824066


>> No.5824089

It’s from his previous life.

>> No.5824107

explain why >>5803138 hasn't been deleted yet then

>> No.5824150

Did you report it?

>> No.5824417
File: 12 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thats Mikos current Hololive identity, the fuck are you on about ?

She was collabing with male nijis left and right like Subaru and Matsuri untill December 2019.

Are you perhaps a Miko butthurt UnicornFag ?

>> No.5824443

i see, didnt know that

>> No.5824589

the video, retard

>> No.5825354

Noel told a story once of her kendo days where a boy started poking her tits with his bokken so she struck him full force in the face with hers.
And she used to be quite fat, >60kg at 5ft by the end of HS kinda fat, in japan, that aint gonna be a fun time.
That and her father cheated on her mother twice, so yeah, not good with men is an understatement.

>> No.5825711

This was before she got molested by her male managers at Cover.

>> No.5828365

There is a doxing thread that stay up for half a day now >>5809517
Is jannies nijianti?

>> No.5828472

Just make a lagcapa thread with some Holo. I guess it's allowed now.

>> No.5832541

And Biden got more votes than Obama.

>> No.5832661

all ugly

>> No.5835654

>Gura is one time hit
Lol, her popularity growth is ACCELERATING. Pekora is not bigger, if you're going off the live viewcounts those are known to be bugged for the EN streamers due to youtubes retarded filter not realizing they aren't actually in Japan. When the recent Festival stream ended Gura had twice as many views and likes as Pekora's stream despite the live counts showing her behind.

>> No.5838153

Nousagi's are just telling on themselves when they try to numberfag...

>> No.5839031

Even Narukami didn't think it was nijifags that harassed Aloe.

>> No.5840753

Rubbing shoulders with other popular streamers

Anon… Don’t do this.

>> No.5841894

You mean just like Coco leaving Hololive?

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