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Lily is live!

Will you watch her?

She is a frog!

Isn't that poggers?

twitch @ lilyhops

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how does she manage to simulate the voice of a 12yo?

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>Will you watch her?
Does she stream eroge?

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Its a guy

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>4 posters

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Lily is playing STALKER, and that is pog!

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Im not a pedo so no

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even better

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Too busy watching comfy stalker stream

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The character is female

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I'm one and this creature freaks me out, it really sounds like a 6 yo boy streaming and it's not cute nor funny

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she is creepy and weird

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Just out of curiosity, who do you enjoy watching?

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I thought that too at first, you just gotta watch her more

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Isn't that a plus for you, the fuck

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post your 5 fav cuncuntubers

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wait, did he finaly came out as trans?

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Why is this little girl playing a game that's so much older than she is

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she likes them older

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Pika and Pomu. You might find it weird but I don’t fap to my oshii not the fan art
Real kids suck, I only like the fantasy of small body w/adult lust
Again I don’t mix my fetish with my chuubas, I checked out Gato Bebe but didn’t hook me

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Pika is Lily's target demographic.

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They should collab, both naked of course

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Not trans, somebody has been spamming confirmed-fake info lately. Weird how angry Lily's existence makes them.

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She was probably a kid when it came out, based on her other taste.

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>Not trans
sure buddy

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Make it a three way collab, create a vortex of grooming.

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>confirmed-fake info
how the fuck is it confirmed? you haven't posted any evidence of it being fake
>just trust me bruh, she's a girl
that minecraft name change log that was posted few days ago is pretty convincing

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you are a retard

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>how the fuck is it confirmed? you haven't posted any evidence of it being fake

The information is confirmed fake because Lily has, on *multiple* occasions, stated that she's a girl. Pretty simple, and I'd think she can look down and find out her gender for herself. Unless you claim to have access yourself, at least. Heh.

>that minecraft name change log that was posted few days ago is pretty convincing

Confirmed fake and edited by a malicious anti on multiple occasions.

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>stated that she's a girl
you can't be this retarded, can you?
>Confirmed fake and edited by a malicious anti on multiple occasions.
literaly go to the site and check it yourself

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>literaly go to the site and check it yourself

Come on, man. You Lily antis aren't even trying anymore.

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Holy shit, I didn't know Lily was this based

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nice inspect element, faggot
i gave you the link with the info, it's up to you for how long you will deny it

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Reminder that deadnaming or bringing up the "real" age and gender of a vtuber is considered doxxing.

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fuck off lily and stop shilling yourself here

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>bringing up gender is considered doxxing

oh look, they've narrowed it down from 7.6 billion people to 3.8 billion people

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I think your acknowledgement here nicely brings this conversation to a close, as you've made my point better than I could. I hope you find peace -- Lily will always welcome you with arms wide-open.

Back to our regularly scheduled Pog Frog! *hops*


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>Gaysex Homonigger
Holy granddaddy of based

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i gave you the link, not inspect element faggotry

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Lily's silly willy.

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oh no no no

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Imagine sitting and reading stories like this with Lily. Which kinds of doujins would get her flustered?

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Do you think she'll get any silly ideas and fuck me in the ass?

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Only if you're a nice big brother and bring her some ice cream from the store

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You think I'd come back from work to Lily empty handed? She's getting ice cream and snacks daily.

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I’d stick my dick in his ass very pog

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When is this little pickle tickler gonna play onirism? It has frogs. That's her gimmick, isn't it?

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I don't know if I'd call liking frogs a gimmick

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>wears a t-shirt with a frog on it
It's a gimmick

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she needs to learn how to talk
half of what she says is impossible to understand it's so unclear

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I understand it just fine. I'm a little girl though so maybe we just speak the same language.

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Based big brother, I'm sure she'd absolutely ream you if you asked nicely.

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She talks just like a child and that's what makes her pog!

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mom said it's my turn to frick!

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Omorashi, all_the_way_through.

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Yeah I don't think Lily threads will recover from this. Just give up, having threads on here is a bad idea anyway.

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Recover from what? This is how every thread goes.

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Yeah and I have no idea why you fags insist making threads in this shithole. It's like you want something bad to eventually happen to her.

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Just say you don't like there being Lily threads if that's what you mean.

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You're retarded. Please think for 2 seconds.

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>It's like you want something bad to eventually happen to her.
first of all obligatory
nothing bad is gonna happen to him, relax
all the doxxing shit happened because of a few delusional speds who couldn't accept
having a dick

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This picture of Lily streaming is very cute.

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I personally want to do something bad to her, but I don't see how having threads here will lead to actualization of that without FBI assistance as with every mass or targeted violent or terrorist event in the past two decades.

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>Lily threads will never recover from this, stop making them
>ok what I said was not true, but still stop making them
>what do you mean I should just say stop making them, that's not what I meant at all
Please think for more than 2 seconds, evidently that's not enough for you.

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Good luck, I'll be sad if she graduates in the next 6 months because you kept baiting doxxers until it spilled to her.

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See? It's not that hard to say what you really mean.
And cheer up anon, that won't happen because I don't bait doxxers. However, I'd worry about the you baiting them with your lies that what they're doing is working.

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Don't say I didn't warn you.

>> No.5758314

You didn't.
You told lies in hopes that people would stop making threads.
That's not the same as warning against making threads.
For the record I agree with you in that there shouldn't be threads here, and I've contemplated starting a chan just for Lily that could moderate the doxxers out. What I don't agree with is that pretending to be mentally retarded is the solution to the problem.

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You're that same malicious retard from the Mocca threads, posting dumb shit and then trying to bait people into not making threads. Go fuck yourself you dumb cunt

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This frog is too heckin' cute.

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I love this frog!

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Even if that were true I wonder if you realize the irony in what you said.

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We had a few good ones recently before retards here started feeding (you)s again despite being repeatedly told to shut the fuck up.

>> No.5760359

He's also baiting for (you)s just tell him to fuck off

>> No.5760360

They're a troll too, just taking a different angle.

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lmao these fucking retards over here having a slap fight and I'm just wondering what lily's cunny tastes like.

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Like a slightly overripe strawberry is my guess, sweet and squishy

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What would you do if you were on a date with Lily taking a walk through the park, and you saw her shoot her tongue out to catch and eat a particularly fat and juicy fly?

>> No.5761611

Ask her to lick me like that

>> No.5761738

Make a mental note to try tongue kissing her later, imagine how it must feel to have someone actually stick their tongue down your throat

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Milk tea

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Strawberry lemonade.

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