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>Hololive logo
>a blue arrow that signifies a "play" button, simple and neat but distinct enough to be recognizable
>Nijisanji logo
>a fucking rainbow barfing pacman

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How bored are you exactly that you're trying to start shit over logos of all things?

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The rainbow will probably be gone in 4 days.

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>Cover corp
>can't cover their talents from abuse
>graduate them after it

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The rainbow symbolizes that Niji is for faggots

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What Cover meant is a cover for Yakuza business of course.

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This logo is actually pretty based with the amount of symbolism in it for how simple it is. Thanks for offering the opportunity for closer inspection, OP.

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>the amount of symbolism
that the gays are just foder for Niji?

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I fucking LOVE rainbow barfing pacman

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You got it wrong, OP-kun.
The pacman isn't barfing the rainbow, but consuming it. The eye of the pacman is fixated on said rainbow too. Now that it is pretty much verified that a good chunk of Nijisanji livers belong to the LGBT community, it is symbolic that the company is using said community as sustenance, consuming them to survive by putting them inside them.
It is actually a really sweet metaphor on how Nijisanji is just like the gay community;
constantly sucking dick

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As expected from a company employing Kuzuha The Tolerant.

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2 deep 4 me.

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>Anycolor can't fix their bullied liver.
>can't pay well.

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The day he realized his company gay

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My personnal rrat but Niji could mean rainbow in another over complicated language and that's why it would be in the logo

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>amount of symbolism in it
>quantity over quality
This is why they're inferior to Hololive talents because they lack soul.

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Niji literally means rainbow in Japanese

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Yeah just like he said

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This but with Hololive

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Nah they're pretty soulful. That's why they don't make money, just like other artists/content creators with SOUL

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Stop denying it nijinigger. Kuzuha literally said the logo was lame as fuck. And with Ichikara rebranding into Enikara. Niji will follow suit.

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anon... you didn't even try to make an any color joke, come on this isn't amateur hour.

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>a fucking rainbow barfing pacman
I can't unsee this siht

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I thought nijisanji is a literallywhat but why is it living rent free in holofags minds?

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Who asked lol

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Because nijis the only actual competition holo could face if they keep fucking up, eventually.
The fact holo is still going despite how fucked they are is a testament to the amount of luck and brand power they have. But I doubt that will last forever since eventually people wise up to the shitiness of the top dog.

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>eventually people wise up to the shitiness of the top dog.
I'd wish this was always true

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Yeah, its also not helped people forget or don't apply it to the new top dog when the position changes.
They did it for microsoft and then sony and then microsoft and then sony again, people forget quickly after the tide shifts.

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Boring, i already seen you post this cherry picked images everywhere in this board nigger. Be more creative.

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nijinigger cope

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You will be watching the 2 troons to support niji EN right?

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You're that one nijinigger that yawns all the time. Get some sleep.

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Zen is at least funny sometimes.
Fartemis is so boring and easy to miss that I forget she exists sometimes.

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Your NTR doujin man Soratomo is alright, but how about pic related?

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What a disgusting company...

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Hell no

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>Anycolor can't fix their bullied liver
But he enjoys the bullying

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Nijisanji SOUL

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Your mom kindly asked me before blowing my very large cock. Your welcome anonchama.

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Niji said LGB/vt/ rights.

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In case anyone was actually wondering what the Logo is:
Niji can mean rainbow
Sanji can mean 3:00
So it's a rainbow combined with a clock showing 3:00, that's where the basic shape comes from.
(the actual origin of the name is basically "2D 3D" but fans use rainbow and 3 o'clock emoji pretty often.)

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It was always there Anonchama..........

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Either a fairly smart joke or you need yo get your eyes checked.

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>nijifaggots are not as bad as homolive
>BLM expo

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i was scrolling down the thread and saw this post and wow dude youre butthurt

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So did holomyth, and vshoujo. That's what you get for expanding your business to US of A.

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That couldn't have been my mom because no one asked, and women don't talk to you lol

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ok Nijinigger friend, you get a pass this time

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Sora's chad wins by a long shot. Your "chad" has an ugly goblin face that no amount of lifting will fix. Also, he is dressed like a gay male stripper.

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wait >>5730244
>he is dressed like a gay male stripper
okay never mind

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Mito's chad would beat your ass up for such gay opinion anon

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>bullied by chink

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Hololive viewers are PURE!
Nijisanji viewers are SLUTS!

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never said that but ogey

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Also most of Rushia's viewers are love-deprived middle aged salarymen

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And that's why Rushia is the most superchatted girl in existence only behind Mighty Coco. While Hoshikawa over here is overshadowed by her better niji colleagues who make more bank than she ever will. Sluts really never win in life huh, shame.

Girlfriend experience>>Slutkawa

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How fucking new?

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Astonishingly based. Idolchads never lose.

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Am I a mirror or something. Projecting your delicate fragile feelings on a random is very unsightly anonchama.

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No offense to Niji, i only watch Holos but nowaday i stay away from any member who does GFE, that shit filters me so much.
I miss the days when Holo members were out of control and doing whatever the fuck they wanted, without needing to be family friendly and trying to appease idolbutas/Unicornfags, now theyre restricted asf and it seems theres some sort of Disneyfication going on with how Cover is marketing stuff........

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Very retarded response. I expected better.

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sluts are based, they filter girlfriendless kimo ota

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>the tanned dyed hair buff rape doujin protag actually exists

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He exists and he WILL fuck sora.

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Delta provides unparalleled girlfriend experiences. Unmatched in every single way. She was the key that unlocked my very latent saviourfag capabilities. I saved her. She's my girlfriend now.

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Why only watch Holos then? Lack of time? Because it sounds like you'd be happier if you tried out more indies or smaller company chuubas.

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Watching Indies is like watching third rate garbage bin level chuubas. The only people who watch indies are Groomers and Saviorfags.

>> No.5733477

Were holos third rate garbage bin level before joining Hololive? What makes them better now? Yagoo's dick in their pussy?

>> No.5733517

>Pajama check vs standard fashion check
Looking slutty in your night gown is normal.

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Lack of time yep.
And i dont want to get attached to any indie chuubas, because im afraid theyll graduate faster than corpo ones thats why........

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NTR doujin man is way hotter.

>> No.5734298

lol, thanks for the free chuckle anon

>> No.5734478

Unironically, abso-fucking-lutely. Being corpo means you have the seal of approval that says you're decent and you don't suck. If (You) disagree with this statement, that means (You)'re an indie (You)rself.

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pacman is voring the rainbow, not barfing it

which is symbolic of how only gays watch niji

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I have made this communication as short as I can, assuming you might not be knowledgeable on these terms but you must change these circumstances with haste.

>Kiryu Coco’s graduation stream is almost over.
>Generation 4 of Hololive’s Idols come out onto the stage and they all sing an original song they have been working on together in 3d
>As the song ends the group tearfully says their goodbyes to Coco and walk off stage
>Coco stands alone on the stage and begins talking about how grateful she is to her fans and the community.
>She suddenly starts speaking in a more natural tone of voice and explains the reasoning behind her retirement.
>The livestream starts stuttering and it turns off
>It it thought by some that covercorp has shut the stream down, and by others that chinese “anti-fans” shut down the stream.
>The 300k+ live viewers are outraged, they begin protesting on websites such as twitter, 4channel and the Japanese equivalent 2chan. they demand Coco be given a platform to properly say goodbye to her fans.
>Amane Kanata, Who is part of Kiryu Coco’s debut generation, as well as being her roommate, threatens to leave hololive on her twitter if the stream does not come back online.
>suddenly the stream goes back online and Kson ( Kiryu Coco’s “Roommate”) is wearing a complete kiryu coco outfit and there is a giant taiwanese flag hung up on the wall.
>The real kiryu coco walks offscreen to turn on a projector using the taiwanese flag as a display.
>it is a video of Tanigo Motoaki the CEO of covercorp.
>“I have become fed up, by the pressure put onto my idols by the dirty chinese bugs, cover corp has decided to fully cut off all of its connections to china, thank you.”
>A schizophrenic chinese man named Yuan Huizhong, finds where the “holohouse” is and murders kiryu coco and amane kanata .
>Some then find where tanigo motoaki lives and murder him as well.
>hololive is completely shutdown, only Usada Pekora has continued to stream by using a bootleg software where her character live2d has blanatanly been rigged poorly, possibly by herself.
She is the main reason this message can be delivered to you all now, this is the first major conflict that has begun after the invention of the internet, so I can give you this message using “hindsiight”. This unending conflict has given rise to grand technologies but I am yet unsure whether or not we will have access to them in a time of peace.
>Chinese anti-fans threaten the ceo of nijisanji riku tazumi, telling him to graduate any nijisanji streamer that has ever collabed with any hololive member
>riku tazumi refuses and is subsequently murdered in his own home 2 months later.
>The japanese media and government take this as a threat against their lives and tensions between the two countries rise.
>Akai Haato, real name unknown, was a streamer and content creator for cover corp.
>her being indirectly responsible for Kiryu Coco's graduation took a heavy toll on her mental health, this was only compounded by the isolation from her family she faced while studying abroad, as well as the bullying and dangerous bugs she must have dealed with frequently
In australia.
>bugs, the reason an idol vtuber would eat bugs on stream, to satiate a desire for revenge, for comeuppance against an unfeeling bug, an unfeeling family, an unfeeling country.
>Akai Haato went on indefinite hiatus after Kiryu Coco announced her graduation.
>it is believed she lived in mainland china in a dirty hut, begging and eating livestock to survive
>her only valuable possession was a small, barely functioning crt tv, where she most likely watched chinese news stations.
>a Chinese politician claimed that this annihilation of Virtual youtubers was only beneficial to society and that extended exposure to Vtubers would cause Autism and prodigal behaviours in the viewer.
>Chinese scientists deem this to be true.
>shortly after the broadcast announcing Kiryu Coco’s death came to chinese news stations, it is thought Akai Haato slowly made her way to Zhongnahai by foot.
>her youthful, unthreatening appearance, most likely allowed her to be able to get past police officers and city guards.
>during a conference regarding the rising tensions between Japan and China, Akai Haato seemingly waited for the president of the peoples republic of china, Xi Jinping to mention a character she played in her livestreams known as “Haachama”.
>After the mentioning of this character, Haato proceeded to pull out a kitchen knife and mutter an indiscernible sentence, that sounded like a mix of japanese and australian english before stabbing The former president in the Neck. Akai Haato is shot and killed on scene and Xi Jinping dies on his way to hospital.
>This starts World War 3.

You must find some way to intervene. Keep questions brisk our time is dwindling.

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you fucks realize 'Niji' is Japanese for Rainbow right?

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It's always there unlike most corporations

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>anyone on this board
>knowing japanese

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>a fucking rainbow barfing pacman
It looks more like a chain chomp with no teeth

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Very retarded response. I expected better.

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>anikara logo

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>he doesn't know
2016 tourist love em !

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I like that Nijisanji actually has the balls to do stuff like this

>> No.5751845

Don't care about the tranny but I would fuck the shit out of the redhead

>> No.5752177

Hes not a tranny, he's just eccentric.

>> No.5752639

So nijifaggot is not an insult then?

>> No.5752667

Upload the Emma August one
t. Natsuiro Matsuri

>> No.5752726

Nijisanji es de la grasa papu

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Okama, not tranny

>> No.5752928

>Saturn eating his gay son.paint

>> No.5754286

adding -fag at the end of something has never been an insult on this site lol

>> No.5756498

>Hololive Logo literally just blue YouTube

Innovative. No ones ever thought of it.

>> No.5756585

you probably don't know but rainbows existed since forever and those are their colors. too bad the faggots and troons ruined it.

>> No.5763447

I'm the CEO of Nijisanji, well done decoding it anon.

>> No.5763471

Luna and Rainbow Dash

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>pansexual flag

>> No.5767821

Exercised restraint against Dola knowing he wouldn't stand a chance.

>> No.5772735

The wink gets me every time

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Why is Nijisanji full of bullies?

>> No.5775935

even the lolis are bulling each other, black company ain't even enough to describe them

>> No.5780107

>Faggot is an insult now
Are you new to this website, newfag? Lurk for 1 year before posting.

>> No.5780160

Looks like typical sitcom, physical pain = funny.

>> No.5780550

I've already told you I'm not intervening

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