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Thread for discussion and content creation of the first vtuber Annoying Orange and related media thereof.

Previous thread: >>5601190

Latest video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fQPX00j658M

Thread Theme (Photon/Futaba/Yotsuba): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UxpEDTBrrU4

Question of the Thread: What OC have you been working on this week?

Fruit Basket: https://mega.nz/folder/RfIiBLjT#6l8soWvkaB9aj-PiA3wqRw

Heads up in the thread for:
>Project /OAG/
>Pear Sex Commissions
>OAG fanfics
>Hungry Games
>GET hunting

OAG Eternal

Orange Annoying General
Onnoying Arange General
Annoying Orange General

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Wee need a Fred™ Vtuber.

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He wouldn’t make the CUT, NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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He got knifed

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Orangebros, I keep losing parts of project /oag/ to windows update...

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have you tried not updating your (((windows)))

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I leave my computer idle for an hour and the windowsjew restarts my computer without my knowledge.

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Do you let the update complete? Does it even complete? Your machine might be fucked. did you install gentoo?

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How many did pear kill?

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65+ probably more

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not vtubing, please leave

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Orangefags? Are you feeling ogey?

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Officially not on topic. Delete your thread.

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Yep. We are annoying.

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these threads just aren't as popular as they were before

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Annoying orange isn't a vtuber

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I feel so sorry for you bros.

*Pity Reply*

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Question remains if mods will enforce this or not

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(You) look annoyed

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A friendly reminder
(g)rapefruit is a tranny rapist

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Comfy thread

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o-orange chads??

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Still here and still drawing.

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W-Why is marshmallow's pubic area never in view?

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Holy kino. I don't know why people say he's bad

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annoying orange ntr when?

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Passionfruit, the eternal whore, already NTR'd orange.

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On the off chance the mods actually plan on driving us out, where do you suggest we go? /co/? /ck/? Just keep the general on the DL?

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>listening to the opinions of a whore
I'd still post here out of spite

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So I wont get banned. You can see it in the link.

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His fault for not opening up to her for 5+ years. Not that I side with passion but I’m not siding with Orange either on this one

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>ywn fug marshmallow

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Hello my Orange brethren, have you stopped by to check out the new banner yet?

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ready to suck cocks like the average western female

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Orange’s indecisiveness actually prompted me to ask a girl out back in my second year of high school for the school 2010 homecoming. I felt like if he wouldn’t ask out Passion, it’s because he wanted me to be brave for the both of us. Of course she said no, but I feel like it was better than not trying ever. Orange is an example of people who never take a shot when the moment is right. You’ll never know when you’ll get one. Grapefruit also taught me to stop acting on my insecurities and trying so hard, since it never got him anywhere. Orange also had his moment of comeuppance, where his annoying nature was matched and then surpassed by another orange. Being on the receiving end really shook his perspective even after the other orange got knifed and juiced. But even then, he refused to grow and adapt his mindset, continuing to be either abusive or simply a big nuisance towards others, so much so that Passion calls him out like one or two episodes later (turning to him saying: “All you do is make weird noises and call [Grapefruit] fat. How shallow are you?”). So really, in the end, a lot of the characters serve as templates for who you, the viewer, should avoid becoming yourself. In a kitchen of carnage and mayhem, the veil of morality is often questioned by few, but is left open for the public outside this otherwise small world to interpret themselves

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Phew, thought I might be cooming to a male.

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The annoying orange has outlasted shartemis.

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Unironucally, who?

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The tranny shark that had threads that consisted of the same 10 images being posted over and over again, as well as >she.

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As expected

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checked and based
As much as I love fruits, I really do not want to become orange. His friends are only tolerating his annoying personality. His love NTR'd him(passionfruit didn't need to rub it in his face) because of his inaction. The characters are caricatures but they still teach us important lessons in life.

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Pretty peared, if you ask me

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Imagine being so annoying you force a tranny to samefag

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What happened?
How did we get BTFO?
I don't get it

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with the traced lewds we have, I wouldn't be surprised if someone already beaten their meat to it.

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Get knifed holotrannies. still alive

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That really wasn't worth a bump. Learn to sage, falseflagging newfag.

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This thread is the only reason I come here

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What is the taste of fruit breastmilk?

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Probably extremely sugary.

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Shut it Fluffy Faces this is the true vtuber

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She’s gotta be bukkaked by all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turnips

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>How did we get BTFO?
Not even once

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Marshmallow does indeed have a YouTube channel, but he never posted anything since like 2014. He’s interviewed Felicia Day and Weird Al though, so there’s that. Tbf he should’ve done more content like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UAmGNqy3oxo

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Happened in previous threads, but they went full blast on this one

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Hey, hey produce! Hey produce, hey!

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Full house digits checked

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This is how Passion tortures produce for the CIA.

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It should taste like their juice, right?

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Woah you kiss your mom with that mouth?

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The SASS on this one...

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You’re gonna go where Steve went

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Is that the marshmallow equivalent of a stick being shoved up your ass?

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