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From sex jokes, unfunny jokes, and prolly fake life stories, provide me some of the worst clips of her

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clip of her not paying rent

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Why? Do you just seek out things you dislike when you're bored?

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He just want to imagine some hatesex with her so help him out, anon

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>clipfaggot is such a faggot he can't even clipfag himself
Pathetic. Vei would crush your balls in a second.

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yeah sure op https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYKLFBh1hR4

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just watch any part of any stream she has ever done

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Imagine spending your free time looking for things that upset you instead of doing something positive with your life, might as well kill yourself

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Sure, but view it on your own risk.

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So are you trying to win an internet argument, prep for the next vshojo thread, or get a kick out of cringe?

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Why would you threaten him with a good time. i'd pay my life saving to have vei crush me

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be enlightened to veibaes perfection

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god she's so fucking cute, i can't

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UNHINGED western whore has an absolute MELTDOWN and embarrasses herself with CRINGE in front of her chat:

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Jokes on you. I'm into that shit.

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Someone post when she realized it was snowing and she ran out to tell her mom.

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she's actually right though

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shes right fag,

cover is a black company

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She cute

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What about the part where she talked shit about the talents?

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>"I support the talents, the company prevents the actual idols from saying anything"
> "they graduate to homelessness and thats so fucked up"
yeah man she was shittalking them all right

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>sex jokes
Boobie bad, oh no! Need to read Bible again.

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>"they're whoring themselves backstage, y'know?"
>"they always play a character, y'know?"
>"they're retards that will die without streaming, y'know?"
>"but I like them!"
I know the anon who posted this in the other thread was exaggerating, but this is what Veibae said about the talents.
Also, posting the thing with transcription, since it seems nobody will click the video alone.
The Transcript
"I actually... I hate that. Like, that side of Hololive that roleplays. Because it like, when you know, about all like the uhm... background stuff, that they have to do just to be in Hololive and how they have to be roleplaying it's like spooky. Hololive personalities don't own their model. They don't have any decision making when it comes to how they look like. They don't own their YouTube or their social media. If they get fired, they lose everything. Yeah, it's called graduation, it's so fucked up, dude! Fuck that shit! You get graduation into homelessness that's so fucked! [reads comment: They promote their talents as idols.] Yeah, fuck, then they get doxed and shit. I dunno I hate it. I like, I like the uh, streamers, I think. I don't know, I don't know like what I like. I like the roleplay but the whole idol culture is so messed up. It's hard for me to watch Hololive a little bit. It feels really scripted, no? Yeah I think, I think that they just have to stay in roleplay. They literally support a terrible company. After the actual idols that have left Hololive talked about it, and the way that they're treated... Keep defending it dude."

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they are not bad, they are unfunny

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why does she talk like that? seems fake af

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tell me which chuubas you watch so I can laugh at you for thinking they're using their real voice

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i want her to hold me over her head and suck my cock

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not inherently

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I gotta say that was actually funny

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Honestly, that's the least cringe I've ever seen vei be.

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She is half slav half brit so her accent/voice is unique, she is a rare breed

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her accent is cute but all says seems scripted
i cant watch her without cringing

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She's so hot

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how underage or retarded do you have to be to not realize this blatant manipulation?
>look at me, i'm crying
>dont donate please!
holy mother of cringe

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How strong is she?

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Please don’t tell me you think all Vtubers use their natural voices

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Anyone got that disgusting period blood clip?

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Starting to think VShojo cucks are inbred.

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Yeah, I want to see this one too.

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Wait what the fuck is this? She's actually cute?

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I can't choose

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>half brit
so that's why she's so ugly lmao

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video already gone?

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Vei is unironically such a gross slag. I can't imagine anyone besides horny teenage boys liking her.

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I can't, it's too many I would say her very existence is cringe

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All that i get recommended from her is just filth clips. Then i get recommendations of some newcomer vtubers who also have clickbait filth in the thumbnails/titles. Makes me think theres really not much else for talent there, just desperate attention baiting for the edgelordy twitch audience.

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Have you seen her roommate? Enough makeup that it looks like she is wearing a mask. Absolutely disgusting.

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>flat and caked up
don't worry, virgins don't even want her

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That was weird when i saw, looked like bottom basic instagram vanity conscious slut.

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She's absolutely shameless and unapologetic and somehow I kinda like her. Not sure if her parents are proud of her though.

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You need to understand that women experience self-loathing and depression very different from men. Where are all you so-called saviorfags now?

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>and somehow I kinda like her.
that only means she attracts low t males

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Explain how they feel, then

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Her clippers are garbage so literally any clip of hers will probably be something terrible.

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Maybe that's the thing, she makes the rest of VShojo look tame by comparison. All of them are crass but I have never heard anything from Veibae except sex jokes and this

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you say this but the one time I've decided to check her out to see if she was as bad as the anons here say, she was talking about taking a shit

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You're right anon! Here's her real voice:

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what happened to her bf

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>Long distance relationship
What do you think?

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Ah yes, "from Canada"
That's why nobody has ever seen him

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if this is real which I doubt
>long distance relationship
FUCKING KEK I hope it ends up like that one chink who flew to the US to see his "girlfriend" and he gets friendzoned and promplty NTRd

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she flew to canada to fuck him for 3 days once (thats when she got hit in her cervix), and he flew to the uk once to meet her too

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the various streams she bragged about it

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Probably trying stop the Kiara/Veibae collab. Seethe, faggot. It's happening.

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What a fucking bitch

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You wanna be touched by the chick who fucked pokelawls?

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damn what a cunt, I can't believe she'd say all these horrible things about yagoo, coco and kiara, especially so soon after the holoEN collabs.... she must be stopped NOW

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Anon you can hear this voice walking through California it's fake and Americanized as hell

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That guy looks like a fucking egg
WTF Vei? Have some standards ffs

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vei is ugly too

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Maybe he has a really big dick?

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looks and penis size are correlated
attractive men have bigger cocks

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that's not what my ugly bastard hentai movies told me

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