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What do you think of one of Nijisanji's most popular livers?

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Do Nijiniggers really?

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>Average Video Views
>Average Live Viewers
>Most Popular

He would be a mid-tier Holo at best. Pretty underwhelming popularity.

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Are his numbers worse than the fact that he's a fucking troon to you?

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you severely underestimate the autism of numberfags

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Is this the thread where the EOP's catch up to old stuff that no one cares about anymore

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nice bait, fag. Or do you actually believe this?

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Mayuzumi is well liked, but I wouldn't say he's one of the most popular.
Anyway, it's hardly surprising. If this kind of thing bothers you, you shouldn't be following Nijisanji.

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Of course

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Next they're going to find out Masaru's roommate gender.

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Cope, he literally says he's a tranny in his YouTube description

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don't worry, I don't

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No wonder everybody they hired for NijiEN was from Artemis' sex slave harem.

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>gossip website
Go shill your website somewhere else you slanty eyed jap, we'll fucking drop 2 more nukes on you if you ever pollute your horseshit of a site on here again this isn't 5ch.

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Better for everyone, then.

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Kek, a gossip website that just so happens to be right about who every Niji and Holos' roommates are besides this guy apparently because it doesn't suit your agenda. Cope.

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Nijisanji says trans rights!

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Wonder how long the jannies will let the dox thread stay up this time.

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It not Hololive so forever

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>looks like a man
>talks like a man
>dresses like a man
>acts like a man
>Insists he is a tranny
You're right, I concede. As you said, this man is severely mentally ill

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I don't give a fuck about posting roommate shit, stop promoting your website you slant. Go back to 5ch or we'll nagasaki look like child's play.

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jannies are busy fapping rn

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He also claims he's a lesbian on his Twitter so there's that.

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The fact that Nijiniggers will unironically defend this is hilarious lol

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Is he not FtM? Surprising.
Although the lesbian thing doesn't stop that. There's a lot of FtM that used to be lesbians and are in the same communities so they still use the word.

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>Is he not FtM?
Why do progs do this? 99% of the time it's extremely obvious what kind of tranny someone is. You will never pass

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>He's half European
I found the cause. He probably got groomed by his European mother or something.

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as expected from 5ch's sister lmao

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Finana literally just said "even if you're transgender" on stream lol alphabet people group

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the absolute state of nijitrannies

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It's 2021. Anyone can be whatever they want.

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don't care would still fuck his asshole

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Why does it matter what someone's roommate is? Is this the roommate board or the Vtuber board?

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I'm the Queen of England.


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Meidos don't give a fuck about roommate posting unless it's a holo anyway. Just report and move on, like it'll do any good.

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This is the HoloEOP board

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This is the Hololi/v/e board, also >>5561621

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If I'm not mistaken, Kuzuha was the one who talked shit to persons with disability, right? He toned it down a bit when he got popular but it's no wonder bully culture is thriving there within their company. Nijisanji talents are fucked in the head.

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>Kuzuha was the one who talked shit to persons with disability
you're on 4chan where people call each other retards and faggots 24/7, how is that any different?
also you're a retarded faggot, kys pussy.

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Why are you bringing up bullying culture here, OP pic doesn't get bullied.

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> Brings the case of a high school boy calling people retard
> Completely ignores the fact of two grown up sjw calling people incel and nazis
Can you tribalfags from both sides stop being so retard?

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And don't forget it, Nijinigger.

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That's not something to be proud of, with the state of this board.

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I don't know what that is. Which chink subbed clip is that from?

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the only holo i watch are the stars but nijis are alright

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Literally who?

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>up for 2 hours
mods are officially dead

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Please understandh, Kuzuha was groomed by a child predator into being the perfect man for her.

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I never understood this rrat.

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I'd rather have fags inside then a Roberuchad running a train on the Animare girls, but that's just me personally.

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Not really a rrat. It's simple, Kuzuha joined Nijisanji as a teenager and later we find out him and Mikoto are shacking up together. Draw your own conclusions.

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>bully culture
Before anyone doubts it, make sure to see webm related.
If this is how they behave on stream, how much worse must it be off stream?

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But he was only heard semi-recently on her stream, right? How does that translate to her fucking him the second he got scouted?

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People were suspecting they were together for a long time before that stream "confirmed" it. So it goes back longer than that.

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I know I'm not supposed to respond to doxx and bait but he's pretty hot ngl. Apparently he's also kinda short so I can only imagine how it is when he's with uiha and ars in the off-collabs. Imagine being handcuffed to a towering amazonian japanese idol with 6packs. God I wish I was mayuyu

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Kill yourself faggot

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Anycolor's abuse of their livers is well known, anon.

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Chaika absolutely MOGGING those shit livers, unfathomably based.
But even Chaika knows that you don't fuck with the doragon.

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it's someone playing a character who fucking cares
fuck off doxxfag

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Can't believe the jannies are fucking dead on this day

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By that logic Artemis is acceptable.

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Truly a black company

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If it's a character being played then sure. Are you going to get mad at Aki and Masaru next?

>> No.5564470

Are you mad that Gura isn't an actual shark too?

>> No.5564475

I am.

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No wonder Luna retired from Nijisanji...

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Alright. Time to post Mayukino

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No no no you guys misunderstand. He's only pretending to be a tranny as a joke to own the libs

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The character is male, who cares. Only the voice is important when playing a character and he clearly sounds like a male.

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god I wish that were me

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Hey numberfags
How many Live Viewers is this one?

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>just found out Debi's roommate is human
This company is full of lies.
And why the fuck is this thread still up

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I am confused. So the VA playing Mayuzumi is biologically a woman that is transitioning to a man? I don't see it at all. If it's true, I don't mind. A lot of female VAs play Male characters. Kanata used to RP as a dude.

>> No.5566060

>So the VA playing Mayuzumi is biologically a woman that is transitioning to a man
Opposite way around

>> No.5566085

Oh I see. Won't his voice change if he fully transition?

>> No.5566112

I am very ignorant about these things so I'm genuinely asking a question

>> No.5566113

Not everyone has to transition you know.

>> No.5566118

I don't think so. Estrogen doesn't actually change your voice like testosterone does, you need to do voice exercises. So even if he fully transitions he should be fine to play the character

>> No.5566126

>I was born in NYC and I'm half-Austrian
Americans being mentally ill again

>> No.5566139

But you guys said that he is transitioning. So which is it then?? You guys could have stopped with gay.

>> No.5566153

He calls himself a transgender female, go yell at him.

>> No.5566166

I see. Thanks for the clarification

>> No.5566188

On his profile he stated his orientation, and his roommate account has him acting like a male. For some people it's just a mental thing. He does modeling and voice work so I highly doubt he's going to change his body or voice or he would have done it already instead of modeling for male clothes as a male.

>> No.5566221

I'm not a manchild that is offended of a stanger doing stuff to their bodies that won't affect me in any way. You do you. I'm more curious about the voice quality because that's really all he needs to keep up the RP

>> No.5566242

Hopefully he grow out of larping as a tranny before he mutilates his body then

>> No.5566243

>Saw another thread get deleted
>This one is still up
The fuck, Jannies? Do your job.
The trans shit is from a roommate account, the OP is literally linking to a dox site.

>> No.5566256

I'm surprised that he stated his orientation. I figured many nips won't do it especially if it's not obvious. They just do their thing. Japan is quite homo phobic.

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