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Why do you hate her? This is based.

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Don't even know who that is.

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She says she wouldn't date a short man.
She expressed a fantasy she has with a short man.
What a interesting vtuber.

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at least she's not as cringe as Hajimemashite or whoever the whore's name is

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Because she is a charisma vacuum that offers nothing of value, isn't entertaining and her only claim to fame is telling everyone how much of a whore she is IRL, which is something that no person with full possession of their faculties would find entertaining or endearing, apart from overly horny teenagers and turbovirgins who get easily roped by the slutspeak of a prettied up avatar.

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let's face it, vshojo antis are just seething manlets

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holy fuck

do NOT click this link if you're under 6'0

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So this is WhoreShoujo ? No wonder they're getting mogged by Soda if that's their average zatsudan content

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Because she talks like an annoying 15 year old little bitch except 10 times worse

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fish sizzle, they don't seethe ESLchama

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this was quite an enjoyable skit until she fell back to sucking cocks.

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truth hurts

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Why did vei start vtubing
She has good face
No need for avatar

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that's like a floor-high bar you set there

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I'm bretty sure someone into BDSM is jacking off to this clip right now

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They definitely do, but they don't meet the requirements to be on the board.

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She would only date a short guy if he's okay with her constantly taking advantage of his height to do weird things.

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Why would any non-homo hate her? Just ignore her streams and jerk off to fan art. God do I love womb tattoos.

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She acts exactly how she looks, why would anyone even be surprised by this?

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>being the IMAGINE victim
I was born too tall bros.

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Fuck it hurts...

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I like her, she streamed Conker's Bad Fur Day so she earned my old millenial heart.

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Something tells me she doesn't get nearly as much dick as she claims to

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speaking of which: there are GFE vtubers
but where the GFD vtubers at tho

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I don't like disgusting western bathtub streamer tier whores

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Whenever she starts going into detail about sex and male anatomy in particular it's clear she's not actually all that familiar with it.

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>wait, balls are not connected to each other?

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Would you really want to date a girl who says stuff like this?

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i'm not trying to date the streaming anime girl, anon

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Maybe not date but she'd fun to hang out with.

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>tfw 5'8 but want tall gf

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Based. I will now watch your chuubas.

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I like her solely because how much she makes incels seeth

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Does this bitch have even a single clip that isn’t about sucking cocks? And why does she put that fake retarded accent on all the time?

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Can you stop making these threads and just stick to our general?
It's bad enough having the collabs bring a ton of curious holotards in

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This tbqh, i dont watch her, i dont even know her name, but all the constant seethe fills me with warm feeling of joy.

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Probably yeah, I don't want some normalfag dead fish

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I'm only 5'1, but I honestly expected worse from that clip. Really wasn't bad at all.

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is that an iphone filename?

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Hes 6 4 and 195lb?

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her voice gives me cancer

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don't care didn't watch you don't belong on 4chan

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Take it and leave

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She said the last time she got laid was 2 years ago from him yeah

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what did anyone expect at this point

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Why the fuck is her model 10x better then anyone elses? it's unfair to the competition

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ok? You understand none of us want to date her right?

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reminder that even if your oshi was single she would still never date you

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Reminder than no 3D woman is actually ever single or "pure" and Vtubers are not an exception.

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Blown the fuck out hahaha
>melting down this hard

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Veibae talks about sucking dick 50x a stream why the fuck would anyone think she's a pure virgin?

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You're embarrassing yourself

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i don't really care, i don't even watch vshojo nor holo, it's just funny

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Isn't she allegedly old and British, she has no right to be greedy or picky. Brit girls are uuuuuuuuuuugly

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Better than Ina's gross nasal voice

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she posts her face on twitter she just looks like a bisic bimbo

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so she's ugly, got it

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Short kings win again

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Who has more subs?

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Veibae is a massive sex-crazed/sexual-aware gigastacy with a sex-inducing voice who knows every way to emasculate a man and her viewers. To most, especially volcels/incels, it brings back self-doubt and feelings of insecurities.

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This is a good post to separate the autists who don't understand sarcasm from the normal human beings

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unfiltered gigastacy energy

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The guys who fucked this alien must have been pretty desperate and too poor to afford a proper whore.

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enjoy your ban.

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>she's actually hot
I though only ugly girls used vtuber models to cope

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mind that she has 8 lbs of makeup on there. She's got a weird skinny bratz doll face. Not too bad tho

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perish then weak one

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Who allowed you to post, manlet? Get back to kindergarten where you truly belong.

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she only has a streaming career because she fucked short and fat overwatch streamers

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based afaik

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what kind of loser uses gigastacy unironically

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do people really vaguepost instead of just quoting?

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jezas... is this the cuckold's vtuber? imagine paying money to this whore and adamantly saying "no I'M NOT A SIMP because i don't want to sleep with her!!! i just think she's sexy and funny, that's all!!!" if that isn't cope of the century then idk what is.

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It's posted on her Twitter feed and she hasn't deleted it.

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>boyfriend from Canada
I've heard that one before.

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wtf is up with her teeth, she's got a giant single central incisor.

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ina's voice may be nasally but at least it doesn't make me want to strangle her because of how annoying it is like veibae's does.

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so i was right, this is the cuckold's vtuber. well i hope you guys enjoy her, we won't have any problems as long as she continues to stay very far away from hololive...

>> No.5503258

They got glued together from all the cum.

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Since when is all this vshitjo garbage allowed on my board? Do your fucking job jannies.

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She's barely even a vtuber. Pure clout chaser.

>> No.5503345

KFPs, the ones whose oshi wanted to collab with Veibae until Cover >shut it down

>> No.5503378

So, a twitch thot with an avatar and anyone who believes she is single without actual proof and gives her his salary is literally the NTR protag while she fucks whoever.

>> No.5503395

more collabs soon

>> No.5503530

Literally impossible. The first two were the last. No way Cover would let that disaster continue.

>> No.5503540

Cute but also not pure.

>> No.5503632

They seemed to do alright as far as I saw, decent numbers and generally positive reaction.

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That's a pretty Taiwan thing of you to say

>> No.5503738

Taiwan isn't a country you burger-munching trash heap.

>> No.5503747

Tumblr tier art. At least try to hide the fact you're a tourist.

>> No.5503758

Nyanners barely survived anon, another one would surely break her.

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so her appeal is only talk about sex with a sexy voice and telling her fans she fucks other guys while they watch her in a stream

mmmmmm, this is cuckolding, not explicit, but still

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Huh? What is it then?

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Nyanners acts like that every time she interacts with someone new. When she first met Mouse, Mel, and Silver, she cried before and after the stream. Now she's fine. She'll get used to Kiara eventually.

>> No.5503875

Yes, you should stay well away from these dangerous vshojo whores

>> No.5503919

Soon to be conquered by its rightful rulers.

>> No.5503944

There are cuckold joi videos that give you less of a cuck experience than watching veibae.

>> No.5504028

more paint on that face than my house.

>> No.5504035

nyanners is funny and has her good moments as comedian and pop singer, sadly there is nothing to control her inner degenerate and she has bad influences in vshoujo
mouse has actual talent as vtuber and singer despite being terminally ill
to bad ironmouse has bad influences around her in vshoujo

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>> No.5504185

ironmouse is the bad influence, she's a vei level degenerate

>> No.5504292

Here's hoping for Melody

>> No.5504347

ssh let replets embarrass themselves

>> No.5504406

Nyanners' streams were still degenerate before vshojo, just lower energy.

>> No.5504449

>it's the day of Coco's graduation
>Coco's channel goes live unannounced
>she announces a final collab with Melody
>cover has no idea what's going on
>lovense logo appears in the corner

>> No.5504613

I honestly hope the last thing she does is say "Taiwan is a country, fuck China" and then ends the stream before anything can be done about it.

I'm not sure I'd survive the laughing.

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Her or froot would be my bet

>> No.5504633

Holy fuck this bitch is hot as fuck. Wish she wasn't with the mario cosplay but with cleavage or more skin out. She was already sex as vtuber, but irl she also is jezaaas.

>> No.5504789

Vei is the type of girl I wish I could get as a girlfriend.

>> No.5504898

why do you hate yourself?

>> No.5504915

>fake retarded accent
Take that back. her voice is sex.

>> No.5505045

Veibae is indeed hot... and that's literally all she has going for her.

>> No.5505128

Why is she still single?

>> No.5505161

Is it bad that I knew exactly what that clip was gonna be about before I clicked it? Why is VShojo Humor so easy?

>> No.5505171

You're supposed to want someone seiso not a 4chan shitpost sounding whore

>> No.5505207

most of the vtubers I saw roomate shit are hot or beautiful

>> No.5505244

Ain’t no way y’all hyping the fakest looking E-Thot I want better for y’all.

>> No.5505251

Some kind of lockdown thing happened over there

>> No.5505301

I want to share my Charizard cock vore collection with Snuffy!!!

>> No.5505347

Kek do you actually believe that

>> No.5505383

Makes sense
Hot people have confidence which helps them do something like speaking to thousands of people for hours without radio silence moments

>> No.5505395

she went the hikki route

>> No.5505435

I’m confused people complain about E-Thots but are calling the most obvious one hot what’s the difference?

>> No.5505437

You could only dream to snag a bitch that hot. Unfortunately nice tits only get you so far. Once age starts sinking in, personality begins to shine.

>> No.5505454

I mean she could easy go dry for a few years during her streaming peak to maximise simpage while it lasts

>> No.5505472

scroll up

>> No.5505568

I wonder what would happen to that if we cure aging
Will hot people stay on cloud nine or will youthful hotness just become the new norm

>> No.5505577

She doesn't whore herself for money.

>> No.5505617

her other channel is openly known and she's going to try to revive it prob, so she can't. they'd definitely follow her to the other channel if she did. fuck, knowing how mentally ill the bugmen are, they'd probably try to do something to her IRL for that

>> No.5505707

Is this bait?

>> No.5505774

If everyone's hot, no one is.

>> No.5505887

She looks fake and bland tho. Like she literally looks like any other white girl with Black hair on Twitch.

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>tfw I'm 5'11.5"

I just lie and say I'm 6 feet tho. With regular shoes on I'm sure I'm at least 6' anyways.

>> No.5505972

I wish I could fuck someone like that. This is a kind of woman you don't see every day and you won't fuck.

>> No.5506002

Didn’t she say if Vtubing doesn’t work out she’ll be another Bell

>> No.5506071

Is this the only photo from veibae? I know this is from her twitter but did she ever post anything else in there? And was that before or after she became a vtuber? It's 2019 after all.

>> No.5506093

Are you from the 3rd world?

>> No.5506103

>this is a kind of woman you don’t see every day

But it is… hell go on Twitch rn you’ll see a whole gaggle of them.

>> No.5506126

She definitely has a lot of make-up on but you can still tell she's at least a 7. But again, that won't do her any good once she hits forty and realizes that no one wants to settle down with her.

>> No.5506199

Just Google her name. She's not playing a character, she's just capitalizing on anime vtubing. She's never once tried to hide her roommate.

>> No.5506248

make-up is cancer

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My liege

>> No.5506364

She streamed without a cam before vtubing

>> No.5506490

Idk maybe it’s just me but when you see a skinny White girl with Black hair and a shit ton of makeup they all look pretty much the same.

>> No.5506649

>once she hits forty and realizes that no one wants to settle down with her.
Bruh she's like 22 or something

>> No.5506749

And I'm sure she'll have lots of casual sex for the next eight years. Then she'll realize her looks are starting to fade and she has no real skills, so she'll start going after the ugly but reliable guys, only to realize they don't want her either.

Cue another fifty years of talking to cats.

>> No.5506797

This sounds like a whole lot of coping and seething lol.

>> No.5506807

I feel so sorry for you once you see her without the 10 layers of makeup.

>> No.5506866

>at least a 7
jesus christ leave your house, that's a 4 with 5 pounds of makeup on.

>> No.5506884

I see so many folk lime "I have a boy/girlfriend on another continent" and I always wonder how they met and how much cheating happens on both sides. Shit I couldn't trust my gf when she lived 200 miles away nevermind an entire ocean

>> No.5506918

I keep seeing this comeuppance fantasy but from what I see people just settle down like they always have
I don't know if it's a burger thing or what

>> No.5506926

>simping for some ugly whore
the state of this board. even /soc/ isn't this bad.

>> No.5506939

It's a tale as old as time. The only people who want to fuck lonely forty year olds are other lonely forty year olds, but they don't usually want to settle either. They just realize it's the best they can get.

It's like how the old saying goes: if you want to be successful in life, you need to either have money, be good looking, or both. If you have money, you don't need to be good looking, and if you're good looking, you can get money. If you have both, congrats, you literally rule the world.

>> No.5506985

what do you think this board is for?

>> No.5507007

Nah, based was when she put a clip of lego shitting on china, this ain't it chief, nice try tho.

>> No.5507048

not discussing ugly roommates, for one.

>> No.5507050

I'm here specifically because I hate all women not to simp

>> No.5507061

>that's a 4 with 5 pounds of makeup on.
and 6 filters

>> No.5507062

i did not say they are not degenerates, retards, i said they are talented enough but lack self control and have bad influences that stimulate their degenerated side
everyone is degenerate inside, the secret for a successful life is to control it (unless you are in the sex industry i guess)

>> No.5507084

She in a clip says, wanna see my face? just type veibae face reveal and there you go, she doesn't give a fuck really.

>> No.5507114

imagine donating money to a whore so she can fuck other people, you might as well be a living NTR doujin.

>> No.5507121

>They just realize it's the best they can get.
Isn't that basically everyone? There's always hypothetically someone better but that doesn't make your current partner a waste of time

>> No.5507184

Is there any hope for us then, anon?

>> No.5507186

Hypergamy shouldn't just be for women. If you think you can do better, you should. Fuck whoever else is currently in your life. If they wouldn't do the same then they're not playing life properly.

>> No.5507210

>he doesn't know about monkey branching

>> No.5507218

the secret to a successful life is to stop watching vtubers you fucking incel retard

>> No.5507229

Oh well yeah the roommate shit is cringe
You can't have your cake and eat it though, either vshojo roommate posting is also bannable or people are going to talk about 3d

>> No.5507253

Low effort bait homie, not even a good roast

>> No.5507264

there are tons of articles and blog posts from women whining about exactly that
its quite funny desu
might just be a jo*Rnalist thing though

>> No.5507265

I don't see the appeal.
>Poorly drawn live2D talks about lewd stuff
Hoshikawa exists, why settle for welfare Hoshikawa?

>> No.5507267

T. Settles for used up whore as a 34yo virgin
It's okay she's calmed down now and is frigid aftrr having wild sex every day for 15 years but now you get to enjoy her as she gets fat and loses the only thing she every had

>> No.5507292

I don't have time for sociopath stuff

>> No.5507332

should take your own advice...

>> No.5507343

>having wild sex every day for 15 years
Holy shit
Can she even walk?

>> No.5507349

Of course you do. You're on /vt/. Your life is already a loss.

>> No.5507370

>muh incel
i´m already a successful and watch vtubers, not my fault the lockdown frenzy happened, i would not be watching

>> No.5507381

Yeah, I'm pretty sure whatever oshi you worship is completely straight and narrow who rejects every guy she encounters and interacts with in her daily life because she is completely waiting for specifically you and the forever after you cry at night about next to a pillow.

>> No.5507403

How am I supposed to watch all these waifu streams if I'm jumping between partners endlessly?

>> No.5507406

Then you'll die a virgin because the world created by social media is one ruled by sociopaths. I know men that have had a different girl every weekend for the past 10 years and are still pulling 19yos at 35 cause they understand how to manipulate emotions

>> No.5507484

Nigger there is a fucking scale between virgin shut in and sociopathic CEO
The average person is very far from either of those extremes

>> No.5507491

This. It's honestly not even hard. Women under thirty are bubbling cauldrons of emotional instability. Getting one to fuck you is as easy as saying she has pretty eyes or knowing what her favorite food is. It gets a little harder around forty when they've had kids and a bit of world experience.

>> No.5507531

Actually yes.

In internet it's easy. I'm talking about irl. There's much more ugly people out there including (you)

>> No.5507543

>donating money
fucking kek, never ever
also, enjoining a entertainer is different from enjoining a whore who talks only about fucking other people while you give her money, its just sad

>> No.5507619

Pekora doesn't market herself as a whore like these people.

>> No.5507633

The average person is a fucking retard and ripe for manipulation and if you aren't doing it you're a fucking loser at life

>> No.5507713
File: 228 KB, 800x600, 1624361378624.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The average person is a fucking retard and ripe for manipulation and if you aren't doing it you're a fucking loser at life

>> No.5507793
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>ripe for manipulation

>> No.5507999

kek, nice doubles, but you need friends, lmao

>> No.5508024

I meant most women monkey branch, not that you were supposed to do it.

>> No.5508034

Ngl you might be on to something.

>> No.5508040

Mad incels that don't have the balls to lie to someone's face for personal short term gains

>> No.5508074

I have lots of friends, I even actually like some of them

>> No.5508202

please stop posting cringe

>> No.5508253

I'm sure you have a great personality lmao

>> No.5508284
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>> No.5508302

I respect her just for the fact she commissions porn of her and even with other vshoujo girls

>> No.5508338

>4 foot filipino ESLs simping over a 4/10 British slag
why is this thread still up?

>> No.5508552

What was her previous name? I know she uses the veibae account as the same account she used before to stream as roomate.

>> No.5508741
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You don't unironically believe this though right?
Women say all sorts of bullshit to make men feel better.

>> No.5508841

I hate women when they mock me
I hate them more when they pretend to like me

>> No.5508973
File: 1.14 MB, 1000x700, what is the fornix.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very true

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>be me
>be megamanlet
>The video
If I ever meet her I'll headbutt her crotch for this

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This image is so wrong from a mediacl point of view that however made it deserves to be spitroasted in hell by hotsauce covered demonschlongs for eternity

>> No.5509453

Cope dicklet

>> No.5509631

How does it feel to be intellectually, physically and socially inferior
Now go flip my burgers nigger

>> No.5509645

Unbased. Manlets should get the rope.
If your under 6’ you shouldnt breed

>> No.5509654

>Look mom I'm larping again

>> No.5509655

I like Veibae simply because she's so unabashedly a fucking degenerate whore. She's so fake she looped around the other way and became real.

>> No.5509671


>> No.5509690

t. manlet
Break the cycle

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>> No.5509797

Mods are late today lol.
They usually come quick for the holos

>> No.5509835

Not gonna happen mods, are holofags

They only bann holodoxx

>> No.5509843

this nigger postin wojaks

>> No.5509948
File: 39 KB, 1021x574, 1610056937293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you give her a strong pat on the back her entire face will fall off

>> No.5509952

> vshojo anti’s are literal zhangs samefaging


>> No.5510001

>victim complex
Are you women?

>> No.5510015


I had a dream where coco reenacts the vandarkholm scene from lords of the locker room
With melody in 3d live

>> No.5510116

Based egoist

Fucking spook

>> No.5510251
File: 192 KB, 867x945, Christopher Lee Superiority.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not a spook if I do it because I enjoy it, rather than constrain myself due to society

>> No.5510385

You and the people you responded to all type like dorks. Embarrassing.

>> No.5510403

I remember Doris being a complete fake bitch and saying something like "height is bullshit don't worry!" Based whore, I don't care if it hurts a little, don't lie

>> No.5511292

nyanners is literally 175cm irl,
no doubt she would think 180cm is manlet.

women want at least some one 40cm taller than them

>> No.5511809

Ah yes, we all know how popular men over 210cm are.

>> No.5512136

Through internet
And since they are casuals, they aren't autist enough to hold back on socializing.
But the success of long distant relationships really depends on the partner and how much money they have to visit each other.
And you are not schizo, cheating is an usual thing with a lot of people on these situations, that's what it really depends on the people.
Some actually wait and go through with it, the rest just have sexfriends.

>> No.5512288

Are you actually delusional enough to think that anyone would go dry for real and not just act like it while milking simps?

>> No.5512598


Most women are good with a few inches taller, a 5'7 girl would probably be fine with a someone 5'11 or over

Also fuck your centimeters

>> No.5513178

Please never suggest they come to our general ever again

>> No.5513655
File: 523 KB, 950x620, 1608367739900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5514051


>> No.5514980

You literally described all chuubas.

>> No.5518462

I don't like women like this.

>> No.5518513

laughing AT not WITH manlets

>> No.5518533

nope, hate SJW trash

>> No.5518551

t. 5'10 "man"

>> No.5518617

holy cakeup , wonder what she looks like without the spackle

>> No.5518659

of course it is retard, You can't have a west taiwan without east taiwan being a country. this is simple shit.

>> No.5518741

>huuhuh..... you ...uh .have .....pretty eeeyes........
if you are going to larp make it exciting

>> No.5518776

The only idols are the Japanese ones. The western vtubers make no effort at all to be anything beyond thots.

>> No.5518785


>> No.5518791

let me guess you think bbc is an actual thing right? lol

>> No.5518811

you can almost reach , but try again

>> No.5518882

> My personality is that I'm an average female "comedian"

>> No.5518885

An egirl using a 2D avatar because it’s trendy isn’t a vtuber. Therefore they won’t do shit. She’s not a vtuber. Simple as.

>> No.5518966

I forgot to include the part where I tell you to get the fuck off the vtuber board haha sorry about that.
Get the fuck out.

>> No.5518969
File: 40 KB, 609x609, 069468EC570B4DD98740B701908362D6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who ever made this image is probably the biggest faggot in all of reality or an average american female.

>> No.5518997

This isn’t, she is one.

>> No.5519005

Can you be any more obvious of a woman or fucking tranny? Either way slit your wrists, vapid subhuman microbrain.

>> No.5519016

nobody brought up black people anon, what's with the picture? do you have something to tell us?

>> No.5519032

Reminder vei said she would be the next Belle Delphine if when* vtubing fails.

>> No.5519036

Why does the picture bother you? Are you okay sweetie?

>> No.5519069

why the fuck are they talking about penis? some schizo started mentioning black people. I don’t know anymore I just wanted to share all the reasons veibae deserves to be disliked for...

>> No.5519084

i would simp so hard to see her lose her virginity to a gangbang

>> No.5519090

e-girls hopping on a trend aren’t real vtubers. this doesn’t count by technicality
eat shit

>> No.5519133

dude... have you seen how she presents herself? she probably goes through multiple boyfriends every year

>> No.5519142

That's the cuckold cope. Feeble justification for supporting an open whore.
On the off, off chance that she actually is single; well where there's smoke there's fire.

>> No.5519153
File: 511 KB, 898x900, sharkasm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well then, it's a good thing not all women are the same size, isn't it?

>> No.5519172

Vei love...

Nyanners HATE

>> No.5519183

lol she's too scared to answer the door if a delivery guy is too hot she's basically a femcel

>> No.5519199
File: 1.32 MB, 472x470, 1617302211692.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Guise, I totally have boyfriend, he just lives on the other side of the world, ha ha...

>> No.5519213

This, if you unironically watch her you should probably off yourself or better yet hunt her down for making you debase yourself.

>> No.5519219

have you never interacted with gossiping women before? I actually subject myself to being in a friend group of mostly women, the stories like that are very fucking common.

>> No.5519350

does this guy ever watch porn?

some women have shallow vaginas some are as deep as an arm.

>> No.5519359

>he’s never been to europe where a shit ton look naturally better than this without makeup
not like this
you haven’t lived

>> No.5519402

some chinese ate a bat or something i don't know

>> No.5519554

>he’s never interacted with women and listened to them tell stories before

>> No.5519619

it literally fucking happened on stream lmao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj1sNSSUMbk&t=4809s
>checks the status of her food order
>sees the delivery guy is hot
>says she has to get someone else to answer the door for her
>makes a phone call
>mutes herself
>comes back a minute later saying her mom is going to get it
>couple minutes later says she was worried the guy would be able to smell her

>> No.5519678

Not the guy you replied to but all cheaters should be roped and mutilated (excluding doctor disrespect)

>> No.5519681

that's funny of her to think she would be able to compete in the porn industry

>> No.5519781
File: 179 KB, 1920x1017, E2GDTYAWUAEWQL7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck is wrong with this woman

>> No.5519826
File: 8 KB, 251x228, that koffing cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't ">thread" your own reply, lmao

>> No.5519852

I think...
She might have schizophrenia...

>> No.5519968

Or. You know. /vt/ could be fucking wrong and intentionally misinterpreting things in a way that lets them hate even more. Like this shining example of a retard >>5519032 who doesn't understand sarcasm.

>> No.5519990

Sorry but I love Vei.

>> No.5520435

>she was worried the guy would be able to smell her
This bitch probably doesn't bathe for days

>> No.5520511

>>My board

>> No.5520592

Vei's dommy energy is why everyone loves her so much.


>> No.5520609

>it doesn't matter if she's pure I don't care about that
>ok she's not here is proof
>w-wait she's a femcel shes pure
Lay off on the copium

>> No.5521131

*anglo women

>> No.5521160

do yu rele beleb?

>> No.5521189

if that dude was average she wouldn't care

>> No.5521211

don't get worked by makeup and filters brother

>> No.5521343

Anon the average modern women can barely go a month without getting dicked

>> No.5521460

People actually enjoy this garbage? KEK

>> No.5521567

ITT: Anons gets fooled by makeup and filters again

>> No.5521585

haha yeah bro my girlfriend lives in the next state over I totally have a girlfriend by the way haha

>> No.5521665

You're conflating different arguments retard. Nobody who likes Vei cares about her "purity" because they're not under the delusion they have a chance with her.

>> No.5521720
File: 1.05 MB, 1340x754, dsay43m8b9IM2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every day people who know nothing about Vei continue to buy into /vt/'s narrative and refuses to do their reps.

>> No.5521790

>Nobody who likes Vei cares about her "purity" because they're not under the delusion they have a chance with her.
Then why do lots of lonely losers give her money?

>> No.5521797

She sounds like she sold all of her brain cells for sex so even if she was being sarcastic, which she wasn't as she has tried to imitate her before, it would be impossible to tell if she was being genuine.

>> No.5521819

The same reason people subscribe to literally any streamer. To support them and show appreciation for the entertainment. Or just the emotes, or the ad-free viewing experience. Plenty of reasons.

>> No.5521824

i hope you're not under the impression that once you've donated enough akasupas to your pure japanese idols that you'll finally get noticed and have a cute anime gf

>> No.5521872

>not into scat
so thats why kiara canceled the collab

>> No.5521944

I'm under the impression that people who financially support these whores are lonely losers (i.e. You). Country of origin has nothing to do with it, so I'm not sure why you're sperging out about japanese idols

>> No.5522031

Projecting real fucking hard there. Some people can just find a streamer funny and want to subscribe based on that.

>> No.5522157

lmao 2cat

>> No.5522765

Doesn't Nyanners have the hots for Jerma though? And Jerma is like 4,11.

>> No.5523422

I donate to her so she can make more commissions.

>> No.5524573

Sometimes it's nice to date someone around the same height as you, Nyanners does not seem like the 6" heels type, so the (my height+heels) rule probably does not apply

>> No.5525389

It's a DUDE SEX LMAO thread, there are no rules here

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