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ITT: Chuubas whose voice filtered you hard

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i love lulu

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With her old voice or the new one?

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how the fuck can you equate the chicken bitch with Lulu

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Coco filtered me hard

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Shit taste
I'm going to rape you

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>filtered by Lulu
Ah, Anon Faggotman in the flesh.

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I like Kiara's chikim voice..

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When will Lulu leave Niji, you holobronies promised me she will quit and join hololive

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Ye same, i'm planning to make a thread at the first of july to call out that one fag who told me she'll graduate this month

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NTA but it's a shame nips are faggots who only want squeaky fake voices on girls

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Watame's voice filters me

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LULU???? SERIOUSLY? man, you must be such a faggot IRL holy shit

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Honestly... same
Not only her voice but the way she speaks, I can't bring myself to watch any clips of her

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never ever, she is happy playing Pokemon and Subnautica.

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I can understand people disliking Kiara's voice but I have no clue how Botan's could be annoying. By the way, I like Kiara's voice, and she's one of my favourite vtubers. I dislike the voice of no vtuber I know of

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The most underrated chuuba in Hololive

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That would be Towa

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Design shit

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I envy those who can watch her.

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Luna by a large margin
People who pretend to like it are lying to themselves or deaf

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How can you put Botan and Lulu in the same category as Kiara?

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She sounds like a pajeet.

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It's so noticeable sometimes
I hate it

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>I don't hate Kiara but her voice triggers me the fuck out, if she would go the Susei route I might watch her again.
>Botan's voice is chill, I don't see how you can be filtered by it.
>Lulu? Why did you include her, her voice is cute and she's softspoken.

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Took me a while to realize it's Luna without the heterochromia

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It's cute as fuck

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there's a charm to it
I'm not even a lunaito, but she grew on me and her voice did too

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Botan's voice is one of the best parts of her. How can you even remotely compare her to Kiara?

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veibae and hime. can't stand their voices. i love the other vshojos but those two filter the shit out of me.

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Coco's voice filters me but is tolerable in collabs.

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none, I'm not a pleb.
I have, however, troubles with Kiara, but still can enjoy her streams

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Suisei's old voice didn't completely filter me but it could get very annoying sometimes. Doctor love.

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Hololive and Niji don't really have voice problems (except for the occasional guy who can't get into Luna streams). They range from normal to great, but for me there's pic related.

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>me there's pic related.
For a good reason

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Yonkisei is a combination of the worst voices YAGOO could find

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i think it's cute

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hate those fucking faggots. they spammed everywhere saying she is gonna retire

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the model actually looks pretty good
too bad its wasted on a schizo tranny

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The second half here are those whom I originally couldn't stand to hear but they've grown on me and now I sometimes watch their streams.

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The design is fucking shit.

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>filtered by Botans calm chill tones
how the fuck

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but i enjoy watching them occasionally now

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Easily the worst out of any vtuber I've ever watched.

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Debi is a flying onahole for me

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On a psychological level I can tolerate pretty much anyone but for some reason I feel physical discomfort if I listen to Subaru for more than 5 minutes. And I don't even dislike her. I never experienced this with any other streamer, including non-chubas.

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It is depressing how much better Kiara's regular voice is over what she uses.

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That's true for all of them that use fake voices.

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I just don't get the fake voice thing.

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Why does coco slur her words when she is speaking english? Does she do it when speaking japanese as well?

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Jap slurs are kinda tame desu. That's why she sounds so vulgar when speaking English.

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he didn't mean slur as in curse he means slur as in slurred speech, like how people talk when they get assblasted drunk.

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how can you hate botan she's cute and sweet plus I need to suck on her feet

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It's not though, how new are you?

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My Keris wife

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The old model was SOUL as fuck

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Literally fucking how? Her voice is so soft and calm.

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I miss old mouse

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Korone, Okayu, Polka, Pikamee, TMSK, Pekora

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Towa modo chillona

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only at first
now i can't sleep without her ASMRs

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>filtered by botan
you get filtered by okayu too, faggot?

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I want all yellow fever fags to be matched to the nearest ditch and shot

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How the fuck does Lulu's voice filter you? Homosexual?

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Watame, Lulu and Ogayu

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The Nyaners

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it's called playing a character

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anon, your gay.

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I see where he's coming from. Her voice is so damn sexy until she starts yelling, then she becomes a banshee.

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Almost every single japanese chuuba, I fucking hate the annoying ass high pitch screeches japanese streamers make.
or at least before I got used to it and became even more of a fucking degenerate than I used to be
still can't stand subaru's voice though

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Fucking same, why is Subaru's voice so bad?

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All of them except Mori who's too cringey and boring and Gura who's voice is just okay enough to get by.

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Mori, she puts on a fake deep voice and its fucking annoying.

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what the fuck are you on about, comrade

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Veibae and Moona. Moona more because of her poor English. If she sang everything she said in English then I'd be fine.

What about Ame?

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