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Shion for me. She is literally built for molestation and uncut and smelly ojiisan dick. If the rrats are true she also gets prostituted to perverted executives for exclusive raping. She also can't defend herself.

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Especially for belly punching.

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Rapists should be shot without trial

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Go back

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Stop shitposting while furiously masturbating

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Shion is a rapeable brat, to be sure, but Ayame gives off such bitch vibes that she's practically begging to be broken

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Are there any Shion ryona doujins out there?

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Shion is for mocking dick sizes and stepping on them (while wearing her shoes still)

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Obviously Shion. No contest.

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>Coco: Shion senpai, what do you think about your fans?
>Shion: They are fucked up in the head.

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This brat...
She needs to be punished

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None, jp artist are now being a pussy cuz afraid people gonna burn their house down

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Not a chuuba, but OP's mom is kinda rapeable

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good luck ever finding her, she streams 2 hrs a month

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Because I'm raping her everyday

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Imagine making someone like Shion give birth to your 10 pound baby, someone with such a weak physical and mental constitution absolutely grasping for breath and groaning for pain as she tries to squeeze it out without dying, the twisted faces she'd make, crying snot and tears until it is done. And of course her reaction to you demanding to have another baby

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Shion is ojii-san's exclusive baby factory, he'll fertilize every last one of her eggs

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Shion is free for ALL ojii-sans. Don't be selfish.

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The babies will start balding in their teens and gain weight inexplicably

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I don't want to rape Shion, I literally just want to cuddle her and have her sleep in my chest.

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Who is this human baby factory?

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Kireina. Osiimi's vtuber.

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I don't know anon. All I can think of is a cute little menhera bawling her eyes out over how much she loves her newborn baby.

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She looks like she needs to plug two kids on her chest that look nothing like her and just be a mom instead

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I just want this fat mesugaki butt on my face

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Ironmouse. You'd get to rape someone and kill someone at the same time

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Raping Shion and then tying her down and molesting her tummy.

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I'd make her take contraceptive pills so I could rape her every day. If she doesn't she'd have to waste a day in hospital giving birth and that cunny ain't gonna plough itself

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That's why she'll accept having at least a football team's worth of them

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>ywn rape ironmouse to death
why live?

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Even if she didn't want it she'd probably get used to it by the 3rd or 4th anyway.

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Fuck the menhara outta Shion.

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I want to breed out her weak albino trait and make her fawn over how much the kids look like me

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>her weak albino trait
her what?

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That’s Rushia

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Built for ryona.

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Lacking pigment, in this case her hair, is clinical albinism

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I want to rape Shion's funny cunny to death

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I'd rather get raped by these 3

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just fapped to the doujin
hope you are happy about it, faggot.

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Ame, get off /vt/

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>get killed by the necromancer
>mind intact, not a hypnotized slave
>she begs for forgiveness when she realizes she can't control you, but she knows it's useless- she's taken everything from you and knows she can never repay her debt to you except with her own life
>guilt-free, morally justified ryona ensues- you can't kill her or you'll return to the grave, but you can make her wish she was dead

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>And of course her reaction to you demanding to have another baby
More like her demanding another baby.

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Like you can’t do that to any woman.

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She can sit on my face

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I want to force Mea to give birth to my spawn because she hates kids

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Delet this desu

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Thinking about how Bea has probably masturbated to some guro art of her turns me on more than it should.

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>Shion for me
She looks like Asanagi art. Not sure if intentional or not. I also want to see her drugged, foaming at mouth.

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bunnies are meant to be bred

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How will a baby be born when her bunny cunny is inflated like a balloon from cum every day

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May the strongest seed prevail

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based. I want to buck break Oga while Fubuki watches

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But without getting 25 to life or the rope ?

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I wanna watch her starving to death

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I would be enjoying some delicious food while she wastes away. When she asks why I'm doing this to her I would just replay clips and enjoy the tears welling up in her malnourished eyes.

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Let's not turn this rape into a murder.

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Did someone shop the chaika face on her or what the fuck gives?

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i want to reap garlics eyebrows

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Too soon

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whats up with that strange symbol on her forehead?

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Very hot. Would do the same.

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she rapes (You)

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Subaru. She's so pure, genki and happy, just imagine...

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symbol of Wakkanai city, you can see Russia from there

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Turning that smile into a forever frown...

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I would say Marine, but you can't rape the willing

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First to come to mind was Matsuri. But in the end she would leglock you so not really.

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