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It seems that there are thousands of new Ayamy fans after she was beloved by all in yesterday's collab, so I think it is time to start an Ayamy thread.

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she sounds like she's in her 40s

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I am thankful that she gave Mel (my oshi) those high waisted panties.
I watch her streams from time to time in thanks.

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good, someone should confirm it and then see if she can be added to the hag list

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Jokes on you, I'm into that SHIT!

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Who is on the hag list?

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She shows off her hands a lot and I noticed her finger has a ring on it. But it's on her middle finger instead of her ring finger and I looked it up and apparently that's a way to signal you're NOT married? I have no idea if that's true or not.

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Yeah she's obviously streaming to get (boy)friends she needs companionship

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That's a bad thing?

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Well, it seems she even calls her fans "boyfriends" and she makes kissing noises every time she gets a superchat so she certainly doesn't hide that about herself either.

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She wants to make Mel more and more lewd but doesn't want cover to get mad at her.

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Wait I thought she had blue hair.

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that is like peak supa milking

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Let me slay some rrats

>How old is she
100 years old

It's literally (you)

Quit being a faggot

Ayamy has been a very sweet vtuber who makes tons of erotic jokes lately, but that's just her personality. She used to be someone who was kind of shy but after her gachikoi appeared, she's been a lot of work into her streaming using the superchats. It ain't easy being a freelance and independent artist, but she gets by with the support from vtubing along with her work.

She's built a lot of trust with her small fanbase, so hopefully the popularity jump wont have a bad effect on her.

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And it works because when I hear her do it, I am ERECT.

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She's live right now, hurry up and watch the stream if you want to see her pussy.

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Based RRat Slayed, my friend.

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Cute pussy

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Thank you. I was wondering why there was no general

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She's holding amazingly well and she's god tier experienced artist then.

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God, I wish I could be pooh right now...

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How would she be a mama otherwise?

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boyfriend material

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She has so many outfits. I guess it's a lot easier when you're the actual artist and you can just draw them yourself for free.

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This just makes the sin of cucking her viewers bigger

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Bro if you aren't into that I don't know why you're even watching VTubers.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ofDOO3oIzY&t=6s Regardless of age, she is in pretty good condition.

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What are we talking about? Arm condition? Because that's all we can really see. I mean, she's not fat, which is good.

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Why do people even think this anyway, Korone is old as fuck and she doesn't sound old at all. You can't tell anything from someone's voice.

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Her skin condition is good, you can see part of her thighs in the beginning as well, she has some thiccness but its a good amount.

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And it makes my dick bigger.

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Ive been a boyfriend for a few months and i cannot understand how Ayamy hasnt blown up yet, her streams are great and she is a very talented artist

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The world is not ready for her power...

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Yes. She illustrated 2003 game called Trickster.

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You know who she reminds me of

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Best girl then

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Anon, please. I'm going to spend the next 30 minutes walking around with a boner that's as hard as concrete.

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Don't forget to join membership for a rem cosplay asmr stream. Ayamy love!

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I'm waiting for a godly ASMR with something that someone got her for her birthday...

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Did you not see the maid asmr?

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Imagine gentle femdom with Ayamy. Just the sound of her voice makes me diamonds.

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Yes, but I'm not too fond with the Ram cosplay...

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Holy shit, really? I've actually played that game. No wonder her art style looks familiar even though I thought I'd never heard of her.

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Does she show her face on membership streams?

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Fucking newfag, when do vtubers ever?

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You're calling ME a newfag and you don't know about Coco? Good grief, the word has lost meaning. Just used by brand new people trying to fit in by sounding cool and edgy, apparently.

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Coco has never shown her face in a member stream dumbass. You're talking about her roommate

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Because there are vtubers who don't cuck their viewers lmao

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Why is Pekora frosting a cake in her own room? That seems messy.

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It's been so long since the last Ayamy stream... I'm getting desperate...

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Mel's design has these weird plump lips that aren't on Ayamy's design at all. Does that mean Mel specifically asked for those?

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>Made by the Remfag
Who cares?

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Everyone gives up.

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Why does she say PUSH PUSH? What does it mean?

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The most often english words that Ayamy know/spoke during streams when she didn't know english.
That is what one of non Japanese boyfriend said in chat before.

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knowing her age makes her even more cuter.

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That's the best part anonchama. Her obasan voice and that baby face.

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Her 'Chu~<3' fulfills my need for love and affection. I don't need 3D when I have Ayamy. but god, I wish I had a gf like her to cuddle with

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I kind of understand, but I don't understand. In what context would she need to say push push so much? Aside from when she's getting pushed by Amelia, of course.

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She was pandering to chinks until recently, she started putting more attention to eops thats why she is exploding now

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She literally has a cat named Pooh you idiot. So either you're full of shit or the thing about Pooh being banned was never true.

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He's only called "the pooh" in english tardo-kun
And even if he was called Winnie it doesnt matter as long you dont equate Xi to him

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"Push the subscribe and push the good button, push push"

Lurk more in her streams

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Well that's why I asked. So I could find out without having to do so. So thank you for that.

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She's a god tier artist that actually stands apart from other VTubers with her content and her mannerisms. Her costume reveal stream recently was also very, very good. So yeah, no clue why she's still so low.

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I love ayamy! Im so happy to see a thread going. I watch all her cooking streams. Pineapple boyfriend army!

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I want to push push ayamy Oppai

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The hottest hag I've ever seen.

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She's not that low. She's an independent and she has more subs than half of Nijisanji.

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Is she Korean? She had Korean ads during her last stream and she wasn’t able to read the Japanese perfectly. Not bad, by any means, but not as well as a native speaker.

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Yes, she's like Nabi.

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I miss the hag voice of her debut...

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Good initiative OP

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Her BGM reminds me of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag1o3koTLWM

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Nacho has more subs than Ayamy and she hasn't even debuted...

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Ayamy is amazing, end of story

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Because gooruh subs.

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I don't really hear a difference other than that she has a better mic now.

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Why does she only draw Rem


>> No.5510642

Why do you keep whining about the fact that she correctly identified Rem as best girl.

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Don't be an autist. Artists draw characters they like better

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Although this is the first time I've ever seen an Emilia fan on 4chan.

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I give up... Ayamy isn't popular enough...

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