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>Open Finana stream
>See KFP username in chat
>Close the stream

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Just stick to JP Nijis because you're never escaping that in EN vtuber chats

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Seriously why are kiara fans so annoying and obsessed with her?

>> No.5358952

she has so little similarities to Kiara I don't get it

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Why are flies attracted to the smell of shit?

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You won't watch any NijiEN, then, anon

>> No.5363671

Just block them. Every time I see a kfp member I block them on ytc

>> No.5365962

People can like different people for different reasons anon.
But I do agree the kfp fan's names that often involve being a kfp is cringe and they need to pick a more interesting username.

>> No.5366381

not really related to kiara and KFP specifically but why do some people pick usernames that so directly signal/reference what they're a fan of? i've met randoms in games or discord that straight up have a chuuba's name as their screen name or something like that, no alterations or pun or anything. what's the point?

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I think they want to draw attention to their hobbies, or they are just autists

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Their hobby is their personality. That's all they have anon...

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