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Is this the best outfit upgrade in the history of vtubing?

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The one on the right is CUTE

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>'nijisanji have too many generic school designs!!!!!'
>military-inspired design chuuba gets generic school shit alt
>'best outfit upgrade in the history of vtubing!!!!!'
i don't get it

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epitome of soul vs soulless.

>> No.5284248

Who are you quoting and why do you hate cute things?

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The design on the right isn't ugly it's just kindof plain and uninspired compared to the one on the left which is interesting and has a cool military motif

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What? I thought the one in the right is the upgrade.
Damn... i know that 2nd outfit usually for casual outfit, but at least they can put a gun on her thighs....

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I like the left one more

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>the one in the right is the upgrade
It is

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*left is

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'too many schoolgirls/boys' is a common drag for niji designs and this thread is praising a schoolgirl alt. i just want to understand.

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Worst downgrade, as bad as Ruki.

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The former complaint is made by people who hate Nijisanji and this thread is made by somebody who likes Nijisanji, this board is not a hivemind

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When faced with an arknights bootleg or nijisanji schoolgirl #331 I think the arknights bootleg wins.

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I'll never understand how people thought this was an upgrade. Yeah sure Bora in a schoolgirl outfit is cute, her thighs are huge and more pronounced, but left is so much more soul when she's an Apex addict and it's cool winter clothing that we don't see much of except for Kimono alts.

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Girl with girl is an arknights bootleg now.

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Arknights invented girls, yes.

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Simple example of Gap Moe

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>Fantasy default to casual alt
that seems pretty typical

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it keeps happening

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Somehow they managed to get interesting designs for ENs, but japs are all schoolgirls.

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The schoolgirl thing is generic as hell and boring, but just slapping belts, fur lining, and an antimaterial rifle on isn't exactly some impressive improvement. She went from idolmaster generic to girls frontline generic, very nice sidegrade.

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personality > design

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Are you and an arab?

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God I fucking hate N*ji

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Bora's old hair was cuter

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Can you try that sentence again without sounding like a troglodyte immigrant?

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This is literally every JK or DK in the main branch and Mashiro is a college student
If you fall for this you have mush for brain

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Are you an Arab*, sorry.

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At least the designs for NijiEN were much better.

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>a college student instead of a high school student
Wow, you sure showed them.

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Nobody remembers Sakura Ritsuki's original costume, for very good reasons

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It's not about "showing" anyone, the image is just factually wrong. Or do you actually trust an image made by someone who can't be assed to look at basic character descriptions?

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You corrected a clear bait image with a detail that is practically negligible. It's not the own you think it is.

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I know this is bait as old as time but I wonder if anyones ever bothered making the reverse. you 100% can with all the generic outfits in hololive too.

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Blocks your path.

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this is bait and old but everytime people post this i wonder why yashiro isn't in the bottom picture. he and maimoto are the most normal, npc looking nijis.

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It's not meant to be an own to begin with. I'm pointing out the the image is wrong. Because it is. Simple as.

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