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Lilyhops thread, she's live right now

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lily is cute

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Anyone who watched her is a pedophile and should go to fucking jail.

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sexy shorts

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Will Lily be my cellmate?

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Is there more to this pic or is this really it? I'm assuming it came from here because I can't find the source anywhere else

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No, it will be ugly fag with muscles who'll shove your prime sub into your ass right after he watched nyanners on his stolen Samsung Galaxy S10

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I missed her so much

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lolidom cbt megusaki findom denial blackmail

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Does he sub to Nyanners?
What Tier?

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lolidom cbt mesugaki findom denial blackmail

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God yes

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holy cow I love lily hops!

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This is what a gamer looks like

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> Does he sub to Nyanners?
He's obviously a Tier 3. The money he earns in jail goes straight to her.

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Congrats Archivebro, you're officially based now

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I've literally never seen her model below the chest, thank you for this. It'll be useful for future commissions.

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Is that pic from a stream?

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How does he make so much to keep up a tier 3 sub?
do him and some friends pool the money and watch her together?
pretty wholesome of him if he does.

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Any feedback? It's been a while since I do any webdev

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Yeah, I think during E3 she was trying to scroll something and accidentally had her model selected so she shrank. Kind of like the ASMR stream where she jumpscared everyone by growing really huge

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How long has Lily been vtubing for?

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This is straight up pedo territory. Fuck off y'all.

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You have hugma

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You really think it's hard to make some money as a muscular fag in jail? I bet nyanners isn't the only one he supports.

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eh thats what i thought at first, but in reality she is just english Luna, and she is probably the smartest streamer ever so i dont get little kiddie vibes anymore

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and even if i did get little kiddie vibes, i wouldnt care!

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I don't know anything about web dev, but I think it might be good to include the name of the game(s) she was playing. Her titles are super cute so I wouldn't want to lose that, but maybe a parenthesis after just to help people looking for a particular stream

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I remember seeing a clip that showed her model is actually barefoot too but I can't find it sadly

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I need that.

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Unfortunately the API I'm using doesn't expose that info. I'd be a pain but I could maybe find a way to get that info, but only for vods that are still up.

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Lily is so cute and perfect. I wish I had a girlfriend like her and I'm not even a weirdo.

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that would be holocucks for laughing about all those "ironical" jokes about lolis, we like Lilly for her character

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Didn't find it, swear it was in her discord at one point. Did find this though, I want lily to f-bomb me bros... https://clips.twitch.tv/AdorableFuriousRingCeilingCat

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Did anyone manage to record or save her E3 streams? I missed most of them...

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was it this one https://www.twitch.tv/lilyhops/clip/AltruisticPrettySnailSMOrc

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I new I could count on one of you to find it if I couldn't, thanks anon

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Don't worry about it, you can mostly tell by the thumbnail or the title anyway

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I've been wanting to make a chat search to make it easier to find specific stuff, although I've been lazy since I have access to the files I can just grep them directly.
That's how I found out she had multiple nobeta streams that I missed. ;-;

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Shitty dick anal sex with Lily!

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Has anyone ever redeemed a "Lily will drive you to a McD for breakfast. in a video game." and have a clip of it?

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Thank you very much for your insults Lily, i love it

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today is a good day

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That's a million points, dude. How would anyone ever get there?

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Please remember to continue the sub (if you can) when it ends.

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Bro...just accept what you are. It feels a lot better once you embrace it.

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Hi. I just found out about Lilyhops today.
Is there somewhere I can see everything available from her? Looking back through her twitch videos and youtube vids, there seems to be some missing that I've seen people talk about. Like old ASMR streams, and some people have talked about her beginning streams when she talked with her more "natural" voice which I would like to hear. Thanks buds.

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I like lily, she's entertaining and is pretty quick on her feet with jokes and shit

i'm pretty sure like 70% of her audience are pedophiles tho

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For her old streams with her normal voice you're gonna have to check the archive because it only exists on catbox afaik. Her first ASMR is archived on her channel under highlights. Today's stream was really cool, you can rewatch that VOD on her Twitch too

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Watched the latest vod, I hope she checks out Cruelty Squad after that chatter recommended it. It's a really coooal game and I'm sure she could find a lot to riff off of.

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Thanks. Any direction on searching the archives? Seems like Lilyhops-specific threads aren't that common.

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It was a lot harder to find than I thought, here
This one is good because you can hear the underlying Lily voice come out a little bit

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Edited and fake. Fuck off.

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Damn, her normal voice is really cute too. In a different way obviously. Kinda reminds me of Mori. Does her roommate still stream?

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It's little sister time, in the house tonight

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>good at video games
Maybe it's for the best that I don't have a sister like Lily, I'd feel so insecure and ashamed of myself if my own little sister was so much better than me in every way
I still wish she was though...

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I wish she wasn't a lil sis and talked normally like this desu

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>> No.5273954

I think most likely Goki is her bf, and Lily was spawned out of them both being into incest.

>> No.5274023

>the laugh
God she's cute.

>> No.5275906

Fake as fuck. That's clearly not her real voice, someone used a voice changer to pitch it down.

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>> No.5277250

You can hear the vocal fry from her speaking below her normal voice. It's not edited, she was putting on a cool, chill gamer girl voice

>> No.5277368

She has a normal voice that can do a surprising range from high to low

>> No.5278475

Maybe I'm just coping and can't accept that she has 2 incredibly cute voices

>> No.5281397

t b h I just want a girlfriend like her.

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Lily is live again

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I want Lily to put a leash on me and take me for a walk!

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>realized I was watching Lily stream with my doors open
well that's it, I'm not going to make it
The only thing I'm gonna ask for is to carry on my legacy

>> No.5284599

Draw lewds of her before they get you.

>> No.5284641

Owning a chat is like owning a cat

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Her real voice sounds like a shota bordering on shonnen, why didn't she just larp as one?

>> No.5284958

Why would she

>> No.5285009

Goki is the shota

>> No.5285055

What's that game? It looks cool.

>> No.5285168

Because shotas are cute and there aren't many shota vtubers but lots of lolis.

>> No.5285222

shota are cute only if you are a faggot and there's less faggots than normal people so less money

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Who of you is that guy larping as a firefighter in her Discord

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I need Lily bathwater

>> No.5285558

How old is she?

>> No.5285594

Old enough to be a Twitch partner

>> No.5285797

I've got 3000 pogs now. Should I get 3 kisses?

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>> No.5285855

Yeah unless you want 4 kisses I guess

>> No.5285914

>not saving it to have Lily take you to McDonalds for breakfast

>> No.5286259

pastebin when

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Are any of you faggots lurkers? How can you just lurk for months on end without saying anything? She's not gonna be <300 viewers average forever anon!

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>> No.5286810

I'm at work, I have had her read my occasional comments out loud before

>> No.5287006

>She's not gonna be <300 viewers average forever anon!
Shit, you're right... I have literally never used twitch chat once in the eight years I've had my account, Lily is the only one that's making me consider it

>> No.5287038

She reads 90% of the comments

>> No.5287275

it's hard to type with one hand

>> No.5287462

I hope she thinks the dumb shit that comes out of my ADD brain is funny

>> No.5287696

The only time I interact in chat is when they call out the lurkers.

>> No.5287803

If you say something funny she giggles at it. Otherwise she just reads it

>> No.5287808

same, then dogbot says hi so i say hi back to not be rude

>> No.5287809

Haha I hope Lily never does that...

>> No.5289669

i was thinking about getting no more heroes, but it seems kinda ass, thanks for the heads up Lily

>> No.5290365

I always see people hyping up this game, and it looks neat and creative, but seems like a fuckin slog to actually play.

>> No.5290417

Glad it's not just me. She's the only streamer I've ever given a penny to but I'm kind of sad I missed her pre-lily days.

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Thats all there is to it, i wanted to draw more but the idea vanished so never went thru with it.

>> No.5292247

getting domed by lily uooooooohhhhhhhh

>> No.5292684

Smug Lily uooh

>> No.5292892

Draw her giving the succ in that position >>5240957

>> No.5295138

To be fair, lily is kind of sucking ass at it and reading chat is distracting.
The game has problems but is overall pretty good.

>> No.5295724

What's the target audience here?

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>> No.5296760

Lily is:

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>> No.5302597

you can hear the ingame sounds also are modified.


>> No.5303213

To support your little sister.

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My prolific drawing days are behind me, i cant just draw on command anymore. Its a sad state of affairs.

>> No.5304206

Do it for me, anon.

>> No.5305964

Thanks for the pog stream, Lily. It was really nice!

>> No.5306073

It's over....

>> No.5306308

How can I get a little sister and/or girlfriend like Lily-chan? I really need one...

>> No.5306359

i might draw her later but i dont do requests, as i said if i dont feel it i cant manifest the idea in my mind.

>> No.5306566

The 26 year old woman who plays this character was in all likelihood molested as a child.

>> No.5306935

I want to hug Lily and pat her head as she cries after waking up from a nightmare

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>Wanting to get headshot by her.
Dome me with a 50-cal tonight.

>> No.5307556

Your post is weird

>> No.5307739

Lily was in my dream last night, I'll just post her part but it was complex and kept changing every few minutes.
I was in a crash bandicoot world, guards on the lower floor of a complex, TNT and wumpa fruit on the roof. Jumping over, entering an abstract jumping puzzle in a vast pink void. Lily is streaming now, and the dream's changed into me playing with her the entire time. I can only hear her, and I have walkie-talkie. She finds the exit and starts ending the stream. She says "I'm leaving to go play with friends", I was preoccupied with something and didn't hear her, awkward air. Then it registers and with her waiting patiently and after I said something else I say "thanks for having me, I'm love you." No response, it's like she can't hear me. I'm left thinking about the stream and if Lily liked me. I look in a mirror and I'm wearing a cowboy hat, and then I woke up.

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That sounds like a sad dream, here's something to cheer you up

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me and it's not a larp

>> No.5314853

Autist can't handle reality

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Lily is cute and nice.
I appreciate that she goes out of her way to interact with chat and that there isn't shitty normalfag FBI meme spam in chat

>> No.5315253

Stop being a massive faggot, kilo.
I get that you want to show off that you're in the sekrit club, but you're just going to upset Lily.

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hey guys, i like lily

>> No.5316852

oh shit, me too!

>> No.5316942

can you prove it?

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You know what this means...

>> No.5317390

Isn't she to young to have a boyfriend

>> No.5317398

wtf, I thought I was her friend...

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Youre basically her customer or client if you will so.

>> No.5317511

No, I'm her slave

>> No.5317687

Already pretty impressive she stream so often with so little views

>> No.5318703

Kinda reminds me of Youtube channels with hundreds of videos and each of them only have 3 views

>> No.5318825

What are you talking about? She regularly gets 200 viewers.

>> No.5318888

200 or so consistent views is pretty impressive, I've seen chuubas who stream for like 50 people almost every day for years.

>> No.5319118

Yeah sometimes people raid and bring like 20 viewers with them. Pathetic

>> No.5319255

To be fair, most people bail when the stream ends.

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>you always be just a chat for her

>> No.5320267

It's been nice seeing more lewds of her pop up lately, but still no penetration sadly.

>> No.5320672

Maybe it could be more one day. You never know. It's only truly over when you give up.

>> No.5321018

She's seven.

>> No.5321171

Seven year olds can't be Twitch partners, stoopid

>> No.5321647

>pay back

I want her to give me a blowjob so bad.

>> No.5321995

As it should be, Lily is for lolidom

>> No.5322220

If I wrote maybe-lewd Lily short story, would you read it ... ?

>> No.5323272

Only if it's not too lewd. Cuddling and kissing is okay, anything more than that should be off-limits.

>> No.5323310

But it's not even that, just nudes.

Wow, gay.

>> No.5323673

Old enough for oral penetration at least.

>> No.5324661

Fuck off you sick asshole. You don't talk like this about cute girls. They should be treated with love and respect.

>> No.5326035

I'll read it, anon.

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It's not a sekrit club it's public dumdum


>> No.5327258


>> No.5328045

I'm talking about breaking containment and talking about 4chan in her server you absolute retard. I hope goki bans you.

>> No.5328189

>cute frog girl
I will now watch your chuuba

>> No.5328203

Why wouldn't I be able to??? Pretty sure this is the audience she's marketing to

>> No.5328638

No, she's not. It's an open secret that her audience is in large part /vt/, but you're not supposed to be yelling the quiet part out loud. She's gotten upset about it before, there's a reason she keeps just ignoring you.
Go back and look at everything you've said and notice that she hasn't acknowledged any of it at all.
She's not going to ban you for being from 4chan, but I hope one of the shitty memes you post lands wrong and goki hits you with the hammer. I don't want retards like you around Lily.

>> No.5329156

>No, she's not. It's an open secret that her audience is in large part /vt/, but you're not supposed to be yelling the quiet part out loud. She's gotten upset about it before, there's a reason she keeps just ignoring you.
And how was I supposed to know that anon? You could have messaged me instead of being rude. I only started watching recently

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File: 175 KB, 1405x2048, E16xYIHXsAMCPHZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No more rudeness post Lily

>> No.5330215
File: 319 KB, 1038x806, E1ynJgFWUAEhIUp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5330357
File: 12 KB, 787x647, E3uIpSPXwAIAoV4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5330974

>And how was I supposed to know that anon?
Because I called you out, and not breaking containment unless they do it first is common sense, and no, being based isn't breaking containment.
>instead of being rude.
Look at where you are faggot, don't expect people to go easy on you just because it's a Lily thread although I take back hoping goki bans you, if you can behave yourself in front of Lily.

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File: 153 KB, 250x463, E3tL7aoXMAY2xon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not expecting you to not be rude because it's a lily thread, expecting you to not be rude because I couldn't have known what I did was wrong

>> No.5331544

How new? For future reference, people don't generally want to be associated with this shithole, so mentioning it is frowned upon by default. There is a reason it's called "breaching containment".

>> No.5331608


Do you have an online gallery, like pixiv or baraag?

>> No.5331951
File: 117 KB, 1280x720, E14PyrHVcAMg3FZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been on chans since 2013ish, it isn't a sekrit club and any notion of secrecy is pointless

Now post Lily

>> No.5331983

artist source please

>> No.5332005

She posted it on her twitter

>> No.5333598

>it isn't a sekrit club and any notion of secrecy is pointless
You're still missing the point. It's not a secret that I defecate, doesn't mean I'll go take a shit in public.

>> No.5333883

This girl needs some vanilla impregnation lewds

>> No.5334126

post Lily


>> No.5334329

I would if I could, anon. Unfortunately some fag in my IP range fucked it for all of us.

>> No.5334494 [SPOILER] 
File: 599 KB, 3704x4096, 1624120365722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Personally I'd like to see something rougher, like a piledriver or a nelson, maybe a deepthroat or even DP

>> No.5334527
File: 122 KB, 1418x1130, E1VozKSVEAMKQ6p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh sad. And whoops forgot to add image

>> No.5334540

artist source please

>> No.5334618


>> No.5335070


>> No.5335109

She didn't far as I can see. She was tagged in it though, which is pretty bold of the artist to do.

>> No.5335455

At least I can keep baiting you into posting Lily for me!

>> No.5335690
File: 470 KB, 1000x1000, 1612767923780.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lily's last stream inspirited me and I'll post it when I'm done! I can't guarantee it will only be limited to hugging, though!

>> No.5336313

She actually likes lewds. When she mentioned something slightly sexual before and got called out for it she said in a playful annoyed tone "Ooooh riiiight I remember this is America. Only violence is good, nudity is bad"

>> No.5336651

I want to read/see lewds of lily consensually getting deflowered in missionary position, with her initially stiffling her tears as a tiny amount of blood trickles out of her cunny, to her ahegaoing with heart shaped pupils as she has her first orgasm at the same time her womb gets flooded with semen for the first time.

>> No.5336806

followed by her cleaning the dick afterwards with her tongue swirling inside the foreskin, while holding hands

>> No.5336877


>> No.5336879

Nudity is objectively bad if it involves kids or depictions of them.

>> No.5336914

Haha imagine kissing her deeply as you cum inside her womb that would be craazy

>> No.5336973

>or depictions of them
This is probably not the site/vtuber you should be associating with bro

>> No.5336978


of course that too

>> No.5337106
File: 195 KB, 906x840, 1612955708916.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does she have a frog tongue? Important question.

>> No.5338442
File: 497 KB, 1098x1888, e38cbadc3f6b49ac.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if it's just her cute panties though?

>> No.5339141

I understand anon, only clothed sex with child presenting Vtubers is ok. God I would love to pull Lily's hotpants and panties aside while she is sitting on my lap playing games and stick it in her smelly butt-cunny.

>> No.5341090

Shit like the things posted in this thread is why she'll never love you or even associate with you. Why can't you just be a normal big bro that your little sister can be proud of and brag about to her friends?

>> No.5341434

Factually incorrect, she tells me she loves me every stream

>> No.5341484

While the "how do i get a lily gf" shit is maximum overcringe i'm sure she knows who she's appealing to.

>> No.5341574

A big brother fawning his cute little sister is normal and cute, those aren't the problematic post. The straight up lewdposting is what's gross and damaging.

>> No.5341619

but it's normal for brothers to want to fuck their little sisters

>> No.5341662

Pretty sure you throw the whole brother part out the window when you want a gf like her.

>> No.5341781

There's so many Loli artists that Lily is friends with, what do you mean? Rudeposting is the only issue that occasionally pops up in these threads

>> No.5341798

Where does it say that you can't want a little sister as gf? It's normal for any man to want that.
This, however, is not normal. A cute relationship is fine but there have to be boundaries.

>> No.5342082

>Where does it say that you can't want a little sister as gf?

Its written law that you cant stick your dick in a child.

>> No.5342211

Good thing Lily isn't a child then

>> No.5342227

Children can't be Twitch partners.

>> No.5342239

But you want a little sister gf.

>> No.5342248

my dick will break through any boundary

>> No.5342451

A little sister isn't a child forever anon

>> No.5342630

Lily is a little sister and not a child, what do you mean? Lily wouldn't be nearly as clever or funny if she was a child

>> No.5342796

That makes it better

>> No.5343073

Laws are made to be broken

>> No.5343271

So you would take a grandma little sister? decrepit hanging vagina, wrinkly tits and all?

>> No.5343318

Sounds hot

>> No.5343606

Alrighty then.

>> No.5343771

If you could take your little sister Lily on a date on Valentine's Day, where would you take her? Keep in mind, she likes cute things and her big bro.

>> No.5344005

Take her to disneyland and then doggy style in the bathroom

>> No.5344037
File: 34 KB, 227x222, 1621766554724.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A big brother fawning his cute little sister is normal and cute, those aren't the problematic post. The straight up lewdposting is what's gross and damaging.
>Where does it say that you can't want a little sister as gf? It's normal for any man to want that.
>Good thing Lily isn't a child then
Getting unironic groomer vibes from this one. It's really not that serious, faggot

>> No.5344133

A seedy back-alley where she can meet even more big bros and play with all of us at the same time.

>> No.5344174

A corporate think tank

>> No.5344303

Faggots like this is why I lewd every anime child I can out of spite. Especially ones like this who's very design screams rape bait

>> No.5344604

Take her out to a nice lake where we can go swimming, maybe do some fishing or hunt for frogs, and have a cute picnic. Maybe we could snuggle and kiss a little during our post-picnic nap

>> No.5344633

Bro you are on 4chan on a thread for a vtuber who used a child model and uses a fake loli voice and markets towards pedos, if you're not cunnypilled this probably isn't the right person for you to watch

>> No.5344955

The only good big bro in this thread. Screw the weirdos in this thread who only think with their dicks. You have to appreciate girls and love them.

>> No.5345017

t. someone who actually fucks children

>> No.5345074

We're not talking about Lily, we're talking about the fedora who's probably stalking a playground right now, learn to read.

>> No.5345080

Not the anon you are replying to but I just like the juxtaposition of an adult in the body of a child. Just because I watch a vtuber doesn't mean I want to fuck them.

>> No.5345302

Girls love sex more than guys faggot. There's no better way to love and appreciate than giving them some good old cunnilingus

>> No.5345693

Go back to /r/eddit

>> No.5346039

No. You should take her to see a movie, eat ice cream together and watch netflix together under the blanket. Just pure love and no degenerate shit.

>> No.5346338

Whats wrong, bucko? uncovered your plot?

>> No.5346482

Sounds boring as fuck then. But don't worry, can take her home to watch movies and cuddle after

>> No.5346991


>> No.5347077

It seems the buck has been broken

>> No.5347326

>lefty/pol/ faggots

>> No.5348195

>spending a cute and nice day with a super adorable little sister who loves you unconditionally
>literal heaven on earth
I hate people like you so much. Just die.

>> No.5348290

Nope. I'm gonna live longer than you out of spite. Cope and seethe

>> No.5348471


why not both?

>> No.5348736 [DELETED] 
File: 35 KB, 870x400, Screenshot 2021-06-19 at 16-12-14 poal me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

About as many cherries taken as sluts and greys combined.

>> No.5348919
File: 154 KB, 266x441, 1622352288995.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fuck you retards shut the fuck up

>> No.5348981

Wrong thread open, sumimasen.

>> No.5349050

Funny you call me the best since I'm the person who usually posts the new lewds. Lily deserves cute things, but sex can be cute too.

>> No.5349258 [SPOILER] 
File: 426 KB, 1272x1165, 1624137760740.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, less whining, more lewding.

>> No.5349677

I like the lore that's been established that Lily has light green panties, they're very cute

>> No.5352271
File: 202 KB, 342x357, 2hg54j4j7884gt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5352791

Funnily enough, I happen to find myself watching bea for the first time in a long time because of the cancelled stream

>> No.5353168

lily awakens something in me

>> No.5353461

Please tell the class!

>> No.5353496

His long repressed love of cock

>> No.5353916

I just wanna hang out with her and have some fun and maybe stay over for the night. Please take the lewdposting somewhere else.

>> No.5354891

But what if she got a sunburn and you had to rub aloe all over her lower back/butt area, or she gets sick and you need to put Vapor rub all over her chest and you happen to notice her nipples got really hard. You sure you wouldn't have any kind of thoughts on that?

>> No.5355046

Jesus christ

>> No.5355203

Your purity is admirable, but you must remember where you are, pure-anon!

>> No.5355244
File: 52 KB, 448x629, cute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My image ran away...

>> No.5355432


>> No.5356068
File: 348 KB, 4096x2304, EubUqreVoAA-usy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine coming home after a long and tedious day of work. You're exhausted because you hate your work and your normie colleagues made fun of you again and you just want to give it all up but you can't because you need the money. When you approach the door to your appartment, you can already hear quick footsteps coming from the other side. Someone seems to be rushing to the door to greet you... Suddenly, the door swings open, almost hitting you in the face.

>"Big bro, you're so late! Come on, I've been waiting for hours! I prepared all the snacks! It's all ready so hurrs! The mansion is so pog now, I even built a room for you and a game room and a cat room and..."

Lily has been staying at your place every day lately. Her parents work night-shifts, so they're not home until at least 10 AM and once they are, they usually just go to bed right away. It's no wonder a girl like her would get lonely in that kind of situation. When you first met her, she was sitting in front of her appartment door because she forgot to take her keys to school. Since you're neighbors, you let her stay with you until her parents are back. She was shy at first but quickly opened up once she realized you share many interests like anime and video games. Her knowledge about obscure games might even rival yours, and that is saying a lot. Kids these days sure are amazing. You still don't understand why she's so obsessed with calling you "big brother" though.

>"And check this out, big bro! I found a guide online for this automatic sugar cane farm! It works all by itself! It's. So. Cooool!"

Now that you think about it, is this really okay? What would her parents say if they found out you have her a spare key? Maybe you should ask them if they're alright with her staying over. Then again, what if they said no? Are you really prepared to lose all of this? To the average person, this might not look like much. But to you, this girl may be the only thing standing between you and the abyss. The thought of never seeing her again enters your head and you imagine what it was like to come home to an empty, dead appartment late at night.

>"Big bro... are you listening to me? Are you even taking this seriously? I worked on this all day."

Lily, who's been sitting in your lap for a while tilts her head backwards and stares straight up at your face. Her back is comfortably leaning against your belly. It's really soft and warm. Was she taking a bath before you got here?

>"Ah, sorry Lily. I'm just a bit tired from work, that's all."

Instantly, Lily's expression changes.

>"Hmmm... Oooh, big broootheeer... Could it be? Could it actually be? Could it be that you want your little sister to cheer you up? Such a hopeless big brother. But I know something that will definitely cheer you up."

Lily turns around, now sitting in your lap while directly facing you. Her face is so close. This smug look on her face, she is clearly planning to do something... This isn't good. You know there is no way you should let this happen. You've failed as an adult. But for some reason, none of that seems to matter now.

>"Okay big bro, close your eyes and maybe something good will happen."

Lily giggles. She is so close, you can feel and hear her breath now. You close your eyes.

>> No.5357420
File: 58 KB, 463x719, cute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if i had to say, i would agree with the notion that this frog is pretty pog

>> No.5357428

Oh no! What's going to happen...

>> No.5357488

thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQJyBLFuG4c

>> No.5358397

Someone is converting /v/posters...

>> No.5358462

she has based video game opinions so id say /vt/ would eat her up

>> No.5358675

Lily is such a cute prankster

>> No.5360813

I hope someone keeps an archive downloads of her ASMR streams

>> No.5361124

How do I make this happen to me?

>> No.5361138

i dont like ASMR but i also hope, the Lily archive must be complete

>> No.5361345

Lucid dreaming

>> No.5361455

Be the change you want to see in the world! The world thrives most when the dreams in the hearts of men can be realized unrestricted! To rely on others for your own happiness is to set yourself up for disappointment and a dependent mentality!

>> No.5363725

I have all 4 saved

>> No.5364045

I'm the archivebro from her last stream. I have everything except E3 since her monhun stream, which from what I can tell contains 3 of them. I'd be interested in hosting the 4th one, and anything else it's missing that others have saved.

>> No.5365627

I have two in the scene with the dummy head and two in the park. Which are you missing? I think her 1st one in the park scene ended in a disconnect so maybe that's why it got missed

>> No.5365635

where do you store them?

>> No.5366629

I'm not sure, I just quickly looked at the thumbnails and titles and saw 3 that were obviously ASMR. If you want to look through it just type lilyhops and add a cute TLD.
In one of my personal VPS', I'll be making backups on my metal homeserver soon, though.

>> No.5367227

You have all 4, it's "whispering and wiggling", "this stream does not exist", "little sister helps you sleep", and "how do I ASMR". I'll still put my copies on Mega so people can DL them

>> No.5368268

it's gotta be full nelson nakadashi or prone bone nakadashi

>> No.5368485

Godspeed anon

>> No.5369650

You can download them from my archive by right clicking the videos after hitting play. You can even download the subtitles (chat), and the metadata I have on the vod, if you look around the source.

>> No.5369827

how does one access the archive?

>> No.5370064

I posted the link in chat on her last stream, and posted a "hint" in >>5366629
I still haven't setup the cdn yet, so I don't want bots to catch the link here.

>> No.5372007

do you know the timestamp by any chance? i only watched for a couple hours at about 3 hours in

>> No.5372424

I'm dumb, it was 2 streams ago. They were the same game so I got them mixed up.
I started talking about it at 0:32:35.14.

>> No.5375718
File: 212 KB, 1200x1200, henry-viii-gettyimages-164081255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Faggots like this is why I lewd every anime child I can out of spite.

>> No.5375779

>smug with hotpants
she knows exactly what she's doing

>> No.5377245

She's seven.

>> No.5377293

>she's seven
that's the best part
you faggots keep making her younger every week

>> No.5377523

Twitch partner.

>> No.5377547

She's literally in pre-school, anon. Sicko.

>> No.5377619

Not sure what you mean by this

>> No.5377648

Calling you a king, clearly.

>> No.5377649

You can't even use Twitch if you're under 13, let alone be a partner. Stop repeating this.

>> No.5377713

The CEO of twitch saw how cute and funny Lily was so they made an exception.

>> No.5377723

Oh. Then thanks bro

>> No.5378391

Her big bro created the account for her.

>> No.5378693

seven months pregnant with my child that is

>> No.5380030

Tell me about Lily
Why does she hop

>> No.5380088

To reach higher pog levels

>> No.5380102

not really but I just found this line quite funny, lewding loli out of spite, this whole discussion was pretty pathetic from both sides but I laugh at this one

>> No.5380981

Lily is my little sister. Ask me anything.

>> No.5381156

What does Lily taste like?

>> No.5381250

Hey she's my sister too!

>> No.5382305

Her skin is slightly salty, like every other human being.
She's not.

>> No.5382551

>She's not.
Then why does she call me big brother?

>> No.5383283

Out of pity.

>> No.5383706
File: 53 KB, 1000x563, 1617893253044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lily cho- yamete...! Iya iya iya iya... onegai...

Wait... Skyrim? Eh?!
Y-you're not Lily!

>> No.5386365
File: 109 KB, 952x1816, 1623605637027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5386838
File: 109 KB, 1024x1024, 1622833456578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>first good Lily fanart I've seen on this thread

>> No.5386851

Adult Lily! Cute! Cute!

>> No.5387098


>> No.5387272

>Adult Lily!
That's how I imagine her divorced of goki's-artstyle

>> No.5389155

The Chat is much comfier than i could expect from this kind of stuff

>> No.5389218

Anons who aren't stupid leave their horny contained here and keep her chat comfy. It's nice.

>> No.5390111

sometimes it's hard to endure when she deliberately tease me

>> No.5390738

brehs i need my dose of Lily, stream soon?

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