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Vtubers who are in a relationship IRL.

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Your oshi is in a relationship with me.

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Don't care about heteros, sorry.

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Yeah,with me

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Is that one niji guy with the black and red still with the maid girl with pink hair?

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coco and kanata

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Gwelu Os Gar. Literally married and has a child.
One of Omega sister is also married and has a child too.

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coco and watame

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Without a doubt in my mind

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I wonder how she convinced her husband to wear a skirt and be pegged by her.

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>implying the onihole is a one-man gal
She's getting spitroasted every weekend.

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The rrats are too strong...
There's no way these two aren't dating

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Nigger what?
So she's lying saying she can't see man romantically?

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Are you telling me Kuku is a cuckquean?

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It's just your usual Roberu being used or being groomed.

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Isn't she an actual lesbian whos talked about going to lesbian bara on stream. From nijisanji, no?

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How can he even date anyone when he's being imprisoned under 774's basement?

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Literal bio female, just a fujo.

>> No.5234560

Is this a lesbian?

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You can still be a lesbian while being friendly and playful with dudes

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she's not right now

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She's the childhood friend-type chara, of course she's gonna get cucked

>> No.5234784

pretty much all of them

>> No.5234788

That's just her Persona.

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>takes the day off to check on her
I beleeb.

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Every chick in Nijisanji

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second is bisexual, she fucks everything she sees, I don't think kanda wants to go out with her.hana mentioned last year that she doesn't even have time to fap and partner i don't think i have a partner (hanakal video 1)

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I thought she was homosex

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Does being sexfriends count as in a relationship?

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In Japan and Korea yeah, it's seen as a special relationship without the title of boyfriend/girlfriend/etc.

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That sounds interesting. Where can i read about it.

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>lol I'm totally rezu guys!
>fucks a bunch of dudes

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>muh photo of a hand from 10 years ago

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Sorry, Akina is for shota dick only.

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Haneru is nearing 40...

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I'm pretty sure she confirmed what she's bi. Do both of your right.

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What a cute couple

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She's just a slut

>> No.5236005

Those damn cougars.

>> No.5236091

Almost all of them.
But it’s alright, it’s not like you’re a filthy idolfag, right?

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>one girl, 655k relationships
get on her level

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A hag is still an oneesan
Roberu is still winning

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Imagine the sex

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How can she be such are slut but remaining being so pure?

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Yo, jumped in Roberu's stream, and he had a bunch of female donos. Do they enjoy being cucked on stream or what?

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Pretty unsubtle reason for why she's graduating

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A good portion of roberu's female audience is already married (some with children already) and just watch him with their husbands
Another portion is apparently after the kaigai men in roberu's chat (if 4chan is to be believed)
Only a few of roberu's female fans are true fujos/femgoslings, I think

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All women are lesbians until they get that one dick.

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stop posting my wife, anon

>> No.5237348

pretty sure Ebi and Ars fucked

>> No.5237370

This is honestly my rrat. She just found someone and is either wanting to start a family or its already happening.

I love Coco but she was never my oshi or had any parasocial relationship with her so if that was the case i would feel happy for her. Idk how the Tatsunoko would react tho.

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>Another portion is apparently after the kaigai men in roberu's chat.
This. If you want JPs calling you cute, just hang out in Roberu's stream.

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Wait what.

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She's absolutely NOT in a relationship, but by god I hope she finds someone someday...

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I believe this. You can't beat the cock.

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If we are talking about two Vtubers then the only confirmed and relevant ones are Crossick.

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Kagura Mea
even the chats sometimes helping to hook her up with other streamers

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>lesbian bara
how the fuck would that even work

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Lesbian bar

>> No.5237673

No, I'm talking about lesbian BARA

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Pekomiko are in a bdsm relationship

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I used to watch her for a bit, doesnt she stream on bilibili a ton now

>> No.5237772

Anon shes a whore

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If that's true, then I look forward to all the new art of both of them gagged. I've only got 6 for Pekora and 2 for Miko

>> No.5237920

First time I see this pairing, going to check it.

>> No.5237936

She and chocosen really need a good dicking

>> No.5237955

Kuku bros... I don't feel so good...

>> No.5237980

I'm glad the artist who does bondage art for Mikoto hasn't stopped after the yab

>> No.5238099

Which was the mikoto yab?

>> No.5238110

His thing with Manami was for business. Now he's set his businessman eyes on Kaza.

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Kuzuha's voice being heard in the background while she streamed.

>> No.5238198

they're not a ship on stream

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Because most females arent seething incels and dont care if some virtual avatar gets with another virtual one,

Unless they are kpop stans the. In that case they are far worse than incelS

>> No.5238450

not everyone watches vtubers for GFE/BFE faggot

>> No.5238557

She's bi but leans heavily towards women and those two probably aren't actually together

>> No.5238751

That's not true at all.

I've seen celebrities get into relationships and seen how some women absolutely lose their shit and threaten to kill whomever the girl is.

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All of hololive except korone

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There are gaijin hunters in roberu's chat?

>> No.5238823

>Do they enjoy being cucked on stream or what?
Yes. There was that one fan of hers who said she enjoy being thought of as a wallet of his and nothing more, turned her on.

>> No.5238825

Ayame dates a toilet cause she can't go without it due to her unending shits.

>> No.5238917

Are u sure about that anon?

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Wrong on so many levels.

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No one tell him

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Honestly, what are the chances for any famous vtuber to not be or have never tried to get into dates?
Their work is simple and attract all kind of males, some surely some tried to contact privately and few could have been accepted. With youth, fame and money what can bind them to stay locked in their room? And let’s not forget there are popular males too, people that could also secretly be watching vtubers and could coincidentally meet during official work at some studio.
In the end thinking vtubers could be single, is really narrow-minded, given there are other type of entertainment media and everyone knows how love life develop in those markets.

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Gwelu Os Gar has a wife and child and talks about them on stream. It's very cute. He made an announcement stream over his son learning how to walk.

>> No.5239057

T u T

>> No.5239118

Roberu is not an attractive male celeb with normalfag women fans. He is a vtuber and his fanbase is pretty normal. You're comparing two different types of women. The ones seething over their hunk getting close to a woman to the point of going schizo are not the type to watch vtubers.
Even Nijisanji males who lean into the BFE thing don't have a lot of those types. They're fine when they collab with girls.

>> No.5239234

Legitimately obssessed

>> No.5239722

Its the same mindset as the solo content creating thots on patreon and onlyfans, you assume they're single and they'll play it up to get your money and support, all the while getting dicked down. i.e Korone.

>> No.5239795

Thats only in kpop fanbases

>> No.5239840

Wait give me the rrat.

So papa machia is actually her husband?????

>> No.5239906

Boyfriend, who creampied her on stream

>> No.5240007

I would call this bait but considering what I've seen from tourists here I'll bite. Norio-sensei is unironically female, it's as a well kept secret as Kson.

>> No.5240051

>Imagine the sex
Sex would be one 30 min session with Nene, four men at a time. We assume Nene has the stamina to fuck guys around the clock so that would be 192 men in one day.
Now let's assume, 100% of her subs wants to fuck Nene (including the female subs), then it would take 3,411 days to go through each member once, meaning you would have to wait every 9 years to be intimate with Nene.
Anyone trying game the system and go again before a full rotation will be executed on the spot.

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okay it's just a rrat then

>> No.5240123 [DELETED] 

Only Nene's members are her husbands

>> No.5241053

Ange is in a relationship with me.
Hoshikawa is in a relationship with me:
Kuzuha and I are bros
Ebio and I are bros
Debi is my best friend.

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Hana is MY wife

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>> No.5241233

This board probably thinks Goku is a woman because he's voiced by a female seiyuu

>> No.5241246

Fucking around everywhere doesn't count as being in a relationship, Ayame, but keep telling you that

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my wife

>> No.5241791

Is there a clip of this

>> No.5242203

my oshi's boyfriends' wife*

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The stream where he had Kagura Mea "accidentally leak" that he had a wife and the subsequent "apology"/announcement stream was so funny

>> No.5244050

No you retards. That anon was saying >her because that anon used a pic of tamaki and called him, "her". If the anon wanted to reference norio specifically, they shouldn't use the character.

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Everyone but Polka, that's why she is like that

>> No.5245759

Too bothersome for her, pretty sure she has a very low libido too, my asian ex was like this and ended up not dating anyone ever after, it was getting in the way of her life and career
I hope so
This fucking brat I swear, at least talk about it and how weak and pathetic he is
Lucky man if so
She fucks around for sure but not "in a relationship"
eh, she seems too autistic for it but not impossible
Well of course, tho he seems pretty uncaring

>> No.5245944

With me

>> No.5245953

People really can't tell the difference between fake corporate relationships and actual ones?

>> No.5245985

The best kind of bara

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The very kind of mental issues common among people who get into vtubing prevents that from happening easily
Having plenty of people lusting after you doesn't mean you're able to get in an actual relationship.

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Mori fucks black men

>> No.5246360

No wonder why i find her so repulsive

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>> No.5246820

>Has never read female dating strategy
sweet summer child

>> No.5246844

But connor and gigguk aren't white

>> No.5246945

>Ange is in a relationship with me.
And I'm the third one making her dreams a reality.

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Koopa fortuna with Spacer Haywire

>> No.5247342

Reminder: If they don't live together, they aren't in a relationship. No amount of cope will change that. There is no couple in the world that just "chooses" to pay double rent for the sake of NOT seeing the person they supposedly love.

>> No.5247494

Not even good as a meme. She's openly lusted for some white scruffy streamer dude.

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>killed her own ship with a menhera to date a buff dude instead

>> No.5247543

A business relationship with tons of old men.

>> No.5247648

me and (you)r oshi

>> No.5247698

You forgot to include Kanae.

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Cucking Aki's husband!

>> No.5248169

Or they just have not been able to move in together? See Crossick.

>> No.5248397


>> No.5248478

Please anon, Kanda has higher standards than that used-up STD repository.

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The main issue with some vtubers is that they just don't really want to be in a relationship, it's too mendokusai

>> No.5249591

Only schizoids actually mean that though.

>> No.5249758

Roberu... Hayato... please just date Polka or find her a boyfriend...

>> No.5250704

Nope check out Reylo fans, They got pissed when they found out the actor had a wife because they wanted to ship him and the actor for Rey together IRL

>> No.5250748

>leans heavily towards women
I'd say she leans heavily towards men, if she's bi at all. Can't stop talking about dicks, has a husbando, even her Genshin streams are full of lusting over the dudes.

>> No.5250768

Didn't that get more fujos mad at her than unicorns mad about Kuzuha anyway?

>> No.5250855

Tamaki isn't married anyway. Just Norio.

>> No.5250895

She said that 2 years ago, but recently she's been leaning more and more towards males, might be her biological clock getting to her.

>> No.5250950

how dare you!!!!!

>> No.5251060

it was a mix of cnr fujos and general kuzuha antis who wanted to latch onto whatever 'yab' was happening, the fujos forgot and the antis got bored

>> No.5251100

*oni antis

>> No.5251146
File: 2.94 MB, 800x714, nijisanji_hskw_sniff_gundou.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5251309


>> No.5254103

Reminder that Noel and Flare have fucked IRL.

>> No.5254252

Is it true and Gendou and Sara are very attractive girls irl?

>> No.5254294

It's the other way around, Nijisanji livers have said that Kanda mogs Gundou in looks

>> No.5256342

By this logic KanaCoco are one of the only ones actually dating and Im fine with that

>> No.5256457

Does that mean Suisei and Anemachi are in an incestuous relationship?

>> No.5256784

Coco has a boyfriend that got her pregnant so she has to graduate.

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File: 763 KB, 1024x683, Hoshimachi Suisei43.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

makes it better

>> No.5259389

how many are her current members, and how long would the queue be for sex, given the previous formula provided?

>> No.5261979

at least pretend you watch her streams

>> No.5262647

Fuck, how did you found out, that I impregnated her?

>> No.5262734

I knew Morigusa would win out.

>> No.5262816

Never ever date a bi women.

>> No.5262860

>Gachikoi seriously believe this

>> No.5263066

Hoshikawa is alright, I don't think I've heard any accounts of Gundou's appearance, but from the accounts of other Nijisanji members Kanda is apparently really fucking handsome and /fit/ irl.

>> No.5263288
File: 791 KB, 793x1000, 6098a774394a6a0c7ac65dffd7a724dc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are 100% married. She acts protective of him, he spends more time on her streams, she uses ship art of them for thumbnails and they constantly flirt. No way it's not him. Using he and she since it's easier, you get the point.

>> No.5263349


>> No.5263425

Yes and?

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File: 177 KB, 848x1200, 1622934169223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love these two so much and it hurts that I'll never have what they have

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>it hurts that I'll never have what they have
Get a life, faggot

>> No.5264630

all the female ones asses are in a relationship with my face

>> No.5264700

Hana is OUR girlfriend.

>> No.5264804

How would you introduce your boyfriend and have your audience accept him? Have him pretend he's your dad.

>> No.5264963

See that would be the ideal good ending.
But sadly no, she got suffocated by Cover in typical nip fashion when they can't outright fire you.
Like think about this dude, Coco has been in gay baby jail for almost half of HoloEN's entire existence.

>> No.5265680

Isn't that just regular insane shippers?

>> No.5266721

I'd say its not as much that they get contacted privately, but they know people involved in the vtubing industry, buisness and hidden internet side etc, and theyre irl losers and get with guys theyve been talking to as part of that.
Also they all were internet autists in discords filled with failed creators and those types before holo.
JP girls get exposed to Idol industry types, dance singing etc

>> No.5266743

>those fans are indicative of most women

>> No.5268366

You'll be finding Coco repulsive in that case anon.

>> No.5268383

I can tell you've never actually been in a relationship or not many if you really believe that.

>> No.5268550

Anon, even /u/ doesn't believe they're for real.

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File: 584 KB, 1350x900, 749387593842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 129 KB, 1200x900, ESvDLzwU8AAvr1I.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These 2 rabbit hole goes really deep:
Once Mirei got a message from him while she was streaming, he didn't know she was streaming, whatever content was in that message was enough to almost make her cry from happiness.

Once Mirei started Twitting on Kanda's account saying she figured out his phone's password, people got angry at her saying that's invasion of privacy and not cool, even if they're dating, Kanda himself posted she was just joking and they told each other's phones passwords, something basically only couples do :
Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/Kanda_Shoichi/status/1194089592850407424
Kanda explaining: https://twitter.com/Kanda_Shoichi/status/1194239494947426305

Once they slept at the office together

Kanda once gave her flowers in MC as a joke, she initially put them crudely in front of her house, then she panicked after they almost get crushed during a collab with Warabeda and moved them to a safer place, then to some garden, then to she made a pot and keeps them inside the house, this all happened during several months.

Utako once asked Mirei point blank is she and Kanda are really just friends, she went "no comment" a couple times before telling her that they're friends.

The princess carry stuff was something they promised to do like 2 years ago, once they have 3D models.

>> No.5268785

Amelia probably. The parasocial pandering is such a miserable hypocritical lie.

Ina is in a long term relationship of many years, probably plays FF14 with him a ton.

>> No.5270694

Noel wants her brother's cock but Flare is an actual dyke.

>> No.5276849

Noel is based

>> No.5278628

That big boobed vshojo girl who's married to the gigguk.

>> No.5278630

They recently had their first offline collab and Ars was actually a bit scared of Ebio because he's tall and maintains eye contact as he speaks.
It could also be because he's handsome. Some months ago, she strongly implied that she becomes meek around ikemen.

>> No.5278690

You say when kpop stars getting into a relationship can cause them to kill people.

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