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Someone please tell mori that shadowverse is a dead game.

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I'm betting my money on orange

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>faye mata

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No fucking clue

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Transwoman voice actor for anime

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Where did you get that from? She's not a tranny

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Voice actress who did a bunch of anime dubs like Aqua from Konosuna.

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>faye mata
idk who the fuck this is, but that doesn't matter. These shadowverse streams suck hard. It will end up as random podcast bg noise while I focus on other tasks.

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>collabs with Aqua's VA before collabing with Aqua
These bitches don't care about Hololive

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Ame, Gura and Ina are good people.

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Apparently also a super smash competitive player.

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Why is it always Kiara and Mori who collab with normalfags? And why is it always Gigguk?

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They aren't even trying to be anime girls anymore wtf...

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Imagine if they started streaming with their real faces from time to time

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reminder that you're a fucking faggot and you don't belong here if you watch this garbage

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Wow I'm not sure which is worse.

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Is she part of the "community"?

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From her wiki page:
>Mata has contributed to the Black Girls Code, Girls Who Code, and Tyrone Gayle Scholars Program.

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like Coco or Noel?

>> No.5207241

>brings the orange woman along so she doesn't get shit for not caring enough about hololive

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When have they ever done that?

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How many times is this place gonna pretend that vchuubas don't collab with real people?

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Yes but on their hololive channel

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It's was always over.

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>Suisei lasted less than 10 seconds.

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They cut her a check to play it. If someone offered you $10,000 to play a card game in front of autists on the internet, would you say no?

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In my mind Gigguk is a racial slur, but I say it with the hard R.


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The cope is eternal my friend. The schizos just found a new target to dramafag about.

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Haha that can't be re-

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shadowverse tournament in 2021 kek

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He's Mori's friend. Also he does play shadowverse but I think the Mori connection is the big reason

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>pretend that vchuubas don't collab with real people
no one is pretending that
vtubers collabing with e-celeb trash is what people are hating

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no fucking way

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Why does it always have to be the most boring people imagineable

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I'm so proud to be a EOP western women watcher.

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>people freaking the fuck out over nyanners
If you fags give this a free pass while autistically screaming about a socially inept pink cat I'm done with you.

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What is it with western whores and their thirst for e-celeb cock.

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wtf is going on with holoen lol, pic related slowly turning into reality is pretty funny to see.

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I'm in on this, the reason we couldn't get 4 holoEN girls for this is that hololive didn't want them to be paired with male coaches and we only have 2 semi decent female players.
The other 2 have collaborated with Cygames/Shadowverse before so they were picked. Any "influencer" that has been picked so far was picked because they have a weeb audience which is the audience Cygames wants to attract to Shadowverse.
This event was run in the past with a bunch of small-medium (card game) streamers and Ovilee May (some league commentator I think) but Cygames upped the budget to be able to get hololive on board.

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When did everything go so wrong? Was it Coco? Was it HoloEN? Was it all wrong from the start and we just didn't realize?

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I don't mind vtubers collabing with actual pros like in apex, but this people are cringy e-celebs.

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Coco twerking stream. After that it was all over.

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How different is this compared to that one monhun stream they invited aqua or the apex tournament matuli got shit on

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Can't wait for SJWs to go full CCP and have the EN branch axed.

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>Was it all wrong from the start and we just didn't realize?
Well clearly. No matter how big it gets, once it reaches critical mass it will begin to bleed out into places far outside it's original sphere. It's up to you where to draw the line when you begin to feel you don't enjoy it anymore.

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Maybe it never went wrong in the first place

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At some point this constant doomposting has to be exhausting, right? Dont you guys have anything better to do?

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If the one on the right is an anime VA then it might be acceptable even though western VAs are less than C listers, it still makes sense to collab with people on the industry, an anituber is not someone of the industry you want to collab with

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Daily reminder to embrace Trinity.

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>More e-celebs

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The hilarious part is all these EOP not knowing Hololive has already done all this whacky shit for years.

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Name a single jp holo who collabed with an anituber

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Sponsored by Cover by the way.
No rule breaking here.

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Based Coco jump from a shrinking ship.
Poor other JP girls, Hololive is their life.

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Give me a good reason to hate Gigguk /vt/. I just don't understand it.

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it's okay if JPs do it, but if EN does it then i'll cry!

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Once you're done moving your goalpost, feel free to answer my question

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you know that hololive girls are all e-celebs right?

>> No.5208273

Look at the reddit trash that infests this board. Its over

>> No.5208296

It's all people larping like they're Japanese fans who understand idol culture

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Mori cares more about him than hololive

>> No.5208318

No one tell anons that HoloJP collabed with Japanese ecelebs.

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Vtubers have been collabing with anitubers since the very beginning. Deal with it

>B-but it's different because its Hololive!
Oh shut the fuck up

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why the fuck would a jp collab with an anituber when they can collab with the actual VA
anitubers are for EOPs

>> No.5208380

Anitubers along with Daiz are half of the reason of the decay of most things related to anime in the west

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They're idols retard. And they play a character. Momosuzu Nene is not an e-celeb.

>> No.5208406

>Mori saves Shadowverse in the west
Wow, guess I'm a 5%beat now. Fuck Hololive, Mori can burn it down to the ground for all I care if she pulls this off.

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He's Calli's bf irl

>> No.5208460

>but it's different because its Hololive!
This but unironically

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He may become friends with my Oshi and then... what if they start dating. I CANT HANDLE THIS KIND OF KEKOLDRY. It all needs to be lies!!!! Sweet...sweet lies...

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Shadowverse fag here, Faye Mata is an anime VA but more importantly she voiced a few of the cards in the game.

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Coco sacrificed so these bitches can suck any cock they want.

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Kiara and Mori will destroy Hololive thanks to these Hololive-approved streams

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Did you want escapism in your vtubing experience? Too bad.

>> No.5208549

the difference is anitubers are cancerous normalfags and leeches. they bring nothing to the table except their horrid fanbase

>b-but trash taste is popular! they cant be leeches!

>> No.5208569

yeeeaaaaah no

>> No.5208579

We call them teamates

>> No.5208584

Anon, your roommate reps...

>> No.5208586

well yeah, its her irl friend. she goes on double dates with him and sydsnap. you care about your friends more than your job, right?

>> No.5208596

gooooooo back

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>> No.5208624

If the interaction with real people sours your "escapism" you should've become a Yagoo anti a long time ago

>> No.5208633

>ENfags surprised that their ironic weebs vtubers are pandering to ironic weebs
You can always ditch EN forever and go back to JP, you know.

>> No.5208661

perfect partner for Kiara then, great!

>> No.5208664

Sick and tired of all these holoen/vshojo threads. Does anyone have a decent filter list?

>> No.5208679

oh look a bunch of stuff that will never be mentioned on stream, or relevant to the stream.

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She fits right in with Kiara then

>> No.5208688

you should go back to your mom vagina so she can actually abort you successfully

>> No.5208715

Yes they are anon, yes they are.

>> No.5208716

Basically jealousy. Dude is the “king” of the anime community and he makes a living by watching anime, most people in this board would kill to be in his position. Anyone said otherwise in this board is bs because I doubt any of their jobs is comparable to the guy.

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Ahhhhh, got it. Thank you for the context, that actually helps make sense of this choice now.

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Holy shit the pink cat unironically ruined everything

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Fake and Gay

>> No.5208783

stop posting this fake shit

>> No.5208806

I haven't watched anime in years nor I care for popularity. I like my job as an engineer and do game dev as a hobby. I seriously do not want his job.

>> No.5208822

She's a kiddy diddler?

>> No.5208838

Shit hot takes
Gravely uninformed about some franchises
Either really funny or fucking cringe, no in-between
Unironic weab

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The cope from KFP is palpable.

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It never even began anon. This is the future of Hololive, why even deny it.

>> No.5208897

Gigguk was picked for the event because he actually voluntarily plays Shadowverse and has reached the highest rank in the game before and tweeted about it. Normally Cygames has to pay big bucks to get people to advertise the game because nobody cares about it outside of Japan.

>> No.5208916

send me the proof on discord

>> No.5208920

>dude, trust me on this!
Try harder

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>> No.5208938

I thought ironic weebs were the bogeyman, not unironic weebs.

>> No.5208962

All the time? Their roommate accounts are still active.

>> No.5208963

Why the FUCK is it always these 2? Can the other 3 please talk some sense into them?

>> No.5208967 [DELETED] 

Go ahead and post your discord name, then :^)

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>> No.5209036

I thought we were talking about Noel and Coco?

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>> No.5209052

Are you stupid? Have they ever done that in their Hololive channels you retard?

>> No.5209087

idk shit about shadowverse, is it really a dead game?

>> No.5209097

Why are doxxbeats like this?

>> No.5209102

FOR FUCK SAKE. why? Jesus Christ

>> No.5209112

Enma and J-faggot were a mistake
Mori and Kiara need new managers

>> No.5209140

Cover literally approved it even A-Chan liked gigguk tweet
Yeah they only care about money

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Translate it, post it to 5ch. Inform them about what kind of politics calli and Kiara are infecting chuubas with.

>> No.5209209

This so much. The people reacting to this as if its the final yab are fucking retarded reactionaries

>> No.5209223

Both Kiara and Mori are like her.

>> No.5209234

Hey, I thought you election tourists went home for the day what gives.

>> No.5209237

i really cant stand gigcuck

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File: 16 KB, 530x476, 3afd2c530a83e41b6564e07c9ea31cd2fe0f097af88a47f13e6ffe8042841e3d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When everyone here gave those to shit on there debuts for being the 2 potential shitters it's almost like we had a feeling on what they would lead us into.

as far as im concerned /jp/ & /vt/ has been vindicated about their opinions.

>> No.5209253

It's alive in Japan and kinda dead everywhere else which doesn't really matter because it's a global server so you get matched with Tanaka-san almost instantly.
It only matters if you care about """"content creation"""" and tournaments. Japan also has enough playerbase to have local tournaments with prizes just like Yugioh or Magic but you don't have those anywhere else.

>> No.5209312

calm down, man

>> No.5209388

>Astolfo collab

>> No.5209417

Shadowverse is the worst card game ever made even Artifact was better

>> No.5209426

the moment Cover gets permission for chinese games would cause this place to implode more than it would've on July

>> No.5209438

How much did shadowverse pay for this shit collab?

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File: 1.39 MB, 2894x4093, E3A41YHVgAQUhJp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, yeah, he is checking all the boxes for this promotion then. "Influencer", has collabed with Mori twice already, knows the game. Would have liked to have seen some of this info in the tweet, but oh well.

>> No.5209720

Cover still had Chinese companies make their physical merch even after the Coco yab and HoloCN disbanding. Cover is very much trying to mend the relationship with China, if not on good terms already.

Its an inevitability and shit will be flung. rrats will be born, schizos will be off their meds.

>> No.5209735


Can't make it all up.
Kick these attention whoring bitches who's only riding this bus to boost their roommate's dead ass relevancy.
Ame, Gura and Ina are the true HoloENs. Always have always will be.

>> No.5209862

>They call him Gigacuck when he is the one cucking them out of their hobby

>> No.5209923

>Cover is very much trying to mend the relationship with China, if not on good terms already.
Ah yes, I forgot cover is happy friends with bilibili now, their direct competitor that is doing better without them and were the ones to kick them out in the first placee

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File: 1.14 MB, 1149x1138, 1623008558511.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm unironically embracing the Trinity now

>> No.5210005

Woke points!!!!

>> No.5210086

Kinda, they combined panamerican and europe tournament representation as just "west". It's pretty popular in JP and SEA, and it's celebrating its 5th anni, tho

>> No.5210087

SJW dub voice actor who did Aqua from Konosuba, Petra from Fire Emblem 3 Houses, and Astolfo from Fate Apocrypha. Maybe more but I don't care enough to look

>> No.5210149

The merchs I saw have the tag "made in Vietnam".

>> No.5210160

Chinks aren't happy with Cover. YAGOO can grovel like a worm all he wants but China will not fully accept Cover back in their good graces. If they want to embrace the CCP then I hope Coco takes as many Holos with her as she can.

>> No.5210194

I would rather neck myself than being seen watching anime.

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Fuck every single piece of shit reddit normafag tourist who thinks this is even remotely ok.

>> No.5210302

It's not a big deal, anon :)

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Sadly my Oshi will likely the last one who leave Hololive. It is her life.

>> No.5210418

KMR pumps enough cash prize in it every year to fuel an ESports scene in Japan

>> No.5210460

Can we ever have one decent thing to ourselves?

>> No.5210467

You know Mori fought her hardest to be partnered with Gigguk.

>> No.5210486

good to see that she's a normal human

>> No.5210500

Yeah same

>> No.5210510

>Dude is the “king” of the anime community
He's king of the ironic weeb normalfag community. People who actually watch anime hate Gigguk because he's a fucking normalfags idea of a person who watches anime

>> No.5210516

What even is Buddy System? Another anitube channel?

>> No.5210520

You missed the Mori and Gigguk collab? Anitubers and Vshojos are both bad

>> No.5210530

I wish it was real faggot

>> No.5210548

There's no way Hololive can even come back to China, China introduced a bunch of new laws that pretty much outright ban Hololive content.

>> No.5210598

you'll shitpost for two weeks, the stream will happen, and then you'll find something else to shitpost about

>> No.5210621

Meh, more like the middle. Not TheAnimeMan level of weeb but nether is he nuxtaku level of normalfag.

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>Takamori again

I thought this Gigguk shit was a one off but know they have a useless talentless English voice acting whore obsessed with race and politics. I want these 2 to graduate.

>> No.5210669

Some circuit of players gathered to raise the popularity of the game

>> No.5210677

Mori isn't partnered with Gigguk, I'm coaching Gigguk and a girl called iyashiK is coaching Mori. She was the only girl to make top 16 in tournaments last year. The idea was to pair 1 good player with 1 talent.
Cover didn't want the girls to be paired with males.

>> No.5210687

But aqua, she's you.

>> No.5210711

Oyabun lost a lot of following after the entry into the Chinese market, multiple voice actresses arc. She hasn't fully recovered since then so I don't see how showing this when most people don't pay as much attention to her as they do with Hololive in the past two years.

>> No.5210740

Wasn't this how you fags coped about the original collab? You've been proven 100% factually and objectively wrong anon. You need to find a new angle.

>> No.5210771

Zhangs got their graduations, why can't you get yours? Just saying.

>> No.5210806

It's exactly what happened today

>> No.5210828

Seriously considering becoming an unironic Mori and Chicken anti and spamming doxxshit on their official channels over this. Western whores need to learn the ground rules.

>> No.5210831

>3 retweet 261 likes
Learn to fake better.

>> No.5210845

Insider anon, if you are reading pls respond. How popular is shadoba on the west? Are this promotion campaigns paying off or cygames just throws money and hopes for the best?

>> No.5210866

Don't fall for the Reddit concern trolls, take what is rightfully yours.

>> No.5210873

>being jealous of a seanigger anituber
the dude has to chill garbage every fucking day of his life and make self deprecating jokes in all his videos with the format he copied for someone actually talented lmao "King" hes just a fucking clown.

>> No.5210905

Do it up player

>> No.5210947

is there a non-vtuber you guys wouldnt mind if EN collabed with?

>> No.5210979

throw away your meds

>> No.5210998

are you faggots really doomposting about a corporate soonsored shill stream pushed by management?

>> No.5211021


>> No.5211025

Yes. What you gonna do about it?

>> No.5211030
File: 2.34 MB, 1920x1080, Idols.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5211035

No. They should be collabing with their senpai more

>> No.5211043

I support you, terrorism works.

>> No.5211083
File: 547 KB, 505x580, 1623400783812.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But... My Oshi... Men.... The invasion of the west... New bad...

>> No.5211088
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well its time to become full autist and buy gunpla as a new hobby

>> No.5211110

>Cover didn't want the girls to be paired with males.
They should realize by now Westerners don't care about that shit. Unicorns only care about the JPs and Cuckbeats will excuse anything their queen says or does.

>> No.5211150

Epicaly done, my fellow redditors! Get ready to deflect again once the thread reaches 200 replies!

>> No.5211154

ZUN, Sugita, Yuki Ono, kokorobeats, beatmario, Hollywood Actor Ryan Gosling

>> No.5211157

Yep. I could counter op but KMR needs to hand over the Ralmia leader first

>> No.5211200

Nobody is stopping you

>> No.5211272
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>> No.5211276

Ben Shapiro or Alex Jones.

>> No.5211291


>> No.5211295


>> No.5211297

Ben Shapiro, Tim Pool, Alex Jones, Richard Spencer

>> No.5211316

Todd Howard

>> No.5211342

Dickie Spencer mushroom burger review stream would be kino

>> No.5211346

Just collab with more vtubers. I'd like them to collab with NijiEN or Ame play APEX with Kanae. Why become a vtuber that only collabs with regular streamers?

>> No.5211351

Ame and/or Gura with any of the Cum Town boys.

>> No.5211374

unironically coco, im sorry bros but she is a whore

>> No.5211378

"By collabing with HololIve, Faye Nata have violate our one Chinx policy, it is unacceptable and we demand an official apologize."
Fuck off doxx fag, there are many ways to gate keep SJW without causing damage for chuubas.

>> No.5211380

> I'm coaching Gigguk and a girl called iyashiK is coaching Mori.
> I'm coaching

This is 4chan, and believing, for a microsecond, a single character of shitpost is a road to ruin and madness.

Assuming you're not just an anon full of shit, is there a place where the pairing are? I skimmed the twitter post, and from the stuff here I thought it was Mori X Gigguk and Kiara X Faye? (That would also put Mori v. Kiara, but I don't know shit about Shadowverse, didn't finish the VOD from last month)

>> No.5211427

god this is exactly what vtubers need

>> No.5211428

What makes you think I don't want to damage Mori and Kiara? They're the ones forcing this shit, they need to be punished and learn to toe the fucking line or graduate.

>> No.5211438

Nah you guys can keep your weird shit you're bigger so you don't need to right

>> No.5211461


>> No.5211492

Another bright, relaxing day for jp-only chads like me. Sure feels good bros.

>> No.5211495

Richard Spencer

>> No.5211511

FilthyFrank if he was still aroumd
Maxmoefoe and Anything4Views on Cold Ones

>> No.5211523
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>> No.5211524

Wings of Redemption

>> No.5211537

> toe the fucking line or graduate.
I'll bite ya fucking schitzo. Their managers signed off on the sponsorship paperwork.

Maybe you should spin up your own idol company if Cover isn't doing it for ya?

>> No.5211550

You can hate Gigguk collabing with Mori while at the same time not dislike Gigguk. I just want her to stop the non-chuuba collabs and actually get to know her senpai. Has she ever spoken to any ID girls besides Reine?

>> No.5211554

Anon they just drew the short straws, even Ame did a Shadowverse shilling stream it's being pushed by management

>> No.5211558
File: 734 KB, 1200x675, E3ckDPDUYAsIWvq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yuki Ono
Gotta give him props for going the extra mile with a l2d avatar and soon a 3D model.

>> No.5211574

Charlie White

>> No.5211576

yeah... I don't know about this one, lads

>> No.5211579

>kiara and calli are infecting chuubas with
>sponsored stream
do you reary

>> No.5211582

Who gives a shit? The fans decide what the Holos get to do, not Cover. Why do you think Marine and Miko went away for a week after naming a doujin on stream and the author disapproved?

>> No.5211595

spencer's a homo he can collab with the homostars

>> No.5211596


>> No.5211614

Imo, better this than throwing their savings at gacha they voice.

>> No.5211697

This. He has about the powerlevel of an /a/utist but his cringe level is high. Joey is elitist tier, doesn't even watch anime anymore, otaku and Connor is just a normalfag leech. If he never did the Black Butler cosplay/VA stuff to lure in young girls, he'd probably have nothing to do with weeb culture.

>> No.5211708

>"Hey guys we got a sponsorship who wants to do the stream?"
>"Nobody? Okay I guess we will trash bin it."
That's not how companies work you absolute schizo

>> No.5211710

They better be getting paid big bucks for a clown slow like this

>> No.5211713

>Has she ever spoken to any ID girls besides Reine?

>> No.5211729

Yes, they have seen an increase in downloads after they started collabing with hololive. Like I sad here >>5209253 Western playerbase doesn't matter in terms of the game being "alive". Their sponsored events for the West weren't that effective.

>> No.5211748

Koefficient, since he's a fan anyway, if anyone deserves to collab with Holo he's one of them.

>> No.5211755

> Has she ever spoken to any ID girls besides Reine?

Anonchama, you missed out apparently:

>> No.5211761


>> No.5211802

>/vt/ freaks out about some dumb shit for the nth time this month
>the event comes
>literally nothing happens
seek help before you pop a blood vessel from being in a constant state of outrage

>> No.5211808
File: 306 KB, 920x985, ty67u8ieme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>is there a non-vtuber you guys wouldnt mind if EN collabed with?

>> No.5211820

>has violated*
Try again, ESL.

>> No.5211868

I'm so done with this shit. Hopefully jp indies will not be disappointing to watch.

>> No.5211889

I've been watching anime since 1998, been going to conventions since 2006, and I've never heard of this guy.

>> No.5211929

I hope you're being ironic. He does lazy reaction content who had to leech off of Hololive to make a living. Would take an anituber over him anyday.

Next you're going to suggest Hero Hei...

>> No.5211974

Oh yeah, Ollie. Another one that is so keen on collabing with anitubers and reaction channels. She wanted to collab with MxR Plays ffs.
Based Anya wants nothing to do with their bullshit.

>> No.5211975

Just fucking get rid of these pair of whores and let be HoloEN a trio.

>> No.5211997

>>literally nothing happens
You still seem to think the final yab will be a single event that destroys HL, when in reality it's an event that has already started and is in constant motion. You won't even realize it's gotten bad until Kiara and Mori are doing charity streams for disabled homeless black trans people.

>> No.5212030

Not him but Hei is a monotonous dramafag but I expect it to happen sooner or later.

>> No.5212040
File: 126 KB, 498x639, 6a164c28b0ea0f4158423c7c5cd0768b9bf0d652ac7d602a6655ff3de79407e1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this man

>> No.5212056
File: 848 KB, 1771x911, THEFINALYAAAAB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5212058

He didn't really blow up until about 2018 but he's been on Youtube since like 2005.

>> No.5212097

Sounds like a good time. I'll bring my wallet.

>> No.5212111

there's a really small but non-zero chance that the people here in the west complaining that their v-tuber collabing with a male AREN'T shitposting larpers

>> No.5212134

DoKiDoKi Drawing
Ahmed Aldoori
Super Ani
Bobby Chiu

>> No.5212151
File: 103 KB, 1200x900, Enoct13XYAEcS41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Once the train begins to roll then we'll be the ones to say "I told you so" call me a schicho but I've seen it happen too many times to other communities I'm in then it gets worse from there. vtuber EN isn't gonna be safe for long.

>> No.5212155

do it, king

>> No.5212191


>> No.5212193
File: 24 KB, 640x352, 1306452369218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jeremy Clarkson

>> No.5212215

>You won't even realize it's gotten bad until Kiara and Mori are doing charity streams for disabled homeless black trans people.
soon I guess

>> No.5212216
File: 120 KB, 690x287, capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not him but but the post says it's a tournament with 4 players

from past Buddy System tournaments the individual matches have always been coach/player pair vs coach/player pair

If it was Gigguk/Mori and Kiara/Faye there could only be one match and therefore no tournament.
So it makes more sense that each of the 4 players has their own coach and will face off against each other

>> No.5212224

Even though he says he's anti censorship and whatnot, he's so scared of Susan that he outright changes words from fear of monetization loss. If my income is that dependent on me not saying kill, rape, or die, in a fucking YT video, I'd better have another income source.

>> No.5212229

great insight, have a good one

>> No.5212241

>Coco quits Hololive because Cover is too restrictive about allowing her to do what she wants
>Cover also approves collabs with Vshojo and now this shit
I don't understand.

>> No.5212252

caleb is way too talented for hololive

>> No.5212276

>What is BIPOC
>Joggers felt that POC didn't give them enough attention so they demanded more gibs
>Transgender black housing
I think it's already too late for them at that point.

>> No.5212285

Yeah, normies is now think anime is exclusive for trannies faggit. It is the matter of time when trannies hi jack this sub culture with those western whores.

>> No.5212296

Will The Trinity be come out unscathed though? I don't care much for Mori or Kiara.

>> No.5212298

Same here. The more you see it happen to communities you're in, the easier it is to recognize when it's happening. There are more people here who don't see it as a big deal because most of them are new since the oldfags fucked off at the first sign of regression.

>> No.5212310

collabs with vshojo is fine. I'm more worried about holo going full corpo.

>> No.5212316

The Keef Crew

>> No.5212341

cover has always approved collabs with other agencies and tournaments newfag

>> No.5212424


>> No.5212437

I want to hate Gigguk but he just looks like such a nice young kid(30).
Like the kid you're glad that your son made friends with.

>> No.5212446

>Cover shilling SJW by forbid JP to do contents they want that will upset SJW.
>Cover shilling SJW by collab with them.
>Enma, EN marketing team are SJW
Simple as

>> No.5212453
File: 43 KB, 480x360, hqdefault1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5212488

>Implying they haven't already

>> No.5212504

Are you the same kind of person who gets upset that you cant say "nigger" or "faggot" in online video games anymore, screaming "censorship"?

>> No.5212516

>"muh jealousy"
Can >we stop with this argument? All it does is cover for actual criticism.

>> No.5212540

Tom Scott.

>> No.5212543

the fuck is there to cope about a collab stream? if you don't care about it, just don't watch it. I hate gigguk so I'm just gonna watch something else. don't see what's so difficult about that.

>> No.5212580

you're about 3 years too late for that

>> No.5212583

That’s the point.

>> No.5212639

Gigguk is literally the most harmless choice to collab with. He likes titties, he's fine with loli, he keeps his head down about politics, he's got a blonde white wife who's whole channel is dedicated to talking about hentai. The problem is that he opened the floodgates now the rest of the anitube filth will come pouring in

>> No.5212655

I am going to fuck you in the ass. The people the holomem have collab with LIVE in the industry. They are not normalfags that casually do their thing and got popular over the most tame interests

>> No.5212666

There's no actual criticism. it's fearmongering /pol/ tourists, shitposters, and jealousy.

>> No.5212680

see >>5212056

>> No.5212717

>ame got bonked by management not even an hour ago for criticizing guardians of the galaxy game
you're way too late, anon

>> No.5212735

I highly doubt that. This is still a shadowverse verse stream. The people that will try to watch this are people that already watch them live or play shadowverse. Not that much.

>> No.5212752
File: 124 KB, 901x1107, 2dceb031502b3355c6e79b351df313115476b40c336e68be99e822e5b13f8051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i do, it was fun to batter with complete strangers in video games, now no one uses there mics.

>> No.5212776

Absolute fucking cancer

>> No.5212783

you know a game is dead when their "iconic" players are PAID to play it

>> No.5212816

Yeah. They are relevant people that makes sense like Seiyuus or game developers. Actual people that are hired to host whose jobs really do host game related stuff. Faye makes sense as a feature.

>> No.5212817

Daigo Umehara
Momichi Chocoblanka

>> No.5212818


>> No.5212900

She will not bring up anything like this in the collab, and /vt/ would've freaked out over nothing.

Screenshot this.

>> No.5212909

MAN AT ARMS recreating Hololive weapons

>> No.5212935

I don't mind a lot of people especially if they are dedicated channels for the game, voice actors and game developers. This is a shill stream. Which means the only opinion that matters are the people paying them to be there

>> No.5212943

I'll neck myself if Ina collab with e-celeb

>> No.5212945

melon pan

>> No.5212979

Doubt she's that stupid. Although I still would avoid talents to collab with people like her because I don't like faggots.

>> No.5213011

make it stop
>make it stop
make it stop
>make it stop
make it stop
>make it stop
make it stop
>make it stop
make it stop
>make it stop
make it stop
>make it stop
make it stop
>make it stop
make it stop
>make it stop
make it stop
>make it stop
make it stop
>make it stop

>> No.5213017
File: 298 KB, 602x454, ezgif-1-d4495fd4aa81.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What is "BIPOC"/why not "POC"?
>Black and Indigenous people have spoken up that the term "POC" erases their identities and paints all people of color’s experiences as one.
>Black and Indigenous people get hit hardest by things like white supremacy and we should acknowledge that.
All poc are equal, but some poc are more equal than others

>> No.5213059


>> No.5213085

I'm hoping. Ina seems to only aim for sponsorships that she likes and are art related, Ame loves her chat and even banned the word Connor so she's unlikely to do this shit, and Gura is just too socially anxious to wanna do western crap.

>> No.5213131

Wacom and pixiv loves her

>> No.5213155

Retards have been doing that for 8 months and have achieved nothing

>> No.5213166


>> No.5213212


>> No.5213218

I disagree with wokeshit on the whole, but this is actually really interesting topic as literally nobody is happy with POC as a term. Even on NPR, they ran a piece about how non-black minority groups like Asian and Hispanic Americans hate the term because it always lumps them in with black people, when 90% of the time it's just being used as a euphemism for black people. BIPOC was an attempt to separate it, which only made the indigenous community annoyed because now THEY'RE the ones lumped in with generalizations about the black community.

>> No.5213238
File: 143 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey hey people
also Internet Historian been watching Vtuber alot lately

>> No.5213247
File: 721 KB, 1180x664, CorrectionRequest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Highest honor for a man

>> No.5213271

The talent chooses what to sponsor. Mori will sponsor anything if you give her money. Kiara is the same. Thus we have this. Cover didn't set this up.

>> No.5213275

Why not just stick with the term "Minority"?

>> No.5213289
File: 67 KB, 459x581, 1623573864847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kiara's image was finally improving because of Mori's shit
>this happens
It's like she doesn't want to succeed.

>> No.5213319

Kizuna ai isnt employed by an idol agency you fucking cuck

>> No.5213362

Because that word is reserved exclusively for white Americans (~20 years to go)

>> No.5213363

No, she doesn't care that neonazi LARPers are trying (failing) to cancel her

>> No.5213365

Same exact problem, it's way too generalized of a term to actually mean anything. And "minority" as a term has been so watered down that those same communities are suddenly stuck with a bunch of rich white liberal women now taking claim to it, hence the shift to POC instead.

>> No.5213386
File: 1.02 MB, 1478x2160, ddl5e19-7c888822-eb82-4133-b7fa-d6556dc59fa0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always play with JP voices...

>> No.5213404

SV wouldn’t come to Kiara/Mori first though, they’d have to go through Cover and then Cover would come to the talents

>> No.5213406

No, i meant SsethTzeentach

>> No.5213423



>> No.5213425
File: 2.04 MB, 455x455, 1614108102348.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5213430 [DELETED] 

I'd fucking nut if it was even remotely possible
>also Internet Historian been watching Vtuber alot lately
based of him

>> No.5213455

>Implying we're larping

>> No.5213470


>> No.5213473

Obviously. Kiara already said they have a choice to whether or not to accept sponsorships.

>> No.5213487


>> No.5213550

But then Cover DID set this up, at least in part.

>> No.5213584

At least cover did that right.

>> No.5213611
File: 25 KB, 622x505, 1622648892788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not a Takamori anti, but you're retarded

>> No.5213618

You stupid fucking idiots. People in this fucking board don't have anything worth to fight for and they need a fucking ghost to fight? Get your life together, faggots and stop larping as some sort of "purity knight", stupid manchildren. I seriously think that the fucking median age of this fucking board is not even 15 years olds
>Hurr durr my sjws
>Hurr durr my idols
>Hurr durr don't collab with males
>Hurr durr leeches get out of Hololive
>Hurr durr I'm gonna be edgy and bother other people with my delusions
>Hurr durr real people ew
Retards, all of you. Get a fucking life, idiots and maybe get some sun so that you can see that your fucking life isn't worth a shit outside of this board

>> No.5213638

He is a degenerate through and through. I can understand thinking Connor is an ironic weeb, but Gigguk and Joey are true weebs. They actively push against cancel agenda against anime, talk about hentai frequently and Joey is even a lolicon. I would respect you guys more if you simply said you don't want your osshi to collab with a man, but this roundabout stupid slander is just retarded.

>> No.5213646

that's the name of the genius artist who created the Alien, you absolute neanderthal faggot.

>> No.5213674


>> No.5213722

imagine if Cover was run by any you fags it would have gonna bankrupt in 1 month.
If you want to have success in this market you need to kneel to things you don't like.


>> No.5213770

yes we do, and it's well-deserved.

>> No.5213772

>kneel to things you don't like.

until you see a sign of weakness and either bounce or attack

>> No.5213789

Absolutely nothing in this life is worth kneeling to niggers over.

>> No.5213796

Go back, tourist. You must be 18 to post here.

>> No.5213818

The trash taste guys only gets collabs because they are sponsored by motherfucking kadokawa. No stupid anituber without some good connections and groundrules will collab with the girls.

>> No.5213830

It's Giger not Gigger

>> No.5213902

There was no setting up. They got an email that SV wants to shill holoen. Ina, Ame and Gura weren't interested. Mori and Kiara were. They accepted it. SV said they want to do a number of streams. Talents says yes. That's it. Only thing Cover did was to fucking forward an email.

>> No.5213995

Nobody is screaming that Polka is going to show up on T.V. Nor when Matsuri or Aki did. Nor when Botan did. Nor when Fubuki, Suisei and Marine does their radio.

>> No.5214000

Ironic, keep larping as a warrior in a lost cause in this board. Maybe if you believe strong enough you'll be 10 years tomorrow!

>> No.5214005

No the fuck you don't. Companies that rely on funds and support by fans tends to be the best idea and most profitable compared to going corpo and relying on sponsorships just to survive.

>> No.5214009

There might have been a setup. We know this because Kiara was interested in Scarlet Nexus and even so didn't got the sponsorship. It might depend on the wish if the sponsors too though.

>> No.5214042


>> No.5214044

no kiara and mori have gone completely rogue, set up their own sponsorships and pocketed the money without being immediately fired and given the chris treatment

>> No.5214060

Day of the Rope when, nigger?

>> No.5214100

You really don’t think Cover looked into this and approved it before “forwarding an email”? It was SV that set up the event but let’s not pretend Cover didn’t negotiate and/or sign-off on the whole thing

>> No.5214117

He’s one of the only people Mori can speak English to irl in Japan. That’s literally it. They just know each other from that. I shit you not.

>> No.5214136

That is besides the point. If an email is sent by scarlet nexus says that they want gura and mori then Kiara can whine about it and noone will care. Cover only forwards email to say that there are sponsors that wants to collab. Be it for a specific vtuber or group.

>> No.5214158

They truly are the shadowy leaders behind Cover

>> No.5214166

I'm black and never cared about that shit. I played online games back in those days and never had a problem because I didn't play games full of 10 year olds. I think a company like Microsoft can police their in game chat however they like but public discourse in social media should be left alone. Only threats of literal violence should be censored/deleted. Jewtube just likes to pick on any creator that doesn't tow a lefty line.

>> No.5214197

>more equal than others
>she also mentions supremacy of race being bad
>but that’s the same fucking thing
...what causes someone to think like this? Drugs?

>> No.5214213

I am not saying they didn't sign off. I am saying that these girls chose to be in this shill stream. They chose to represent themselves in this way. Cover don't fucking care about who is gigguk nor who is faye. They just know he is a YouTuber and faye is a va. It's the vtuber who is more aware about this.

>> No.5214229
File: 46 KB, 960x647, EvBIMVOVgAMVZSb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>living in japland and refuse to learn and use the language

>> No.5214266

Trinity will fall too - its just a matter of when. Two of their genmates are pushing this shit and the managers have stopped giving a fuck. I just hope they last until the fall. Lots of kino games coming out around then and I can be free of Hololive.

>> No.5214286

There are no Nazis for you to fight. You just need to get off the internet and take your meds. Stop demonizing people that don't agree with you politically.

>> No.5214353

There is a reason you don't see Pekora shilling a lot of games. There is a reason you don't see Gura playing shadowverse. Because Cover still in the end gives them the choice to take up an offer. The only thing Cover will deny is an outright racist controversial person for a shill stream.

>> No.5214386

Eggboy's soundcloud


>> No.5214393

>it’s another redditor thinks idolfags actually influence this place episode
>it’s literally just been people 4chan has had vendettas against that have been under fire
Why do they come here just to say “you’re just purityfags”? It’s literally not the fucking reason and never has been.
It always has been people that have been hated and then some added bandwagoning.

>> No.5214410

Its not beside the point. It needs to be agreed upon between sponsor and hololive, rare are the cases where the vtubers gets any say in things. So it is set up.

>> No.5214416

i'm a adult and i work at a big company that sometimes need to deal with things i don't like.
But what do i know you guys that never leave yours mom basement probably know more than me


>> No.5214452
File: 12 KB, 636x151, 96ca566b358adfb86fb67263b4ea3f073788a9b2bcb34ba68e5e6fd958745e89.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>kneeling to companies is the only way to survive
i hate fags like you,
kizuna, Nekomiya and Akari tried that, look where they are now.

>> No.5214457

The JP girls have done collabs with irl men and done events before and we never said a goddamn word schizo.

>> No.5214522

They blocked Melody outright.
Don't know who this is. I remember eggman from /r9k/ years back. Is it the same guy?
Basically this.

>> No.5214611

You both should for working each other in a circle. /jp/ is the idol culture board. Actually by go back I mean, one of you go back to Discord and the other to Reddit, it’s clear one of you was trying to start something.

>> No.5214632

>Faye Mata is an anime VA
The US voice actor community is pure garbage. Monica Rial and Maile Flanigan are uber cunts and worship at the altar of wokeness. They spend all their time virtue signalling on twitter instead of improving their hack acting skills.

>> No.5214674

No, It's not THE Eggman. The Primo Kiara anti has a bulbous head and is a morbidly obese neckbeard

>> No.5214692

Coyote Peterson

>> No.5214701

Goeff is such a s0iboi.

>> No.5214712

and it's clear that your mom failed at your abortion and that made you a retard

>> No.5214749

/vt/ always ignores truthposts like this...
It’s like a bunch of people trying to start stuff, almost like raiding or something, but that would be crazy hahahaha
I really wish the people talked about in this post would go back and stay

>> No.5214790


>> No.5214812

The only collab that could make me mad at Mori or Kiara is if the did a Monica Rial teamup, but Funimation is looked down on in nippon because they're a shitty black company so I doubt it'll happen.

>> No.5214838

why are you using caps my friend? Got angry with the truth?

>> No.5214879

I would rather they collab with Trash Taste's mane-chan than the guys themselves. She more of a weeb than any of them.

>> No.5214928

But the talents don’t just represent themselves, they represent the company too. If it wasn’t in Cover’s self-interest to have their talents participate then they wouldn’t approve. It’s like those disclaimers that you have to sign before starting a job with a big company, no using company accounts/resources for political/personal agendas, etc

>> No.5214967

Yeah, that’s Mori for ya.

>> No.5214985

RSBN & Epoch Times. Both of them that has been successful with support with donations by the people for the last several years. Nekoyama, Magarona, and Ui are independent vtubers. has been for years, highly successful, funded by the people because they're crazy talented making art, avatar rigs, etc.

>> No.5215048

those people here never worked in their entire life by entire life i mean their 14 years of life until now

>> No.5215055

It’s meant to make people laugh senpai... that’s how I use capsposting anyway.

>> No.5215091

ok now let me see their market value

>> No.5215116
File: 167 KB, 1280x720, 23342342125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i got you.

>> No.5215157

ah i doubt that
if a mention of your mom made you that angry is because she probably hates you or something

>> No.5215251

You give Cover too much credit. Mel works as a camgirl. That is just an obvious no. And as far as image control goes, they are quite lax about that. Their talents are still collabing with a lot of other people. The obvious yab for you retardeds are anyone that is outright putting political and sexual explicit content. Kagura Nana for one still streams in Bilibili but Roboco was able to collab. It's not black and white. They just skim through the obvious.

>> No.5215286 [DELETED] 
File: 20 KB, 598x195, Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 01-48-23 Home Twitter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5215297

Inuyama Tamaki(Tsukudani Norio) is a very successful indie vtuber that started her own agency.

>> No.5215366

That is why you got Miziryu Kei. Cover only skims the top.

>> No.5215430

kek nice agency they are probably bigger than cover

>> No.5215469

Keep moving goalposts.

>> No.5215556

sorry sorry
i mean they are probably bigger than tsunderia

>> No.5215686
File: 51 KB, 301x469, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Players will prob announce pairings on twitter themselves soon.

>> No.5215737

Yeah for what it's worth, she's actually a decent dub VA, I just don't care for her occasional mumblings about her love/sex life and wokeness tweets

>> No.5215849

Jesus coach for fucking shadowverse? Tell me that you are at least being paid

>> No.5215928

So cover is also sexist. good to know.

>> No.5215942

Its giger you stupid fucking faggot

>> No.5216277

Based trinity chad

>> No.5216575

>Epoch Times
Well that certainly explains the current state of /vt/

>> No.5216657

Yeah I get paid, I got asked to participate because I made the top 16 in my region last year and qualified to worlds the previous year.

>> No.5216732

>RSBN & Epoch Times
/pol/ PLEASE go

>> No.5218054

Is Shadowverse worth getting into or not really?

>> No.5218423

How does the coaching thing work? Will your just be telling them what to do every turn? Or will they be mostly playing on their own, while your offer some input here and there?

>> No.5218436

This oughta be interesting.

>> No.5218670

Surely there is SOMEONE else in that country of 126 million people who speaks English. Hell, I'll fly there just to collab with her, if that's what it takes.

>> No.5218713

the doomposting will stop when reddit leaves

>> No.5219256

Arnt you gonna get in trouble for posting this

>> No.5220170
File: 14 KB, 277x296, 1615624164447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cover Corporation going full corpo

>> No.5220376

mori and kiara's managers should be fired

>> No.5220860

It's pretty fun if you like cardgames, somewhere between Hearthstone and Yugioh with anime-style art. It's also pretty cheap to get in to / decently easy to F2P. Balance isn't perfect but it's alright.
In the past for a bo3 series the 1st game was fully coached, 2nd game the coach could only speak during odd turns and 3rd game was the players all by themselves, might be slightly changed this time around since the format is different.
Eh, nobody I know of frequents 4chan and likely would rather check /svg/ than coming to /vt/. Also I think it's pretty logical that everyone in production would get paid, I don't think that's a shocker. Posting a small screencap without any information isn't a big deal and I can always argue that I'm promoting the event.

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Takanashi "I won't collab with males because I'm an idol" Kiara

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