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That was embarassing.
I just watched this mumbling idiot get bullied for an hour. This is basically Coco/Mori v2.
Where are the jokes? Where is the banter? This girl barely talked, it's like she didn't want to be there. I heard she was supposed to be funny but Kiara was hard carrying the whole thing, I feel bad for her. Not the mention the technical issues, can't you do a fucking test stream for one of your most important collabs instead of giving everyone on twitch GBA phoenix?
I can't believe this is the best Vshojo has to offer, there must be some sort of mistake here.

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It was worse, anon. Far worse

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Kiara had a gun to her head, she threatened to sing Pomf Pomf live if she did anything funny or entertaining

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Was it part of her plan to get thoroughly mogged in both conversation and game? If so, it failed spectacularly. Unless it was her fetish to get dominated by someone she idolizes, I'm not sure how any of this benefited her.

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Nyanners exposed for having no friends and a dead cancer daddy by Kiara. Hopefully Mori makes fun of the dying girl for the next collab

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Bridge building. You dont alienate a giant jap corpo that you want to mix with more. She was probably also given guidelines on collab rules if Cover curates as hard as i suspect Kiaras already comfortable with boundaries and constraints after 9 months with Cover, Nyanners had to filter.

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KFP so quick to jump into coping mode so that they wont get the same treatment as braps got last week, it's cute.

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Probably too afraid to say anything with you schizos breathing down her neck.

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>I just watched this mumbling idiot get bullied for an hour.
That's what made it good. Pink cat getting bullied is good content and enjoyable for both nyanners haters and nyanners fans.

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Isn't Nyanners supposed to be the face of vshojo? Why can't she adapt? That seems like a crappy excuse to me. Where are her skills as an entertainer? Given her total lack of enthusiasm and presence, might as well had invited a brick to the collab instead.

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So Kiara was awful as always but can anyone tell me if Nyanners is always this.. low energy? I only watch Melody as far as V-shojo goes so I know next to nothing about Nyanners except the pomf thing.

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I mean there's having to filter and then there's acting like some mumbling autist that can barely stutter out full sentences.

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Cover doesn't regulate shit, other than giving the most basic guidelines, like "don't talk about roommates". Common sense stuff. Nyanners is just a very meek person, she only gets energetic when she's comfortable, and she was the opposite of comfortable in such a big first-time collab.
She's also a huge masochist, she enjoys being laughed at.

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I havent watched her outside of maybe an hour or so im just speculating but being essentially the first major collab between Cover and a large western vtuber group puts pressure she isnt used to or is a socially awkward person with those she is unfamiliar with and needs time to open up.

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>Isn't Nyanners supposed to be the face of vshojo?
Not really, she just happens to be the biggest one and Mouse and Veibae are pretty close to her in numbers anyway.

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No, Nyanners was in extreme anxiety mode in this stream.
She's always like this when she collabs with new people. Her first meetings with Mousey and Melody were like this too.

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>other than giving the most basic guidelines, like "don't talk about roommates".
I don't think everyone in Hololive got this memo..

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Well, I have no idea what she's like solo, but my first impression is that she really blows at collabs. Not sure what Kiara was thinking.

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Takanashi "Your Daddy Is Dead Now Gimme Some Head" Kiara

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Cover is pretty strict now, which is why Coco is leaving.

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Did she mention her thoughts on Korea?

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Stop shilling your shitty clipnig channel every thread. At least turn it into a streamable newfag

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I don't get it. You wanted her to be completely destroyed and she was. Yet you're still complaining.

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Uh oh, I think we need to cancel Nyanners

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she definitely had a gun to her head this stream. im sure they'll open up more as they get more familiar with the group they collab with and cover's expectations.

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Nah she's never like this

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Imagine spamming this dumb bitch constantly, gloating about this collab, fighting with purityfags and schitzos or whatever else. Then when it finally happens she's one of the most boring, unentertaining streamers I've ever seen, to the point where the worst holoEN outshines her.

Is this really the best vshoujo has to offer? Will dumb niggers stop arguing about this brick wall constantly now?

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cute girls make my wife nyanners very nervous because she suffers from latent lesbianism, please understand

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>shit there was nothing to rage about in the stream better pick literally anything so I can continue to feel the only emotion left in my husk of a human soul, anger

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I'm sorry you're blinded by your simping. The collab was not good. Kiara needs someone she can bounce off, not some dull sperg that silenty takes it.

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I dunno, I thought the head lice joke was kinda funny.

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It's almost like Cover's collapsing under the weight of their own mismanagement.

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>Unless it was her fetish to get dominated by someone she idolizes,
Probably true. No matter how much she tries to deny it, she will always be one of us.

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Solo she is mostly thinking out loud and finding ways to entertain herself. She probably the most introverted out of all of VShojo and does not do well with people she hasn't collab'ed or sat in a discord call for 10 hours before.

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No. This is the worst i've seen her.

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Have you fucking seen how she behaves in VR chat? Nyanners is a complete submissive.

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Collab was fun. Nothing bad happened so antis call it boring instead. Just get a life.

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VShojo is trolling Hololive by making the collab stream boring

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This is some next level Vshojotard cope

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While we're on the topic of Vshojo, how would a 4-way collab between Mori, Iron Mouse, Connor, and Kiara go?

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she's pregnant

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i unironically dislike nyanners less than shitbird

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Reminder that unlike autistic girls from Hololive, Vshoujos are normies. They are artifically making their "sense of humor" by acting lewd same way as teenager does it by acting edgy.
They laughed at retards like us that wanted parasocial relationship couple months ago, but now they found that we can give our oshi a lot of money, so they are trying to take something from that.
Don't forget to dislike a video to give Cover statement that we don't want to see bitches that only want attention and money without giving anything back.
I have nothing against Kiara and I understand that she wants to find more friends, but this is about honor of a retard

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Based, that was probably the best bit

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You do know autistic channer girls exist outside of Japan right?... I find Nyanners streams boring as fuck but you are delusional.
The only reason her vtuber career took off is because she was a notorious /a/ shitposter a decade ago.

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>Nyanners trying to laugh off the friends comment
>Kiara trying to comfort her by saying she didn't have many friends either but then immediately goes back into bragging about knowing the games
>that whimpered 'no' when Kiara asks about family
>Kiara's immediate realization and going quiet
>they both start laughing and change the subject back to the game immediately after

Jesus Christ

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Germanic people are so blunt, even by western standards.

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The best bit was that moment:
>was that your first song!? :D
>k-kinda... haha
Ouch, how? It isn't even intentional but she just has this power. She will instinctively crush you while still making you comfortable with it. Kiara is scary.

People kept talking about how Kiara is the gate to Hololive, since she's easy to approach and wants so bad to make friends, and how it's through her that the slippery slope will begin. But it's more like she's the trap in front of the gate that will break anyone that tries to get too close.

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At this point I don't think Kiara is intentionally, but her ESL ignorance
Is this a thing with germans being overly blunt?
I used to know an austrian girl who also used to ask questions with sometimes soul-crushing implications with the straightest face, but it always felt like it was out of pure curiosity and no malice

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this is now a bullying thread

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bluntness yields results. instead of dancing around 3 layers of pleasantries/fake interest, just ask and answer directly.

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Kiara is sociable but awkward, honest but blunt, sweet but dorky and loud.

Which describes the germanic girls I knew well, no matter how well you think you are hiding your weak points, they will still somehow hit you there, even if they don't know who you are and it's your first time ever meeting them. I swear it's some /x/ shit.

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Vaxx fried her brain

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Nyanners isn't wrong about it not being her first song. She did some meme songs in 2017 and did the vocals for Magic Circuit. I don't think she really considers those as being her "first" songs though.

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>Where are the jokes? Where is the banter?
At hololive jp where the girls actually know how to talk to each other and have more than just basic social skills. All of holo en are awkward as fuck and dont know how to keep a conversation going.

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Germans tend to be more direct compared to other western cultures and don't beat around the bush as much, when they want to make a point. But I feel even from a German point of view, Kiara's behaviour comes of quite dickish and rude at times like in yesterday's collab. Sure, she's really outgoing and likes to socialize and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But her ability to pick up social cues is lacking and she acted around pink cat like they were already BFF and therefore immediately engaging in heavy banter instead of taking it easy for the first collab between them or HoloEN and VShojo in general. It might be different behind the scene, but during the collab you could clearly see and hear that pink cat's was nervous as fuck and simply couldn't keep up with Kiara's pacing at all.

Tl;dr: Kiara likes to be outgoing, and that's fine, but she should learn to adjust her sensor for social cues better since she comes off as a bitch even by German standards.

>t. Kraut

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I'm worried about you guys. Will you ever mature past this?

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don't forget, you're here forever.

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The bullying was clearly scripted retard

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At present the Kiara's vod is at 260k which is quite a bit more than her average so the collab was a success whatever the weirdos here think.
Nyanners is the biggest of vshojo and the biggest vtuber on twitch. She might be meek and mild but I doubt if anybody in this thread is making bank like she is.

>> No.5224545

If you mean checking in once a day to watch monkeys throw shit I guess

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What's this about Kiara being German I thought she was Austr*an

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Take away the toilet humor and lewd weeb jokes from Nyanners and this is what you get. "U-Umm... hehe... Umm..."

>> No.5224836

That's western girls in general. If they dont have "muh vagina" or poopoopeepee jokes to rely on they just collapse in themselves.

>> No.5224886

>b-but the numbers
And? She was still a low energy dullard and brought nothing to the collab but her brand. She's not exempt from critique because of her numbers you know.

>> No.5224897

She’s actually Australian, but raised in Austria.

>> No.5224914

Do you really expect all the Ameritards here to know the difference?

>> No.5224936

Follow Koopa on Twitch

>> No.5224960

she's Austrialian?

>> No.5224993

>biggest vtuber on twitch
That would be Bahroo, Nyanners is second. Vei or Ironmouse probably third.

>> No.5225006

show funny clip

>> No.5225222

the video also has a bunch of dislikes but let's actually ignore that.
in general collabs will get a lot more views then solo streams, i think every collab an en girl had with any of their senpais actually had better numbers then nyanners.
yes, a collab stream did better then a solo stream of EN's weakest member (kiara just has the lowest numbers on everything but superchats, it is what it is i don't even intend it as a dig) but that's not much by collab standards.

>> No.5225438

Ironmouse is bigger than Nyanners (just not on YT) and is on OG Vtuber. Bahroo doesn't even count, jumping on the V-bandwagon for views and clout like Pokimane.

>> No.5225575

>jumping on the V-bandwagon for views and clout like Pokimane.
That's exactly what Nyanners did though, she used to be a camstreamer. Didn't even rebrand.

>> No.5225580

Bahroo is based though, unlike Vshojo

>> No.5225606

you really think Mori is capable of handling IronMouse in such a manner? A boricua with a tongue that is as sharp as a knife? Mori will be the one getting bodied if anything.

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I didn't say Nyanners is any better. We all know Steel Rat is the only redeeming factor of Vshojo.

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Oh nooo a vtuber is gonna lose $5 a month how can she ever recover

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are they wrong tho? I doubt the average penis lenght of /vt is that high

>> No.5225763

I don't know about based but he's alright and tolerable.

>> No.5225784

i wonder how many people actually will stop their membership/superchats.
there's gonna be a lot of people saying they will, but i think most of them never liked her to begin with.

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/vt/ penis is bigger then average because we're all black.

>> No.5225896

Make a thread on /soc/ and I'll post my dick there.

>> No.5225898

the women lurking here are statistical outliers and are bringing the average down

>> No.5225901

i cancelled mine for now

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So Kiara was an annoying loudmouth and Nyanners was a nervous hyperventilating mess. Anyone who even remotely knows the two would know that's how it would've went from the start. The real show should be Saturday. Though I wish it was anyone but Mori collabing with IronMouse.

>> No.5225979

Bahroo is a sellout who constantly shit on Atlas about how terrible a game it was when it first came out, he then gets sponsored by them and the next stream he's gushing about how great it is.

He got hard called out on this but it's left the impression he's never to be trusted on this shit again. Also fuck bandwagoners.

>> No.5226088

damn what a bitch. I take everything I said about him back.

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Austria is rightful German clay. They didn't join Germany because of all the Slavic and Magyar baggage they had at the time of the Unification, but now that they're free from that it's only a matter of time before the annexation of Austria, as well as of The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Alsace-Lorraine, and the former Prussian territories around the Baltic.

>> No.5226216

mori can have good collabs, most of her bad collabs were in japanese and she's getting more comfortable there.
i'm not guaranteeing the 2 in the pink collab will be great, but it should be okay.

>> No.5226246

You crying about your lebensraum again, Fritz?

>> No.5226262

>Was that your first song :D
BASED. She totally knows

>> No.5226347

How would you judge Nyanners today without knowing about her past?

>> No.5226371

stop jerking off to your history book Hans, go back to reality where you get dicked by french niggers at your national sport

>> No.5226383

i like that compilation/remix of her saying monkey but otherwise she's super boring

>> No.5226404

she's has nothing to offer. she isn't interested in anything or interesting to listen to.

>> No.5226410

She was undeniably dull here.

>> No.5226487

should be decent with some chance that it might be really really good. If IronMouse has to take her meds before or during it then it would be pure chaos. She gets really loopy and her inner boricua starts coming out real strong.

>> No.5226496

she is not horrible, her Truck simulator streams got some chuckles out of me, but she doesnt feel outstanding, even in Vshojo Mousey, Silvervale and Zentreya can be more entertaining(by twitch streamer standards) but like, she isnt horrible

>> No.5226551

>How would you judge Nyanners today without knowing about her past?
0 Charisma, how is she a streamer

>> No.5226617

/vt/ has a decent female userbase, which brings the average down.

>> No.5226664

The e-girl I was jerking off to was Rose so I never really had much knowledge of Nyanners aside from "that girl who did pomf". When I started watching vtubers I got recommended her fall guys compilation and she strikes me as someone who was raised by a shithole like 4chan and now wants to integrate back into the more normie circles of Twitch but unable to completely grow out of the identity.

>> No.5226741

She is creative and does some good content. She also occasionally does interesting high effort bits like the clone streams. I can't deny that.

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UGH... what could have been...
Mein großgermaniums imperialis... free of niggers and kikes and mean brown kids who bully me in school...

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You will never become Lamy

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I watched her and dropped her after she started reacting exclusivly to videos on stream and stopped doing any good content.
Seems like she at least plays some games again.
She will still forever be the pink fag and I wont pay her a single dime
Except if she does JOI. If she does JOI you will find me under the table suckeling on that clit all night long

>> No.5227492

Newfag here, just what is JOI?

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Girls bullying each other is so satisfying

>> No.5227531

State propaganda isn't meant to be funny or entertaining.

>> No.5227532

She went back to being cringe once the collab was over

>> No.5227551

she tells you when to, and how quickly you can touch your peepee

>> No.5227587

dangerously based

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>and mean brown kids

sounds like some bucks need to be broken

>> No.5227688

oh she's more chaotic with meds? i'd have thought they'd make her sleepy.

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File: 1.13 MB, 1449x813, Hololive ame victoria2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post the real image next time

>> No.5227718

Nyanners' one schtick is towing the line with her uwu voice and little girl avatar. Once she can't do that she is fucked, she has no charisma. All of her success is due to novelty rather than skill.

>> No.5227731

Tried to watch her once, personally, her humor is cringe, it’s like watching the combination of a hyperactive toddler and a horny teenager

>> No.5227790

>I won't watch clips!
>Unless it's a streamable, then I love it!

>> No.5228095

she does get lethargic for about a minute or two depending on the strength I assume but then she starts lisping and has a very weirdly wired brain for some time. I know we all hate Cdawg here but if you watch any of her collabs with him you'll see it. People also think she can be bullied by Mori like Kiara walled Nyanners which is hilarious considering she is from puerto rico. They practically roast eachother their whole lives and unlike Nyanners Mouse got a very sharp tongue.

>> No.5228161

This I understood, I mean the exact wording of the abbreviature.

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>> No.5228286

>They didn't join Germany because of all the Slavic and Magyar baggage they had at the time of the Unification
They most of all didn't join Germany because they had a Monarchy of their own who arguably had a better claim to ruling a greater German Empire than the Lutheran, Swabian backwater House of Hohenzollern.

>> No.5228381

Didn't watch the stream so I couldn't say. I'd praise her for being good at working with the YouTube algorithm

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I want Nyanners to tell me to coat her flat chest with cum
Jewish Outreach Institute
Jerk Off Instructions

>> No.5228465

Kiara kept doing that thing where she would try to raise other conversation topics while they were playing, which she only does when a collab is going poorly and she can tell the audience is bored. She did it like five times in an hour.

>> No.5228667

I would agree but Kiara is literally the type of C-list celeb who thinks a second of dead air is bad. Sometimes less is more and pacing is everything.

>> No.5228744
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>autists on /vt/ won't recgonize that this is a joke
I realized that almost everyone on this board is too young to recognize improvisational comedy.

>> No.5228781

> who thinks a second of dead air is bad
She is correct, though. Dead air adds nothing but discomfort. Kiara did everything she could here.

>> No.5229176

sorry but it is correct. Only amateur comedians and poor entertainers think that filling every second of your performance with words and energy is good. Something else which is a professional practice is learning how to tandem with your partner/s. Filling the time with more of yourself is terrible practice. And learning how to open up a nervous or shy partner is entertainment 101. Your Theatre and Drama grad. Not that I would expect anything like that from a YT Vtuber but s

>> No.5229571

It depends how far and how much do I know about her. What she did 6 months ago? It would still be the same and I would still hate her if I knew she blocked lolicons and followed antis, but I'll think of her as more of a vtweeter and less of a grifter. And if I didn't know she cancelled Nekopara? I would not care enough about Nyanners. I'd probably think she's just some loli who's just being a loli doing loli things. Basically what the Japanese think about her.

>> No.5229774

>hates lolis
>promotes SJW garbage
>doesnt care about the industry
The only thing that would change is that I wouldn't know she happily sang "Nigger~ Nigger~"

>> No.5229898

You have no idea what you are talking about, no concept of the performance style kiara is delivering, no frame of reference. You contribute nothing to this discussion.

>> No.5229947

Go ask on /adv/ and everyone has a 7 inch penis.

>> No.5230020
File: 45 KB, 716x392, PSX_20210617_135441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This guy gets it

>> No.5230158

look at the first collab she did with silver,mousey and mel (its on her youtube). she didnt filter herself as much but holy shit was she nervous

>> No.5230198

Consider the pre lashing out and the fact that her collab with Kiara is the stepping stone for her entire company to be able to follow and I'd have been surprised to see anything else than an awkward ball. Kiara is based enough to play off it at least.

>> No.5230233

seething threads are comfy

>> No.5230244

>lamy transformation degenerates are /gsg/tards
it all makes sense now

>> No.5230287

seethe KFP
that was entertaining to read unlike the collaboration

>> No.5230317

pretty sure that she does not have any media field education. kiara is a trained professional and even a total brainlet should be able to see it

>> No.5230367

This was to be expected. Nyanners is barely containing more spaghetti than the whole of Italy. It takes a while before she's comfortable enough to be herself during a collab. Coupled with it being a collab with Hololive and all the drama leading up to it, you're crazy if you thought we were getting a peepee poopoo gremlin instead of a scared kitten.

>> No.5230392

So what you're saying is that she basically has no relevant skills and is massively overrated. Seems about right.

>> No.5230460

what even is vshojo? people talk about the company that is behind hololive all the time but you never see people talk about vshojo like that. it feels like something that just connects these otherwise random girls while cover seems like a company that is actually actively doing something

>> No.5230479

I watch clips, but I will never give views to clipnigs. Simple as.

>> No.5230504

>Kiara is a trained professional
I was giving her a pass but if she is... guess you can't teach a chicken how to sing like a nightingale no matter how hard you try

>> No.5230505

she is a scripter that mean she needs to write his jokes beforehand

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>> No.5230607

Vshojo is purely an agency not associated or owned by a company. Hololive is an agency owned by Cover. Treat it like VOMs excpt instead of Gyari it's Gunrun.

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File: 18 KB, 349x168, UNF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5230737

I missed the collab live, what were the live viewership NUMBERS for both the twitch and youtube versions of the stream? Also if anyone knows, how many followers/subscribers did both channels get by the next day? I'm super curious on how the Hololive collaborations will affect the Twitch vtuber market since V-Sho are the gateway that trickles down to almost all EN indies

>> No.5230773

1500 dislikes even with YouTube deleting bots

>> No.5230907

No not the disslikes, thats irrelevant, who cares. How many people were watching on Twitch vs YouTube when they were live? Also that number isnt even accurate, the VOD has just over 800 disslikes

>> No.5230961

22k concurrent viewers Kiara side, 17k Nyan side if my memory is correct. Oh, and 30k likes, but yknow.

>> No.5230964

14-18k on kiaras vs 4k on nyanners

>> No.5231018

that would be a separate thing but the way she talks is not normal. she can easily talk nonstop for a hour without even taking breathing breaks

>> No.5231061

Nyan had 22k too. Kiara had 23k st one point.

>> No.5231082

Thank you. Thats pretty impressive Nyanners was able to hold that large an audience for it, even when you count that Kiaras live viewership was likely higher than listed aversge due to YouTubes wonderful "feature" of chopping the live count down by 1/3rd to half of its true number

>> No.5231105

I don't care about her past or her content, I just like her voice and want asmr

>> No.5231148
File: 135 KB, 665x507, 1623881358248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5231226

You're ignoring that an essential single viewpoint collab was streamed on both channels.
Also this collab was literally Nyanners most watched stream ever, it's not exactly comparable with Ina/Pikamee that was only streamed on Ina's channel.
>the video also has a bunch of dislikes
Yes, but they just got bot purged again

>> No.5231229

5D chess, pink cat played all of us

>> No.5231254

>no membership badge
That is just embarassing

>> No.5231271

>due to YouTubes wonderful "feature" of chopping the live count down by 1/3rd to half of its true number
I'm still convinced that's a rrat. I wasn't able to reproduce the "bug" in a short small scale test. At this point I assume the old higher numbers were the bug.

>> No.5231343

My fucking dick

>> No.5231367

>angry lolicons resorted to botting dislikes
>even though dislikes are the same as likes and only help to promote a video
I would laugh at how sad that is, but we all knew it was coming.

>> No.5231370

I think Nyanners numbers went up a fair bit when Kiara's stream crashed

>> No.5231379

twitch is the one where numbers aren't very accurate. theres a long delay between the update and thats why you can see sudden joins and leaves of thousands viewers

>> No.5231435

Anon we literally had stream series drop to ~1/2-2/3 their prior viewership from one stream to the next. And that is with VoD views staying consistent.
Everything points towards the current numbers for live viewers being wrong.

>> No.5231438

I wouldn't know. Kiara's number didn't drop much during the crash though.

>> No.5231440

The spaghetti was flying everywhere, unironically best Kiara collab since the Peko one.

>> No.5231481

If YouTube isn't accurate, and Twitch is very inaccurate, then what the fuck is Bilibili? Last time I went on that site it told me there were 10k people watching a touhou gameplay event (which, if you know anything about touhou gameplay, isn't possible).

>> No.5231513

I'm not saying that nothing happened. I'm saying that the old live numbers being wrong is just as likely as the new ones being wrong. Maybe youtube fixed a bug.

I actually tested this with 3 other people for a few minutes, it's definitely not adblockers like /vt/ claims it is. Viewers with adblockers are currently counted, at least on very small streams.

>> No.5231518

Don't forget where you are, anon

>> No.5231542
File: 2.69 MB, 309x333, kiara.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nyanners tried to sabotage Kiara by making her look like shit on her stream.

>> No.5231566

a slow and confusing site

>> No.5231570

Bahroo more like BahWHO amirite

>> No.5231618

dammit, I knew I shouldn't have told anons about PM...

>> No.5231625

I think that was actually Kiara broadcasting her model in low quality to Nyanners.

>> No.5231647

pretty sure that it was on the other end. i heard that they used discord and that at least once something was changed to make it look better

>> No.5231825

And I have seen the complete opposite, viewer number showed 3 views, chat had 7 people talking in it concurrently. Or once a streamer had a cytube that was linked in the discription as to avoid the VOD being copywright struck after the fact, and the stream had 21 viewers while the Cytube had 46. It absolutely not a rrat, YouTube is fucking broken spaghetti code and instead of fixing the issue has covered it up and lied profusely about its existence for six months straight.

>> No.5231907

>I'm saying that the old live numbers being wrong is just as likely as the new ones being wrong. Maybe youtube fixed a bug.
Let's put it like this since it's the main example people recognized the bug on in the first place
Kiara's first Holotalk with Marine
>52k avg viewers
>57k peak viewers
>length 1 hour
>165k views at stream end
Second Holotalk with Fubuki
>32k avg viewers
>35k peak viewers
>length 1.5 hours
>187k views at the end
Which of these sets of numbers look more legitimate?

>> No.5231955

I don't think small-size tests are really a good indicator. They might highlight:
1. That YouTube only counts a percentage of views, which has an effect on large viewerships (what you are trying to prove)
2. That YouTube is bad at counting every single view accurately, resulting in the loss or addition of a few dozen views at most (equally if not more believable)
You just can't know which it is.

>> No.5231981

No seriously, why was the stream quality so bad? What the fuck was this idiot cat doing?

>> No.5232043

I'm not gonna re-tread what other anons have already said, but I will say: please continue to pretend you were watching the collab on twitch, it's very amusing.

>> No.5232055

The thing is it's definitely not adblockers and I'm still doubting because youtube would fix a bug like that with high priority because lower numbers being shown is actually bad for business when it comes to sponsors and stuff.

>> No.5232066
File: 1.15 MB, 372x640, handinpants.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gigastacy or ultraretard?
Black Mirror-anon here. You're right, you shouldn't have, I was on it for like 2 hours straight last night lmao.

>> No.5232132

Based, now pedo lovers found their new oshi known as Kiara

>> No.5232155

Of course I couldn't watch the twitch pov, it looked like shit.

>> No.5232201

kek, and another coincidence. There's two edits of the Kiara hand-in-pants pic, the second one made by me because I couldn't find the first one. You can notice the difference because I slightly fucked up merging the layers and there's a visible transition on her right leg (her right, not yours). I swear I'm not responsible for THAT much OC, you're just insanely lucky. also pls stop using my memes to bash pink cat :(

>> No.5232225

i did that initially but all of the webshit has performance issues with that many viewers so i just ended up loading the youtube stream on mpv. the video quality on both platforms should actually be identical since they both were using avc @ 6k kbps

>> No.5232248

Cat's stream was in 1080p 60fps and looked completely fine. Only kiara's model was weirdly low quality.

>> No.5232255

>but all of the webshit has performance issues with that many viewers
Huh, I don't doubt you but I usually get better performances on Twitch than YouTube. How old is your PC, anon?

>> No.5232306

Some people seem to get better performance on youtube and some get better performance on twitch. Twitch's chat implementation is definitely better at handling many thousands of people though.

>> No.5232315

pretty old but it can even run fancy graphics games without issues. its only these shitty javascript chats that cause problems. normally twitch would run without issues for me but these special events have too many flooders so both platforms end up performing just as poorly

>> No.5232341


>> No.5232374
File: 854 KB, 827x1423, 1615831288832.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I swear I'm not responsible for THAT much OC, you're just insanely lucky.
MFW this anon ends up being half of my VT folder. Aight I'll stop, but only because you're cool. I think I might have the other rendition, leg looks fine.

>> No.5232375

I have a feeling YouTube adds every chat message as an HTML element in the page, then just leaves them there forever. Leaving YouTube chat open for more than 10 minute inevitably ruins my otherwise pretty good PC.

>> No.5232385

will be interesting to see if nyan cancels todays stream

>> No.5232411
File: 906 KB, 220x124, Re75dd89c3c0f73576ddcccd6ba50c86b.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Twitch chat with FrankerfaceZ or whatever else you choose to use will forever >YouTube chat, but LiveTL's "Hyperchat" at least unfucks the performance a bit.

>> No.5232425
File: 54 KB, 252x174, fracture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>leg looks fine
look harder

>> No.5232488
File: 2.92 MB, 2720x1800, 1623786285112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking gangstalkers shit, when did my /vt/ become a Black Mirror episode. GET OUT OF MY STASH ANON.

>> No.5232507

i wonder what kind of supercomputers the hololive streamers use since they have the chat scrolling on the stream all the time and it gets hundreds of lines per second as long as the stream is on

>> No.5232547

She already canceled tuesday since she was hungover from her birthday. I will not forgive her if she cancels today too.

>> No.5232639

im going to be surprised if shes on today. quick recovery from this kind of stuff just isn't her thing

>> No.5232656
File: 512 KB, 1217x443, 2021-06-16 (5).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kiara definitely isn't using a supercomputer, kek. Her rig choked on the Steam version of NieR: Automata, and pic related.
I don't stream on YT, only Twitch, but I imagine it would depend on how they have chat piped into OBS, no?

>> No.5232729

>look at us guys we're just like your kawaii kyoani girls!!!
Jesas please never collab with this retard again, Kiara. What little penis length I had shriveled up from the massive amounts of onions emanating from that image.

>> No.5232794

idk. feels like the stream related stuff runs somewhere else because her stuff crashed and she talked about having to restart everything but the stream never ended. the background thing and chat was there all the time

>> No.5232905

>that superchat
Somehow all the /vt/ leaking I saw was either pro-nyanners or just ambivalent. It was nice to see.

>> No.5233103

it takes a special kind of cuck to give someone they don't like money for a negative message that has a 99% chance of getting ignored, better to just turn the adblockers on and spam pomf in the chat

>> No.5233210

I mean there was that one assmad ARS SC.

>> No.5233240

I know people post pomf to voice their disapproval, but it's not hurting Nyanners as much as they think. Even Nyanners's friends, like Haruka Karibu, occasionally tease her about pomf and she's able to laugh with them about it.

>> No.5233287

I saw that one, but I expected way more than one negative SC. Calli's collab with Gigguk got multiple negative SCs. There was a positive akasupa (in actual dollars) from this place too.

>> No.5233485

Didn't she also ask Amelia about her parents?

>> No.5233497

And she walked back on all of that.

>> No.5233620

>The only reason her vtuber career took off is because she was a notorious /a/ shitposter a decade ago.
Indeed, which is why you were so easily able to turn her audience against her and end her career. Wait a minute...

>> No.5233814

What happened with Mori? I was in coma.

>> No.5233840
File: 61 KB, 491x712, 0d67ca7e3a0afc25a33f74665cef5624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn't this what you all wanted? Nyanners the traitor being humilliated by the chicken with low self esteem?

>> No.5233891

Perhaps she should've started by not shittalking the profession and community as a whole. She's an outsider and a grifter who's only doing this because her voice acting career (and her attempts to sanitize her online personality to enter it) failed spectacularly.
It's clear Nyanners holds nothing but contempt and disdain for her fans and the profession as a whole, it's nothing but a stepping stone to her. As much as I despise that Austrian whore Kiara, she did what needed to be done by thoroughly emasculating that grifter POS.

>> No.5233943

>Perhaps she should've started by not shittalking the profession and community as a whole

>> No.5234016

links, either way it still has to bother her somewhat because she hasn't unprivated or re-uploaded the video yet

>> No.5234017
File: 116 KB, 591x735, 1612129420122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What's the matter Nyanners, don't you have any friends? Don't you even have a family? Lmao

>> No.5234087

Mouse is bigger than Nyanners on Twitch. But just by a slither. Unlike Nyanners though Mouse has a steady growth in both followers and pure numberfagging. She might reach 1 million on Twitch in 10 months. Cat will slow down at smth like 600k+

>> No.5234147


>> No.5234152

I want the nyanners/aqua collab for cringe kino of the century.

>> No.5234212

Based Austrian.

>> No.5234216

Takanashi "Dad croaks, time to make jokes" Kiara.

>> No.5234243

>absolute literalwho surpasses the grifter bitch who spent her whole life building a presence
Why is the mouse so based?

>> No.5234276

>Mouse is bigger than Nyanners on Twitch.
By what metric?
checking twitchtracker Nyanners seems to have both higher peak and average viewers, mouse just streams more often and longer.

>> No.5234277

Mouse may have more followers, but Nyanners consistently gets more live viewers than Mouse.
Mouse probably has a few more subs due to her sob-story though (not holding that against her).

Here's one example. 38 mins if the timestamp doesn't work.

>> No.5234337

Austrians are germans as in they belong to the German Nation, but they aren't german as in they belong to the Federal Republic of Germany.
>I-fixed-Germanyposting on /vt/
Stop playing parajew games

>> No.5234395
File: 357 KB, 1761x705, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like nyanners is bigger from this

>> No.5234502

Well Mouse is a genuine Vtubing fan,more like she ADORES Vtubing. She's as people here say OG(2017 before Sora).
She isn't fake weeb like most western Vtubers, she knows her shit with a powerlevel of gigachad. She isn't in it to rake the money. She does have a peepeepoopoo humor side but I don't think anyone except schizos actually hates Nyanners for peepee poopoo. Also the tearjerker story of her life of course but most of it is she can be very entertaining and she actually finishes games. Also has tubes, a cocktail of meds in her body and damaged lungs and still sings better than Pink Cat.

>> No.5234513

Mouse has more followers, but Nyanners is bigger in most other categories. It doesn't reall matter. They're both around the same and the 2 heavy hitters in vshojo. Veibae is pretty big too and just slightly behind them.

>> No.5234566

we'll see how this goes past Mori collab. But I was going purely by followers and subs.

>> No.5234689

that website says subs aren't tracked for those 2

>> No.5234747

then you should kys

>> No.5234772

doesn't take many braincells to figure out that Mouse gets more subs than Nyanners

>> No.5234777

Mousey shows her subscriber numbers on stream and fluctuates between 10k and 14k. Nobody knows for Nyanners.

>> No.5234917

Mouse has ~12k. Veibae usually has 7k-8k. Nyanners doesn't show her number, but based on those 2 I would think it's probably around 10k? Maybe slightly more. She has more viewers, but she doesn't have the sad backstory buff that Mouse has.

>> No.5234999

Mouses core viewer base is also very dedicated. Nyanners gets a lot of traffic but a lot of the viewers don't support. Ironmouse chat is usually 90% subs.

>> No.5235046

she had stage fright because of all the anti posting

>> No.5235097

Nyanners also sat at 22k for most of her stream as well.

>> No.5235127

>kiara tried to dox her

>> No.5235128

Yeah, but pink cat should have at least Veibae numbers. Neither Veibae nor pink cat bait donations and they are pretty comparable all things considered. Pink cat is slightly bigger so she probably has slightly more subs too. All I'm doing here is guessing though.

>> No.5235182

that's a good educated guess I'm not disagreeing with you.

>> No.5235292

Also now that this collab is done for better or worse how do you think Mori/IronMouse collab would go?

>> No.5235410



>> No.5235411

Considering the "shitstorm" was a nothingburger and Mousey is the least hated vshojo I'm expecting not much fallout at all
Although if they ever do someone like Gura that might change

>> No.5235477

And how it cut off right after that

>> No.5235591

I wonder what's gonna be the game of choice. Or if they will sing. I hope singing won't be the whole collab. Mouse did some rap cyphers but she excels at opera and Mori isn't... very good at classic singing.

>> No.5235604

What the fuck I love chicken now?

>> No.5235724

wtf lmfao

>> No.5237672

wrong person, schizo

>> No.5240868

She had it coming.

>> No.5241021

im a newfag so i dont care about nyanners, but honestly i wanted to see mori and veibae getting fucked, not them

>> No.5241688

No, I want her gone.

>> No.5244411

this is funny because as eastern euro, people here often say germoids are fake and don't talk directly

>> No.5245159

Kiara being part of hololive uses the app cover made for their vtubers. Since nobody outside hololive is allowed to use it, I bet kiara had to try some third part shit to make it work. So of course it ended looking like shit

>> No.5245190

I hate the way Nyanners talk, so regardless of what she does I wouldn't enjoy watching her, but I honestly start liking Kiara more with every collab. She's almost always the only one not killing the mood.

>> No.5245779
File: 160 KB, 1536x1507, 1623392892452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Where are the jokes?

Could it be that Nyanners talk deck got a whole lot thinner on after reading the 10-page-banned-word-and-topic list Cover hands out before collabs?

No need to sweat dear, it's only a lawsuit

>> No.5246199

>retards making shit up about the collab
It went fine and had excellent numbers. Nyanners didn't need this or want this, she doesn't care about holoEN, that's why she didn't join.

>> No.5246620

Implying she ever had a chance to join

>> No.5246843

She would have had she bothered to even apply.

>> No.5247219

they all need to cope somehow

>> No.5247971
File: 88 KB, 1280x800, 2021-06-17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking kek. I've literally never seen this e-mail before. So THIS is how the bugs and changs were able to waste so much money sending akasupas to Coco, even in "not-quite-as-monopoly-money-as-ARS" HKD/SGD/TWD. Google fuckin' says "sorry you got jannied, want a refund?"

>> No.5248299

What does Report a Problem do? Does it actually ends up refunding you your monopoly money?

>> No.5248417
File: 34 KB, 1190x567, beatsme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tried it for the lulz. We'll see. I sent her an actual super chat later on anyways and was OK with her keeping an extra $10.

>> No.5248457

Are you the retard who sent that rrat?

>> No.5248624

imagine seething this hard

>> No.5248692

>this one
>not the retard who SC'd actual money

>> No.5248774
File: 33 KB, 309x333, 1623882648973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

y'all mad?

>> No.5248778

normal simps aren't seething but this fag spent money just to get a red background to his troll post

>> No.5248784

His money went to his Oshi and he outshitposted you.
I'd suspect Google would actually flag your account if you request a refund though. Not that it matters because you're an arsnigger

>> No.5248814

doubt it. chargebacks are what make them angry

>> No.5248824
File: 24 KB, 307x417, uknow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We'll see.
t. not an ARS nigger

>> No.5248923

You're both defending the retarded containment breaker who (You)'d in a SC.

>> No.5248951

Anon using a VPN is what makes you an arsnigger. Actual argentinians deserve nothing but pity.

>> No.5249141
File: 102 KB, 1000x1000, doitfgt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5249209

pls learn to read before quoting posts. i was absolutely not defending him there

>> No.5249223

Natasha "my dad is as dead as my rep on 4chan dot com" Nyanners

>> No.5249495

Does this image expire after the next collab?

>> No.5249602

Didn't it only screw up after Kiara's display drivers crashed while they were playing checkers? Or was it like that the whole stream on Nyanner's end?

>> No.5249765

Im not sure if the Nier issue were from her PC though, since she was playing the stream versions which never got updates. After she bought it from Microsoft store and had not issues.

>> No.5249782

Literally any section of her Deus Sex stream
She also has clips on her YT channel

>> No.5249906

I remember it being like that from the beginning

>> No.5249911

She has a Ryzen 3 5800X with a Radeon 5700XT.

>> No.5249924

You're talking like HoloLive didn't have a profit motive from the very start, you're warning us of a trap while being stuck in another

>> No.5250136

Kiara hinted at it and I know the troll bait posts are mostly antis but Nyanners is a much bigger name in that cosmos than Kiara. Nyanners history of doing content is now over 10 years. While Kiara was traveling japan, chasing an idol dream she would never achieve, Nyanners was already grinding away and she already had all stages of drama around her, hiatuses from making content, trying to hide her old persona, doing VA work, etc.
I'm not a Kiara anti, in fact I really appreciate how Kiara takes her "setbacks" and how she still gets up after failures. This is her charm point.
However Nyanners has already finished the entire youtube/twitch content game and is already on NG++ with her current iteration (same with Gura).
There are worlds apart between these two.

>> No.5250145

It was jork. I know her rig is plenty powerful enough, but she's too "feigned helplessness" to troubleshoot any of the usual issues that come up when PC gaming...

>> No.5250215

its not running the stream tho? when she had those problems none of the stream related stuff crashed. it was just the stuff that she would run on her own pc

>> No.5250364

The stream itself was spazzing out during one of the NieR streams that she ended up cancelling and turning into an unarchived zetsudan/Minecraft stream.

>> No.5250426

they are two failed idols in two different ways

>> No.5255662

Taste your own gangschizing moshe.

>> No.5255726


>> No.5259152

So are you actually implying shitbird or nyancunt can read?

>> No.5259547
File: 10 KB, 896x896, 1620844861261.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dude, the collab happened. Get over it already. Bots dislikes were removed. 99% of people were either neutral to the collab or enjoyed it. Fanart is being made and requests for more Vshojo/HoloEN collabs have been pouring in. You lost. Time to throw in the towel, my man.

>> No.5260101


>nijisanji is for nips.

>hololive is for zhangs.

>Vshojo is for amerimutts.

Change my mind,

>> No.5260200

based on what?

>> No.5260583
File: 261 KB, 802x1069, 1621981558046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based on you getting no pussy

>> No.5260764
File: 599 KB, 996x868, c28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You will never be a woman just like nyanners will never have a dad

>> No.5261216
File: 24 KB, 400x400, Amelia Laughs at You.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Enjoy the future HololiveEN and JP Pride streams on top of even more Vshojo collabs

>> No.5261327

alright underaged b& back to your epic raiding discord server

>> No.5261528
File: 132 KB, 1264x646, really dude.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's all you got? You lost and will continue to lose. You all will keep moving your goalposts further and further. When the Kiara/Vei collab happens, what will you do?

>> No.5261955

Enjoy your delusions. You will never be a real woman.

>> No.5261992

I don't know. Just make something up. It's your delusion. You get to decide what he does.

>> No.5262665

>Pink cat

>> No.5262738
File: 101 KB, 284x288, watamelon 5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5263280

>"worst holoEN outshines her"
Bait aside, Kiara is pretty strong in collabs, being an extrovert with no filter is literally her only strong point. Mori and Ame have been far worse overall, and even Gura had two snoozefest collabs today.

>> No.5263418

If only

>> No.5263470

Except this was hardly that unless you squinted really hard.

>> No.5263966
File: 263 KB, 1443x2048, E1_SwytVkAAzTGw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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