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You couldn't stop it.

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So I will crash it

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Are you holofags gonna have another meltdown?

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I'm simply not going to watch it. Unlike all of you retards.

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Is it too late to switch with Vei?

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Pomf Pomf

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>can we at least make it worse

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That's ok. The only one who will be blamed when it causes a big crash and burn is Kiara who will be fired for causing it in the first place. EN will be able to prosper after this collab, believe me.

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Never tried to.
Membership to Kiara is running out in 8 days and I won't renew it. That's all.

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>force vei to cancel collab
>she switches in nyanners, the sociopath mastermind manipulator
/vt/ has played itself again. What do you suppose Nyanners managed to negotiate in return for the collab? I shudder to imagine her plans. Hololive might not exist in a recognizable form after all is said and done.

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i don't even watch either of them, i literally can't do anything more.

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>>force vei to cancel collab
she did that to herself because she can't keep her mouth closed

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EN will be dismantled and every person except Gura will grad. It will be renamed into HoloGR. She will rake more money than every other member combined while not caring about any of them or even knowing their names. Everyone else will fade and be forgotten, their channels gone while The Shark will remain. Eternal. Mark my words. It will be Gura who destroys Holo not your little chikins and HoloID.

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Remember Nyanners is 4chan's eternal enemy.
That fucking traitor.

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But I love pink cat

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You don't.
You just post here as a low effort troll.
So here's your (You) now go

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>EN/Western shit
Don't care lol

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NTA, but I do. Her birthday stream was really fun, and I can't wait to see the new costume.

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roru roru rumao rumao

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Yes. Must destroy

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imagine obsessively hating an internet catgirl because she insulted your favorite anime forum

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Yes. Must destroy

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But we can make her regret it.

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Fine by me.

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No, but I'm going to enjoy shitting on both the tourists that shill it and the tourists defending it tomorrow.

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sure, but just remember there are more of us out there :^)

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This is such an impossibly lame post. You write like a newfag desperate to fit in

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are you guys honestly this autistic or what?

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Seethe harder nigger

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I hope they do. I hope they burn Hololive to ground so they can fuck off from this hobby while I enjoy my Nijis

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>>5169949 write like a newfag

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Yeah, who gives a fuck about vthots?

If you don't like it don't watch. Coco already basically soft confirmed Hololive don't wanna go in a Vshojo hyper sexual direction, so there's a pretty solid limit to how much Hololive can be "ruined"

Whether or not we like Nyanners, she's literally the most tolerable Vthot because at least she's just being an immature goofball 99% of the time instead of trying to sincerely string along horny teens to milk them for money

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>she's just being an immature goofball 99% of the time instead of trying to sincerely string along horny teens to milk them for money

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Yes. The harder people try to have serious conversations the more likely they are to be messed up in some way too. There's no point in fighting it keep in mind. You can't out autism an autist.

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I mean could you blame them

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>she's literally the most tolerable Vthot
Fuck America and please stop relating your shitty counterfeit(s) with Japan's original vtuber and again fuck you and your fucking stupid post.

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>EN fans actually surprised this happened

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>she's just being an immature goofball 99% of the time instead of trying to sincerely string along horny teens to milk them for money
You misspelled IronMouse anon

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you know what else Japan was original at holofag? Getting nuked

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yes I can blame them

weeb mad

they flipped like this back when hololive and nijisanji first collabed, nothing bad came of it

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Remember when V collabed with Niji and nothin changed? This will be like this. Stop doomposting.

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>Getting nuked by USA
Yea? And again, fuck America the most degenrated country on earth.
Long live Japan and long live Hololive!

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doomposting is the only thing vt posters know how to do. i think they're afraid of anything ephemeral, including happiness, so they try to save themselves by assuming everything is imminently coming to an end.

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>nothing changed when the starving hobo ate a living rat
Gee, really?

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There is literally nothing wrong with this and nearly all the outrage is either ironic or manufactured.

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No, unfortunately it's not. Some people are simply mentally ill, their hatred is very much unironic.

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>implying Holo is in any way superior to chad NijiJP
we got so many newfag Holobronies in the last year here

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I wish that was true but with how many schizos post in here it's hard to know sometimes

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>cheerleading for a youtuber agency as if it was some sort of tribe you belonged to

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Imagine a world without america, no more woke shit no more tranny shit no more EN shit

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We’d gladly take one for the team
t. burger

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>No anime
>No internet
>No JP, niji

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you can cancel right now and still keep the benefits for the remaining duration

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I'm not a Holofag though.

Hololive is like this nu-metal band in the 2000s every edge kid and normalfag was raving about. Doesn't make the talent in the band bad but it brings a lot of dead weight normies to the table who can't tell apples from oranges.

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I’m planning to cancel during the stream. Might member Gura instead.

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Gura is based though, she's friends with Belle Delphine. I bet her gamer girl bathwater is delicious.

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bath pizza

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>friends with Belle Delphine
>is Belle Delphine
>oh no

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I dont like niji ether but holy shit, these holobronies are so annoying that they are starting to make me an anti

>> No.5171306 [DELETED] 

She isnt bell delphine retard, and seems the mods are retards as well since they banned me for posting a bell video with gura singing over it, as if bell is gura lmao

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I wonder if there will ever come a time in history in which people will finally understand that the fans are not the product
It's so fucking tiring. Every year of my life on the internet
>This X Thing exists, and I hate it because I don't like Y
Y isn't X. For fucks sake

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>she's friends with Belle Delphine
Didn't she just get paid to make a song since the Ok Boomer thing was blowing at the time?

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don't forget to dislike

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This I used to enjoy hololive but their fans are annoying af, now I genuinely want to burn holobronies to death

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the only serious enemy 4chan has is 4chan

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Daily reminder that Kiara said the n word and nothing happened. The fuck makes you think something will happen from this??

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I unironically like Hololive and its Vtubers

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>"the n word"
>reddit dragon
just say nigger what the fuck are you doing

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You failed

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>accidentally burning your finger on a stove didn't kill me so why should anything happen if I bathe in kerosene while smocking five cigarettes surrounded by tiki torches?

an hero yourself bugman

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We couldn't stop it but with our efforts combined we got the video to 1k dislikes and that's basically a win in my eyes, good job antibros

>> No.5173393

>good job antibros
can you stop with this circlejerk its making me cringe harder than coco's reddit review

>> No.5173417

Fuck you me and my antibroskis ride together and die together

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There is no difference between seanigs spamming and dislike bombing kiara and zhangs spamming and dislike bombing coco.

>> No.5173594

what happen between seanigger and kiara?

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The last 9 months.

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pls elaborate

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Stop fucking taking /vt/ seriously
Sorry anon but I don’t like the collab so I used my right to give it a dislike. Nothing to do with this place and I’ll not be there unlike the possible spammers and shitters (who are the actual antis)

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>Sorry anon but I don’t like the collab so I used my right to give it a dislike. Nothing to do with this place and I’ll not be there unlike the possible spammers and shitters (who are the actual antis)
>posts in a antithread
It's not working retard. Shit gets stale.

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what did she do? is she into black men?

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>eternal enemy
>fucking traitor
We are anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget,

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i unironically believe this
i hope someone kills nyanners just to teach kiara a lesson

>> No.5177319

It's not too late yet.

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But i will end it.

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Good. Keep seething you entitled manbabies

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>that one mentally retarded mexican girl used Gura's oki boomer song and made literally millions of dollars

Should Gura sue her dumb ass?

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This, f*ck chuds.

>> No.5180826

The gigguk collab is worse than this desu

>> No.5180968 [DELETED] 

>pic rel

>> No.5181139 [DELETED] 

Isn't Belle Delphine british?

>> No.5181159 [DELETED] 

It's what big Joe does to tax dodgers.

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>mbleh blem mlem n-nyanners desu
>blegh egh l'egg
>mmmmblep toilet noises
so glad I chose this hobby

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Europe is, on average, way more woke than the US.

>> No.5181562

If it helps, you can ignore it because Gura has a sharknado watchalong that's gonna be playing at the same time.

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>members only

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if kiara puts chat into membership only, i count that as a win

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it's hilarious how people think collabing with Nyanners is yab when just last week she collabed with the fucking Himegoto mangaka

>> No.5186264

But we can prevent it from happening again.

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Lmao at this zhang mindset

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anon, you need to overcome that battered wife syndrome. She's not a good person. She's toxic. For your own good you need to realize this.

>> No.5186320

>babies on a board for gossiping over e-celebs LARP as Anonymous while not even knowing the actual line
This would be sad if I gave a shit.

>> No.5186462

But when will Kiara and Ironmouse fight over Calli?

>> No.5186564

Yeah this is some real "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster" shit.

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all this drama remind me why i don't take vtubers serious
most people here are incels

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It's weird. The more people hate on nyanners, the more I like Gura for some reason. I'm not even subscribed to any HoloEN, and only kinda know them through clips, but all this shitposting is just making me want to sub to her. The only nyanners I know is the annoying little bitch from her attentionwhoring 4chan days as well as her failing tumblr days, I don't know how she is now, but based on the image I have of her, Gura seems like the complete oposite.

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>literally Zhang levels of delusion

>> No.5187134

i don't actually mind this. as long as vei stays away from hololive, i'm content.

>> No.5188792

why is /vt/ so obsessed with vei? most people here were shitting on cover because of their poor handling of the aloe incident

>> No.5188875

Why vei swap her with riley reid

>> No.5188896

Even retarded chinaman managed to eclipse that easily when they were at their weakest and stopped caring. Absolutely pathetic, hows it feel to be lesser than Zhangs?

>> No.5188982

Ching chang chong.

>> No.5189022

Why would I stop this, I wanted Nyanners in EN gen 2 before Vshojo was a thing

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What did she mean by this?

>> No.5189166

Did Tamaki ever cry about how she never wanted to write trap manga and how her fans forced her to do it, and then go on an anti-trap crusade for being "transphobic"?

>> No.5189231

but seriously what's coco's stance on the bbc?

>> No.5189289

Absolutely nothing wrong with a male (female (male (female)))

>> No.5189314

>literally nothing will happen
>/vt/ will continue to seethe eternally

just admit you are as obsessed over these girls as a faggot kpop stan. You are all niggers

>> No.5190836

Not sure about him but I always identified with pink cat and still do.

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>> No.5190923

Imagine not being a unity chads and watch both holo and vshojo kek

>> No.5191036

Ah, she loves it.

>> No.5191195

They are literally one of the worst fanbases in existence.
So yes, I can blame them.

>> No.5191834

While that may be true, I am not 4chan's personal army. Do a flip, preferably on this:

>> No.5192990

It's all over, pack up retards.

>> No.5193250

a retarded girl who can barely speak? that's the biggest enemy of /vt/?

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Is this really all you can do /vt/? Pathetic.

>> No.5194478

1k is a lot
there are no more than 100 peeps here

>> No.5195857

Kiara is kind of abrasive.

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>"was that your first original song"
>"Yeah! Kinda..."

>> No.5196189

Nyanners can take it even if she's not great at returning fire. That's what made me think this collab would go pretty well. Other people probably would have gotten in a way over things like the no friends no family jokes.

>> No.5196282

Reminder that this autistic pink cat with severe social anxiety is what this board is terrified of tearing down all of Hololive.

>> No.5203713

I was honestly thinking the same thing during the collab.

I've watched a few of Nyanner's clips and a few of her streams to give her a chance, didn't find her all that interesting.

I really expected someone more crazy and bombastic, instead we got a quiet girl obviously terrified that she was standing on a street in the cleaner side of town, so to speak. I actually felt kind of bad for her. She didn't say or do anything that Coco honestly wouldn't have outdone her in already.

>> No.5204751

breddy based if you ask me faggot

>> No.5204830

We were, until it became clear Kiara had enough of her autistic faggot ass and sent her back to Auschtwitch

>> No.5207174

4chan always hated Nyanners, and I don't mean in the usual contrarian sort of way. She was a massive attention whore who spammed her videos here, tried to blame her fans for it, and got mass reported out of spite. And no one really gives a shit about the "pomf" video. The problem is she made a huge public display about "deleting" it while calling all the fans who supported her for years pedophiles just because edgy pee poo humor wasn't cool anymore.

>> No.5207771

It wasn't even bad, cope

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>4chan always hated Nyanners
>all the fans who supported her for years
what the fug

>> No.5207894

This but without the falseflagging.

>> No.5207933

Why do all of these threads seem to be Nyannersfags RPing as Nyanners antis making incredibly cringe posts and then replying to themselves mocking their own posts?

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>> No.5208055

>Other people probably would have gotten in a way over things like the no friends no family jokes.
Yeah, like Kiara. She would've started crying if that went the other way around.

>> No.5208234

just shut up you retarded nigger, 4chen is not one person and no one will hate someone just because your are a emotional deranged nigger

>> No.5208263

>The problem is she made a huge public display about "deleting" it while calling all the fans who supported her for years pedophiles just because edgy pee poo humor wasn't cool anymore.
Is this before or after the doxxfags literally pissed on her sister's grave?

>> No.5209303

That literally never happened, it's a rumour that was made up on /v/ in 2012.

>> No.5209331

God bless you anon.
Nyanners can flee to tumblr, or twitter or twitch but she will always be a hypocritical retard.

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