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Okay, /vt/, I want to hear it from YOUR mouth. Why do you hate Nyanners? No, don't give me that "s-she hates on lolicons but she also profits from lolicons at the same time so she's a hypocrite!" or "s-she called lolicons pedos!" bullshit. Don't parrot what other no names have said for years. It's tired out.

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I don't. She had some pretty funny interaction with Jerma. That's all I know of her.

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Because she's popular so hating her is ok.

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I've only seen shit like this thread 9000 times already. So.... Lurk more

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Im unironically looking forward to the collab, I think its gonna be cute

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I've watched some of her highlight reels and I've laughed my ass off at them. I have a very child-like sense of humor.

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Because she shits all over old fans to get money from new ones. Why should people be loyal to her when she will not be loyal to them.

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Vshojo = E-girls trying to be chuubas with no understanding to why jp chuubas were great to begin with. They are not cute, not entertaining and are annoying to watch, so why bother?

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>Because she shits all over old fans to get money from new ones
Examples of this?

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nyanners herself isnt so bad, its the rest of vshojo that are trash

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She's trying so hard not to be a lolicon in her streams. She can't resist the cunny for so long.

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she won me back with the cold steel videos

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clout chasing master

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Damn we've got to the point where newfags don't even know the endless pomf spam arc this place had.

Time to pack it up boys, the golden days are done.

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I don't.
She's funny and sometimes very cringe.

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>Tell me why you wouldn't eat poop, but don't give me any of that "it's dirty and it smells" bullshit. It's tired out.

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>"s-she called lolicons pedos!"
She' right tho.

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So, she is NOT a hypocrite who profits from lolicons and call them pedos? Did she change her view?

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Go to bed Kiara

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Not that this will ever change the mind of people that like her. She frames it like she was just putting on an act for 4chan and she got to be her self but she just put on another mask for tumblr instead and now it is a new mask for vshojo.

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I said it in other thread and I'll paste it here

My feelings about Pink Cat are quite mixed, I don't hate her but I can't bring myself to support her.
You know the story, she deletes Pomf, denounces lolicon, goes full tumblrina, suddenly tones down the SJW bullshit, and then she becomes a Vtuber. On one hand, I want to believe she changed her opinion since she hangs out with lolicons (Melody and Bunny_GIF come to mind), and in the other hand I'm not convinced (her Discord server rules and the Nekopara cancellation come to mind).
If I'm not a Nyanners anti is for two things: 1) I don't care about 4chan drama, I'm a newfag, I only care about 2D=3D stuff; and 2) as I said, she toned down the tumblrina, if not, I would hate her for being what I consider to be Mother's Basement's daughter.
Anyway, I would not try to shit on her, but I prefer to avoid watching her. I understand she will probably never adress her thoughts that seem to be up the air since it can bring new controversy, but I would be more cool with her if she just gave more hints that she's okay with it.

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She's a shitty entertainer that is also a shitty person outside of her work. If I wanted to watch a social justice retard make jokes for the lowest common denominator I'd watch TV

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That tumblr post really just tells me Nyanners doesn't even know who she is or wants to be.

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>being unfunny was a phase
Nyanners really has no self-awareness, huh

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Tbh I don't hate her anymore after the Ai collab. She at least knows how to play the Vtuber game and respects the craft of being one. She's a hypocrite sure but so are most people who have an online persona so I don't really care. But I am genuinely happy she at least respects being a Vtuber and people in the industry.

Now pic related on the other hand, that's a fucking horrible person, fuck her.

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cowards answer

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That's 95% of women.

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It's funny 'cause it's true.
Remember anons, you too can leave this hellhole and find happiness out there

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She's a liar who pretends to change her viewpoints by shitting on her fanbase and accusing them of things she always knew wasn't true all so she can advance in her own career.

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I don't. I just don't think that she nor any other Vshoujo should be collabing with HoloLive. The two cultures are entirely at odds.

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wrong. other way around. actually no all vshojo are trash

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But I am happy here. Literally anywhere else fucking sucks for a variety of reasons.

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I don't

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I want to ravage her so fucking bad dude like jesus christ im so fucking horny i want to mercilessly fuck the shit out of her pussy while she says stupid stuff between her moans and touch thay fluffy hair while i caress her petite body and i carry her lightweight ass through the entire kitchen to our bedroom, where the mating press may start

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>Say why you dislike her, excluding the most relevant and factual reasons to dislike her

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I do not.

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I tried anon but I came back because I am miserable no matter what I do. Vtubers were the first thing to make me happy in years but now I doom post all the time because I am getting myself ready for the day it to is taken from me.

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>Don't repeat facts, they hurt my feelings
Come the Day of the Rope both you and your oshi will swing.

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At this point it's just a performative game to have misinterpreted some E tier drama from seven years ago and to insist on the pro-nonce stance all these years later

You have to admire the dedication, honestly

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Fuck lolicons. And if you're a lolicon, fuck you too.

Nyanners did nothing wrong.

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Nyanners seems like the living embodiment of immaturity. I wouldn't be surprised if she has an actual disorder.

I don't hate her though. I just got bored of the peepeepoopoo stuff, but wish her the best.

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A girl with mental issues who grew up on fucking 4chan is probably going to have some difficulty figuring that out yeah.

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I forgot she existed until I came to /vt/ to orangepost and then began reading up on her and realized, based on her history and the fact she still makes videos that appeal to 4chan (meaning the cunt is browsing, while disavowing) that she's literally a two-faced manipulator. She is, genuinely, not a good person. This is not to say the /v/tards who pissed on her sister's grave are good people but her entire life is spent attention whoring for money so what do you expect?

>no amount of cope will stop the day of the rope

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So fuck nyanners then.

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>used to browse /whinek/

That explains everything.

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Just stop hating trans people and you'll find friends anon.

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>So fuck nyanners
God I wish.

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The only people who post shit like this are the type that unironically agree with people who think there's nothing wrong with eating bugs as long as the right media sources say so. Fuck off, normaltrash.

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>Don't forget you're here forever
Even Nyanners still can't completely tear herself away from this place despite everything.

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You're a lolicon. Nyanners hate you.

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Nice projection. Also the part of the country I live in I would make friends if I decided to start hating trans people.

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That makes it even hotter.

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Shit, it actually gets worse

>hehe I started browsing 4chins when I was a kid
>also I might have sucked a few dicks haha BUT IT WAS THEIR FAULT NOT MINE

I hate women so much.

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You want to know what is so funny about this? she says all of this shit, deletes her old videos at the drop of a hat when any tumblr sjw tells her. but then months after doing all of that? she records the moonman cover. there is an archived /pol/ thread where all of the anons were confused about why nyanners would make something like that after her tumblr switcharoo. she will do anything for clout. I don't hate her, I give her credit that compared to more than 90% of this site, she's an oldfag. But at the end of the day, she's a hypocrite. she didn't change at all. the only thing that changed was her target audience. don't fucking care about the loli shit either.

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No conviction, just does whatever brings fame and that currently includes appeasing the twitter mob. Imagine wanting to stream a game and then pussying out because some faggots told you it's bad. Even Kiara has more balls than that.

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Hypocrite plain and simple.

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Women that used to browse it in those days were especially bad. They were just their to find sad boys to talk to online to get them to inflate their egos before ghosting them. I know because a few of them went to a chat I regularly visited back in 08.

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Literally if she dropped the Nyanners brand before breaking into being a vtuber, it wouldn't be nearly as big a problem. The fact that she decided to cling onto the identity she developed in the past is proof enough that she doesn't respect the kayfabe culture of Vtubing. If Gura kept the Senzawa brand before signing with Hololive, I would probably resent her for it too. Whenever I see Nyanners I don't imagine a character like I would with any other Vtuber. When I watch Peko, Ame, Pikamee, etc I feel like I'm watching a character. When I watch Nyanners (not that I ever really do), there is no character I can imagine herself as because the name and brand of Nyanners is already packed with so much past baggage that I objectively cannot divorce myself from who Nyanners is outside of her career as a vtuber.

TL;DR it's literally just because she refused to rebrand herself

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>while she says stupid stuff between her moans
I'm enjoying the idea of her nervously trying to make her usual jokes as she gets fucked harder and harder.

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As others have pointed out, she made up shit about her old fans in order to make herself look good to new fans. It is just being 2-faced and hypocritical. Now, make no mistakes, even people from 4chan generally make fun of 4chan. But Nyanners simply makes things up. It's like when women talk shit about their exes, and you learn to only half believe them.

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Cause i respect Mister Metukor a 1000% more then Nanners. and when she talked shit about him on her Tumblr it was a no brainier to hate the bitch. Plus i think she is a gritter and a leech.

>> No.5158385

Nyanners might be reading this thread...

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She's cool. Any more thought than that and she lives in your head rent-free

>> No.5158464

I'm aware of the drama surrounding this cunt from like 10+ years ago until now. I didn't even realize she started vtubing until some faggots kept spamming her in the /jp/ threads before /vt/ was made. can't say I like her beyond that one pomf video she made long ago.

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My dislike for Nyanners is rooted in that she started out pandering to /a/ and then one day turned around and said "all of this is bad", while she gleefully participated in it and profited off it. It makes her seem very insincere and ultimately not worth getting invested in, since she'll drop her pink catloli character the moment new prospects appear.

I also think her content is middling at best, the virtual virgins in general are just not entertaining.
Melody being the exception.

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pink cat good

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She rebranded herself several times- /v/tard, tumblr whore and now queen of simpkind, it's just she kept the fucking name for some reason.

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>can't say I like her beyond that one pomf video she made long ago.
Fun fact, she hates you because you liked that video

>> No.5158550

The name is the brand you retard.

>> No.5158561

She is almost certainly in every one of these threads, probably posting half the pro-Nyanners posts besides her simps.

>> No.5158564

I don't. I think she's great. But I don't watch twitch much so I haven't seen her streams in a while.

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I used to be into eating bugs decades before the media said so. Insects are great and tasty. I recommend grasshoppers in particular.

>> No.5158614

Come on, her Moonman cover was great too.

>> No.5158628

Unironically electionfags hate her because she's an oldfag compared to them and like most oldfags she matured and realized how retarded her reactionary personality was.

>> No.5158635

OK so we can say HER name but I tried to use some old names earlier and got my post filtered.

>> No.5158636

imagine having your identity and opinions revolve around 4chan drama

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I love how people who are upset for her shitting on her previous fanbase arent weren't even fans. Fucking losers playing victim. Shes smart and knew where to market herself. All of you would do the same because who gives a fuck about literal whos on 4chan

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She’s a nigger and you are a faggot, thus I hate niggerfaggots.

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I enjoyed pomf when she uploaded it. It was funny and for the young me back then, it was edgy enough to be cool in an ironic way. Her backpedalling on it, made me feel like she rejected her old fanbase and by extension me, who enjoyed the funny videos. I decided to not engage with her content in the future. I dont hate her I just dont want to see her content. Her invading a different hobby I have come to enjoy bums me out a little bit, but I dont care enough to rabidly spam about it.

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>it's alright to accept a two faced opportunist into your community as long as they didn't betray you personally
No thanks.

>> No.5158770

>person regrets their cringy words and actions on a public forum as a teenager
>renounces the low functioning autism that boards like these promote
what exactly is wrong with this?

>> No.5158832

>I want to hear it from YOUR mouth. Why do you hate Nyanners?
>but also don't say anything about what made you hate her

>> No.5158848

>be nyanners
>call lolicons pedos
>also be nyanners
>want to collab with hololive
>many of hololive's jp talents are openly lolicons
>nyanners wants to collab with a company that by her definition employs pedos
She's a clout chasing hypocrite who will turn down a community to build herself up. If this wasn't the case she would have personally sent those vocaroos to Enma and told her about her baggage,

>> No.5158857

dunno, buy i dont hate her, humans are failed beings, she should embrace the part of her that was 4chen.
i think people in this place did a number on her and harassed her, thats why she tries to reject a part of her identity because of it, mostly explains the reason she is insufferable with some themes sometimes
but wherever, 4chen is shit today and there is no reason to give a shit anyway, just accept and move on

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Vtubers aren't your community you probably live next to a corn field.

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Her discordfags personally come to the nyanners threads to defend her whenever people mention something bad about her, it's beyond pathetic and the posts are so obvious to spot (people who get upset at the word loli or trap).

>> No.5158886

You can always leave if you feel you are so much better than the rest of us.

And to answer your question, here is another question. How long until all her current fans that have given her money are cringey to her and she just drops them for something else? Why should she expect loyalty and respect when she shows none of it to fans?

>> No.5158919

This. Sadly most of the people here are reddit-tier ironic weebs so they'll support that kind of shit.

>> No.5158936

If you think that's bad: Kiara's tripfagging can still be found on /cow/

>> No.5158954

>You can always leave
No one in this thread can.

>> No.5158956

I'll take a picture of the George Washington Bridge from my apartment if you want. But that's irrelevant. You don't support people who will turn on the things you like.

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> but then months after doing all of that? she records the moonman cover
I "officially left" 4chan back in 2015, but it took me another 2 years before i actually stopped visiting less than once a day. that's probably what happened to her. old habits die hard.
>but you're here now faggot
like i said. came back a couple of months ago in hopes that the stench of the election and orange man had left. it hasn't.

>> No.5158988

If we keep telling each other enough and maybe more hate behind it one of us will anon. You have to believe.

>> No.5158994

Because shes not my oshi

>> No.5159111

its not about being better or worse than anyone in this epic niche subculture open to literally fucking anybody, it's about having experiences outside of it that have you realize your time is wasted here, and adjusting accordingly. believe it or not, she doesnt owe this website anything. none of us do.
no one expects others to be loyal to her, she's a comfy content creator that isn't trying to cunt on anyone in particular. that earns basic respect for any human imo.

>> No.5159163

I actually think she's OK if she's solo though I probably wouldn't watch her outside of clips. But I hate her when she tries to collab with hololive.

>> No.5159173

by upset you mean cringe at childfuckers, then yes.

>> No.5159190

If that's her real face she's actually really cute. Too bad she's a massive hypocrite.

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>no, see, SJW invaders are the REAL 4channers

Anonymous means claiming to being an oldfag is pointless, something you'd know if you weren't an actual unironic outsider.

>> No.5159205

find her cringy and you can tell how fake she is

>> No.5159211

What children?
You gotta go back friend.

>> No.5159215

>and by extension me
can you elaborate? i dont get how this works.

>> No.5159235

>they get upset by these words
>respond to these words specifically
Hate to admit it but you called it kfpfag.

>> No.5159248

visiting this shithole and going out of your way to create a moonman cover for anons to laugh at is more than an "old habits die hard" action.
>she grew out of the icky places in her life. shedding her skin like a bug
this is a straight lie. you're allowed to like her anon. I don't hate her. but yes, im sorry, she is a hypocrite

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Living next to a cornfield would be a smart thing to do. What kind of fucking moron pays half a million to live in some shithole cookie-cutter suburb or in a city where peaceful riots frequently occur whenever someone dindus no crimes and gets themselves shot while peacefully resisting arrest by assaulting the cops? Imagine unironically, unironically pretending to be better than anyone when you live in a ghetto or your mom's basement.

>> No.5159263

The loli stuff still rubs me the wrong way enough to avoid her, but I don't really hate her. I'm just not really willing to watch her or streams featuring her. No big deal.

>> No.5159264


The whiteknighting simps are so obvious to spot because they don't even bother to hide.

>> No.5159267

Not him, but she's been in this business long before vtubers were a thing. She's betrayed fans before and will do it again the moment something else comes up.

>> No.5159280

So you cringe at nyanners then. Makes sense actually.

>> No.5159281

People who associate 2d images with real pedophilia are fucking crazy. Go back to your nyanners discord faggot.

>> No.5159319

Didn't someone from 4chan pissed on her dead sister's grave?

>> No.5159348

>People who associate 2d images with real pedophilia are often actual pedos themselves

>> No.5159350


She literally still browses, she didn't reject shit except the fact the simps of 5 years ago weren't giving her enough money so she tried to get a different simp audience to suck her off.

>> No.5159354

But she is an oldfag anon, all the 4chan shit people are complaining about her abandoning is a decade old.

>> No.5159382

I've hated her for YEARS
>hUrRrr I'm saying vulgar things in a $5 dub VA loli voice isn't that soOooOoo ironic haha snoop dogg smoke weed pussy nigga cum xPPPP
Pinnacle of fucking comedy right there. Sincerely hoping she'd fuck off since about 10 years ago, but whereas before she was contained in her own little shitty tryhard turbo-autismo containment zone, she's now going out of her way to shit all over the things I actively enjoy. Cheers for that

>> No.5159392

I don't. I don't exactly watch her streams, but she's an old acquaintance and I'm proud of her. And having actually worked with her before, I know for a fact that "she burns all her bridges" is bullshit.

>> No.5159395

it's much more plausible than you think. all she said about this place is she no longer vibed with the envoiroment, then 6 months later mingled for a little longer until she realized that "comfy" spark here was truly gone. i understand what you're saying but i really dont think the RRAT goes that deep.

>> No.5159401

Everything you post just shows how much you aren't one of us. Don't worry sweatie, hyperinflation and death squads in counter strike will soon fix the problem of your existence.

>> No.5159409 [DELETED] 

Nyanners saying the n word with a hard r. I can't believe no one else has put this one in the compilations.

>> No.5159440

Same anon, same

>> No.5159441

>It's real

>> No.5159448

I'm not a fan. I just think lolicons are an inferior breed of human.

>> No.5159449

If you think that way we will probably just never agree. If someone helps you build up a career and was there for you in the beginning, I feel, you owe them a bit of loyalty in return if you want them to continue to support you. She didn't want our support so why should we defend her or let her invade another one of our spaces? She is not to be trusted because she will throw us all under the bus again the second she feels it will help her gain something. In another year she will be talking about how she hating making sex jokes all the time with vshojo but had to for the male gaze or some shit.

I really don't care as mush as I am sure I have made it out to be. I really want her to just have her thing over there and leave us to our thing.

Nice trips

>> No.5159453

Not to mention she ruined an entire generation of female '''''weebs''''' for years to come. This bitch is the Ramona Flowers of anime.

>> No.5159454


Just fuck off back to twitter where you'll cry about how 4chan "used to be liberal" with snacks the unironic pedo, you useless outsider.

>> No.5159478

noice, i would have done the same
except go SJW route, its a bad investment in the long run

>> No.5159508

I've been AFK for 4 years and I can still tell you're a reddit immigrant. Try harder.

>> No.5159523


The comfy spark is gone because of people like you. Go back.

>> No.5159530
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>by upset you mean cringe at childfuckers, then yes
That bleeding heart faggoty shit is like empty noise when when you wanna use it for authoritarian purpose and not for real life child traffickers, Im sure you and Brittney venti can get together and talk about gura being pedo bait together. your not convincing anyone.

>> No.5159540

First, she tries to substitute her grade-school-level humor for a personality and any sense of charisma, and that'd be fine on its own honestly. Most vshitters and a lot of other western chuubas are like that, and I simply don't watch them and don't begrudge people that do.

This cancerous pink stain in particular though doesn't even have enough of a spine to keep that attitude up in the face of the slightest pressure from twittards. She's long since sunk into the downward spiral of trying to capitulate to everything they say and pandering to them for virtue brownie points, only to zigzag back into her pathetic excuse for a streamer persona and offend them again before apologizing and virtue signaling more.

>> No.5159547


>> No.5159548

I was pretty into her back then and she still had a lot of simps funding her commissions and shit. She just went to college, interacted with real people and her outlook on life changed. It tends to happen when you make some real friends and stop being a depressed shut-in who's only friends are the drama infested amateur voice actors on youtube.

>> No.5159563

Because I was part of her old fanbase, obviously. Her calling loli and pomf problematic felt like she was giving people the finger for enjoying what she put out at the time. I was a teen back then and having a fun video suddenly be conflated with such a serious post about how it's problematic, just turned me off of her content for good. Even if she didnt mean to say it, her making a mountain out of a mole hill about loli jokes just made the whole thing not enjoyable anymore. I dont personally enjoy lolicon doujinshi, but I am enough of a weeb to get references and at the time it was simply funny. I dislike content creators who flip flop. I dont like corporate garbage and I at least would like an illusion of a content creator being authentic in the content they produce. Nyanners failed to do that for me. That's why I felt, that her content wasnt for me anymore.

>> No.5159588

Leaving and coming back makes you a newfag

>> No.5159595

Anon... they aren't real and look like your typical anime character, how am I supposed to "fuck a child" by consuming lolicon?

>> No.5159613

Same but for ntr and rape fags.

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You can't even get the right fucking reaction image response, besides the fact your response is literally "n-no u, I stand out because I wasn't here, not because I'm an invader from twitter!". You will never fit in, you will never not stand out and economic collapse is inevitable so soon you will be my slave for 10 cents in mercury dimes. Faggot.

>> No.5159651

>Her calling loli and pomf problematic felt like she was giving people the finger for enjoying what she put out at the time
I remember when she purged her channel of the only videos worth watching (the hentai panel reads) but kept up some of the cringiest shit I've ever seen in my life
It was at that point I stopped liking ny0nnars

>> No.5159661

>she doesnt owe this website anything. none of us do.
if she uses anons to grow her community, and then throws them away as a stepping stone, it should be looked at as a form of betrayal. if this was a dude, you guys would be shitting on him too. actually, i bet you wouldn't talk about him at all. because he is a massive faggot that should be left to irrelevancy

>> No.5159681

that's fair, it's like a "remember your roots" type of thing. Though i personally viewed that kind of thing as a nicety, not a requirement for integrity, especially considering the original environment. i.e. there's plenty of faggots that got their start in fucking MLP of all things, and rightfully want nothing to do with that 11 years and a school shooter later.

>> No.5159685

>real people

HAHAHAHAHA. You are mentally ill and so ill you're unable to understand you're the freak, not the "real person".

>> No.5159723

I really was looking for this clip, thank you anon.

>> No.5159738

>She just went to college, interacted with real people
I know you mean real as in "physical" but there are no real people in college.

>> No.5159744

>Kiara's tripfagging can still be found on /cow/
Do I want to know?

>> No.5159781

>went to college
a good use of her time as you can tell.

>> No.5159825

Deranged neet.

>> No.5159856

>having actually worked with her before
Wanna elaborate?

>> No.5159890

If you built an audience of hundreds of thousands of people in your teens wouldn't you take advantage of it instead of becoming a wageslave?

>> No.5159897

Saw what she actually looks like and was disappointed. Coco, Miko, Rushia, Pekora, and the other 90 percent of holos and nijis all mog her.

>> No.5159920

you're still cooming to the idea of fucking something that hasn't developed their ovaries yet. see >>5159448

>stating the fact that fantasies about preschool cunny being degeneracy = authoritarian propaganda
extra retarded.
>Brittney "literally who" venti
you and hero hei will never have sex.

>> No.5159937

You can still grow away from your og fanbase. Hell you can even leave them like pretty much all of HoloEN did when they ditched their old lives. But to try to posture to your new fans by shitting on the old ones seems to far for even not feeling it be required for some kind of integrity. She could have just in passing told people she grew up or got over it and I feel people would be way more understanding of her. Or at least not the level people hate her here today.

>> No.5159982

Offensively unfunny. Ugly Laugh.

>> No.5159983

I'm not blaming her for taking the easy money. Just pointing out that she absolutely wasted any time she spent there.

>> No.5160047
File: 36 KB, 225x225, Joji.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i.e. there's plenty of faggots that got their start in fucking MLP of all things
Many of those faggots didn't try to go out in a blazing fire of glory by disowning their original fanbase. Face it, she could've just left quietly and kept a private army even /here/. All you need to do is just leave quietly. It's not that fucking hard. She's the one who blew it out of proportion, not her fanbase. Pic related is someone who got out of their past and left quietly. Still is regarded as one of the greatest creator on youtube and living his dream even after his time spent there. Here was also doing a lot of the same shit nyanners was doing on a similar scale. I mean for fucks sake he made a song singing niggers into the mic in fucking 2017. Honestly, nyanners brought it on herself.

>> No.5160071

Her real identity was attached to her old persona because of the old VA equivalent of roommate fags. You can't just be like "Haha yea I used to make content for nonces but it was just a joke." when you're starting to enter your professional life.

>> No.5160107

'ate nanners
'ate vshojo
just dont like em
simple as

>> No.5160112

The last thing I will add to this, is that I don't know if a lot of you were here when she did this. She did this at the height of tumblr vs 4chan hate. So even if in hindsight it seem petty and we should all move past it but for some people it is just ingrained in them how much of a betrayal this was.

>> No.5160118

Veibae is cute

>> No.5160133

I don't give a shit about the lolicon thing I've just been aware of her long enough to know that she's an attention seeking, duplicitous grifter.

>> No.5160175

I said it years ago and I'll still say it, faggot. don't cry to me when the cunt stabs her fans in the back again.

>> No.5160179

She was groomed by Gamerghazi to hate herself and her friends, becoming a hypocrite in the process. Still not as bad as her lefty fanbase who think everyone that dislikes her is a lolicon because she makes sure to remind everyone how much she hates anything associated with loli except herself. If you look at the definition of grifter in the dictionary you'll probably find a picture of her.

>> No.5160184

>Most of /vt/ routinely gives clippers shit for misinterpreting things
>Most of /vt/ knowledge of Vshojo comes from clips

>> No.5160223

You're still thill thinking the idea that fiction is connected to 3d. There are no ovaries, just like how there is no person. Why, because it's not fucking real. You gotta understand you're the one who's conflating 2d with reality. Actually apply that thinking to other pieces of fiction. Do you think gamers are murderers for playing gta? Do you believe people are rapists for playing something like rapelay? Again, you're the shitter here conflating the two. If you truly believe the shit you're saying you would have evidence to prove 2d=3d right? If you don't then shut the fuck up because you have no idea what you're saying.

>> No.5160229

Racism is more socially acceptable in the united states than glorifying pedos.

>> No.5160302

I only like Satanás. Which had made me stomach the rest enough to follow the D&D campaigns, even if they had Zentraya. And then the pink cat joined and I had to drop the series.

>> No.5160331

I have yet to see proof that this moonman cover was hers.

>> No.5160347

He also made a song about how he wanted to fuck the living shit out of dora. He also made a song about a shooting. You're fucking point? All she needed to do was fuck off and it'd be fine. Many more people would like her. It's not that hard man.

>> No.5160352

Was there senzawa drama at the same level as nyannera?

>> No.5160358

>having fun with the idea of killing people for exp and gold coins
Fuck off murderer degenerate

>> No.5160381

Nyanners is funny, but a bit too vulgar for me. I watched her 1M celebration on YT, it was cool.
The overreaction of /vt/ makes me want to watch the collab. It's probably going to be just normal, nothing spectacular.

>> No.5160545 [DELETED] 

>if this was a dude, you guys would be shitting on him too
there's plenty of cases like this that no one ever talks about. theres a popular neolib on twitch that built his brand in 4chan threads

>> No.5160685 [DELETED] 

does anyone have her moonman cover?

>> No.5160830

>Nyanners trying to lighten up the mood by making sex jokes but cant because she's unable to control her own moans until she cums while trying to make a joke about how your cock looks sus

Stop, i can only get so erect

>> No.5161141
File: 700 KB, 1862x2048, 1594347938737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5161244

Lolis are unrealistic drawn characters, you can’t compare them 1:1 with actual children, without saying that they aren’t real people and don’t supposed to represent any individual. The brain learns to separate fictional settings from the real world, that’s why you don’t feel guilty or horrified after killing demons in DOOM. What about rape hentai/furry/guro? Does that encourage real life depravity?

Educate yourself



>> No.5161264

I don’t care about her being a SJW she would be any other normal woke envtuber but she actively does what she says she is against

>> No.5161324
File: 51 KB, 500x690, 1621979928880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every single person who has "come from 4chan" is cancer. Every single one. The moment someone is heralded as "our girl" or "our boy" you can be assured they are a faggot of the highest order. Boxxy, Koopa, Nyanners, critikal, whoever they are, anyone claiming to represent the "4chan brand" can go fuck themselves.

>> No.5161394

I don't hate her, don't even watch her stuff since it doesn't get recommended to me and I don't watch on twitch that much.

>> No.5161413
File: 1.07 MB, 611x1197, Gura is based.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5161442

this. HER being an exception

>> No.5161572 [DELETED] 

>Racism is more socially acceptable in the united states than glorifying pedos
he says while niggers are screaming anti-white shit with no repercussions and their politicians are caught travelling to epstein's island who they are still voting for.

are you retarded, tranny sjw?

>> No.5161584

Nyanners is a filthy fucking whore

>> No.5161600

Yep. It’s incredible how many references she makes that go over newfag heads. Everyone wants to herald nyanners “4chan” status but rarely talking about Gura’s. Shes nyanners, but stronger

>> No.5161645

Rules 1 and 2. Gura doesn't promote herself as "4chan's Girl" or even acknowledge 4chan in anyway besides dog whistles.

>> No.5161883
File: 964 KB, 4096x2304, 20210616_054654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5161885

Nyanners will always remember that Gura did it better than her. she gathered more subs in a quarter of the time it took nyanners, more popular than nyanners, more talented than nyanners, isn't a back stabbing retard like nyanners. its truly a testament to a girl who knew who she was and where she came from. a depressed artist that found success wherever she went without shitting on those who got her to where she is

>> No.5161919

Nyannersfags won't listen to you. They are still deluded by the idea that Nyanners respresents /here/. Making up excuses after excuses on why she flip flops and denying everything she's done. It's pathetic. I guess it's fine in the end though. Gura's far more successful and still is loved by many here. Too bad the chumkeks aren't regardedthat well.

>> No.5162051

so how old is that post anyway? because i can easily see her perceiving this as a stupid overreaction or just pretending it didn't happen and moving on like everyone else who grew up with the internet leaving stupid shit behind.

>> No.5162121
File: 35 KB, 1788x171, gurabased.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im reminded of this post

>> No.5162122

I dunno if she still has em, but I remember her having pronouns in her bio.

>> No.5162139

it's from 2014 or 15

>> No.5162165

half way through 2015 iirc

>> No.5162176

>I was a teen back then
She was also a teen, people here forget this a lot or ignore it. This place definitely fucked her young brain and then tumblr fucked her brain harder.

>I dislike content creators who flip flop.
Flip flopping is necessary for growth, of course if someone constantly flip flops then they're too impressionable and is too willing to pick whatever side they're told too.
But I feel like nyanners has only changed her public opinions of the matter like 3 times that we know of which likely means she just had a period of time where started to understand what stuff meant and had the usual teenage identity crisis happen.

>That's why I felt, that her content wasnt for me anymore.
I can't complain about your choice, if you just weren't feeling it then you just weren't feeling it, simple as that.

>> No.5162202

Because she doesnt regret it at all..... she did it all for clout and thats the end of it.

>> No.5162218

Why do you retards care about these women (former femanons according to you) looking out for you?

>> No.5162225

I've watched a total of 1 Nyanners stream and it was really fucking boring in my opinion.
I can see why some people would like her, but she just didn't click with me.

>> No.5162432

She still believes 2d=3d, tf are you on about? I was a teen back then and when I read her post it was obvious "video cause violence" tier of shit. Again, she turned and threw away the fanbase in in magnificent glory. Now, then came back for the moonman cover, then left again. Now she's here in vtubing, shoving her shitty influence on the fandom. You remember how both melody and Ironmouse have talked about liking lolis before. They don't do that shit ever since nyanners have came on board. If she wanted to leave she could've left peacefully like >>5162121 stated. It's not that hard to not gain ire from people.

>> No.5162447

Nyanners seems to me like a normie that tried to play the internet and got played. Now, she's a literal clown who doesn't realize the baggage she's pulling onto everyone she associates with. And because of that, she's a shithead.

If she'd disassociate from her brand that'd at least show she cared about her image, though she hasn't. So she's either really obtuse, literally doesn't care, or lacks the self-awareness to realize that her name is liability. In the latter case, she's almost pitiable.

>> No.5162527

I appreciate the honesty. when you grow your channel on the culture of a group of people, then shit on it at the first sign of success, you'd be seen as a piece of shit(not according to nyagger fans, but whatever) I like people who embrace who they are and where they came from (dovahhatty) and those who left quietly (senzawa). simple as

>> No.5162666

She's an SJW tumblrite who suck Jew dick for a chance to whore it out to the zhangs (Kizuna Ai). China will die in a nuclear fire and so will nyanners and every commie friends she has.

>> No.5162785

I can relate. It's too hard to be yourself when you understand what people around you want, what they like etc. You gotta being yourself from the begining, just when you join in some group of people. If you acting from start, it's gonna bit incredibly hard to be yourself after. Is that a shame? Yes. Am I want to do something about it? Yes... But it doesn't always work out.

>> No.5162790

When you stuff you sentences with buzzwords like this you discredit whatever you're trying to say. We're having an adult discussion here, go back.

>> No.5162855

>took it seriously

C'mon man. I wasn't trying that hard.

>> No.5162894

lilypichu never gets this much shit for building her brand on 4chan then abandoning it to fuck pro gamers and youtubers

>> No.5162911

Why are you posting my wife Kaoru?

>> No.5162966

lily didn't make sure to degrade her entire audience when she sold out. At worst she pretends it doesn't exist, and 4chan was never her entire audience, just a strong portion of it

>> No.5163109

>Why do you hate Nyanners?
i don't like EN vtubers

>> No.5163158

she's fine. hard to hate someone that was raised by 4chan like myself

>> No.5163192
File: 17 KB, 460x230, 54cca8e7bd5cb_-_esq-mad-men-elevator-051412-lg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i don't hate her. i don't really care about her.
she's been unwatchably terrible the couple of times i've tried watching her.
but just because all her humor is reddit cringe and sex jokes doesn't mean i hate her or even think about her.
i just don't want to ever see her again.

>> No.5163259

To imagine we share this site with people retarded enough to not only like Nyanners but also defend her to the death.

>> No.5163356

Constantly bringing up her past is no different than libs "cancelling" people over dumb shit

>> No.5163501

Jesus people actually dont know what the fuck they are talking about do they.....

>> No.5163644

this is a false equivalence

>> No.5163729

In this place people only talk about her past.

>> No.5163792

She still spews the same shit about loli stuff to this day you faggot.

>> No.5163878

Hearing voices, pedo?

>> No.5163885

I don't hate her. I've just seen her work regularly for almost 10 years and her 'kawaii-uguu did I say something sexual tee' stuff doesn't work for me anymore when I know behind the screen is a broken woman chasing after new fans to keep relevance. To her credit, she's had a lot of success. No total reinvention of her gimmick. But familiarity breeds contempt.

>> No.5164039

i don't know if i'd call it "hate" but i just generally find the "adult western woman larping as an adult japanese woman larping as an anime schoolgirl" thing cringe as shit and would rather not subject myself to it. even the jp vtubers i watch are women who just kind of act their age, even if they have a specific persona to upkeep.

>> No.5164049

So confirmed she browses /pol/?

>> No.5164135

Coom enough today, white knight?

>> No.5164222

Yes, I filled your contrarian mouth well.

>> No.5164316
File: 2.12 MB, 2048x1453, pink cat love.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5164448
File: 135 KB, 360x394, 1619991233421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5164451

I don't hate her
But I don't care for her
Nowdays as far as EN is concerned I only watch Ina, although the recent TTRPG stream made me want to check out Mori, she seems like a cool and laid back lass

>> No.5164476
File: 109 KB, 516x440, 1556432343310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>why do you hate nyanners
I wouldn't say hate, I just dont care about watching her. I tried watching her a few times but it just sounds like she can't even hold an interesting conversation for even two minutes, so I left. She's just kinda boring I guess

>> No.5164479

This place is still mad comfy. Shit, she visited boards like /a/, boards that where unaffected by the elections. /tv/, /b/, or /v/ I could understand but other boards remained the same.

>> No.5164570

I love lolis and sex with lolis, she doesn't.
Also vshoujo designs look bad.
Simple as.

>> No.5164603

This comic makes her being tsundere towards her lolichad fans seem hot. I will now check her out afterall

>> No.5164638

my thoughts exactly

>> No.5164694

That's unironically what her fanbase is like. So if you're into that then good for you

>> No.5164749

Man this artist really doesn't like her huh?

>> No.5164812

that's pure cold hatred, which is what she feels toward anyone she can't use to further her career. I've seen those soulless eyes

>> No.5164910

>That's unironically what her fanbase is like
They're all big muscular chads who blast her with cum?

>> No.5164989

based. glad she got out.

>> No.5165026

I don't get it, please explain.

>> No.5165061

Me on the right

>> No.5165062

99% of people who "hate" her are bandwagoning newfags with a pseudo-inherited grudge.

>> No.5165076


Can confirm. Buff simp who bought her daki.

>> No.5165090

I don't see anything wrong with this?

>> No.5165101

I don't watch Nyanners or Kiara so I don't care about any of this

>> No.5165144

her voice trembles kinda like haato

but her sounds kinda bad like a bootleg, like the seiba bootleg tier bad

>> No.5165150


>> No.5165177

Did critikal ever pretend to be "4chan"? I unironically dropped him when he didn't know what baneposting was so I don't think he did.

>> No.5165213

Beatani's cool.

>> No.5165251

>dude why do you think she's a hyppocrite and a whore besides the reason she's a hyppocrite and a whore
7/10, I replied.

>> No.5165263

You'll get your answer when the collab happens.

>> No.5165268

It was actually commission for someone. The artist deleted the image from their twitter recently though

>> No.5165303

is it okay to laugh at a comment despite having zero context?

>> No.5165305

Everything besides Hololive is trash what other reason could there be

>> No.5165320 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.01 MB, 613x1175, 1623820945445.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5165333

It wasn't some teenage identity crisis it was purely out of spite towards 4chan for the backlash she got from the /v/GAs, all it was is contrarianism and she never let go of that. Plus she was going to college at the time or something so she was probably groomed into SJW shit.

>> No.5165400

This is autism. You do know that has been used outside of 4chan, right?

>> No.5165452

I just hope that happiness doesn't mean changing your whole thoughts and likes, and ending up being a fake person just to be accepted in society.

>> No.5165481

nah not hate, just dislike. she's cringe and boring just like her fans, but i don't really care about her past

>> No.5165497 [SPOILER] 
File: 553 KB, 498x498, 1623821319051.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes? Those are some of the most popular lolicon memes

>> No.5165648

This looks like a stretch.

>> No.5165657

So just because the shark makes references to it, that’s not indicative to mean she’s from here.

>> No.5165684

Link to uncensored? I don't see it on the artist's twitter or pixiv.

>> No.5165718

I literally just want to fuck Nyanners up the ass and make her suck my flaccid cock clean, that's it, really.

>> No.5165728

She is a
>social justice warrior
Simple as

>> No.5165732

not him, but either you don't watch her, or you're a newfag
Gura drops breadcrumbs every so often with late 2000's early 2010 4chan meme callbacks

>> No.5165767

That's fine to think of her, but I assume you also hate all of Holo EN and western Vtubers who share nearly all of these traits?

>> No.5165771

You are fucking retarded and likely schizophrenic as well. Just stop. Gura is a dumb zoomer who shits out discord humor. Nothing more, nothing less.

>> No.5165899

> The "3fan" guy keeps giving her money even after she called him a pedophile
Well that's kinda weird, but it's his own choice. I don't see why the girl in this comic would be responsible for his decisions.

>> No.5165903

She's a whore. It's really that simple.

>> No.5165951

>paying for free content
>giving someone money who hates you
ogey "chad"

>> No.5165976

>makes meme songs about “killing niggers”
>does a complete 180 and becomes Tumblr-chan
Grifters get the rope

>> No.5165980



>> No.5166010

newfag it is. lurk moar

>> No.5166080

I wanna listen it

>> No.5166108

Uncensored comic
Bonus: Lolicon money comic

They were commissioned by the same guy, who got his tweeter account banned

>> No.5166122

Lol the majority of people hate/are repulsed by trans freaks.

>> No.5166150

Nah. The only notable one was that okboomer girl meltdown when she got copystrike and blame sen for it.

>> No.5166151

I’m sure someone will post it itt

>> No.5166180
File: 35 KB, 466x522, 1602004421771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She hates lolicons and thinks 2D = 3D. I would be ok if she dislikes loli but acknowledges the difference between real people and anime girls. And even moreso she didn't back out on what she said. SO, all my hate goes to Nyan trash.

>> No.5166200

Why wouldn't I hate her?
>Annoying voice
>Shit talks holos without knowing anything
>Shit talks other Indies without knowing anything
>Streaming style is that of a typical Twitch thot
Not really my thing but if you people like shitty people like that more power to ya I guess.

>> No.5166203

Kindly kill yourself.

>> No.5166204

only faggots like western girls

>> No.5166210

For the same reason I hate the memeshark, r*ddit content for the r*ddit generation

>> No.5166226

Hasn't Kiara shown some kind of lolicon tendency? What would Nyanners's fans think about Kiara collaborating with a potential pedophile?

>> No.5166253

I take it you're a nyanners male feminist simp? lel

>> No.5166254

does she still say stuff like that or is this all based on the stuff she said 5 years ago?

>> No.5166258

Because if I can't punish her for disowning my favorite website, then how will I keep pretending my favorite website is important?

>> No.5166269

Nyanners already hangs out with Melody that is cool with cunny, you tell me how this grifter even functions

>> No.5166283

>looking out for you?
You really don’t get it, huh? It’s not about “looking out” for anyone. It’s about not being a transparently fake bitch. Which is exactly what le pink cat is.

>> No.5166290

What did my posts have to do with Nyanners? Go back on your medication.

>> No.5166295

Well it's based on the stuff she said in discord which was recently
She also forced Nekopara collab cancellation because her Sjw fanbase was offended by the game

>> No.5166307

For as long as I remember, the majority of the site hated her and thought of her as an attention whore. Why do people talk as if she was ever well liked?

>> No.5166335

very good quality posts anon

>> No.5166347

Perhaps because those people are not regular 4chan users. This board is barely 4chan.

>> No.5166363


>> No.5166374

No you’re just a newfaggot and all of the reference go over your head.

>> No.5166380


>> No.5166432

Pomf was ironically enjoyed for a while, but if you were an out 4chan girl at the time, you weren't liked period after a pretty short amount of time. Boxxy only took a few months, crackychan before that was about the same.

>> No.5166436

Seek help while you still can.

>> No.5166445

>if I write the truth before someone else, it makes it less true
>if something goes on for a long time it makes it less true

>> No.5166483

Yea okay, fag boi

>> No.5166632

Is it possible for her to get canceled for saying nigger? What if it was spread around on Twitter?

>> No.5166664

nyanners did nothing wrong

>> No.5166680

stop. this shit was hilariously embarrassing the last time retards tried to do this. we dont want a repeat

>> No.5166701

the 4chan cancel culture fags already tweeted it, put it on youtube, and contacted cover about it
no one gives a shit about the 4chan sjw warriors

>> No.5166712

Literally unfunny to me and the whole of the vshoujo fanbase is fucking cancer, simple as that. The vshoujo fanbase is nothing but the worst kind of terrible ironic weeb twitch faggots who are probably the number one viewers of those "hololive real life picture" compilation videos on youtube.

>> No.5166761

Try it some more. There's nothing you cucks can say or do anymore that won't embarrass yourselves further at this point, because this fight ended 8 months ago.

I have never seen a single one of these compilations on my Youtube. Why are you blaming an agency you don't watch for your own inability to handle your recommendations?

>> No.5166916

hi Nyanners damage control team
go back to Twitter, btw, your pink grifter already denounced this place

>> No.5166928


>> No.5166938
File: 1.05 MB, 828x1488, 1614915389837.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't hate her I lack the capacity to care about her like that, but I don't like her either. She's an attention whoring two-faced bitch. There is tons of posts on this site about why she is a shit person that isn't just ree lolis. Anyone trying to act like its ree lolicons is an obvious shitposter or an actual whiteknight. Her content is unfunny as fuck as well.

An important point that lots of people forget is that while ultimatily she appears to be an opinionless idiot she actually has opinions. That being that she is again two-faced and actually likes loli. She said it long in the past, she actually gets off to this stuff and she has previously played nekopara before trying to stream it and actually liked it. She is unironically comparable to real pedos as she publicaly pretends to hate the thing she likes and equally important, is really loud about it.

>> No.5166960

>back to Twitter
Whoops, my bad, you're doing such a good job cosplaying as them that I felt right at home!

>> No.5166967

wtf lolibros... this can't be happening, i thought nyanners was supposed to be cute and funny

>> No.5167005

I will hate nyanners for as long as she thinks 2D = 3DPD

Fuck off with that shit nyanners

>> No.5167016

They thought that the song was fun and Nyanners was a retarded attention-whore. These aren't mutually exclusive ideas

>> No.5167060
File: 441 KB, 589x1671, 1619329463714.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A reminder Nyanners follows SJWs and blocked loli vtubers

>> No.5167318

I didn't hate or have a problem with them until they decided to invade everywhere and demand they're called normal and that I be called a freak for not being a self-mutilator.

I have plenty of charisma and can make plenty of friends. I genuinely never want to be around people that "accept trans" etc. You people fucking suck and are carbon copies of each other.

>> No.5167358

>defending an sjw whore
You don't belong here nigger

>> No.5167430

>maybe if i say the n-word i will pass for an oldfag and finally fit in
it's not working bro

>> No.5167438

not for you to decide, deal with it or go cry somewhere else

>> No.5167446

>When you stuff you sentences with buzzwords like this you discredit whatever you're trying to say
What an absolutely faggoty sentence. You only care about buzzwords when they aren't your particular cults'.

You also only care about nuance and splitting hairs when it suits you. Your whole thread is just about hypocricy.

Since hypocricy doesn't bother you, I think blindly bashing Nyanners' collab, vtuber reddit, etc., is a great idea. If it actually bothers people like you (and it does to impel a thread like this out of you), I'll definitely continue to shit on her.

Thanks for convincing me to shit on her regularly for fun.

>> No.5167467

Why do you have homoerotic rape fantasies? Stop trying to put your dick in guys' mouths, freak.

>> No.5167513

>Wanting to cancel people
NYPA, go back.

>> No.5167526

enmedicate your plate to alleviate your mental state.

Did I sound faggoty enough yet? Do I blend in with your freak friends next to your fake exposed brick wall you fucking homo?

Kill yourself.

>> No.5167527
File: 241 KB, 234x232, 1611091120609.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so not being a pedophile makes me a normie or what

leftist cuck go away

>> No.5167558

Why are Nyannerscucks so desperate for "approval" from 4chin?
She's an SJW, nobody here will ever like her, just get over it and stop letting 4chin live rent free in your heads.

>> No.5167599

It might be too late for you.

>> No.5167601

You should kill yourself Nyannigger

>> No.5167607
File: 542 KB, 619x847, NoStopping02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The last trans person I offered support and friendship to started ghosting me after her
new boyfriend groomed her into believing her old 4chan friends were all evil nazis. No more friends except for the new circle which all behave like weird robots.

>inb4 >her
I choose to adress people who genuinely feel like a different gender, in the way they wish, out of courtesy and not because I genuinely believe they are that sex/gender. Fuck creepy agp groomers tho.

>> No.5167644

Nobody who's actually from here says "n-word" unironically.
You avoid uncomfortable words and dance around uncomfortable subjects because you're a nigger faggot tourist who wants to slurp the pink clit. You were never from here, and never belonged here. Kill yourself, but for real, the world would genuinely be better off without you, and it would be a massive relief to your parents.
This goes to every single nyanners white knight fag here, not just this particular poster.

>> No.5167662

touch grass nerd

>> No.5167681

Damn you got called out bitch.

>> No.5167741

>cute girl
>gets drunk and laughs hysterically at dumb shit
>makes pedophiles seethe by threatening the "jerking off to kids isn't pedophilic so long as they're 2d" delusional cope
she's pretty cool

>> No.5167769

>Triggered by someone saying "n-word"
Fuck off election nigger

>> No.5167816

This post was brought to you by Trans rights and BLM

SJWs unite! We are SJWs and we are Nyanner fans!

>> No.5167924

>not a good person
oh no what a surprise

>> No.5167976

Cringe post. I don't even mean the content, I don't care about that. I just mean that this was written like a 12 year old trying to insult someone.

>> No.5168070
File: 342 KB, 615x552, 1620113641986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Surprising that you're supporting Nyanners collabing with a company that employs "pedos"
Are you not angry about it or you don't really believe what you say?

>> No.5168111

Beatani isn't "pretending to represent the 4chan brand" though, she's literally just that socially mal-adjusted.

>> No.5168152

>thinking that being able to distinguish fantasy from reality is "delusional cope"
I'd like to remind everyone that a NORMAL person thinks that jacking off to anime women in general is fucking weird, and that we're literally all just delusional. Let that sink in next time you're whacking it to milfs or whatever, weirdo.

>> No.5168182

even jesus ate with sinners

you have to reach out to those in the wrong to make a difference

>> No.5168237

Nyanners is Judas in this case

>> No.5168276

Nyanners is Mary Magdalene in that they both like feet.

>> No.5168278

I don't hate Nyanners. I've seen a lot of clips of her and she can sometimes be funny. I've watched her exactly one time, and it was just an extended segment of her being amused by remixes of the Al Pacino Dunkacino scene from that Adam Sandler movie. It was not good content.
I will admit that she seems to have a mercenary or trendhopper nature. I do not like lolicon myself. I think lolicons are pedophiles and while they might not be responsible for their paraphilia it's not something they should be so publicly enthusiastic about. I do not think it's the same as actual child abuse and should be made illegal, but as far as I can tell Nyanners doesn't want it criminalized either, and even if she did, it's not a political belief that I would find particularly appalling.
I accept that she is a SWJ or pseudo-SJW, but in my experience almost all artists, musicians, actors, entertainers, or anyone else is the creative field will be this to some degree or another. I have seen any evidence she takes it to an egregious level.
I do not really like Vshoujo conceptually, that isn't the style of streamer I'm looking for, and I don't want Hololive to be that. However I recognize that market exists and someone is gonna fill it, and a lot of those fans will crossover with Hololive. After watching the last few Meme Reviews which were actually in English I realize Coco is literally a Vshoujo style streamer that's already in Hololive, being mad that an outsider that behaves that way might collab with a Holo is pointless. I trust the company and the talents not to throw away their whole concept chasing a market that is smaller than the one they have now and that they would be naturally disadvantaged competing in anyway.

TLDNR I don't like her but don't hate her and don't mind if she has limited interaction with Hololive.

>> No.5168337

I'd say (as someone who isn't much of a dad, admittidly) she panders to /here/ directly enough to count a little, but being a menhera from the start helps desu. If I heard Beatani decided 4chan was cringe and decided to cut all contact and block anyone associated with it I'd just go "yeah, that sounds like her." instead of seeing it as a betrayal.

>> No.5168412

Thanks for making me hate Nyanners. I needed this. I thought her fanbase being insufferable was just a meme, but now I think even more so that Nyanners should be trashed on because of her shitty sjw trash of a fanbase.

>> No.5169117

is there a clip of it?

>> No.5169244

she fakes her voice and pretends its real

>> No.5169386

you know most pedophiles are actually right wing right?

>> No.5169458

No anon, i didn't know that, because i can't hear the voices in your head.

>> No.5169484

another very right wing thing to do, going against facts, carry on then retard

>> No.5169621

I want to ban nyanners discussion from this board

>> No.5169714

Sorry but the science is settled and experts say you're a fag. Any comments on this?

>> No.5169925

What's wrong with her? Only watch her highlights but they can be pretty funny.

>> No.5170056

Damn, homosexuals are right-wing now?

>> No.5170099

not that anon, but unironically yes

>> No.5170421

What is the significance of the amogus screenshot at the bottom?

>> No.5170509

Nevermind, found it explained below.

>> No.5170579

Can't wait to meet Republican voters at a pride parade

>> No.5170584

>Shit talks holos
>Shit talks other Indies

>> No.5170800

That's 99% of people jackass

>> No.5170941

what in the ever living fuck is with that voice

>> No.5171213

thats fucked up and based at the same time...

>> No.5171506

People get real upset over anime girls on the internet.

If you don't like Nyanners, don't watch the stream.

I like Kusotori and I like Bakaneko, simple as

>> No.5171641

Who said I watch shitty kitty? Won't stop me from calling her a bitch and telling her white knights to kill themselves.

>> No.5171867

Why, though, Anon?
Why do you feel the need to express your anger in this way? Have you ever considered you might not be correct in your thinking?
Being angry all the time is not a productive use of your time, it'll make your hair fall out and make you impotent. Just enjoy what you enjoy and ignore the rest, anon.

>> No.5171909

Because making a post calling her and her fans niggers takes literally no effort, I can do this shit while I'm playing Peace Walker nigger shit's easy as fuck.

>> No.5172105

but why?

>> No.5172112

I don't like her or her fans and shitting on them is fun.

>> No.5172421
File: 21 KB, 720x404, 117386619_3563753963634856_2291036910211802819_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's boring. Suggestive innuendo is overrated and it's an easy tactic for viewers to think they got a chance with her.

Then again every chuuba these days follow the same suggestive/sexual innuendo and people flock onto them like crows.

I like me sexua/suggestive stuff too but if thats your one joke then get new material.

>> No.5173770

I think the cringe is the intended experience

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