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Say something nice about the pink cat for her birthday!

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I dont watch her but I wish her the best

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Her huge boobies were nice.

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I hope she kills herself soon.

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what would a birthday card to nyanners from /vt/ consist of?

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I dislike her, but I can say she’s cute and may she have a good day

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i hope somebody pisses on her father's grave too

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she was right about everything

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Pomf mosaic.

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her kareoke of "once in a lifetime" was pretty nice the other day

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No not everything, thin crust pizza is better.

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Pink cat LOVE! I used to listen to a lot of her soft voice reading when I was having hard day at work.

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Shes really funny her comedy reminds me of amy schumer
haha SEX

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>thin crust pizza is better.
if you like penis in your ass maybe

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I hope she has a great day.

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I want to hate fuck this pink cat, get her pregnant, wait for her to give birth (hopefully twins or triplets), then leave her while taking our children with me and raise them on my own.

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I love Taylor's voice. When she did the asmr streams I remembered back when my mom asked me to rest my head in her lap and she and my sister were taking turns to play with my hair, enya's "only time" playing in the background

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the absolute state of vtrannies

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she is a hypocrite

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I hope the pain she experiences living as an irredeemable hypocrite is over soon

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me too

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Would be nice if I could reminisce that way and not be such a joyless human being.

At least I'm not alone.

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In heaven everythings all right
In heaven everythings all right
Youve got your good things and ive got mine

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Happy birthday pink cat!

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Happy birthday, pink cat. I like you.

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she's showing it on stream

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thanks for posting this for the 300th time now i've turned around and will stop watching her you have finally won, i wasn't entirely sold until i saw the porn tags for Nekopara Vol 2, you truly have exposed her anon

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Very cool! So am I!

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How did she get 13k viewers? She pulls in 9k on average.

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it's her birthday stream

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the only thing nice i can say about her is that she rightfully earned whatever fans she has, she's been on this grind for fucking ever

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Average implies that she sometimes gets more.
Also this is her birthday.

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She's not Snuffy.

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Hypocrite whore

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I'm willing to bet Kiara will somehow "forget" Gura's birthday and won't even send a tweet.

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uhhh... something nice.....
Its impressive she hasnt killed herself yet

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I get that, but where did the extras come from?

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What is it now?

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I think they came from Twitch

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Not all of her fans watch her every day, but more people are tuning in today because it's her birthday. Also people from Mousey, Veibae and the other vshojos.

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I LOVE her tired old-woman voice when she does her. You can tell she's over 25 (28 as of today) when she does it. You can feel the weight of the world weighing HEAVY on her small chest. I hope she isn't an impressionable little e-thot and doesn't go for surgery. NYANNERS, YOU HEAR ME? We can't get as close to your heart, if you put silicone in front of it. DON'T DO IT.

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ah so you just don't care
fair enough

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She wouldn't, she said she likes small breasts.

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Is everyone in her family fucking dead? Is she batman?

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She was 16 in 2012 when she was making videos about sneaking into bars and hitting on men in their 20s and 30s? Women really can't just not be hypocritical cunts seething that they're no longer the youngest girl around huh?

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Watching her birthday stream right now. Holy shit she's adorable, the exact right amount of dorkiness without getting annoying, and she obviously loves entertaining everyone. Someone like Mori has a lot to learn from her.

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I'm looking forward to the mature voice she'll be doing for D&D.

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I love Nyanners!

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Happy birthday Nyanners, hope it's a good one

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WTF I love Chicken now

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i hate how her voices trembles make me not want to hear it ever.

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No anon clearly the only real success is for holofags. All other numbers are proven to be bots.
Nyanners is ahead of the curve in vtubing technology due to her very elaborate AI response triggered chatters.

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Who isn't?
I never met a single person who isn't a hypocrite

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Maybe fans who think this is a more special stream?

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She's gonna have to move after this.

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you got owned

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She’s the perfect fap material.

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she unironically remind me of better times

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How much?

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