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Face it, this board hates VShojo because they’re jealous and will never be as happy. VShojo are the leaders of VTubing, despite the fact that two of their members are massive bitches. Your just jealous you will never have cool friends and be defended by an army of retarded simps. You can’t find a fan of VTubing who isn’t a fan of them, so their presence is inescapable. There presence reminds you of how weak and meaningless you are, and that you will always be a beta no matter what. They don’t have to worry about dreams coming true or longing for anything out of reach, they can have whatever they want like spoiled little princesses. Your jealous of the fact that the two aforementioned bitches will never face repercussions for their toxicity while you suffer in the wage cage. How do I know this? Because I have been on this board since day one and hate them for the same reasons.

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but i love vshojo

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Why are you so obsessed about other people opinion? Are you that insecure that you need to validate yourself to a bunch of faceless anons?

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jokes on you, I'm too defective to be put into the wage cage in the first place. I will never have an army of friends because I cannot into socializing, and am consequently consigned to being omega no matter what my views and temperment may say. my weakness and meaninglessness, while a source of anxiety, are no source of jealousy, particular not to a bunch of random twitch whores taking turns sucking off gigacuck while still being equally irrelevant.

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VShojo aren't even the leaders in VTubing on Twitch. The panda is.

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But we just hate them because they’re unfunny and no different from other non-vtuber Twitch streamers. It would be more accurate just to say Twitch and all Twitch culture is hated here, as it should be

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cringe tldr

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you're retarded if you think this isn't a falseflag

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Stop looking for validation online.
You're gonna end up like pink cat.

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