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Bilingual thread? I'm wondering who's the best in this category.

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Pikamee definitely stands out, because she's able to swap languages and translate herself without taking a breath. Ollie does this too with EN and ID, but not as fast

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Does this mean Japanese/English or do latinx vtubers like Ironmouse or European vtubers like Lumi count? Because basically every single one of them speaks English in addition to their other language.

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whenever ollie speaks any of that dumbfuck goobledegoop my dick gets rock hard.

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foolish bear

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Wow wow 3 brothers

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She has native level JP and can read Kanji on the fly

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Pomu's Japanese isn't half bad either.

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Pikamee and Miki, my dick gets so hard for the mid sentence language switches

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I miss Miki, hope she comes back soon with NijiEN 2

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dont forget her okay?

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Anya is trilingual and won't stick to a fucking language. It's gacha what response you'll get as a result

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Hold my Rosetta stone

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Emuri is a bit titty girl who loves armpits, Fate, and being lewd
she also plays the violin

She doesn't do hand streams often but this was the latest stream.

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Shirahari uni

good voice singing skills vocal range and is fubuki sister

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Nene is decent for japanese standars

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Pika's english isn't perfect but she's definitely the best at what she does, she literally translates everything she says. I don't think there's any known vtuber who goes as far as her at making sure both audiences know what is going on.

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If I became a vtuber would I be in this thread? I know spanish, english, japanese, portuguese, french, javascript, python, c++, haskell and csharp

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no they would banish you to the /homo/ generals

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I bet this is what you mean by "knowing" a language.

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Her English isn't perfect, but her accent almost is. I am astounded at how natural she sounds. That's something that many people never achieve even if they achieve full fluency.

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please dont say latinx literally no latin person uses this term, i honestly rather you call us spics

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I want latinx to hate the left, and the best way to do that is to shove their gender-neutralized word nazism down their throats.

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Stop replying to a retard who has been spamming his shitty bait all over the board for the past week.

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latwinks seething

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Man, imagine if they started calling slavs slavix

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thread successfully derailed, good job retards.

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>It's been 3 months of hell doing JP reps
>So far all I Can say is shit like 僕の頭が痛い
>It's hard as fuck to read kanji
>Still impossible to understand random JP in the wild
>Best I've done so far is somewhat understand the concept behind an Omega Sisters video

This is going to take years... All the vtubers I like will retire by then...

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okay, so first 3 months is nothing. just keep at it, repetition is the most important.
>It's hard as fuck to read kanji
you only need kanji if you want to be able to read and write, which to watch anime or to have a conversation isn't needed.
personally i recommend saving kanji as the last thing you learn, if any.
at the beginning focus on grammar rules and vocab.
if you have a good grasp of grammer and an okay vocabulary you will start to pick up sentences, which will naturally lead to the ability to construct them.

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I just wanted to let you know that I’m not going to click your link

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I get it but I want to read videogames bros.

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Kanji is just Nippon emoji

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Ioafy LOVE

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Virtual Texas has had a huge impact on Pikamee English ability

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I think most if not all of the production kawaii girls know English and Japanese. Their content is mostly in English but they'll repeat the same thought in Japanese occasionally, just not nearly as much as pikamee.

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Just grab your oshi's latest discussion stream and start translating words.
Find words that people actually use in conversation, not just random Nx vocabulary

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Is Pikamee bilingual or lesbian?

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I thought she was Japanese.

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>no comfy chuuba coding streams
The market is there. Just add keyboard sounds ASMR to attract dopamine-starved chimps.

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Based Spanish bro

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Shirayuri Lily switches flawlessly between Japanese and English. Used to be quite popular with EOPs until EN came about.

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Fuck, came here just to post Shirayuri.
If she still had EOPs in her chat more, she would speak english. At some point she was doing practically 50/50 and she was the best JP/EN streamer in my book. But she still works hard to even add EN subs in the stream clips that she makes herself!


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Anya japanese and english are really impressive

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>3 weeks
>Can't even accurately recite the alphabet
I learned Hiragana in like 3 days and Russian Cyrillic in less than one
I can't speak Russian or Japanese but when so much is just English said with an accent you can sort of figure out from context what's going on if you can sound out the words

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Watching people code is almost as boring as watching people play Apex. Most of their time is spent reading documentation and having their compiler fail.


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Yeah she was great but for some reason didn't get as much recognition back when last year's boom was taking off. I hope she gets to collab with HoloEN or NijiEN at some point.

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Pikamee is Japanese.......but I think she is half.
In one of her videos, she says that she spent a huge part of her childhood in Texas, USA

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Didnt gyari present her as a hafu
I'm pretty sure he did

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Her father lived in Nevada, Texas, and Japan. Guess what his profession is?

Also, people are really overestimating Pikamee's english because of here native accent. Her English isn't bad but she clearly isn't at a high school level or anything.

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Latinx isn't used by latinos. Don't use it, thanks.

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She has mentioned before that she hates leeching. She'd rather boost the other ViViD members than leech off of bigger companies.

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Pikamee does have practically perfect English. When she speaks she never slows down her voice or asks what words or sentences means. As people have mentioned, she is Japanese-American.

If you want to see Pikamee's English ability, this is a good video to watch

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Its less the english competency but more that you can tell she lived in america and didnt learn from a book or something. Theres times when shes clearly slowing down her english so other vtubers can understand her.

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lantinx is the cringiest way to call someone latino and pretty much every latino finds it dumb or hate it.
Stop being so gay

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We have a word for what you are trying to express. It's spic.

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No it isn't. She's the best example but her English reading is poor.

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Her grammar is poor as well. She will structure her sentences in odd ways and not correct herself.

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>Her grammar is poor as well. She will structure her sentences in odd ways and not correct herself.
What your saying is shes american.

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Kanji is tough i'll give you that. You're not gonna become terribly fluent in that short of time unless you're ONLY using japanese daily and I really mean only.

Maybe find a different angle to your approach, otherwise you're doing fine for someone that doesn't live in Japan, and probably doesn't have any Japanese people around them.

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>personally i recommend saving kanji as the last thing you learn, if any.
do mutts really

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Claire is an EN/JP teacher and has pretty comfy streams.

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When Pikamee speaks English, I sometimes think "Oh, the grammar is a bit off there" or "I would have worded that differently", but I never think "what the fuck is she talking about?". And I think that's the important part.
Her most glaring flaw though is using "the" where it doesn't belong.

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does she still use this design?

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I wish she did.

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Kiara is the best. /endthread

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Watch my fat tittied friend.
She loves Fate, plays violin, and hates basedboys

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the irony of this post

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she does not have perfect english, she is noticeably ESL since she cannot use "the" "a" or "an" correctly in sentences
she very frequently leaves them out or inserts them into sentences she doesn't need them in

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Are there any more bilingual chuubas who switch between languages during streams? I only know Pikamee.

>> No.5095934

excellent bait. (you) got me

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OMG those Big Bajonkers!!!


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>Cute indie
>Likes fateshit
>Hand streams
>Low views
Not again, I will not become a saviorfag for one more girl

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>Lefties managed to create a word that makes latinos seethe harder than any slur.

There's something to be learned.

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stop spamming this slut

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she's been doing this for almost a year, shes doing her best, dont you think she deserves you?
she's waiting to be saved by somebody who understands her and appreciates how hard she works...
go on, she'll be happier with you in her life

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>Inb4 Literal who
Aoi Tokimori is an American weeb who moved to and works in Japan. Her Japanese is pretty fluent, although if you do know any jp yourself you'll probably be able to point out some ticks that give her away as a non-native speaker.

>> No.5097243

Fair warning that things like 僕は and 私は and such aren't really used that often in natural Japanese conversation.
3 months is basically nothing though. Keep at it.

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(You)'ve been using this bait for weeks, how are people still falling for it

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No clue but it's paying off

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Anya's accent in english makes her even cuter than she already is

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>3 weeks
>can almost read the whole alphabet
I've never seen a poser self-report like that, how do you not even read the entire alphabet in 3 weeks...

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She's on a level that I'm even afraid of quiting the video I started and fucking her algorithm, showing someone leaving mid-stream

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Not to mention Iofi literally did her Japanese reps by watching anime and nothing else.

>> No.5099106

Maybe Calliope Mori can take some notes from her (so that she can level-up from just saying NARUHODO NE)

>> No.5099216

She switched to it during her Apex Gacha streams, but she doesn't use it nearly as much as Tomoshika does

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very based english

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cute voice, but why are her melons so humongous?

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Is Kiara's Japanese better than Pika's English? Also as a random side note; I think Reine and Ollie's English is better than Kiara's.

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Does Iofi speak Egyptian? Or Goa'uld?

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Oh damn ! i'm weak I might fall for her

>> No.5104083

I wonder how strong Iofi's secondary languages are.

That tweet must be mocking casual learners, there's no way someone would post that for real.

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>ring in finger

>> No.5105314

Wow, she is super cute

>> No.5106824

you mean spix

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As the other anon said, she uses articles incorrectly. Adds a “the” or an “a” to a word that doesn’t need it. Very easy ESL tell. But I can understand 99.9% of what she’s saying so her English is good enough. She’s more American then I am anyway. She’s worked at Taco Bell and Subway.

>> No.5109486

>the "Appreciate It" story
God that was hilarious

>> No.5109490

You're a faggot

>> No.5110087

Remember when some dudes sent donations that read stuff like "I'm ona seafood diet" and "updog"?
She didn't get most of them.

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>personally i recommend saving kanji as the last thing you learn, if any.

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Who knows?
But either way, those soft pillows of hers is making my tongue go into overdrive :D

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Pika, Hana and Reine. Iofi is a poser, she can't speak DE and KR, just basic shits. Ollie and the rest of IDs use butchered EN most of the time. Kiara too, though she's better than the IDs. Dunno about nijiEN, need to watch them first.

>> No.5120811

Its cause she's a burger.

>> No.5120890

Why even mention hafu Chuubas like Hana who are american?

>> No.5120921

>Ollie and the rest of IDs use butchered EN most of the time.

How high is your threshold for English to be considered not butchered? Ollie is perfectly understandable in English and I Think that's all that matters.

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>> No.5120982

They still use substitute words.

>> No.5121010

This. Anya would get more subs if she spoke more English. She is too much of an otaku to not speak Japanese by default in solo streams.

>> No.5121046

The joke is that Duolingo retweeted it. That was obvious sarcasm.

>> No.5121148

Hana speaks Indonesian, English, and Japanese. Being haafu doesn't mean you automatically know two languages. TheAnimeMan is a haffu that learned nip on his own as a teen and now he's N1 fluent.

>> No.5123291

Shirayuri Lily knows English but doesn't really use it while streaming. She played a couple of games that don't have JP translation and explained them to nips

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File: 2.05 MB, 594x470, anyaLetsgons[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F8oq39a.webm].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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No results found for "latinx", do you mean "latino"?

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She loves japanese so much she flexed her one thousand folded reps in front of Ina, it was nice stream

>> No.5126391

Haha, I know German nd Portuguese together with all the ones you listed. Noob!Noob!Noob!Noob!

>> No.5128976

Pika's hafu too, but being biracial doesn't automatically mean you can speak both languages fluently. Pika in particular had to completely relearn English in the states.

>> No.5132953

That's kinda dumb, you could be the best vtuber in the world but it doesn't matter if people don't know you exist

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Claire Cruller is very lovely.
And I still remember her collab with Pikamee as well =)

On another note:
I haven't been updated on Lily (after she reached 100k).

After checking some of the recent video, it seems that there are less EOPs now (???)

Also, I haven't seen Eddy Saber (a.k.a. the number one overseas Vivid fan, clipper and translator).

Is he busy with IRL stuff?

>> No.5136371

Didn't she stop speaking English on purpose at some point after some incident?

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