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What’s her appeal?

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She cute

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cuckold fetishism

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filling her womb

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Not being a succubus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GjOvWzc4hU

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She sounds like a 13 year old going through puberty… she can draw not particularly the best tho.

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Emotionally manipulating lonely men into believing she cares about them, all for the sake of extracting money and favors. In other words, her appeal is being a woman. Is it really that hard to understand?

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The idea is good, but the execution is trash. So it goes.

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Humiliating imperialist pawns in the name of the global jihad

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all fruits have a peel anon, remember to skin them before you eat

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cheating whore is a pretty good appeal

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she has nice beefy personality

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Cuck fetish.

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Did that really happend?

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>western vtubers
come on now, what you should be asking is when she did it

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she's a /k/ poster who cheated on her husband when he was deployed

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Sometimes I wonder how things could have gone if she stayed indie like in her pre-debut.

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the only proof is one guy's conversation and that's highly doubtable.
Also fuck americans and especially fuck american soldiers, cucking one is not enough

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she's a real life NTR character

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stay mad towelhead and/or commie

>> No.5019314

she was and still is actually indie, VShojo does barely anything to them, all of their characters are selfmade and most of them were well-established

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I want to smash her skull in with a pipe. Then take advantage of her while she's unconscious.

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seethe, mutt

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Stfu you nigger no one cares how small your dick is or how much you hate your father

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wasnt there something about her scamming /k/ with patches or something?
liked her GFL art, shame she's a literal whore who associates with even bigger whores

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Pic related

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NTR fetishism

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That's actually adorable, if she's not as whorish as the other girls like VShojofags say I may give her a try. Don't really care about /k/ drama desu, nothing against soldiers tho

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she looks like she has a nice-smelling butthole

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Dunno Man. My zoomer brain can't catch shit even though I tried a bit

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her funny name

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Cucking a jarhead is the bravest act a man and a woman can do.

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Worse Ina.

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That's... Actually accurate. And I'm saying this as an Apricot fan.

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She has a nice voice, draws well and plays an eclectic selection of video games.
Also gets a new model like every month that are all really well rigged.

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God tier ara ara


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come on, many of them get tricked into enlisting. The us army is shit but soldiers are victim too

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What's the /k/ drama?

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She black irl

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There is no appeal with v-shojo

It's basically Amy Schumer's "comedy" but anime girls

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Though, through family who have served in the British military I can tell you there is a very toxic culture of stealing wives/spouses. My relatives wives "slept with half the base" though it turns out my relatives slept with other peoples wives too... Loads of polygarmy going on.

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The NTR rrat shakes me to the core because of how she's the most wholesome seiso member of Vshojo by a country mile.

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Didn't this bitch literally cheat on her husband?

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wtf brits are more degenerate than americans

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Unfollowing, thanks anon.

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Unironically If you don't want your wife hit on constantly make sure she lives off base, preferably in your/her hometown. But hey, some people are into sharing.

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Better yet, just don't join the military if you're married.

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Cucking soldiers is incredibly based

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It's always the quiet ones.

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unironically this, i initially got into her because she vaguely reminded me of Ina, but i guess got to feel what others say about Ina in regards about being boring so i just stopped watching

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Her nudes are pretty seiso I guess

>> No.5044065

>not as whorish
>still okay with cheaters

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I liked her at first because she was comfy but she never streams and became boring.

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I liked her at first because good design, nice voice, and comfy, but she hardly ever streams and became boring.

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I liked her better when she was just bsapricot and did cosplays and had comms open.
I was even gonna commission something but it's probably never gonna be open ever again

>> No.5048089

Imagine a world without the British...

>> No.5048100


i like her art. her avatar is alright although it looks a bit overdesigned. thats about it.

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>husband and wife discussing their conquest and laugh at their victims. And then proceed to have a hot steamy sex

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She has amazing art but an awful personality.

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>unironically likes the NTR oshi
Anon, really?

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*rapes you*

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>military is one giant swinger club
Nice country you got there bongs

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Sexy fucking model.

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Coom-able voice, personality, and model.

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She's like an expensive escort, only, you don't pay a single dime in order to get fucked: it's good the first time, maybe come back the second, third is when you feel she's not worth your time and money.

She doesn't have the potential to growth. She's a burnout.

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western version of SEX

>> No.5062461

>I liked her better when she was just bsapricot and did cosplays and had comms open.
>I was even gonna commission something but it's probably never gonna be open ever again
She scams people on commissions too, you dodged a bullet there.
Apricot is cute, but she has no ethics or morals at all, and is probably going to end up in jail IRL because she can't tell right from wrong or think about the consequences of her actions on other people.

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It would be surprising if someone came back from deployment and his wife didn't cheat on him

>> No.5063178

I thought that was Veibae though is Vei as menhara as Delta?

>> No.5063336

For me, she can occasionally bring some of those Ina vibes in her streams, especially during her art streams. Plus, she's much more tame compared to her colleagues in Vshojo. As another anon said it, a "Worse Ina" perfectly describes her personality.

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Lol mutt is projecting. Fuck your cuntry, mutt, soon commissar Cletus and commissar Jamal will line you all up near a wall.

>> No.5063596

cheated on her husband so that makes her more SEX that veibae

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but anon she hasn't plateaued and she's still going up

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Idk froot seems to have a personality

>> No.5063773

Impregnating her in her and her husband's bedroom while her husband is deployed.

>> No.5063814

SEX isn't a personality trait unless you're a coomer

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She seems cute and dorky but I didn't expect her to be such a shitty human being. Fucking women..

>> No.5067400

froot's a lot cuter

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The power of branding. If she didn't have Vshojo next to her name I don't think she would do as well.

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you’re probably froot aren’t you

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Jesus Christ...
What the actual fuck?

>> No.5069579

Isn't this the one Polka said she liked? Granted Polka probably can't understand a word of what she says so who knows what Polka likes about her.

>> No.5071819

Before this thread inevitable closes I will say that the cheating part is true. As those were my screens posted on /k/ years ago.
Though as much as I used to like seeing froot get shit on, the drama has dragged on for a bit too long.
I think everyone has a right to dislike her for the "rrats" because it says a lot about her personality, but at the end of the day it isn't anyone else's problem.

>> No.5071920

>don't dislike someone for their most important part of streaming

>> No.5072164

This. Soo much this

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I really want to watch her but every time I tune in she is with the ToS vtuber, I refuse to watch that one.

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How old is she anyway?

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Ok froot ex.

>> No.5073456

I like her design
I like her voice
I don't find her content interesting in the slightest
I think she's a whore
Shame really, the voice is top tier

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Late 20s? The drama went down a fair few years ago

>> No.5074057

23, was 20 when the drama happened.

>> No.5074232

She is very expressive, hope Hololive gets rigs that are cool with a variety of emotions.

>> No.5074415

That is very young age to get married

>> No.5074435

military marriages aren't real marriages

>> No.5074769

I don't get it. Please explain.

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Shill smite to her again. I want to see Smite grow and having a 2k viewer twitch streamer would be beneficial. Also make her shill spl.

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>> No.5075330

She's loved by brazilians clippers

>> No.5075445

Military fags deserve it tbqh

>> No.5078910

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

>> No.5079071

Must be the same schizo acab faggot
posting in these froot threads.
We get it, you're trying to impress some blue haired whore with a nose piercing by being a little "progressive."

>> No.5080126

Not to defend cheating but it is a bit of a shitty move to tie a girl down at such a young age and then fuck off to the military leaving her married but alone.

>> No.5081217

Military marriages are infamous for beeing rushed and having one spouse being away for months at a time. Also soldiers (and their wives) are usually young and horny and alone.
Therefore getting cheated on (or jody'd in military slang) is quite common.
But yeah, still a shit behavior to cheat on your spouse .

>> No.5081296

Also a stupid move for a girl to tie themselves down at such a young age with a husband that is going to fuck off to the military and leave you alone.

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Why do you hate soldiers from any country?
Sure, they are on your way, but would you rate the carpenter's tools if he made you a bad chair?
It's a shame that they have to die, but so be it.

>> No.5082280

Better Ina

>> No.5082516

Where are the fucking patches?

>> No.5082666

Ina’s streams are more informative but I think I like Froot’s art better. They’re both good though.

>> No.5082723

Much better voice though

>> No.5082760

Polka is a coomer so

>> No.5083187

ok then why does she have more followers than silvervale for example who is vshojo and already over 100k before joining?

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you will watch the gecko
you will be gifted a sub
you will be happy

>> No.5085153

And that where the Americans get it from

>> No.5085242 [DELETED] 

Women don't play smite. They don't have the brain capacity for it

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Tfw the smite community is so casual that they actively discourage froot from playing conquest b/c it's toxic. When the bitch plays support in league. Smite niggers are the most disappointing kind of gamers.

>> No.5086347

Honestly this is just as common US side too,guy will introduce his wife/gf at some on post party and weeks later you'll hear of someone there banging her.
Gets even worse on deployment,had 4 dudes alone in my platoon get divorced cause they found out they got fucked down.

>> No.5086595

Don't know what support is like in league but in smite it's the shotcaller role so i'm not sure she'd enjoy it.

>> No.5086739

He was already in the military, but what's even more stupid was that she's in bongland and he's from the US. So long distance, on top of also being deployed.
They were both stupid.

>> No.5087649

Wait, the husband was from US not Royal Army?

>> No.5089612

Europe is still occupied by American forces, they have bases all over the continent. I live like 10 miles from an American airbase in Scotland. I get california niggers in work sometimes

>> No.5092212

Worse Ina.

Also the husband deserves it.

>> No.5092647

I expected people to post her cosplay pics from before her vtuber days. Honestly, she was always really cute, I'd have fucked he while her fiance was deployed too

>> No.5092855 [DELETED] 

You know someone is irrelevant when people won't even post their dox pics.

>> No.5092988

She's cute, pale, skinny, with long brown hair, and pulls off a UMP45 cosplay. I wish I saved it before she took it down, she kept it all on her twitter for the longest time and used the same twitter

>> No.5092998

what do you think is froot's favorite gun to shoot

>> No.5093045


>> No.5093119 [DELETED] 

British people hate guns. They're scared of them.

>> No.5093121

They get posted on /k/ patch threads like every month. "oh I miss my patch thot queen, will she ever come back"
Its pathetic...

>> No.5093194

froot is a genuine /k/ommando and has a personal arsenal at her local gun range

i bet her favorite is walther p99

>> No.5093238

Cute lich.

>> No.5093793


>> No.5093878

Vshojo was created by a cofounder of Twitch, you honestly think those numbers are legit?

>> No.5094192

yes anon it's all a conspiracy to make (You) mad

>> No.5094261

why is this so unsurprising
this is just a powder keg waiting to explode
typical westerners, can't go five seconds without getting into scandals

>> No.5095459

I can't wait for some anon to make Froot themed patches.

>> No.5095548

does gunrun also manipulate her numbers on youtube and twitter? how deep does the rabbit hole go? google searches? facebook surveillance? the government????

>> No.5095590

Legit think no one will pick it up.
She's worked with most of the big patch sites.
The demand isn't there.
Most stores are only just now getting Vtuber stuff out (ina patches from Woodpatch) etc.

she's a /k/ommando yes but she's a brit.
prolly has never touched a gun.

Her pics don't need to get posted, she's fawned after enough as is.
She's cute, sure, but a bit too skinny and has an awful buttchin.

>> No.5095611

you know you can shoot guns outside of america

>> No.5095653 [DELETED] 

>mentions a younger family member having extended stays in hospitals
is nyan talking about her sister?

>> No.5095668

this is a froot thread and no

>> No.5095686

Yeah, but not that easily.
Plus, she's more a fan of tanks.
Had a ton of pictures/videos before she wiped
her account and became "froot"

>> No.5095719 [DELETED] 

What's her favorite tank? Probably some brit shitter clunk of junk.

>> No.5095805
File: 874 KB, 900x675, 3f3ea37525a1d4a4d3fff5548baab6c2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

jagdpanther or something like that
drew tank girl version of it waayy back

>> No.5095810

idk but she streamed war thunder last week and she was maining american tanks

>> No.5096664

Getting a firearms license in the UK is incredibly difficult if you aren't a farmer and basically requires you to outright own whatever dwelling you're in (or get the landlords permission to install a gun safe, which none will ever allow)

>> No.5096709

just shoot at the range under supervision

>> No.5096735

>leaving your guns under the control of fudds at the range

>> No.5096992

lol no

>> No.5097577

Can someone post the screens from /k/?

>> No.5097839

you can't deny it

>> No.5097876 [DELETED] 

Is froot a virgin?

>> No.5097900

NTR fetishists.

>> No.5098004

Is smite fun

>> No.5098041

Based islamic missionary

>> No.5098043

lmao, no

what pics? the dms?

>> No.5098087 [DELETED] 

Are there any vtubers who play smite? I hate vshojo but I might give her chance if she plays it.

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File: 514 KB, 1925x2975, 1623364049907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a MOBA with 2 good gimmicks: Mythological gods like Zeus as the characters
3rd person so no overhead camera like league or civilization
I like the game but like most MOBAs it'll take time to git gud and dealing with pubs filled with niggerfaggots is a thing to get used to.

>> No.5098436

Sounds like shit. I'll try it on for size when I get the time.

>> No.5098590

Literally never watched her but I like the model.

>> No.5098742

>what pics? the dms?
Whatever these autists are talking about

>> No.5099144

Here’s this archived thread
I have the pics saved, but I don’t want to risk a ban and I don’t remember how I got them

>> No.5099288

That doesn't have the screens tho.

>> No.5099385

There’s an specific post in other thread that contains the DMs, but I don’t remember the number

>> No.5099968

>I have the pics saved, but I don’t want to risk a ban and I don’t remember how I got them
Nigga just restart your router? Have you never dealt with the person who works for free?

>> No.5100004

Been posted in other threads, using a link
since I dono if posting it will result in a ban.

>> No.5100247

>personal arsenal at her local gun range
What, like she has guns she owns but keeps them at some other place rather than her own home?

>> No.5100315

That’s the post, thank you
Go to /aco/ archives

>> No.5100458

You guys say nudes,but it's only a single picture of a pussy without context. I hoped for more than that

>> No.5100569

cumsock, just like everyone else in vshitjo

>> No.5100646

I want to breed to succubus

>> No.5100678

There aren't any nudes of her anon, just the arby's pic that was from someone in the patch community. (it could be anyone's desu I get that)

She's only ever posted cosplay before.
Only thing close to nudes was some shitty nude shopped versions of those cosplays posted on /b/ some time ago.
Not even worth digging up they were so bad...

>> No.5101021

The original arbys pic came after someone posted an edited picture of her doing a mirror selfie with the nipples covered, I thought that'd be posted uncesnored later, but it wasn't

>> No.5103130
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>that little outline of nipple

>> No.5111366

/aco/ posts about Froot compared to /vt/ are like night and day.

>> No.5112047

also i know that one of the reasons american military marriages are trainwrecks is that they pay you way extra just for having a wife and extra so that you can live out of the barracks with her. also they stop taking money out of your paycheck for food cost. Its one of the reasons why young soldiers rush to get married, double the pay and living out of the barracks away from other soldiers can tempt many 18-19 year olds to marry the first girl they meet online or at a strip club

dont know if thats the case for UK though

>> No.5115931

Well. The one she married was American soldier if the rrat was true.

>> No.5117397

Doesn't seem far off from the US Military and "Jody"

>> No.5121285

> /k/ will remember this

>> No.5121657

The internet never forgets, anon.

>> No.5122948

especially when it comes to /k/'s autism

>> No.5123105


>> No.5123422

It’s a damn shame these ads are usually only seen by phoneposters...

>> No.5123703

She's the cute one.
No pee pee poo poo jokes like Nyanners.
Not a degenerate like Vei.
Not a pokéfucker like Snuffy.
Not a robot like Zentreya.
Not Sydsnap.

>> No.5124305

>Scamming /k/
Based as fuck. Shame about the NTR though, that cancels out the based fucking with /k/ antics.

>> No.5124656

Her avatar and art are pure sex but she's a garbage human being. That last part comes with the territory of being part of vshojo though, they're just a bunch of e-girls trying to take back their audience after all.

>> No.5125639

Settle down, okay?

>> No.5128703

its a copy pasta retard...

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