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Why people are downvote bombing her? What did she do?

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Sadly, since she's a nijisanji nobody will care.
Coco being target by Chang is bad they said.

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Why do you think we call them Nijiniggers? They attack their own as often as they attack Hololive. Nijisanji fans are truly vile.

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Nijiniggers eating their own because she won at apex over other niji teams. Business as usual over in niji land.

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The APEX rebellion has begun
I genuinely have no idea

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Apex fans mad at Vtubers existing probably. It happens.

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this isn't new she always gets dislike bombed
she has leftover antis from when that popular apex streamer shat on her for being a vtuber
then there are the people (nijisanji fans, apex fans) who took nijipex too seriously and were mad that the teams were unbalanced even though chii didn't choose the teams herself, only the captains
then there's the fact that she responds to antis which emboldens them to pick on her more
also, she won her own tournament

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Chi-chan gets dislike bombed for breathing. It's just something she has to deal with forever

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Just ask in the Hololive Global they know everything better

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I will personally destroy all Chii-chan antis.

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It's unfair that Cover gets shit on all the time while Nijisanji flies under the radar because EOPs/Westerners don't give a shit about their existence.

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I never liked Nijisanji bc I thought their designs were shit and they were pushing shipping crap even harder than Hololive. I still like DebiDebiru and Lulu though.

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Retarded then since it's their hosted tourney

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Nijisanji doesn't really push ships. They just have people who are actually, non-shipbait in a relationship. Very different.

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Based girl

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Nijifags went after her when she was teamed up with Kanea and Kuzuha because she got in the middle of their fag duo. Now its just because she is better at apex than them, and it is making them look bad by comparison. It's really that simple

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>she has leftover antis from when that popular apex streamer shat on her for being a vtuber
Do people that play children's pew-pew games seriously have a superiority complex?

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Not true fag

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i forgot his name. but him and his fans really dislike vtubers and call them pigs

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Her nijipex tournament was shit... and she won it.

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What part? She is better at Apex than both of them and how do you think Fujos and fags feel about their gay ship getting interupted by a girl?

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>she has leftover antis from when that popular apex streamer shat on her for being a vtuber
Based. The fighting game community needs to take note and do more gatekeeping against furries.

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>Watching Eurice a month or two ago one morning
>His chat is almost nothing but Japanese people now
>Without any relevance to what was happening on stream, some disgruntled anti starts shitting on Chihiro in English when she was never mentioned
I thought I just imagined it at first because it felt so completely out of place.

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Nigger really thinks that’s the reason. Fuck off. People have always been disliking her vids. Shut up newfag

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She deserves it for playing a terrible game.

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Shibuharu and Chihiro are the only two vtuber I think have dedicated anti community to talk shit about them whenever they do something. Feels bad for them, but this time Chihiro really made an oopsie. This shitshow really makes one think organizing a tournament is not easy.

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Oh shut the fuck up. Hololive fans also shat on Matsuri when she did badly on that Apex tournament and made her cry and had to apologize. Don't fucking pretend only Nijisanji fans do this.

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>he calls dislike downvote

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Well I mean you are superior for not being a bitch that’s appealing to drooling tards, so yeah.

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I will remind them https://youtube.com/watch?v=SVhSRmoGehg

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sub and like the video you bastards. chihiro is too cute not to like

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Did you forget the several videos japs made celebrating aloe graduating? You stupid fuck? it's just asian blood

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She's an Apex slut.

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it's not holofags or nijiniggers, its japanese

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her winning her own tournament after people complaining that the teams were unbalanced is too funny. She's fucking based. can somebody who isn't 60IQ like me edit gigachad to have chihiro's hair?

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Try to not die by inhaling that much copium.

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it's crazy. Ange Debi Ebio Ars Lulu Kuzuha etc are impossible not to love. I have no fucking clue why people don't care

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But she's like Pekora. Doesn't matter how aids the game is, She always makes it funny. Her and Pekora could stream themselves washing the dishes and they would still manage to be funny and entertaining

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I think it's hilarious that some of the factually strongest teams ranked poorly. fuckin Shibuhal and Asahi were in last place. Team balance complaints are a joke when the team leaders chose their own teams.

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serious? DIE Nijinigger

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No idea but I did notice this a few weeks ago.
Dumb. I'm subscribed to various vtubers that play nothing but APEX and/or a good portion of their streams. Pakael, エルフのえる, ゆるりめぐ don't get disliked bomb'd.

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>But she's like Pekora.
You're not helping.

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ok that's it. you crossed the fucking line. People like chihiro and pekora, that can make the most mundane boring shit , fun memorable and interesting are very special

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It's because Anycolor treats their livers more like affiliates rather than employees like Cover does. This is the big difference because while it means they take a more hands off approach to managing them, it also means when a liver faces actual issues, they have to deal with it on their own unless it really starts affecting the company. Like how the Roa and Meiro issue were suppose to be settled between the two but got so toxic and bad for PR that management had to step in.

It's probably because most aren't aware that a liver is affiliated to Niji until someone points it out. Otherwise most people just think they are indies. Also the appeal of Hololive is how close all the chuubas are to one another, whereas Lulu for instance only has collabed with a few other Nijis and even admitted to never having met a bunch of them.

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And as we all know, Cover is famously good at providing support for its talents when they encounter issues.

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You're right, should have just silently fired Coco and then leave her abandoned channel there with no updates whatsoever and pray nobody gives a shit as the problem sweeps itself under the rug.

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Yes let's conveniently ignore shit like Cover modding chinks and then leave Coco to fix the mess, or the absolute shitshow of the holocaust with the manager nuking a good chunk of subaru's archive or the whole Mel's manager situation. Truly the best support a vtuber could ask for.

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hilarious how incompetent their staff is. The only good things they are are outsourced (music, art, merch etc). Even still the girls complain about them wanting to do stupid merch that won't sell

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Easy. Nijisanji doesn't actually have any fans. They are all just rabbid dogs waiting for one misshep from their livers so that the harassments can be fully justified. Zhang wishes he was as vicious as nijifags.

Also Niji has many tourists who don't subscribe or hit the like button. To them it's easier to leave a dislike and a hateful comment. This is Nijisanji.

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Anon, look at this board and ask that again.

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Hajime was just THAT bad.

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>Like how the Roa and Meiro issue were suppose to be settled between the two but got so toxic and bad for PR that management had to step in.
Management was supposed to settle that for them from the very beginning. Niji management is not as hands off as you think.

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Should start by removing the actual pedos before that.

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How can someone with this ugly face have a fanbase?

>> No.5007129

I require his strongest potions.

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More dedicated anti's than our 5% who couldn't stand Mori associating with Gigguk. I kneel, Nijisanji.

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lmao true

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You could have just said they should cancel the scene.

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It's more marketing and appearances than anything else. With Hololive, you have distinct generations and groups that are easily defined by their genmates, (Gen 1 and 2 notwithstanding) and not to mention, they're usually all very unique and strong personalities with equally unique designs on top. Cover may fuck up a lot of things, but the one thing they're good at is talent selection. That isn't to say Nijisanji doesn't have good designs or good talent, it's just that their approach is generally more scattershot and "safe", which means a whole lot of saturation across the board and therefore everything is watered down as a result. Even the bottom half of Holos in viewership still draw more eyes than the middle tier of Nijisanji as a whole. It's also not that wholly unsurprising that NijiEN ended up emulating HoloEN in going for more unconventional designs compared to their newer debuting talents, but ultimately, all of their hires were still "safe" since they were all vtubers in their past incarnations and have interacted with each other multiple times. It's that same kind of reasoning why people can get away with making bait images like this and most people won't doubt it.

For every interesting chuuba like Kuzuha, Claire, Ange, Nui, Lulu, Saku, Mito, or Chigusa, you'll have a share of equally bland ones like Moira, Mugi, Sango, Gar, Cornelia, Sou, Masaru, or Kazaki. Even the weakest Holos usually have some sort of thing that defines them, like ASMR, karaoke, or a specific genre of vidya game, I can't necessarily argue that in good faith for most Niji talents.

>> No.5007498

>ever has any power to do anything
This place is like a playground for tabloid moms spreading rumors to one and another but with vtuber instead.

>> No.5007547

so... no more players?

>> No.5007582

>What is personality?

>> No.5007670

>some of them have jobs

>> No.5007742

Watching Apex players for personality is like watching chuubas for gameplay.

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Is your image calling sasaki and mitoboring you fucking bastard? I'll fucking kill you

>> No.5007814

you just don't get it.

>> No.5007878

Isn't that an exclusively smash issue?

>> No.5007882

It's so funny seeing you using the word safe considering the content many of those vtubers produce.

And you fucking putting Zea in here shows you have no taste in vtubers.

> Even the bottom half of Holos in viewership still draw more eyes than the middle tier of Nijisanji as a whole.
Yes... because all holos have overseas watching them unlike nijisanji. Most nijisanji viewers are jp only unlike with hololive where there's a much more distribution of viewers.

>> No.5007921

What's your favorite Apex player personality?
closely followed by
>I'm just better

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>> No.5007950

Read nigga read
>It's that same kind of reasoning why people can get away with making bait images like this and most people won't doubt it.

>> No.5008039

I said "is your image"

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File: 1.82 MB, 1920x1080, 【3Dお披露目配信】おまたせ、まった?公式美少女です。【にじさんじ_#アンジュ3D_】 11-7 screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just shared it as an example of a bait image, I didn't make it, pls no bulli

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>Also Niji has many tourists who don't subscribe or hit the like button.
I have seen this common on Niji viewers. They are just tourists. Can't be helped since the game Chihiro plays is very popular in Japan.

>> No.5008324

Is he on twitch or youtube?
Is it time anons?

>> No.5008350

Also I'm the one who is going to marry Ange. Hands off. You got that buddy?

>> No.5008383

NijiCHADs aren't all brainwashed yesmen that eat up whatever their favorite vtubers are doing, if they did something wrong, their voices WILL BE HEARD. Holoniggers will still continue to support and love their vtubers even if she fucks and sucks some greasy anituber on stream

>> No.5008439

What is the reason then?

>> No.5008465

Don't forget the corporate bootlicking despite the myriad of examples of cover stringing their talents out to dry.

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Ange is my wifehusband, you keep your dirty paws off her!

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Didnt apex regain popularity after vtubers started playing it?
Sound dumb to hate them

>> No.5008694

Kill yourself frogcunt

>> No.5008703

Okay I'm actually tired of you fucking idiots on the internet. I will marry Ange. It's not up for debate. If you get near her I will kill you. You got that? You can marry any other niji girl. Any other one. But not Ange, since yaknow she will be married to me. You got that pal?

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the video simply sucked

>> No.5008742

Not sure if it was vtubers or japan in general. But a few months after seeing most vtubers playing apex I also saw an increase of western streamers playing the game

>> No.5008773

It was never unpopular.

>> No.5008828

chuubas didn't really do anything for Apex popularity, it's more that game content was coming out so people started naturally playing again, including chuubas.

>> No.5008856

I still cant believe Titanfall died for boring ass Shitpex also Nijinigger hate

>> No.5008899

all me

>> No.5008900

Saying "lol festival sucks at FPS" is is not harassment.

>> No.5008923

I have no idea about apex. Is she actually good at it?

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If Cover is a black company, you must admit that Anykara is also a black company.

>> No.5009159

>Even still the girls complain about them wanting to do stupid merch that won't sell

What holo merch isn't selling?

>> No.5009286

Why are frogtourists like this?

>> No.5009437

It's an issue in every community built around horny 20 something year old men whose skills are exclusively playing video games good.

>> No.5009999

>vtubers being hated by their fans is actually a good thing

>> No.5010085

Meant to say "that isn't profitable". Lamy has complained many times that holo only wants to do merch with bad profit margins. She's probably mad because their cuts are so small

>> No.5010126

weird. I've never heard of pedophile pedophile houses in any other game but ok :D just lie

>> No.5010248

Sounds like you just don't have the connections to get into the pedo house in other games.

>> No.5010827

>Ange Debi Ebio Ars Lulu Kuzuha etc are impossible not to love
you must love every piece of rock you encounter while taking a walk

>> No.5010849

>do more gatekeeping against furries
they need get good enough to win against the furries first

>> No.5010877

You never heard how many fucking minecraft youtubers and other big streamers get hit with the same accusations? Who the fuck else but minors would be attracted to communities of people who play video games good. FGC is just full of people dumb enough to brag about it.

>> No.5011264

A dirt and cobble stone block hut in minecraft is not the same as actual house in real life.

>> No.5011323

Your honor, I only groomed that minor in minecraft, so I should only go to jail in minecraft.

>> No.5011350

no I've never heard of minecraft pedophile gamer houses. But I have heard of fgc pedophile gamer houses

>> No.5011384

Anon parties were still happening when you were in highschool, despite you not hearing about them.

>> No.5011530


>> No.5011594

It regained popularity because of Japan itself had nothing to do with Vtubers.

>> No.5011913

Again, tell us how many minecraft streamers have been accused of having a real actual house dedicated to abusing children.

>> No.5012168

I don't watch minecraft streamer. You still have to be over 13 to be on blue boards.

>> No.5012177


>> No.5012381

I just had a heel realization. Vtubers are the furries of streaming. We were unironically human garbage the whole time. Feels bad.

>> No.5012458

How are you just realizing that?

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Are you underage?

Where in the video does it say he bought a house to sexually abuse children?

>> No.5013110

Remember when Matsuri was doing commentary for tourney and lots of comment turn hostile on her.
Yes its those people

>> No.5013210


>> No.5013257

I member

Remember in the last Nijipex where the streamers wanted it to be a for fun tournament but were forced to scrim and practice by the fans and most of them cried?
I member

>> No.5013282

Are you new?
18+ is only enforced on red boards, blue boards get the 13+ soft rule.

>> No.5013463

It literally says global rule. If you want to test it, say you're 14 and we'll let the mod decide.

>> No.5013578

Anon are you ok? This is the first NijiPEX

>> No.5013606 [DELETED] 

I'm 14. Jannies please get me banned if it's against the rules.

>> No.5013659

are you new to nijisanji? It is not

>> No.5013690

Apex brings out the worst in people i guess. Today i saw the youtube channel of this small streamer who plays mainly apex, his latest video got disliked to hell because he played with matsuri

>> No.5013765

CR cups aren't NijiPEX you crayon-eater.

>> No.5013868

I didn't mean CR cups. You really are new

>> No.5014152

Read this thread nigga

>> No.5014301

>/vt/ is full of 14 years olds
suddenly it all makes sense

>> No.5014312

Dumbass really thinks this is not the first nijipex. Go educate yourself abt this shit. Stop being involved in arguments you don’t even know. Kill yourself

>> No.5014384

Tf, it still doesn’t change the fact that you said that this was not the first nijipex.

>> No.5014506

How long do we wait until determining that I'm not banned and you're a retard?
Make sure to report my post to call the jannies.

>> No.5014526

Here's a comprehensive list of Japanese Apex tournaments:
Go ahead and point out a previous NijiPEX if it exists

>> No.5015279

I'd say the opposite. It isn't that hololive is good at talent selection but rather they only pick up very few talents and really hard push them when they come out. Nijisanji is more "open recruitment" and "fend for yourself" in nature which is also why some are just flat boring at times. It's obvious why new Holo vtubers will get more notice, because its a rare/limited occurrence.

Also NijiEN is very typical Niji designs, considering Elu (elf) and Dora (dragon) existed for years. They didn't copy HoloEN's style. Sure there's a lot of typical school-outfit but Nijisanji has some of the most stand out and creative designed vtubers too. It's just the pure number and who gets commissioned why it ends up like it does.

>> No.5015469

A janny actually put in a ban request directed at me and it wasn't approved. I guess mods agree with me?

>> No.5015585

ITT: a whole lot of HOLOCOPE.

>> No.5015629

>Cover modding chinks and then leave Coco to fix the mess
This was 100% malicious on Cover's end.

>> No.5015862

So, in short, quality over quantity.

>> No.5016439

I love how this topic is a bunch of hate spewing from all sides with very few actually answering OP.

>> No.5016714

Exactly. Thanks anon, this newfag really thought he did something.

>> No.5017087

A vtuber's avatar, especially an indie, and a fursona are barely different. That might hurt to hear, but it's true.

>> No.5017377

holofags are targeting her because she makes holo girls played with men

>> No.5017423

Lol, it is funny this got no reply, really make me thing

>> No.5017487

And every female vtuber is just an e-girl.

>> No.5017515

>It's unfair that Cover gets shit on all the time while Nijisanji flies under the radar because EOPs/Westerners don't give a shit about their existence.
>most of this board is niji-anti made up narratives echo chamber
do holobronies really?

>> No.5017591

Thought u fags liked drama.

>> No.5017625

I just want sex back.

>> No.5017699

What happened with Meiro and Roa?

>> No.5017769

>Let's make a casual Nijisanji Apex tournament with DTN
>Invite more predator outside of DTN
>Not invite Niji liver who clearly wants to participate (Ririmu)
>Team based on average damage, not on rank like CR or Vtuber tournament
>The host team has the best average rank out of any team (Pro/D1/D1)
>The team that won 3 match lost because the host team farmed the fuck out of the lobby.
>No excitement, storyline, niji fans watched their oshis getting farmed by these pros in their own casual tournament.
>The host team won
Did I miss anything? What a great tournament, bravo Nijisanji.

>> No.5018296

She's not dead. Delta exists. And with how she reacted to Coco's graduation, her coming back as Aloe is a deader rrat than ever.

>> No.5018457
File: 97 KB, 510x512, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's just being stupid. Never knew the apex community is so toxic.

>> No.5018547

She's a big Cocofag from how her old playlist had a lot of her vids/clips.

>> No.5024058

Mito is a boring goblin and she ruined the fad. Because of her, a golden era of high quality vtubers ended in favor of cheap, low effort 2d streams.

>> No.5024180

So delta will do a collab with Kson?

>> No.5025560

>nijisanji is "safe"
holofags keep writing longposts like they know shit but you can just smell that they got into this 8 months ago

>> No.5026175


>> No.5026207

deepl says they have stupid reasons for downvoting

>> No.5026366

Damn, I haven't seen someone so wrong in so long, you needed this long to express you shitty opinion nobody actually read

>> No.5026921

>she has leftover antis from when that popular apex streamer shat on her for being a vtuber
Who is that faggot? I keep hearing about him when Aqua's antis get mentioned

>> No.5027224

this is what nip women consider attractive, why else what pekora being fucking him

>> No.5027570

That's a rabbit

>> No.5027780

Get the fuck out of here, and never come back, nigger.

>> No.5027931

>3k5 dislike
>all those comments
Chink's holo anti got nothing on Japanese's apex autist.

>> No.5028195

And there are plenty of rrats about Holos on this board as well. But putting the rrats aside, Anykara doesn't get nearly enough rightful blame for being a black company like Cover does.

>> No.5028356


>> No.5029309

EOP here, can someone translate?

>> No.5030437

What was her reaction? It would actually be really interesting to hear her take on it.

>> No.5030465

muh patented accent

>> No.5030659

what about that one guy who played with aqua
didn't seem to get dislike bombed afaik

>> No.5030780

Eurice's japanese fanbase came from the dude that said he hates vtubers.

>> No.5030814

fuck japan
all my homies hate japan

>> No.5031007

Matsuri didn't get D1 on her own. Her actual skills would be diamond 4 at best

>> No.5031141

Considering Festival is supposed to be a cheerleader. Being carried to D1 isn't out of character for her.

>> No.5031554

Kek, long ass BS thread.

>> No.5031793

She exploded for a bit, and then she erased her comments. She is on a mourning mode atm.

>> No.5032808

/vt/ does actually have a lot of influence if you consider the number of tourists newfags. They'll come to 4Chan to see "antis", they'll come across doxx, roommate information and narratives, some of which they'll believe and repeat outside the website

>> No.5032898
File: 341 KB, 1159x526, SAIKOU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mine is: scream and screech like a monkey

>> No.5033169
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No. Season 8 was fun and the game moved to Steam. Believe it or not there's a lot of people who refuse to play a game if it's not on Steam.

>> No.5033470

lol is this nigga prematurely balding?

>> No.5033518


>> No.5033999

Nijiniggers aren't just a meme my friend.

>> No.5035822

>Imagine thinking you're better than a vtuber for streaming a shitty battle royale game
Why are asians allergic to actual FPS games?

>> No.5037001

Read this autistic long blog post on Nijipex. The guy seems to have some influence on JP fans in twitter.

>> No.5037130

What is the general gist of it?
Can't read JP and it seems to be long post

>> No.5037168

take a guess

>> No.5037435

It's a bit funny to see Matsuri being invited in tournaments for support and her numbers and afterwards seeing her praised by EOPs for "getting the recognition she deserves"

>> No.5037690

can you tell me from which region was that accent

>> No.5038016

I don't know but that is what people here are saying that the chick got triggered because the other chick is using a similar accent to hers, she complained then the shitshow started

>> No.5038113

More or less what this >>5017769 post says.
+ Getting tired of too much apex tourneys, which makes you feel invaded by IRL streamers and loss of unity among Nijisanji.

>> No.5038390

It's made up accent by Roa and Chitose, a girl that left Nijisanji a while back to start a music career. That's why Roa was upset when Meiro started using it, especially since it was proven she was just copying Roa and Chitose and that she never talked that way before Nijisanji

>> No.5038395

I would gladly flam the fans any other day, but from what i gathered she was using a speech pattern similar to Pekora by adding words at the end of her sentences. The new girl started doing the exact same and she asked her to stop imitating her, and now you are here.

I might have gotten things wrong, so feel free to correct me since i'm not really that invested in this particular spergery.

>> No.5038411
File: 28 KB, 1250x216, whoru.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what pisses me off most during these things are randos comment that get hella likes
>This nijipex competition, im honestly disappointed.
>I expected a casual tournament who even apex noobs can enjoy playing apex. But, even then inside nijisanji theres people who want to participate but cant, its not the nijipex i expected.
>with these members, shouldnt you be joining CR cup or Vstrongest cup instead?

first off, wtf is a casual tournament? every team just running into each other and dying? this is apex for fucks sake, not only chihiro team, DID was also sweaty as fuck.
secondly, chihiro, deron already explained that when they announced nijipex in nijisanji discord, only 18 niji members responded, thats why they had to go with this kind of line up. fucking retard.

>> No.5038538

>equally bland ones like Moira, Mugi, Sango, Gar, Cornelia, Sou, Masaru, or Kazaki.
You have watched exactly 0 of them. But nice bait

>> No.5041324 [DELETED] 

What video is this from?

>> No.5042293

You will never be japanese. Stop trying to integrate yourself into a culture that gives no shits about you. Who gives a shit about this blue hair unpopular nijisanji chick. Japs are just a hivemind collective of autistic retards. Who actually gives 2 shits about a pew pew game "tournament"? Japs never have a mind of their own, they jump on the bandwagon and dislikes internet celebrities just because they are too autistic not to do so. For gods sake, Japs need their little TV windows to show them what to laugh at in their daily TV programs. They need to be told where and when to laugh while watching a comedy TV show.

>> No.5042606
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Kys retard mutt. Nobody asked. Go flaunt your inferiority complex over being too dumb to learn Japanese somewhere else.

>> No.5042817

I heard Hisui wanted to participate but somehow wasn’t invited but I got that from 5ch so... Maybe she missed the invite or something, or maybe it’s some bull that a 5ch poster made up

>> No.5042879

I think the whole shit show happened because some of the Livers missed the pings and Chihiro panicked, so she decided to invite more outsiders. If only Chihiro wait a little bit more.

>> No.5042891

>Niji fans's brain think everything should be about them. Vsaikyou should be about them because Hal's leech from Niji audience since PUBG days
Holy mother of delusional.

>> No.5043153

headcanon discarded

>> No.5043343

How can zoomers stomach battle royal games?

>> No.5043432

Probably, if I remember correctly Kuzuha also said he never got an invite but he was settled with Kanae from the start anyway

>> No.5043453

What's wrong? It's not that bad. No difference from regular FPS game like CSGO or COD.

>> No.5043623


>> No.5047728
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desu I like the variety of difference between niji and holo

Mito feels like she would fit right in Holo but ironically her creativity and ideas would be far more restrained I think under Cover given what we've seen so thank god she's a niji

>> No.5047787

late reply but they both did equally bad, hal just ran off on his own silently

>> No.5048649
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Niji has some neat designs too, maybe they don't stick to their lore as much as Holo's like Luna but its fine cause the aesthetic alone is interesting

>> No.5048705
File: 978 KB, 844x1781, liver-full-body_Dola.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5048734
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>> No.5048769
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>> No.5049026
File: 369 KB, 500x905, __inui_toko_nijisanji_drawn_by_y_o_u_k_a__dc308ff41a1c39d0de74c4996d6120a3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5049092

don't shit talk gwelu you absolute fag

>> No.5060205

Made me laugh, stop being delusional.

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