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why does vshojo have such ugly vtuber designs?

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Can't afford Japanese artist prices, the best they can do is a Korean dog like Rosuuri

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Because they're not Japanese

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Why are their rigs so much better?

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Don't talk shit about Mousey

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I don't even watch them but what? Have you retards run out of things to hate on? Their models are fine. Go hate on VOMS models or something, cause those suck.

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because they're westerners and they think that art is "good"

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Mousey seems ok but her design is really hideous to me
I hate the pink and purple together

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Hating the designs is different from the models. Ironmouse is like a mishmash of random shit thrown together. Their models/rigs are great but the designs are fucked

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good design, horrible rigging

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some of their models are light-years ahead of the competition but ogey

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Also nyanners has top tier design and rigging

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I dont know how you call it but vshojo's animations are by far the best, they feel way more fluid.

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>vshojo hate thread #6079
get new material

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It's not even their rigs, Japanese tubers are too inept to use an IPhone for better tracking

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Pink cats design is about as generic as you can get.

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they spend all their money in condoms thats why

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stay mad vtrannie

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stay mad /vt/ranny

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not mad, just disappointed

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Their rigging is kind of creepy relative to concerts Japanese companies do.

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When will holobronies grow up

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Because most of them come from the vrchat community and the popular designs there are ''anime girls that look like prostitutes'', the vibrant hair colors that look made of neon followed by the sex shop outfit

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Ironmouse is a cutie. At least the Vshojo designs are better than this disgusting abomination. Absolutely vile.

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Because vshojo mainly appeals to ironic weebs who don't know any better. The bar is set low in terms of design and entertainment quality. Ironmouse's old design had some soul and now it looks like something from one of those shitty ecchi games you see on steam

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I like her old design the best, it was simple but that's why it worked. The current Live2D she mains is pretty good too

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Why did you parents give you such an ugly design?

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Because they aren't japanese
They're western whores like vshojo

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Don't talk shit about Chaika

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You will never be japanese

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vtrannies so fragile lmao

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And you will never be a man

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maybe if people started hiring 3DartistAnon we would have good models to look at

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Original mouse seemed more relatable.

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Thanks for the nightmares anon, why the fuck nigg/3/rs always attempt some anime shit when they can't even model a bottle?

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type "niggers", you nigger

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What the hell is that

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every fucking time lmao

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chaichai is based

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new fag

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True. Who tf design her latest fit? That shit garbage. Thank god it has the lingerie ver.

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If you're referring to mouse 1.0 that was an existing character that she just reused so there were legal concerns.
I'm partial to mouse from like 2 models ago, she's lost some soul in the most recent designs

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Chaika is based, you ultra faggot.

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Veibae is a filthy whore but I do admit that she has a nice design.

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>new fag

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how new?

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He meant fags from /3/ you nigger

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Nyanners existed before vshojo, that’s basically not even a member you posted.

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Actually I think that’s better than vshojo designs

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it matches their ugly hearts

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Veibae is the personification of "wasted design".

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Her design is as generic as it can get though

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But chai is actually funny and entertaining so he wins lmfao. Chai could be a fucking png and he would still be a better vtuber

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pee pee poo poo, IT'S OK WHEN JAPAN DOES IT AMIRITE!!!


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Drawn by western artists

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This isnt "ugly" but very generic, like reminiscent of early 2000s hentai character designs

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I don't even watch nijisanji but this dude and the joker one look pretty based

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what the fuck are you talking about nigger

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Mousey's designs are fine, you guys would shit on them regardless of what they looked like. Despite all the posts saying her S1 look was best, it would've got the same treatment.
>western artists
But Nia is Chinese.

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>Zhang artist
What did you attempt to do there?

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trash girls get trash designs

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shut up fag

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More investment in rigging itself, less in the model. Take your pick.

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Wait so you like IronMouse eyes being 12 yards apart? And SilverVale looking like she was drawn by someone on deviantArt?

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Yeah look at how top tier her model looked next to Kizuna in that concert.

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>someone on deviantArt

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Serious answer, since they all started as Indies, they just put personal preferences into the designs, with little care for overarching theme and cohesion. That's why stuff like horns, bat wings, fishnets are so prevalent, girls with similar personality have similar tastes after all.

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she's an annoying cunt

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Nyanners unironically has the best model

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The only bad one is Hime

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You wish, pink cat. Best model in VShojo is Veibae.

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You mean Froot

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I have to admit, Veibae's model is great.
That whore doesn't deserve it.

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Lol conan skit. Cultured

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Yeah, I don't watch Twitch. Though Frootloops stands out the most.
Though she suffers from the usual, piss poor streaming consistency. If she streamed regularly I might be interested in catching her content.

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there are many zhangs (mainland and island) that are good at drawshit

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The art reflects the artist.

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Despite having gotten used to them, I'm not a fan of the paper-doll/action-figure "flapping" arms.

Vei _and_ Froot.

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why do holoniggers think hololive idols are above criticism?

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Why did literally all the vshojos downgrade their models? They actually unironically all of them just got uglier for no reason.

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And you two will die soon

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Mouse's only good avatar was her second one.

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holy shit my sides

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>le demon girl n°44583464346

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doesn't every holo member own an iphone? ive seen a video of yagoo saying the rigging is an app on a phone

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yeah but the problem with holo’s is they’re all limited to using holo’s shit software. holo avatars are all awfully rigged because all of the chuubas use the same outdated technology provided by Cover. you’d think Cover would spend time staying on the cutting edge of vtubing tech and would be continuously updating their software but it really just goes to show how astoundingly lazy a lot of nips are. way too many japanese media companies seem to work under the policy of never doing anything new until they’ll go out of business if they don’t

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>And SilverVale looking like she was drawn by someone on deviantArt?
Wait, that wasn't the case?

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Hime is demonstrably a shitpost that got out of hand though

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>See! I'm not gay! I'm just cross dressing haha! It's funny right haha? —because I'm a man...

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Why do you open your mouth to spout shit you have no fucking understanding about?

Rigging doesn't have anything to do with "Cover Vtuber tech" - it's all done on Live2D, a proprietary third-party program that even in its free version can create good enough riggings if enough effort is put on it - hence why there indies out there with better jobs than some working for these big corps.

Also, Cover has some great rigging done as it can be seen on Subaru's 2.0 model, which is fucking great but wasted on her because she dislikes the tomboy look and barely ever uses it.
Their tracking can also be good too and does benefit from iPhone's face tracking API - again, refer to Subaru's 2.0 model.

Covers problem has more to do with the fact that, on average, they usually hire the cheapest and lazies riggers out there that just use auto-rigging and do small corrections to get a passable result, which is aggravated by Cover wanting a rush job as, from what can be seen from incidents like Gura' and Anya's and Aloe's rigging test, they get the rigging done shortly before the vtuber/outfit debut and rarely ever do tests and go back for revisions/corrections.

In other words: Cover's live 2d problems stem from its management being composed of incompetent buffoons hiring other incompetent buffoons as contractors, not their tech department.

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They don't.

>> No.5059717


Truth, everything after has been a significant downgrade.

>> No.5059768

westerners are always shooting themselves in the foot thats why

>> No.5061734

>shoot themselves in the foot
more vtubers should try downgrading their models

>> No.5061806

Mouse is cute. CUTE
Watching her in the Lewdcast right now.

>> No.5061843

Fucking lmao, it is truly vile

>> No.5062048


She has a very fancy new design, too.


And design-her-own Froot's is nice.

The rest are pretty bad.

>> No.5062076


Okay, Nyanners' is good, too.

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this is what vniggers actually believe

>> No.5062323

Hasn't Japan had that element in their comedy since forever?

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yes. 7/8 of vshojo are at the top of twitch's most followed vtubers. and 2 more of them are so close they're often confused for being part of the group.

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Seriously seems like something an artist would bang out as practice. She has horns and a tail? What was this image supposed to prove?

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why is your opinion so shit?

>> No.5065182

Modern west naturally gravitates towards ugliness and "irony", no one has the aesthetic comprehension to make proper moe design - just a bad parody.

>> No.5065312

vshojo is a group from the top vtubers that came together not the other way around, anyways you're just a shitposter looking for (you)'s
fuck off

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anon vshojo was formed in november and the data in that screenshot is from the start of this month. you can compare it to the data from the month vshojo was formed to see that everyone is going up. even the lowest member has doubled their follower count since november

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>vnigger can't read

>> No.5065781

That doesn't change the fact that they're inclining hard though. Nyanners was getting 3k viewers at the end of last year, now she's getting 10k+ and rivaling some of the holoENs in numbers. Mousey and Veibae aren't far behind, regularly getting 8k viewers.

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>Artsy is big enough to show up on the chart

Good for them, just wish they stayed a femboy

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1. Ironic Weeb Western taste
2. Yes-men fans

Despite schizos, /vt/ is the only place that critiques their outfit designs

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