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Wholesome gamer words edition.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lilyhops
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/lilyhops

Lily is LIVE! Will you be her player 2, big bro?

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She is watching E3 right now, by the way!

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I love Lily!

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she looks pretty good in red
she looks good all the time

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Since when has she disabled clipping?

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I love this shirt so much, it fits her and the watchalong so well

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Twitch told streamers to disable clipping for this stream in case there's copyrighted music in there.

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Ohh. I wondered if that was the case, but the little dmca note at the bottom telling streamers that they replaced the music for their protection had me thinking otherwise.
Thank you.

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Pretty sure Lily farted like 20 minutes ago.

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If not for Lily I wouldnt watch this crap. All the games they showed were either old or super boring. It must be depressing as fuck being a dev that worked on a game for years and then seeing the twitch chat react with dozens of sleeping emotes and trash talk

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Agreed, but at the same time I wonder if devs are really proud of some of their games or have a feeling that it won't be well-liked. I really don't get the Rabbids franchise and the Nintendo collab.

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lilly is cute.
I have a friend who likes her a lot.
I hope he one day holds hands with her, he deserves it.

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Do you know them in real life? If so, tell him to keep his weird shit to himself. Tell him to never talk to anyone about how he watches Lily because it's an instant red flag.

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this new shirt is pretty pog

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>no VOD
fkn really?

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Twitch said not to because of potentially copyrighted music.

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>Green heartLIVE now!! i'm watching E3 on stream today!! twitch's guidelines say i can't have a vod or allow clips this time so i turned them off. let's see what indies and ubis are coming out!! we can play them together one day!

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I unironically wish I had a little sister like Lily to play games with.

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Lily is so small...

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dude she mentioned yesterday how she couldn't do a combo on her fight stick cuz her hand is too small to hit those buttons and I've been thinking about her hands ever since

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I wonder what it would feel like to hold hands with her in public... Her hands look so small and soft and warm... Oh God... What would that even feel like...

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Anons I didn't need to think about this...
I bet they're ultra soft and smell like coconut soap.

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If I held hands with her in public, I'd be way too nervous to properly enjoy it.

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Imagine how incredibly soft those inner thighs must me... If you could touch them all you want, you would probably be in heaven.

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>big bro your hands are all sweaty! hehehe

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>tfw no little sister to make fun of you for being nervous around her

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She would fully take advantage of you, wouldn't she...

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What would you do if she was your little sis?

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I would take care of her like i already do with my little sister!

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What is it like to have a little sister?

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Its ok.

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Really? That's interesting... Not great?

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Not that anon but I'd have the same reply.
My little sister isn't Lily so there might lie the confusion.

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She looks cute enough, so I'll be a good big brother for once and protect her and play with her

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Not that anon but my little sister used to grow out her nails and pinch me so hard I would bleed. We were always great friends because we grew up kind of poor always moving from place to place, but I am kind of a distant person so she would always try to provoke me when we were stuck together in car rides and stuff.

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Uooooohh, a shame he never finished it, that's good writing. Though I guess he's busy other stuff

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lily cute! lily cute!

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cute shorts

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How to get a gf like Lily?

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>hidden just below the screen during all her streams are Lily's bare thighs
>they're incredibly soft and really warm from streaming in her hot room for so long
I can't concentrate during her streams because I keep thinking about that..

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Does really nobody knows...? Please, I need help...

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Literal pedophiles. What the fuck is this thread and this vtuber

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There is no reason to be rude or insulting. Liking cute girls is the most normal and natural/cute thing in the world.

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Most wholesome thread on /vt/ right now.

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>What the fuck is this vtuber
Lily Hopkins! She is a cute and comfy young girl who likes to hang out with her big bros and play video games together.
>What the fuck is this thread
A thread for her big bros and fans to come together to appreciate her!

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Through frog, unity

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File: 3.14 MB, 1690x6780, Lilyhops.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Lily!

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the pog frog

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This frog is too pog. I just want to kiss her belly

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wow cute

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Imagine playing fighting games with Lily and the punishment is that the loser has to massage the winner's feet. How would you conceal the fact that you were throwing?

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I wasn't.

>> No.5063330

she seems legitimately better at fighting games than me so I wouldn't even have to pretend

>> No.5063390

I wanna have a fighting game contest with her, winner gets to kiss the loser on the cheek.

>> No.5064221

Would you try the turn at the last minute prank to trick her into kissing you on the lips?

>> No.5064347

I might. If I can get her affection, I'd do anything...

>> No.5064773

Having a cute gf like her would be the perfect pleasure...

>> No.5065103

I'm not sure a prank like that would win her affection, it would more be like something to get back at her if she bragged too hard about being better than you. Now a good back rub after one of her big 7 hour streams might win you a lot of points, especially if you get her lower back real good

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Lily is a positive poggers princess

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It would be so much fun to spend time with a cute girl like Lily, walk around town, look at cute animals, cuddle, play video games, ...

>> No.5072634

Stop it, no more, I cannot gosling anymore

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Lily is too precious, you must give in

>> No.5077323

When is the next stream?

>> No.5077751

thanks for the pog art gutsy

>> No.5078083

>tfw no video game little sister
How should I cope with this?

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Uuuummmh... streamer? That's kinda racist against games journalists?

>> No.5082617

No more streams

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I wish I could have fun together with Lily.

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Lily is a little lusty loveable lumberjack

>> No.5087902

Go hang around your local elementary school.

>> No.5089398

Do you think there's a fully detailed body under those clothes? Haha...

>> No.5089581

I want to carry lily on my shoulders

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Lily is L I V E streaming E3 !


Lily is L I V E streaming E3 !

>> No.5090168

It's gamer time

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God this would have been so depressing to watch without Lily

>> No.5090910

But Anon, it's always been a depressing watch! But now, you get a little ray of joy with a dopey little sister rather than some washed up 30-something games journo you used to watch it with.

>> No.5091665

I usually watch it with washed up 30-something streamers who make fun of most of it, but even they couldn't have made the Verizon or Intellivison panels fun

>> No.5092439

What about this one? Lily art kino version?

>> No.5092825

Lily is a top 1% streamer for actually being able to navigate that trainwreck of a panel. Her art is so cute I love her so much

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holy fuck E3 is boring as shit. if it wasn't for lily I wouldn't even be watching this garbage

>> No.5093376

Some of her reactions could totally flag the shitheads to come and scream at her. Take it as a positive for having a small following.

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It takes a special kind of shithead to go after someone as cute and positive as Lily, I want to just pretend they don't exist

>> No.5095759

she's making this bearable

>> No.5095944

riavoli don't lewd the findom loli

>> No.5098329

>"welcome home big bro"
Why does this hurt so much every time?

>> No.5099981

lily's quips have been on point today

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What the fuck just happened?

>> No.5100262

her laugh was so cute here, I hope someone recorded it because there's no vod

>> No.5100336

she got an underage ban from youtube, got em

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Probably a bunch of people doing pic rel.

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Here you go big brother

>> No.5101581

kek, the timing and that reaction were so perfect

>> No.5102624

Would lily be the perfect gf?

For me, she would be. There isn't one single thing I would change about her. She's everything I look for in a woman, and more.

>> No.5103612

Thank you based OBS-Bro, I was on a call with my boss when it happened and I missed it

>> No.5104087

actually it's just mpv!
and an encoding script

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>her hand is too small to hit those buttons

Oh god, my heart...

>> No.5104455

Imagine what else her hand would be too small for...

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>Heeey, big brooootheeeer~~~

>> No.5104617

>Lily looking at you with her mischievous smile.
>"Heeey, big brooootheeeer~~~ "
What would you do?

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Is Lily related to Matthew?

>> No.5105452

>you will never take turns fucking eachoter with Lily like a pair of horny gay dogs

>> No.5105537

commit ice cream

>> No.5106827

Curl up into the fetal position and accept my fate

>> No.5111580

the frog is pog

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Lily's my life, She's like a dice, I cannot tell which way she'll turn till I spice!

>> No.5115003

her raps are always perfect, her IQ has to be like 110

>> No.5115009

Can't wait to watch Nintendo with Lily today.

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>> No.5119242

Same here. Hoping for lots of pog moments from Nintendo
Did anyone recording the other day manage to get the whole improv interview Lily did? That shit deserves to be saved it was funny as hell

>> No.5119513

>Did anyone recording the other day manage to get the whole improv interview Lily did?
seconding this since I missed most of it

>> No.5123663

I like Lily

>> No.5125298

When is Lily Nintendo today?

>> No.5125341

Nintendo is in 2 hours but I dunno if lily might start an hour earlier since there are E3 pre-shows

>> No.5125620

But I'll be at work for the next 1.5 hours.........

>> No.5126243


>> No.5126420

should've invest in that GME stock anon...

>> No.5128569

Lilybros.... She's catching bugs

>> No.5128614

No stream today, I'm NGMI

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But... Lily... the stream... please no...
Bros, why would she do this to us?

>> No.5130760

She was there to carry us through the dark times of E3 Day 3, let her rest now. The Nintendo Direct was pretty good

>> No.5130838

what kind of bugs would Lily think are kewl?

>> No.5131129
File: 1.19 MB, 1400x1395, __jougasaki_rika_idolmaster_and_1_more_drawn_by_doremi__1303989ae2f7eecd531726423803deb2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rhinocerus Beetle. All girls like those.

>> No.5131745

Oh, there was an official statement from Nintendo of Japan banning restreams of the Direct. People weren't sure whether that applies worldwide or just to Japan, that's the risk she was talking about, Nintendo might sperg and DMCA the restreamers which would be insane but not particularly shocking for Nintendo

>> No.5133929

I want a friend or girlfriend like Lily so bad... I wish I was allowed to have one...

>> No.5134872

Imagine how fun it would be to go on a picnic with Lily and feed each other.

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Ummmmmm big broooo, Mom said you're not supposed to look at porn on the family computer anymore. I won't tell on you but it looks like you need some help hiding some of the evidence

>> No.5135969

Aaaaaaaaa my heart

>> No.5136007


>> No.5136103

based wholesome tranny

>> No.5136137

metroid looks okay.

>> No.5136932

I honestly don't know what would happen if Lily did that to me. I can't guarantee for anything.

>> No.5138584

Don't worry you don't have to do anything, your little sister will take care of you

>> No.5138814

But this is wrong... I should stop her... As a responsible adult, it would be wrong to take advantage of her inexperience and curiosity like that...

>> No.5139540

Umm, streamer? Will you be streaming Hugma next week?

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File: 155 KB, 2610x2905, 1592404143474.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 404 KB, 2164x3645, 20210408_172442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can try and stop her, but she could just as easily rat you out or claim something worse happened if you don't go through with it. She could tie your hands behind your back if you're afraid you might do something bad

>> No.5147683
File: 38 KB, 497x656, 6f6c71bf3d7923e869f6eb98dcf3210c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hugma little sister!

>> No.5148018

Why does she fall for that one every time? Why does she never learn?

>> No.5148147

That might actually help. I don't want to do something I'd regret...

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File: 483 KB, 1536x2048, 20210615_160251.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to swim naked in the creek with Lily and fall asleep basking on a rock like a lizard with her

>> No.5159605

God i wish Lily fucked me with a strapon.

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File: 68 KB, 1280x720, uuuoooohhh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Lily is a lovely, lickable, lemon

>> No.5166755

Do not lick the frog

>> No.5167371

but i wanna

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thinking about vampire lily right now.

>> No.5170504

Imagine how scary it would be if she snuck into your bed at night.

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I really enjoyed her stories with the drawings; am sad clipping was disabled.

>> No.5171014

that bit where she muted those fucking losers and just made up a story was the best part of all of E3 and I'm so sad clips and vods were disabled

>> No.5171322

What do we do once she blows up and we don't have her to ourselves anymore?

>> No.5173203

I wish I had the kind of lifestyle where I could hang out with a little sister kind of girl all day and have fun together. Anything else just feels like a waste of time. How can I achieve this kind of lifestyle.

>> No.5176242

Luckily "she" doesn't need a strapon for that...

>> No.5176882

That's not true anon, Lily's little willy isn't big enough to get in so she would still need a strapon in addition.

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