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Hi Iā€™m Pomu

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Hi Pomu

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Big pp energy!! Hah

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>entire personality is two catchphrases
So this is the power of NijisanjiEN... damn....

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The dragon girl is better

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Hi Pomu. I'm also Pomu

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Agreed. Pomu shills are obvious and annoying.

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Hololive reject? Hololive reject

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No, she's Pomu!

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She will never be Pekora

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Pomu I got the sand curse too let's fucking gooooo

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>no Kanata edit up to today
Modern 4chan is creatively bankrupt.

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I want to stick it up her pomu hole.

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I fucked up and took the pomupill a week ago and I want to go back how is she so fucking cute all the time she doesnt even do anything literally just says I'm Pomu fucking sand curse fairy bullshit where the fuck are my meds this is not real this is not real, right?

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I want to break Pomu.
I want to emotionally destroy her and bring her to a state where she's ugly crying, I mean tears are absolutely flowing down her face, snot is dribbling out her noes, and there's drool coming out the side of her mouth.
Then I want to give her a big hug and say, "It's okay, It's not your fault. I love you."

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Anon I understand you miss Finana threads but it's not healthy to start fantasizing with any vtuber you meet.

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Finana wants to be used and abused, that's gross and I won't have any part of it. Pomu on the other hand is pure suffering kino

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She will be an anxious mess a few weeks before her surgery, so you will soon have your chance anon

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She's Pomu

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