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Just finished watching the Bowsers Fury stream and it’s obvious that she was not completely sober…

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Hololive is about to go under, don’t blame her

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You forgot to post "Its HER", faggot

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Gura used to be an alcoholic, so it's not surprising that she'd eventually get back on the sauce.

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Has to deal with her insufferable fan base somehow.

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How can someone just get addicted to alcohol? Like, just stop drinking. Just don't go and get plastered on vodka every night.

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Reminder that Gura dedicated a song to Coco during her suspension from the Taiwan incident. She's definitely one of her fans and it breaks her that she followed her just for Coco to dip.

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I'd drink if I had to deal with cumbuds, too

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Just stop watching your vtubers!

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Vtubers aren't harming my body and mind.

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How many times will you people post this? Every other stream HERfags say she's drunk.

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Fucking retard

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Anon, have you never met an alcoholic? Alcohol dependence is a real thing, and quitting cold turkey is potentially fatal.

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being an entertainer isn't easy

some days you don't feel like being cheerful and social

that's probably why she drinks on some streams. managing one's mental health is important as an entertainer.

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It's too funny how HERfags actually believe she was an alcoholic and that it wasn't just a character gimmick meant for juxtaposition like "lol cute loli girl drinks heavily"

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I want to lick the sweat in the crease between her inner thigh and vagina

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I've met one. I told them to just stop because it's bad for them, but they didn't listen.

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*Anon not actually baiting, just retarded.

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>and mind

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Are you listening to this collab stream, Gura sounds very drunk

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Youve never been around a drunk person, or another person in general probably.

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You dont know what it's like, you can feel the parts of your brain who are deficient in alcohol screaming in pain your whole body is shaking and feeble and you know there's a very simple way to fix it

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I used to drink twice weekly 2 years ago and I stopped recently, I think I know drunk people

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You dont

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I do

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>managing one's mental health

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She did sound a bit tipsy last night, but I was also drunk last night.

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They need medical help to stop, most likely. You sound ignorant about the physical reality of alcohol dependence.

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This is what Asian men actually believe

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I am addicted to sexxu I k now the struggle of what alcoholic go trough RIP gura.

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Why are some people addicted to video games, or surfing the web, etc?

People find different ways of coping with whatever fucked up stuff they have going on in their head.

Not excusing being an alcoholic here, but cmon anon..

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rumao imagine

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drunkard gets the rope

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Alcohol is physically addicting in a way many things aren't

It's very pernicious if you think about it, you get that dopamine hit and your judgement goes and you just keep drinking, then there's the hangover, and you forget just how bad it was and get the cravings and go through it all again>>4989493

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this is me when I holding in my cum for too long ahahahahahaha

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yeah there was a point I was sinking into addiction. Literally drinking all day every day for about 3 months or so.

It's scarily easy to lose track of how long you've been using it as a crutch till you finally realize.

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>in a way many things aren’t
oh yeah?
>wake-up drug
>sugary foods
>monster energy drink
>browsing /vt/
>world of Warcraft
>literally fucking water
Etc etc

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Well look at this fancy pants thesaurus reader.

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lol he thinks he is so smart but got btfo by >>4989821

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Smoking is nothing like it both weed and tobacco, it doesnt make you literally die

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No one has a chemical dependency to water you dumb shit. You don't go through water withdrawal, you just fucking die. That's not an addiction, that's a prerequisite for being alive.

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simply false, no need for explaining

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>Cancer sticks don't make you die
I wonder who could be behind this post

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This. Some beer belly thinks he is special..

>> No.4990146

Withdrawal from them is unlikely to kill you, whereas alcohol withdrawal can give you seizures that could be fatal.

The anon that started this is retarded though for thinking that you can't get addicted to alcohol.

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She have ADD
she just make you think she is drunk because you dont know the condition of ADD persons

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shut up retard.

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t. based add sufferer

>> No.4990279

based cum holder

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Twice weekly? I know non alcoholics that drink every night. Twice weekly is literally nothing.

>> No.4990296

t. rudeposter

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You can get addicted to anything. But you can also JUST STOP feeding your addiction and it will go away.

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I never said I was an alcoholic I just said I know drunkenness

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Occam's Razor, retard.
She is more likely to be drunk than ADD considering her past.

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You dont know drunkness you just know being drunk. You solo drinking lonely idiot.

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Off the wagon to deal with her imposter syndrome. Many such cases

>> No.4990625

I rarely drink solo
Anyways, if anything you don't know what a drunk person sounds like, jesus christ.

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>Implying ahcoholics drink with friends

That's just the fun part. The real alcoholic hours are when you hide bottles around the house and plan your drinking throughout the day. Loner drinking is alcoholic drinking.

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says the retard that thinks gura is drunk right now. its 11am for her moron. she literally just woke up hours ago. compare her to her bowser stream last night. you retarded fucking rrat.

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She sounds drunk and she slurs, it's just that she sounds even more drunk last night

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Namefags are such idiots.

>> No.4990819

Have you seen her chat? I'd be a raging alcoholic too

>> No.4990900

But alcohol is my best friend.

>> No.4990955

> gura who just woke up early to do a collab is slurring words
wow no shit? stop projecting your alcohol problens on other people, retard.

>> No.4990956

t. 2000 hours in unmodded rimworld

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oh now I know how alcohol works? good lord you people are clueless.
You think drunkenness absolutely disappears in a few hours?
You know what, I'm outta here, I'm watching E3

she still sounds drunk

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>Drinking with my friends on vacation was more fun than I expected, better take a sip...
>I am stressed out from Coco leaving and 3m soon, better take a sip...
>Fuck I have to play Bowsers Fury again, better take a sip...
>Oh shit, stream starting now, better take a sip...

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>You think drunkenness absolutely disappears in a few hours?

Absolutely. People might still fail a breathalyzer test, but conversationally they are the same as a sober person.

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all your drinking made your grey matter shrink, dumbass namefag.

>> No.4991193

>Absolutely. People might still fail a breathalyzer test, but conversationally they are the same as a sober person.
hahahaha no
the only people who actual believe this are too drunk to know they are drunk

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> alcohlic /v/irgin
> namefagging

>> No.4991292

Anyone sounds drunk when they wake up early you dumbass rrat.

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t. sleepdrinker

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That's not true, though. If a heavily dependent alcoholic stops drinking without medical aid and supervision, they could suffer fatal seizures. You're a real retard, you know that?

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occam's razor retard, if you just stop drinking then you dont get a seizure from alcohol when its not in your system

>> No.4991696

Yes you do you massive fucking idiot. A chemical dependency on alcohol means your body doesn't function properly in the absence of alcohol.


If you suddenly quit cold turkey after years of heavy alcohol abuse, the ABSENCE of alcohol can cause seizures and kill you.

>> No.4991704

>hurrr I will die if I stop

This is something alcoholics believe and use as an excuse to continue drinking. It's ironic, because the drinking is what's killing them. Just stop. You will get flu like symptoms for a week, but by the end of the second week you will have completely broken your physiological dependency on alcohol. The body fixes itself so fast. The only reasons people drink are mental.

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Not who you're replying to, but just wanted to let you know that you're a complete retard and should stop making posts about things you understand nothing about

>> No.4991791

It's nowhere near as bad as you think. I've heard anons talk about the withdrawal symptoms and they say it's like having "the worst flu of your life", but it passes quickly.

>> No.4991818

If you've been a heavy drinker for a decade, you absolutely should have doctor support to quit. Quitting cold turkey can be dangerous. It's not a reason to keep drinking, but you need medical supervision if you have a heavy alcohol dependence and are quitting.

>> No.4991872

It's exactly as bad as I think, retard, did you even read the link?

>> No.4991896

what is "cold turkey"? like turkey meat but cold?
I dont see how thats more dangerous than alcohol though?

>> No.4991962

>don't go and get plastered on vodka every night.
but if i'm not drunk it won't be a good or fun night

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Based ADD Bear

>> No.4992063

It's an idiom that means to quit an addictive substance. The phrase comes from the goosebumps people in withdrawal will often get, which looks like cold turkey skin.

>> No.4992197

I don’t know if this is bait but I’ll bite anyway. It’s an expression which means quitting an addictive substance or behaviour with no extra preparation or slow reduction in consumption. Just stopping. It can cause massive problems for your health.

>> No.4992219

Wrong. Quitting 'cold turkey' means to quit without any assistance, be it from drugs or friends.

>> No.4992270

>It can cause massive problems for your health.

Fuck off. It doesn't. Just straight up stopping is the most based way to quit something.

>> No.4992278

>calls me idiot
>cant even spell it right
>thinks turkeys and goose are the same

>> No.4992322

How can such a small woman costume so much booze?

>> No.4992371

Is she small IRL though?
(Honestly, I don't know, I haven't seen her)

>> No.4992376

Hospitals literally give alcoholics ethanol because they know quitting cold turkey can and will kill them.

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wont lie its been a minute but that music till 1:14 gave me some real Demolition_D vibes. And I'm not mad in the slightest.

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Twice weekly isn't really alcoholic territory unless you're drinking damn near toxic levels of alcohol.

Twice weekly is a Friday & Saturday night where I'm from.

>> No.4992666

People have died and will continue to die from withdrawal.

>> No.4992886

She's a typical Iowan woman.

>> No.4992922

It actually does. Withdrawal symptoms are real. It's not dumb shit like rocking back and forth and wanting a drink or two. It can legitimately be hazardous.

>> No.4992933

>Just straight up stopping is the most based way to quit something.

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Severe enough alcohol withdrawal will give you seizures and delirium tremens, which if left untreated will kill you. Just admit you have no idea what you're talking about, it's okay.

>> No.4993230

>delirium tremens

That's not even a word. You are the retard.

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>> No.4993335


Imagine being so retarded you can't even paste text in Google.

>> No.4993424

What is alcoholism?

>> No.4993544

What is not alcoholism?

>> No.4993549

ok then explain why when she is sober she still slur her words this happen because she doesnt pay attention which is the underlying condition in ADD

>> No.4993616

congratulations on making this post ADD sufferer I undastand that it is a debilitating condition and can see it took you long to write, but you did it! and you should be proud of yourself

>> No.4993629

what an absolutely great idea! why didn't I think of that!

>> No.4993630

Alcohol is a physical dependence, but getting to the point of physical dependence requires quite excessive drinking habits, such as drinking yourself to sleep every night.

>> No.4993651

>occam's razor
You clearly don’t know how to properly use that. Wrong place, wrong time.

>> No.4993754

>twice weekly
that's a normal and healthy level of consumption where I'm from. Even thrice isn't unusual.
Unless you get REALLY smashed, that's normal.

>> No.4993817

The mind is the strongest thing in the world. It can overpower the body. That's how you stop being addicted.

>> No.4993873

French people drink wine with every dinner.

>> No.4993931

>twice weekly
LMAO, you aren't even at the average levels for most housewives

>> No.4993936

Yes, but even splitting a bottle between two people, there's barely any alcohol in that. Let alone splitting it between more.
The older you get the more you realize how little there is in a wine bottle.

>> No.4993940

Every anon talking about severe alcohol withdrawal syndrome is full of shit, a retard, or an alcoholic making excuses. Only 2% of people who are actually admitted to hospitals for alcoholism require pharmacologic intervention for their symptoms. You, Gura, and everyone you have ever met, including the most degenerate burnout from high school, are nowhere near bad enough to die from a withdrawal-related seizure.

>> No.4993968

I can’t remember a dinner I had where I didn’t drink, since I turned 18. But I live in the Uk and we have a national drinking problem, so who knows if that’s actually bad.

>> No.4993973

The mind being the strongest thing in the world is precisely why addiction is as devastatingly hard to break as it is Confucius

>> No.4994015

You sound like someone who is going to run over a kid in the future while claiming that you were totally not drinking while under the influence

>> No.4994073

I'd go so far as to put gura on the list of hardcore addictions

>> No.4994077

>not drinking while under the influence


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I have ADHD and she reminds me a lot of myself considering her antics. Also people with ADD/ADHD get addicted to booze and drugs

>> No.4994370

anyway was she actually tipsy? might be worth watching the vod if so

>> No.4994442

>Also people with ADD/ADHD get addicted to booze and drugs


>> No.4994513

Not universally. I'm pretty badly afflicted by ADHD and despite drinking heavily for weeks at a time, I've never had any symptoms of dependence, even mildly.

>> No.4994643

People with mental health issues, are actually more likely to abuse drugs than those without.

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>drinking heavily for weeks at a time
>never had any symptoms of dependence

>> No.4994707

I wanna pin sora to the ground and

>> No.4994751

>despite drinking heavily for weeks at a time

>> No.4994856


>> No.4994920

He has a point. Vtubers are the only thing keeping me from being a misogynist

>> No.4995027

Yeah she was but it just made her less funny and worse at videogames

>> No.4995116

People who talk ADD drugs since childhood are actually less likely to form addictions than normal people, though.

>> No.4995164

I've been drinking every night since Coco announced her graduation, and I usually don't drink at all before. The news really hit me that day.

Am I on my way?

>> No.4995177

Alkie here, Gura was not drunk last night.

>> No.4995247

>"i will fucking die in the name of being based, i will finallh have the respect of my fellow 4channers!!"
seek help.

>> No.4995265

Depends, could just be short term. There was a period in February where I was just in my room drinking all day. Then I ran out of alcohol and couldn't be fucked to go outside to get more. That fixed my alcoholism problem, pretty simple.

>> No.4995345

>turn 21
>literally never drank before then
>decide to try a lot of alcohol
>end up killing like half a bottle of hard liquor a night because lol young adult metabolism
>3 weeks in, get home from work and notice no alcohol in cabinet
>drink water, play video games instead
>don't even bother getting any more alcohol for the rest of the month because too lazy and didn't have anything else I wanted to try
I go on cycles like that every year or so when I get a taste for a new type of liquor (although not nearly as bad as when I turned 21). It just feels like I should at least have cravings if I was prone to addiction.

>> No.4995392

Its an appropriate word used in the right context. It describes and gives nuance to the subject of the sentence better than simpler words like "bad" or "toxic".

Only burgers would think using words more complex than a 3rd grade level is a bad thing.

>> No.4995449

shit bait

>> No.4995465

I tell you what anon, the Americans could really take a bit of influence from Europe about alcohol, I know we drink more, but there tends to be more emphasis put on the dangers of alcohol, the drinking age is lower, in places like Germany there’s a split age for fermented and distilled and there’s more of a cultural aspect around it which means young people can get introduced to it earlier and then it doesn’t become some big mystery that they’re desperate to get hold of. Oh and having the legal drinking age be 21 instead of 18 is fucking stupid, you can die in a war and get assfucked on camera before you can drink? That’s ridiculous.

>> No.4995496

has she ever been?

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>> No.4995542

>having the legal drinking age be 21 instead of 18 is fucking stupid

Well, some say alcohol should be banned altogether.

>> No.4995572

Gura was most definitely drink on the night where she doxxed Ame by saying her name TWICE on stream.

>> No.4995613

Unironically same

>> No.4995616

Why are you guys so obsessed with whether or not she drinks? She probably does want to do thinks like drinking games on-stream like many other of her coworkers but won't because everyone will lose their shit over it like it meant something. She's not HER anymore, get over it.

>> No.4995641

Time stamps?

>> No.4995659

things* I can't write

>> No.4995691


>> No.4995715

Please post more timestamped videos of drunk unhinged gura

>> No.4995746

The key point about Europe is that virutally everyone drinks or has been drinking in the past. Everyone knows what it's like to drink, everyone knows what it's like to be REALLY drunk and everyone probably has a story about having a bit too much. This means there's nothing to drinking and by the time you're 18 and you can legally drink whatever you want, you likely have gotten it out of your system and you only really drink for fun afterwards and even things like binge drinking are only done semi-ironically.

What always struck me as odd when I was drinking with Americans was this way they seemed to exaggerate how drunk they were and it was incredibly obnoxious.

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Well no

>> No.4995764

America was founded by puritans and its carried a lot into the modern age. No heavy swearing or nudity on tv, stupid alcohol laws.

>> No.4995772

reminder this entire thread is full of discordnigger doxniggers, unironically. under the radar enough to not get their posts deleted sadly. report ignore move on

>> No.4995788

Yeah and let's not forget how poorly this turned out.
American drinking culture was basically erased.

>> No.4995807

Guranis is cute

>> No.4995829

seriously fuck off to reddit tranny janny

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>160 posts
>64 IP's
oh shit isreal???!, didnt realise and fell for it, sorry...
fuck off doxniggers

>> No.4995875


>> No.4995933

>SEVERE ENOUGH alcohol withdrawal
Reading comprehension

>> No.4995962

>favorite vtuber gets forced out by a black compamy
>hit the sauce to grieve and cope
Well...you can't really blame her.

>> No.4995963

its ok baby gura dont feel bad, psy-ops are designed to trick people after all, of course you fall for one once in a while

>> No.4996012

I like how literally none of us that he replied to said that all cases of withdrawal were lethal or dangerous and yet he still went on the pointless rant.

>> No.4996015

Gura should quit too. Let it all burn.

>> No.4996026

>is actually just he

>> No.4996028

>less funny and worse at games
both of these sound extremely difficult to accomplish

>> No.4996062

Not that I've seen, but i don't watch EVERY stream. Gura's last DBD stream, when she was reading supas tho, she was caffinated. (fake shark, dummy thicc, etc) HER videos though, you can tell when she's tanked. go watch some so you have an idea.

>> No.4996082
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hmmm, yup, its another one of those posts....

>> No.4996084
File: 294 KB, 440x517, Triangle mouth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And what? Finish the goddamn sentence

>> No.4996097


>> No.4996129

>ip count went up
you are cleared sir, next

>> No.4996131

What the hell, nobody invited me to the doxnigger discord

>> No.4996152

Look at this guy solving all problems in the world: Just stop it.

>> No.4996171

Why are you guys calling her an alcoholic?

>> No.4996178

>ip count went up, however this is suspectious
sir, please come to the side

>ip count went up, but fell for the psy-op
sir, please be aware. discordnigger psy-op in the area. move on sir, next

>> No.4996216

>ip count went up, fell for the psy-op badly
SIR, get back. psy-op in area. GET THE FUCK BACK.
move on sir.

>> No.4996285

Ichika lost, get over it.

>> No.4996317

The HER drunk rrat is bullshit because she made those meme videos. I watched some of the spongebon playtrough and at no point did she sound drunk, maybe a little sad or depressed but never drunk. I was waiting for the yab and it never happened, you fags make it sounds like she went on drunk rants in HER streams or something crazy, she didn't even slurr her words, all that is weak rrats. The only thinks HER was "drunk" was in those small singing videos she put out.

>> No.4996318

What a piece of shit lmao, this is the same as telling an crackhead to just stop using crack.

>> No.4996321

Joke’s on you OP - Gura is always drunk, faggot.

>> No.4996334

Nigga how can cyberbullying be real, like turn off the screen nigga...

>> No.4996358

It's sound advice, no?

>> No.4996461
File: 281 KB, 1174x2048, _gawr_gura_hololive_and_2_more_drawn_by_h_2de1flf8_117843a5b8ebbe721cafb5599e36976e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sir, please take your meds

>> No.4996497

>the drunk rrat is BS
All i know is she uploaded videos where she created content drunk. Beyond that, i don't know and don't care. I never watched HER stream a game, not even a VOD. Love shark, simple as.
Now take your meds, wash it down with my 100 proof smirnoff and mountian dew mix.

>> No.4996578

>ip count didnt go up, clearly doxnigger
sir, please come to the side.
>ip count went up, perhaps a troublemaker
move along please sir. psy-op in area behaviour like this is not helping. do not distract me sir as I need to keep an eye on the IP count.

>> No.4996664

meds fag

>> No.4996762

*calls in radio*
yes sir, trouble maker escalation occuring.
I choose not to reply to the post sir, giving attention only makes the problem worse sir.
yes sir, he keeps telling me to take meds sir.

>> No.4996877


>> No.4996903

>ip count went up, doxnigger backup called in
sir please come to the side. now.

>> No.4996920

I don’t think Anon is retarded, some people can just stop. 99% or so can’t, but some can

>> No.4996940


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>> No.4997015

Alcohol is really the most overrated shit ever. Congrats you like you chug poison in your body, what a boss.

>> No.4997048

Don't link clippers faggot

>> No.4997059

You must not have understood the implication of the term "physical dependence". It means your brain/mind has already tried to compensate for the presence of alcohol to such a degree that parts like your reward and inhibition systems do not function at baseline without it. You develop tremors or your circulation messes up (intense sweating and anxiety attacks or other shock-like symptoms included) as soon as you drop below the normalized alcohol level. And while not impossible that you live through it, it's kind of like trying to dehydrate yourself for a few days counting on your mind to keep you alive. It is absolutely not something you are going to handle on your own for long enough to let your body adapt to its former baseline, and then you'll still have to deal with your habitual addiction.

>> No.4997120

what? is that against the rules?

>> No.4997158
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>ctrl+f (you)
ahhhh fuck maan....
what a night..
what have i done now, hahahahahhhh
fuck maaan, my head is killing me...
shiiit.... hope i didnt like, rape somebody hahahaha....

>> No.4997172
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There's no rule against it whatsoever and clippers are a big part of what brings people into vtubers.

>> No.4997210

t. gura each morning

>> No.4997276
File: 2.21 MB, 1770x2508, 1622949563832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this whole thread is fake
this lady here is the real alcoholic, because, simply she always has hiccups

>> No.4997399

Now we're talking

>> No.4997407

>all these replies
Lmao. I understand what you mean anon, sort of. The thing with alcohol is it doesn't immediately generate dependency the way other drugs like heroin, cocaine, benzos or even nicotine does, alcohol takes a while to become addicting like you'd need to be buzzed all day for weeks at least but once it does it's very insidious. Once you're dependent on it you can't "just stop" drinking overnight.

>> No.4997706

For that reason there is the phrase, once alcoholic you never stop being alcoholic, you just stop being as dependent as you used to but is always floating around in your head, for that exact reason there are the coins rewards in the AA

>> No.4997936

>there are the coins rewards in the AA

What do you mean by "coin rewards"?

>> No.4997986

Americans have a very warped relationship with alcohol, don't forget that.

>> No.4998156

The medals they get for 1 mth sober, 3 mths sober 10 years sober etc. is mostly symbolic and a little incentive in how far has you go, sicne you were a complete addict.

I agreed, but is a reality with any substance addiction the dependency will always be there, it just gets smaller

>> No.4998214

alcoholism is about as bad as videogame addiction. You can easily quit but it's very slippery to get back in.

>> No.4998274


>> No.4998371

More like feds, am I right?

>> No.4998556

>how can anyone get addicted? Just stop lol

That's why its an addiction you worthless retard.

>> No.4998614

how can someone be this retarded?

>> No.4998680

i wish i never came to this board
getting into this hobby has made me more miserable yet i cant turn away

>> No.4998727
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>(You) deluge

>> No.4998771

They call them "chips", but yeah you're right.

>> No.4998783


>> No.4998962

>Alcohol is humanity’s friend
>Can I abandon a friend?

>> No.4999109

my mom would be downing liquor at 7 am on thanksgiving. time of day does not matter.

>> No.4999128

Probably should have been more forceful. It's like how depression is very easily curable by just reminding people they don't have to be sad, it just usually takes at least 3-4 tries, because they're addicted to feeling sad.

>> No.4999135

wait till the day all your favorite vtubers move on with life

>> No.4999179

I'm aware enough to know that none of them will move on, they'll just get forced out by the Zhangs one by one.

>> No.4999192


Alcohol is more addictive and more damaging in excess than certain other recreational drugs like Weed, yes.

Also alcohol addiction doesn't need to be drinking to excess daily, it's the fact that you're emotionally/physically dependent on it to function/consuming an excessive amount over a long term.

If you're the kind of person who says "I need a shot, I need a beer to relax, to get through this" even if it's one beer, what you're saying is fundamentally that you're incapable of coping with the situation without altering your cognitive state. In that sense, it's not much different to requiring anti-anxiety/depressant medication. Yet we only consider one "abnormal" because it comes in pill form. Despite both serving not dissimilar functions.

>> No.4999315

Correct. This is why people with mental health conditions often "self-medicate" with alcohol. It's not a healthy approach but it temporarily makes them more functional.

>> No.4999366

Depression isn't "being sad", it's feeling a crushing void inside yourself that taints everything you see and everything you see and once it progressed far enough, it turns into severe physical fatigue.

>> No.4999384

Lol as if these bitches care about their "character"

>> No.4999391

Realistically when will she be forced out due to her very apparently addiction? 3 months? 6?

>> No.4999487

She's already on the zhang cutting block. I give her till October.

>> No.4999489

Anon, that's literally just being sad, with the only difference being that you're purposely being overdramatic about it. Depression is one part actual sadness and two parts of desperate attention-seeking.

>> No.4999497

it isn’t a glaring problem so long as you have control over the situation, but i do want to mention that alcoholism comes in stages with the first being social drinking.
it’s a slippery slope for a reason and any form of drinking can lead to dependent alcoholism. as long as you maintain yourself you should be fine.

>> No.4999555

Ah true, I always forget she sided with Coco, that basically tainted her. She really should have known better.

>> No.4999578


>> No.4999595

Mental illness is physical illness and acting like depression is just being sad and dramatic would be like telling a paraplegic that they're just not trying hard enough to walk. Eat shit.

>> No.4999687

A paraplegic clearly can't walk, no amount of telling him he can will grow his leg back. A mental illness is something you developed in your head, and all it requires is for you to change your mind and remove that illness from yourself. Most people just can't, or don't want to. Mental illness is an easy way to claim you're sick, without actually feeling pain.

>> No.4999740

Pretty much, and since she's a western dog they really want to hammer her flat, I wouldn't be surprised if it's even earlier.

>> No.4999840

I feel like they'll do their best to make an example for her. Whether it'll be nudes, or an actual IRL stalker, but they'll do something to her as a show of power towards the rest of EN, and then 'convince' them to stop for their own good.

>> No.4999842

So for the past 3 days she was getting hammered and passed it as working? That a new rrat.

>> No.4999952

Sadly it makes sense, her addiction has clearly been getting worse over time.

>> No.5000494

You know hereditary mental illnesses exist, right, Anon? It's not just an imaginary experience but an innate biological deficiency or a environmental and contextual pressure that has compounding negative effects on the function of the brain and body.

The stress, for example, of extreme isolation can change your brain such that it becomes impossible to fully reintegrate into society because of the manner in which certain neurological functions become impaired.

An explicit consequence of prolonged stress which causes your body to flood itself with hormones like Cortisol.

Why do you think Nasa invests so much money into researching the effects of isolation on Astronauts? Because the mental duress of a journey, to say Mars, would otherwise result in them trying to kill each other first. (This is of course one example of how stress can be induced but my point is fundamentally that it's not an fantastical concept by any stretch)

>> No.5000724

Chinese bitcoin assassins

>> No.5000822

>The stress, for example, of extreme isolation can change your brain such that it becomes impossible to fully reintegrate into society because of the manner in which certain neurological functions become impaired.

I hope for our sakes that you're wrong.

>> No.5001023
File: 881 KB, 297x277, chammers.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A mental illness is something you developed in your head, and all it requires is for you to change your mind and remove that illness from yourself.
You aren’t entirely wrong, someone with depression will need to seek out help in the first place in order to get better. But with cases like chronic depression there is no getting better and it’s a matter of endurance. And for those not chronically afflicted getting better is more than just changing your mindset; it involves therapy, medication, and even hospitalization in some cases. Shit, some people need electroshock therapy to their brain to get any better.
Also, mental pain in many cases manifests into physical pain. So pain is very much involved.

>> No.5001037

Yeah, but at least they're based.

>> No.5001205

Asking an alcoholic to stop drinking alcohol is like asking a guy to stop masturbating

>> No.5001225


>> No.5001458

but fun things are fun

>> No.5001846

in fairness that level of damage requires extreme stress that's likely more than you're to experience during the pandemic. but it does highlight how certain hormones influence the body. Even "temporary" effects from lower levels of cortisol over-exposure can still take time to recover from though.

>> No.5002300

VTubers do more damage to your mind than camgirls

>> No.5002393


>> No.5002661

idk if she's drunk or if she's just dum.
maybe she is with this "naptime stuff"
actually this is pretty drunk like

>> No.5002866

>A mental illness is something you developed in your head
Yes, physically inside your head. A mental illness is a physical impairment of the brain. If you are mentally ill there is something wrong with your body. Which is why anti-depressants work, why they don't work and why different anti-depressants work for some people but not for others.
A mental illness, despite the name is not an ailment of the mind, but a neurological condition.

>> No.5002887

Your brain is part of your body, dingus. There's no brain/body divide. A mental illness is a physical illness characterized by tangible physical differences in brain function and chemistry.

>> No.5003093

Wrong. The "chemical imbalance" theory has no good evidence and was pushed by psychiatrists with an agenda. No anti depressants actually work because depression is not caused by a chemical imbalance. Anti depressants are pure placebo and modern psychiatry is a sham that brutalizes patients for money. Read "anatomy of an epidemic"

>> No.5003115

you forgot go-juice and luciferium my man

>> No.5003147

>waaah big word bad

>> No.5003201


>> No.5003236

Ah, a conspiracy nut, no wonder you're too retarded to know that your brain is part of your body.

>> No.5003268

>Doesn't know what day it is
>Doesn't go outside
>Hasn't made her bed in days
OP might be on to something other than dicks

>> No.5003304

>what are withdrawal symptoms

>> No.5003351

>read anatomy of an epidemic

Oh you mean that book that basically the entire psychiatric community collectively shit on because the author got everything about schizophrenia wrong?

>> No.5003398

Not alcohol it will actually destroy your brain and can turn you into a vegetable

>> No.5003481

>be addicted
>quit cold turkey
>get fucked over by withdrawals symptoms
>retake the drug to stop the pain
>you now know how fucking bad is it to stop, you are hooked even more on the drug

Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.5003490

why are you asking me? idk

>> No.5003550

it's the name of a decent belgian beer, actually

>> No.5003579
File: 227 KB, 535x669, 1619659208177.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>posting on a Burman Jute-Weaving Forum about Hololives that anyone else's life is depressing and sad

>> No.5003614

>vtuber thread with hundreds of responses going at length about alcoholism and withdrawal
Ogey then. You do you, guys.

>> No.5003650

> She was totally drinking. Source: my ass.

>> No.5004004

It's not surprising that the psychiatric community, which tends to be wrong about everything, shit on a book exposing their shoddy "research"

Btw if drugs work for mental illness, then why are rates of mental illness increasing and why have mortality rates for those with mental illness increased in the last 40 years? The drugs show absolutely no effect for good in the statistics at all, not what you'd expect if they actually worked

>> No.5004054


>> No.5004234

Well it doesn’t explain everything, but I would assume the numbers are increasing because more people are being diagnosed with mental illnesses when before they wouldn’t have been. With that you get the increase in mortality rates, the rates themselves changing because there are things bow recognised as mental illnesses that weren’t before, where the mortality rates were high. I’m not saying there isn’t a problem, but a large amount of the numbers can be explained thusly.

>> No.5004278

Correct. People who in the past would've died undiagnosed are now being diagnosed earlier and more correctly.

>> No.5004328

With the proliferation of shrinks as a business, small wonder they will keep inventing new diagnoses. Just look how DSM plumped up in 15 years.

>> No.5004378

You mean knowledge increases with more time and research? Fucking shocker, that

>> No.5004404

Mental illness was socially stigmatised until only two or three decades ago. Being depressed was enough to ruin your chances as president in the 70s.

Since then we got better at diagnosing and more open to researching mental illnesses, meaning our understanding and definition has broadened.

Not everyone who is mentally ill and dies is taking antidepressants tho, so that is disingenuous to assert they don't work. Rather a lot of people who kill themselves are receiving little or no help

>> No.5004446

Do enjoy your bill.

>> No.5004495

Gura, if you're reading this, just remember that it's normal and okay to falter but things can get better and you can overcome alcohol. We won't judge you if it takes time to work through your addictions

>> No.5004518

Do you also complain when knowledge increases in other fields? Retard.

>> No.5004534

>being American

>> No.5004599

What increases here is shrinks account.
Do enjoy your bill.

>> No.5004632
File: 63 KB, 817x857, ETbmablUEAAE_m1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>soft science
Come back to me when the studies are repeatable

>> No.5004684

>Is she small IRL though?
She is a borderline dwarf

>> No.5004708

Gura if you are reading this, ignore this post, he is manipulating you because he is a discord doxnigger

instead, you should drink more because you can clearly handle your liquor and you deserve to treat yourself every once in a while like after (or before, who cares!) every stream
t. loyal chumbud

>> No.5004735

People are weak willed. As much I like Alcohol I limit myself and only drink a bit on the weekends.

>> No.5004736

so you're saying we should just not bother reasearching things that are killing many, many people every year and pushing many more of them out of society?

>> No.5004772

Stop making shit up faggot.
>>5004495 Gura, if you're reading this, people are too retarded to know how sleepy Gura sounds like

>> No.5004779

I'll admit, I laughed a bit.

>> No.5004832

Wow, will you fuck my wife?

>> No.5004906
File: 102 KB, 463x454, 1622043733027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just take your meds since they work so well apparently

>> No.5004917

you first

>> No.5004934

She's not drunk, she's just retarded. She's our adorable retarded shark.

>> No.5004937
File: 65 KB, 758x720, EE8FEFE6-EB5E-4E67-8960-BEB199FE9D41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5004991

I think he is saying people get depression because they are beta and not because of a chemical imbalance.
The imbalance is that you suck and you should get better to stop feeling like shit.

>> No.5005007

Anon is confusing over-diagnosing and medicating with not being a real thing. It's like ADHD. It's real, but definitely overdiagnosed.

>> No.5005021

>speaks gibberish
just like my camwhores YATTA

>> No.5005088

you're reading an example of why some people need meds

>> No.5005262
File: 123 KB, 360x450, 755694F2-874C-4A7E-B82F-0B823D2ED7DA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5005891
File: 212 KB, 429x421, 1615287081090.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much do you drink Holoholics?

>Tfw when 200-300mls of vodka during the day then 5-8 pint cans after work

I would've lost my job ages ago if programming wasn't easy and they switched us to work from home permanently.

>> No.5006214
File: 16 KB, 314x177, 1592872439593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was drinking anywhere from a half to a full bottle of bourbon a night during lockdown. Now that it's ended for me I'm quitting.

>> No.5006326

I hate alcohol. It tastes gross, and I don't get drunk easily.

>> No.5006381

There was a point last summer where I realized I was going through almost a six pack of beer every single night, so I've cut back to almost nothing now. Maybe two beers a week? I was becoming fat and useless, and I hated it.

>> No.5006512
File: 68 KB, 600x600, 152394231300102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5006621


>> No.5006740

Exceptional bait my friend have my updoot

>> No.5006759

>be addicted
>quit cold turkey
>get fucked over by withdrawal symptoms
>live through them until they go away
>you now know how fucking bad it is to keep dealing with that shit and never have to live through it again
oh nonononononono

>> No.5006823

You know you can just taper off alcohol to not have to deal with withdrawls? Just drink half what you drank the previous night for a new days and you'll be sober within a week.

>> No.5007078

I've tried tapering like that a few times but if I dont get within a drink or two of last night the insomnia and sleep paralysis start hitting. I need to be able to function to do work

>> No.5007116

Gura I hope you didn't read this fucking garbage. You do you.

>> No.5007252


>> No.5007390

Before spawning rrats how often did you hear Gura in this time slot? I don't think she EVER have been up so late. Not stayed up, but waked up from her night slumber.

>> No.5007688

Congratulations for making it to square less-than-one, if you just live better from now on and also undo all the rot of your social life and work ability, you might return to the spot that made you start chronic drinking in the first place!

>> No.5008018

All of the HoloEN girls have horrific sleep schedules

>> No.5008044

hot. any pictures

>> No.5008165

Ina too? I thought her stream schedule was fairly regular and she tends to be pretty organized with her daily routines in overall.
>slept in for a minecraft stream
Well, yeah, it happened once I suppose.

>> No.5008372

I feel like she just stays up really late all the time. I used to be able to do that through my 20s, but as I get further into my 30s, I just can't do that anymore. Wish I had started taking my sleep more seriously much sooner.

>> No.5008650

I drink one or two drams of whisky every other day or so

>> No.5008717

guarantee you wouldnt last an hour in alcohol withdrawal retard

>> No.5008830

ill be fine, I will just fall asleep and wake up = over an hour has passed

>> No.5008948

>falling asleep while youre shaking and sweating in delirium

>> No.5009048

thats what im saying, why would I want to be awake for that?
unironically you could just take sleeping pills and comatose yourself
its what I did when my wisdom teeths was hurting

>> No.5009238

>I feel like she just stays up really late all the time
Her main job is quite demanding.

>> No.5012275

Lotta namecalling in this thread...
I can't say I care for that.

>> No.5012425


>> No.5013830

I'm surprised only one person identified this as a modified version of a Tyler the Creator tweet.

>> No.5014842

the joke's less funny if you explain it

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