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Chuubas in the 40k universe. Add to the list
Kizuna Ai = Big E; The og who is still respected but slowly dying.
Tokino Sora = Guilliman (pre heresy and ultra depression); Respected, does things by the books, competent leader but knows when to stand aside
Haato/Haachama = Gork/Mork; Crazy, may not have been real till orks/fans started to believe
Nijisanji = Tau Empire; Good tech, sometimes the good guys, catch a lot of hate
Project Melody = Slaanesh; Horni
Veibae = Papa Nurgle; self explanatory
Froot = Tzeentch; tricky bitch
HoloCN = Tyranids; Self explanatory as well

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Coco = Magnus; did no thing wrong yet had the most extreme punishment cast down apon them anyways

I really need coco magnus mixed art now

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Malal, chaos itself. Or Cegorach.

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Holy shit that’s perfect.

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Oh this thread has potential, I feel it.
I guess Aqua could be a genestealer then

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Mio obviously Leman Russ. Insert new "more gene seed than wolf" copypasta here

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Gawr Gura: Commissar Ciaphas Cain

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>Chris and Aloe are the two missing primarchs we don't talk about

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Oh look it's Isha

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Ironmouse is a reflection of Isha.
>Mild to very ill through out life
>Trapped inside a prison never to be let out
>Tears up alot
>Precious family (children of Isha, the Eldar)
it is said in Eldar mythology isha's tears were able to heal the most broken of bodies for the love within each drop.
Mouse is our precious goddesses. She may be not with in sight but her love for us is very present with us all.
Let her tears bring healing feeling to your hurt hearts anons

>>4952363 Beat me too it

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So who is Nurgle then

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She's also the least hated member of vshojo, who have been cast by OP as Chaos, so even illness aside she's trapped in vshojo like how Isha is trapped in Nurgle's garden and not a being of Chaos or anything

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Well shit. Makes a whole lot of sense why the 40k Eldar have been out of luck looking for Isha in the warp. She was on Terra all along

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it's all of us, anon. Each and everyone of us. People, animals, bacteria. we are all a blight to her. All of us, creatures of the Nurgle.

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As all life is born to die, so all men are born to decay. There can be no succour in this world. As the centuries drag past our cultures will fade, just as our bodies waste and our passions cool as the winter of life approaches.
In time our mightiest cities shall crack and crumble, and our lofty ideals shall grow weary and jaded. For what are our achievements if not the follies of pride and ignorance?
All shall be forgotten with the passing of years. There will be no exceptions.
For who amongst us can escape the predations of time? Whom amongst us is beyond the inevitability of decay? That which is young can only grow old. That which is whole and sweet can only shrivel and sour. Nothing is permanent and nothing may remain without blemish. It is the fate of all things that they are bound to time, and time is the twin of decay.
So bend a knee, all of this world. Bend a knee all who would embrace their fate and thereby rise above it. Rise up, give in, surrender yourselves to the master of this world.
Father Nurgle is our sovereign and lord, and whether it be sooner or whether it be later, he will claim all in time.
And so this is how the world shall end; not with fire and tempest, but with the collective sigh of failed passions and lost hope.

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Gura. She lives in a den of filth and pestilence.

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Was she the one who left an unwashed plate out for 6 weeks or something?

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Who's Perturabo?

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Plates left out, food in the sink going moldy, stuff in the fridge for weeks, vacuuming her floor and you heard it hitting all sorts of things like bowls, eats in the tub.

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100% correct and based

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Who am Horus?

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Is 1d4chan really gone?

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The pizza bathtub thing isn't a joke?

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Fuck bro, that one hurts.

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Who would be Khorne?
I was thinking of Yuya for her raging tendencies.

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>when was January?

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>Who am Horus?
Alpharius, just like me

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The real question here that no one has answered is who the fuck is Trazyn

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