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Is there a single worst Holo?

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I unsubed when she started simping for that anituber fuck.

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Just fuck off and leave, Anti. If you can't see the good in each member then you shouldn't watch them.

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Yes, Moaning Zombie & Sult bird. Iofi is the best wingman for HoloId newfag

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kek, leave moona alone when she's speaking with her senpai

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Let’s be real she’s probably been simping for years, she’s just big enough now where she can actually get a response.

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You're not on reddit, we can be mean to chuubas here, that doesn't mean we're "antis".

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she basically does everything ollie did. dick-sucking anituber, homos, and 3dpd males, while being way less entertaining than ollie on top of being a dirty fujo. this is a tall order to beat.

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but like
She's pretty damn cute

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your clipwatcher faggotry is showing, anon.

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Why does this bitch always act humble when her subcount is brought?

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Because she's the fifth biggest Indonesian vtuber in the world. It's just that the four above her are all part of the same branch of the agency she works for, and the branch she works under is the smallest branch in the company by a mile. When you remove her from the context of Hololive and compare her to the industry as a whole, she's massive.

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moaning zombie is pretty fun to watch tho

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fuck off. this isn't reddit. no uploading

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I think she is cute.
Not a fan, but she is rhythm gamer. So she is cool in my book

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The one who raps

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any en holo

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why is her chin so fucked up???

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Well she can't exactly act arrogant about her subcount.

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I wonder why people hate Kiara more than Mori.

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What the fuck did you just say about my wife loafy, you nigger?

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Just tell her to scream a little less and make her outfit a little more exotic and she'll be fine

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She has the biggest potential in ID, and yet she sabotage herself by being a fujo

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I liked her, but now i'm corrupted because of rrats and can't see her as pure anymore

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lofy is cute and i'm happy she has the balls to collab with males and even male voice actors

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Yeah the one that’s running away from Hololive like a coward.

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I don't watch Iofi because she mainly streams ID times but you and everyone else BETTER RESPECT HER, because of her we got Gen2 and Pochi Ida as an official artist for Cover those alone put her well above the accomplishments of most of her JP and EN peers and coworkers, now fuck off

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Hope she’s sees this bro.

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When THIS BITCH starts doing meme review, what will Iofi have? Reine already took the PSO2 sponsorship off her hands.

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Go back to twitter.

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>kiara took her translating job
>gura snatch away the bang dream sponsorship
>Reine took the PSO2 sponsorship
oh nonono iofikeks not like this

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