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Good. It's a bit high but people are starting to forget about Coco.

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nope that bitch is too big to be ignored and now that her shackles are removed she is stronger than ever

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you know you're an oldfag when people start asking "who's coco"

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People will forget about her in about a week after her graduation.

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Stop shitposting with Friend prease!!!!!

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i mean how many people follow AIs original actress still

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You wish, chang.

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anon, EN gen 2 is releasing soon

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only to newfags and drama hungry tourists like you who came to check /vt/ high activity but the actual fans who have been following Hololive since 2019 2020 won't. You want proof, almost half of her loyal fans have already flocked to her old account where she was always active.

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More EN holomembers? You're right, that total won't remind people of Coco. It won't at all be painfully awkward to watch them avoid mentioning her.

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The actual day will be worse than when news came, hope you're ready for it friend.

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Anyone can mention Coco anytime they want. They aren't erasing her.

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I'm curious to see 6 months down the line how things will go for her if her old channel is going to be her main focus post holograduation.

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i'm a fan of Coco, but this shit is going to turn out to be even more cringe worthy than all the Aloe whiners that cannot fathom that they should put their energy towards supporting Delta rather than cry under every cover of Happy Synthesizer

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Vtubers are fleeting thing, it feels like ages ago since the age of Oyabun and the 4-kings as the top but its actually only 2-3 years.

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>You're right, that total won't remind people of Coco
correct. you think people still care about aloe?

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you're next in the chopping block fren

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Does this mean her shitty fanbase will finally fuck off? Easily the worst fans of any holo, even worse than KFP and the cumbuds

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i feel like if theyre done right they can last a long time, especially with more tech improvements. ive followed twitch streamers for almost a decade at this point, streaming medium isnt going anywhere. vtubers are just another facet of the medium that can last a long time if played right. Unfortunately im not sure Covers strategy is right.

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I do, but she hasn't uploaded anything in forever. Not that it matters much since she's still voicing Ai.

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this, idk why everyone is coping with the fact that her roommate is active, the issue here is that Kiryu Coco is going to fucking die, you will never see the character ever again.

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The mast majority of the 250K subs she got are pity/political. They're dead on arrival. I'll wait to see her new content and if the creative differences were worth graduating/getting zhanged over.

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and we'll briefly suspend cover hate when that happens >.>

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I hope fbk graduates too. Imagine the shitstorm.

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you talk like someone who should have gotten therapy 10 years ago

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>people who literally just now subbed to her roommate acct
>not newfags
80% are gonna drop off by 2022, sympathy subs will only get you so far

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can you KFPs not? Please ;_;

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Some will be DOA no mather what, but it really depends on whether she leans more into vtubing on the channel

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who's coco

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