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>Zhang's are braindead
>Prove it by using a site with up and down votes

And we are supposed to fear them?

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want to see them try and take down Fubuki, fucking chinks got their egos up from Coco's graduation

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>fear them
Not them. We're supposed to fear Cover's complete inability to protect their talents. Fucking incompetent faggots I fucking swear if something bad happens to my oshi I'll fucking

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its Aqua, she is easier

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dont these people have things they enjoy?

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God I wish WW3 started so I could kill as many of them as humanly possible until my squad had to gun me down to stop me.
I'd make Nanking look like disney land, if it had happened. Which it didn't. But it should have.

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it seems like they aren't interested in aqua right now

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You'll fucking what? I'm just curious, what would you do?

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honestly it's scary how delusional chinks are, it's like they're living in their own world

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I wonder if Fubuki will have as many niggerbugs attacking her as Coco did.

Hopefully most of them get on with their lives after Coco is gone.

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>enjoying anything in chinkland

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he can't say it for legal reasons

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our collective punishment for not electing trump
loathe him all you want but he was correct on china

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Are they though? They got what they wanted, even if it was less a direct result of their actions and more their thrashing causing Cover to ram a Lahti L-39 up its asshole.

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it involves minecraft, I'd assume

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Get the nuke ready

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This zhang shit reminds me of that eurasian tiger guy who spams blacked nonstop overtime for free. Since the buck incident he has been pretty quiet tho.

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are you just promoting your zhang friends?
how do they aren't interested with onion so far?
what site is that?

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It's NGA . CN

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Zion Don is a faggot like you.

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How many still there?

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eslchama I got a stroke reading that.....

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In my thinking chinks aren't interested in spamming on onion right now

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motherfucker did more good for bugmens then mao

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>If I don't see the corpse
Subhumans literally want to keep going until they kill her. They'll literally never stop. MacArthur was right.

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everyone is still too tolerant to chink bugs. just call out all chink insects and hammer them. bugs are bugs. not either zhangs or antis. their brain is literally a bug brain. even posters on this board dont really understand it.

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>should have let us finished the job.

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>the buck incident
The what now?

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I feel like season two is in order.

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Cover's strategy of isolating the victim of harassment doesn't seem to be working as intended

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A sharp stick in the eye would have been better than mao for them, that's not saying much.

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Taking down a retard won't accomplish much except getting more people on their ass trying to stop them. If they take down a pillar like Friend it will set a chain reaction.

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But why would you do this as a chinese guy? Your own country shoots you in the head if you speak ill about it,you live ina totalitarian shithole the gubbie monitoring you nonstop and putting a bullet in your head if you don't praise it while you live in a literal cage. I honest to God don't understand them, I'm not even saying their heads should fall, but I rather don't get it why the fuck they feel such a strong connection to their home which threats them like an expandable shit?

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he will seethe hard, until he implodes

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Because they're brainwashed 24/7 and now have a social credit score that rewards you for being a lunatic schizo that will die for the country.

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Youtube guidelines had more to do with Coco graduating than the zhangs.

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west taiwan should crack down on vpn uses

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You know how sometimes people will buy something that is objectively shit. they know themselves that it's shit and yet they will defend it to the death?
Same concept, but taken to the absolute extreme.
Communism is a hell of a drug.

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>a strong connection to their home which threats them like an expandable shit?
China used to be a complete shithole, i mean if you think its bad it used to be 10 times worse. The CCP took the authoritarian route to fix that. I think a lot of people make the mistake in thinking that democracy is an universal value.

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Nanking Festival Season 2!
everyone is invited!

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If I see so much as one chinkspam comment on Fubuki's streams I'm gonna start WW3.

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It seems like there is some alien kind of hivemind which punishes you for any form of individualism. I get that you are afraid of your own government, and do this out of fear, because if you don't you'll get the noose, but this is an act of free will. Its just hilariously pathetic that you outlash on a random jap girl who said taiwan is a country. Get a fucking life you miserable shits. I say this as a 30y.o. KHV neet with a sweat stained shirt, so you know that it actually has weight, when absolute barrel bottom person, thus me says that you are pathetic.

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Nigga, they've already spammed everyone. I've seen them spam Mio and Kiara.

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almost every single other vtuber has played dick dice.

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Pretty sure the increased harassment of other Holos is what led to this. Even the Stars are being targeted.

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Communism is literally a sect. Those people devoid of any kind of will of their own are beyond pathetic.

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good idea I will email CCP customer service and tell them about the bugmen using vpn to watch and give money to American companies like netuflixu

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That's it. I'm gonna start WW3.

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Nobody believes you yellow man.

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where the fuck do I start
just look up buck breaking /pol/ and spwcially /tv/ is having a blast

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As many as roaches in the onion's home

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chang damage control is pathetic

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this will happen, I'm assuming this was him

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+1 social credit score keep up the hard work comrade

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The trumpet rings...

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fire an ICBM at the three gorges dam to send a message

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Gee it would be such a shame to make a Bilibili account and start spamming the copypasta in their streams...

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Anon, Trump was incredibly weak on China and incredibly ineffective.

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Godspeed, Anon.

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Compared to communist chink lover biden he was literally hitler

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It doesn't even do that, the online harrassment shit tanks your social credit score because you need to use a VPN for it.

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If they fuck around with friend then they'll deal with blowback that makes Nanjing look like a fucking picnic

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You think most will lose interest once Coco graduates?

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So...how do we counter attack?

Look, hate cover all you like, fine, but the girls and guys streaming don't deserve this shit, they've proven themselves to be too deranged to just stop, now they feel empowered to take on hololive as a whole rather than just one woman (who I can't blame for leaving, bugs or not)

Why is it we can't mount a counter attack?

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imo ask cover to get mods on their stream.

if shit becomes worse use a vpn or whatever you have to to spam their streamers with toxic shit and the tiananmen square copypasta

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If there's a way to find out who they are, we could find their sisters/mothers and target them.

Bugs love their family so it will hit hard.

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Could pester youtube with relentless barrages asking to implement whatever they had on Coco's chat to all the site.

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grooming Japanese schizos

>> No.4943559

I will blow up Astel's Taj Mahal
(in Minecraft)

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You can't do much. Cover is an incompetent fuck company and its their fault. In one year you'll see so much generalization and corporate fuckery from them this hololive will be a compltely different one. FBK, Haato, Kanata is definitely on the chopping block too. The best is support their reincarnations as indies or in other companies.

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Their methods of attack is to inconvenience and cause as much chaos as possible to make life hell. That means spamming the stream, disliking it, spamming doxxes, spreading false rumors, spamming collab streams, and ruining Twitter hashtags by spamming them with irrelevant or hateful things.
Only recently Youtube has implemented extra tools to deal with the chat spam but not everyone has them yet.
Twitter can't and doesn't really do anything about the spambots ruining the Twitter hashtags.
Short of doxxing the enemy themselves (which has happened) there isn't much you can do other than try to inconvenience them back or by wearing them out through time alone.

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dont forget to say subsribe to "my oshi" wbefore you do it. bonus points if you do it live with cover music.

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Nah, part of the reason why the social credit system exists is because Chinese tourists were shitting up all the neighboring countries to the point the government decided to step in to force them to behave. One of my parents took a job teaching english to Chinese kids and part of the curriculum she wasn’t expecting is that she has to teach them basic manners cause they definitely aren’t getting that at home.

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We instigate World War 3

>> No.4943631

just send this (in original) to cover and show that them reentering the chinese market is not an option even now that coco will be gone and they will lose all support from the western fanbase if they try to gain favor from these negative people.

>> No.4943663

use power and influence to lobby anti-chinese sentiment around the world to start enforcing an anti-china embargo, effectively starving the Chinese government and their people in a famine of an unimaginable scale. Deny Chinese passports globally and begin military interventions in nations that have been found to violate the embargo.

Collapse the Three Gorges Dam.

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What exactly can they do? Isn't it like 4chan raiding Habbo, forums and other shit back in the day? Can they actually do anything besides banning?

>> No.4943678

Well no shit, same for plebbit, I'd start a discord or some shit but I can't hack program or anything useful so no point leading people if all I can do is talk
If we learnt anything from Coco even with the streams being clean, twitter hashtags will get polluted, I learnt more about what hololive's cast looks like without clickbait YT cunts thanks to them, let alone some of the other more horrific shit I've seen
>if shit becomes worse use a vpn or whatever you have to to spam their streamers with toxic shit and the tiananmen square copypasta
we're gonna need numbers not lone rangers, and who the fuck are we gonna target anyway on that regard, I can't even morally bring myself to attack the ex holos (but that's because I don't understand the supposed evidence), its the bugs themselves we need to target not other streamers
Everyone loves family yes, I'd happily spam them if we ever got solid leads, but we can't just use political propaganda, need to send a proper message of sorts
Seen Coco's room mate post about the issue she's having, all for YT to post "lol just block and report bro" even with all of her fans backing her up, why the fuck would you respond with that, YT was better off not replying if they aren't gonna help
I'm honestly surprised the JP folk haven't rallied themselves but I suspect the biggest supporters of Coco are too old to radicalize themselves considering the money they pumped into her and being peaceful for the most part
I see haato going mostly due to studies, Kanata I'm shocked she isn't the next target in line, not sure how fubuki will take it but she's seen enough from coco's pain to perhaps be mentally strengthened, but who knows
I was hoping the americans would do that already but they voted in biden.

Hate trump or love him, his loud ass fucking mouth SHOULD have started off something and I never even gave a fuck about china until he started raging on about it, let alone coco's situation which enraged me further

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>but they voted in biden.
Biden is more likely to take action against China than Trump.

>> No.4943688

Even tho Hololive is bigger now, they probably still need the help of a westerner youtuber like the Quartering again to get Susan's attention.

>> No.4943689

other than spamming her chat they occupied cocos hashtags for weeks posting crude photoshops of her real face and dox on them.

>> No.4943694

DDOS attack but I have no idea how that works or if it's even worth doing

>> No.4943712

>Friend support thread turning into /pol/shit again

>> No.4943723

Also post some really gross shit like feces or needle poking eyes

>> No.4943724

>Friend support thread
Anon, this is the anti-China thread. If China dares to attack Friend, retaliation will happen.

>> No.4943737

I swear to god if they do bring back hololive CN we gotta do something, unsubbing the streamers isn't the best course of action but would we be any better than the bugs by streaming what could be potentially innocent girls who might possibly not be total ccp bitches?

Long shot I know but I would feel guilty knowing I might be adding to the problem, unless we just spam the official hololive twitter accounts and deny them revenue towards group projects ie not pay for anime/manga/games when produced

>> No.4943782

>10 months of non stop attacks and chinks literally saying they won't stop until she's dead and that they'll target other holos next makes people realize /pol/ might be on to something when it comes to China
Gee, who could have seen that one coming.

>> No.4943827

All I see from him is more anti NK shit, I know the media is fucked and all but it seems like the agenda isn't so much china
Well then, steer us in the right direction.

I'll say this, if we learnt anything from Coco, throwing big superchats showing support isn't the way, it's not enough, and there is a strong possibility friend might not even convey her feelings to us, she knows her "job" is to entertain and is most professional about it, bringing up the others when in dire straights, she knows if she shows a sign of weakness it'll be unprofessional, and unlike Coco who did the same BUT couldn't hold it together I have a worrying feeling friend will stream on while in utter mental pain and end up segregated from the other holomem because THAT FUCKING WORKED FOR COCO DIDN'T IT COVER, DID IT!?

>> No.4943863

>The guy who sucks Chinas dick is going to take action against them.
Get real.

>> No.4943884


biden wasnt voted in. it was a coup. burgers live now in a neolibetal dictatorship under chairwoman pelosi.

>> No.4943900

Bugs really forget how close they were to being nothing more than a smoldering crater and need to be reminded

>> No.4943926

They're chinks anon, please refrain from describing them as people.

>> No.4943971

We could get japan anons to go hang up anti china shit outside their HQ or the homes of their investors. Maybe even log into the tor in mine craft and see if they have any login credentials for sale from China investors then go to their all their social media roblox accounts and post lots of Taiwan flags and anti china stuff.

>> No.4943986

DDoS is an actually pretty good idea. Hope some weeb hackers/crackers program some anti Chink cracking tools/DDoS scripts. Ill easily join the war.

Too bad I have no skills of Internet security. Only have casual DSP programming skills.

>> No.4943990

What can cover do if even google itself can't stop few bots

>> No.4944002

>they aren't interested in aqua right now
Is that why she has more than 1k dislikes on her current stream?

>> No.4944036

The thing is, speaking out openly against China is probably a bad move, because it will sour relationships and you don't want to build anti-China action or some sort of alliance when it has already come to that. You want to be prepared in advance. So what you can do is take North Korea and build a narrative around them, they're in basically the same place, you have allies that are just as willing to stirke them as they are to strike China.

This means, you can build an alliance first and then point it at China in exchange for leverage. This makes much more sense than just going "fuck you Choina". But Trump isn't a politician, so he doesn't understand the game. So he got played like a fiddle by Chairman Xi and Putin.

>> No.4944082

nah, maybe that is Japs and TW apexfag

>> No.4944147

t. bug

>> No.4944218

why is it they even actually hate her, or anyone?

>> No.4944229

The fuck are a few assholes gonna do? Fubuki's one of the few Hololive talent with decent mental health. She can handle a little bullying better than Coco could.

>> No.4944241

China has a seething hatred of The West after The Century of humiliation. They will always shill against The West eventually given the opportunity.
More-so China doesn't hate North Korea, it literally controls it because North Korea's entire infrastructure relies on coal imports from China. You'd have to target something like India, who are just blatantly a morally better people than The Han.

>> No.4944299

I checked on matome. japs tired of repeated breaks and TW apexfags mad because of her playstyle(abandon her teammate)

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File: 1.18 MB, 1124x1594, FBKlove.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fubuki is really good at hiding her true power level.

>> No.4944307

What's actually going to happen is that once Fubuki is gone, then they'll go after Pekora. Once Pekora's gone it's Korone and then it'll be Marine's turn. Akutan will then reveal the "autistic country bumpkin" thing was an act when she sings, in perfect Mandarin, the March of the Volunteers and declares war on HoloEN.

>> No.4944312

This. Beijing Biden is literally in Xi's pocket.

>> No.4944382

aqua and fubiki ware the top jp vtubers on bilibili. chink bugs want aqua to graduate. idk the actual reason but probably hololive itself has become the target of china, as their typical anti japan agenda.

>> No.4944453

i want WW3 to be against the orcs, skaven, libtards and foreign invaders. you know, the real enemies

>> No.4944508

matome sites are rratt sites and absolutely ill informed about chink spammers. this board is much more well informed about it because some taiwaneses dealing with chink bugs on NDA actually are bringing the latest info.

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this will be fubuki in one or two weeks

>> No.4944526

>tired of repeated breaks
While us in the west would find this hatred because of her clearly weak mental state retarded it makes sense, the Japanese do have a culture of overworking themselves to death and anyone needing a break is seen as weak, is my understanding correct, regardless they clearly a selfish bunch
>TW apexfags mad because of her playstyle(abandon her teammate)
What's TW?
As for the play style thing it's subjective, I do that in games only knowing the situation isn't salvageable but as a prolific streamer I understand the displeasure in watching that, but to toss up that level of hate is something else
Look, fubuki's hate makes sense as they consider her FUCKING TWEET about coco to be abandonment as well as the cut off of streams there but aqua would most likely be following cover directives

>> No.4944546

If they really are targeting friend then whatever you guys are up to, I’m in.

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>> No.4944644

he thought this was a good speech?

>> No.4944749

aqua was probably the most popular jp vtuber there or had too many schizo gachikoi bugs. thats why. fubuki was also super popular. i dont think her coco tweets have much to do with the chink bugs. although its a fact that an angry mob always finds stuff to get offended and falsely accuses anyone.

>> No.4944759

They're mad that Aqua greeted Coco in minecraft. Yes, they're that petty.

>> No.4944815

He is a schizo obese murican ytuber, white nigger tier. Don`t expect him to have any intelligence.

>> No.4944865

Don't take it too seriously. I cross-validated it, I can say to you it is 100% sure. they will do not anything without click dislike because they are not chink

>> No.4944911

Best thing to do is post this info on the Hololive Reddit and @youtube and @cover to implement the new feature that only allows for people subbed more than 8 weeks to chat. I'm ready to containment break to destroy these subhumans for good

>> No.4944921

Communism a religion of weakness

>> No.4944929

good in the way that I find it extremely funny and it stuck in my head so much that I remember it to this day and felt about posting it in this thread? yes
good as in did him any good or made sense? no.
meme aside I would hate for any of the holos to get mentally broken down to this level and dont think they will.

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Those chinese bugs better not touch my little goomba

>> No.4944986

Nah, i saw they try to add auto-sub function on their spambot. after 8 weeks anti-spam function cant protect chat

>> No.4944994

I don't tend to follow FBK (Aki4lyf) but didn't she used to be super popular with the Zhangs? Like the biggets holo on Bilibili or whatever? I somehow missed why they turned, can you explain it to me like the retard I am?

>> No.4944995

Don't forget the virtual youtubers reddit as well, least those guys are more open to discussion rather than suppression of sensitive topics

>> No.4945001

Has Cover wronged Fubuki directly and personally multiple times?
Coco leaving was the result of her being tired of putting up with Cover's shit for too long, zhangs were just the final straw.

>> No.4945002

If they harm even one more vtuber im going to china and make nanking look like a joke

>> No.4945020

yeah but if that was for example aki or mel they wouldnt give a fuck. aqua was one of the most popular jp vtubers there so she can be an easy target. angry mobs always nitpick and once they are triggered, they become unstoppable. even microscopic stuff is treated like a catastrophic historic incident among them. so aqua or fubuki or both will face the same difficulty as cocos.

>> No.4945025
File: 912 KB, 1200x769, 1622784320865.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unironically I know how to run big time spam campaigns like zhangs do, touch gura and I will single handedly take down bilibili

>> No.4945061
File: 302 KB, 548x978, 7CE2B461-9223-4EC5-B762-AA0C70183F98.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are they the same people who made the spam bot

>> No.4945091

Anon, I already completely lost faith or any goodwill i had with cover

>> No.4945115

The difference is that those vtubers who played it are literal nobodies, so YouTube wouldn't give a shit.

>> No.4945121

Imagine sending ordering anti CCP leaflets to their houses

>> No.4945153

Yes, from what I've read here and seen she openly supported Coco during her suspension, all I saw but only glanced at was her having lunch with Coco off stream.

And apparently (from here I heard) she just stopped streaming on billibilli, could be covers orders I'm not sure but if she really did it on her own accord and or before the others pulled back it would be seen as abandonment

The hate for Coco is that strong they want to target friend, and with Coco leaving they feel emboldened, and in my grief I'm starting to feel the other holos might only want Coco to stay to act as a shield since she is oddly quiet during big collabs and isn't fitting towards the idol stereotype but forgive me I'm that upset by the situation my head cannon is going nuts and I'm dangerously heading into schizo territory

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Why wait, anon? Do it now

>> No.4945164

Please touch the little goomba. I'm begging them. Touch her and then get nuked.

>> No.4945179


>> No.4945219

>his name is jamal tom zhang
>he is unironically j. t. zhang

>> No.4945222

Anon, Fubuki is Gura oshi. Don’t let them do this to her.

>> No.4945257

The best way to go is to cause decent and infighting among themselves, make the zhang anti groups crumble from within

>> No.4945278

If your life revolves around obsessing about a fat american retard then yeah that heavily implies you are garbage because you are so worthless the only way you get social stimulation is when you harrass others. In general your life must be extremely boring and shit if this is what gets you out of the bed. You are miserable excuse for a human an oxygen thief, nothing else.
However this is boogie. Life shit on this guy extremely hard, but he's at fault too for not being able to deal with online life. If you are not just a standard 9-5 blue collar and somewhat famous, you need to be able to deal with the fact that there are people who like you and there are those who won't. Pacifism and passivity will only bring you pain, if you want to make everyone your friend and please everyone you'll be just miserable. This fat fuck just went way too spergy and forgot he is on a family friendly platform, and he has a social standing what he either needs to keep up or dive down into the shitter.
The same goes for holos. If you are not able to deal with online harrassment, then the internet is not a place for you. Simple as.

>> No.4945293

Not gonna lie. That Akarin Zhangh has good taste.

>> No.4945295

We don’t even have a mole

>> No.4945350

Discover 80 million tons of gold in China. China quits exporting and imports all the things they have been denied for 100 years. All the loans of the world payed in gold.

>> No.4945366



>> No.4945377

Obsessed. Free Rent. Who cares.

>> No.4945416

get one

>> No.4945417

Screencap so it makes it to SubredditDrama

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Pic related

>> No.4945486

Ask the Taiwanese they probably more than happy to help but like hell those guys can type anything that sounds convincing

>> No.4945541

Attack the chink embassies.

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This whole thing isn't just about friend anymore, they're like a fucking virus and spread towards everything,Cover's only form of protection is to periodically hire NEW streamers and have them segregate themselves from older holos until the zhangs die off, meanwhile the streamers will be blacklisted from everything that China has an eye on because of their iconic voices

There is literally NO protection, YT's experimental protection ONLY covered Coco's channel and no one else leaving everyone to use alternative TEMPORARY solutions, twitter can't clean up the hashtags nor can the various volunteer groups that DO exist trying to clean up an entire landfill's worth of trash

There is nothing any of us can do, you're all too disorganized and this place too is infested with bugs, both from China and from within, if you want to save your sanity best dropped all hololive subs before you see them an hero on stream, if you want to save your Oshi it's already too late, if they aren't tanking like Mel they already have a large amount of hatred towards them, it might be lurking, but it is there, and it might not necessarily be from China.

Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here

>> No.4945614

Fair enough. So this is FBK being the moral barometer of Holo, Zhang didn't like her taking the moral path.
Hopefully Aki never shows up on their radar, I guess her relative obscurity helps her in times like this but I'm not sure she could mentally handle the abuse, could be another Aloe.

>> No.4945666

How do they not realize Fubuki is complicit in Cover getting rid of Coco? She wants chink money again.

>> No.4945675
File: 137 KB, 463x453, peko8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was it even worth writing all that, retard?

>> No.4945693
File: 95 KB, 1306x316, 1623218603324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This can only end badly....


>> No.4945704

you sound like a dramaqueen chink insect.
its just the chink version of cancel culture. so if you had a decent code of conduct you can handle them. the chink bugs dont have any high skills or intelligent strategies. its the world of quantity. they are just an angry mob/locust plague.

>> No.4945724

How so?

>> No.4945751
File: 271 KB, 640x707, 1603043997459.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fubuki threatening to quit if Cover doesn't do everything in their power to stop any new wave of spam/harassment directed at her

>> No.4945769

The moment they touch the goomba WW3 will kick off

>> No.4945771
File: 172 KB, 461x461, 120107743_175522990777017_3061855549980789993_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Plz be wrong

>> No.4945791

OP here actually, they have been harrassed with composite photo about fubuki on twitter since fubuki collab with Coco.
They try to justify the attack on Fubuki and made many freshman level analysis-rrats with reference to VNUMA. "Fubuki embezzled money from the cover" "Fubuki and Coco are buying likes on youtube"
I strongly recommend that anyone who can contact MOD now make a strong suggestion on reddit. I can't do it because I don't have karma.

>> No.4945800

Fubuki leaving is a death sentence for Cover.

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