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What did /vt/ think of virtual-san wa miteiru? What would a series like this look like if it were made in 2021?
I personally enjoyed it in its randumb nature.

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I guess it would have been more popular if it had featured Kizuna Ai and Kaguya Luna but it was fun(ny).

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Literally who niggas

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Most of them got this weird exaggerated movement usually apparent in sega games cutscenes. It just gets on my nerve
Somehow the exact same chuubas doesn't move like that when on youtube. I dunno its hard to explain

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>virtual-san wa miteiru
Dude low quality 3D hentai was better than that

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Can't believe they put Kerin in this

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I was really into Mito's content at the time, so I liked it. All the songs were fucking bangers as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8PUUv4LFkQ
They should do it again and put some holos in

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quality was pretty shit

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Most are famous pioneers of vtubing. You should at least recognize Akari, Shiro (one of her clip with the minecraft sheep is among the most popular vtuber clips) , Baacharu (the horse dude), Sora, Mito, Sister Claire, Hinata (cheater cat).
HIMEHINA is the duo on the center-left (pink hair and blond hair), a pretty famous shared channel.

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All of them were the stars of vtubing 2~3 years ago, sad they didn't include my oshi Azuma Lim but I guess she was slightly less popular.

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It was shit, it was literally the same half dozen skits with a slightly different punchline every week.

The acting was pretty atrocious and distracting too, they were always over-gesticulating and flailing their arms around.

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I actually learned about this by accident lurking on HimeHina's channel. I've still never seen it, but I've seen PVs of it and it looks like just an excuse to do a bunch of crossover gags.

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Kerin's parts were kino

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