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Will late 2019 - early 2020 Hololive ever come back? Did globalization suck all the SOVL out of it?

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>Early 2020
>Screenshot from June 2020

Sasuga, anonchama.

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Antics like that screenshot will never happen again...

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Dogfucker /jp/ is two doors down

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Nope Cover changed it will never be the same, will only get worse from here on. Just wait till Kiara starts streams dedicated to the SJWs

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blame the guy who wants to see her statistics

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go to sleep zhangs, you don`t even know your dates right.

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Why is kiara like this?

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>off by a couple of months
>this now makes me a zhang

are all nousagis schizos?

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That's her true nature, ready to suck anyone's cock by the road if they will give her attention.

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No, but Youtube did.

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That scene was cringe and had no sovl in the first place.

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I hate kiara

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you need to go back

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Fuck off you dumb nigger. I'll do whatever the fuck I want welcome to nu-4chan.

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Pre-holocaust Hololive isn't coming back. They've suffered through too many yabs and are no longer willing to take any risks. It's not a problem for the most part but don't expect anything like Asacoco and someday your oshi will talk about a fun project she had planned out and it was turned down.

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>if they will give her attention.
it used to be she only did that if they gave her a job

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No its over

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Shit like this baffles me. What is the thought process?

>Sir we've been experiencing explosive growth by letting our talents be creative and authentic. What should we do next?
>I see, I see. Let's shackle them down with endless restrictions and sap all the fun from their job.

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They'll regret it when their more creative and fun talents leave one by one and with them the viewers and the clippers and the attention

Reap what you sow Cover.

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This is karma for all the numberfagging you Holobronies do. More viewers = more censorship.

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Happens all the time
The bigger you get, the more eyes on you that can ruin everything so you have to do what you can to protect as much as you can

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Why are people always so eager to blame the global audience for the changes? Almost none of the internationals watching Hololive are gonna be the type to demand those changes. Do the Japs blame the global audience as well?

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Holy shit this. It's not western weebs, it's Japanese investors and morals groups.
But if you tell 4chan that Japan has even worse SJWs and have had them for decades they'll just balk and spam a mix of "cope, seethe and dilate"

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Because globohomo is cancer.

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>Why are people always so eager to blame the global audience for the changes? Almost none of the internationals watching Hololive are gonna be the type to demand those changes
It's not a matter of if the international audience demands changes or not, it's a matter of YouTube cracking down harder on popular English content compared to Japanese content. Of course management is still to blame for a lot of this for being overly strict where they don't need to be like the whole NKODICE situation.

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this is mostly true except zhang country which literally forced them to reevaluate their company structure

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when did matsuri erase collabs with males

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True, SJWs literally don't seem to understand vtubers for now and censorship has been collateral damage (ASMR being nuked for example). Meanwhile Capcom fucks up Mio's channel and everything comes crumbling down.

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I'm staking my hopes on Ame. She's been a trend setter so far, let's see what else she does.

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vtubers might be safe from the menace because they're mostly non-white women which means they're anointed saints that can do no wrong, but also anime which may as well be murdering infants so they'll be confused forever

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Amelia has knelt to management and her fans before. A while back she had some inner turmoil after a project she proposed for her fans was denied a la Pekora - and when a couple of people voiced discontent about her interactions with the Holostars she distanced herself from them, stopped shouting out their streams on her stream and made sure to specify to her fans that she had no collabs with them planned. Amelia is a free spirit but she is also very committed to her job. I don't think she'll push the envelope as much as Coco did back in the day because she has more to lose.

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Fuck Cover, holy shit. What a bunch of absolute morons.

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Were on a pandemic you nigger

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Problem here is: the more popular you become, the more people notice you. And that brings retards/SJWs/etc to notice you and start a crusade against you.
That's why most popular stuff is washed over and family friendly. They have to, to not get axed publicly...

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What the fuck does the fakedemic have to do with anything here? They literally work from home.

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China no longer allows content like this so Hololive won't bring it back. Sorry.

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Holy shit you are retarded and this is coming from a burgershart

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Decline started with permissions, which ironically is because of japanese laws; copyright restrictions are looser in the west.

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It only affected less than a 10% of the population and it only killed a 2% of them. There's no pandemic, you fucking idiot.

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I don't think you understand how big 2% of the population is

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you wasn't around from the beginning at all you /v/ermin cunt.

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ohh yeah I just noticed nearly all matsuri collabs with niji males are erased

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First of all, it's not a 2%, it's a 2% of the people that developed the illness at all, so a 0,2%, learn how to read. Secondly, it doesn't matter how many people those are, the fact is that it is only a 0,2% of the population. It's not any fucking pandemic, it's just another seasonal illness like all the other ones we already have.

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Even if Cover permits the contents, the youtube platform can shadowbans the content, and sometimes even cancels the live streams (Coco's hot spring zatsudan, etc).

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EN was a mistake.

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EN is probably going to be the branch kept on the longest leash you thick fuck. This was happening regardless of EN.
They could have remained a JP only company and it still would have come to blows eventually.

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All companies are like that.
Even Google and Facebook were the good guys at some point.

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>Create good thing that becomes popular
>Make money off it
>Ruin it chasing infinite growth

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in Google's case they ruined search via chasing ideology

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You don't even have to tell people you're new for them to know how new you are.

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>EN is probably going to be the branch kept on the longest leash you thick fuck
How new are you exactly? It's been known for a while that EN has the strictest management. No reason for that to change. ID has the loosest.

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>It's been known for a while that EN has the strictest management
Do they though? Do they actually?
If you compare early EN to old JP then sure, but EN has been getting less bad while JP is going to shit in this regard.

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You seem to underestimate the SJW Olympics grade mental gymnastics. Japanese are now honorary whites in the eyes of the perpetually oppressed.

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>Do they though? Do they actually?

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Hell no.
First strike was the holocaust.
Second strike was EN.
Third strike was Coco leaving.

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What are YOU going to do about it homes?

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Nope. Vtuber companies will follow the same path as game devs and anime studios. The people who start the company will be passionate and produce quality. As it grows bigger you add more cooks to the kitchen and the overall quality decreases. The people who started the company originally will move on to a new company where they have more creative freedom. The old company will be left to fester and die over the next few years. Rinse and repeat.

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Nothing. Cover's creative sterility will lead to their own downfall eventually.

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What do you want to return? Ark?

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In this case though Indies (and very loose unions) can actually hit as hard as corporate though.
Games have that to some extent but it's about doing different things than the corpos and they're still a different weight class.

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>ever good
Never was, social media was a mistake

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True. They should learn from their peers and watch YouTube videos for hours on end.

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What is it with newfags and thinking there's no inbetween between idols and Vshojo whores?

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What's with the VShojo whoring that's been happening on the board? I have to assume that anon had to have had them in mind when criticizing Cover's stifling creativity.

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you are not wrong but people have been fucking brainwashed into acting like this flu was going to end the world. the death count is even lower if you take out deaths that would not be counted if they had a different flu besides covid. being shot, but having covid, is not "dying from covid."

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...Fuck, I agree with the nijiniggers, numberfagging ruins everything. This board should treat numberfags like we treat the zhangs.

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When people refer to Cover stifling creativity they're not referring to bloody diarrhea, no. They're referring to the banning of Asacoco, the EN talents being encouraged against swearing, NKODICE being banned and subsequently getting Oga into dev drama, Haachama's schizo lore streams having been banned, etc etc.

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It's all downhill from here.

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Asacoco was truly the soul of Hololive

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Never. NijiEN is the best alternative. Or Prism and Kawaii if you don't mind smaller agencies

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Funny that Nijisanji started the opposite. They were this shitty UP8 wannabe company with loads of bullshit restrictions for a year

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NijiEN? The company with an actual Alphabet religion evangelizer?
Pomu is fine though.

>> No.4952345

Damn I was a newfag at that time, can't even distinguish between niji and holo chuubas, barely knew or cared that male-female chuuba collabs are controversial, unironically laughing at marine acting like a slutty auntie in 3D, miko slurring at black people, or mmatuli being menhera to everyone she collabed with. Is it just me or Holo feels kinda freer and wilder than Niji in 2019-early 2020? Just how could we went so wrong bros...

>> No.4952378

>Just how could we went so wrong bros...
Maybe don't tout yourself as an idol agency.

>> No.4952390

If mentioning a book's genre makes you an evangelizer now the alphabet church's standards must be very low.

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>Matsuri actually privated 27&JK and MatsuriChaika collabs
I didn't come to this thread expecting to be sad, but ok.

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Matsuri really toned back on all of the stuff that made her popular to begin witu. The loli talk, the coomerbait, the unabashed male collabs. She's a shadow of her former self now, simply an APEX addict and nothing else.

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I invite everyone to 774. plenty of soul and cute girls. Lots of fun offcollabs and regular collabs.

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It's funny seeing posts like this and realizing I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the Hololive they're talking about

>> No.4952739

it could've worked just fine as it did before. idols should just be side gigs for the holomen to dance and sing on the stage instead of being an entire baggage to be carried on streams with all the assorted restrictions and expectations. GFEfags and unicorn invaders ruined it.

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Yeah no wonder I stopped watching her

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I should really watch more Kuku. I haven't even watched 2 hours of her content but I already know that she's a miracle.

>> No.4952979

She appeared in his birthday totsu and tone was too sad like they're never gonna meet each other ever again. bloody hell

>> No.4953055

It's gonna bite them in the ass eventually when it causes one of their big headliners like Pekora to quit.

>> No.4953069

>it could've worked just fine as it did before
It wouldn't and stop denying this. Being an idol agency fucked them over.

>> No.4953111

Everything was fine until Idolbu refugees outnumbered the original fans. The ppl here were too busy masturbating to numbers to notice the implications

>> No.4953116

yeah I started watching kuku after her monster hunter collab with patra, from the beginning you can see the fun coming

>> No.4953141

Yeah, good thing Coco was a bottom tier member and never amounted to anything.

>> No.4953168

Kson will shove a buttplug in Silvervale in VRchat with the rest of the Vshojo girls.
Mark my words

>> No.4953231

Who cares about the American she's not even Japanese

>> No.4953233

>Did globalization suck all the SOVL out of it?
you would have to wait for EN2 or JP6 designs and see if they're trying to meet globohomo or chink standards

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> Bunch of EOP's Conflating Youtube lockdowns and the Taiwan shit with idolshit.

Everyone that agrees with this post is low-IQ fudgepacking moron that needs to just go and watch vshojo or whatever garbage passes for entertainment in their eyes.

Hololive changed sure, but it was because of Youtube's tighter restrictions (and yes the China shit) as well as just normal company accountability. Hololive's talent quality control (read: idolfaggotry) is what set it apart from other companies in the first place and the Jap's are right to scrutinize that behavoir. Also, 'idol' doesn't mean what you think it means. The seiso thing has always slightly ironic (even Sora is a comedian - though with a humor style that's helped more with staging and props). Nobody in Hololive has ever used the word 'Seiso' accept in an ironic context and you can't find even one (1) example of it being used ironically. The only aspect of 'purity' about Hololive (and the one's the Japs enforce) is that many people turn to vtubers as relief from shit like loniless and depression. They expect streamers to be honest about their relationships upfront (like they should) rather than forming connections (many of which end up with superchats attached) whlist lying about being involved in a relationship. The Japs are right to police this or you just end up with an industry of professional e-whores. 'Idol' is just a codeword for maintaining plausible deniability and respecting your audience. Any other connotations are western delusions of a culture they clearly don't understand.

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>Simpons got big
>Simpsons went to shit
>TikTok got big
>TikTok went to shit
>Hololive got big
>Hololive went to shit
I know they are not even remotely connected but its a tale as old as time. At this point, it's best to move on.

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>Why is kiara like this?
ashkenazi jewess.

>> No.4953539

I like Coco but her worship of Reddit also makes me a bit schadenfroh.
What do you expect diving into that jew hive so deeply?
What do you expect wearing them on your lapel as if they are your kin?

Well, whatever you expect, what will happen is:
Only ruination.

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The only reason she went there in the first place is because her stupid managers did forbid her to do her Asacoco show.

>> No.4953607

>Complaining about others misunderstanding idols
>While having a total misunderstanding of it yourself and unironically calling Sora a "comedian" like a Redditor
Rumao. They're idols, yes. But no, idol is not just a code word for "people who are held accountable for their behavior". Nijisanji does police their talents, albeit not to the same extent. An idol is at it's core, a marketing term used to describe an entertainer with a heavily curated image and a manufactured sense of closeness with their fans. The idea that these girls are growing and becoming idols thanks to their fan's help is sold to their fans and it helps foster the idea that the fans really know these girls, producing gachikois by the dozen. It is not the only way to prevent girls from being "e-whores" and there were plenty of solid vtuber talents before Hololive came around.

>> No.4953645

Waiting for Susan to take down every NKODICE stream.
I mean, if it's Youtube that's stopping Holos from streaming it, right? Cover is just following their rules, right?

>> No.4953668

>word 'Seiso' accept in an ironic context
I can understand misplacing apostrophes or typos because that's just complacency, but using "accept" vs "except" is a literal EOP move. Then we have your paragraph where you pretend like you know what you're talking about is correct because it's coming from you. You're just as stupid as everybody else.

>> No.4953686

>I mean, if it's Youtube that's stopping Holos from streaming it, right?
The "if" isn't supposed to be there.

>> No.4953730

Ame said hello in Astel chat's once(a move that caused Astel to became sphagetti itself) and a teamate schizo went nuts, she hasn't mentioned any homo since.
Also most of ame's trends are just re-purposed twitch ideas so don't count on her to be some bastion of creativity.

>> No.4953799

>Hasn't mention a homo since
Do your reps

>> No.4953815

>Can't play that dice game because their oh so precious seiso idols might say penis in japanese
Hololive is over.

>> No.4953882

>might say penis
Manko, specifically.

>> No.4953895

What do you think of EN1 designs?

>> No.4953940

> Too big to be "cool".
I'll support my oshi regardless. If she wants blood, I'll do my best to deliver.

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>NijiEN? The company with an actual Alphabet religion evangelizer?

>> No.4954319

Nothing you said was a counter-argument. You're literally just restating the point I was making. Frankly I think you worded it better than I did so thank you.

Yeah, just use the one game you can find that Cover says not to play when other agencies do. Youtube's change in policy is well documented at this point and the change it enforced in Cover's talents is also well documented. The loss of bikini-streams, pressure on Haachama, as well as genuine takedowns by Youtube's algorithm (usually mis-attributed but nevertheless indicative of the change) to say nothing about thir restrictions on ASMR-fronted vtubers like Choco basically having to go as far as the delete streams after they've done them to avoid strikes on their channel. Are you rely trying to deny that this shit hasn't heppened just by focussing on NKODICE? Really?

>but using "accept" vs "except" is a literal EOP move

That doesn't even make sense nigger. I'm not EOP, adn yeah sometimes I make mistakes with my English.

>> No.4954412

That OG Hololive is not coming back. Coco is leaving for a good reason, and if there's one person in hololive who I trust for their intelligence, it's her.
It's really interesting how that stereotypical Nijisanji who flooded the market while either giving zero fucks or being absolute dicks is slowly changing (for the better, I assume), also they've been doing a great job with NijiEN so far.

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>bros why can't talents just do whatever they want without management's leash?
>also I will sperg out about every little thing every single talent in the company does

>> No.4954930

I'm more excited about whatever rrat narukami is going to drop them any Hololive stream these days.

>> No.4955403

(You) are the problem with the board

>> No.4955493

Ema August's 3D debut was just three months ago.
A loli in a school swimsuit took aphrodisiacs and had her ass whipped live on monetized Youtube in front of an audience of tens of thousands just three months ago.
Read that sentence slowly, taking in every word.

Did Youtube's change in policy happened after it?
If so, then why has it been like a year since Hololive had anything that came even close to that?

>> No.4955583

Aizono's 3D was demonetized though. YouTube is only sensitive to boobs

>> No.4955678

If niji wasnt such a failure in the west then, they would have a mass report by twittard to take down the video

>> No.4955763

there's no army of holoniggers combing over every nijisanji video looking for copyright and ToS violations

>> No.4957064

Considering how big the Hololive fanbase is, it's genuinely surprising that isn't the case.

>> No.4957182

>muh nijinigger boogeyman

>> No.4957286

I don't have time to watch sarahoshi anywhere except on the booru, too busy watch crazy girl cook whatever animal wandered into her backyard

>> No.4957331

Do Latinx bros really believe that?

>> No.4957610

On a bright sight we might get Genshin Impact, Majsoul and Muse Dash in a few months!

>> No.4960220

So Niji getting more creative/less restrictive and Hololive getting more restrictive and less creative now?

>> No.4960269

Niji's issue was less restrictions and more overall shitty management but you're on the money with Hololive

>> No.4960275

ASUS shill streams!! Nijis dont look!

>> No.4960584

Niji is a fucking shitshow before they cleaned shop. Cover should really do the same with ther management too.

>> No.4960796

Do you mean the meet your fan thing she planned?
If thats the one its was approved by Jenma its was the members you kept telling her it was a bad idea and killed the Mood.Cant blame management on this one atleast

>> No.4961437

Mori was kinda the one that rides closer to the edge
she is clearly being reined in by management to a point, but she still got away with shit like the Atlus stream, doing an ASMR reading of a fanfic where Shrek assfucks a minor, singing half of dildomans discography, the vtweeter callout and so on
but she'll prioritize her music over everything so ultimately shit like that will go on backburner if it threatens her releases

>> No.4961733

with how fast it all got dropped and buried, it's easy to forget how close Matsuri was with Yashiro and Chaika throughout 2019

>> No.4961972

You keep posting that shitty latinx bait on every thread and almost everyone ignores you, take the hint and improve your bait

>> No.4962388

why is it acceptable for /jp/ to leave their containment board?

>> No.4967790

Honestly, Hololive getting more and more restricted is part of the reason why I slowly lost interest in the girls, especially it also felt like they were starting to become more and more isolated from the rest of the industry.
Funnily enough that made me check out Holostars whom I ended up liking more than I did the Hologirls since they feel like they have much more freedom than them (being ignored by your company has it's perks. huh) and can do considerably more than the girls currently can, not to mention that thanks to them I was introduced to several indies and vtubers from other companies that I ended up enjoying quite a lot and motivated me to explore the industry more, I have certainly enjoyed my time watching vtubers more thanks to the lads, kinda wish the main branch could recover that...

>> No.4967896

The irony is that the shit Coco did would be tolerated in most places other than Japan where they were the strictest on her

You will never be Japanese btw

>> No.4968700

the holo + niji collabs have definitely stopped since the Taiwan yab I feel

stupid Cover doesn't realize or maybe has forgotten that the bichuuba community is more smaller and interlinked than they realize, this is such a dumb path they're on, although it could be Niji forbidding collabs cause anti-coco antis would stir up shit

>> No.4968897

Trying to keep her remaining paypigs but hemorrhaging fans because she's addicted to APEX and sucks at it. APEX is only a buff if you're good at it.

>> No.4968994

It hasn't stopped. You just don't watch the girls that do collab with Nijigirls or indies.

>> No.4969094

It just seem like people in japan never heard of the phrase, “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”. The bs hololive did before was what got them is popular in the past, why change it? The only real mistake they did was not getting right to the game before they played them, everything else was fine, the taiwan shit wasn’t a mistake but more of psychopaths being psychopath.

>> No.4969349

I think part of the reason for it besides the yabs is that they're currently trying to attract big name sponsors. This is one area that they were sorely lacking last year and early this year and it's where big money comes from (besides merch and concerts). They just recently got Red Bull to sponsor two of their chuubas (Botan and Aqua) and it was a massive success.

>> No.4970179

Not really, like >>4968994 there are still a few girls that collab with Nijis, like Towa and Suisei, but it's definitely more rare than it used to be and from what I have seen it's usually between girls most of the time, so yeah...
Also, from Holostars Roberu did some collabs with OnoYuu, Ex Albio and Belmond Banderas too, if you want to count those.

>> No.4970412

Early Hololive didn't have many members so collabing outside was pretty normal. Hololive as it is now it's completely normal to almost never do outside collabs due to the huge amount of collab partners within the company. The main ones who do outside collabs now are those who were already friends with Indies or Nijis.
Concerning Matsuri, she gets shit on regularly by her antis for not collabing with Holos often and she's known to ego search and take criticism negatively.

>> No.4970595

Didn’t they recently say they flushed some managers and were getting new ones? I forgot when. I just got reminded again when someone mentioned it in some other thread here.

>> No.4971231

Yeah. Matsuri does get shit on. To be fair, she gets shit on whenever she does something she likes which is apex and simping. The girls that do collab regularly or have collabed or have been seen in other people's stream are Choco, Roboco, Rushia, Suisei, Okayu, Towa, Matsuri, Sora, Azki, Fubuki, Marine, Nene, Ayame, Kanata, Mel, Watame, most HoloID, some HoloEN, some Holostars. Even Shion did that niji amongus. I don't know what you guys are on about. But there is a handful of them. Most just do it on the other person's channel

>> No.4973301

Nijiniggers may have alliteration but it's clearly inferior to nijifags when they're all raging homosexuals.

>> No.4973503

That itself could be part of the problem, with the more permissive old guard being replaced by typical idol agency types. They could also just be recovering from Gen 5’s manager attrition rate, which was well-deserved when you consider the shitheads put in charge of them.

>> No.4973548

If you think X-fag is an insult you're too fucking new, stop posting.

>> No.4973586

Never heard of this before. Figured it'd be brought up a lot if it was true.

>> No.4973667

It can go either way, newfriend. I advise more lurking until you pick up on all the nuance.
Though in this case it's less about positive or negative connotations and more about you being literal faggots.

>> No.4974878

Is it the same guy who didn't bother checking if Aloe deleted the stream where she used her model on her old account?

>> No.4974927

yeah, same one that told lamy that there's no holo that would be a good collab partner for her

>> No.4975223 [DELETED] 

Well Amelia did say they got new managers some time around April or May. That and Polka's project got green lighted which would have been rejected before. So the opposite is happening where restrictive old guards are being booted out for the more lax and lenient new blood.

Btw. this all happened AFTER when Coco finalized when she was going to announce when her graduation is supposed to be.

>> No.4975327

Well Amelia did say they got new managers some time around April or May. That and Polka's project got green lighted which would have been rejected before. So the opposite is happening where restrictive old guards are being booted out for the more lax and lenient new blood.

Btw. this all happened AFTER when Coco finalized when she was going to announce when her graduation is supposed to be. Take this assumption with a jar full of salt cause I THINK they're fixing the creative content restriction issues but it was too little too late cause Coco decided when her Graduation is.
That or they can finally have some breathing room now that they're betting on CN antis laying off and that YT fixed the spam issue with their shiny new security system.

Again, all assumptions unless you guys can add something to connect the dots and strings here.

>> No.4975668

>Well Amelia did say they got new managers some time around April or May.
Where did she say this? I don't remember anyone talking about this.

>> No.4975717

Damnit. It was on one of her Supa Chat Streams, forgot which one. That's gonna take me some time to go through. Can probably find the vid with time stamp by Sunday since that's my free time from being a Corp Slave myself lol.

>> No.4976090

I'd like them to fix creative restrictions, but I'm worried they'll just do dumb short-sighted stuff to cash in on popularity.

>> No.4976223
File: 136 KB, 800x688, 1623224915623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i genuinely wish cover crashes and burns

>> No.4976295

This shit makes me so mad. I had thought about not seeing Maimoto in a while the other day but didn't put much thought into it. Subaru was so happy when he showed up for her 3D. How dare idol shit take that away from her.

>> No.4977507

guys, this isn't reality tv. they're cute girls hanging out with a lonely male audience, playing video games, chatting, and singing.
you schizos keep trying to turn it into some keeping up with the kardashians shit.

>> No.4977602

If during coco’s graduation, yagoo show up on stage and thank coco for everything she has done then a little skit happen and he broke his hand live on stage so he demand her to stay until she paid off his hospital fee so she can’t graduate yet then I will kneel to yagoo so hard my knee will break but it is not happening. July 1 will be another hard day for me. Last time was Miura and kyoani, now this.

>> No.4977754

Such a shame. Getting bigger means having more eyes on you and that makes you a bigger target for criticism. They probably want to attract more investors and advertising, so they're gonna be as bland as possible as not to offend anyone.

>> No.4977794

Anon, Coco is an american culture insert into otherwise 100% JP branch and culture at that time. USA is most globalist country in the world. You are fucking retarded.

>> No.4978676
File: 95 KB, 508x718, 1599117774047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's easy, really
>dumdum manager job is make number go up
>number go up slow, number go up steady
>dumdum boss want faster number go up
>dumdum manager got this, check numbers
>biggest numbers is concerts and lives
>dumdum manager make more lives
>merchandise sell very good
>dumdum manager say make more merchandise, sell good, 3 rounds each year for more good
>Talent should pay so dumdum company no lose money

Idolshit pulls the best numbers, that's a fact.
That the Idolshit only pulls the good numbers BECAUSE it's /ourgirls/, we saw them grow and like them for who they are, that is our little secret it seems. Dumdum Suitcunt will NEVER understand this.

>> No.4978736

Step 1: form yourself a niche and gain exposure through that niche
Step 2: once you're popular enough, start appealing to the lowest common denominator for maximum earnings

>> No.4978934

What in the fucking world are you saying retardchama? make coherent post you faggot.

>> No.4978990

Step 2 doesn’t make sense in this case, they only become popular with the lowest common denominator by doing a bunch of bs that they find fun which when viral with the normie. Taking that away won’t please those fans, it will only please the loud minority like sjw or woke culture but that shit doesn’t work as seen multiple time with other media.

>> No.4979002

>holo concerts perform well
>we need to make holo more comfirming to that culture because we know the business cases so let's not risk it by letting coco run rampant
>let's have them have shit like dance lessons to they look better on stage
the managers don't know WHY we enjoy the concerts so they force them to adhere to the corpo restriction bullshittery is what i'm saying. That's the thought process in managers. It's not deep.

>> No.4979079

But I find it hard to believe that they don’t realize that the thing that makes hololive exploded were clip of the girl doing stupid shit not them dancing and sing, it is shit like miko’s nigga, stay home, Fubuki scatman, korone... etc that led to them dominating the world wide market. Coco’s asacoco and meme review also definitely help a lot.

>> No.4979284
File: 1.21 MB, 3543x3543, 1622747684682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all that shit created buzz in the west that they never put in the effort to actually read because it's dirty sideways-letters (横文字 is how they actually refer to "english text I could never decipher").
All they saw is numbers going up because the people in the field actually watching it happen (Talents, A-chan, middle management) have to prove it to upper management in NUMBERS it's always NUMBERS in corpo everywhere in the world. Nobody does gut feeling analysis anymore.
I agree with you completely that those things really got the boat going and fuck me if Holo EN compared to the trashfire that's Holo CN should have proven that in fucking NUMBERS if nothing else did, but seeing Cover axing the person who shoved this fact into their faces makes me think they either have cognitive dissonance with the real world or are just so unimaginably fucking retarded japanese/chinese boomer troglodites that they just went by protocol. At this point I really want Coco or Fubuki to just bail out of this mess and start new, I'll miss the old models but companies led by people who actually work in the industry are really nice.
Noripro completely absorbing the hololive talents would be kino even though I know it's impossible.

>> No.4979467

I still have no idea how Aki got permission to have Ashino stream with her in modern Hololive. The only thing I can think of is that she's just so small that Cover just lets her do whatever.

>> No.4979552

You're talking about a lot of shit that doesn't make a lot of sense. Of course they want to make them practice for concert, its where the money are to upgrade their tech, to pay their staff and to attract sponsor. What fucking old models? sponsor and concert are the focus from even before EN is a twinkle in your eyes, Azur lane collab and 1st festival are all before coco takes off.

>> No.4985659
File: 553 KB, 1282x721, 1622082185596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just watch NijiEN

>> No.4985981

companies get bigger, they start hiring lots of PR and HR managers that want everything as sanitized as possible to avoid even the possibility of an incident.

the bigger a company gets the more risk averse it becomes.

>> No.4986088

How would Hololive be if the Quartering didn't help them get monetization back in the day?

>> No.4986564

>t. watched hololive late 2020

>> No.4986883

How do we solve the unicorn/overzealous gachikoi problem

>> No.4987059
File: 490 KB, 756x1200, 1609903818924.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4991270

Are the new managers replacing their current ones or just more for the VSinger and upcoming gen?

>> No.4991301

Kizuna Ai isn't an idol, just so you're aware.

>> No.4992437

Since when Kizuna Ai is a idol ? Actually, wasn't even de idol shit that ruined Hololive, but pathetic idolfag schizos that were a small minority in the start, but their numbers increased with the popularity and they started to demand shit.

>> No.4992779
File: 59 KB, 640x361, E3aTuGgUcAgsBxi-orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>so they're gonna be as bland as possible as not to offend anyone.
>gets more advertisers and sponsorships than ever before
>but viewer numbers/engagement slowly starts dropping
>people who want something different and more unique move on to nijis or indies
>hololive loses relevancy and attention of many viewers
>hence advertisers and sponsors lose interest too

Watch this happen.... maybe, I hope not, but what's the point for us if its no longer the Hololive we know and came to love in early 2020

>> No.4993102

Probably not, man.

Recent things regarding Coco's graduation and earlier suspensions shows a precedent that Cover has officially taken the stance that these girls are products, not personalities. I guess that was kind of how it was the whole time, but it used to be something we could all look over in the name of watching a cute anime girl throw up all over her keyboard. But now, any genuine interactions are going to be overshadowed by the saran rap CoverCorp (TM) catchphrases and approved sentences to the degree that it just won't ever feel the same.

I can't speak for everyone, but Niji and indies are just more appealing nowadays for me.

>> No.4993151

I fucking hate americans that say
Fags. They are Idol streamers. You should enjoy their singing, dancing and streams.
Its not one or another. Its a pack

>> No.4994445

I mean most of their restrictions came about as a direct result of bad shit happening to one or more talents, it's kind of a shitty situation all around. Most of the "no fun allowed" type stuff seems to be a response to Youtube being super happy to demonetize or shadowban content in particular so blame whoever makes the rules there really.

>> No.4994938

You idol niggers are fucking cancer!
>pure maidens like my idolmaster waifus and AKB48! If I find out one of them has a boyfriend I'm going to spend 10 hours a day sending her death threats and dozzing her family!

Drop dead, cocksucker

>> No.4995646

Matusri still collabs with dudes though.

>> No.4995888

Thats a lot of projecting
You're disrepecting the girls saying thst you dont care about their singing and dancing when they put too much effort on it.
>Uses AKB as an example
Anon they're literally they arent seiso at all.

>> No.5000667

>things were soo much better....a couple of months ago.
the plight of modern age man

>> No.5001346

I enjoy the idol shit. My problem is it getting priority while the rest is restricted. That's not what I'm here for.

>> No.5003228

if people watched Hololive for the idol shit, they wouldn't even be half as popular. in fact, they wouldn't be anything outside of Japan.PERIOD.

Let me make this perfectly clear to you:
it doesn't matter how many Japanese expressions you know. it doesn't matter if you moved to Japan. it doesn't matter if you master kanji better than actual Japanese citizens. it doesn't matter if you based your lifestyle towards Japanese entertainment. it doesn't matter if you rather import Japanese furniture and wall art, redecorate you whole house and clothes to fit Japanese standards. it doesn't matter if you say MOE, KAWAII, SUGOI or TSUNDERE in real life.
it doesn't matter if you only appreciate real sushi made by real Japanese and hate the Americanized version of Sushi. it doesn't matter if you're a self hating western fuckhead, rice chaser,bootlicker.


>> No.5003559

Thank God. I wouldn't want my dick to be smaller.

>> No.5003714
File: 141 KB, 803x688, 1600917948223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5006910

What a cringe post

>> No.5009696

>but the company is so goddamn different to how lax it used to be in the past
I saw this today. Coco always stuck me as the character that would always play into and elevate any lewd scenario anyone challenged her on until the other person had to say stop, now she's straight up the opposite. You hate to see it.

>> No.5013189
File: 317 KB, 1920x1080, firefox_2021-06-12_20-36-07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>womb tattoo

that's hot

>> No.5014982

everything up till September 27, 2020....

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