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Text only pulled from Taishi's translation of


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This shit reads like the kind of thing a girl says when she is breaking up with her boyfriend because she has already found another (better) guy. It's pure cringe.

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Not sure what people expected. It was always going to be, "Yes they fired me and it sucks, but I have to suck up to them or I will be blacklisted and never work again"

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I'm gonna miss her bros

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>Cover did nothing wrong!

>[EN] Coco: Hololive is like, "I wanna do rock!" But you tatsunoko want country music.
>[EN] Coco: Like, I don't think I can sing rock happily. But they're like, "No, rock all the way!"

Fags who believer the Cover story (heh) are the same types who really believe deep down that corporate focus groups result in a better product, and that executives get their way because they're just so damn good at convincing lower-ranking talent of their brilliant ideas.

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Looks like it's just a start

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【Free chat】Lamy Room【ホロライブ/雪花ラミィ】
until 2021/06/30

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Stay strong, bro. Let the tears roll on the very last day.

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lol it really does

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> 32:17 Death Phnx [EN] Coco: Tw*tch offered me more money, see you there

Is that supposed to be in there? Seems disconnected from the rest of the translation.

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No, most of the translations in that paste came from Taishi.

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It fake translate. I saw that stream and she dud not said it.

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I saw some shitter doing some fake translations when I watched it. Probably the same guy

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So.. she'll stream more on her Kson channel? I actually prefer that.

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So basically she's leaving because she wanted to do stuff and Hololive said no. Didn't Haachama also have that issue a while ago too?

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Yeah. Some anon has described it as Hololive 2020 and Hololive2021 are very different.

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You'd think barring a big serious no no they'd give someone like Coco who is one of their biggest money-makers free rein content wise.

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Only difference is they relented with Haato/chama but cracked down on Coco. Ironically Haato stopped caring as much after she had her way (mostly) but Coco kept trying to make her shrinking island work

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There are a number of them that are considered big. And none of them got special treatment.
Haachama did a do now say sorry later approach. Which made her go on "vacation"

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The manager staff probably got way too scared of letting her do anything that could be slightly controversial after what happened. I still don't think it was malicious, but they're extremely fucking dumb for doing it. I'd thought they knew that trying to hard control your talents would make them less motivated, even as a mean to protect them from antis, but it looks like I was wrong. I do hope this is a wake up call for them to be less restrictive in the future considering how many members complained about it during the past months and now Coco's graduation.

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You would, wouldn't you? Unfortunately corporations do not work on the same logic as rational humans.

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>[EN] Coco: Just saying, guys, you can't spread what I said in members-only streams.

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>If you clip and upload it, you could actually get into trouble.
She's saying not to post it in places that allow Cover to actually go after the person uploading it, like a Youtube clip.

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Is this why she said "just enjoy" when she was criticized for her meme reviews?

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This is proof that shitposting retards don't read the whole transcript and love to cherry pick facts.

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I seriously doubt they will, if they did, then they would already tell coco that her plan are approve now so cancel the graduation, they still have plenty of time. The dice is case and they are not budging. It is time like this that I hope yagoo could do something but it is a just an illusion. Yagoo either doesn’t care or he doesn’t have any power to do shit.

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I think he doesn't have this kind of administrative power. I don't wanna act like I understand how the internals of Cover work, but considering how a bunch of members like him including the Stars, who were fucked since day 1, I believe he can't do anything with how the managers deal with the talents. He could fire them, but I there are laws that protect employees against those actions, even if what they're doing will hurt the company in the long run. It's the old saying that Cover has a great eye for talent but a horrendous streak for managers.

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probably has something to do with that committee they formed after the taiwan thing. Its taking the reins and cracking down on controversial content/content that pushes the envelope in any way.

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>it hurts
>the reddit criticism was the critical factor in why she quit.

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it still hurts bros

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the water is boiling. Holos are beginning to crack. The clock is ticking, Tanigou-san. All the dominoes are in Place and Coco just fell on the first one, can you put your finger into the right place to stop all of it from falling?

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The fact that the girls all seem to be pretty strongly positive towards him, beyond mere being professionalism towards a suit, makes me think he might legitimately be a decent guy but not have any real power.

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Just enjoy (until July 1).

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I don’t see how he can’t just over ride their decision, he is their boss. Sure he can’t fire them without justification but I don’t think there exist a company where the boss’s decision can’t over ride some decision by some manager.

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He probably has the power to do that, but isn't nearly as involved in the talent side of things to even be aware of any problems like that. Being the CEO I assume he mostly deals with stuff pretty much unrelated to idols.

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Soon coco will be doing porb vtubeing for ebux. Let's goooooooo!

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They actually do. It's just that most people don't have that power. Most said people turn into absolute monsters if they're given it though. Corporations are just expressions of that urge. The guys at the top don't care what anyone else think and want their way, and they have the ability to make that so.

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Yeah. I am wondering if some other talents getting their projects canned (like Pekora) is also related to management taking more creative control now.

I guess I get that Cover wants all these corporate sponsorships and that stuff so they are trying to protect the bottom line by keeping controversy at bay. But at the same time, is that what the idols want, too? Or would they be happy with their loyal fans and just the odd brave company doing a collab - so mostly jp only stuff?

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Which is why I hope he get off his ass and get involve in this case but there is a high chance of him having no actual power at all.

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He deals mainly with the tech side according to that A-chan interview. I can see him not wanting to be too hands-on with the entertainment side because he has zero experience with it. That's what he hires management for after all, it's going to set a bad precedent if he keeps second guessing their decisions. Problem is, he's hired bad managers in the first place.

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Gabe Newell is the president of Valve Software. He's theoretically the most important person at Valve, but every single information we have about the internals of the company and how he conducts his day to day shows that he can't do anything much. As >>4938063, other than the tech part he probably keeps himself to the high administrative decisions, like dealing with sponsors or creating new branches, but dealing with the day to day is probably something he doesn't have full control other an authoritative decision that could put him in trouble with the labour court. It's highly likely there's someone before him that deals with the managers and works as a barrier between them and the higher-ups. It happens all the time in a bunch of different companies. Just remember all the shitty HR stories you've heard and how those people almost always keep their jobs.

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that translation is correct, but out of context it's very misleading.
That should be around when she doubled down on never popping up anywhere else (as Kiryu Coco at least, convenitently), just hololive. She then jokingly named some reasons one would expect like
> 32:17 Death Phnx [EN] Coco: Tw*tch offered me more money, see you there
and blew them right away.

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Dont kid yourself, He is the CEO. Holo CN disband by his will and stamp

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I can see your point but sometime you gotta take risk. Hololive is at the peak of it popularity right now, they have a perfect group of girls working for them, allowing coco to leave create a crack in the group, there is risk of it all come tumbling down. If coco is planning to graduate anyway then ok her project to see what happen as a test, if she did something stupid then the western fanbase will just cancel her then she can leave, at least then it is her own actual fault. The west are not retarded like the chinks in that we won’t go after the other girls if coco is the one who fucked up and they are not going to push hololive off YouTube just because coco saying shit like nigga.

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even if he is a CEO, decisions are always voted by the board

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Another good example would be someone like Sean Murray from Hello Games. Listen to how Tanigou speaks, he is a humble man who just wanted to play with tech stuff for some fun, then his first "talent" and his vision for her had to be explained. He probably asked if they could imagine being virtual idols and divas and they were pumped at the time. Nobody expected the success.
Capcom swooping in causing the Holocaust was the first big sign that this is now grown-up territory with all it's boring and scary implications, money on the line. What do you do, Tanigou? Time to... employ some adults and listen to their every word.
But let's face it, the girls love what they're doing in general, who doesn't love having fun with now friends and making mad money with it. Depending on how much money that was, we will see changes now that adults threaten to take the magic away.

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Haachama’s next to go isn’t she..

>> No.4938353

That is a possibility, yes.

>> No.4938413

Thing is, something like this is probably out of Yagoo's hands and he doesn't actually understand the Western scene enough to be able to both dictate a direction change and convince the board of directors that it's the right thing to do. He might be thinking that he's leaving it in the hands of people who know better than him because he hired them specifically for that sector.

I agree. Cover have definitely fucked up and been incompetent but growing too big too fast really has its price. Too many different interests have their fingers in the pie, too much scrutiny from everyone looking to take a bite out of you.

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Right now Cover either goes through a severe restructure or it'll be a slow and drawn-out death. Nijisanji and Ichikara had a similar problem during it's earlier years, but they listened to the Nijisanji Resistance and caved in to their demands and changed a lot of things for the better. I bet there might be an internal movement between the members to do something similar. Remember that a lot of Holos are friends with Nijis, specially Shiina Yuika who was one of the leaders of the Resistance. So either the managerial staff listen to them or more graduations will happen in the future.

>> No.4938527

wouldn't it be amazing if Coco graduates so she can fix the managerial problems within Hololive? I think it's very clear that she loves Hololive and every single talent so much. I think it would be great if she takes some degree of control inside Hololive and change it for the better.

>> No.4938531

You can argue they already past that stage anon. The severe restructure is them taking idol approach, it almost cost them okayu and now it cost them coco. Its done deal

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I fully expect it to play out like that, and hope the Holos know of this. Okayu has been suspiciously unaffected by all of this, being close to Shiina already paints a picture here.
Choco suddenly doing risky content again and Coco mentioning her explicitly as a good support points this out, Korone really isn't comfortable with where she is right now and already threatened to graduate (and told us on twitter about "something awful happening" where we guessed it was about her grandma among other things please jannies don't ban me for this one again IT WAS ON HER STREAMS AS INUGAMI KORONE I CAN SHOW YOU FOR FUCKS SAKE) , Mikochi is suspicious as fuck, many such cases.

The most interesting one is Suisei for me personally. Good contacts to the indie scene, has the rights to her character on her own person (this is VERY important) as well as her old self-made model which nobody can take away from her even IF cover has all rights to the new one, and frankly she seems pissed. Other agencys know of her talents, she could easily go indie again with all her contacts, heck, she could USE her old model to found a new company with Coco at the top kinda like Noripro, and her being in there will show everyone "this is where your girls are" even if they have to commission new models.

>> No.4938715

to be honest though, that description doesn't sound like either party is doing anything wrong? if the company is aiming to put out content that fits with a certain image then its well within their rights to require that those working for them conform to that and if the person working for them doesn't want to then its well within their rights to go work somewhere else

>> No.4938726

For Suisei ownership of the character is the big thing, the model itself is secondary. She could get by with a sketch done in Paint for the short term and it wouldn't matter.
Not only she has plenty of money to get a new one by a professional, she's a big enough name that I can't imagine a lot of big dick artists and riggers wouldn't want to do it for the exposure on top of the money.

>> No.4938730

Nijisanji lost a some members before the Shiina and Chaika started the Resistance, and I might be wrong (I started following Niji rather recently) but I believe the trigger was Sasaki's graduation. Yeah, Coco will probably never come back, but that doesn't mean the talents can't pressure the managerial staff hard enough for them to stop being such control freaks. Because it's either that or more graduations, and with 17 (soon to be 16) members at 1 million, at least 3 really close to hit the milestone, and some of them already complaining about managers in their streams I doubt Cover will leave this unscathed (either positively or negatively).

Okayu and Aqua being close to Shiina really makes the future uncertain for Cover. I do hope things change for the better and the talents can keep being part of Hololive without shitty managers ruling anything out.

>> No.4938746

>Hey guys guess what? i own my model so im going to quit and make my own company. You can join but with new models lmao
Stop falseflaggin with suichan you chinky bat soup eater

>> No.4938760

Korone herself is really close behind the scenes to another member of Nijisanji too, isn't she?

>> No.4938807

More like vtuber scene are really tight with each other (Niji, some big independents, holo, 774, etc).

>> No.4938812

If we consider the group that existed before Hololive, not only her and Okayu but possibly Towa, Mio, Fubuki, Roberu and even Coco.

>> No.4938819

Technically you're right. Practically Cover is just making bad business decisions because like all Jap companies their management are all completely out of touch dinosaurs who have to answer to even more out of touch dinosaurs who invested in them

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are you literally 14 and/or retarded?
I am NOT saying she IS ACTIVELY DOING anything but I am saying this are the cards she is holding if cover crosses her wrong, and her hand is the best one in hololive right now.
Also just for you:
there you go, doofy.

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Here's a rrat - Melody is Coco's friend, and they communicate often. Vshojo is being run amazingly well by only a couple of people - the girls have as much freedom as they want, they own their characters, and they're not censored in any way. They can also play any game they want because they understand how streaming culture actually works, and no autistic boomer nip is breathing down their necks. Vei played Conker's Bad Fur Day (on an emulator, mind you), she didn't need to ask for fucking permissions from people who obviously don't give a damn. That's because Westerners are far more familiar with streaming, we know how this shit works.
So Coco, who thrived on silly ideas and crass humor and got punished for it multiple times, looks at this shit and realizes that something is very damn wrong with Hololive. She sees that these Japanese retards have no idea how streaming actually works, and the girls suffer for it. So maybe she wants to be the change she wants to see in Hololive, and that's why she needed to step down from the stage and go behind the scenes like she originally planned when she applied for management (but became an idol instead, after some persuasion).

>> No.4938860

This whole thing vaguely reminds me of the PewdiePie situation where Youtube signed all these big money deals with him and knew who he was, but the moment they felt any pressure they dropped him like a hot rock. It's disingenuous and the kind of things fans hate, even if from a corporate level it may be "acceptable" or "normal"--everyone knows they already knew and appreciated his edginess when it was giving them money, and the double standard when they feel the slightest bit of pressure is discrediting to the consumers.
If Coco was a deadweight on the brand from the consumers viewpoint it would be different.

>> No.4938870

Did Miko relinquish ownership of the character?

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she never had it in the first place as far as I know, let me check

>> No.4938890

I mean he doesn’t have to persuade them to change the direction, all he had to do is persuade them to use coco as a guinea pig.

>> No.4938893

Honestly there are some hints of it happening so it's not 100% out from the picture. Let's just see her roommate streaming schedule to see whether it's true or not.

>> No.4938911

It bears mentioning that being overseas is a big deal, it's not just ignorance of the climate. It's the same reason overseas torrent sites feel a lot more safe than ones in the US (hell, ones in the US basically don't exist). So yes, while Capcom could sue someone in the US, it's a big hurdle that makes it a lot easier for them to shrug and say cultural differences and not pursue it. Meanwhile in Japan it's a lot easier for them to get their way.

>> No.4938925

here you go
She was not employed at hololive but worked directly for cover corp under the Sakura Miko Project, so I am quite sure she does NOT own the model at all.

>> No.4938930

The permissions case is not Cover's fault, at least the need for them. It's Japanese legislature, companies can go for your throat if you don't have explicit permission to do it. If you look for streaming rules for Japanese games the Japanese one is always much more restrictive than the Western one. Cover is absurdly slow with getting permission for games (even if they did some great partnerships to get full libraries from Squenix, Capcom and others), but they can't stream those games without dealing with this shit.

>> No.4938940

*nor the character.

>> No.4938964

why the hell do people always think miko's character started as an indie? This is shit you could fine on the fucking hololive wiki.

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tourists only knowing her as "the girl with the biggest numbers in gen0" is the problem here.

>> No.4939018

So nobody but Suisei has their gold masters?
That fucking sucks.

>> No.4939024

There are companies like Capcom, but Hololive was actually asking for permissions even for games like Undertale, even though Toby Fox himself gave express permission for anyone to stream it, and it's all written on the fucking website. You have to be aware of these things, and Cover doesn't seem to understand it at all. There are tons of cool indie games Holos could be playing if their managers were able to read a bit of English and bothered to google a few things.

>> No.4939043

I know it's highly unlikely but given her quotes about wanting to move into management, it would be interesting if she set up her own independent vTuber group. Nothing formal like Hololive but a loose conglomeration of talents. It'd be fun that when people graduate from Hololive or elsewhere they could move under her umbrella to continue as a different and less restricted persona.

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in suiseis case she is her own mama and actually scrambled the Live2D together on her own as well, so she completely owns this one. Sadly that's not the case for the pretty one which is inspired by her 3D model, the really pretty one in all the music videos.
Cover pays for all the models under hololive, so they of course keep those.
The big question is if they own her name, her branding, stuff like that. They did not initially, but might have bought it off her in the meantime when things were nice.

>> No.4939086

Doesn't matter, antis will still attack if they dont go out of their way to get permission. Case in point korosan and subnautica

>> No.4939103

that and from what I read japanese courts are actually fucking retarded enough to require explicit permission for everything in court cases. Out of my ass I would also assume they need it written.

>> No.4939112

This is why indies will always be cooler. Being able to say "suck my dick" is the path to righteousness and honor.

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I say this as a holofag, this will be the wake-up call for all the corpo bootlickers.

>> No.4939139

So what? What could a bunch of Japanese faggots do when the developers themselves want everyone to stream their games, or in some cases with older games, don't fucking exist anymore? Jap antis can't even speak English.

>> No.4939153

I like the big ones too, there's a lot of cool talents under Holo's roof. It's just the inherent difference between randos on the internet doing it for fun and people attached to a brand. Someone who is able to just be themselves for good or for ill with no other considerations will always be more organic and relatable to the proles.

>> No.4939165

Korone cried because of that attack anon.... not everyone is as thick skinned as your truly.

>> No.4939206

Remember what happened with the BL saga? Doesn't matter if they don't have any power with those western games, it sucks when there's enough retards throwing shit everywhere and their dumb fans actually go into those flame wars. And you can't really tell people to not do this shit, because there's always retards that can't go 5 seconds without white knighting and false flaggers that always manage to trick people.

>> No.4939225
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this and on the other side if there is something I would want to know, I can get straight answers. This whole month will be "we're fucking crushed to the point of people graduating, taking breaks, tearing up randomly, BUT WE CAN'T TELL YOU DUE TO CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS god I hate grown-up world so fucking much it's insane. I am aware it's in place for a reason but it is also overbearing how much it counters out having FUN.

>> No.4939271


He tried to warn them and they silenced him with downvotes...

>> No.4939300

Go back

>> No.4939317

After reading this it makes me think the best thing that could happen really is her making her own agency. It's always good to have more agencies for competition, and it sounds like an agency that puts talent first is sorely needed, which is something she could do.

>> No.4939351

I live in no mans land, I'll go wherever I want.

>> No.4939358

>Cover should make their own streaming site with their money from supas!!
> Coco should make her own agency with her money from supas!!
We're almost there, full retardation in sight

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Suisei's oldest videos are quite a blast from the past. She really tried her hardest from the start.
>Sadly that's not the case for the pretty one which is inspired by her 3D model, the really pretty one in all the music videos.
That doesn't matter as long as she owns Suisei herself, and she does. If she wants to walk away, she could just pay someone to design a shiny new costume. Or she can even go back to her old design to emphasize the return to basics, Japanese fans love that stuff, it would make her look more humble and pure. Just pay someone like Keffiy to rig a new model.
However, the most important thing is that she owns her channel. So breaking away in her case would not lose her any audience whatsoever.
Suisei did everything right, and I fucking wish other holos had as much power and freedom as she has.

>> No.4939425

Lmao it's actually Cover's fault for not following rules every other company was following. They're not a foreign company who weren't use to how Japanese copyright works

>> No.4939430

>>Cover should make their own streaming site with their money from supas!!
I don't see anyone here saying that.

>> No.4939437

>They also say that due to Japanese culture, if they keep doing this eventually Cover and other Hololive members will distance themselves from her to avoid drama, the Western fans will also turn on Cover for not doing anything to stop the spammer,

>> No.4939531

Lurk more newfagchama

>> No.4939538

How would her originals work, tho? Comet and Tenkyuu were before Hololive, but what about Next Color Planet and Ghost? She wrote the lyrics, so it's partially hers, but does Cover owns part of it? Dunno how it works in the music industry there, but in this case would they be similar to a Record Label and not have any influence other than maybe still get a cut from sales? She hasn't touched PIeces since the China debacle, so I'm scared of the possibility of those 2 ending up stuck in a limbo.

>> No.4939675

I don't know what you're implying here. I was talking about how the restrictions on games isn't Cover's fault, not the Holoapocalypse. That was Cover's fault for not doing the same thing all companies where doing, but it's stupid to get mad at Cover for needing to ask for permissions.

>> No.4939756

So what you're saying is, 1 July 3D shaving stream?

>> No.4939778

That would depend on what it says on her contract, if it's like k-pop the company owns it even if the artists fully write and produce it.

>> No.4939792

I don't know either, the music industry everywhere is the biggest clusterfuck of copyrights and red tape imaginable. Still, losing a couple of songs wouldn't hurt her that much, she can always produce more as long as the audience is there and she has her fucking face. Sui's smart about these things, so I bet she has quite a few unreleased original songs (that only she would own) stashed away in case of an emergency.

>> No.4939847

chink "thoughts". Or whatever that braindead mongoloid read from their behaviour patterns.

>> No.4939870

I'd say it's entirely possible for her to just contact the artists behind her current model herself and tell them "make me a color swap I can own"

>> No.4939904

>Songs stashed away for emergency
Do you think songs are ration you can fucking eat ? That sounds so stupid, what happen if you wait long enough and someone released a song similar to what you own?

>> No.4939929

>When I can't smile anymore, I can't make you guys smile
>The main reason why I can't stay with you guys is because I can't make myself smile anymore
>There are so many projects I wanted to do but couldn't get around to
stopped reading here. I'm fucking seething. FUCK COVER.

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you just know these calm and silent evenings where she binges on some conbini fast food and sweets with Kanatan and doodles some lyrics together alongside melodies. I just hope other holos were smart enough to have backup plans in case shit goes tits-up and didn't just ride the gravy train and are now facing extinction if they don't bow to West Taiwan.

>> No.4939965

>be blacklisted and never work again"
Bitch pls, just her kson channel have 400k subs adn she is not even done with koko, do you think holoshit owns youtube or something?

>> No.4939985


>> No.4939992

Anon, people who write music usually have tons of stuff they never bothered to finish, or maybe didn't think it was good enough. Just like an artist would have entire sketchbooks worth of ideas that they keep around because why not.

>> No.4940006

He meant blacklisted by other Jap agency anon. cause if you talk shit of your previous employer then nothing stopping you from doing the same after you quit

>> No.4940020

There is no doubt that Cover can make things harder to her going forward if they want to.
This is why this is all going very amicably on the surface, why Coco is not kicking up a shitstorm and making it very clear she is holding herself back.
How much harder? I don't fucking know, but Coco clearly doesn't want to fight Cover.

>> No.4940024

They're not wrong though, just look at /vt/ over the past few days.

>> No.4940032

>people hate Vshojo but like Coco

>> No.4940052


>> No.4940142
File: 1.88 MB, 1454x2160, 1620757239734.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Again, she already have a stupidly big fanbase that will go to wherever kson tells them to go, why would she need to go to some agency to leech 40% of her money just to have their brand

>> No.4940219

I'm not saying she can't make it as an independent. She absolutely can.
I'm saying it's in her best interest to make her exit as amicable as is reasonably feasible.

>> No.4940232

Can you faggots stop saying kson is coco?
They're not the same person.

>> No.4940305

kson is not coco, kson is her voice actor

>> No.4940384

Oh yeah, losing NCP and Ghost would be horrible, but in no way worse than seeing her being creatively restrained by Cover. I do wonder if she's doing her composer reps to be both lyrically and musically independent. I believe right now only Rikka can do both (which makes sense because of his background), but considering how Suisei is a massive overachiever I don't think it would be too hard for her to be in full control of her music going forward.

>> No.4940416

Her fanbase isn't going to manage contracts to her if she gets blacklisted for badmouthing her previous employer, she's already facing an uphill battle if people get worried about the chink freaks following her

>> No.4940451

This is honestly going too far into doomposting. Suisei survived the terrible treatment in INNK, She Joined the agency to escape the necessary shit needed for making music in the first place, She also experience first hand getting demonetized for nothingburger.

>> No.4940457

Coco can make it harder for them going forward too. There's reasons neither want that, and its not all about bald power plays.

>> No.4940547

I don't see how that was doomposting. I just think that if she really wants to step up musically, dealing with the least amount of people interfering with her work would be better in the long run. There's too many musicians out there who have an immense amount of talent but can't really make their own music since they've been conditioned since the beginning to accept whatever their manager group throws at them to play and sing without having too much input on it.

>> No.4940600

Don't remind me how crappy that was for Suisei. If you really want to see an example of corporate isolation and neglect, hers is a good case study.

>> No.4940613
File: 344 KB, 676x676, bluepeko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, the antis didn't destroy Coco directly, but the antis made Cover more restrictive, which drove Coco away.
Sounds like the US post 9/11 and the Patriot Act. The terrorists accomplished their goals indirectly. Except that Coco now chooses to walk out and attain real freedom.

>> No.4940718

I just want to add that this response is so 100% American. It's in the blood.

>> No.4940736

what antis? all i see are salty chinks

>> No.4940749

Do you think the chinks are going to stop hating her just because she left hololive after the incident with her literally nuked their chink "talents"

>> No.4940899

She already said she won't work under anyone else anymore. She's big enough now not to care.

They aren't, but as an indie she now no longer has to be nice to them either.

>> No.4940951

That's exactly my point, anyone interested in contracting her knows she comes with baggage

If she's going indie then there's not much to worry about

>> No.4941176

Use your brains, they broke her down twice and harassed her and her friends for almost a year
She’s not leaving just because of creative differences, by coping like this you’re stepping on her legacy.

>> No.4941256

If the harassment disappeared entirely a week ago, she'd have still left eventually.
If the "creative differences" stopped a week ago she would not leave.

>> No.4941391

That still doesn't justify Cover going draconian on Coco's content. You can't expect your talents to be motivated if everything they want to do is vetoed by the managers. I don't buy Narukami's rrat that she was pressured to be fired, but Cover is still responsible for her graduation even if the content restraint was done to keep protected from other controversies.

>> No.4941392

Spoken like someone who never even watched her in the first place.

>> No.4941394

Surprised there hasn't been a change.org petition for this, not that it does anything.

>> No.4941399

>member stream
Speaking of which, is anyone DLing these? They're going to be purged after all.

>> No.4941529

Cover want corporate sponsorship, they want deals with red bull and microsoft and other companies, they were going to push for safe content anyway. Coco and many of the other girls want it to be about the fans supporting them in doing what they enjoy doing

>> No.4941647

Hololive grew and got sponsors because of what Coco and many of the other girls did. Stifling their creativity after what they've done for the brand will not end well for Cover, and unlike actual idols who might have a hard time to just say fuck it and move on, most of Holopro members aren't on their first on even second rodeo, Coco included. So if Cover doesn't want to lose more talents they need to change their approach first, because Coco's graduation is in no way an event that won't influence the future of the company.

>> No.4941668

Just read, ESLchama. She already said 2 things in this stream:
- Cover restricts her ideas (rock vs country music).
- She wishes "it" didn't happen. After which everything changed.

So the antis made Cover more restrictive in their policies (an expected response), which then shut down her ideas and made her unhappy (Haachama also went through a depression episode due to restrictions). Coco was mad enough to complain about the inability to collab with EN in public some time ago. In conclusion, the antis' role in her leaving, is that they changed Cover. And Cover's role in her leaving, is that they over-reacted. You are right that antis played a role, just not in the banal sort of way you arer imagining.

>> No.4941720

It seems like upper management want Holo JP to be more "idols" than "comedians" make them train singing and dancing for concerts and shit, remember how Coco took a break in the middle of second fes preparations? They've made a bank out of those ticket sales I'm sure and plan to focus on that. Holo EN might have more freedom because they can't realistically train them like the rest that's why Haachama wanted to join it as a joke, she might graduate any time soon for similar reasons.

>> No.4941729

nigger go back to your website

>> No.4941891

I always envisioned Hololive as a new-age Machinima. It was broad, boasted an ensemble cast, granted creators upward movement and connection to sponsors, and gave its members the physical and financial means to do more. That being said, it's really damning to watch the former fall almost identically in the way of the latter - a corporate husk focused solely on its own bottom line, with the single aim of monopolizing a genre's creators, doing fuck-all to actually help them, extorting each and every one of them for all they're worth, and being absolutely dumbstruck when they all want out. Whether or not Hololive's current problems and potential decline reflects more heavily on the east's inexperience with streaming or on Cover's ineptitude in picking up on Machinima's decade-long failures is to be determined, but it doesn't seem like their current business model is built to last.

I've never been one to "anti" per-se, but Hololive imploding might be the best thing that could happen to vtubing in general right now. I'm sure both the fans and the money-makers would prefer a network of 40-something indies as opposed to the office politics encompassing the scene right now.

He's on that actual Reddit shit.

>> No.4941973

Even asacoco 1.0 wasn't that good, I doubt her other cancelled projects were any good either.

>> No.4942012

Since you mentioned it might've been mandated during that board meeting so Yagoo (who took the blame) and the upper management can't really do much and there might be in fact some Zhangs involved if it wasn't decided at the time that Cover was leaving china (and they wouldn't brig both Coco and Haato if it was).

>> No.4942049

Cope, cocock leaving wont change much. Azur lane collab and 1st fes are all before her and those are always their focus.

>> No.4942289

Machinima never produced or organized content for you. They just handled copyright issues and sponsorships. You still had to manage everything. They got original songs, concerts, hologra, holoalt, special streams and now gaming show on the main channel. Machinima ain't doing any kind of shit like that. Hololive is not just an agency at this point, it's trying to be it's own cable network with multiple shows and frontrunners.

>> No.4942414
File: 928 KB, 1080x1478, 1616351988061.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Faggots fear they might be seen as racists fucks in the eyes of the japanese, if they only knew how good they can be on that game

>> No.4942478

For everyone that isn't on the loop. If there was actually any issues with management, you must know that Cover has recently hired and are still hiring new managers, concert directors, PR, and a bunch of jobs related to tech and events. New content has been introduced like the Gaming Show in the main channel, legend of polka, hololive idol radio, Watame's exercise and atleast 3D concerts left and right. They have also have permitted holoen to collab outside. Not just with Coco. A-chan has ofcourse hinted a Bloom 2.0.
What I am pointing out here is that creative output is not exactly being stifled anymore to a certain degree or at least there is a push now from Cover to let them be like holoen collabing outside thus we have InaxPikamee. So they maybe already showing signs of progress. Just not to tye extent that Coco wants

>> No.4942776

Thing is they're not moving in the direction that Coco and some of the talents would like. This is definitely a more "mainstream" and structured approach compared to what came before, when they were just streamers dicking around on stream.

>> No.4942904

She did say that she can't "get on with the times" which is pretty much that. A lot of the girls though that had projects rejected seems to be moving on, like Pekora has moved on and is more focused than ever in streaming games. Korone somewhat slowed down but she's streaming her old games now. Marine looks okay with her Subnautica. So I don't know. Maybe haachama but she's back to her regular flavor of yab before the schizo arc.

>> No.4942954

Anon have been predicting this for months now. Stress cracks were forming for a while. It's just no one really expected Coco to be the first holo to graduate. The fact it was Coco puts everyone on the table.

>> No.4943213

I suppose so. I can't really say who is right here, but I figure the eventual JP gen 6 will be the real test of whether Cover's new approach will let them maintain their fanbase. Barring any further huge drama I mean.
I do hope that if Hololive grows further, Cover feels secure enough to have a spin-off gen which they afford more freedom. I think that'd be the best compromise possible.

>> No.4949625

1: stop huffing rrats. You retards making shit up to feed your shitty memes neither changes nor fixes anything.
2: it's kinda frustrating that the more she tries to explain/justify/etc, the more my sympathy erodes and gets replaced by the betrayed sensation that my energy spent on being supportive was wasted.
Basically every thing anyone hopes or expects her to do next she says she isn't doing. Either she's lying hard about her plans or... she's just going to sorta exist, which is unsustainable, particularly in japan.I doubt she gets a pension as a retired chuuba and it isn't like they're going to pay kanatan extra to compensate and let her support her wife... the impression of going into that kind of fall-apart spiral over creative differences is maddening.

>> No.4949836

You say this like it was a bad decision.

>> No.4950481

Cover hate isn't due to failure to stop the CCP, it's due to the collab and project bans.

>> No.4950704

And now the current sponsorship queen is the one who demands the most creative freedom and specifically looked up to Coco. Oops.

>> No.4950832

kek, do chinks today even care about that?

>> No.4950915

Schizo arc hasn't ended anonchama, Haachama is using kindergarten as an excuse to not stream when cover starts restricting her. I'm still pissed they forced her to abandon her planned end of the arc, she has some ARG stuff going on with blinking pixels and haachama's eye.

>> No.4950993

the real reason of the operation is to keep hololive 100% atached to youtube
bilibili is a devil the other devils are fighting with

>> No.4951006

Their gibberish
Words dissemble the facts
God's will
They falsely will claim

>> No.4951374
File: 24 KB, 928x90, the jew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

getting defensive there bugman

>> No.4951515

And how do you think they even got popular enough to have those events? Do you really think they were creatively sanitized since the beginning? And Coco isn't the first one and will definitely won't be the last one that complains about management. Lot's of members already did in the past and if Cover starts getting more controlling even your oshi could just get tired of it and leave. Hololive isn't eternal and a lot of the members are well know enough that they could start another channel and get back a reasonably size of their old fanbase that were there for her and not the vtuber avatar (see Gura), so stop throwing buzzwords just because someone you hate is leaving and you're convincing yourself that things will get better in the future.

>> No.4951545

>[EN] Coco: I don't want you guys to bring pitchforks to anyone for me graduating.
It would be great if the schizos in this place listened to this.

>> No.4951656

Then why do you not just watch indies which must be superior to the corporate Vtubers according to your logic?
In reality, the Vtubers who are the most successful are not simply a single talent doing it all alone, but rather many talented people working together to create a good product. But if you just wanna watch generic twitch thots instead, go right ahead.
I think this is also the reason why Vshojo is so bad compared to Hololive. There does not seem to be an internal policy or infrastructure that strives towards certain quality standards. Instead it is just laissez faire "do whatever u want" shit.

>> No.4951685

Cope more faggot.

>> No.4951730

Glad to see you only know buzzwords.

>> No.4951764

Go back

>> No.4951805

VShojo is growing faster than Hololive and already making more money per girl.

>> No.4951838

Source : my ass

>> No.4951865

And the idiot still can't write anything other than copy-pasted comments that he has in a text file. Release you crutches and actually think for a second, anon. It'll help you in the future.

>> No.4951931


>> No.4952037

Rent free

>> No.4952057

>No, you do not understand! You are simply not allowed to listen to rock! Everybody must listen to country music!
Why though? What is so bad about there being a company that requires their talents to offer """rock music""" because it wants to keep its image as a """rock music""" company?
Yes, nobody is forced to do it and people who do not like it are free to quit to do something else. So what?

>> No.4952140
File: 14 KB, 397x183, cocomembermessage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why does this cut off the last two messages. Particularly the one right before she cuts the live when she admits that she should've rethought it. Anyone know what she meant by this?

>> No.4952162

Because Hololive didn't start this way and Coco got a huge popularity boom in the beginning doing stuff that is now being vetoed by management staff. Do you guys seriously forgot that she was one of the fastest growing members for a while before Gen 5 and EN, and that was WAY before the chink debacle?

>> No.4952168

Go on anon, the post below you is willing to entertain your posting.

>> No.4952182

Foreign = exotic = good

>> No.4952278

I'm getting schizo trying to figure out how much of Kson is speaking here and how much of it is just Cocospeak.

>> No.4952310

Coco has always been open about how much management was trying to control her actions. Even before Taiwan.

>> No.4952340

Streamers in general are so full of shit.
>[EN] Coco: If I didn't graduate, the worst-case would that I would continue be streaming without enjoying it myself.
>[EN] Coco: You guys wouldn't enjoy that.
I'm not you're fucking friend, bitch. Stop pretending like you're not doing a job.
>I normally only spend about 130,000 each month.
Kek. She was definitely born wealthy.

>> No.4952436

1. I do not care about numbers.
2. I highly doubt that somehow things that were ok before are now taboo, except saying "Taiwan", but rather that Coco had new ideas which were controversial. Her comment in which she said "I wanted to use IT" right after talking the "it" that happened, makes me think that she wanted to mock her antis but management did not allow that.

>> No.4952475

I think we get the impression that vtubing is a multi million business sweeping the nation in Japan, but that's only a half truth. They might as well be something consumed by "that guy" over there. I do believe they know each other, who they are outside of the characters. Which makes the autistic obsession with "doxxing" western people have a bit funny in my eyes.

t. i survived visual kei

>> No.4952525

dumb eop chinky sjw insect. your "creative freedom" trash is now officially an sjw buzzword. you just dont notice thats just her forced narrative to do damage control on herself. by trying hard to believe it, she just distracts herself from being shocked and depressed by chink trash and her graduation.

>> No.4952588
File: 141 KB, 480x480, 1412633405001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hololive offered girls with depression, girls who were raped, poverty stricken girls who had to prostitute themselves, alcoholics and even ugly girls a safe job where they gained fame and fortune.
It makes me sad that this place is now painted as the villains after doing so much for these girls.

>> No.4952625

At this point, I just think she means her wording but not the decisions.

>> No.4952639

But muh creative freeedoms. Mutts and Chinks should kill each other

>> No.4952657

Streamers that hate their job are awful and get all pissy during the stream. Some of these go through stages and are shit until they take a break or become more inspired and start to come around.

See: Lirik, Asmongold, Sodapoppin.

>> No.4952658

It's not about numbers, it's about the company wanting someone to do something that her fanbase didn't cared before. Coco's fanbase exists because they like the weird shit she did during her first months. A better analogy would be Cover forcing Coco to copy what other members were doing, like focusing only on music and karaoke streams like AZKi.

>> No.4952668

It's not just that. She was also the first member who spoke english with enough clarity to build an entire paragraph, not just AI SPIKKU ENGRISSHU shit. You might not want to admit it but we're here because of her.

>> No.4952682

She really loves Hololive, huh? But the climate of global corpo contents doesn't work out with her with her creative minds. The way she contributed to Hololive until she couldn't anymore is akin to parents raising their children until the children are mature and capable, the parents can't work anymore. I hope Hololive would let Coco makes cameos from time to time.

>> No.4952718

Drugs are a HUGE taboo in Japan, with many people looking negatively at celebrities if they just smoke a joint. Their logic is "if sportmen depend on their performance, and drugs alter that, they deserve shaming. Celebs and idols also depend on their performance, so they also deserve shaming if they use drugs". Not everyone is some california drug taking hippie.

>> No.4952731

Sounds unlikely. It must have been something she was not allowed to do the entire time. Why would they randomly wait for this date to put an end to it?

>> No.4952760

Oh she was a pothead too? Then I am even more happy that she is gone. Really never belonged in HL to begin with.

>> No.4952767

Oh fuck off cunt. And stop using ellipses like a woman.

>> No.4952820

Nice bait but I was talking about the asacoco shit

>> No.4952845

love the talent, not the company

>> No.4952903

I don't know if you're agreeing or disagreeing with me, but the fact that English is her first language did help a lot, but you have to remember that a HUGE part of her audience is domestic.

There is a growing discontent between members and management for a while now, specially after the chink arc. I'm not painting Cover as this evil mastermind that wants to slave their talents. It's just that after so many controversies back to back they probably thought making shit more sanitized would help the talents not suffer hate mobs, but in the long run it'll make them less likely to keep streaming for Hololive when they can't do anything remotely new for the fear that antis will go hard on them. Yeah, not all of the members are strong enough to go out of their comfort zone and do different things, and that's absolutely fine. But you can't keep treating everyone with kid gloves and expect it'll work fine with everyone. If Cover doesn't want to deal with this kind of situation, why even hire members that could want to do more "controversial" content?

>> No.4953021

>I'm doing this for me
>oh but my fans though!
Full of shit. Her leaving hololive means she's cut off from that ecosystem. Her content benefited from her being a part of a group. You can't do something for yourself and then turn and say you're also doing it for the fans especially when graduating means losing so much. I hate people who speak like fucking politicians except this one sounds like it was written for an anime which pisses me off even more. You cunts process everything like she was your friend. No, she's a hololive content producer.

>> No.4953097

It isn't hard to just say I want to move on. No need to add all this unnecessary patronizing bullshit.

>> No.4953108

She's an artist, not a content producer.
And she's made it plenty clear that she is leaving for her own sake.

>> No.4953123

Coco's audience was mostly japanese because Cover is a japanese company and I think that's the point of their disagreements. Coco wanted it to be a worldwide thing and recognized the value of her english as a tool to achieve that. She was one of the main proponents for the EN branch, and might have had an indirect influence in the ID branch (particularly considering how they speak english almost all the time). Cover understands the value of money but they also still think themselves as a "japanese first" company, with JP and ID/EN being really separate when it comes to collabs, at least when it comes to female talent (they seem to have accepted that holostars is for hardcores only, it's sad to see how slow the chat is in their streams).

So, she wanted Filthy Frank, they wanted Joji.

>> No.4953161
File: 413 KB, 2048x1536, sickodragon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cover drew a line on what was acceptable for content. It's huge meme on reddit that the idols are destroying Yagoo's dream of a virtual AKB48 idol group, but what's funny is that's kind of proven to be true. Too true. And so as of this year we've seen restrictions on Haachama's creepypasta videos, Marine's ideas shot down, Pekora's ideas shot down, Amelia's ideas shot down, apology streams, Asacoco is completely dead, and everything that made Hololive as quirky as it was in 2020 has now reverted back to the most basic "virtual idols talk, sing, and play games" streams. The Hololive girls aren't one big close family who are creative directors collabing with each other like indies anymore. They've got to answer to management more than ever now. Coco said it herself, they're a corporation, and they've decided to be a bit more clear on the content they want made this year and how they want to be represented. What made Coco so fun in 2020 could never happen again, and she knows she'll never live up to who she was because of that. So she's leaving before she fades away into just the stale meme reviews she's stuck doing now. Haachama probably feels the same.

>> No.4953172

It's damage control and diplomacy, to paint herself in a good light even if she doesn't need it because the facts speak for themselves. You don't want to burn bridges.

>> No.4953183

>There is a growing discontent between members and management for a while now
Sounds like your headcanon. Every girl has her own agenda. Some align more with the companys agenda, some less and all we have are speculations.
And if by some weird coincidence all of them want to go into a different direction, then all Cover needs are future generations with different girls. Simple as that.
>If Cover doesn't want to deal with this kind of situation, why even hire members that could want to do more "controversial" content?
Or perhaps one or both parties simply changed their goals?
And for all we know, this could just be Coco being financially comfortable enough that she did not want to bother anymore and that "creative differences" were just her excuse to quit.

>> No.4953193

>leaking members content

>> No.4953243

>Sasaki’s graduation
Didn’t that only last a few hours? Like she said she was going to but then she went back not too long after.

I mean Sasaki Saku still streams and shit and I’m fairly certain she is still a Niji.

>> No.4953281

>stale meme reviews
The idea for them was good but I'd say it always hurt how sanitized it felt. Even redditors complained about how boring the memes were most of the times. I'm sure the manager had a lot to do in picking which memes were ok and which weren't, mostly due to Cover's own fan content policies. The "just enjoy" comment feels so different now.

>> No.4953370


>> No.4953394

And well... This is due to the excuse of Fair use that does not exist in Japan... I can understand that they download a stream for a game, music or movie. But not for a meme

>> No.4953402

>The Hololive girls aren't one big close family who are creative directors collabing with each other like indies anymore.
It was never like that. You are delusional.

>> No.4953517

rofl, nice comic knowing the deranged origins of the comics it's referring to.

>> No.4953609

When 2 of your biggest members talked about this in the past 6 months it means something is changing internally, and not necessarily for the better. And if Cover changed their goals than it's fine, but they shouldn't take it for granted that every members will like the changes and keep going with them. If we take everything Coco said at face value and she is really only graduating because of creative differences and not because of any rrat Narukami is spreading around, then this is a mostly positive thing, but there will be more graduations in the future due to same same circumstances. And that's not really different than idol graduation, which is absolutely fine. But it is rather depressing seeing Cover going the sanitized route when a lot of the initial interest came from those early and more chaotic streams. Suisei is my oshi and I'm more into the music side of things, but what does the change in how Cover does things will mean for the musically focused members? Will they try to steer them to a single musical genre? Will any potential candidate be turn down if they like stuff like metal, funk, jazz or generally non-idol songs? Situations like that put in question how the company will move forward in more than one area, and right now we can't say those changes will make things 100% better.

It lasted around 2 months. She stopped streaming in November of 2018 and came back in January of 2019.

>> No.4953627

You're delusional because you literally jumped to your own conclusion on what that even meant, retardchama. What happened to EN gen 0?

>> No.4953629

He's not delusional, just exaggerating and slightly retarded. He's not really all that wrong, anyway. They still collab with or avoid each other freely to a point, but the days when you'd see them doing stuff with outsiders at any given moment is pretty much gone. 0/1st gen don't count, I'm assuming either contract or sheer clout lets them keep alot more freedom.

>> No.4953662

we will see. after a year, maybe even just half a year, a bell might change its tune quite a bit.

>> No.4953728

Her reasoning was because she couldn't stream the games she liked to play. That's probably the most valid excuse for a graduation. Pretty straightforward as well. She came back when the permissions were sorted out.

>> No.4953841

She has to be inluding rent in that number.

>> No.4954067

>>I normally only spend about 130,000 each month.
That's about 1184.95USD, which I guess is normal for lower middle income fag.
Frankly, I'd expect that from someone wearing an Adidas.

>> No.4954096

>he thinks Tiananmen wasn’t kino
There’s pics of the chinks running over the other chinks with tanks until they get a sort of chink paste of ground meat and organs, then pressure-hosing the whole thing into storm drains. Truly a fantastic set piece.

>> No.4955235

EN Gen 0 was caught in the crossfire and suffered the consequences. Coco's graduation might have been because she wanted to be edgy, but EN gen 0 was stopped because Taiwan. If Taiwan didn't happen, we'd have EN Gen 0, EN gen 2, and probably ES gen 1.

>> No.4955478

>[EN] Coco: If I didn't graduate, the worst-case would that I would continue be streaming without enjoying it myself.
>[EN] Coco: It's just that I'm too powerless.
>[EN] Coco: But I do want you guys to know that I ran the race as best I could.
>[EN] Coco: If only "that thing" didn't happen.....

Creative differences my ass.

>> No.4955520

>deranged origins
Those comics are parody and were made for a parody newspaper, anon.
Are you also the type of person who goes "wow they must have been on drugs when they made this!!" when watching mildly weird tv shows?

>> No.4955526

I'm surprised that Coco actually wanted to go forward with the idea of HoloES too and that now is her biggest regret that it didn't happen. I'm not sure if doing Duolingo streams was the best way to test the waters but it at least showed that there was a market there. At this point I wonder if it would even be worth it, spanish humor is way too exclusive to their original countries.

>> No.4955589

I worry for those left behind.
Coco was the last person I would expected to leave and creative restrictions are the death of any company.

>> No.4955666


Dont speak jap, what is she saying?

>> No.4955814

You don't know what you've got until it's gone

>> No.4955843

Add Calli to that list
And Pekora
One that made her sad and the other that made HoloEN fans pissed

>> No.4955889

Yeah, it is better she end thing with a bang rather than continue and become Matsuri 2.0

>> No.4955900

Coco is like the second worst person to leave behind maybe Fubuki who said she'd only leave if the company actually did turn into a black company.

>> No.4955929

Matsuri 2.0?

>> No.4955933

Honestly? Mostly Nyanners. I think if Nyanners wasn't part of it the hate would still be there but not that present. Having the queen of ironic weebs being part of it does leave a bad taste in the mouth for a lot of people who are tired of the whole lolicon = pedo discourse.

>> No.4956044

I'm pretty sure Nyanners also thinks this.

>> No.4956071

Lost interest in her job, continue streaming with lingering from fanbase and have mental breakdown everytime some yab happen.

>> No.4956164

God are you sure? How about sora the OG? Miko the protagonist? Aqua the one who carried them untik sankisei? Azki the breadwinner? Any of the Sankisei? fuck off cocotard, Holofags are not all reddit.

>> No.4956194

I mean the fact that shes still on the loli = pedo hate train and actively talks about it and is friends with people who harass vtubers on twitter probably doesnt help the reason everyone hates her.

>> No.4956304

I don't even like Coco that much and it has fuck all to do with reddit you brain damaged peanut.
But you don't have to like her to see her contributions to all of Hololive over the past year. In reality, any of the ones you listed would be bad, but Coco was on another level and her departure is symbolic of the direction the company is heading towards.

>> No.4956331

Oh wow, whoda thunk the simplest explanation would actually be the right one: Coco was tired of mocking Hololive for being antiquated and putting out endless “wholesome” garbage like Shiny Smily Story, and decided to go back to streaming as an indie with no limiters. But hey, at least she was a standup enough girl to get 6+ other streamers fired and half of Hololive’s international revenue streams nuked before quitting because she made her millions and was bored.
It’ll become increasingly obvious as time goes on that Coco, while a very talented streamer loved by her coworkers, was only ever in it for the money and thought the Hololive project was overly sanitized children’s programming. She had no respect for the project’s goal and thought Yagoo was a dork for wanting to build his open source anime harem. She quit for one reason and one reason only: she had enough money to retire and do whatever she wanted for the rest of your life.
And Taiwan is a country.

>> No.4956339

Is there any sources to this or is this mostly speculation?
I don't disagree, Matsuri of today is very different from the Matsuri of last year and before but I dunno about the rest of that...

>> No.4956404

You know how there's a rrat that says that what got Korone depressed a few weeks back was learning of coco's graduation? Well that just got debunked

>> No.4956468

That's pretty much how they rolled before the yab

>> No.4956543

Mori is getting restricted because the first thing she tried to do was collab with big time 3dpd streamers and influencers. Yeah, the big timers in JP do collabs with bigger names like sugita occasionally, but the emphasis is on occasionally, with the main bit of their content being other vtubers. They've also proven their mettle many times over, so to speak; no one thinks FBK or comet are going to do something stupid or make a botched collab. Ya boi has been hammering on trying to do it from day one to the point where her other content suffers, then publically getting annoyed about it being denied. You have to walk before you can run, which is something I thought she would have understood given how long she had to grind before making it. Before I get accused of being chinese, an anti, or a chinese anti, I'm not defending cover, here. They are too restrictive and too focused on the idol thing when they should be more focused on promoting their idols as idols and letting the others do their own thing, and it's definitely going to bite them in the ass, but just because cover is retarded doesn't mean the streamers can't also be retarded sometimes.

She's chafing under covers dumb restrictions, is all. It's eating away at her on one end, and on the other end she's addicted to apex and her audience definitely isn't, so numbers are slowly dropping.

Vshojo in general is gonna be a bit of a mess. Can't collab with melody for obvious reasons, nyanners is going to be a drama magnet for obvious reasons, froot is an actual scamming cheater who will draw in even more drama, etc. The worst would probably be veibae. I kind of agree with pretty much everything she said about covers model of business being shit for the streamers, but it's not entirely without benefits, and she was kind of a bitch about it. Which I don't mind, but cover giving someone a collab after she spits in their face is probably a little much to expect.

>> No.4956646

Vshojos are a bunch of mentally deranged shit cheap retarded whores

Coco is only mentally deranged

>> No.4956698

No you see according the rrats they deserve it and yogurt is an innocent but acceptable casualty. But its okay because coco can do nothing wrong. Oh and aqua is totally a coward and should take a stance thus is part of the blame. Coco can do nothing wrong because she give us reddit, ignore that bitch tia who did it first since it doesnt count, but still coco can do nothing wrong. And yes taiwan is a country and getting out of chinks market is still the best thing to happen.

>> No.4956754

It's surprising to realize how many people only know Nyanners because of the pink cat. IMO it's proof that her audience is just 16 yos. Little do they know their favorite streamer is twice their age.

>> No.4956832

Mostly speculation from mental breakdown on stream and rant in her 2nd Twitter account(not roommate, just Matsuri personal rant account)

>> No.4956839

>She's chafing under covers dumb restrictions
There's a clip where a SC confronts her about not being as horny as she used to be. She answered by saying "You can't tell me what to do, and if you don't like it, go away". My rrat is that she was venting on her SCer because of her frustration with Cover, but she manages to put up with it because she's still one of the faces of Hololive. And also because she's a disgusting fujo irl who could never find a proper job outside of hololive.

>> No.4957080

[EN] Coco: If only "that thing" didn't happen.....

>> No.4957190

Grade A projection.

>> No.4957403

I am pretty sure close to 70% of the people who watch hololive started because of all those interesting personalities that actually felt genuine and not completely stifled by the corporate bullshit. Once they snuff out the fun their numbers will start dropping hard.

>> No.4957495

Not sure about growing, but money wise absolutely. Some of them have 8k+ subs and that's not even counting higher tier ones. That's a minimum of 16k a month just from subs and assuming their contracts with twitch are all the minimum (which they likely aren't), and that's before bits, merch, youtube revenue, and other sources such as clipper accounts that might be paying them off as well (Something Dr. Disrespect and Tim the Tatman are known to do to let clippers profit off their content). Compared to that, Holo girls are losing a MASSIVE cut due to Jap taxes and their contracts with Holo.

As far as money goes, I have no doubt that VShojos take home more than most of the Holos do, or are on the fast track to do so.

>> No.4957548
File: 39 KB, 793x402, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have a dl link to the video? I mean I would normally pay for membership and shit but imagine giving money to the company that screwed her over.

>> No.4957552

>VShojos take home more than most of the Holos do, or are on the fast track to do so.
I wanted Coco to go to vshojo but when I think of their content, i think Coco would just be the straightman in those scenarios.

>> No.4957662


Peak moments for me:
-GO HOME! Wait, don't go home! I'm sorry, I love you!
-Hololive chest measurement
-Sheep didn't do anything wrong!
-Pekora tries to draw a triangle
-Good morning motherfuckers!
-I'm Scatman!
et al.
I didn't knew Ayame was a thing until very recently. I fucking hate current Holomanagement and I hate how A chan is made into a hero. Not Yagoo, but A Chan. You can blame redditors for making Yagoo into a character but my rrat is that making A chan into a "thing" started more or less at the same time as the restrictions for the talent.

>> No.4957677

It’s easy to imagine Coco saying “screw the agencies” abpnd just hanging up her own shingle as a creative consultant/guru for streamers trying to break into the business or grow their channels.

Look at, say, Mochizuki Himari, who dropped $60K on generic-ass social media marketing trying to do the idol thing—but now you can go to an insider who has first-hand knowledge of the business. That’d be the smart move.

>> No.4957851

Hololive as a whole entity is by far more profitable than Vshoujo but I can see Vshoujo being more profitable per girl on average than Hololive could ever be due to the reasons you stated below.
But I also think its likely more variable than Hololive. The pay disparity between the top and lowest earner of each company would be higher with Vshoujo than Hololive. For example, even the lesser known hololive talents will get pay from sponsorships the whole company manages like 7-11, bundling them with gen anniversary merch and other small things that Hololive has access to by being a much bigger entity than Vshoujo is in the places that matter.

>> No.4958136

A Chan was a thing going back a LONG time, and some of the streams with her are really cute. Like the one with A Chan and Korone where they're playing that robot game together are amazing.

>> No.4959245
File: 362 KB, 640x935, 1623450866890.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah, someone uploaded all of the members playlist as of the announcement to nyaa

>> No.4959374

How fucking new can one faggot be?

>> No.4959455

Make an SRT so people can play using

>> No.4959539

If Cover keeps being retarded with content restriction I can see more people leaving

>> No.4959557

If your rrats rely on dehumanising the managers into faceless corporate boogeymen, instead of normal people working alongside the girls behind the scenes to produce their content, you may need stronger meds.

>> No.4959625

I understand that now more than never people are trying to find a villain, but A-chan already said herself she's not a manager and does not deal with manager things.

>> No.4959673

>I don't think you have any good collab partners - to Lamy

And some other horror stories, managers shouldn't control the content.

>> No.4959867

All I can say is, first was kizuna ai, now is hololive. It just seem like the bigger a Japanese company get the more stupid and incompetent they become.

>> No.4960847


>> No.4963175


Not OP but I was working on a ghetto-tier converter that can take these LiveTL subs and make them into SRT format

>> No.4964678

>2 months
I see. I misremembered how much time actually passed. Thanks anon.

>> No.4964921

>any rrat Narukami is spreading around
it was one of his tamest videos where pretty much everything he said was public knowledge. You have to be a redditor to think those were all funny accidents.

>> No.4965852

Anon, your rrats are shit if they are not based in truths

>> No.4966084
File: 1.16 MB, 736x1302, kson1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'd enjoy seeing her in a Vtuber environment where she's really unleashed. That said, the best would be if she could pull off the occasional collab with her Hololive friends, now and then, Kanata most especially.

>> No.4966116

"[EN] Coco: The main reason why I can't stay with you guys is because I can't make myself smile anymore....."

maan this is kinda sad ngl..... When we think of Kiryu Coco as a whole like the appearance and stuff.... It was always smiling.

>> No.4968130

>implying there's a chink conspiracy inside of Cover to force Coco out
Apply Occam's razor at least once in your life, please. There's already a pretty good reason to criticize Cover which is actually public knowledge since more than one member complained about it in the past, and that's their incompetent managers. Narukami rrats could be true, but he already had plenty of misses in the past, including shit with Cover (or you truly believe Kaoru was fired because he fucked one of the members?).

>> No.4977261


>> No.4977430
File: 315 KB, 750x737, 3AA0DA9B-E0E3-41B8-A4F1-46539F16A26A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>off topic
Remember when Kiara said nigga? That shit was so funny.

>> No.4977853

It's covered in this recap of her career so far: https://youtu.be/LZ87zuPkqMs
Basically she was entirely set aside by INNK who only promoted AZKi even though they launched as the same label. No songs, no albums, no concerts, nothing.

>> No.4977879

Yeah but I guess Haachama was willing to reach a middle ground with her playing an active role in live music events and producing the “right” kind of music gave her some leverage to make some more of her own type of content

>> No.4978093

I doubt that. If they weren't willing to change to keep one of their most involved and best earning talents, then there's no reason why'd they change now.

>> No.4978163

The jokes Coco makes are the entire personalities of Vshojo.
Zen is growing on me though.

>> No.4978327

you wont discover anything new from her streams anymore. shes totally on silent mode for a happy ending and has closed her real mind. she will only say "thank you" "cherish other hololive members" like a machine. unless she speaks out, she isnt relevant to hololive anymore.

chink insects however will continue attacking hololive regardless of her graduation. which is making the her graduation and current collabs a farcical soap opera. the next target is fubuki. if cover fucks it up again hololive will face serious crisis.

>> No.4978531

ogey chang

>> No.4978547

damn, that sucks.

>> No.4978803


nyaa has a ton of hololive/vt torrents.

>> No.4978849

I said it should be spoken of as an atrocity and china should be shit on for it just like Goymoney gets shit on for the Holocaust (disregarding whether it happ- you know the deal)
I didn't say it wasn't fucking kino.

>> No.4978925

She still talks about it? I thought she would at least try to dodge this conversation now that she's big using what's basically a lolineko avatar.

It's even worse when you find out that a lot of the newer western vtubers only know Nyanners (or Vshojo in general) and never heard about the old Japanese Vtubers like the 4 Heavenly Kings, Game-bu, Sora or even Mito, who practically popularized the current model of Vtuber content.

>> No.4979016

Yeah its fucking lunacy, EOP are bemoaning coco graduation as some sort of event that will change vtuber history forever because she is a fucking pillar for vtubing or something.

>> No.4982191

For the western world it is. Just because you have N1 Japanese ability and watch vtubers since Kizuna Ai starts streaming doesn't make it wrong to say Coco getting forced out is the the second worst person to retire

>> No.4986561

They're entirely different though. Holo is an actual corp, they will seek out sponsorships and run events and shit. Vshojo doesn't do anything it's just "yeah okay you're still a streamer like you were before, basically nothing has changed except we'll handle your legal issues, probably models, and very occasionally arrange some weak ass panel".
There is a middle ground to be had, where they still arrange events regularly, still seek sponsorships, but also do not be retards who try to micromanage and control what each girl gets to do, how they act or trying to force them to be fucking copies of irl idols who sing and dance. In the long run, vshojo won't realistically lose anyone because they don't create shit situations they want out of by forcing them to do things they don't want to do. Holo will continue to lose people because they're trying to force people into generic molds who don't want to be in them, who's fans don't want to see that shit and it isn't the reason they're liked, and at the expense of the content both that the girls like to make and fans like them for in the first place.
Bottom line as always, corps are retarded, managers don't have a fucking clue what they're doing or have any idea about the market whatsoever, and their jobs are completely pointless and detrimental to absolutely everyone.

>> No.4986675

>She still talks about it? I thought she would at least try to dodge this conversation now that she's big using what's basically a lolineko avatar.
nyanners is retarded, she has been retarded for many years, there's absolutely no chance she magically stops being retarded unless forced to. she's forever an sjw dipshit underneath it all

>> No.4989825

Just say she is a white woman

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