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Galatians 4:16 - "Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?"

...its time to kneel bros

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Reminder that there's literal cover interns and reddit mods posting on this board

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Literally the only wrong things she said were that Hololive is scripted and that past talents have come out speaking against it. And now thanks to Delta, the second part is true. The rest was spot on.

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She is also a massive whore and has an annoying voice so maybe we don't care?

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kys Veibae, stop selfposting

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This cute slut was right all along.

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I want to lick Vei's womb tattoo.

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how can someone be so fucking sexy?

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>the truth

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Wym by scripted?

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>Vwhorejofags and Veisimps trying to spin this as a gotcha
She's completely off on the reality of Cover's incompetency and spinelessness, her entire rrat was a bunch of dumb misconceptions about how Cover works or how idols work, literally nothing to do with China or the antis or anything that has any bearing on Coco's graduation.
Just cause I see Jaundice and pull shit about how it's definitively liver Cirrhosis and then try and get in the good graces of the person who has it (I'm trying to make an analogy about her trying to collab with Holos after shittalking the company and being a liar/two-faced bitch in general), doesn't mean I'm still vindicated when the dude dies and turns out it was Lupus instead just cause I was "generally correct".
She's also unfunny, untalented, revolting, and incredibly irritating to listen to because of her retarded up-pitching of every sentence so even if she got everything on the money and wasn't duplicitous as fuck I still wouldn't like her, and I don't get why you fags do.

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Don't quote bible, whore

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Do you think Vshojo would ever fire their talents because of abit of chink spam? ...Veibae, i Kneel

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>They literally support a terrible company. After the actual idols that have left Hololive talked about it, and the way that they're treated... Keep defending it dude

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A literal prostitute quoting the Bible?

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You keep spamming your edit, yet you never seem to provide the link of the deleted tweets. Why is that?

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Did Delta post all that today?

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wonder who made this

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Lol. Like you'd believe a link in the first place, it's a private account, you aren't following her and the tweets were deleted after her initial freakout.

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Bro just kneel

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Mary cucked Joseph with the Holy Spirit, so...

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>open your history
>copy and paste the link

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You can see exactly what she was talking about by looking at her reply section.

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I'm a mobileshitter, it doesn't work like that.

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Nobody fucking forces anybody to be part of Hololive. It is not slave labor. If you do not like it, just quit and become member of the slut patrol or whatever.
No idea if it is fake or not, but perhaps the one person who arguably had the shittiest experience possible is not an unbiased source.

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>Nobody fucking forces anybody
Man, if only that were true.
But, considering how Nip work culture works...

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Gee, who woulda think somebody that was treated by shit like a corporation would naturally dislike said corporation. Imagine trusting your headcanon over what a former member actually says.

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>there is literal slavery in Japan
Wow sounds tough. Did not know that. Do they also force people to stay like Best Korea so nobody can escape from this horrible slave country?

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Don't worry /vt/, I'm sure Vei has it in her heart to forgive your transgressions against her. You are passionate about Hololive, after all. All you have to do is film yourself doing a naked dogeza while apologizing to Vei and dm the video to her on Twitter.

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do not ever use that dogshit whore to quote the bible
repent fucking now.

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doesn't she still need to take medication in order to not try to kill herself again?

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Your sarcasm is noted
If you doubt my words, then just read up on the Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai fiasco.

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I wish I could get some of that "mistreatment" in exchange for hundreds of thousnads of dollars. Perhaps I would even manage to not enrage fans by talking out of my ass, letting myself get doxxed, or breaking easy to keep rules.

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Yes, we get it, you love to suck corporation cock. The fact that things could be worse does not mean they could not be better. Now cope harder.

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>Coco's graduation.
The whore will graduate!?

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Only the most indenial Holocuck would refuse to admit when they have been proven wrong, Veibae i beg forgiveness....

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When will the little slut realize that deleting twitter and mean people on YT by Cover might be harder than her just not being a dumb whore.

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Nah I am anti-capitalist but that is not the topic here. The topic is that some people get more consideration than average workers just because they happen to be girls with cute voices.
In the system we live in, there is harsh competition and if you cannot make it somewhere, then that is your problem. The company does not owe you some special privileges that were never part of the contract.

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I never cared about the anti-corporate comments, I just don’t like her

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Why are holofags like this?

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They're mentally unstable due to their extended stay in this containment board/hugbox.

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Die bitch

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Who is she and what did she do?

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Yes we saw the other thread already kill yourself whore

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Looking it up. It's not bringing me anything related to what you were talking about. Any keywords or links?

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more like veiBASED amirite??

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I'm starting to think it was scripted too, to some degree.

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Go ahead, /vt/. Lash out in anger. Call her a whore, a slut, a cancer, whatever.
But you know deep down you can't call her wrong.

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>Cover bootlickers defending their cucked company
You can get Aloe, Coco, and Gura to speak out against Cover's misconduct and holofags will still stand their ground.

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I can't kneel, she's too cringe

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1 Samuel 18:27
David took his men with him and went out and killed two hundred Philistines and brought back their foreskins. They counted out the full number to the king so that David might become the king's son-in-law. Then Saul gave him his daughter Michal in marriage.

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Anon, Aloe barely had time to build a fanbase, most of her mentions are from saviorfags.
Coco is actually the first big name graduation in Cover which obviously makes things more big.

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>Kneel to a vshojo whores
I rather burn in the fire

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The funniest part about people showing Aloe tweet is these dumbasses don’t know that all her information came from Artia LMAO.

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V-Vei sama...

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I'm not defending Cover. But I am attacking Vei. She was, is, and will always be a schizoid whore

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