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If you still support C*VER after this, don't ever say you support any of the girls ever again. You clearly don't give a shit about them or their wellbeing.

>B-But they don't ever badmouth C*VER/Y*GOO so that means they're totally happy in the company and that means it's a great company and everyone loves it there
You people have never worked a day in your life. When you work for a company, you don't publicly badmouth management. That is especially true in entertainment. It's completely clear that this decision was made by Cover management and she was either actively or passively pushed into "retiring". I hope she at least gets a nice severance package, but knowing a but about Japanese work culture, I would say it's unlikely.

If you're not completely braindead, you'll see that this is most likely due to the issues she is causing with Chinese shareholders and other business partners. Having her also makes it much harder for Cover to ever establish a CN brand again, which would be highly valuable to them. CN market for VTubers is massive. It's hard to say what their plans are, but I would not be surprised to see a new CN branch announced within the next 6 months.

If you are still defending Cover, please remember what happened with the Coco incident. A lot of you like to downplay this, but let's be very clear about this. The Cover management, including Yagoo who everyone thinks is such a great guy, punished one of their employees because a foreign (and arguably hostile) corrupt government has anti-free-speech policies that their employee unknowingly violated. All this to protect profits. No, throwing your employees under the bus because of a foreign government to protect your bottom line is not "good business practice". It's pure cowardice. And afterwards, they gave up their CN branch anyway. Then what was the point, you ask? What's the grand plan?

There is none.

These people aren't smart. They're not brilliant top-level executives. It's a startup that has gotten way too big and the people at the top are incompetent. They're morons like you and me but they're also blinded by the profits and all the "support" they receive from their fans. They don't understand how to run a company and have no respect for the people working for them. It doesn't help that their fans suck up to them and don't hold them accountable, instead turning their failure into haha funny memes.

Again, what you need to understand is how insanely incompetent the people running Cover are. The perfect example (but certainly not the only one) is Gura's cat costume. The model was completely broken. It's clear to everyone that there was 0 quality control involved. The model was commissioned by Cover and taken just as is without asking for any revisions. Why didn't anyone check it? This is literally THE biggest and hottest VTuber right now, and they didn't think it's necessary to maybe take a quick look at what they're putting out in front of 100k people?

I can tell you that this level of model quality wouldn't even fly with a 100 follower indie VTuber. They would ask for it to be fixed or demand their money back. I'm not blaming the modeler, by the way. The model is acceptable for a first submission from an inexperienced indie modeler. It's quite likely that he never expected the model to be accepted like that and was waiting for their revision feedback. This is 100% unacceptable for any VTuber agency but especially unacceptable for the biggest and most popular one. How could something like that ever happen? There's just no explanation.

In conclusion: Cover is incompetent and there is zero accountability for them. They will continue to fuck up. As always with cases like this, there is much more going on internally than is shown to the outside. Eventually, it will all come apart. It always does. I just hope the girls won't suffer too much when that happens.

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>too much text
ADHDbros... I'm NGMI

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Stick to one thread you drama-loving whore.

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If you really love the Hololive vtubers, you'd support them becoming independent. Literally what do they gain from being part of that shit company?

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this is the hololive board. cover owns the hololive characters.
are you going to shill nijisanji next week?

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Keep sucking a black company's dick.

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You don't get it, do you? Many ppl's oshi would be literal nobodies without Cover since they're hard carried by everyone else in the group. They have to support the company no matter how bad it is for the sake of their oshi

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You're giving a corrupt and broken company the power to decide who becomes the next "big" VTuber. That's not a good thing. How about just watching VTubers and supporting the ones you like instead of sucking the dick of some CEO who gets to decide who becomes popular next?

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Coco has no beef with Yagoo
She had decided to graduate already when she built a fucking huge monument for him.

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Zhangs can ``please'' leave this thread now.

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Thanks for posting this anon

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Honestly I'll just cancel my membership for two months and see what happens.

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lol didn't read, i'll keep watching Pekora sankyou

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Speaking a cold, hard truth here. It's astonishing how many holobronies still defending Cover even now.

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Stop hating hololive, no one else will leave

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fuck off chink insect

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You reek of insect, Chinky chink insect

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>Mucho texto
Okay anonymous, next time post this on Facebook

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Chink hands typed this.

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Cover shills are in full force now. Also. Cover is Xi bootlicker now. Enjoy your Hololive CN.

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>post shitting on hololive for cucking to the chinks
>"fUcK oFf ZhAnG"
I know it's a long post but Jesus Christ guys...

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go away, chink ccp bug machine

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>C(hina L)over Corp

>> No.4851756

>>"fUcK oFf ZhAnG"

literally the usual triggered chink way of greetexting. try harder, chink insect

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>CN market for VTubers is massive
end reading. fuck off zhang

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Not gonna lie, I'm kind of scared for the other holos.

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Wha happun?

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Don't make it harder for Coco. If you are calling for hate towards Cover you are even worse than people who made this situation in the first place.

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Most holofags on vt are /v/ermin niggers

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It objectively is. Bigger than EN and JP combined. Not saying this is a good thing, fuck the Ch*nese. I'm just telling you that's why COVER is desperately trying to get in there.

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>What is maintaining appearances
You're the same fags who believe FBK was being serious when she said she'd leave Hololive if it ever went black. It's all hot air designed to appease shmucks like (you).

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Saying anything negative about Cover is proof that you are a chink

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Yeah sure, let's all just defend the company that made her bow to fucking communist China and finally forced her to quit so they can have that delicious chink money

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All these Chinese bootlickers. You’ll get exactly what you want!

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It's the LITERAL OPPOSITE you fucking retard. Fuck cover for cucking to the fucking CCCP and hurting the girls I love

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friend would never lie like that

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>Don't blame her violent abusive boyfriend for repeatedly hurting her. If you do that, you'll damage their relationship even more and that won't be good for her.

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fuck off to the chink streaming site, chink bug machine

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>fuck china
>fuck cover
simple as

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They're literally the same thing.

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I personally dropped hololive after they butchered Gura's new outfit and forced censorship of this topic. The moment NijiEN debuted, I left. Now it's just funny for me to watch holoniggers cope with Cover's complete incompetence from a far.
What makes it even funnier, is that people have the audacity to defend Cover. Pathetic.

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Why does COVER hate their employees? Didn't they promise to protect them?

>> No.4857882

>protect them
Lmao. Remember Mel? Remember Towa? Remember Aloe? Remember Shion?

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Didn't read all that but based, probably.

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Shut the fuck up, Zhang.

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Lol, but weren't you guys claiming that Cover lost nothing by ditching China?

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Shion? What happen with Shion?

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makes easier for them to get views

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If Cover reintroduces a CN branch after this whole shitfest i'm fucking boycotting those fuckers to hell and back and doxx every single faggot who ever defended them, seriously.

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She got harassed by some antis and all Cover did was absolutely nothing. She literally have to hire lawyer and brought antis to court all by herself. Alone.

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Yeah. I'm probably sticking to the indie scene now. Coco was the only Holo I watched regularly anyway.

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No you won't

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Don't you understand? They don't care about JP and international fans. They know they can double or triple their profits by catering to CN fans just from the fact that there's fucking billions of people there. If they can get into that market, they don't need you.

Never forget that these people aren't your friends or even like VTubers. This is a business for them and they will go where the money is. There is no respect whatsoever for the fans who brought them to where they are now, because why respect them when you don't need them?

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can you spoon feed me can't find the archives about this?
what was the full story? is it some chinks harassing her, or is it irl stuff like with mel stalkers

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Yep that's right. If they bring back CN there's fucking nothing we can do about it.

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People defending Cover/Hololive when they passively and actively cockblocked various Coco ideas and failed to help her with the antis is fucking pathetic

>> No.4858659

Gura cat was rushed for debut and fixed since then. As to the other facts you've brought up...shit Zhang, that was the only non-opinion you shared.

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Learn to reverse forcing, gigafagg

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>shitting on hololive for cucking to zhang

>> No.4858932

>their biggest vtuber, costume release been planned for months
>model looks like its been made in a day or two
And how exactly does that not make them look extremely bad?

>> No.4858943

Bullshit. money comes from somewhere, if you withdraw it from covers popularity it comes right out of your soul instead. Stop hollowing out your waifus.

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being anti chink is schizo then this board must be a pro chink ccp board, chink insect

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So confused that can't distinguish at people mad at Cover and actual chinks

>> No.4860158

I'm not reading that. That sucks/I'm happy for you

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If friend says "trust me, I will catch you", I would throw myself off a bridge.
You seem to have some issues with her, if my conjecture is right and you have been at this the entire day. Why?

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I just want to support my oshi Kanata man

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Faggot actually censored Cover like this is Twitter and he's afraid Yagoo is gonna ego search. Troll harder you fuck

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/vt/ is an /mlp/ colony you fucking fag.

>> No.4861493

I swear it's 1 (one) guy trying to make Holobronies a thing. Unless someone does a holo cumjar it will be not accurate

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Coco says she'll continue to be a star in some capacity, so it's not like you're going to lose her. So what's the problem? Are you going to miss her design? Her ability to collab with other holos?

The only things you're losing are things that wouldn't exist without Cover. Say you hate them if you want, but without them, you wouldn't care in the first place.

>> No.4861988

These girls aren't wageslaves. They can walk away anytime if they are unsatisfied as Coco shows. Acting like they are being held against their will is not supporting them.

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Don't try to use common sense here anon, rrats rule this place.

>> No.4862818

but yagoo is just the stock face cover uses to hide behind every time they fuck up

>> No.4863021

>suck my dick wagie
>don't like it?
>stop whining, you can leave anytime wagie. you're not being held captive or anything
>oh sure you'll be making 0$ starting tomorrow in a world where it's going to be hard for you to find another job, but you can leave whenever you want

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Half of big names will leave after Coco shitstorm.

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Based Pomudachi, I too jumped ship at the perfect time to just watch the trashfire from a safe distance. Also, kino collab later lad, see you there.

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as for me, i support yagoo and cover more than ever

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God I fucking wish

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Jesus take your meds. You have no idea what happened behind the scenes. Perhaps she got pregnant? Perhaps she commited some crime? Perhaps she is just a bitch IRL and treated her co-workers like shit?
Whatever the fucking reason, we do not know so it could be literally anything.
So stop getting riled up by your own headcanon of what went down.

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I love the Hololive Vtubers precisely because they are not identical with their 3DPD selfs due to being kept in check by cover. As indies, they would just be regular twitch streamers again and I have zero interest in that.

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>The Cover management, including Yagoo who everyone thinks is such a great guy, punished one of their employees because a foreign (and arguably hostile) corrupt government has anti-free-speech policies that their employee unknowingly violated. All this to protect profits.
So what should have they done? Everyone who brings up this point never says that.
Think about it, put yourself in their shoes. You are a tech company who exploded in a few months on internet, with deep connections in china due to nijisanji being popular in japan and so choosing it as an unexplored market at the time (which yes, that was a bad idea. I am with yoy with saying they fucked up big time by putting their hands in Winnie the pooh's land). Then this happens, and suddenly all china nationalists hate you. The case gets so big it goes on taiwan's news channels and newspapers, and in china people start attacking you left and right.
Now what? You do what? If you think a small company like cover had any chances against chinese nationalists you are delusional. Much bigger names had to kneel (John Cena, Disney...) what could they have done?
Apologise didn't work. They tried, they only asked for more.

>> No.4864626

the most chinese thing one can do is vocalize their hatred for a way a large entity manages things. real americans/euros/literally anyone else who isn't chinese love boots and get arrested for feeling otherwise.
source: dude just trust me

>> No.4866001

this. At the very least we deserve a proper explanation from cover.

>> No.4866347

thousands of subscriptions before even debuting and millions of views afterwards

>> No.4867680

This. They sold out for the money because cover was decent enough, but now the tables have turned and their careers are being held hostage by yagoo.

If people abandon cover then the talent suffers. If the talent abandons cover then they still suffer. If fans continue to support cover then the company's rewarded for their bad acts. This is the kind of situation that only a man with an 80s anti-hero attitude can come to terms with. This is the kind of situation where your only option is to shoot the hostages by boycotting cover.

It may hurt everyone involved, but sometimes a fan needs to get hard.

>> No.4871593

Cover's management was sloppy, yes. They have absolutely gotten too big for their britches. However, miscommunication and 'playing it safe' so to speak doesn't make them a horrible company filled with rotten people. Japanese don't want to ever be the source of controversy. That's why even the smallest scandal that would be nothing overseas can ruin someone in Japan. It's important to prease undostaand the cultural difference here.
As for Coco, as she went to great lengths to make a joke out of the company via her antics, I believe she was treated with general leniency. For the record, I'm not a Coco anti, I'm very neutral towards her. But she was a bad fit for the image Cover wanted their company to have. Imagine if you were going to a job interview and wanted to look professional, but some kid followed you to the interview and started spraying you with silly string during the interview just to make you look like a joke. That kid was Coco. For example, I recall a story of management before HoloFes 2 telling Coco not to do a specific dance, which she did anyways. It's a small thing, but it's a sign of disrespect to disregard the boss' orders. In Japan this is very serious.
Now, it's obvious Coco did choose to leave on her own. Cover gave her a new outfit, she was in HoloAlt whereas some others, even senpai, weren't, she was in nearly all recent promotional material.
I think simply because of the restrictions, and because of all the various controversies, the most notable being the amount of Chinese antis in her chats, Coco likely felt like she simply didn't fit well with the company anymore, and asked for her release because of this. I am sure there is very little actual bad blood between Coco, Cover or the rest of Hololive and this is evidenced by the fact that her channel is being left intact after her graduation, which is somewhat rare for graduated livers.
OP is a faggot that sucks cocks

>> No.4871743

You won't get one. Nobody will talk about this, ever.
1. They are a company
2. They are a Japanese company
All you will get is standard PR talk.

>> No.4871892

Ultra based. For example, I downright fucking LOATHE /her/; /she/ is just a stupid pink cat clone with a more tolerable voice, but I adore Gura.

>> No.4871998

Anon, take your fucking meds. He is literally shitting on cover bending to chinese.

>> No.4872254

aight enjoy pinkie rainbowdash or whatever her name is

>> No.4872333

Shion raped Marine
She deserves the antis, I'm surprised she didn't just get graduated, but Marine's too nice to go after someone. She just ended up drawing her feelings out.

>> No.4872368

Are you actually retarded? Don't compare your shit job at mcdonalds with what Coco or any other successful vtuber has.

>> No.4872429

Remember what they took from you

>> No.4872447

Glad to see much of the western audience now hating Cover, too.

>> No.4872471

What she has is basically a free-money-tier job that she barely has to work for. Just show up, fuck around a bit, talk to chat and BAM, you get a top-tier salary.
The threat of that getting taken away is terrifying to a young girl her age with little to no experience with anything else.

>> No.4873625

>What she has is basically a free-money-tier job that she barely has to work for. Just show up, fuck around a bit, talk to chat and BAM, you get a top-tier salary.

All the more reason for these girls to be grateful instead of constantly rocking the boat for no good reason.

>> No.4874216

Girls are stupid, anon. Rocking the boat is all they know. That's why instead of giving them week long suspensions, Yagoo should be beating them within an inch of their lives with his fists.

>> No.4874767

>Imagine if you were going to a job interview and wanted to look professional, but some kid followed you to the interview and started spraying you with silly string during the interview just to make you look like a joke. That kid was Coco.
Really bad metaphor there mate.

>> No.4874849

>be Yagoo
>decide to start a virtual idol project
>hire mostly young girls from broken homes who need part time work to improve their situation
>hire Fubuki to basically be the head of the player’s union
>aggressively expand the project despite being a third string idol group at best in Japan
>continue hiring poor girls with abusive parents who need work
>idols continue to stream to empty chat rooms for a few years
>keep hiring and supporting new talents anyway
>one day an idol shows a picture of audience demographics and somehow instigates retards in China into a year-long frenzy
>you discuss the situation with Fubuki and agree to shut down the Chinese branch, doubling down in support of your bullied employee
>your employee’s mental health continues to degrade until she quits anyway with the millions she made off your brand
>the internet decides you’re a black company
>closed Chinese branch and lost one of your highest earning employees for effectively nothing
>forced to shut down Hololive, leaving most of your employees with no option but to go back to waging while their parents abuse them, or streaming as an indie with a percentage of their old income
>Reddit and a Singaporean woodworking forum cheer for your demise as their oshis are forced to work themselves to an early death waging for a fraction of their old incomes
Also, Taiwan is a country.

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But what's more frustrating about it is the silence on the matter. They could have ended the harassment at any time b y having a public statement about who is doing it, but they CONTINUE to pretend that everything is all smiles and that Coco was not harassed for the better part of eight months.

Coco can't even name the chink on her own graduation announcement. She can't even say "Yeah this is because of the harassment" and instead has to say "W-well it's because of SOMETHING I don't know what I'm not allowed to talk about it" because Cover are such spineless fucking retards.

This is ultimately what has caused it. By staying silent, they wrote a blank check for harassers to do whatever they want. Cover deserves the majority of the blame for Coco retiring. Now, Zhang is going to go find some other nit to lose a tit over and restart the whole thing again knowing that Cover is supporting them by making it where even the person being harassed can't name their harasser.

Fuck cover
fuck yagoo
and fuck /vt/ for buying the narrative that one day, for no reason at all, Coco decided to graduate.

>> No.4875233

Taiwan is a country, Nanking didn't happen but it should have. Also Tiananmen did happen, and Xi Jinping tongues my anus.

That out of the way, it's pretty obvious some version of this is how it's going to turn out, short of some extreme revelation proving that Coco was bullied and chased out against all logic. Chances are the reddit dragon just thought she could do better outside Cover than inside it, and left. Anons will deny this because it shows Coco in an extremely bad light, essentially abandoning a company so willing to defend her that it nuked an entire branch just to be able to keep her.

>> No.4875349

Fuck you, if you were supporting new talents then the least they could do is make a public statement about the harassment and to NAME THE PEOPLE DOING IT. They won't even do the least they could do which is write an announcement about how one of their talents are being targeted.
They deserve all the shit they get for that. Even if this isn't the fault of the other talents, they are painting a target on their back by outright stating that they can and do negotiate with terrorists.

>> No.4875491

>And one day, for no reason at all, Coco decided to retire
Not even you believe that. I know that's the narrative Cover and Co are trying to spread on twitter and reddit but we all understand that this is directly related to her being harassed for eight months on end. You know it, I know it, but any official channel where we can voice it other than /vt/ is tightly controlled and will regulate anyone who strays from the obvious and isn't all smiles.

We get the rampant speculation and false hope specifically BECAUSE we are lying to ourselves and telling ourselves that this is actually Coco's plan all along and she wouldn't want to stay even without the harassment. It's trying to buy into a grand delusion that not even you believe.

>> No.4875659

Keep watching and supporting her at her previous channel then.
And check for any new indies she starts recommending when more graduations start happening...

>> No.4876883

Literally every Hololive stream the last 8 months has had a disclaimer in the description that one of the talents is being targeted in a harassment campaign.

>> No.4877431

No it isn't "mate", it's literally what Coco was doing.
>haha hurr I got the pure idol to say motherfucker hurrr haha take that yagoo
She was pretty much openly mocking the entire company to their faces, and frankly the fact that they didn't tighten the screws on her more than they did speaks volumes as to how much they actually valued her

>> No.4877545

>I know that's the narrative Cover and Co are trying to spread on twitter and reddit but we all understand that this is directly related to her being harassed for eight months on end.
Boo fucking hoo. Reddit dragon made millions off her hard work only to be occasionally inconvenienced by Chicomm trolls. Everyone involved gets zero sympathy from me. Most service jobs will basically let customers physically assault you before management does anything to defend you. Cover fired a half dozen other girls and lost millions in international revenue just to keep Coco employed, even after Coco repeatedly mocked Hololive for being antiquated and lame and for gay bullshit like “Shiny Smily Story.” You faggots are all bark and no bite. You’ll spend months dissecting every personality flaw of a bland whore like Kiara, then post a thousand crying emojis when someone only slightly less abrasive retires. Get your fucking shit together.

>> No.4877766

hope so

>> No.4877807
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>Reddit dragon made millions off her hard work only to be occasionally inconvenienced by Chicomm trolls
What's hilarious is that all these white knight faggots going MUH CHINKS MUH BUGMEN like boomers screaming about MUH NAZIS obviously don't even watch Coco because if they did they'd know her chat has been open and controversy free for a while now
>b-b-but wait here's a screenshot of one single retard on twitter!!!!!
This board is infested with a bunch of phony morons that just want to create drama out of nothing. Shit on her 2 days ago because muh reddit pandering, then claim Cover is evil because they decided she's their oshi in the last 24 hours. These pot stirring dorks deserve to die

>> No.4878233

>they'd know her chat has been open and controversy free for a while now

Only thanks to the youtube antispam measure being betatested specifically on her channel. Her collabs on other member's channels have been a mess.

You clearly don't know what you're talking about.

>> No.4878375

>t. doesn't watch the streams
You faggots are getting just as bad as /fit/ when it comes to talking out your ass and acting like experts.
Have sex, touch grass, dilate, etc

>> No.4879107

Coco is a dumb fatistan bitch that goes around shitting all over. It was either going to be Yagoo becomes her shoe polish boy or he told her to contain her egregious BS.

Yagoo refused to be castrated and she left. End of story.

Y'all are absurdly ridiculous with this foul whore.

>> No.4879445

fuck off idolnigger

>> No.4879498

Coco said Cover was being too restrictive:


>> No.4879946


>> No.4880710

Is the spam really such a problem? Who's doing that and what are they spamming?

>> No.4880779

didn't read but i'm happy for you

>> No.4881658

Go watch vsharts if you want vulgarity for the sake of it

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Wow it's exactly as I said
>I think simply because of the restrictions
>Coco likely felt like she simply didn't fit well with the company anymore, and asked for her release because of this
All the doomposters saying that Cover was a black corporation that sold out to chink overlords and that Coco was the sacrificial lamb for this act is confirmed schizo

>> No.4882252

Well that video I linked was just half of the story. Cover is clearly trying to move family friendly, but this video more fully explains the restrictions:


>> No.4882707

i would rather cover bow to chinks than go for sanitized bullshit

>> No.4883768

smells that? It smells like china

>> No.4884977

I know you're just a dumb American but listen. When you say that the rape of Nanjing didn't happen, but should have, you insult the Taiwanese as well. China was ruled by Kuomintang during WW2 and they founded the new government in Taiwan.

>> No.4886570

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Meme Review 六四天安門事件 The Phasmophobia Incident Of 2020 天安門大屠殺 The Copyright Archive Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Tuber Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap In Dislike Counts 文化大革命 The Great Race to 1 Milliard 人權 Clipper Rights 民運 schizos 自由 rrats 獨立 meds 多黨制 Multi-thread spamming 台灣 臺灣 Bodily Function ASMR 中華民國 r/Hololive 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 JLPT N5 達賴喇嘛 Deadbeats 法輪功 "Dad" 新疆維吾爾自治區 The EN Branch Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 The Voice of Hololive Alternative 劉暁波 Trash Taste 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 oogay tanigo 劉曉波动态网自由门

>> No.4886714


>> No.4887163

>faggote actually defend Cover
You have no honor corporate shills

>> No.4887265

Why? Yagoo got what he reaally wanted. An idol company. These and past events proves that Yagoo's dreams came true after all.

>> No.4887445

Jesus fuck the level of fucking schizo subhumans today

Coco is a dumb whore, she got what she looked for, thats literally it

Yeah sure its not fair zhangs run the show, its also not fair subhuman americans overflow everywhere shitting eveything on sight

>> No.4887558

>China #1

>> No.4887603

i ain't reading all that. But I'm happy for you. Or sorry that happened.

>> No.4888455
File: 15 KB, 593x256, DDSw4pEV0AAh5mW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Nope, can't shoot Miko, its impossible for me. I will be there to the end as long as she is around. I like Coco, I liked coco... but Miko is my oshii and gives me a reason to smile most days. Even when Coco leaves, even should Cover reenter Bilibili... even should the path lead to hell, I will follow her...because that is why I continue to watch, because I like Miko, not because of cover management. That one fact hasn't changed, and I will not destroy or attack the people who have been of such support to me. Even if these are the words of a hypocrite, that truth alone will not change. My oshii loves this work, and will not quit. I will continue to support Miko. I can do nothing else, and the path will only end the day she does graduate, and I can't find her roommate, account or new career, and then I will exit Vtubing completely.

>> No.4888511

>Coco is a dumb whore
For reading Youtube's analytics?

>> No.4888586

I'm still mad at Cover making Astel and Pekora cry

>> No.4888692

>When you work for a company, you don't publicly badmouth management. That is especially true in entertainment
too new to remember .LIVE

>> No.4888711


>> No.4888815

I am horrified at the possibility that some holofags, ESPECIALLY redditor cocofags, would switch to nijisanji.

>> No.4888880

That will never happen because Nijisanji doesn't separate the males and females.

>> No.4888891

>I am horrified at the possibility that some anons aren't 100% loyal to x company

>> No.4888950

You don't get why I don't like this idea.

>> No.4889014

I don't.

>> No.4889079

Nobody gives a shit about Nijiniggers, 50 of them could graduate the next day and no one would care compared to 1 Holo graduating

>> No.4889130

some of yall genuinely need therapy

>> No.4889176

Why are Chinks so autistic even when doing damage control

>> No.4889219

>Cover: Coco, we will "protect you" from now on
>Coco: Ok...
>Chinks continue shitting her chat
>Staff gives mod powers to bugmen, and they ban her members
>Staff tries to do the unbanning, but they try to do it with a fucking form request that takes forever
>Coco: I'll do it myself with DMs...
>Chinks continue shitting on her
>Doesn't show up on Hologra anymore
>Doesn't show up on the new years stream
>Doesn't do sponsoreds stream
>Wasn't allowed to collab with HoloEN
>Coco: M-maybe it's better if I leave...
>Cover: No way! Well, she is leaving on her own accord! Chinks please read this announcement of her leaving, we wrote it in simplified chinese for you guys too!
Sure Cover is inept and well known for being incompent, but this is a little too much.

>> No.4889244

Cover's new restrictions and screwing over Haachama, Coco, Pekora and Marine are all shitty. I didn't bother reading op. I'm disappointed with them and can only hope Coco became a manager.
No. Platform reps, anon.

>> No.4889274

Nah. Incompetent? Yes. Malicious? Plausible but I doubt it. Coco had extreme circumstances leading up to her graduation, and it's just simply much more believable that she wanted to move on. We will see in the future actions of cover, but I don't care about being called bootlickers by bitter people who are hungry for drama

>> No.4889471

I need my meds, this is screwing me up

>> No.4889560
File: 906 KB, 240x312, 1617550290987.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Incompetent management fucked Ai Kizuna and it fucked Coco Kiryu. I hope Coco/kson takes her knowledge and experience of the past two years and starts her own vtuber company and blows these useless Japanese bureaucracy 'talento' companies out of the water.

>> No.4889599

Coco’s chat rooms have been hugboxes for months, dumbass. I see more trolling in a Peppa Pig playlist.
>b-but collabs
Collab spam was always swiftly dealt with after about five minutes of moderation and slow mode.
This rrat that Coco’s streams were nuclear wastelands of Chinese rage is peak schizophrenia and shows that the dramafags attacking Cover for allowing “unchecked harassment” never actually watched her. I’m sure her DMs were a trash fire, but welcome to the fucking internet.

>> No.4889615

Good job earning your 50 cents for the day, Zhang.

>> No.4889678

A month ago Coco broke during a stream and started crying her eyes out during the superchat reading time, Kanata had to come to comfort her and she cried ugly for 2 minutes before nuking the archive.

>> No.4889788

You're right, OP, but how do we hit them hard?

>> No.4889959

that would be fun

>> No.4889996

>woman got emotional
I am shocked.

>> No.4890013

They probably don't want eops shitting up niji chats.

>> No.4890246

Bugs lack basic human empathy.

>> No.4890300

Your brain on CCP indoctrination.

>> No.4890555

You will never be able to afford a Pakistani slave girl, chink.

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