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>Niji is better cause they still have the zhangs.
>Cover screw Coco over even after letting go of the zhangs.

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It’s actually because they let the zhangs control VR with an iron fist will not allowing the chinks to touch or influence anycolor with a 10 foot pole, their raunchy ness remains unchanged til this very day

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NijiEN Dragon I kneel

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Eat shit bugman

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The distancing of virtuareal from nijisanji is pretty genius, they’d be able to cut them off a lot easier than hololive did and they could probably keep going under bilibili if it happens

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In hindsight it’s the best decision anycolor made and have dodged a literal bullet.

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i want to fuck nanami!

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Don't know about you but I want all Niji dragons on my dick

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Didn't niji used to have a hongkong branch?

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yeah, hongkong, shanghai, taiwan branch, but all closed after they realized that just let the chinks management it and take the cut from their share

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And now there's just the normal CN branch hmmm

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None of these were as popular as FBK and Aqua on bilibili when Holo was still on there right?

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I love this shark.

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ye, still aren't, zhangs still love hololive despite what rrats here say.

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I want to fuck Ruki & Karon.

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Speaking of, looks like Nijichads just can't stop winning. Ez international collab.

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Yousa has almost 3 million subs and Hanser is over 2 mil, but they aren't VR proper, and signed on to VR Star later

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VR Star is like, actual celebrity stars that they just slapped a fuckin vtuber avatar to, look em up, some of them are insanely popular.

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I'm aware

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