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>TT collab
I sleep
>VShojo collab
I sleep
>Pikamee collab

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Pika is cool besides that one time.

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Because the other person ina

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I'm actually more hyped for the monhun collab. Its no secret that Ina was already a hololive fan before joining and Fubuki is her favorite. I'm glad she finally gets to collab with her.

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Bless you anon

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Pretty much, Pikamee felt like it would happen a long time ago, but I've been waiting for FBK or Marine forever.

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problem is that it's a 4-man japanese collab
she struggled a bit with 2 people in minecraft, so i'm a little worried with monster hunter which requires more concentration

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I wonder if Pika is aroused by Ina's DFC design or if her proportions aren't sufficiently childlike.

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>So Ina, how do you feel about little girl?
>I consider myself...a cunnysseur
>V-tweeters lose it
Can't wait.

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I am excited. Too bad I won't be able to watch it live because Pikamee hates europe wagies.

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because there's no drama in this one

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Not even the five eyes knows what she's into. She has a HEPA grade yab filter.

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Now this is a collab I can get behind.

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If that happens, I hope there's a Vtweeter mass suicide event afterwards

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Pikamee's collab with Tem was nice even though Pika is a lousy artist so if it's an art stream like I'm assuming, it'll be a nice time.

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The drawings she makes for members are pretty cute at least.

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>I sleep
Were you even here the last day with how many threads this shit got or are you completely retarded?

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Hope pika uses her old avatar design. The new one filters me hard, fuck I hate chibi shit.

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Who can hate Pikamee?

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She got considerable worse when she started speaking English more. All normies now in her fandom

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>Ina is just a stepping stone to get a Gura sleepover off collab

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Ina is based and responsible, with a solid track record for collabs within hololive and external. She will have a fun stream and not drag down her brand or the organization.

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Actually, I had to go through yesterday without electricity during half afternoon and half evening because I live in a shitty country and when I was finally able to browse, there was like 8 threads of the same topic so I decided to literally sleep.

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Knowledge of her being a lolicon hitting the mainstream twitter scene won't be good

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Good and fun things are less interesting to talk about and get less attention. I don't think a single person could be legitimately be upset about Pikamee Ina collab. The other ones are actually controversial in some aspects

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Pika is based. The other two are not. Simple as.

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Finally some sense

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VOMS have always been acceptable

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Pretty much
(though pika is also cool)

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According to Ina she's been a fan of Pikamee for a while. I'd be over the moon if this caused Pika to have a resurgance, VOMs deserves it

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what one time?

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He’s probably talking about when Pikamee tweeted she likes them 9 y/o

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Based Pikamee

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Once again Ina is forced to carry EN. Sasuga.

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I thought you were meming until i checked


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is it my time to shine

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it's beautiful

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Pikamee is great, the others are whores e-celebs.

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Collabing with a man

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I assume he meant the infamous Domo interview
I don't know why she did that, probably pushed by some people in her circle

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But we trust Winning Son

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takos stay winning

>> No.4757760

Seeing as I hunted with both of them in Monhun, we sure are.

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I should have said, a wolf in sheep's clothing

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It will 100% be a drawing stream.

Assuming they don't have a particular topic to draw and they just take random chat suggestions, what are you spamming in chat?

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Ina is boring, sorry. I might watch for Pikamee though.

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I have watched a few Monhun 4 persons collabs, they normally just scream during the hunt time and are really relaxed in the other parts, I thing she would be fine.

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Hey me too

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It's not like she's complete out of her depth, although this will be the first time she doesn't have any of the Indonesian girls to lean onto conversation wise.

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nice a fellow connoisseur

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It's more like she started pandering to popular EN clip content, mainly having 30% of her spoken time being the kettle laugh. It actually made me stop watching her because the constant shrillness gave me migraines.
Still like her, but she's as cold-blooded and calculating when performing a stream as she is when stalking little Japanese girls.

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Quick rundown on the interview?

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Loli shit just to piss off SJW vtweeters.

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>Pikamee finally has a collab with HoloEN
pretty based, glad it's finally happening since Ina said she watched Pika before her own debut
>immediately follows it up with a Vshojo collab
how unfortunate

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Do the two cancel each other out?

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Because unlike vshojo or anitubers people don’t dislike Pikame

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Don't forget it's another step closer to Gura. It's all planned and Ina is ina on it.

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Twitter doesn't even know the word cunny, anon. They'll still have enough room to pretend she's not into it like they do with Gura.

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It was nothing special, the guy doing the interview is annoying on twitter but the interview itself was nothing worth getting mad about.

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File: 598 KB, 2025x1500, __gawr_gura_and_amano_pikamee_hololive_and_2_more_drawn_by_genek__5cdde1e1960357c6d6b0a213efd14a84.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can't wait for the 2 shark cunnysseurs to collab.

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What's in it for Ina? Is Pikamee going to share?

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It's exciting but it's not for another 4 days so for all we know it could be canceled the 11th hour, i'm sure minutes before the collab there will be no less that 4 threads on it.

Tako and Pikamates /Voms kids are pretty chill because they reflect their oshi(s), another reason is there's not drama to be had from this as Pikamee nor Ina have said stupid shit about each other or their companies since before this colalb, should be pretty good doesn't need a thread now though.

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This is just speculation based on girls who are similar to Ina, but she might be the type to like setting them up and enjoying them being together in a voyeuristic/compersive way. Maybe she just enjoys the cuteness of it, maybe it's more of a sexual thing, we can only guess.

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Reminder that Pikamee once collabed with Uto. And this is Uto's ploy to get in contact with Ina. This is a trap.

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>Pikamee gets a Gura
>Ina gets a Tomoshika to abuse/be abused by
I see...

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PikaIna hype thread?

>> No.4763042

This will be my first time watching Ina, what should I expect?

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>humu humu
>a warm feeling that fills your body and turns into a burning desire to do your reps and see ina succeed

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I'm not a tako, but imo, if you can't stand quiet streams or you aren't patient, Ina is not your thing. But if you want to listen to a soothing voice while sitting during a stream or just do your thing and listen as if it was a podcast, you'll love Ina's comfiness, and that's just her drawing streams and zatsudan.

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Ina's tentacles wrapped around TMSK's throat choking her while other tentacles do their work

>> No.4764057

Puns, wahs, and a very calm, nice girl. When she's passionate about something, you can really tell. She gushes about it a lot.
Also lots of cute noises.

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we really gonna compare Pikamee with fucking gigguk

>> No.4765589

No we aren't, Deadbraps are.

>> No.4765668

I'm a drawnfag myself, and I usually watch my oshi while drawing most of the time. I've heard good things about her (compared to all the shitposting with the other girls), so I guess I'll give her a try later.

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The only EN whose content is tolerable

>> No.4766064

she's boring but pleasant, like submerging your feet on lukewarm water

>> No.4766685

You mean the best collaborator in EN?
You could pair Ina with a plank of wood and she'd make it look like a fun and interesting partner. Remember her Mori collab?

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How does Ina feel about cunny? This information is crucial to the quality of the collab and the ongoing relationship between the two of them

>> No.4767022

she would make it look exciting and voluptuous too

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2 words: Consistency and Trust
I trust Ina to be consistent and she has never let me down. If I have anything to say about it, I plan on doing in her thread when necessary.

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I would be willing to bet she is a cunnoisseur of sorts.

>> No.4767104

She's so skilled!

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It's actually a good collab idea and doesn't ooze drama. Hence no one talks about it.

>> No.4768494

Do you know who her papa is?

>> No.4769121

Good point. Kuroboshi-papa is a champion of cunny

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>Ina bought Pika's sweater
>Pika bought Ina's sweater
It's like the vtuber equivalent of NFL Jersey swaps

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"Ina what do you think about lolis, dayo"

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Is the "Ina is boring" meme purely "Ina has no yab material, so she must be boring" or do people actually think that? I've watched all the EN girls and the only real difference is Ina doesn't talk and scream as loudly.

>> No.4771224

That's absolutely a plus though.

>> No.4771298

Ina collabs with a non-holo indie vtuber and also with her Senpais. All in the same week. She's just perfect. Pikamee has always been one of the few Envtuber that is a shoein to collab with.

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Basically. No drama, this board doesn't care.

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>TT collab
I hate
>VShojo collab
I hate
>Pikamee collab

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>TT collab
Attracts normalfags and retarded SJWs
>VShojo collab
Attracts vtweeters and retarded SJWs
>Pikamee collab
Gatekeeps by existing and filters all the undesirables

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That Abby art isn't by Kuroboshi.

>> No.4771970

>Gatekeeps by existing and filters all the undesirables
Pikamee liking comic LO and one google translate tweet only filtered the worst of the worst. Her audience is 90% normalfag EOPs.

>> No.4772404

>Uto collabs with ina, then Ina Collabs with Nabi
I see this as a plus

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But Uto has already done stuff with Hololive.

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please be nice

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That's still better than no gatekeeping at all. Removing those retards fixes 90% of all the problems. They get triggered by everything, like Nyanners.

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refused to say the nword in gta5

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Japanese = good. Simple as.

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It's only funny if the vtuber doesn't know what nigga means.

>> No.4774725

Based and imma need sauce for that pic anon

>> No.4774755

Damn! Thosw VOMS clothings are based af

>> No.4774792

Can’t rrat. It’s a collab to actually look forward to

>> No.4775330

Yeah, and her "Oh." was just as funny. Probably moreso.

>> No.4775419 [DELETED] 

I stole it from l*ddit a few months ago.

>> No.4775436

t. 99.9% of the retards on this board who call anyone collabing with the EN girls a leech

>> No.4775469

Ina is a leech.

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don't have membership cause I'm a poorfag, but they are the only two Vtubers I'm subscribed to.

>> No.4778797

I like them both, can't wait.
Any guesses what will they be doing?

>> No.4778841

>Any guesses what will they be doing?
Breaking record levels of comfy.

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>> No.4778901

Because Ina is boring and the collab will be unremarkable

>> No.4779028

That looks like Ina's artstyle but I don't remember he drawing any Abby on stream

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Literally because there's nothing bad to say about it honestly. Also it isn't a slow week in terms of drama-filled stuff from Kiara/Mori alike so that just has more of peoples' attention.

I love Ina and Pika both and I'm so damn glad this collab is happening and I wish for many more Pika interactions. That's about all I have to say. However I have a damn lot more to say about Kiara/Mori's recent things. In other words a Pika collab is an "if it ain't broke don't fix it" thing where it's like, if you ask me for comment sure I'll say "holy shit awesome" but generally my concerns are more towards talking about what seems to be breaking down for HoloEN than what's working for it because just saying something's working nicely, isn't really that thought-provoking or interesting. Especially when the rest of the vtuber sphere is literally all only-that and the knives come out if you even imply things aren't a 100% rosy rainbows world for all Holo.

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>what are you spamming in chat?
bathing suits

>> No.4780135

or they will just draw each other like in the Iofi collab

>> No.4780283

Can Pika draw?

>> No.4781493

I don't think she considers herself an artist or anything, but she seems to draw for fun a bit. Her drawings are amateurish but pretty cute.

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>> No.4788392

Eldritch-Ina vs PikaZilla in a giant monster battle

>> No.4791241

ask them to draw their favourite grail

>> No.4792872

Holy based

>> No.4792937

Deadbraps probably will

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I want the original Pika, not the kaiju.

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File: 8 KB, 206x245, Uoh (Pikamee2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>sleeping aid has collab
Okay, but why would I talk about it?

>> No.4797777

Reading this thread made me realize why I like Ina so much, she filters all the dramaniggers

>> No.4798491

Because we actually like Pikamee, as opposed to the VShojo trash.

>> No.4798521

>Ina collabs with Ame's family before she does

>> No.4799306

Then how is it still funny when Kiara does it?

>> No.4799390

Agreed. I didn't think the shit model would make me lose interest in Pikamee but I have started to notice that I watch her a lot less ever since it was unveiled. Couldnjust be causation and not correlation, butbevery time I join the stream it's still entertaining. But this collab has definitely renewed my interest by a million percent

>> No.4800234

Yes. She is shy and introverted, so there's no clips for Reddit to upvote.

>> No.4800285

She has a ton of really funny clips, I think it just shows the portion of the audience that needs really "YAB" references and "offensive" stuff, I'm glad Ina is the way she is, at least there's one wholesome streamer in the gen.

>> No.4800296

>what are you spamming in chat?
Nothing. I am going to hide chat.

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>> No.4800898

She gets loads of clip content, it's all just puns, jokes, life advice or "oh no" reactions to vidya misfortunes.

>> No.4802463

Yeah, that's what I mean. I didn't mean it in a literal way. Gomen.

>> No.4802587

I recommend her Miiverse video, if you’re looking for a recent place to start. It was pretty cozy and pretty funny.

>> No.4803131

Here's your collab preview:

So so so
Humu humu
*kettle noise*

>> No.4803318

The Prophet walks among us

>> No.4803756

Among us?

>> No.4804315

Pikamee is an SJW though, she literally is a mod in Artemis of the Blue's chat and vehemently white knights that troon in that chat

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