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Did she really do a moonman cover? The fuck was she thinking bros? I don't want my cute neko cancelled...

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ok holonigger

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She was an edgelord back in the day. She regrets it now. Relatable desu

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>"back in the day"
5 years ago?

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You know she enjoyed it and when her hugbox cancels her, she would come back in an instant if anyone forgave her.

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I'd forgive her, but I'd expect feet pics and nudes.

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If she actually purged the SJWs that pretend to be her fans/friends but actually just use her as a totem for their retarded culture war i'd forgive her instantly, don't even care

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Weird.... I keep hearing on /vt/ that's she's going to get cancelled, but... nothing's happening? No one is even talking about it outside of this board. When is this supposed cancellation suppose to happen, bros...?

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You will be disappointed anon, that will never happen. She supports them SJWs...

Not my image btw I just found it on twitter. I'm surprised no one is talking about her here. A lot of her antis are in Youtube and Twitter.

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she did, but most of her audience wouldn't give a shit

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Whenever some SJW journablogger who hates Vtubers gets ahold of her voice clips.
Until then, she will blot out the sun.

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I see we've rapidly moved from denial
>it's not her
to anger
>it's her but it's only you chuds that care about it

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Everyone knows about pomf already and she's not cancelled, this won't do anything.

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Kek that’s not why it’s great, retard. She became an sjw BEFORE the moonman was created. She grandstanded hard on her blog about how evil 4chan was and how she became a better person, deleting anything and everything any tumblrite told her to take down only to find her months later doing the moonman song. She is a hypocrite. She’s a clout chaser through and through. I don’t care about her Loli stuff at all. Get fucked

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SJWs are known for throwing each other under the bus. The nanosecond it furthers their agenda to drop her, they will.

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Honestly, that just sounds kinds based.

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>back in the day
You mean a few years ago before brexit and Trump made millennials lose their fucking mind and cancel everyone who doesn't join the hivemind?
Seems awfully convenient that she changed right at that moment.

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Provide one single example a ton of people were willing to forgive something on the level of Moorman cover. Any non pink cat individual.

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Honestly, I changed around that time too, but it was mainly because I was taking a class on the ethics of democracy in 2015 and realized the importance in a democratic society to strive for equality and ensuring every citizen has a general education.

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Pretty sure everyone followed that guy when he was actually making cute sneezes instead of the dumb takes he's doing now
>gay reptile
I remember seeing this person publicly begging Nyanners for a Twitter follow with every new account, it's weird
>French slug loli?
Huh. A while ago, she said it might have been due to a random block chain thing and was neutral about it all. Now it just looks like she's trying to gain clout and victim points from it, eh

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*making cute sneeze clips

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I remember a period where Nyanners kept bringing up vtubersneezes and trying to make herself sneeze, I didn't realize he'd started up some drama shit no wonder I haven't heard her bring it up at all lately.

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We need to spread this info far and wide. Maybe the collab can still be stopped.

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Can somebody please provide me with the voice clips that can damage her reputation?

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Not your personal army. Do you cancel culture shit yourself.

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Search the archives
a guy has been posting them for quite some time
And don't forget to directly message Cover

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You will still have to prove it's actually her if you want to cause real damage.

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Before some cuck even tries to report it i've already downloaded everything

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I used to be anti-Nyanners, but then it dawned on me. There's really nothing we can do to stop her. She has the perfect excuse to get her out of any predicament that we throw. Most of you don't get much social interaction, so you wouldn't know just how bad 4chan's reputation has gotten since moot left. These aren't the days when /b/ got an abusive cat-owner arrested anymore. Normalfags now think we got Trump elected, were involved in the Charlottesville rally, caused the Christchurch massacre, and are constantly trying to push a far-right agenda on social media. It doesn't matter how true any of these claims are. That's just what the current narrative is. It's the same reason why Coco thinks of this site as a "dangerous place." Before 2015-ish, it wasn't unusual for content creators to have something like "yeah I browse 4chan" on their blog. Now anyone with a brain stem wouldn't be caught dead admitting they've even looked at this site, and any oldfag who did has covered up their past as best as they can. They have to or risk getting cancelled. We are the bad guys to normalfags, and Nyanners obviously knows this which is precisely why she preeminently threw us under the bus as soon as she started gaining traction, to cover up her past. But what can we do? She has claimed we groomed her, and everyone believes her because that sounds like something the big, evil 4chan would do. Any attempt to tarnish her reputation now will just be seen as an attempt of punishment for abandoning us and confirm her claim. I bet she could even say "FUCK NIGGERS" during her upcoming Hololive collab and just be like "im so sowwi da ebil 4chin made me say it uwu," and everyone would forgive her because that's just how much of a bad rap this place has. The worse 4chan's reputation gets, the stronger she becomes. You can't comprehend how much power this pink cat wields right now. She's outplayed us all. She could shoot someone in broad daylight and still get support. Nyanners is playing 4D chess while we are playing checkers.

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5 years is a long time for not old people

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nice post, taylor

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I like Nyanners because I want to fuck the pink cat and I'm not autistic enough to hold a grudge for over 6 years.

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Too many newfags in this thread. The moonman cover was her making amends. The problem is there are so many newfags that none of them know that's the case, but canceling the nekopara collab over lolis shows she has relapsed or has drawn a line that saying nigger is okay but a 2D image is too far.

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It's hilarious how people are digging up all this so they can stop the hololive collabs from ever happening.

I can't blame people though. If they got veibae cancelled, might as well complete the set. Pink Cat Bad!

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>If they got veibae cancelled, might as well complete the set.
I wouldn't hold your breath on that, with Vei she specifically said bad things about the company, I really doubt Cover will care so much about Nyanners having done a meme song about niggers once. It's not like no one at Hololive right now has said racial slurs before.

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>canceling the nekopara collab over lolis
She never really specified why she cancelled it, she just said it was "weird" and didn't really elaborate.

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>It's not like no one at Hololive right now has said racial slurs before.
They actually apologized and have consciously banned nigger and niggers from all streams. They wouldn't want to remind people of the past by allowing moonman be in the same conversation as Hololive.

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>making amends by doing it privately in a call
not until she publicly admits that she herself fucked up and leaks the PMs and private group chat logs from all those tumblr and twitter personalities she sold out for

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Moonman wasn't a thing back when Nyanners was making songs for 4chan. She made pomf back in 2012, while the songs you people post were created in 2015 and later.
You really can't just make shit up and expect everyone to believe you when you don't bother with the timeline.

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someone actually explain the moonman meme
i don't browse pol

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Kek, but that doesn't sound like her at all. Her voice is far lower.

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And so has Nyanners. Hololive and she are like two peas in a pod.

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It's an old McDonalds commercial where there was a dude wearing a moon head singing jazz about Big Macs but alt right people thought it looked like a KKK hood so they thought it would be funny to have him rapping about killing minorities in a text to speech voice. That's it.

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It's a bunch of text-to-speech racist covers of popular rap songs, set to a clip of an old McDonalds commercial.

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Don't spoonfeed newfags you fucking nigger

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This thread is so fucking retarded.

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That’s a long time for young people. Especially because they develop much faster.

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get fucked r/hololive

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No, she didn't. And you won't convince anyone otherwise, come the fuck on. It's one thing to photoshop Garrison's comics, but no one would fall for what is obviously a different person singing modern alt-right memes and think that fucking Nyanners recorded it 10 years ago, when Vocaroo didn't even exist yet.

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It was 6 years ago retard
cope harder

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>alt right people
Do you want to know how I know you're an outsider newfag trying to fit in?

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She already denounced the Pomf video and went to Tumblr 6 years ago. You're being fucking retarded.

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Why stick around here? Isn't it too problematic for you?

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It will never happen for the simple reason that she is one of them now. The SJW hivemind has an insane double standard when it comes to accountability and they will turn a blind eye to all sorts of abhorrent shit if it means protecting their own.

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Based Nyanners playing both sides of this retarded culture war.

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You get what you fucking deserve Yulia.
the deepest pits of hell are reserved for traitors.

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Again, unless someone has something to gain from throwing her under the bus.
They are a hive of cannibal ants, they will eat each other when there is nothing else to eat.

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Hell isn't real lol.

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The empty void of hell awaits you, subhuman.

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This has got to be the laziest smear campaign in the history of 4chan.

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Where can I listen to this moonman cover? I'd like to listen to it.

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start a hate campaign when she only had 2k viewers and now she has about 9k regular and still growing. veetee's rrats are so flimsy that emailing cover about it makes you look insane

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Wait i thou i was supposed to hate pink cat?

>> No.4743676

Sure, you keep telling yourself that everyone you hate will get punished somehow because you won't actually do anything yourself.

>> No.4743706

Away false flaggot, you don't belong here.

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Cancelling doesn't work like that. As long as she is useful to the she won't be canceled. If president can't get away with groping pre-teens in public and prime minister can get away with blackface, anime catgirl can get away with few niggerwords.

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Considering all the Chinese drama last year, I'm pretty sure Cover's feedback mailbox sends everything to the spam folder by default. They know their fanbase is insane.

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That isn't even her voice

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He's right, Nyanners has been through much worse from 4chan than this shit.

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I've been on this website before you were even born, faggot. And I'm calling all of you uninspired and lazy because that's what you are. You really think some random fucking vocaroo that wasn't even pitched properly would take down an e-celeb? Are you fucking braindead? And why the fuck would you rely on memes from the last few years? Is it really that hard to google when all of the actual drama went down, and adjust accordingly?
This is fucking embarrassing. You fags make this entire website look bad, even back in the muh anonymous days we did more creative things.

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nyanners is the epitome of trash though

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>I've been on this website before you were even born, faggot.
You wish, nigger
>You fags make this entire website look bad
Lmao, just stop

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I remember being in the thread for this specific recording.
This is the general timeline I remember.
>nyanners doing recordings for /a/ and /v/ in 2011 including pomf
>fast forward to 2014 and gamergate happens with nyanners siding with her new tumblr crowd
>pomf is deleted and the general consensus on 4chan is that she'll be back when she realizes that tumblr sjws don't pay
>2016 rolls around and nyanners is back doing recordings for 4chan including moonman and the other vocaroos in the youtube link above
>consensus is that the high traffic on 4chan because of the election lured her back since she didn't gain traction on tumblr
>nyanners dips into irrelevancy on 4chan but gains a modest following with asmr and song covers on youtube
>she did a face reveal on twitch and again on youtube and then started being a pseudo vtuber in 2018-19
>officially debuted an original model in 2020
>joins vshojo in the same year and the nekopara collab is mysteriously cancelled with her changing her character's height on twitter to seem less like a loli
Feel free to fill in any gaps, but that's the story of nyanners. She did come back and then left again. pomf is still deleted. If it were still 2017 she'd probably record nigger and "around blacks never relax" like usual, but she's obviously trying to be more professional now that she's part of a company. The only thing you can call her a hypocrite for is the loli stuff, but she did make amends with 4chan for her woke phase.

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Do a flip, zoom-zoom.

>> No.4744093

>The fuck was she thinking bros
Probably something like
>"Hehehehe, the guys at 4chan will love this!"

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>You get what you fucking deserve
Yeah she just got over 500k followers!

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Nyanners WILL cancel your oshi. A few lucky ones might survive the upcoming Catnarok by making an apology video where they compare uterine lining diarrheas with Nyanners' right hand woman Vei.

>> No.4744148

>2016 rolls around and nyanners is back doing recordings for 4chan including moonman and the other vocaroos in the youtube link above
Do you really think anyone would believe this?

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If you actually check Twitter and Discord, literally a ton of vtuber and loli oriented groups have created massive vendetta against her. At this point, it just seems really funny to me, and also sad.

>> No.4744230

Don't get too upset when this pathetic attempt doesn't amount to anything and the collab still happens.

>> No.4744285

>oh shit, normies won't agree to cancel her for denouncing pedos
>quick, make some shit up

>> No.4744297

It happened. Go check the archive if you don't believe me. I distinctly remember the 12 subscriber joke because she really didn't have any growth which brought her back to trying to get viewers from 4chan.

>> No.4744335

Does gaslighting count as trolling?
Asking for a friend

>> No.4744417

Oh, so there's an archive too? Would you link ot then? Of course you won't, and you just bullshitted yourself into a corner for even mentioning that they exist.
Are you underage or something? This retardation is more transparent than chicken's numberfagging.

>> No.4744519

Nah fuck this shit, I can’t bring myself to hate Nyanners but this just makes me more apathetic towards her
It’s kinda noticeable, you’ll find these opinions sooner or later if you like cunny and vtubers. This group of people don’t have interest in boycotting Nyanners compared with 4chan even if it’s obvious some of them visit this place, but they’ll actually be VERY vocal about their distaste for her

>> No.4744551

Based on how 50% of this board reacts to sexual content, I could ask the same thing.

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>> No.4744679

>he doesn't know about the archive
>he doesn't know how to work the archive
you have to go back

>> No.4744685

i remember she doing some works with zone tan?

>> No.4744768

Again, you're not bullshitting anyone with this.

>> No.4744806

Nah, some of the vocal ones are too reddit to ever visit this place. A lot of them have come from the Youtube vid and a few big anitwt figures talking about her hypocrisy.

>This group of people don’t have interest in boycotting Nyanners
I don't think this site does as well, everyone just wants to gatekeep and keep her out.

>> No.4744814

Oh hey, it's the schizo that tried to pretend he's in Nyanners' sub-only discord channel lol
I can smell your bullshit from a mile away
And learn how to use the archive you lazy shill

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How are your Twitter and YouTube campaigns going bro? Lots of retweets and likes I assume?

>> No.4744843

So this is some trannycord drama after all? Explains your retardation.

>> No.4744862

How's veibae collab doing? Still nixed by Cover?

>> No.4744882

let me know how the veibae collab is going.

>> No.4744894

>doesn't even know about the archives
This is pathetic, please stop posting

>> No.4744895

I can't believe these newfags are braindead enough to operate on fucking YouTube of all platforms. That's the stupidest part to me.

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We really do live in a society.

>> No.4744934

Yes bro we should operate in IRC like such oldfags man epic for the win.

>> No.4744963

>he doesn't know about the #/vt/ cabal

>> No.4744970

lots of nyagger shit ears out today.

>> No.4744973

Yes, you fucking nigger. You should operate where your fucking le ebin plans won't be plainly visible for everyone to see, and moderators won't take your shit down in a day.
How fucking stupid are you?

>> No.4744982

No thanks, I'm not planning on cutting my balls off.

>> No.4745045

it's out there already. even people on twitter have been sharing it. regardless, it's not going to matter because she's not getting cancelled.

>> No.4745121

what is your favorite moonman song bros? Mine is that Triple K Mafia one

>> No.4745146

I should have expanded on it
As for the first part, you are right, and then there’s also this
As for the second part, yeah I can see it. Speaking for myself, I want to gatekeep the part of her audience who are potential newfags since many of them are SJWs or Twitch zoomers probably worse than chumbuds

>> No.4745216

Of course it's not going to fucking matter. No one even bothered to fake the voice properly, none of the vocaroos sound even remotely like Nyanners because she never pitches her voice like that. They sound more like Kiara than Nyanners. It also doesn't have any sources or links. No one with half a brain would bother with it.
It's offensively lazy, and now these fags already gave up their entire gameplan by doing it.

>> No.4745235

gatekeeping is usually cringe faggot shit but in this case where a fucking attention whore like nyanners is on the cusp of fucking shit up for the whole scene I will bend my one rule this time just to get her to fuck off. My only fear is that if she gets cancelled, who will fill the vacuum as the "cute progressive girl"? I bet a thousand other cunts are just waiting to do just that.

>> No.4745256

Try demoralizing harder nyaggers shill

>> No.4745260

The voice she used to make videos with is not the one she currently streams with

>> No.4745267

This looks like a bunch of /vt/fags circlejerking. Check their profiles, it's plain as day.

>> No.4745279

Having said that, I was in the thread where Nyanners was doing moonman covers. It wasn't 2015 it was 2014, April to be exact if I do recall. I don't even give a shit about cancelling her but the moonman recording is def her.

>> No.4745300

I'm trying to find the diss track where two upstanding african american teens are listening to a moonman song given to them and one of them had to leave the room with the line "i'll only use half the bullets because you're only half black"

>> No.4745341

>have consciously banned nigger and niggers from all streams


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yeah if you look up nyanners and loli on twitter, plenty of results pop up about shitting on her
i don't think it's 4chan at all, it's just weebs being weebs

>> No.4745347

It was the same fucking voice. The videos are there, anyone can check.
Moonman didn't become a thing until 2015 you braindead retard.

>> No.4745385

You sound like a /pol/nigger.

>> No.4745411

i dont get it what is this moonman? is it a way to say moona?

>> No.4745460

Damn, I know which one you are talking bout. I wish the guy making the moonman lyrics dissed more the guys he was talking to than talking about niggers in general
It's Moona'a brother. She started her idol career trying to be as big as her brother Moonman

>> No.4745468

And there we go, the redditor takes the mask off. Fuck off back to where you came from you whiny, pathetic little cuck

>> No.4745470

You're an idiot. Moonman stuff was around from 2013.

>> No.4745508

>Moonman didn't become a thing until 2015

>> No.4745521

>gaslighting this hard
>on 4chan

>> No.4745538

Yeah, that’s what I said earlier
Oof, I underestimated Twitter lolicons

>> No.4745550

>m-muh redittors
Why are you so assmad about criticism of your own retardation?

>> No.4745555

I haven't listened to that many, but Black Lives Still Don't Matter is comfy.

>> No.4745588

Just stop. It's embarrassing.

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