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I like Snuffy

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I like Snuffy too

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I despise all women, especially that fat ones

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I want to coom in her coon cunny

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She isn't meant for lewd dummy.

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Fatty is an okay streamer

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What is she for then?

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Watching and enjoying!

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butt sniffing

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She's lewder and more degenerate than most vshojos, why are you okay with her, /vt/?
Also there's a solid possibility that she'll join Vshojo at one point. Is your opinion of her going to change just because of the team name under her stream?

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I'm okay with her because she's the best!

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I too have recently started liking Snuffy

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What do you like about her anon?

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She is very obese you can hear it

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Mature snuff > normal snuff
Fight me nerds.

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I'm okay with any snuff, but my favorite is defeated mahou shoujo

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Her laugh.

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You're not fooling anyone, snuffy

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dude lmao weed am I right LOL

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I’m going to need pics/clips.

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I wanted to like her but then I realized she's into ponyshit so I dropped her like a meteor.

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Here's one she was selling on Discord. You're welcome bros.

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Is this her actual model?

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What she does that? Holy based.

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Also rewards I paid for.
Enjoy, I share the wealth with my niggas.

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Absolutely based anon. Hopefully the thread doesn't get nuked for this.

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>degenerate schizos are inconsistent hypocrites
Wow, anon, what a shock.

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>those thighs

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I wish I was a horse so snuffy would want to fuck me.

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You've clearly never been on her discord

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>She's lewder and more degenerate than most vshojos
Yeah but she's entirely genuine about it

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I wasn't talking about Snuffy

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what the fuck is mature snuff

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>desire fuck Snuffy intensifies

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Is it public ?

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But I agree

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I want to cum inside this goddamn coon. Just tie her and ram her for hours on end.

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Can you guys please stop being sexual towards snuffy?

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Only if she stops first.

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>he doesn't let himself be horny
and this is why women will walk all over you, bub. While you blueball and deny yourself, others accept it and embrace it.

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No anon I will not stop talking about how I want to put her into a mating press and cum inside her so much that she becomes a crack addict but for my cum.

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I want her to submit to the pavlov conditioned response of growing horny but for any scent of my own, of semen, of my sweat, of my shampoo. I want it to be an endless amount of horny for her. And I'd even slip in horny pills into her drinks so that her brain also conditions herself that my presence makes her unbearably horny. She will be a mindbroken cumbrain.

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I just wanted to talk about my favorite coon :(

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Its ok anon, tell us what you wanted to say.

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Based shit
Don't mind us then anon. As you were.

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First you have to stop saying lewd things about her.

Now where was I? Oh yeah I really love her voice and her cute little face! She's also funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OdJsgadk18

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I'm sure you want to talk about how snuffy warms her heart, titilates your ears with her soft and soothing voice as she giggles softly and sweetly. The smile creasing the edges of your mouth as her humor, and gameplay elate you with a sense of jubilation. Her soft hands grasping the controller, the times when she reveals her hands while drawing cards. Soft welcoming hands that would lower your boxers and reveal your aching erection. Her hot coon breath over your tip making it twitch with each exhale. Her saliva collecting as she leans in to blow you.
>but I just wanted to talk about my favorite coon
you say in protest,
But snuffy will swallow your pent up backed up load.

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Stop raping me on this image bored. Snuffy isn't a lewd girl she just pretends to be.

>> No.4718843

I just want there to be more snuffy x furry porn, you'd think there'd be more

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>he doesn't also want to breed-horse snuffy

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breed horse snuffy? what are you on about?

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did she make these?

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Titty fuck her fat raccoon titties to completion.

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I want to stick my dick between her flubbery thighs

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>Stop raping me
Stop being a cocktease, Snuffy.

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Do you think she has ticklish feet? Imagine tickling her feet and listening to that cute laugh...

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She said she used to draw furry porn is this true? Or she lyin.

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A girl liking horses? Fucking what mate?

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what streams do you coonosseurs recommend to start with?

>> No.4731961

If she's young enough, she might have been the target audience when it came out.

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Bro she wants to fuck animals NOW and has a pony live2D.
What do you think?

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Im absolutely neutral towards her

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I wish I was a bee so Snuffy would shove me up her womb

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you can hear it that she is fat

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is that really such a problem?

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Her voice and model and how she sometimes goes on random tangents of kindness.
She is cute

>> No.4736886

I too would like to know some suggestions

>> No.4737658

She was probably a teenager when cartoon horse show came out, so it's cutting it close.

>> No.4738061 [DELETED] 

dont think its a good enough excuse m8

>> No.4738167

>Woman who was a teenage girl when the horse show aired liking it is bad

>> No.4738238

I want to see all the stickers of her racoon avatar. Is it a racoon or a tanuki? Imagine her with really big balls!!!

>> No.4738769 [DELETED] 

maybe you're right but considering all of the horrendous shit associated with that I'd personally keep that shit on the dl and not make a vtuber avatar of it

>> No.4738940

Oh no, I'm sure she's a degenerate about it. But that's just Snuffy being Snuffy, if she was normal about it then liking it when she was a kid would be fine.

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She's fat and that legit makes the things she says 200% fucking hotter.

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So is she fat, chunky, or just hefty?

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>Imagine her with really big balls!!!
Someone needs to draw this, or even r63 Snuffy

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>Is your opinion of her going to change just because of the team name under her stream?
that's how it works here

>> No.4742270

none of the above

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I flat out DON'T watch this bitch on account for her likely to sell out to Melody and join VShitShow by the end of the year.

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>thicc snuffy

>> No.4749205

what is that thing

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imagine if she sat on you with her big dumper

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imagine the smell

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Best way to tell a girl you'd like her to shower before sex?

>> No.4753531

bitch you stink

>> No.4753830

Be as mean as possible about it until she gets off on the degradation.

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Not even best raccoon

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why would you do this in the first place

>> No.4765426

You can told her, you want to go shower and while at it, you can invite her too so its a win-win solution, you can also have sex on the shower

>> No.4765862

I heavily want to eat Snuffy's ass

>> No.4771662

I want to eat this bitch’s pussy while she’s opening cards on stream. I don’t care if the top of my head is occasionally in frame

>> No.4774080

Snuffy is BASED

>> No.4775104

I don’t. Annoying and super overrated

>> No.4775122

Don’t forget all the pony and furfaggotry she keeps talking about

>> No.4775157

There’s nothing else to her, she’s a fat talentless whore that anyone only cares about because they want to fuck her, she’s just a piece of meat to everyone cuz there’s nothing else to her

>> No.4775196

Who is she?!?! She’s 1000 times better!

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she cute

>> No.4780146

>Not even best raccoon
Literally who?

>> No.4780238

hey i recommend you check out vshojo and normal female twitch streamers

>> No.4780445

check the patreon snuffybros

>> No.4781266

She a brit or aus that accent man

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bless us with sauce?

>> No.4785405

stupid evil sexy snuffy

>> No.4785636

I bet you do OP.
>*Trucker fart*

>> No.4785684

Dude. Nobody fucking cares. Just buy a gun and kill some bitches.

>> No.4785844

a black man

>> No.4786377

go get your wallet, paypig

it's very lewd

>> No.4790453

She states she's up to 150 pounds now.

>> No.4791744

>you'll never get high with snuffy as friends and have her stoned horny ass come over to you and suck on your cock

It hurts

>> No.4791870

she's American, basically anyone under 200lbs is considered in peak shape there

>> No.4791948

>woman says 150
>Means 275

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>> No.4793757

>all these dead posts
holy shit snuffy is based

>> No.4793824

It's because they were patreon rewards from her. lewds and moaning.

>> No.4794509

Her avatar is cute but as a person she has a pretty revolting personality, especially a zoomer-core brony who's obsessed with furry porn and being as sexual as possible. It just screams "I had no father figure". Dating someone like that would be a fucking chore because they're all mentally unstable.

Cute coon avatar though.

>> No.4794611

Is there a decent koikatsu card so I can post her getting gangraped?

>> No.4794640

Nigga none of these broads had a father figure why do you think they're digitally prostituting themselves online for money?

>> No.4794724

Subaru and Rushia are on good terms with their fathers but I don't think I remember any other chuuba speaking well about papa.

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>> No.4801504

fuck it I'll go for it

>> No.4801708

Made this for the horny thread, thought some of you might like it.

>> No.4801990

oh it's basically a bunch of Koikatsu animations, that's disappointing
well at least there's another lewd asmr with the old snuffy voice

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bless you anon

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i dont get why anyone finds her entertaining to watch. she sounds like the ugly girl in your class and likes furshit. I know coomer retard simps have low standards but don't chase a ponyfag

>> No.4802565

I like her unapologetic thirst

>> No.4802627

Wait don't tell me she's into ponyshit

>> No.4802688

She was like 10 when FiM started airing...

>> No.4803535

ok but is she still a ponyfag?
you outgrow that shit dude

>> No.4804914

I just like the fact she's a racoon with a fat ass. Cozy to listen to beyond that.

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Is there a collection of her Patreon content hosted elsewhere? Kind of curious.

>> No.4805313

don't bother, it's really mediocre-at-best stuff. lately it's just like audioless 10-second koikatsu vids that will get leaked eventually anyways. the best things on there are the lewd ASMRs

>> No.4805466

That's disappointing. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting content wise but I was hoping for something a little bit more interesting.

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File: 1.05 MB, 1125x1519, raccoon pasta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Make more anon. There's never enough Snuffy smut.

>> No.4806115

other chuuba threads:
>comradery and good times

snuffy thread:
>hurr sex raccoon penis fart for 200 posts

>> No.4806244

I was 8 when power rangers starting airing, doesn't mean I care about it 20 years later

>> No.4806640

other chuuba threads:
>forced memes
>ritual posts

snuffy thread:
>appreciation of her qualities

>> No.4807216

Ironic Weeb.

>> No.4807263

Me Snuffy
8======D O=======(0-0)
/ \ /OO\

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>implying other threads aren't the same but just masked erections.
come on anon who are you fooling.

>> No.4810718

You mean rrats?

>> No.4810829

I know, isn’t it great?

>> No.4812093

I know, it's great to have a non-schizophrenic fanbase.

>> No.4814481

Snuffy is highly erotic in the trashy but cute way. I would wife her.

>> No.4814716

Seems Snuffy is pretty upset too

>> No.4816067

Nope. She totally doesn’t have a pony model that she used semi-regularly

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>> No.4819308

Snuffy is coomerbait, don't kid yourself into think she's not pandering with her dick jokes

>> No.4819563


>> No.4820641

Yes and what you gonna do about it faggot

>> No.4821126

What ever I do, I'll do it with complete conviction.

>> No.4822426

just checked the archive. man those .png's were terrible but that asmr is chef's kiss. I'd sub if she goes hard on those

>> No.4827994

ASMR is always nice

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