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Why are people getting butthurt over her moonman cover? I thought you guys would have thought it was based.

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No one cares Nyanners

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reddit tourists.

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cancer culture is bad

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I hate hate speech.

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She looks cuter with short hair.

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>SJWs cannibalizing SJWs
It's honestly the best form of entertainment. Why would I deprive myself of it?

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The crowd is divided

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Because people are trying to find everything to get her blocked from hololive collabs.

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She did it to herself.

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>joins sjw community
>buries all of her racist "pedo" work

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I'm 95% convinced that moonman cover isn't even her and you guys are going to look like idiots if it turns out to not be her or nobody can prove it.

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>nyanners is a hypocrite is not a hypocrite is a hypocrite is not a hypocrite is based is a hypocrite is cringe is not a hypocrite is based is a hypocrite is cringe is not a hypocrite is cringe is based is a hypocrite.

You're not paranoid, nyanners. Everyone really does hate you.

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Like revisiting a yearbook, I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see her past work.

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This is what's going to get her cancelled. Holo doesn't give a shit about anti nigger shit, they hate things that slander Japan and having anti-Korean Japanese Superracist stuff said is a death sentence. It's like saying "I hate niggers" in America.

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She really did do this to herself. Imagine that, years of her shit coming back to bite her in the ass. And she only has herself to blame.

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Can someone put the stuff up on catbox or streamable? YouTube age restricted the Moon Man cover and I'm not giving them my info to watch that.

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So she was actually once cool? Sorry Korea but that was funny. I would celebrate if Kim Jong Un killed himself. That was way more entertaining than anything Kiara has ever shit in to her pants.

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>makes an audio clip about hating goober gaymer gator
>pomf song
>embeds herself in tumblr and all that shit
>sings moonman years later
>claims to hate loli
>makes a loli-based avatar
>mixes herself into japanese artstyle for her trade
>makes an audio clip berating japanese
You can't have it both ways. This is what you get. What you deserve. You deserve all of this.

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lmao shes so dumb and cute

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I don't agree with her views here but I don't think she should be "cancelled" for it.

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She should have doubled down, no such thing as half measures bitch. SJW will never accept you as an equal and the based will always see you as a traitor.

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It's amazing, isn't it? Nyanners must be freaking out.

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Honestly she is more likable than Kiara and Mori combined. They should avoid her at all costs.

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hopefully she gets cancelled and comes back here to make more loli vocaroos like before

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POV: Nyanners antis trying to cancel the labeled hypocrite using SJW tactics

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Pretty based ngl
That's definitely not nyanners.

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It 100% is her lmao

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As someone who watches her frequently, it is her voice. None of this is any news though, she's apologized for her past behavior.

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you got the link of her covering moonman? youtube took it down.

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It's still on Youtube.

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I don't know, I watch her too and she's not the only one who can make that generic cutesy anime voice.

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I was around /a/ when she frequently joined vocaroo threads. I'm genuinely surprised that there wasn't much more material being used against her because she voiced some other things too like "daddies cummies" while pretending to be that loli from that doujin.

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Korea makes better movies than Japan. There you, racist bitch. Why is Nyanners like this?

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Sounds like something a fan or something submitted for her to read. Regardless, that's pretty based.

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I know, and that shtlit was funny. This just doesn't sound like her.

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Anyone is more likeable than Calli and specially Kiara.

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Neither of these voices sounds like her, I've listened to her voice since the pomf video. It's just some other girl doing the same shitty anime pitch voice. You can take any of those hundreds of 10 view vtubers and get them to do this and it will sound just as close.

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maximum cope

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when the cat is sus

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Jokes aside, it's not like any of you people aren't guilt of posting offensive crap in this place let's be honest.

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moving the goalposts

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Never watched any of her streams of her before, already like her 10 times more than Takamori. Good hunting.

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Nope, I listened to it again. It doesn't sound like her at any point of her youtube shitposting career. It also sounds even more forced than her voice. Go practice some more.

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Imagine simping for a cunt this hard to deflect, even with documented evidence in both archived form and on Discords over it.

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hitting cope levels that shouldnt even be possible

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Not that guy, but this won't work as "evidence" unless people can actually prove it is her. It does sound similar to her, but there's no actual proof that it really is her.

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What is this a fighting game? Pretty sure that's not how you use that word.

>documented evidence in both archived form and on Discords over it.
Ok I'll be waiting for your discordfaggotry images.

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We don't need evidence in this place, my friend. All we need is hatred.

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>Documented evidence
>High pitched anime voice that vaugely resembles Nyanners says something

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Better rig, better voice she will literally poach all of Kiara’s retarded fans. Great choice shitbird you just played yourself because the Trinity hates you.

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the moonman cover is guaranteed Nyanners, idk about the others ones but they do sound like her when she had a shittier mic.

She definitely did racist recordings for /a/ back when Madoka was released.

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>guaranteed Nyanners
Guaranteed how?

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Some autist can go grab all this stuff from the archives, I'm sure one obsessive fan or anti has and is assembling it on a discord somewhere.

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what is not based is pretending that you never did this and shielding yourself with pathetic excuses "I was groomed into doing this" while also spearheading SJW shit in the vtuber scene.

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No, 4channers won't automatically call you based for saying the N-word.

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I will

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It couldn't have been some other retarded attention seeking girl on 4chan? I'm sure nyanners isn't clean but it just didn't sound like her at all to me and I've seen other 3dpd trying to get (you)s with the same voice.

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ITT: Cancel culture in action.

Make no mistake, my friends. Nyanners is a victim of cancel culture.

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>while also spearheading SJW shit in the vtuber scene.
I keep reading this but what does she actually do?
The shit people post about her is almost exclusively shit she did long before vtubers were a thing and she's not doing anything controversial on her streams. I guess she stopped the Nekopara collab but even then she apparently made sure to not shit on the game or its fans.

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I was there back in the day and you could be right but it could also easily be nyanners and she read a bunch of fucked up shit besides pomf and such. In any case I never cared about cute voice posters and just chuckled and went on my day but I'm sure some autist has all this archived, numbered and tracked.

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This is true. And none of us have any business being in hololive streams with our fuckery. Do you think we do? Or is it only nyaggers that you give a pass?

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>random anonymous girl records stuff from years ago
>has to be Nyanners
>because I hate her, that's why

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If this really is her, how did she go from based to some woke SJW virtue signaling faggot?

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>could also easily be nyanners
That's true but I wouldn't say it's "guaranteed". Someone would have to do better than this to have anything happen to nyanners, but I think people just want to stop collabs with hololive no matter what.

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You also don't have any business policing hololive streams. Let cover and the girls decide what is best. They got this far, they're not retarded.

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I don't think people should bother with nyanners, she was young and dumb when she did her about face and has moderated now a days. Her content is completely sterile and boring no reason to stop collabs now outside of an old grudge. I do understand the feeling though, people who use this place as a spring board without paying their dues deserve punishment.

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>Shut up and consume. You'll get what you're given and like it.

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Yeah it's her
Don't fuck her up too hard though

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based af

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It isn't about her paying her dues, anon.
She lies to herself as badly as she lies to everyone else around her. Her entire "career" is made up of lies. And instead of embracing it, clear as day it's shown she flops, flips, and flails on her stances without so much as a stern pedestal to stand on. How can anyone see or seek to think she is somehow strong in her own values when all she does is prove constantly and consistently that she's meek, frail, and malleable? And instead of everything, she seems to just run away from her problems and somehow expects that her past shenanigans will get conveniently buried while she tries to approach things with a clean slate.
This ain't the 1920's where you can just skip town and start a new fresh life. Especially when she holds on to her moniker "nyanners" throughout it all. We may be a gaggle of schizoids and shitposters on a mongolian basket weaving subboard, but we know what we all are. And we're anything. It's not we who have forsaken nyanners, it's nyanners who has forsaken us. Who lies to us, her fans, and herself. That is her weakness. Drop the life lie and embrace what you are unabashedly, nyanners.

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The answer is she didn't go from based to woke, cause she was never based. She is and was stupid and couldn't have come up with that vocaroo, and it doesn't even sound like her. Still waiting for proof.

>crab in buket xdd
Just let her go bro. she was never one of us, she was just a little sister seeking attention that grew up to be a slut.

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This all sounds pretty moe, not going to lie. What's the going rate for akasupas on Twitch?

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Nobody forces you to like it or to consume it, but /vt/ is only going to make things worse by trying to force cover into a certain direction.

>> No.4702540

>just let her go
You seem mistaken, anon. She cannot let us go. If she were so keen and stern on her stances, why the particular decision of her avatar in particular? Why the coom baiting and other posting when she claims to hate so much of it? As the saying goes, "ironic shitposting is still shitposting". I wouldn't have a care in the world if she dropped her nyanners moniker entirely and went by a completely different name. But here we are.

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Speak for yourself. I for one am shocked Nyanners is a member of the alt-right.

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she kinda brought this on herself by attention whoring over vocaroo for neckbeards on /a/.

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Twitch doesn't have akasupas, monetization is more about gifting subsriptions (memberships) to the community and direct donations to the streamer that are not color coded.

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Changing the nyanners moniker wouldn't even do anything, be real. At most you're one of the only ones who cares about it. People would still go on to shit on her wherever she went as long as she was recognized (she will be)

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if you're trying to heckle nyanners by her saying nigger on fucking 4chan of all places, I think this isn't the place for that. There's twitter for (you). Im only pissed at her because she backtracked these obvious joke statements like the fucking grifter that she is.

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saying nigger is necessary, but not sufficient for being based

>> No.4702774

keep coping, retard

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>still no "evidence" provided
Kek, I'll keep trusting my ears. I'm disappointed this is the only shit you fags can come up with. I'm sure she said nigger at one point in the past.

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who are you quoting?

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Is backstabing a backstaber based? I think it is

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idk about you guys but Nyanners saying nigger makes me love her even more. I want to marry her and worship her feet desu.

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>newfag retard

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who are you quoting?

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no one :^)

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>my headcanon says that what I'm hearing isn't actually what I'm hearing therefor it's not what I'm hearing.

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my headcanon > your headcanon. provide proof that it's her or you're just a discuck fag.

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I still hate Nyanners and her saying nigger 10 years ago doesn't change my opinion of her. I'd still worship her feet though.

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Just another thread for seethe

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she was in a circle of edgy high school memers, probably found some boyfriend or whatever from Gamerghazi at a con who convinced her that she was being groomed by them, then went off to be groomed by them instead.

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funnier too

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Deserve what?
Do you guys think /vt/ matters or something?

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Her and her company are pariahs to the vtubing community at large even if they have success on Twitch. It's clear she's not happy with how things are.

Someone post the discord quote of her saying vshoujo would be better without her.

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>b-b-but pomf!
>b-b-but moonman!
When is Nyanners going to get cancelled? Two more weeks?

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>It's clear she's not happy with how things are.

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Racism is based

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How are they pariahs

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>Someone post the discord quote of her saying vshoujo would be better without her.

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