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I love her, bros

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Is it really over bros...?

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Good for you

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Wake up and smell the coffee

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Nyonners cunny

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/vt/ fears the pink cat

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pink cat bad

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>tfw you will never hold hands with nyanners at a firework show

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HATE pink cat

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Even on this board, VShojo steals.

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Fuck off

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Find a better object of affection.

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Thanks, doc.

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a piece of shit like her doesn't worth it

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Is she actually collabing with kiara or did saying nigger and that jews did 9/11 blacklist her?

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The actual fuck is wrong with you holofags? Nyanners is a cute.

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Racism isn't cute :^)

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Hypocrites aren't cute.

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Pink hypocite...

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Pink cat is pretty great

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she grows more powerful each day

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literally who

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She's not wrong.

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Nyanners is a whore.

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Yes she is, if she can change then so can you. Do better.

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lol no

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>created a blatant burner account
>expects it to work at all

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It doesn't make the content any less true tho

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containment breaking dramaniggers deserve the rope

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seethe simp

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This slut was grooming kids on this website before you were born.

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Kind of irrelevant if nobody ever sees it.

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nyanners antis are actually unironic cancel culture supporters
i am shocked

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>it's okay when we do it because it is for a greater cause we like!
They're also the ones attacking her for hypocrisy. It's beautiful to watch them melt down.

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fuck nyanners

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>says nigger, jews did 9/11, koreans are an inferior race, sings pomf
>goes woke, says she didn't mean any of it, 2D=3D
If she's going to be a hypocrite then she needs to live up to her own standard she's created for herself. If saying nigger is wrong to her then she should be punished according to her own views.

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What the fuck are you losers even talking about?

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What did they mean by this? Chumbuds?

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Kiara is an SJW.
Calli has called out people that use mental illness for attention.
Gura is Gura.

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Why are you breaking containment, Josh?

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he's a containment breaking baiting faggot
i've seen those retarded rrats plenty of times even from this site
>hurr all hololive en's are sjws

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I know this is you josh

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Rent free, this >>4620940
I searched the tweets of that faggot, he believed the Vei drama would lead to "VTuber Gamergate", he's woke. Apparently he also has spended part of his life in /v/ and /jp/.
If something is anti-4chan, he supports it
I'm not even a Nyanners anti, but her fanbase is full of those retards and I hope they fuck off once the collab happens

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>I hope they fuck off once the collab happens
They won't

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execute order 66

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Wny does this cat have such a small face?

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i didn't know the fucking funkdoc was one of us but as i'm reading this he should have stayed speedruning batman and fucking her tranny roommate because his takes are awful and hes a containtment breaking sperg

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>her fanbase is full of those retards and I hope they fuck off once the collab happens
Will they?

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How old is she now anyway? She's got to be pushing 30 already.

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my guess is late 20s to early 30s

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yep she is a granny bitch now. her pedo BF probably got a younger one again.

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do the math

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Why do we have exact same argument about the pink cat literally every day?

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because this is the best thing we have until we get a cyclical lolcow thread for Yulia.

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/vt/ loves her too much, this is our uncouth way of expressing it.

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4chan's prodigal daughter, never to return to land of the clover.

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only one of these people post on 4chan anon and it's not the one on the right

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Yes, she is a woman.

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I do too, unironically.

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That discord screenshot is faked, it was created a week ago in a thread here on /vt/, together with one of her saying niggersniggersniggers.

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I'd never have guessed

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You dumb, heh

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It's okay to have shit tastes if you can admit it.

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>didn't watch the first ttrpg stream
Retard, please refrain from voicing your stupid opinions if you don't even watch her.

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I hate her, bros

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>bumped from page 10
are you sure just not just a bit tsundere for here

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kys Nyanners , go back to your SJW Discord

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I unironically am. She's top cute, I will admit that.

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she’s so cute. Nyanners a based.

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What is the name of the song she uses at the end of her streams?

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If you’re going to make a thread for her here at least try to be more original when naming the title

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Never get tired of this shit, now post it on reddit for lulz.

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well all I knew about this [email protected] was the twitter drama stuff that gets posted here, for the first time I actually watched her and laughed my ass off. so she seems ok

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You are actually pathetic and just as much of a hypocrite as her with your cancel culture shit.
But go ahead, it's not going to work.

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