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So I remember months ago Mori was talking about how she had plans to do collabs outside Hololive and had a few in mind, but nothing has happened in terms of interacting with other vtubers.

Meanwhile HoloID Gen2 are doing way more and Ollie even had a stream with a Holostar. So what the fuck is going on? Not even Gura x Pikamee seems doable and that's what people wanted to see.

Is Cover being way too overprotective and cock blocking HoloEN from going near ANY outside vtuber because they seem to be doing fine enough inside the hololive bubble?

Like, everyone with sense knew that they were not going near Melody or any of the vshowhores because of how they stopped Coco from doing something with Melody last year and vshojo shouldn't be allowed near any of them, but I'd have more of a problem if they're outright stopping everyone rather than just the controversial lewdtubers and friends that were never going to be allowed near them.

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Mori collabed with Korone. Kiara can speak Japanese and collabs all the time, hell she has a talkshow. Ina and Ame collab a lot with chubas outside EN. It's just Gura who isn't allowed outside EN and is forever stuck in the same repetitive stale shit forever. Fuck ENMA.

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They're still collabing within the hololive bubble as a whole (JP, ID, etc). I mean outside cover vtubers.

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Not even Gura x Pikamee seems doable
That might be for the best

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Western vtuber scene is cancer

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Wade through the shit and you will find the good ones. Just don't go anywhere near the desperate and obnoxious hypocritical lewd tubers.

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Sad but true dayo

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Didn't Ina have a drawing collab with Pochi?

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Calli fucked it up with the trash shit stuff. Now the managers aren't allowing collabs outside of the group because of that. I literally hate Calli.

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After the TT collab? I don't think so.

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ID vtuber community needs to be built up in the Indonesian region. I see the collabs as a completely calculated move.
I don't see a reason for outside collabs for EN with other en vtubers at the moment.

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She did a bunch with Pochi but Pochi is psuedo hololive

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why would you want hololive to collab with wvts?

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Should try and see about doing a collab with someone SFW yet decently known like Natsumi Moe. Nothing would go horribly wrong with a collab like that.

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>Mori was talking about how she had plans to do collabs outside Hololive and had a few in mind,
I hope one of those is Killer Bean x Mori x Charlie

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Because not everyone on this board is a /jp/ sperg that refuses to acknowledge the existence of Western chuubas.

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Why is Gura stuck without jap collabs?

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i acknowledge that wvts are mostly fucking trash. any collab that happens is gonna be two weeks of twitter drama and shilling about how so and so got a hololive collab. nty

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Ina collabed with Pochi-sensei recently.

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Partly because she has little to no Japanese knowledge, if I'm not mistake. Plus, as >>458396 mentioned, she's got a working formula right now that is a lot safer if a little boring.

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She got too popular too fast. It would be embarrassing for her Senpai.

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how so?

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Have they let Gura do stuff with the IDs yet?

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Why do you even read twitter?

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The Jap knowledge stuff I understand.
As for her senpai, it must be weird outclassing everyone. I wonder if there really is much resentment towards her behind the scenes.
It would have been a lot less if FBK or Korone had done it just a bit before her.

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You mean the TT collab Mori had nothing to do with organizing?

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The whole senpai / idol thing for ENs is dumb as fuck. Treat them like equals.

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I would hope there's nobody behind the scenes suffering from debilitating autism to the point of being resentful towards Gura. It's not like she's been hardcore shilling herself to hit the 2 million, it's just how it ended up being. I don't buy the rrat that people don't like here, therefore no collabs. If they were such numberfags then they would actually want the collab to get boosts themselves.

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This, as soon as they do a single one they'll be fucking swarmed with requests from leeches, like a dam breaking. A dam holding back a mountain of leeches. Then, when the ENs inevitably have to refuse basically-all of those requests, because Holos only have so much time open to stream? Then that leftover 99.99% of rejected are going to be liable to complain, to feel entitled to collabs, just because they tweeted at an EN X times and/or invaded their chat unsolicited Y times etc. They'd be liable to be more forceful and disruptive about it. It's best to just keep the ENs independent from worrying about these other things.

All that being said, collabs between JP holos and other JP vtubers do happen, although tend to be rare numerically speaking - maybe 1 out of 100 if that? Less? This is for the Japanese scene with thousands of tubers (real ones not vtweeters), and with a cost of dozens of JP holos who might actually have real connections with some of those people, as opposed to the swarms of coattail riders. Basically if the ENs actually knew this person for real and considered it viable, then I'd say it'd make sense, but like I said the risk of opening up a can of worms (rather leeches) is also pretty high in doing so. Ina was in a collab with Pochi a few days ago, but given Pochi is a Holo mama the connection there is rather obvious so I don't think it really had much potential to be misread.

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imagine the TBA spam mumbling to themselves that all they need is to land a holo collab and they'll "make it" from wvt

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The international Among Us collab and Moona bringing her and Ame to the JP server are the only Gura/ID things to happen so far

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Yeah, sure. Not like she wanted to enrage her own fanbase because she's a cunt starved for attention or anything.

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The EN girls naturally have a much bigger potential audience then the JP girls due to the simple fact that there's a whole lot more people in the world that understand English than Japanese. Once Hololive/vtubers in general started getting more popular globally, it's kind of inevitable that the ones who speak English are going to find more viewers. The JP girls probably understand that, and I honestly believe most or even all of them don't care too much about being the one on top as long as they're doing well.

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You're right, it definitely was just Mori trying to destroy HoloEN, it's certainly not part of a larger partnership between Cover and Kadokawa which included the TT podcast, the Bookwalker sponsorships and the Priconne shilling. Nope, definitely just Mori going rogue. It's not as if she literally said on stream that it was TT/Kadokawa that approached Hololive first and that she had her manager in the room either.

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Mori did a collab with that Caribu, didn't she? En is like the lowest tier for hololive, they all have different language backgrounds, are mostly located in different places, and barely synergize with the other hololive branches. I'm betting Cover doesn't care enough about them to actually set up more collabs that EoPs will enjoy since EN attracts millions of cancerous fans just by existing.
Also vshojou is fun, I don't get the hate.

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>Mori did a collab with that Caribu, didn't she?
No, but that'd be pretty cool. Haruka is fun.

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All the other western vtubers are peons compared to the HoloEN girls. Why risk letting them leech off viewers? Doesn't make business sense.

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Gotta love the rrats in here.

NijiEN (when they come out) is probably the only safe EN collab Cover can take for holoEN.

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Apparently Ichikara are being dicks about letting their IDs collab with people most of the time (Pikamee wanted to do something just with Hana) so good luck trying to get some sort of Holo/Niji collab happening.

>Also vshojou is fun, I don't get the hate.
It's almost as if they're not benefitting vtubers, ruining the community with their shit, are just in it for themselves, only do unfunny sex jokes most of the time and are outright obnoxious in general.

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They're not even peons. They don't even know what a vtuber is. They don't even qualify as vtubers, might as well all them simply vthots.

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>only do unfunny sex jokes most of the time and are outright obnoxious in general.
Ah, so you don't watch them. I understand now.

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>Also vshojou is fun, I don't get the hate.
Yeah, bery fun. Until you get past the pussy joke #5412 and you finally understand those girls live in a fantasy world where everything revolves around their clits.

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Pikamee has done stuff with just Hana, i think those were some of her earliest collabs outside voms.

>> No.460160

Don't have to watch them all the time to realise they haven't changed.

And I was willing to give them a shot and even watched a few before this group was made. But after a whole day full of redebuts and all of them going on about wanting to be idols, I was done.

I'll just stick to watching EN vtubers who have a small audience and aren't cunts to their viewers.

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I think ENma is too much of a fucking pussy to let them collab with anyone, and the girls too fucking pussy to demand anything from her.

>> No.460465

Can someone explain the whole Mori-Trash Taste thing?

>> No.460513

>Is Cover being way too overprotective and cock blocking HoloEN from going near ANY outside vtuber because they seem to be doing fine enough inside the hololive bubble?
Probably. There is really nothing to gain from doing it and everything to lose considering how unhinged most ENVtubers are.

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Cover wants to get in bed with Kadokawa, so they jumped at the chance. There were only two candidates to go on the thing since their studio is in Japan, and Mori makes more sense than Kiara. It was pretty clearly part of a larger business deal between Cover and Kadokawa, since right after the podcast we got the Bookwalker and Priconne sponsorships for EN (both Kadokawa).

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i do believe the jap autism about hierarchy
boeing 747 that was flying for jap airline literally crashed becasue co-pilot was afriad to point out captain's mistakes

>> No.460602

t.sharkfags who refuse to admit that their fanbase are cancerous and that their oshi's social interaction level being equal to a toothbrush

>> No.460606

It was part of a sponsorship deal between Cover and Kadokawa, but a bunch of retards here and in /jp/ ate the rrat that Mori was trying to fuck over HoloEN or that she betrayed her fanbase

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Long story short, Mori dated CDawgVA (according to /hlgg/).

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don't be mad that your waifu is so shit she couldn't reach 2 000 000 subs
maybe when Chad Gura will reach 10 000 000 your literally who vtuber will get 1 mil

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good rrat

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Yeah sharknigger, I know her subs and singing are the only thing you can brag about, you can have them.

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Mori mentioned in some stream a while ago that shes given up looking for collabs outside Hololive because management kept saying no.

So yeah it seems like they're being insulated from the overall EN vtuber community, but I'd argue thats a good thing. EN vtubers are just leeches and attentionwhores that would try to sabotage them or damage their brand with their shitty edgy humor. Imagine if they collabed with some random EN vtuber and they decided to yell "TRANS RIGHTS" or "TAIWAN IS A COUNTRY" during the livestream. It'd be a complete shitshow and directly damaging to cover as a company.

The only english speaking vtubers I could see them collabing with are Pikamee and Hana, because they have a proven track record of collabing with Hololive talents and not embarrassing them or doing something that is harmful to the brand.

>> No.460739

so mad

>> No.460771

Okay, but in Mori's case that also means she's being blocked from collabing with Japanese speaking vtubers she knows (Ririsya, Rene, Boogie Voxx, Milky Queen etc) so it's not exactly a good thing at all.

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Vshoujo isn't the entire EN scene retard.

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>and they decided to yell "TRANS RIGHTS" or "TAIWAN IS A COUNTRY" during the livestream
why would that be bad?

>> No.460805

Because politics should be kept out of v-tubing.

>> No.460816 [DELETED] 

It's hard enough to recognize anything that moves itself, has two legs, no balls, and comes from the West as worth of being trusted. Took a lot of work to build trust around HoloEN and this can destroyed in one single night. Just keep them away from anything born in America or Europe and everything shall be fine.

>> No.460828

>No arguments
As expected from a fanbase whose average age aren't even old enough to browse 4chan. Good luck to whatever big fad you jump on after Gura isnt relevant anymore.

>> No.460901

Yeah I have no idea what the fuck is going on there. I was really looking forward to a musical collaboration between Mori and Ririsya, pretty sad they rejected that.
I think in those cases it's just that HoloEN is too new and needs to grow first before Enma loosens the leash on them. They'll be allowed to do those collabs in time probably.

ok retard

I don't even have any problems with either of those political views, it's just not compatible with Cover's business or company brand to involve modern politics at all, regardless of whether it's something I agree with or not. If it happens the talents have very limited options that all end badly.
>Acknowledge that Taiwan/Trans is a thing, immediately piss off half the fanbase
>Deny that Taiwan/Trans is a thing, immediately piss off half the fanbase
>Change the subject, get accused of being "cringe" or "awkward" and criticized for picking bad collab partners. Possibly also accusations of "secretly" agreeing with them from both sides.

>> No.460902 [DELETED] 

Probably not but they all have the distinct insufferable cunt all-pervading presence.

>> No.460992

>get outskilled
>be mad
sharkbros why we are winning so much

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You have to pick one

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>being this mad

>> No.461080

Fatmee “I watch children at the playground” is too risky to collab with.

>> No.461181

at least half her subs are dead subs, not really something to be proud of

>> No.461227

Why hasn't Mori collabed with Gorillaz yet?

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She collabs with JP holos all the time tho. She's probably the most popular single vtuber across both EN and JP demographics and the true pioneer of english-speaking vtubers. Everyone loves pikamee!

t. Pikamee

>> No.461289

>d-dead subs!111!
definition of cope

>> No.461305

>She collabs with JP holos all the time tho
Not really? She's only ever collabed with JP holos like Suisei, Choco or Roboco when part of a much larger group, never one on one. Unless you're counting Holostars.

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>2 million subs
>less viewership than usagi and Tokyo ghoul who has less than half her subs
>less donations than chicken who have less than half her subs
>dubbed as le good singer and produced zero covers or original songs
cope cumbud

>> No.461507

holy shit cumbuds will never recover from this
nousagis i kneel!

>> No.461539 [DELETED] 

Stop dropping the truth bombs, Yugi!

>> No.461542

>seething so hard becasue animated shark is more popular than your literally who e-whore

>> No.461560

The western vtuber scene is cancer, Enma is right to block anything having to do with them. The JP scene can be just as bad, Uto was a ticking time bomb that retards wanted Ame to collab with and Pedomee isn’t a meme. The EN girls get nothing out of collabing with indies and Mori’s friends can wait until she’s in Hololive for a year and the managers loosen up the restrictions. Reminder that Mori was pushing for a critikal collab until her deadbeats told her to stop being retarded, so the EN managers being strict is necessary when they have their hands full tard wrangling 4/5 of them.

>> No.461594

just stop replying lmfao, this is embarrassing

>> No.461609 [DELETED] 

In fact, HoloEN girls MADE others more popular. Anons have dropped many people that went from literal nobody to having a career just because Mori mentioned her name. What they have to gain from collabing with twitch thots? Giving annoying cunts more undeserved attention? Fuck that.

>> No.461643

>being this mad
just go create some alt accounts on youtube and try to spam subs to your literally who holo lol

>> No.461676

That's why they have managers. To process requests for collabs and other stuff. Or to approach those outside of hololive. In the event there is that one worth doing something with.
If Mori absolutely 100% wanted to work with someone on a song or something and Cover said no, there's another way she can do it. It just would not be under a vtuber setting.

>> No.461698

Viewership spread over the world that can’t tune into a single JST like Pekora’s.
Barely acknowledges SC, had to be forced to turn on SC in a members stream, doesn’t bleed her viewers dry...is somehow a bad thing.
Doesn’t shit out subpar songs like Kiara and Mori, is taking her time with an original song that’s gonna be kino.

Chumkeks how will we ever recover?

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>implying Gura not an e whore
Could it be? Gurafags dont even watch streams?

>> No.461778

>Chumbuds are Kiara/Mori antis

>> No.461811

>Gurakeks have to pay for members only karaoke
>Suifags got concert of the year for free

>> No.461839

>original that is gonna be kino
it's gonna be generic jpop anon, and I say this as a fan of pretty much every holo. Gura doesn't seem to have music writing chops, and if she is going through official channels I doubt she'll get anything above a b-grade staff to help her figure it out.

>> No.461842

I want a Gura Peko collab because it would be fun. And it would piss off the autists ITT trying to start shit.

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Cumbuds being this desperate that they have backstab their global mates. How will unitybros recover?

>> No.461891

Ina collabed with Pochimaru in a Phasmophiobia stream (on both of their channel) and in a drawstream on Pochi's channel. Pochi isn't exactly Hololive affliated, she just made Reine's model, right?
I guess that is the problem, but I'd figure cross-network streams would still mean you can't just be any streamer.

>> No.461897 [DELETED] 

Who isn't?

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Its gonna be fun seeing Samefags and nousagis liking each other quarrelling over who leeches who

>> No.462010

who has the time to let them live rent free in their heads?
t. Hoshiyomi

>> No.462093

Oh no, quick, the goalpost is getting away!

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Here's your first EN-windie collab, bro.

>> No.462156

Mutual-parasitism. Wow!

>> No.462182

>Not even Gura x Pikamee seems doable and that's what people wanted to see.
Who says Guru even wants to do that?

>> No.462198

>So yeah it seems like they're being insulated from the overall EN vtuber community
>Because Mori had her requests denied
You already know Mori was making retarded requests like her man-crush, literal ethots, and probably random singers who aren't vtubers. We have no evidence at all she wanted to collab with anyone who is decent. Given they already let her collab with three guys in person, we know the rrats saying cover is refusing to budge on collabs is complete bullshit.

>> No.462268

When it comes to vtubers, Hololive is not number one in Japan, Nijisanji is. The Japanese market is oversaturated https://virtual-youtuber.userlocal.jp/document/ranking
and Hololive was not doing that great.Expanding the market was a necessity.
HoloEN gen 1 is their foothold in the western market, they can't afford to screw it up. So it makes sense for them to be careful when giving permissions for collaborations, especially to their shining star, Gura.
I think that things will go a lot smoother after HoloEN gen 2 debuts or after Nijisanji EN wave 1 debuts, whichever happens first.

>> No.462299

>We have no evidence at all she wanted to collab with anyone who is decent
We know nothing about her collab plans now.
You're just assuming things based on your personal bias.

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By being above picking fights over which happy and successful chuuba does not deserve being a happy and successful chuuba because look at this absolute WHORE panting in Ringfit and muh potential reach.
Turns out you faggots always devolve into making this a fight over who of you is more miserable. I refuse to listen to you guys when I can just take in the constant sounds of my favourite holo en chuubas which is all of them living the dream. U N I T Y

t. miserable retard picking a fight

>> No.462369

It's honestly doubly funny, since it was basically confirmed that the podcast shit wasn't her idea, and was actually cover looking to get into Kadokawa's good books (leading directly into the Bookwalker shills the girls were doing for a bit).

>> No.462380

>We have no evidence at all she wanted to collab with anyone who is decent.
You mean apart from her saying on stream she wanted to collab with Boogie Voxx and Ririsya, and the fact she's constantly talking to actually decent vtubers on twitter she's known for ages like Rene, Milky and Haruka. It's okay if you don't actually follow Mori, but you don't need to make shit up about her.

>> No.462696
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Based, for now
t. The one who stir up this shit

>> No.462740

Ina watches Pikamee, I'd actually like to see that collab more than Pika and Gura.

>> No.462828

Holo mamas have always been treated as pseudo holos themselves, see also Shigure Ui x pretty much everyone and Marine collabed with Rurudo just off the top of my head

>> No.462918

At the start of last year yes but now Hololive is absolutely number one in Japan no matter what any nijinigger says

>> No.462943

I really wouldn't call it treating them as pseudo holos, since the JP girls collab outside of Hololive just fine, we don't need to try and excuse it.

>> No.462947

>retarded requests
> they already let her collab with three guys in person
Way to make a up narrative of Mori demanding those things as if she felt she felt entitled to them. Could you at least acknowledge that TT was a sponsorship collab Cover wanted her to do >>459668 >>460542 >>460606 ? Calli and Cr1tikal talked about it, Calli was extremely vague about it while the latter acknowledged cover is probably not allowing it but otherwise it would be fine, and we haven't gotten any word about it since that so you can assume it simply isn't going to happen in the near future, whatever the reason.
But out of curiosity, who would you consider decent?

>> No.463116
File: 327 KB, 453x529, vocallymogsyoureoshi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine people still seething about Mori trying to get out of the Hololive bubble when people she's repping are like this:

>> No.463154
File: 1.82 MB, 2075x1129, image(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I get that you're in a bubble, but is not wanting to collab with sweaty neckbeards who smell of rotting flesh and wear dresses that foreign a concept to you? Coco accidentally said trannies were gross in a stream once. And I can see Holo EN and Cover just not wanting to deal with self indulgent retards who will de-rail a stream with drama and forced memes.

>> No.463166 [DELETED] 

I don't trust Mori at all.

>> No.463262

that's very easy when you're not actually following her content
not sure if bragging about ignorance is the best idea tho, but you do you

>> No.463592

People keep saying this but I've never seen a shred of evidence confirming that

>> No.463701

>Mori dated CDawgVA
I didnt think he was in Japan that long?

>> No.463765
File: 628 KB, 1144x907, 1611221004129.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

EN is the trojan horse. Their purpose is only to soak up attention, making hololive even more popular and printing money just by existing.

ID2 is the true holoEN. They're only marketed as ID to filter the newfags, but they've been far more successful at connecting with their senpais.

>> No.463770

she cant even get a collab with MyHolo

>> No.463819

He moved to Japan in the last year or so I think? (I don't exactly follow him very closely, mostly know him by association). I've also never heard that particular rrat, though to be fair I speed read threads most days because 90% of the shit posted is literally valueless anyways.

>> No.463825

It's a rrat, it doesn't have to make sense.

>> No.463884

You're right, I should trust you instead, Anon. You know what's what.

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When's the collab with Koopa, Mori?

>> No.468323

make a fanart with them both, post with both their tags, chances are Mori will look into her

>> No.468376

Make sure both of them are pregnant.

>> No.468427

The EN manager hates leeching. That's why HoloEN won't deal with anyone outside of Hololive, and why the plebs from ID/JP aren't allowed around Gura again

>> No.468460

Thats probably true, all of EN with the exception of Kiara are beta neets who are too scared to knock on the teacher's door.

>> No.468559

It's a sound cooperate move to keep them isolated for now. They were getting a lot of traction which isn't slowing down as of yet. Collabs for cross-pollinating audiences can still come later.

>> No.469588

Nah it’s like 60/40 with Nijisanji quickly losing ground.

Trust the EN managers, they have like 2 keeping Mori on a leash.

>> No.469665

Mori likes short Japanese men that are too scared to ask her out. Make a better narrative next time faggot.

>> No.469979

I doubt managers actually say no to ALL collabs. It's probably that these girls just wants to collab with someone that is just too out there. Possible collab candidates:
Pikamee - already collabs with holojp. Recenty with Ayame and Suisei
Nijisanji Girls - they collab on a regular
Sumire, Nose, Noah and Qu. - really good gamer girls. Qu knows english too.

Gura and Ame can collab and can reach out IF they really wanted too. Heck, Ame plays already with Mel offline.

Amelia just needs to get good and be more chill when she plays these FPS games. Her rage is overrated.

Gura is autistic. She probably thinks that she should only collab with a senpai first so is trying to learn Japanese but is so bad or lazy or both at it. So there. No collab.

>> No.471401

It's pretty stupid to keep shark on a leash even inside their own company. Shion seemed so eager to do something with Gura.

>> No.471453

Shion and Gura is a pair I want to see. I feel like they would have a lot of fun even with the language barrier.

>> No.472190
File: 625 KB, 790x559, Killerbean_Vtubing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Killer bean is wholesome and fun, and can be a loophole for her to collab with penguinz0 too. Surely Cover would be fine with that?

>> No.480277

I mean, the reverse could be true, some people might not want to collab with them because they are so huge and given typical vtuber autism feel they don't deserve it, or don't think they can cope with a massive influx with their current level of support.

>> No.480550

I want to believe that if only Gura and Ame hasn't collabed with Moona already. Reine has collaborated with Ame already. Ina did with Pochi. Calli with Watame. Everyone except Gura is extending the hand.

I really do want to believe you but I think she is just too preoccupied with other shit to even care.

>> No.480556
File: 17 KB, 480x140, Screenshot from 2021-02-11 04-58-34.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't trust Mori at all.

>> No.482067

koopa... collab with nina.. onegai

>> No.482142

gura plan to play some horror games with anya, if am not wrong

>> No.482162

>Rene, Milky and Haruka

A list of trash. Calli should just leave Hololive and go indie so she can collab with trash just as she likes.

>> No.482177

True, just repeat it again and again then it becomes a fact.

>> No.482197

You mean the trash taste collab that increased her subs, increased their subs, increased Milkyqueen's subs, and strengthened Hololive's working relationship with Bookwalker for sponsorships (like Gura's yesterday)?

>> No.482245


VShojo has people who talk freely about lewd subjects, retweet erotic fanart of themselves and a member who actually produces pornography.

Hololive has people who talk freely about lewd subjects, retweet erotic fanart of themselves and a member who actually produces pornography.

You might be able to justify saying "No collabing with ProjektMelody" but to say "No collabing with Froot" is a bit of a stretch.

>> No.482299


>Hololive has... a member who actually produces pornography.

Which one(s)?

>> No.482315

You know the rules of the board, do your own reps.

>> No.482323

Cuck froot doesn't deserve the collab.

>> No.482336

What went wrong that? I watched it and it was just Garnt and Joey sperging out as always and Connor being confused as always.

>> No.482360 [DELETED] 

You don't mix vtubers with males, end of the story.

>> No.482379

My point was that not everyone in vshojo is Melody, and not everyone in Hololive is some pure idol that people seem to feel the need to protect.

Silvervale is a very likeable streamer, she's sex positive, sure, but so is Marine, so is Matsuri.

>> No.482380

people got butthurt by connor comment post TT collab

>> No.482432

Based Connor.

>> No.482437

Yikes idolcucks

>> No.482482

I cant wait for the day whereby cover make gura/ame go onto a podcast in the states. The threads will and would be glorious

>> No.482487

>Shibuya Kaho (Retired JAV actress)
>Milkyqueen (Vtuber/Idol)
>Calliope Mori (Vtuber/Rapper)
>Daidou Shinove (Holostars Manager)
>Chris Broad

>> No.482537

>chris board
I never thought i'd ever see his name on this site

>> No.482561

Why not? What would happen if managers would let Mori collab more freely?

>> No.482595

Pregtuber debut

>> No.482601 [DELETED] 

Whoa! Idolcuks cheering for an idol business! The horror!

>> No.482625

>idol business
They're not an idol business anymore, didn't you get the memo?

>> No.482694

What comment?

>> No.482748

He said something about not really enjoying vtubing, he watched a couple and only really enjoyed Milkyqueen.

He dropped into a watson stream because mori recommended her to him, but he didn't specifically mention her when saying he didn't enjoy vtubers.

People got upset because someone didn't share their opinion I think.

>> No.482816

i cant find the clip on his channel or youtube so im going to post the leddit one


>> No.482994 [DELETED] 

Yes, it's a cabaret club now. My apologies, you're correct.

>> No.483063 [DELETED] 

He's right. But I still think he give More a good dicking.

>> No.483102

Based. Anything that lets her blow off some steam is good, she's a workaholic so it makes sense that every couple of months she needs a spa trip or a butler's services.

>> No.483116

I don't get why they haven't even done internally with Coco or Haato, two English speakers.

And I don't get why Holo still hasn't done a proper collab with Ai-chan. Ai-chan seems open to collab with anyone and everyone.

>> No.483170

Ame, Kiara, and I think Ina have all collabed with Haachama
Bugmen mad

>> No.483423

So Mori dated the guy who's even less into women than Mori herself. Checks out.

>> No.483437 [DELETED] 

She has no self respect, what can I do?

>> No.483501

>Hololive Management preventing massive leeching
>thots getting uppity
>indies and 2views want a piece of the cake
I call this BASED ENMA
fuck outsiders, we don't need them rn

>> No.483802

>You already know Mori was making retarded requests
Maybe she had her previous collabs in mind from before she became a Vtuber, but the management probably doesn't see the profit by collabing with 50k sub youtubers etc.

>> No.483874

polka collabed with -5000 subs chubba
its something else

>> No.483889

But Connor isn't gay?

>> No.484391

This, he just does gay shit for fujo bucks

>> No.485255

"Nah it's a totally legit question I get a lot, honestly not sure how to answer it for the most part I'm straight but defo think sexuality is a spectrum and I'm not 100% straight" - by his own words. And looking at his content, he's way past over just making it for fun. Gay as hell in my book

>> No.485287

My best google-fu has been defeated. I kneel.

>> No.485787

Well who i am to judge.

>> No.485947

Any vshowhore who joins the cult of Melody deserves getting cock blocked by Cover / Hololive.

And I don't think some there would like the idea that they can do something but Melody can't. Yes I get the "guilty by association" argument but if they didn't want to be so associated they wouldn't have become a vshowhore.

Go find people who aren't so glued to vshowhores yet do decent enough views. They do exist, you just have to wade through the shit to find them.

>> No.489752

Wasn't there a slight yab with people thinking was actually mad in the among us collab.

>> No.493169

well.. that was thoroughly arousing.

>> No.493501

That was because Iofi responded to a single chink comment calling her out for not translating, she even retweeted more criticism against her until someone told her to knock it off.

>> No.493566

VShojo is trash, the only one worth a damn is a camwhore that they will never collab with.

>> No.494407
File: 98 KB, 768x1024, jerma14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think Jerma would be interesting person to collab with. He doesn't bring any politics so people don't have worry about that.

>> No.496592

Ironmouse isn't a camwhore!

>> No.497965
File: 324 KB, 1156x963, 1612716818725.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've seen a few posts suggesting they might collab and now I have taken the bait to join in. Their manic energy would go very well.

And potentially lead the way for more Jerma/vtuber streams. A collab with Coco or Haachama would be legendary.

>> No.500257

bs, Nijisanji has at least 90% of their subs being jp people while hololive has a 60/40 with jp/overseas so due to this, nijisanji has more jp fans. If you ask jp people in the street, they only will know kizuna ai and nijisanji.

>> No.500465

Who the fuck is jerma and why do I see people referencing him in seemingly every unrelated situation?

>> No.500703

Here's the rrat: Cover and the rest of Hololive is still treating EN like an outsider group because they're western foreigners.

>> No.501757

Doesn't Jerma despise anything anime related?

>> No.501900 [DELETED] 

Mori with her saviour complex wants to let all the refugee riff raff in to tarnish the Hololive brand, and Cover is keeping their border secure. Based.

>> No.501935

Mori with her saviour complex wants to let all the refugee riff raff in to tarnish the Hololive brand, but Cover is keeping their border secure. Based.

>> No.502138

Not sure about Jerma but I know Vinny isn't really hot on the weeb stuff

>> No.504499
File: 132 KB, 632x475, bloated rrat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

add >>501757
also add: JP holos are jealous of EN holos for getting a lot more subs and views, undeserved subs and views because they ride on the hololive brand. Feed the rrat, my brothers!

>> No.506543

>EN vtubers are just leeches and attentionwhores that would try to sabotage them or damage their brand with their shitty edgy humor.
Don't talk about Africat like that. Ame, Gura or Ina doing a Minecraft collab with Rose would be really fun.

>> No.506705

Jerma doesn't really care about anime, having no strong feelings one way or the other. He just treats it like any other media, thinking some of it is cool and heckling the stuff he doesn't like.

>> No.506817

>and probably random singers who aren't vtubers
This would be cool though? A discussion between Mori and someone like MIRI or the members of O'CHAWANZ would be cool to see if she can reconcile her general dislike of idol stuff with her love of hip-hop. MIRI especially would be interesting since she's been doing idol rap since she was in middle school and is a pretty legit rapper now.

I'm down for more things that aren't just playing Minecraft/indy kusoge and anison karaoke.

>> No.506988

>Mori was talking about how she had plans to do collabs outside Hololive and had a few in mind
well you see there's this thing called a Pandemic going on, so it's kinda impossible for Charlie to travel from Florida to Japan and vice-versa

>> No.507098

She was mad though. Which is fine and it happens. But this absolute schizo take that she wasn't mad is embarrassing.

>> No.507208
File: 520 KB, 851x957, 1603160466340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't fucking know, but people will not shut up about him. Fucking teamates especially can't shut up about Jerma and moonmoon. I checked both of them out after hearing about them constantly. Jerma is entirely boring and I actually don't see the appeal. He didn't even attempt humor and just autistically played some scribble game with minimal commentary. Moonmoon was a gross boomer that was obnoxiously loud, but he was occasionally funny. Basically teamates have shit taste.

>> No.509191

Wasn't she mad more because she never got a turn at being the killer which just made the game kind of boring for her?

>> No.510468

She was mad and had a tone when confronting Risu about the med scan which was Gura's bad because the visual thingy was off and she didn't know. She was very frustrated. It showed. Risu and Iofi got bullied.

Gura had to address the game the next stream saying she did in fact was acting dumb but never really addressed the bullying that happened. Which goes to show you that Gura has no balls. .

>> No.510787

I like the theme that only Ina can control haachama, also using her to torture chat with that chess match was great too
>That "of course" haachama says when she has no clue what's she's doing

>> No.510875

>from the overall EN vtuber community
Mori has next to no contact with the VTubing community in the english speaking internet. Her buddies and potential collab partners are almost all japanese VTubers, those are the ones she is being denied collabs with.

>> No.510893

Enma either has orders from Cover to basically keep EN separate or she's a cunt/bad manager/has some twisted priorities about EN being its own thing considering her outright ignoring Coco's collab requests, getting Haachama and huke booted from the EN server and the ID2's choosing the JP server over the EN one. Plus shooting down all of Mori's collab ideas with indies.

The fans want to see more integration between EN and the rest of Hololive but Enma won't allow. Enma is the problem.

>> No.510933

>Enma is the problem.
Doesn't matter. Enma is untouchable because they played LFD2 one time.

>> No.510942

Lolicon Pika is the best meme I have seen in a while NGL.

I already bought my elementary school outfit.

>> No.510962

thats a lot of headcanon
maybe they aren't collabing with the JPs because they don't fucking speak Japanese

>> No.510990


>That VA dude


>> No.511062


>Be dorky woman.
>Date guy who ain´t really that interested in wahmen but mostly straight.
>You think it is gonna be an easy catch for a dork like you who can´t grab more socially skilled men, not even local underworld weirdos who will definitely just kneel for guaranteed womanly touch.
>He doesn´t give a shit for the entire date and never calls back.
>Fall into deep wine fueled depression.
>Start watching animated 2D girls in YT.

Makes sense.now...

I can get behind this narrative.

>> No.511066
File: 1.15 MB, 960x960, jerma12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jerma has his boring streams moments but he does shit like this which is why people find him entertaining. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoVXE8Q0BEk

>> No.511080

He creative NGL, but still not my taste.

>> No.511099

Only good streamer out there.

>> No.511127

That's very impressive and cool, but not even remotely entertaining. It also doesn't seem similar to Ame's content, so I can't figure out the overlap. I could at least see the overlap with her and MoonMoon.

>> No.511135


>> No.511148


>> No.511328
File: 41 KB, 1280x720, 1550094871797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It also doesn't seem similar to Ame's content, so I can't figure out the overlap
Wait, do people mention him a lot in Ame's streams?
But i understand that Jerma's content isn't for everyone.

>> No.511344

nice rrats

enma only manages ina/ame/gura. kiara shares a manager (jenma) with two other JP girls and calli has her own manager (unknown if she also shares with other JP girls).

>> No.511349

There seems to be a huge overlap in Teamates and Jerma fans, both here and elsewhere. People have been saying for months they want her to collab with him.

>> No.511350





















>> No.511443

>Emma holding the entire english sub base hostage
What's the next step of her master plan?

>> No.511650

>People have been saying for months they want her to collab with him
Yeah i don't see the connection. If there ever was gonna be collab it would be Mori.

>> No.511744

Rose or Nina would never ask for a collab so they are excluded from that judgement.

>> No.511781

There was no bullying just Iofi being retarded see >>493501

>> No.511932

Men saying they are on a spectrum ... yea maybe for autism. Sexuality spectrum is for woman, most men are either straight, gay or faggots - meaning they lie.

>> No.512703


There are a couple of JP who speak English. And all of ID do.

>> No.512810

It's more like theres intense pressure to pick a side, both from the straight and gay sides, neither like Bi men. So whatever.

>> No.513043

I mean, they are a bit autistic, and Gura & Ame have terrible sleep schedules and habits of missing meetings and ignoring messages. Ina is probably the only "good girl" under Enma.

>> No.513133
File: 74 KB, 217x157, rene_final form.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't worry, detective Rene! will find a way! They can't keep two idiots from each other for long.

>> No.513180

Yeah. People are saying it's Enma's fault. As if she can make Gura respond to her. Enman can only suggest to them to collab. Gura has to actually extend the hand. At least Amelia is trying. Gura is a retard

>> No.513384

they aren't risking their flagship branch getting wiped of the face of the earth because whoever they are colabbing says something stupid

>> No.513556

gura send a happy birthday video to shion and also gura talk about shion on stream but the language barrier was an issue for both since they communicate via translators

>> No.520450

unironically soon, I think Koopa is just trying to recover

>> No.520644

I doubt the JP girls have any resentment towards her. They know HoloEN helped their popularity too. Gura has massive imposter syndrome however, so she probably feels bad about getting those high numbers before the girls that have been doing it for longer, or put more effort in (which is pretty much everyone).

>> No.520686

>benefitting vtubers, ruining the community with their shit, are just in it for themselves,
you're a fucking idiot lmao
of course they do it for themselves, stop gatekeeping such a retarded thing as "vtuber community"

>> No.520873

>It also doesn't seem similar to Ame's content
They're both very creative. Jerma does skits that take several hours/days/weeks to pan out often, and puts a lot of effort into things that are completely unexpected. Ame is kind of similar, she'll prepare a ton of stuff behind the scenes for her streams (watson concoction, even simple stuff like her animations and music for the 1M milestone...). Their humor is different, what they do is different, but I'm not surprised there's some overlap in the people who like both.
And fuck no don't make Jerma collab with a vtuber. I think people have been harassing him about nyanners and catboy jerma recently and he probably hates that shit now.

>> No.520894

Ame and Mel have done a collab and they couldn't understand each other the whole time
Gura is just too scared to do it

>> No.527299

Gura also appeared in a meme animation video with Marine on the latter's channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tmm8ig9P_Ak

>> No.528768

Jerma fans are pretentious fags. Putting a lot of time and effort into something doesn't automatically make it good. His content is still boring as fuck, just like Ame's. That's the obvious overlap people aren't getting. People with shit taste like both.

>> No.534164

even HoloEn is trash tier

>> No.534528

You don't like "Hololive: Twitch Thot and Zoomer Memer Edition"?

>> No.534975


>> No.535252

never thought i'd see jerma mentioned here

>> No.535573

This made my day. Thank you for the laugh.

>> No.535854
File: 3.80 MB, 720x720, 3457758.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no outside collabs

>> No.536016

call me when he appears on stream

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