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Which chuuba has the least antis?

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The least popular

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there are actual stinky-fish antis? I thought that was just anti-nijiEN honing in on her for saying amogus

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probably the less retarded one, at least on top, like ina

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Any of the countless ones with 0 viewers

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anti would be a strong word, I just wish she didn't exist, I watch Pomu but have to be reminded of that unfunny hack every once in a while because they're in the same company

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Kiara maybe Mori.

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she has some stalkers from her ff14 days, pretty sure that would make her underaged at the time

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Theo ones with the fanbase that don't constantly post pointless threads.

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isnt she hyper hated by japs?

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Pekora sure as hell have little to no antis for how popular she is

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This is true. See

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Can't have any anti if nobody cares about you.

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why that much spacing you actual faggot

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kiara is just as unwatchable and ina got to million without interviewing/leeching japs chubbas and without the various the greedy things kiara did

So haters to viewership ratio Ina has the least. because shes not ill like kiara and is really nice unlike goblinas and shit music machine

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She has quite a few, related to her previous life

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Botan and Ina

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FACTS! Everybody love pikamee. Even the OGs are simping for her

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Why is Ollie there?

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KIARA! nobody hate such a genuine girl, seriously. And Mori too! Everybody love how hardwork she is. They are just the best
I Just love Kiara's genuiness unlike that pretentious Ina and that lazy bun Gura

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I don't believe people actually hate the fish, they're just trying to force a Kiara tier anti magnet for NijiEN for some reason.

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They have 0 viewers because the whole world is their anti.

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why is that fishtuber there and not shartemis?

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Yeah the fish is really harmless. The worst you can say about her is that she's somewhat plain and dumb, but she's very sweet and clearly cares about her genmates.

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So Anya.

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Only factual answer, you physically can't hate Pikamee

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This and it's not working. She is cute and enjoyable.

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I do, but she never does anything noteworthy to shit on.

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Ina, Ironmouse, Watame

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I feel like gamers and early holo gens have no antis because they're either super chill and seiso or not streaming as actively

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Ironmouse, only the worst shit heads will be antis of a real bubble girl.

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I don't even watch english vtubers regularly and I fail to understand why this board says that people hates her, I watched part of her resident evil 8 gameplay and it was fine
Schizos just wanted an NijisanjiEN ollie/kiara and picked her as a target, next time add Veibae or Froot that are real whores

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There's a couple spergs that don't like pikamee since she is on record as being a lolicon but not sure that counts as antis for purpose of the thread.

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Anyone that legit antis Mio has to be fucked in the head. She's the least controversial chuuba in existence.

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you couldn't be more wrong

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I guess I have a hard time actually hating Ina even if her fans the worst fucking cancer on this board

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Why does Kiara look like someone's Jewish mother.

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I've met one or two, Taiga has more antis than Mio though
They were chumbuds

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its like 5 bugs and a bunch of bots

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Why? Never heard of that.

From the most popular ones it's Ina, probably.

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What about the magnet?

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natori sana is a good answer

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There's zero reason to hate button

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Mouse love!

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Nice troll post. That cunt ruined HL.

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A while back I used to not like her because she laughed when they were forced to talk about Aloe. She also gave me an impression that she considered herself better than other holos for being good at games. I had only ever seen her in collabs so I got the impression that she was just mean since her bullying methods never really showed concern afterwards. In retrospect, I think she is just so in control of every game she plays the idea of people panicking doesn't even cross her mind. I also watched her shopping cart streams and thought they were amazing. But if you just watch clips, you could hate her.

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Probably the unchi koala. Sora is a pretty good pick for Holo. Ina and the indies have <2k votes so I wouldn't put too much faith in them.


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Was she a dramawhore? Did she have a boyfriend?

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Yes, but 90% of NND streamers were. No, but there's a rrat that Jun is her boyfriend. They knew each other prior and she watched him on Twitch is about all that's confirmed though.

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I've seen people put a thumbs down for every single stream a five viewer indie does, some people just don't care

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