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>This board is for the discussion of Virtual YouTubers ("VTubers"), including those streaming in Japanese, English, and other languages.
Also spanish vtuber thread I guess, through this thread is more of a test.
I don't watch her that much but I want to know how many of you browse this site.
También quiero saber si en un hipotético futuro donde los vtubers hispanos ganen notoriedad aquí los posts deben estar en inglés, ya que la discusión quedaría con un spanglish raro del tipo que te da sida solo leer.

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I would definitely watch her a lot if she didn't stream on facebook.

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I wish she didn't stream in facebook

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chinga tu madre Nimu

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Nimu 7.8/10


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Cute and Funny
Nimu is a bad girl who needs to be punished

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This piece of shit facebook scum has no place here

Fuck off
t. southamerican

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Chinga tu madre nimu.

Onions yo o la mascota de ella es un diseño robado de Ina? / Is it me or Nimu's mascot is stolen from Ina?

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I like how "Is it me" in spanish became onions because it is the same word as a filtered one
Anyway, I'm fairly sure Nimu had it first considering the "mascot" IS Nimu and she has existed for longer. She stole the tako for her THANKS FOR DONATING tho because it is very similar to the neko alien blob

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Why you Mexicans hate her so much?

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I would definetly watch her if she was funny or original.

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Not mexican, but Uruguayan

>Zoomer southamerican humor (probably the cringiest form of memes in existanxe)
>An actual, unironic bitch
>Uses fanbase as a strikeforce against the competition
>Steals art
>Streams on Facebook

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I don't really care about Nimu but I just found out about Nala and she seems rather chill, if she can stay away from dramas the hispanic vtubers may not be doomed after all.

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Also not Mexican, but yes, the reasons that >>466394 said are pretty much spot on. She's a fucking bitch, used her fans to attack a smaller vtuber, and cried when people retaliated against her. Also stole art, like Ina's takodachi.

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Then why use "chinga tu madre"? Don't you people have your local equivalent of "Fuck you"?

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nimu existe antes que ina, pero el parecido de sus mascotas es preocupate.
Los takos son mejores aun asi

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"Chinga tu madre nimu" is a general meme in all of Latin America, not just on Mexico

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Fuck her.

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I'm trying

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While there is no issue in discussing latinx vtubers in this board remember that this is an english speaking site, so try to keep your language consistent with the rest users.

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No tengo obligación de siquiera leer lo que un gringo pendejo opine, ahorre su tiempo y no vuelva a escribir.

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Gringo pendejo me la pelas lol, saquese a la chingada con su "latinx"

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La verdad ni idea, Nimu existe desde mucho antes que Ina pero las mascotas de nimu podrian ser ikadachis en vez de takodachis

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Magalí Santillán se llama la pendeja esa.


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Kill yourself you fucking faggot, and shove your latinx up you ass

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Even before attacking Suwie she was already fucking awful
they censored mentions of any other vtubers on her fanserver
insulted or acted passive agressively to anyone who told her "I want to vtube too"

in the end Suwie bent the knee and sucked her cunt anyways
fuck celeb drama whore vtubers

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>they censored mentions of any other vtubers on her fanserver
>insulted or acted passive agressively to anyone who told her "I want to vtube too"
I don't know senpai, if hololive or niji had fanservers made by them I imagine it'd have something similar

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>these are the people hating on based nimu

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They have official Reddit pages and they do not pull that shit

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prefiero que me llamen Beaner que Latinx

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se dice latines

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I hate americans so fucking much, why they're trying to project their shitty culture to others?

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I hate you nigger.

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And just like that, anything you wrote is worthless

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>Nimu en el OP
Como siempre, OP es un marica.

Why are deadbeats like this.
t. deadbeat

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>based nimu
The faggot department called, they want you back.

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yeah be fast and stop making them wait

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Kill yourself

Just fucking kill yourself you stupid retard

t. south american

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get the fuck out

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te tienes que regresar

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I don't think it's possible to find a seiso South American streamer though. Specially Brazilians or Colombians.

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utter trash

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stick a knife in your ass and kys faggot

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based 40 yo fatso

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only boomers use le funny mexican slangs the new shit is argentinian ones

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nimu qlia

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Alright since everyone here hates Nimu who do you think should be used as the face of the ES region?

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Get the only worthy leader of the region to become a Vtuber of course

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Stop trying to fit in, provincia

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Nimu is older than Ina in terms of Streaming, she has been doing this for a year or two already.

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Why of course the daughter/son of the best president in all Latin America, Estanislao "Dhyzy-chan" Fernandez

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GTFO of this board.

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Same, Latinx is just too stupid and politically motivated for me to accept it, at least Beaner is just racist which means I can give half a fuck about it but Latinx is plain out not apolitical and forced.

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>Estanislao Fernández es el nombre del hijo de Alberto Fernández, el actual presidente de Argentina, quien hace drag queen y cosplay.
Your country's going out with a bang, never change narizones.

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discussion in other languages shouldn't -be- here, but sure go ahead as long as it doesn't get outside the thread

t. spic

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That WACTOR corporate group is kinda trying but I don´t think they will manage to pull enough attention before the whole project collapses, too bad, the girls are legitimately interested in the language and are also talented in a lot of stuff.

They also want to collab with some ESP Latin American VTubers but if they pick the wrong one, they are gonna be knee-deep into drama so they might as well not do it and die slowly.

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I'm unironically eager to see the shitstorm it will cause the millisecond he announces his virtual avatar to feel "more in touch with his real body" or some delusional thing like that

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>those (You)'s
every single fucking time kek

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>lmao I was only pretending to be retarded gottem
kill yourself

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she streams on Facebook because a lot of people in Latin America watch online content through Facebook. Most signal carriers in the region offer deals in which Facebook's data is either cheaper or free up to a certain amount. A lot of people don't have internet everywhere they go and several more don't own any computer other than their smartphones. Foreign companies/indies seeking to enter the region should take note.

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not even that anon but yeah faggots are braindead retarded for falling for such blatant bait

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ok tranny

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i do not hate her.

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Hay vtubers hispanas que al menos esten al nivel de calidad de los gringos?

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nunca serás vieja, puto

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>el wey de los muslos

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Es que no tienes otro lugar para decir pendejadas?

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