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Enjoy Pink cat collab. Another hobby pozzed. We warned you before several times that EN was a big mistake! Who's laughing now?

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>he cares about EN

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I am convinced this is just an elaborate troll from /vt/ because i don't get what's so bad about these two companies collabing.
>but nyanners said something bad a trillion years ago
And who cares, you sound like those twitter lefties cancelling people for saying niggers when they were on high school.

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Yes, Hololive will be ruined forever until a week later when everyone forgets the collab happened

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Nobody cares outside this mental ward

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there's a good case for why vaibe should be shunned but nyanners is mostly harmless.

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just woke up. what happened? collab with vshoujo? who confirmed that?

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Kiara did.
As long as it's restricted to just her, hopefully the cancer won't ruin the rest of hololive

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ll just go back to watching JP this happens every time when something gets popular in the west just sad that it got less than a year to get there, you would expect peoples joining hololive to have a different view but i guess not. Still enjoyed what we got until now, i'll stay updated on the music side of EN that shouldn't be affected so not everything is lost.

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>The (((West))) ruins everything it touches
I blame the willfully ignorant jew cattle for this. Filthy fucking burgers.

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bro. it just collab, they didn't make vshojo into holos. jeez don't be so dramatic. like even niji holo collab is month a time at best what make you think that vshojo gonna destroy hololive.

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How does this ruin anything again?

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I wish both of them do a massive yab while collabing that would result in Kiara graduating.

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This was bound to happen, I suggest coming over to smaller EN vtuber sphere. NijiEN is pretty great, Elira has more personality than all of HoloEN combined. Tsunderia and Prism are both pretty decent groups, I suggest Aoi and Luto.

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difference is vwhores has a SJW fanbase. I never want them to touch a single strand of Hololive

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Didn't Nyanners said she won't collab because it was Vei's collab and she doesn't feel right doing it without Vei?
What a backstabbing bitch.

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Still mad about it, huh?

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AIDS doesn't kill you immediately, anon.
It takes a while for it to spread and destroy everything. If you need examples, take a look at the comic and games industry.

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Vei's gonna be there too, just you wait.

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here I've depicted it for you

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Even Veibae is fine, stop being a free cover defense force

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As if Vshojo viewers dont know about hololive.

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Lol, this place is truly a mental ward

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They don't care but now they will use the collab as an excuse to start talking about Hololive, not only to let nyan leech but to also spread SJW cancer. It's just like how SJWs started with the Genshin fanbase with their subtle infiltration.

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Enjoy your twitter whores LOL

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We are the sane ones. The only sane ones.

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>muh-muh SJW's
Fucking relax already, jesus.

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loathing SJW makes you the sane one you faggot. They literally ruined everything they touch.

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Kiarachama, if you really want to collab with Vshojo
Why dont you graduate immediately and join them?Im happy for you too:^)

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Fuck that chink malware gambling trash. I hope the shit studio that created that trash gets kyoani'd

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You're what SJWs see when they look in the mirror.

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Mention 3 things SJW's have "ruined" and made unenjoyable.

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Vshojo girls are capable of behaving when they do a collab.

Take your meds.

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>LGBT slut
Fuck off, nigger

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Ror, and I repeat, rumao.

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Me. Because you concerfags are pathetic. The collab will be alright.

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Never. Hololive is fine as it is and we don't need any SJW infiltration ruining it

Localization, Gacha Games and Western Vtubers
Easy. I can list 10 more if you want

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>It's just like how SJWs started with the Genshin fanbase with their subtle infiltration.
What happened?

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typical sjw behavior
no matter what I mentions, you SJW will always say "HURR IT NO RUINED YOU WACIST XD" Fuck off. Just look at every entertainment out there and see how soulless and fucking neutered they are now. It's because of YOU SJWS

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best example of that is snoy

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That's fine I guess, keep working yourself into a frothing rage over retards and trannies on twitter.

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>vshoujo brings mass sjw to Hololive
>EN girls are pressured to use their platform for politics due to being so large
>Mori has to publicly thank black culture for allowing her to rap
>Gura has to speak out about sexualizing characters that are too small

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You're insane if you think SJW's are what make localization and gacha games utter garbage.
Also wvts are not inherently bad just because vshojo exists.

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Shitty localizations were always a thing, and people always shat on them.
>Gacha Games
Are you talking about assmad Chinese or horse yakuza? Neither of them are SJWs.
>Western Vtubers
Such as?

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Its too late. EN2 is going to be full of anituber and eceleb worshippers? EN hired Mori, and Kiara. ID has Ollie, there will be more

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Jeezas. There are too many things to list.
Too many video game, movies and comic industry examples.

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I count at least 4 whore and a 中国 shill that's past her prime.

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What do you think will happen exactly, you think the mere presence of a Vshojo member will somehow corrupt everyone in Hololive? Within just a few weeks you and everyone else will have probably forgotten about it much like their collab with Kizuna.

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-> >>4535893
>shitty localizations
It's not about shitty localizations, you fucking whore.
Remember Kobayashi-san? SJWs put politics in the dub. Fuck you for being disingenuous.

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>people always shat on them.
And it's not doing anything. They've infiltrated the scene and it's already becoming too late.

Yeah I remember this one

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Right, but what exactly is this doing by them collabing? Do you think somehow they are going to subvert the ideals of a Japanese business by playing games with one of their talents?

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>Hololive is fine as it is
After we kick out the western whores, yes.

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Ok this one wins. Theres nothing I can say to this.

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Are you seriously that dumb?
The corruption is done gradually. They'll slowly push for politics, just like they did in the TTRPG, comics, and games industry.
Have you been living under a rock for these past 20 years?

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How many of the people that actually get mad about this stuff have ever watched them more than a couple of clips? I know plenty of people get mad about Hololive members being misrepresented by clips so do you not think the clippers for vshojo might be picking the most extreme moments too?

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>believing in this pile of shit
Absolutely nothing this tranny said is true.

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>remember this one 13 episode anime from half a decade ago? yeah, it had like 3 lines that were translated liberally. localization is ruined forever and the ESS Jews did it

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You can kill yourself now.

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Star Wars
Dr. Who
(Hollywood in general...)
AAA Games
Youtube (copyright hell, adpocalypse etc.)
Reddit (which is why people here hate it now)
Internet censorship in general (twitter etc.)
Nigger Family structure (causing them to revert back into monkeys)
They tried to ruin anime but JPs are still somehow holding on

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gacha games are now censoring content thanks to both the chinks and the sjws dogpiling against freedom of expression

>western vtubers
pic related
it's early stage of cancer, but it's there

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And explain to me how they're going to push for politics when hololive members are under contract to remain apolitical

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>SJWs didn't ruin anything
>okay it ruined that one thing, but blah blah blah
As usual, SJWs will forever move the goalpost.

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>>Western Vtubers
>Such as?

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I think the current native holo audience is good enough to keep a balance, as long as the collabs are restricted to Kiara herself (who already has an SJW audience).

>> No.4536252

This is not 2013 and they're no longer a fringe group on the internet

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fucking hell, I'll pack up my things just in case

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What part of gradual don't you fucking understand?
They'll start gaslighting the upper management that the audience like this and that, and you have to pander to them for more profit.
This strategy has been done in the TTRPG, comics, and games industry. Fuck you for being an ignorant piece of garbage.

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These examples are not some cabal of evil subversive elements. These are college children trying to assert their virtue in the most opaque way possible. Other college children support them, and politicians make money on them.
The real example of censorship would be the Chinese influence on gacha. That's an actual political effort, the content is being changed because it wouldn't be allowed in China otherwise.

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It's just Mori and Kiara. They were trash at the start and the stink is only growing.

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It's true though, less and less quality games are coming out and they're being pressured by shitters like Sony to adhere to ""global standards""

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General cultural barrier and disdain for gaijin aside, I think the usual subversion route of taking over HR, gaslighting management and hiring on nothing but cronies isn't going to work with nip office culture.

>> No.4536395

Cover has already shown they are susceptible to attempting to placate whiny portions of foreign audiences in the past I guess with the way they tried to handle the Chinese situation at first.

>> No.4536421 [DELETED] 

>These examples are not some cabal of evil subversive elements.
Ogey, Mister Shekelbergenstein.

>> No.4536441 [DELETED] 

Is this your first day on the internet or something?
Please neck yourself newfag

>> No.4536443 [DELETED] 

>*checks notes*
Is this an obscure twitter meme? Reads like sarcasm to me.

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Can't wait for /vt/ to act as if it's the end of the world while the collab plays out like any other and nothing actually happens.

>> No.4536464 [DELETED] 

>They'll start gaslighting the upper management
Which upper management? Yagoo? Or the hidebound fossils at Cover? You vastly overestimate the reach these dangerhair retards have, my guy.

The best they could do is poison Enma I guess, but as we've seen before, Hololive can and will purge middle managers when necessary and believe me, they WILL notice if a manager goes rogue.

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People who said this shit is only in colleges were proven wrong years ago. Those college kids got jobs at companies and they changed those companies to be like themselves.

>> No.4536480

Because they are absolute garbage?
People like Vei and Nyanners are the opposite of hololive. They are bottom of the barrel trash with a cancerous twitch fanbase.

>> No.4536492

You do realize no one cares outside this shithole? you are wasting your time complaining just dont watch and hope they dont get a lot of views

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don't ask me, i just collect images

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The problem with those fanbases is that the "fans" and whoever enjoyed these hobbies didn't really care about small changes here and there until their hobby became unrecognizable.
In the Vtuber industry, people have been destroyed already from even the smallest yabs, so that strategy won't be very successful as hololive fans have already experienced a cancellation from subversive elements.
Anything even remotely smelling of SJW shit (ON STREAM) will get absolutely shredded.
Nyanners is reluctantly accepted because she has yet to make a public on-stream yab, and most of her negative stuff require people to dig into her past quite a bit.

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>less and less quality games
What quality? But answering your stupid claim: Playstation is completely dominated by California faggots, so it's only natural that they'll want to censor anything that comes close to a pretty woman on their console. I lived in Japan for two years (2018-2020) and I haven't seen any of this "yellow shame" that this freak is talking about. On the contrary, the market for H-doujins and hentais has never been stronger.

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Anon, the arguments she used against the company are not even true. At least say something true instead of making shit up. Fuck, i can bring up better arguments than her.

1. The Mel manager incident, probably the most fucked up thing they did, literally ignoring her while she was harassed. If anything, they should've gotten more shit for this one.
2. Taking too much to release an official statement when shit happens.
3. Making the talents do apology videos for the dumbest shit (Towa's man voice incident and Aqua's smash bros incident, etc)
4. Suspending members instead of standing up for them, this must be some shit japanese mentality. I understand they do it to make angry retards cool down, but that didn't work for Coco that much now, did it?

Now they are working on a lot of these problems, keep in mind they became big overnight basically, Fubuki started 2020 with 350K subs, and by the end of it she a little over 1M to give you an idea.

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>You do realize no one cares outside this shithole?
even nyanners do care because it's affecting their reputation as well
seanigs and japs mostly dont care because sjws aren't always infront of them every day

>> No.4536593 [DELETED] 

No, I just dont think videogames and anime have been RUINED by a couple shitty attempts at pandering. Also comics were already going to shit.
Oh and i guess I forgot to mention but I think lgbt people deserve rights.

>> No.4536599 [DELETED] 

Yes, it's just college children spontaneously creating ideologies, and not the fruits of decades of college professors grooming young people at their most vain and rebellious age with a delicious rebel movement.
It's pure coincidence that all the corporate rot starts with infiltrations of HR.
I don't know how people stay so uninformed. There's a fucking Wikipedia article for the long march through the institutions.

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All this crying over two girls potentially playing video games together on the internet, I don't even watch Vshojo but I hope they collab regularly from now on if it causes this much butthurt.

>> No.4536654 [DELETED] 

What the fuck does that even mean.
No, really, what did he mean by that other than trying to act like humbled virtuous white dude?

>> No.4536671 [DELETED] 

>Oh and i guess I forgot to mention but I think lgbt people deserve rights.
based pridebro

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>isn't going to work with nip office culture
You naive faggot. They've already gotten Basedny, which forces companies making games for Basedny to self-censor their products. Senran Kagura is already censored to hell.

>Which upper management? Yagoo? Or the hidebound fossils at Cover?
They'll target the investors, you dumb nigger.
>You vastly overestimate the reach these dangerhair retards have, my guy.
Ogey, let's just ignored all the other companies that went woke.

The fans are slowly being overwhelmed by newer mainstream "fans". Pic related.

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keep your lgbt blm or any other identity faggot shit out of hololive

>> No.4536722 [DELETED] 

But you already have all rights, extra rights and even extra privileges over straight people, faggotchama?

>> No.4536723 [DELETED] 

white men bad
pls let me see a pixel of tit i'm an ally i swear

>> No.4536752

>Nyanners is still the only 100% confirmed 4channer vtuber
Still hating yourselves, eh?

>> No.4536766 [DELETED] 

>a couple
Ogey, Mister Shekelbergenstein.

>> No.4536768

These nuts think that SJWS have demonic powers lol.

>> No.4536774

>Who's laughing now?
Me, because I only like Ina, Mori and Gura. I never had any hope in Kiara so I'm pretty happy right now.

>> No.4536783 [DELETED] 

There is nothing 4chan hates more than itself. All the racism, all the gatekeeping, it's just a coping mechanism for the self-loathing.

>> No.4536786

She's a tumblrina not a 4channer. Sjws and anti-loli are never 4channers

>> No.4536806 [DELETED] 

you will never be a woman

>> No.4536817

>100% confirmed 4channer vtuber
She left 4ch for tumblr around the mass female exodus that occurred in the mid 2010s.

>> No.4536823 [DELETED] 

Go gaslight somewhere else, jew

>> No.4536845

You think Mori is chopping at the bit to hang out with vsho? Sorry deadbeat, you're next.

>> No.4536862 [DELETED] 

But the vshojo girls aren't sjw on stream, they stay in character

>> No.4536881

>She left
No one actually leaves.

>> No.4536895

Nyanners will play a game with Kiara, say nothing related to SJWs, and people will forget it happened in a week. And the same retards doomposting in this thread will move onto the next thing, because they don't care about anything actually happening, they just enjoy the drama.

>> No.4536904

yikes sweaty this ain't the tea sis

>> No.4536916

It's the entire thing surrounding the lolis that rubs many people the wrong way, especially when you consider it how she handled it versus Senzawa. She started by catering explicitly to /b/tards, acting like a loli, saying typical racist 4chan shit, doing /b/ memes and copypasta readings, making vocaroo threads on /b/ ect. When she found her first iota of fame she didn't just stop doing that and request her former audience to tone their autism down, no, she pretty much scrubbed her entire body of work, she renounced everything, denied everything when it was brought up, said how much she 'hated' doing that and how 'awful' it was to work for neets and virgins. Using this pity party she formed a loyal cult that would shutdown anyone who said that it was her choice or that she was had said that she had gotten off on it sometimes. She completely and utterly alienated her former audience by denouncing them to her their faces.

Contrast that to Senzawa who basically just told her 4chan audience "Yo, times have changed and I have to as well, we're gonna tone everything down but you guys are still my crew. Please don't spill your spaghetti everywhere and we'll be cool." And using that methodology she went on to get 1 million as senzawa before she was recruited by Hololive and got another mil as Gawr Gura

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Mori is next dude. She follows Nyanners and they will collab with Mousey in the 6th
Only the trinity matters

>> No.4536926

Name one holo that browses this website, and now reads the screencaps on discord/redit/etc.

>> No.4536928

Second time I see this word, and both times it was in an OP-post of a poorly covered troll thread. What does it even mean?

>> No.4536932

Nyanners is a vapid bitch who has shown again and again that she's an attention whore with no integrity (let alone anything interesting or insightful to say). It's not really any one thing.

>> No.4536938

This. Dont forget, your here forever. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

>> No.4536958 [DELETED] 

Ogey, Mister Shekelbergenstein. Enjoy the oven.

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They will go along as well when they see that their degenerate genmates get good numbers with the collabs.

I can only see Gura resisting because a) she seems the most based and b) she does not have to worry about numbers ever. but even that might be too much to hope for as well.

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File: 54 KB, 1560x610, Epgtx1bXYAElDLb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not reading all that but you sound like a pedo.

>> No.4537041

Peak strawman

>> No.4537045

I still can't believe how many replies you can get for posts like these. I don't think I'll ever get used to it.

>> No.4537054

I don't really agree. Hololive core audience is comprised mostly of weebs and other people and so far at least the common thread I've found between them is that they are all absolutely TIRED of politics in entertainment.
If you were on reddit during the Coco-Taiwan fiasco, for 1-2 days it was completely filled with (highly community generated) Anti-China memes, which made it pretty clear what the audience wanted.
These people are enjoying the absolute last percentage of entertainment left to them by the world that isn't tainted by politics, and if you think they are "outnumbered" by any means, that is only because of their their extreme restraint and cultural respect to Japan for creating this medium.

So I don't think this medium is in any danger of SJW infiltration.

>> No.4537060
File: 127 KB, 889x779, 1517497675684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All down the slippery slope.
Oooor, instead of whining, you can do something about it. You have already emailed Cover already, right?

>> No.4537069

Not him but is that all you got? Please go back and kill yourself

>> No.4537071 [DELETED] 

Yes, and then Senzawa betrayed her crew by becoming the Disney Channel vtuber! Fuck that! Bring back my racist doomer alcoholic loli gf! FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


>> No.4537072

>The fans are slowly being overwhelmed by newer mainstream "fans"
Anon, since when do you see these trannys and faggots supporting anything? Everything they "support" is purely based on their scream, but never through the wallet.

>> No.4537087

dumb Gura seems to listen to Kiara though

>> No.4537089

The irony is the people in this thread are speaking more about SJWs and politics than anyone in hololive or vshoujo combined

>> No.4537093

>doesnt know Ame is close with Silvervale
Your only setting yourself up for more disappointment

>> No.4537108 [DELETED] 

I'm already armed with dox. I will kill everyone who shows signs of SJW corruption.

>> No.4537110

how will pedophile newfags ever cope with the fact that nyanners has INFINITELY more oldfag cred than the tourists

>> No.4537111

Emailed them what? Veibae had that clip where she ranted about the company but Nyanners doesn't have anything they'd give a shit about.

>> No.4537132

they've already cut ties
ame doesn't give a shit about any vshitter

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>collab happens
>200 dislikes

This is going to happen. Nobody fucking cares dude.

>> No.4537159

Lied about it being Cover staff, that's not something you defend unless you're some retarded simp who think the girls are never wrong
She was the one who insisted on doing the apology by all accounts, same with Aloe. They didn't make Coco or Haachama do an apology video either so you are blowing things out of proportion just like Veibae.

>> No.4537165 [DELETED] 

When at war, you have to pay attention to your enemy so you know where to fire.

>> No.4537189

>So I don't think this medium is in any danger of SJW infiltration
Reddit is SJW, you dumb faggot.

>> No.4537203

please go outside for the love of god

>> No.4537210 [DELETED] 

I'm not saying it's only in colleges. It's just mostly in colleges, and it rarely survives outside of them.
>Those college kids got jobs at companies and they changed those companies to be like themselves.
Quality is still the only thing that actually matters. They developed Mass Effect Andromeda, it was shit, no one bought it, end of story. They developed the new God of War, it was good, people bought it, end of story.
All this Twitter shitflinging is noise. Everyone gets angry about something one day, then completely forgets about it the next day.

>> No.4537219

Them not interacting publicly doesn't mean they don't still talk.

>> No.4537222

>posted anti-China memes
>but we dont want politics!!!

>> No.4537234 [DELETED] 

Yes, anon. Everything is SJW, and Hillary Clinton is hiding under the fridge. Now let's get you to bed.

>> No.4537240

take your meds

>> No.4537254

I noticed a distinct lack of clips or videos of vshoujo girls being political on stream. What's up with that? I thought you knew your enemy? You're just holding back, right?

>> No.4537270 [DELETED] 

Racism isn't political. It's just funny. Stop trying to corrupt our racist memes with your shitty politics.

>> No.4537272

By looking at porn of nyanners.

>> No.4537291

Being anti-chink isn't politics, it's a matter of survival. You need to fight the chinks everywhere you can find them or they'll conquer you.

>> No.4537341

I said mainstream, not trannies and faggots, retardchama.
Mainstream fans are braindead normalfags who will parrot "it's a nothingburger" while the hobby/fanbase is being destroyed.

>muh Reddit is no SJW!
Multiple subreddits have been nuked in the past for being to politically incorrect. How new are you?

>> No.4537356 [DELETED] 

ok samefag

>> No.4537363

>Being anti-_______ isn't politics, its________
the irony of this statement

>> No.4537370
File: 232 KB, 404x479, 1600868219739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't have to present evidence and stuff, anon. Just let them know you're not comfortable with Vshojo's vulgar content or political stances, and you think the collab would harm Cover's image. That's what I did.

>> No.4537395
File: 353 KB, 587x600, 1612644607786.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are most political on discord and twitter

>> No.4537423 [DELETED] 

Being racist and homophobic is inherently political

>> No.4537429 [DELETED] 

Die, zhang.

>> No.4537430 [DELETED] 

>on a website with not just one, but five (5) gay boards
>not celebrating pride month

>> No.4537439

Why didn't you show them all the video evidence of vshoujo being political on stream? Since it's so important to you, you collected all of that information right?

>> No.4537448
File: 38 KB, 517x552, 4a6b699935388e1d4bb62c7593b749e92fe9686685e82bafcdda7ae9638c22ad_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gradual corruption, retardchama. They can't do that because they still haven't dominated the market. Pic related.

>> No.4537464 [DELETED] 

I'm not a vtuber though, so what.

>> No.4537475 [DELETED] 

>Being racist and homophobic is inherently correct and virtuous
Fixed, scum.

>> No.4537481 [DELETED] 

Racism and Homophobia has no flag and therefore it's not some political agenda. Anything with a flag or a symbol to represent a movement is political

>> No.4537482

Sure, that's why the core "reddit hololive" audience's gut reaction on finding out that China fucked with their hobby was to post the most savage anti-china memes (most are deleted now, but the point about the audience stands).

>> No.4537487

Wow, twitter? Amazing. Can you show me the clips of them being political on stream as well?

>> No.4537493

Fair enough, I didn't know it was Aqua's decision to do the apology. I'm sorry i didn't know any better.

See, i did what Veibae couldn't, was it hard?

>> No.4537500

It's not a troll, /vt/ just has the highest concentration of mentally ill schizos on this website who will defend their whores with anime avatars from other whores with anime avatars under the smug pretext of one whore for some reason or another being better than the other whore. Think of it like a really really autistic version of console wars.

>> No.4537514
File: 155 KB, 1131x800, 1617171209448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd love to see these two collab

>> No.4537531

Considering Nyanners vets the clips in her official channel, I don't think so.

>> No.4537536

Oh, so they haven't said anything political on stream despite being evil SJWs? How about that!

>> No.4537549

I hold a random 4chan anon to a higher standard than Veibae in the first place so you don't get any points for being a better person than her.

>> No.4537550
File: 145 KB, 2000x1333, UUUUUOOOOHHHHHHHHH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What? Where does the random "racism" come from? I am opposed to racism in all its forms. That does not mean I have to like a lying, hypocritical whore who is in favor of censorship and hates sexyiness in popular media.

>> No.4537555

they fired first lol

>> No.4537558

your oshi will be forced to eat out a vshojo in a cb stream and there's nothing you can do about it

>> No.4537603
File: 43 KB, 720x707, WataChad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Enjoy pink cat collab
Thanks, I will. Have a good day schizo

>> No.4537616

Yes, and now go back and look for anti-SJW shit on reddit.
You'll notice that there aren't much of it around.

>> No.4537636 [DELETED] 

You're a pedophile which is even worse than a racist

>> No.4537637 [DELETED] 

Fuck faggots and you too

>> No.4537640

This is the line for most hololive audience, and the staff know it.
Once any vtuber collabing with hololive or a hololive talent says anything remotely political, the entirety of the fanbase will burn them to hell, count on it

>> No.4537643 [DELETED] 

>celebrating pride month

>> No.4537658
File: 656 KB, 175x169, 1603856063079.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you take that attitude you stop looking like an earnest fan of Hololive and more like a rabid Vshojo anti instead. I mean, I'm both, but they don't have to know.

>> No.4537676

God I would love that.

>> No.4537680

>oldfag cred
It's called attentionwhoring, Nyannerschama.

>> No.4537690 [DELETED] 

/pol/ has their own board, go back there and celebrate your political movement

>> No.4537699

"Reddit Management" and "reddit audience" aren't the same peope anon. Especially when it comes to different subreddits.

>> No.4537719

I've heard plenty of people here complain about Nyanners clips not being representative of her actual streams.

>> No.4537744

>undermining someone
>also telling him that you're actively undermining him
You must be retarded

>> No.4537764 [DELETED] 

Go back to discord where you can celebrate mental illness

>> No.4537772

Wrong, most of the EN fanbase won't mind it and that's the majority of hololive's viewers and income nowadays. You overestimate the amount of mentally ill schizos who hate progressive values.

>> No.4537784 [DELETED] 

>sexual preference you are born with and cannot choose
>you never have to act on it
>you may never harm or even inconvenience anybody else in the slightest
>you actively try to harm and unfairly discriminate against a group of people due to tribalist delusions
>millions were killed because of this
nah sorry, racism sounds a lot more evil. pedophilia is love. racism is hate.

>> No.4537793 [DELETED] 

We celebrate enough mental illness right here on /vt/

>> No.4537804 [DELETED] 

You have to go back

>> No.4537813

>Implying management can't just nuke a subreddit.
Come on, now. It's been done multiple times. What can the "audience" do except disappear?

>> No.4537822

Keep rushia (most sc), gura (most subs) and pekora (most views) from vwhores....they want to get to this top 3 so bad.

>> No.4537824

"Here is a clip of a recent nyanners stream that doesn't fall in line with covers apolitical stance". I think you could manage, without coming across as an anti anon. But you're full of shit.

>> No.4537832 [DELETED] 

Cry more faggot

>> No.4537862 [DELETED] 

>I am opposed to racism in all its forms
Then you aren't a TRUE 4channer

>> No.4537863
File: 267 KB, 1200x675, E1eUjGfVgAMVJgN[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where will you guys seek refuge?
My plan is to migrate to NijiEN until they have become big enough to be ruined by Vshojo et. al as well.

>> No.4537879
File: 44 KB, 716x481, E0AZX3cWUAMoehK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this the daily schizo thread?

>> No.4537894

Then do it yourself? I don't want to send two emails.

>> No.4537898

Yes anon, they're subverting vtubing by doing nothing you're talking about on stream. What a genius trick.

>> No.4537899


>> No.4537904

Stop with the hate. Embrace pink loli. Let her know your love by posting UOH art of her delicious body. She will appreciate it.

>> No.4537910

Ok. And?

>> No.4537916 [DELETED] 


>> No.4537932

There is no such thing, is my point. You retards are swinging at your own shadow.

>> No.4537938

Gura is the only one in danger at the moment. Don't think the other do english reps at all. And Kiara is already done trying to leech off Pekora.

>> No.4537941

The onus is on her. If she doesn't UOH herself or backtrack on what she did and make amends, then she can fuck off.

>> No.4537942 [DELETED] 

There is a fuckton of underage retards whining about sexualizing in Genshin fandom now. Girls are drawing "respectful redesigns" of Genshin characters covering all of their skin and giving them pants instead of mini skirts, they receive a lot of replies like "yaass queen!!! so much better than the original!!" from other retards. Most of the time they don't even redraw anything, just draw right over the original art kek. They also try to cancel shippers of literally every pairing of Genshin characters, because they are either underage, or look underage, or it's power harassment, or implied incest or some other sort of shit.

>> No.4537945

Which email do I use?

>> No.4537949 [DELETED] 

And you need to go back.

My shadow had it coming, the bitch.

>> No.4537963
File: 573 KB, 609x1027, 1613810550153.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4537970 [DELETED] 
File: 467 KB, 570x713, 1616165850730.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're both pretty based. Have you tried being a racist? It's a lot of fun! Don't knock it til you try it, I always say.

>> No.4537985

Why is it always zentreya?

>> No.4538002

>There is no such thing, is my point
And? I never had intentions of sending such video. Why do I care if I can find it or not?

>> No.4538048

People love Zen. Very approachable.

>> No.4538053 [DELETED] 

You haven't lived until you haven't stomped a filthy nigger's grease-encrusted head against the pavement with your trusty jackbooted heels, I say! Skinning and hanging them on meathooks is also a nice diversion for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

>> No.4538056 [DELETED] 

>implying DC and Marvel were good at any point in time

>> No.4538096

>She will appreciate it.
Proof? She fucking hates it to the point she would cancel Nekopara over it

>> No.4538098 [DELETED] 

they were.

>> No.4538129

that's the kind of twitter retards you shouldnt be wanting to attract from them

>> No.4538175

Nyanners already made her own position clear, and everyone is just reacting on it.

>> No.4538176 [DELETED] 

No, you don't get it! Everything was great before those evil SJWs swooped on my hobby with their greasy, non-racist hands, conveniently just at the time my puberty started and my tastes began to change!

This is totally the fault of everyone but me and not just me coping with the end of my childhood!

>> No.4538222

Honestly hope that no vtuber ever visits this board. No one deserves to be exposed to their schizo fans.

>> No.4538247

They're all here

>> No.4538259

This. No matter what you do, Nyanners hates 4chan and that's all there is to it. Defending someone that hates your guts is absurd.

>> No.4538293

From the looks of it the Nyanner discord is falseflagging and posting random off topic shit about racism and whatnot to diverge the topic from Nyanners being a massive grifter

>> No.4538295

hello, gura

>> No.4538320

You missed the point.

>> No.4538328

> income
Anon the only people buying merch and sending supas that comprise of the majority of holo income are people who are extremely into whoever their oshi is.
Their oshi takes precedence over ANY and ALL ideologies.
These people will shred ANYTHING that threatens their oshi, doesn't matter if it's the population of an entire country or a political ideology. Their Oshi is the top.

And just to put another example, remember what happened to the SJW Brittany Venti when she tried to pull the "loli" attack on Gura back when she debuted?

>> No.4538425 [DELETED] 

It doesn't matter. They, too, will fall to SJW corruption. I know it. This is the end. The only way to fix this is with violence.

>> No.4538447

Gura did what anyone in her throne should've done. She ignored her.

>> No.4538465 [DELETED] 

Who cares about twittercucks?

>> No.4538516

Ah, but this subreddit is managed directly by Cover you see. And it's pretty big. And there are talents who are already moderators there.
It's not disappearing any time soon.

>> No.4538539 [DELETED] 

You should care, when they're openly plotting to destroy everything you've ever held dear, and have the ears of everyone with power in the world. I keep telling you, war is our only answer. Open, violent, all-out war.

>> No.4538542 [DELETED] 

Everyone should. Especially when they harass artists with hate comments and false reports, and generally turn the community into shit.

>> No.4538548

>Taking it personally if someone talks badly about 4chan
Hating 4chan isn't the same as hating someone specifically.

>> No.4538592

holy shit, go outside

>> No.4538597 [DELETED] 

She's a traitor who hates what we all stand for (freedom, traditional values, our right to existence) and has sided with the diabolical corruptors that seek to destroy all that is good in the world.

>> No.4538621

And her audience didn't give a shit either.
People don't understand how different a Japan-based entertainment medium is different from cucked western ones.

>> No.4538628

She can hate 4chan all she likes but I'm not taking any shit from anyone who claims 2D = 3D and especially when they have SJW cancer in their fanbase

>> No.4538644

Pink cat isn't wrong, but Vshojo doesn't have a single good member to give a damn about.

>> No.4538645

I can't even tell which posts are trolls anymore

>> No.4538647 [DELETED] 

>taking the enviromental Jew
nice try, rabbi

>> No.4538657

Brittany was silly and made her move too early, when holoEN hadn't really hit the mainstream just yet. If she waited until now she'd get a lot more traction as well as a lot more evidence of sexualization from Gura clips and fanart. Her heart was in the right place but she was too eager.

>> No.4538664

>blanket statement about "if you like lolis you're a pedo", not just 4chan specific

>> No.4538667 [DELETED] 

holotards are on the same level as poltards shitting up their board with constant drama happening threads that they'll forget about in a week

>> No.4538682

> doomposting
No more (You)s for you until you take your meds and watch your Oshi stream

>> No.4538699

>Everyone I disagree with is from discord

>> No.4538728


>> No.4538743

you mean the bitch who literally cried over a bunch of GTA V trolls?

>> No.4538748

>traditional values
Any genuine traditionalists would be disgusted by 4chan.

>> No.4538751 [DELETED] 

That was a mistake. By ignoring her, they allowed her to take root. They should have struck decisively and wiped her out, discredited her, exposed her, doxxed her and possibly even killed her. This is the only way to defeat the SJW menace, with overwhelming force.
The "higher road" doesn't work when your opponent is a parasite without morals nor any convictions other than your complete ruination.

>> No.4538754

Hating on 4chan is of course interpreted as hating it's users, which includes you and me. You have to be deluded to think she's talking about anything else.

>> No.4538787

You mean Japan-based entertainment medium like anime, which is gradually changing to fit the tastes of Western sponsors who are concerned over the rampant sexualization of children and misrepresentation of non-binary genders?

>> No.4538798 [DELETED] 

All companies do, apparently

>> No.4538810 [DELETED] 

Then they're in for a harsh wakeup when they realize we are the sole upholders of trad values left in this pozzed world.

>> No.4538821

But it did work, I haven't heard about her since then.

>> No.4538824
File: 77 KB, 1280x720, bbbn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you ever think holoEN could just be a positive influence on the western vtuber sphere and show you don't have to rely on political bullshit pandering to be big and successful?

>> No.4538855

It's the only people who would ever defend nyanners here and they're obvious newfags

>> No.4538869

Watch Gura's reaction to her debut stream

>> No.4538901

We were pretty close to that, but looks like Kiara wants to throw that away.

>> No.4538921 [DELETED] 

She's hiding, coordinating. The SJWs will never go away until they're all killed in a bloody purge.

>> No.4538928

so far it is, but not for long I'd wager

>> No.4538940

> Mushoku Tensei
> Redo of healer
sure anon, now take your meds

>> No.4538959

Same Gura that retweets UOH fanart of herself? Sure, what should I be looking for?

>> No.4538969

Because it is horny dude that wants to play vidya with girls.

>> No.4538971 [DELETED] 

It's all that's left. Everything else is pozzed, corrupted. It's only a matter of time before the SJWs control everything and all that is good in the world has been destroyed.

>> No.4538981

We've been trying to establish that but the Orange bird will be our undoing

>> No.4539046

Nope. Always expected it would eventually end up like this. The bigger they get, the more normies are on board and therefore it becomes shit.
Everything that has mass-appeal is shit because the masses are shit.

>> No.4539053

You haven't done shit.

>> No.4539068

Let the guy have his fun, his mother LET'S GOOOOOOO'd.

>> No.4539079

But what's political? What would you classify as political?

>> No.4539094
File: 588 KB, 1000x577, 1604925003511.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, real talk.
Do you think the collab will take place as expected?
What do you think would need to happen in order for this one to be cancelled too?

>> No.4539107

Like what? Nothing has happened.

>> No.4539108

Heh you didnt watch it then. Gura literally quotes and mocks Venti's arguments.

>> No.4539112

You can't pick and choose traditional values, they would never consider you to be upholding trad values while on a website where you'll often find all sorts of depraved pornography or gore just because it also has people trying to stop some women who play video games on the internet with an avatar from talking about politics. I'm pretty sure the average traditionalist wouldn't be tolerant of lolicons either.

>> No.4539133

The world was never good. Before humans arrived, maybe, but definitely not ever since.

>> No.4539138

"WE" referring to everyone in Hololive and its fanbase

>> No.4539152

Wash your cock and have sex

>> No.4539196 [DELETED] 

>I'm pretty sure the average traditionalist wouldn't be tolerant of lolicons either.
Pederasty used to be a respected practice until Catholics and women (but mostly women) ruined it.

>> No.4539207

Nothing much. Nyanners herself is a nothingburger despite how much she and her discord disagree with that. It's her leechers that are a problem.

>> No.4539208

It probably will but hopefully nothing bad nor good will come from it so it can be forgotten about and never reattempted. As long as the good ENs don't collab with Vwhores it will be fine.

>> No.4539213

Again, you haven't done shit

>> No.4539254

Anon, don't ask for the impossible from poor OP

>> No.4539260


>> No.4539267

>Do you think the collab will take place as expected?
Sadly, yes.
>What do you think would need to happen in order for this one to be cancelled too?
Nyanners would have to say something controversial like Vei which got enough people riled up.

>> No.4539268

And neither do you
Get back to gatekeeping

>> No.4539277

>Do you think the collab will take place as expected?
>What do you think would need to happen in order for this one to be cancelled too?
Kiara already announced it so there's no going back now, let's just hope it doesn't end up as "THE DEATH OF HOLOLIVE" as everyone here expects.

>> No.4539280 [DELETED] 

But we will! And then you'll all rue the day you chose the wrong side in this war, once you're all put against the wall.

>> No.4539289

Maybe the zhangs were right.

>> No.4539291 [DELETED] 

How fucking normie do you have to be to enjoy capeshit, with or without SJWs?
I'm also 100% sure most people in Hololive are not racist and don't give a fuck about fags (well, JP girls might frown upon it, but they don't actually hate them with passion). Your EN or ID oshi most likely is ok with lgbt in media and thinks they deserve rights and most likely doesn't give a shit about someone's race. It's just that they are not stupid to start ranting about it on stream for no reason. Now go cry about it.

>> No.4539295

>Do you think the collab will take place as expected?
>What do you think would need to happen in order for this one to be cancelled too?
nothing, maybe it'll end up as a one time thing like trash taste or the collabs will be monthly

>> No.4539324 [DELETED] 

>Your EN or ID oshi most likely is ok with lgbt in media and thinks they deserve rights
I know, they're all beyond salvation.

>> No.4539334

I am not dabbing on him, i would too if i could, it just answers why is it always Zentreya.

>> No.4539338
File: 186 KB, 351x347, 1620331436402.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys give up way too easily.

>> No.4539349 [DELETED] 

>How fucking normie do you have to be to enjoy capeshit
I like Worm and The Boys.

>> No.4539350

>Who's laughing now?
I'm laughing as a pink cat subscriber. My oshi is coming for your vtubers and will corrupt them all. A single word from pink cat is enough to curse your oshi and ruin her forever.

>> No.4539351 [DELETED] 

What is the best way to harass Kiara now? I have become a fullblown anti because of this. Where do I send the gore?

>> No.4539377

It's gonna be a slow and painful death. It will start with an increase of SJWs who will start complaining about Gura being sexualised, up until political garbage will be accepted in chat and be talked about. Guaranteed they will most likely come from Nyanners' and the Vshitjo fanbase

>> No.4539389

>Nyanners would have to say something controversial like Vei which got enough people riled up.
Care to bring me up to speed anon?

>> No.4539393

Also cringe

>> No.4539436

>Do you think the collab will take place as expected?
Yes and it'll be fine, Nyanners is a lot of things but she isn't stupid enough to go into a Hololive collab and start talking politics.

>> No.4539448

Nothingburger, Vei called out Cover for being shit and shills didn't like that

>> No.4539451


She took the yab festivals of 2019 and blamed them all on Cover.

>> No.4539470

The cat deserves it more. Kiara is just stupid and desperate.

>> No.4539503

That won't do anything. It's better to start with the pink grifter and choke it from there.

>> No.4539516 [DELETED] 

No it really wasn't, certain elites would do it because they could get away with it, that doesn't mean it was respected.

>> No.4539519


>> No.4539531 [DELETED] 

Just do what >>4537904 said and spam loli pics of Nyanners.

>> No.4539540

we spotted the egg

>> No.4539570

>Where will you guys seek refuge? pick any indie or startup

>> No.4539583

Ok, anon. My point was that JP girls don't care about it much either.

>> No.4539601

>A single word
What, is she just gonna come on and say the gamer word?

>> No.4539616 [DELETED] 

>but she isn't stupid enough to go into a Hololive collab and start talking politics
Yes she is, and it's not being stupid, it's being EVIL.

>> No.4539640


>> No.4539641

>Kiara already announced it so there's no going back now,
Kiara had already previously announced it before and it ended up being cancelled/rescheduled. I would say that there's still a chance of it being cancelled up until it's actually on the schedule. I think it couldend up being cancelled if there's significant enough pushback. Kiara already publicly addressed people complaining/gatekeeping in relation to this collab, so she's already seen some of it.

>> No.4539648
File: 3.02 MB, 3000x2900, gura meese.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. Pink cat thought she could chum up with tumblrinas and get famous. Problem is, as much as she denounces it, she's still a loli for them. Doesn't help that just like Senzawa, she only had one voice.

>> No.4539668 [DELETED] 

Then that must change. Until the entire world has united against faggots, trannies and inferior races, we cannot stop fighting.

>> No.4539669

Eh, if at all, people should be protective of their oshi, not a fucking corpo.

>> No.4539714 [DELETED] 

Go kill yourself you faggot. SJW is one of the things I hate along with niggers and chinks

>> No.4539729

Cover is fucking incompetent, there's even a txt on it.

>> No.4539734 [DELETED] 

>muh gay rights
The only right that faggots deserve is the right to get beaten up by anyone anywhere

>> No.4539755

*sex joke*

>> No.4539761

She didn't say anything bad during her collab with Kizuna and was being very polite in fact, she'll probably be the same way here.

>> No.4539762

She did insinuate the girls were of low moral character for propping up such a 'terrible' company.

>> No.4539773 [DELETED] 

>most likely is ok with lgbt in media

>> No.4539801

That was my point, why bother someone because that person shits on corpo, unless it was really fucking dumb take, protects talents, not some dumbass white collar that ruins FUN in the end.

>> No.4539828

I only got into this hobby a month ago, why is it ending already.

>> No.4539847

She's not wrong there either, giving Cover money is morally bankrupt.

>> No.4539858

This. Refer to >>4539207, pink cat is still a fucking autist.

She outright said that her sources were "former talents that have spoken against hololive" and implied that the company could just reuse the model, otherwise why would they keep it?
And this wasway after the fiasco with gamebu.

>> No.4539884 [DELETED] 

Being racist and homophobic is inherently human.
You gonna tell me breathing is political, cultistchama?

>> No.4539923

If anything Kiara is the one who's going to make a bigger yab out of a desire to prove herself to her idols in VShojo

>> No.4539945

How devilish. First she will become the most popular vtuber in the world by continuing where Gura failed with high effort content and endless collabs, and then she will crash this plane with no survivors.

>> No.4539956

She sure showed them with that Aloe 2.0, eh?
And i have no idea who that gamebu even is. Is it possible to even have a past and not a single yab?

>> No.4539966

Risu played Va-11 Hall-A where the main character is lesbian. The game has a great story and music, by the way.
Anya is most likely a fujo, look at the shit she plays sometimes.
Now cry some more, please.

>> No.4539990

It's not. Schizos need to take their meds.

>> No.4539993

I'd trust her to have access to those sources since she's working in the industry compared to nameless anons here claiming she's lying

>> No.4540070 [DELETED] 

If you come from a country where officials and old folks are racist and homophobic you'll most likely have the opposite outlook as a young person. If these old farts hate on other races and fags because of a stupid reason like "it's a traditional way", you'll likely want to oppose that because it feels forced.

>> No.4540086

>Va-11 Hall-A
The game with a literal loli prostiute?
>Anya is most likely a fujo
So? Are you another retard that thinks 2D = 3D?

Anon, she was an independent living in bongland or wherever when she did that video.

>> No.4540121

>Nyanners trying her best to be seiso while Kiara keeps making more and more blatant attempts to engage her in typical Vshojo humor

>> No.4540125

The meds are all pink pills, go dilate tranny.

>> No.4540127

Do you really believe she spoke with Aloe or Hitomi Chris personally? While not even knowing Japanese? And while they most likely never even heard of her?

>> No.4540167
File: 112 KB, 409x325, virtual.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For our newfriends.
The Transcript
"I actually... I hate that. Like, that side of Hololive that roleplays. Because it like, when you know, about all like the uhm... background stuff, that they have to do just to be in Hololive and how they have to be roleplaying it's like spooky. Hololive personalities don't own their model. They don't have any decision making when it comes to how they look like. They don't own their YouTube or their social media. If they get fired, they lose everything. Yeah, it's called graduation, it's so fucked up, dude! Fuck that shit! You get graduation into homelessness that's so fucked! [reads comment: They promote their talents as idols.] Yeah, fuck, then they get doxed and shit. I dunno I hate it. I like, I like the uh, streamers, I think. I don't know, I don't know like what I like. I like the roleplay but the whole idol culture is so messed up. It's hard for me to watch Hololive a little bit. It feels really scripted, no? Yeah I think, I think that they just have to stay in roleplay. They literally support a terrible company. After the actual idols that have left Hololive talked about it, and the way that they're treated... Keep defending it dude."

>> No.4540173 [DELETED] 

It's entirely because of environment you were brought up with. Go into some backwater village and people would kill you for being a homo.
Go into a semi big city, and people just don't care.
Unless you live in russia or saudi etc.

>> No.4540177

At the time, the only former Holo talents were JP-only and likely never spoke to her. She spoke BS and tried to make it sound legit.

>> No.4540214

Kek, for some reason I think that's exactly what will happen.

>> No.4540255

I doubt Kiara really cares about Vshojo outside of Veibae. I'm still like 85% sure that this collab is only happening at all because Nyanners gave her a shoutout on her concert with Kizuna Ai.

>> No.4540278
File: 305 KB, 478x480, 1598820727094.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/jp/ always wins in the end baby

>> No.4540308 [DELETED] 

I live in Russia. Young people in big cities literally don't give a fuck, and the fact that people in shithole regions and old folks do give a fuck makes younger people to criticize racism and homophobia more and more.

>> No.4540350

You're just sounding even more schizo, anonchama

>> No.4540358 [DELETED] 

>same country were a faggot was almost beaten to death in a city

>> No.4540386

Nyanners collabed with Kizuna. Your oshi is next and you're sitting there, laughing.

>> No.4540477

You mean China's onahole?

>> No.4540497 [DELETED] 

>Quality is still the only thing that actually matters
Cyberpunk2077 exists.

>> No.4540544


>> No.4540545

It's over if the EN girls or Cover themselves actually pander to the SJWs, and not just ignore them while getting a small boost to their sub counts.
I have faith in everyone but Kiara. Ina is a gacha gamer and actual artist, as cringe as it might be, Calli idolizes Critikal so she'd be anti-sjw, Ame is a gamer, Gura's already been through the "loli" memes from around when she debuted.

>> No.4540557
File: 176 KB, 493x250, 1619719473325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it might be a good time to kill myself right now. This way I can go into the abyss while I still love my oshi.

>> No.4540575 [DELETED] 

That's the entire point. Literally people asking for refunds since Day1, to the point they banned refunding the game, and still people kept returning it.

>> No.4540588 [DELETED] 

Anon... This shithole has literally the biggest area in the world. It has very conservative regions like Checnya (where this case occured most likely) and then you have Moscow and St. Petersburg where fucking same sex zoomers kiss at parties.

>> No.4540609

Using their vtuber account is them being political publicly. It's not like HoloEN's roommate stuff but it's like if Gura started talking about trans rights on stream like that faggot tries to bait her with SCs.

>> No.4540631

Don't go out without fighting first, bro. The cat is still out there.

>> No.4540640

What these women think privately does not matter as much as what the fanbase wants.
If the influx of Western degenerates is large enough, they either will pander to this new audience or get replaced by women who do.

>> No.4540702

*sex LAUGH*

>> No.4540722

>get replaced
You mean graduated, right? Pulling a gamebu would be the fastest way to commit sudoku for Cover.

>> No.4540859 [DELETED] 

Calling out bullshit. Racism and homophobia is extremely common within zoomers.

>> No.4540906 [DELETED] 

Where is she exactly wrong? Being idolfag is inherently up to someone, i personally feel nothing about idols, aside from wanting to fuck cute ones. But that about cover owning everything and them demanding a certain kind of behavior is true, whether you like it or not. I personally don't mind it. It is a certain kind of assurance that they won't sperg about stupid shit on stream most of the time, and then when i want to watch someone unhinged, i will just want to watch indie, if someone doesn't have pronouns on their twitter BIO, there is a great chance they won't sperg on stream about this too.
I live in Poland, and if you were to be openly gay in a bad part of the big city, you would have a good chance to get fucking beat up on the spot, you just hang with similarly minded people so it doesn't seem that way, we all kinda hide in a bubble of comfort after all. From my experience, as a guy that failed higher education and now works shitty physical labour, there is a lot of fucking brainlets that don't put much thought into things, since you live in Russia, i bet you would not be surprised if i said that lot of people from poor economic or questionably moral backgrounds are prone to hate things simply because that was how it was 40 years ago. Then, when from time to time meet people that are not ngmi like myself and actually do well for themselves, they are way more open minded about those things.
You would obviously find people there that will complain about a gay dude on netflix show, but that person doesn't want to see someone dead just because. Nice blogging, right?

>> No.4540910

Anything to do with LGBT rights/treatment, race relations, any discussion of politicians, complaints about cultural norms in a particular country, so-called women's rights(abortion), and advocating for any sort of political change in policies or laws.

>> No.4540927

Huke got kicked off EN Minecraft server by a few Minecraft autists. You don't need a real reason because Cover is retarded.

>> No.4540998

It’s ironic that Kiara recently killed the “scripted” rant. Hololive talents break character all the time.

>> No.4541008

where does loli fit in all this?

>> No.4541024

“Behaving” you mean barely talking or being entertaining and making the Japanese girls do all the heavy lifting?

>> No.4541060

They play character at the start mostly, but it always comes out and they just stream as themselves with a quirk, like Pekora being a comedian or Marine being horny.

>> No.4541066 [DELETED] 

Troll the fuck out of Kiara's chat so management decides it's not worth the hassle

>> No.4541116
File: 150 KB, 1200x1213, __bloop_tako_bubba_death_sensei_kotori_and_1_more_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_ninomae_ina_nis_artist__8894bf78655240177bd4a1dd3e3dcb0c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No need to act like an animal. Voice your complaints correctly. Take it directly to cover, not the talents.

>> No.4541133

2D ≠ 3D

>> No.4541157

I'm still doubtful as to whether Pekora's story about her peko tic leaking into her roommate is real or not.

>> No.4541167

complaints about cultural norms in a particular country?

>> No.4541201 [DELETED] 

My point is the game was pozzed to hell and poorly made. The two seems to coincide with one another. Remember Crunchyroll tried to make a western adventure anime with an all female cast and crew. High Guardian Spice got shit on like crazy so much that they killed the project. It take constant gatekeeeping to keep that cancer away from the public but still so much gets through.

They always try to subvert and they always will.

>> No.4541231

I only care about Ina

>> No.4541303

I don't know the exact story, but i wouldn't be surprised if Pekora absently minded ended her sentence on peko irl. Similarly with Luna doing a voice when dropping spaghetti or something in that manner.

>> No.4541312

because zentreya is great and non-mentally ill people don't spend their entire lives looking for rrats to get mad about

>> No.4541314

based takochad

>> No.4541372

Ina is next, takobro. Don't let evil take root.

>> No.4541408

This honestly made me depressed. I have not eaten all day. I will now sleep and hope I do not wake up again.

>> No.4541418

>non-mentally ill people
>literally has a menhera period near mother's day

>> No.4541419

Trannies ruin everything

>> No.4541425 [DELETED] 

Legit concerned about some of the anons in here. Assuming the SJW cabal is around every corner ready to jam dildos down rainbows down your throat has got to be exhausting.

>> No.4541486

So the Mudslimes are the based part of Russia now?

>> No.4541501

yagoo will put his dick in their mouths before they are allowed to say political shit. don't worry

>> No.4541515
File: 490 KB, 2896x4096, yatonolevi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just don't give views to the collab or send COVER actual evidence of why she's not a collab pick in your opinion. What will you do when Ollie has a collab with Vshojo or some controversial vtuber? HoloID is very different compared to the other branches.

>> No.4541537

Really hope this happens, killing any future collab.

>> No.4541570

vshojo know how to restraint themselves, clippers who only put the peepeepoopoo jokes are to blame for their bad reputation.

>> No.4541576

>posting a literal 0 view vtweeter as an example
Not even trying

>> No.4541595

see >>4541167

>> No.4541631

Collab with Froot soon.

>> No.4541669
File: 103 KB, 227x222, 1621873166300.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The man says he has adhd and that's why he can't finish any games. Then goes on camera to say "I don't wanna take my meds" now imagine for a second if he had any other illnesses that he treats the same way. The dude is a time bomb.

>> No.4541673

>clippers who only put the peepeepoopoo jokes
You mean Nyanners-vetted clippers, right?

>> No.4541674

Ina better not speak to that home wrecking whore.

>> No.4541678

Nah, whiny shitheads ruin everything

>> No.4541706

>Then goes on camera to say "I don't wanna take my meds"

>> No.4541760

Whiny shitheads can't ruin anything because all they do is whine.

>> No.4541767

calli's roomate is kinda a sjw, she just knows how to keep it professional if she wants to keep her job, that's the difference, maybe these girls are already like vshojo but we just don't know, well except ina.

>> No.4541948

And shit themselves. So at the very least they ruin their clothes

>> No.4542096

Feels good to be a fan of nijiEN and Vshoujo as well as indies on top of loving hololive.

>> No.4542103 [DELETED] 

Ok, niggerkikefaggot. Now GET OUT.

>> No.4542186
File: 201 KB, 522x619, Meme Creator_1622735747610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4542199

based unity poster

>> No.4542345 [DELETED] 

Serious question. Why pedophilia isn't added to lgbtq+ community? I don't see any difference. They are all sexual deviants.

>> No.4542386

Haven't you heard of trans-age? The leafs are way ahead of you.

>> No.4542420

good question, i dont think 4chan is the place to discuss that, much less this board

>> No.4542557

Your alternative to escape the SJW plague is Elira "LGBT RIGHTS" Pendora?

>> No.4542689

>(pic unrelated)

>> No.4542690

>@Nijisanji_world what do you guys think about this?
Someone do it

>> No.4542867

Gamebu in I think 2018 replaced the voice actress of their popular vtuber, and the whole thing crashed because of it.

>> No.4542934

And thus now corpos eat their losses when someone graduates instead of rehiring talents for models.

>> No.4542959

Is this really that bad when yuribaiting is so prevalent in most streamers

>> No.4542961

This whole copypasta is pure gold lol

>> No.4542968

So basically she spouted the kind of rrats that are here all the time...? You fags should find new material so you stop overlap the cunt. Disassociate yourselves from it.

>> No.4543024

I don't want the collab because I appreciate idol culture. Vshoujo doesn't have idol culture, simple as. Its all some of us have so leave it alone

>> No.4543112

>I don't want the collab because I appreciate idol culture.
lol EN management doesnt even like idol culture.

>> No.4543125

yurishit is aimed at healthy hetero males
there's nothing wrong with it

>> No.4543165

Since when did Mori and Kiara worship anitubers?

>> No.4543175
File: 80 KB, 566x522, 1618967411883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


time for your meds anon

Got tired, meds for the rest of you mental patients too.

>> No.4543177

Hololive altogether is so far from "idol culture" that it has basically become a meme how Yagoo dies a little inside every day. Sora is the only one who has any idol credit at this point.

>> No.4543185

I would also like some more yaoishit

>> No.4543200

Politics agendas are different from "Yuribaiting". Gender shouldn't be politicized, this is essentially no different from the "Super straight" movement.
Same with blacks and BLM

>> No.4543272

They're actually the same. Racism not acted upon is harmless. It's discrimination and bias that's the problem. Someone can be both a secret racist and secret pedo and nobody would be harmed by it. If a person hated Asians and thought they were subhuman but never acted upon it and never treated Asians differently than other races then what's the problem? It's thought crime at that point.

>> No.4543290


>> No.4543330

Only for you anon <3

>> No.4543343

Your meds, Zen. Take them!

>> No.4543348

BUT MUH INA, m...m..muh ame and gura..

I despise the chicken

>> No.4543377

link or rrat

>> No.4543383

Youre not even human, you literally lack enough neurons to comprehend how retarded nyanners and kiara are, not that they said something, its because theyre garbage human beings, thats why they said stupid shit in the first place

>> No.4543385

Nijisanji has lots of male chuubas kayfabing as homos.

>> No.4543392

You're cute, anon.

>> No.4543396

Mori thinks she's in a bubble. Has collabed with only 3 out of 31 from JP and 3 out of 6 from ID. 1 from Holostars. What bubble is she talking about. She's the only one that is making a fuss. All JP and ID collab with indie vtubers and corp ones every now and then. Rushia has a whole studere arc with Tamaki. She doesn't have to make an excuse. It's her problem if she can't fucking talk like a normal person. Watame, Marine, Polka and Suisei all have expressed wanting to play with her. Even Korone once more. It's so east to actually play with anyone.

>> No.4543446

>link or rrat
??? not him but are you too braindead you cant even just look it up yourself
it's literally in their front page

>> No.4543474

sounds based and unfiltered unlike corporate types

>> No.4543524

Bitch what does that have to do with pink cat

>> No.4543555


>> No.4543613

That, as I said in >>4539207, Nyanners is just an autist who can barely string a sentence in a collab with someone bigger than her, but Veibae is an actual two-faced slut.

>> No.4543644

yeah but they're using their "being against corpos" as an excuse to be sjw whenever they feel like instead of staying true to their kayfabe, which is an absolute mockery of what vtubing is supposed to be
they want to bring real life garbage, especially politics, even in vtubing
i would give it a benefit of a doubt if they weren't brainlessly sharing propaganda and actually critiquing politics, like as in a debate or something

>> No.4543692

>actually critiquing politics

>> No.4543852

Hololive is bigger than Vshojo, but is Kiara actually bigger than Nyan? Nyan seems to get more viewers.

>> No.4543979
File: 40 KB, 605x264, TylerTweet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These niggers just can't fucking close the stream and watch something else, stop whining like a bitch and fucking let them do what they want. If they fuck up and ruin their career is their problem, you don't even know them irl faggot.

>> No.4544001

First of all, pretending to be a character isn't required at all to be a vtuber. Second, where's the politics in what vei said? She gave her opinion on shitty idol culture and it's true given the context of the time and climate she said it. Idolotakus jerking off before a handshake events, murder attempts, and getting mad at male characters that interacting with their idols, etc. Also, it has nothing to do with the thread and just brought up to stir some shit

>> No.4544144

when was i referring to vei? i was referring to the westerners who keep complaining about "corpo vtubers" when in fact they keep the stability and professionalism around here
that being said i cannot vouch for the "netflix vtuber", what i've said stays true for japan-based corpos, even if they harbor western vtubers

>> No.4544164

how long until this cancer reaches the JP branch?

>> No.4544187

>Brittany Cunti
>Right Place

Pick ONE.

>> No.4544285

when coco interacts with/mentions any of them

>> No.4544505

Yeah about that...


>> No.4544857

>I appreciate idol culture
None of the HoloENs is into idols. Mori outright hated them before she made friends with one. Gura and Ame are casuals. Ina likes anime, type moon and gacha, not idols.
Kiara got into Hololive to get her revenge from the idol industry that made her suffer in the past by slowly corrupting and making Hololive shittier one step at a time.

>> No.4545052

Melody is alright. And getting to know the rest will probably help her change her opinion much faster.

>> No.4545100

>it won't spill over into JP
The slippery slope has been proven right time and again.

>> No.4545285

It's gonna be inevitable


>> No.4545338

Isn't Melody a lolicon?

>> No.4545446

I think she might be an Anti-loli now thanks to Nyanners

>> No.4545449

What country does one come from where it sounds like you're speaking in reverse at all times?

>> No.4545574

>First of all, pretending to be a character isn't required at all to be a vtuber.
Yes it is, otherwise you're just a dude streaming with facerig.

>> No.4545603

united kingdom

>> No.4545667

/vt/ likes to go and scream out rrats, the final yab, the final trumpet or whatever, but when stuff like this happens they freak out even though they're being mad at something that already happened a long time ago. who gives a shit if nyanners is being a hypocrite, or if veibae commented on cover with false rumors. as long as they behave during the stream it doesn't really matter.

>> No.4546057 [DELETED] 
File: 40 KB, 500x500, 5bzqep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only good one.

>> No.4546279
File: 337 KB, 2048x2048, 1600846754698.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She had this model made pretty recently so no.

>> No.4546338

Hey, that's pretty cute
I take back said. But she's still not far from being influenced by Nyanners and her anti-loli cancer fanbase

>> No.4546403


>> No.4546491

I imagine CB wouldn't let her use this.

>> No.4546603
File: 203 KB, 537x657, 1622631296322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That would be amazing bait for a drama channel or two. I don't like loli or CB but I want her to do it for the pure seethe it would cause.

>> No.4546617

Bitch the whole point of being a vtuber IS to play a character! Like why would you design your character on the image you want to portray!? If u wanna be "genuine" go fucking be a normal streamer, heck if u wanna keep anon just dont show ur face. That bitch is a hypocrite, not realizing that that the only reason she got view because she is PRETENDING to be an cute anime character. Told her to ditch her avatar and try be a normal streamer, see if she is till relevant.

>> No.4546722

u... uu..... uoooOH... UUOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH

>> No.4546956

>just a dude streaming with facerig
yeah by today's standards that's what vtubing is. Back when it was good, you actually had to make youtube videos while having an avatar. The pretend shit is completely optional

>> No.4547183

The thing most people are rrating about is their SJW fanbase. Mostly of Nyanners and Veibae.

>> No.4547409


>> No.4547521

>pretending means you have to follow a script

>> No.4548322

is this nigger really trying to gatekeep vtubing

>> No.4548557

They have flat chested and small women there all the time. As long as she doesnt label it as 'loli' and keep it 'mini' or 'midget' 'shortstack' she should be fine.

>> No.4551668

I hope. But normalfags get really triggered by cartoons and not by yoga videos, so who knows?

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