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like 10k lifetime subs

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We pretending pic-related isn't a flop?

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1.5 million subs. huge success

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We do. We just call them Nijisanji.

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Floppy ears?

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the brand is strong enough to carry even mediocre girls to numbers most vtubers froth at. theres a reason vshojo became a thing even though they were memed at the start, when veibae joined them her average viewers went from like 3.5k to 6k or so. Brand does mean something.

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>3.5k to 6k
holostars numbers

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numbers are irrelevant it was more of an example of what branding can do for a content creator.

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Even Anya is outpacing indies that have been around longer than her, she is outpacing all of Niji ID, as pathetic as her numbers are within her own gen and even company that are amazing literally everywhere outside of that sphere.

I wouldn't be surprised if shes even the top of all ID streamers VTuber or not.

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Same reason Pokemon games don’t flop. Their fans are slaves to the brand and will eat up whatever new shit is served to them, no matter the quality.

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Miko had like less than a 1000 subs for a while and was consistently streaming to like 80 people. Not sure what happened to turn her into a success since she was an abysmal failure at everything she tried before.

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Subscriptions are cheap.

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>Not sure what happened to turn her into a success
Unironically calling people nigger on stream

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She said the gamer word
The ripples of that action are still carrying her to +10k viewers per stream

Worked for Pewdiepie, worked for Mikochi.

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They're the biggest brand, YT is going to recommend them to you basically no matter.

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Kinda like when the EOP pandering really got going when Gura hit the floor running. There were more fish in the corporative sea to get inside the net if they threw just a bit wider.

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kill yourself

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Koronesuki btfo'ed

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Anya is the lowest Hololive girl, but she's not the lowest person under the Holo banner. The boys wish they had her numbers.

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The gamer word gave her the confidence she needed to bloom.

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Tenma yo...

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she deserves it, she's one of the most skilled in hololive in entertaining her audience

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Fidn't realize aruran is that low he seemed one of the better ones from my admittedly limited exposure to the homos

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>Astel essentially gives Ollie a training arc in holoID
>Gets to the highest rank both in team and solo
>barely cracks decent views
>Meanwhile Ollie is busy getting groomed by Connor on stream while the superchats flow
Vtuber is truly a girls game, isn't it?

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Thus proving that even talentless "sassy" (aka unchecked bitch) girls get a free +1k with their Hololive decal on their Youtube page

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She was blessed by a kokujin.

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Life is a girls game

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No, not really. Nijisanji is mostly dominated by males.

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>why isn't there a holo who totally flopped
Don't you mean the entire Holostars branch? I wonder why Yagoo haven't fired them yet, most hololive watchers wouldn't even notice if he did

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You say that, but Hoshikawa is a default name everyone knows for Niji, even if it is only because she was practically banged on stream by Gundo

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the most you can hope for as a male vtuber is to be either attractive, and do 50% vtubing 50% irl, deep voice (not groomer voice - if its not natural dont bother), or be kino cringe enough that you get in controversies constantly but always end up on the winning side.

I truly belieb there will NEVER be a big time western male vtuber.

though it does work in japan for some reason with the nijinigs. thats to me the biggest mystery in chuuba history.

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No, it's because Niji won't stop pushing that stupid bitch. No one actually likes her except retarded EOPs who don't know any better.

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Hololive is an idol company, take a wild guess why they are so low

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That one holostar with the gintama look, Yakushiji Suzaku. Left before the EN boost where 7 out of the 9 remaining holostars are past the 100k subs mark.

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Their models are already paid for and it costs Cover nothing to let them keep streaming. Their collective super chats probably bring in enough to pay one manager's salary.

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Holostars are part of Hololive.

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Wasn't HoloCN a flop

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this is the correct answer

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I'm no bugman so I don't fully know, but I think no? CN was okay as far as I know, like how ID is okay. It's just compared to JP it wasn't as good. I also think they dropped CN due to EN being so popular that they didn't feel the need to bend to bugmen "demands". Quotes there cause bugmen can't do jack shit ever.

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Nah, they were never meant for profiting , they're a bunch of hobos that have been picked up by Yagoo

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She's the one English speakers know because they know her via Matsuri. I'm sure the top Niji males are well known in Japan since they're getting 10-20k or higher per stream, there's just no demographic in the west that has any actual interest in them, outside of numberfagging.

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It's bound to happen, just needs the right circumstances.

There are now a lot of popular vtubers in the west. There are tons of male regular streamers that are popular. People that literally just play Minecraft have millions of followers. Lots of girls are now into anime. Someone is bound to put it all together and blow up.

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Koaru really love beyblade huh

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yea, but not really because of the girls
CN had its own staff that ate a lot of money and didn't really listen to the main branch, and the CN fanbase is a time bomb waiting for someone to accidentally say something forbidden by the CCP

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>someone to accidentally say something forbidden by the CCP.
their own version of the Gamer word?

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Unironically if corpse husband got a moving avatar based on his normal avatar he'd be the biggest male vtuber.

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They have like 60 different variants of the gamer word, ranging from Human rights to the tiannamen square massacre of 1989

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Rikka has his radio show and has collabed twice with Mori while Roberu blew up because of Winning Son meme. Pizza Dad has a tiny but vocal group of EOPs that love him.

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I feel like Nene is the 2021 version of Miko. She tried 5 times before getting into Hololive and look at her now. She's like the nucleus of her Gen.

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It's Twitch. Shit people on shit platforms get what they deserve.

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What do the yellow and red dots mean?

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nuxtaku is kind of big

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Hitomi Chris …

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isn't he more of a reactionist youtuber or is he streaming more often on twitch now?

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>Barely cracks decent views
Hey his last apex stream had around 1.3k max he's doing fine

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